25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Seguin (TX)

In search of the best and most fun things to do in Seguin, TX?

Seguin is a spectacular city in Guadalupe County, Texas, United States. The city is also the county seat of Guadalupe County. The city is known as the “Pecan Capital of Texas” as it is known for the World’s Largest Pecan.

Seguin is one of the oldest towns in Texas and a hot spot for tourists worldwide. The city has hot summers, while winter is usually short, cold, and windy. Seguin is home to Texas Lutheran University, the Seguin Performing Arts Company, and Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguin.

There are many fun things to do in the fantastic city, including picnicking, outdoor and indoor games, exploring parks and recreational sites, and many others.

Planning an exploration in Seguin? here are the top things to do in Seguin, TX.

Things to Do in Seguin

1. ZDT’s Amusement Park

ZDT's Amusement Park
Credits: V_E / Shutterstock

Have a memorable family fun time at ZDT Amusement Park with your family and friends. The ZDT Amusement Park is a perfect place for family fun; there is something for everyone in this park, from kids to parents.

The park has enough play equipment to keep everyone delighted, and the switchback rollercoaster will blow your mind. The switchback roller coaster was the first rollercoaster to be fixed in the park. It was explicitly designed for ZDT Amusement Park. Do not forget to try it out.

ZDT Amusement Park was first opened in March 2007 as the only family entertainment center with five indoor attractions in Seguin. Before 2007, the park was an agricultural and grocery center. However, even with the park’s creation, the old building was maintained but remodeled; this makes ZDT Amusement Park one of the historical parks in Seguin. The Switchback rollercoaster and other indoor equipment make the park a top attraction in Seguin.

Address: 299 W Kingsbury St, Seguin, TX 78155-2620

2. Sebastopol House State Historic Site

sebastopol House State Historic Site
Credits: Billy Hathorn [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Sebastopol House State Historic Site
Visit the Sebastopol House Historic Site with your family and friends and learn about the historic building built before the American Civil war. The concrete structure is a Greek Revival House built between 1854 and 1856 by Joshua W. Young.

Sebastopol House displays the technology and skill used by enslaved people in the 80s and 90s to build solid houses before the Civil war.

Learn the rich history of Seguin and why it was known as the ” Concrete City” in the 19th century. Many buildings constructed in the city during the 19th century were made from the first forms of concrete using limestone. The Sebastopol House is one of those buildings.

Joshua Young built Sebastopol House for his sister Catherine LeGette. The antebellum Greek Revival House opens from Thursday to Sunday from 9an to 4 pm for tours. Sebastopol House State Historic Site is a top attraction in Seguin.

Address: 704 Zorn St, Seguin, TX 78155-5401

3. Seguin Brewing Company

Seguin Brewing Company
Credits: Leszek Czerwonka / Shutterstock

Seguin Brewing Company offers its customers crafted beers from taprooms, bottled beers, and delicious meals. The brewery is a family and pet-friendly place, and you can bring your dog or cat with you to the brewery and have an excellent time.

At Seguin Brewing Company, you can order food while you wait for your crafted tasty beer to get ready or enjoy the fantastic music as you chat with your friends. The brewery is a great place to enjoy the evening in Seguin.

Make sure you try Seguin Brewing specialty mixtures from the taproom and their artisan hand-stretched pizza. Other menus to enjoy are Seguin Brewing traditional and specialty pizzas, soups, salads, dessert pizza, and many more.

Seguin Brewing Company opens every day except on Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the brewery opens from 2 pm to 9 pm, on Thursday and Friday from 2 pm to 10 pm, on Saturday from 11:30 am to 10 pm, and on Sundays from 11 am to 8 pm.

Address: 111 W Gonzales St, Seguin, TX 78155-5630

4. Blue Lotus Winery

Blue Lotus Winery
Credits: Yulia Grigoryeva / Shutterstock

Do you love wines? Are you fascinated by the unique taste of wines? If yes, then you should visit the Blue Lotus Winery in Seguin.

Experience the unique taste of different wines from all over the World when you visit Blue Lotus Winery, Seguin, Texas.

The Blue Lotus Winery offers fine wines crafted with grapes and blackberries grown in Texas and onsite. These wines were made by the winery owners, Michael Poole and his wife, Melissa Poole.

Check out the Blue Lotus vineyard in downtown Seguin to see various grapes used to make the great-tasting wines. The vineyard is a 12 –acre land growing unique grapes like Wine king, Lomanto, Champagne, Lenoir, and many others. 

The Blue Lotus Winery is one of Seguin’s top places to visit. Have fun with your loved one, tasting different wines, and shopping for your favorite.

Address: 5151 Fm 20, Seguin, TX 78155-9009

5. Seguin Downtown Historic District

Seguin Downtown Historic District
Credits: Seguin Main Street / Facebook
Seguin Downtown Historic District

At the Downtown Historic District, you will find several shops, restaurants, lounges, and other fun places to visit. Shops like clothing stores, gift stores, décor stores, antique stores can be found in the area. The best lounges and restaurants in Seguin are also found in the downtown area.

Take your family to Seguin’s historical downtown area to have a feel of the vibrant city and its people. Grab a coffee, go for lunch or dinner at the restaurants, and have a fun time. Some cool places you will find there are Oak Tavern, Austin Street Live, and Seguin Brewing Company.

Seguin’s historic downtown area will also find historic buildings made from hand-pressed bricks built in the 19th century. Sightseeing at the Seguin’s historic downtown area is one of the exciting things to do in Seguin.

The Downtown Historic District is a must-visit when you come to Seguin; it is also one of the best places to visit in Seguin.

Address: 201 South Austin Street, Seguin, TX 78155

6. World’s Largest Pecan

World's Largest Pecan
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
World’s Largest Pecan

Take your family to see the World’s Largest Pecan at Seguin’s nutcracker museum. The nutcracker museum features about 8,000 unique nutcrackers from all over the World. There are nutcrackers of different shapes and weights exhibited in the museum.

The giant pecan was erected in 1962; it is five ft. long, 2.5 ft. wide, and weighs about 1000 pounds! You can find this big pecan in front of Seguin’s city hall. The pecan was dedicated to a Spanish explorer, Cabeza de Vaca.

The Spanish explorer fed on local pecans while being held captive on the Guadalupe, known as the ‘River of Nuts,’ for ten years.

Visit the nutcracker museum to learn more about Seguin pecans and their relevance to the community. The World’s Largest Pecan is an international attraction, and it is also a top attraction in Seguin.

Address:101 S Highway 123 Byp Pape Pecan House, Seguin, TX 78155-5156

7. St. James Catholic Church

St. James Catholic Church
Credits: Billy Hathorn [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
St. James Catholic Church
Attend holy mass at the St. James Catholic Church while on vacation in Seguin, Texas. The Catholic Church is one of the top places to visit in Seguin.

St. James Catholic Church has been in existence in Seguin for over 100 years; not only is it a church, but it is also a monument in Seguin. The Church has served the people of Seguin and Guadalupe County for years. It currently has over 900 registered families under the district.

The Catholic Church has an elementary school that has maintained its original building for years, and it is one of the oldest functional facilities in the whole of Texas. Take your family or friends sightseeing at the historic St. James Catholic Church and school.

Aside from Sunday masses, you can also celebrate Eucharist at the Church in any weekday Masses. Visit St. James Catholic Church with your family and enjoy a great mass.

Address: 510 Camp Street, Seguin, TX 78155

8. Texas Agriculture Education and Heritage Centre

Texas Agriculture Education and Heritage Centre
Credits: Texas Agricultural Education & Heritage / Facebook
Texas Agriculture Education and Heritage Centre

A visit to Texas Agriculture Education and Heritage Centre with your family is a fun thing to do in Seguin, Texas. The education and heritage center is popularly called the Big Red Barn.

Texas Agriculture Education and Heritage Centre was founded to educate the public about the importance of agriculture and the heritage of Texas. The Big Red Barn offers displays and programs to teach people about agriculture and the heritage of Texas.

Experience a memorable farming and ranching experience when you visit the center with your family. The Barn is situated in an actual farm that has been used for farming since the 19th century (the 1850s).

The Big Red Barn is also the perfect place to host your event in Seguin, and it is suitable for weddings, seminars, family meetings, and other event types or sizes. The center is targeted at young people especially, so bring your kids and teens to the education and heritage center.

Address: 390 Cordova Rd, Seguin, TX 78155-0108

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9. The Heritage Museum

Heritage Museum
Credits: Larry D. Moore [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Heritage Museum
The Heritage Museum displays exhibits and artifacts that showcase Seguin, Texas’s history, culture, and growth. The museum building is also a historic site in Seguin, and it was built in 1898.

At the Heritage Museum, you will find Native American artifacts, Military uniforms and artifacts, fossils, artifacts used by early settlers, and many more. The gun of one of the most notorious gunfighters in the Seguin, John Hardin, is also on display at the museum.

Visit the Heritage Museum with your family or friends as you explore the numerous artifacts and learn about the history and culture of Seguin, including its early settlers. Among other unique items at the museum are some of the first original salt-glazed Pottery by the Wilson family and exhibits on German history.

The heritage museum is among the great places to visit in Seguin, Texas. The museum opens Thursday and Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday.

Address: 114 N River St, Seguin, TX 78155-5625

10. Southern Animal Rescue Association

Southern Animal Rescue Association
Credits: hedgehog94 / Shutterstock

Southern Animal Rescue Association (SARA) is an association that rescues animals in Seguin and provides a home for them.

At the Southern Animal Rescue Association, you will find animals rescued and rehabilitated; these animals are put up for adoption or to be seen by their owners.

If you love pets and wish to get one for yourself, your children, or loved ones, visit the Southern Animal Rescue Association and adopt one of your choices.

Address; 1050 Rawhide Trail, Seguin, TX 78156

11. Palace Theatre

Palace Theatre
Credits: SimoneN / Shutterstock

Palace Theatre is among the top attractions in Seguin, Texas. The theatre is the oldest and most significant historic cinema and theatre venue in Guadalupe County.

Palace Theatre is a twin cinema theatre that offers movies, live theatrical performances, live music/concerts, parties, magic shows, and other special events.

The theatre was formerly abandoned but began functioning again in 1947. Since its inception, the theatre has hosted so many touring artists and notable people. Look out for upcoming shows or concerts at the theatre, and be sure to attend with your loved ones.

At the Palace Theatre, you will find the Seguin Cine Museum on the Mezzanine level, do well to explore the museum and have fun. The theatre also offers free off-Street parking. The Palace Theatre is also a fantastic place to hang out with friends when you visit Seguin.

Address: 314 S Austin St, Seguin, TX 78155-6402

12. Los Nogales Museum

Los Nogales Museum
Credits: Billy Hathorn [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Los Nogales Museum
The Los Nogales museum is one of the top historic buildings in Seguin. The museum is an 1800s home among the oldest structures in Seguin, Texas.

The old home was built in 1849 and has served Seguin’s community since then. It is the last remaining adobe-constructed home in the city, and to date, the building still retains its sun-dried adobe home construction and cypress shingle roof.

Visit the Los Nogales museum with your family to feel what houses in Seguin looked like in the 1800s. The building was first built for Justus Gombert, and then in 1859 (ten years later), it was bought by Joseph Zorn.

The Los Nogales home is still standing today because the community decided to maintain the building in 1951. Since then, the museum has attracted so many tourists in Seguin to see the historic building. Exploring the Los Nogales museum is an exciting thing to do in Seguin, Texas.

Address: 415 S. Austin Street, Seguin, TX 78156

13. Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery
Credits: Angelkoch / Shutterstock

Riverside Cemetery is a 15-acre public cemetery in Seguin that has existed since the 1800s. The cemetery started as the Smith family graveyard established by Ezekiel and Susannah Smith, and the land was granted to the Smiths in 1837.

The Riverside Cemetery is now situated in the land was combined by the Smiths, George B. Hollamon, and W. E. Goodrich. They contributed additional lands bringing the cemetery to a 15-acre land.

It is said that over 2000 burials have been conducted in the cemetery, including burials of enslaved people, early settlers, elected officials, business leaders, clergy, and many diverse people. In 1994, the cemetery underwent renovation led by concerned citizens and relatives buried there.

14. Polmedia Polish Pottery

Polmedia Polish Pottery
Credits: Curioso.Photography / Shutterstock

The Pottery is the largest distributor of Polish Pottery in the World, and it has a warehouse of 12,000 sq. ft. in Seguin, TX. The warehouse contains over 50,000 different varieties of Polish Pottery.

Visit the Polmedia Polish Pottery with your family or friends and explore the most significant Polish Pottery Outlet in the World. There are 40,273 different products, 2,800 different shapes, and 3,876 patterns at the Pottery.

Polmedia Polish Pottery offers the best pottery works and free shipping to retail customers. While exploring the many pottery wears, you can also shop for your favorite microwave, plates, verses, and another stoneware.

Polmedia Polish Pottery is among the attractions in Seguin. Being the largest distributor of Polish Pottery in the World, it is a must-visit and one of the best places in Seguin, Texas.

Address: 425 Still Meadow Rd, Seguin, TX 78155-0857

15. Max Starcke Park

Max Starcke Park
Credits: Isarapon Pinthong / Shutterstock

Max Starcke Park is a 227-acre featuring a golf course, a river, tennis courts, trails, and a kid’s playground. The beautiful nature park offers many recreational activities for kids, parents, and even grandparents; it is perfect for a family fun time.

The golf course at the park is an 18-hole golf course suitable for all golfers, from beginner to professional. The trail at the park is a 0.8-mile walking trail surrounded by the beautiful scenery of nature.

Fishing at the Guadalupe River or playing on the Kids Kingdom Playscape are some of the fun things to do in Seguin with your kids. You can also choose to play tennis with other parents at the tennis court in Max Starcke Park.

A family picnic at the park is another exciting thing to do. Max Starcke Park is one of Seguin’s best places to take your kids. Max Starcke Park is located along the Guadalupe River.

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16. Son’s Island

Son's Island
Credits: Dudarev Mikhail/ Shutterstock

Son’s Island is a 4,000 ft. lakefront island in Seguin where you can rent lakeside Cabanas for yourself and your friends or family. Have fun at the fantastic Son’s Island when you spend your weekend at the Island with your family.

Live music is set up on the Island during the weekends with drinks, food, and other fun things available at the park. The breathtaking Island is filled with large cypress trees, cabanas, and other tropical trees and plants.

Have a blast exploring the waters at Son’s Island, and you can choose to go water sliding, family swimming, volleyball on the beach, fishing, sunbathing, and many more. While on the Island, you do not have to worry about space as the Island is big enough to accommodate many.

A visit to the Son’s Island is a must when visiting Seguin. Son’s Island is a top attraction in Seguin and also one of the top places to visit in Seguin.

17. Gift and Gourmet

Gift and Gourmet
Credits: New Africa / Shutterstock

Gift and Gourmet is your one-stop-shop for purchasing gift items in Seguin. At the Gift and Gourmet, you will find different accessories and jewelry like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, rings, wristwatches, and many more.

If you search for a perfect gift for a wedding, graduation, anniversary, or birthday, the Gift and Gourmet has that special gift for the event. The gourmet store offers various cooking items and assortments you will love.

Visit the Gift and Gourmet with your family and loved ones to have an exciting moment exploring the items at the store. Shopping at the Gift and Gourmet is one of the best things to do in Seguin.

Address: 212 S Austin St, Seguin, TX 78155-6102

18. The Haunted Magnolia Hotel

Haunted Magnolia Hotel
Credits: Larry D. Moore [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Haunted Magnolia Hotel
Experience a whole new thrill and adventure when you go on a ghost tour at Haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas.

The Magnolia Hotel was built in 1840, and since then, the hotel has undergone so many renovations. The hotel has been featured in many shows and events like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Brothers.

Currently, the only available place in the hotel is the second floor, where you can rent it and have access to the unrestored part of the floor, which is said to be highly hunted. Get your ghost hunting equipment ready to get thrilled if you visit that part of the floor.

The Haunted Magnolia Hotel is among the adventurous places to visit in Seguin.

19. Tocquigny’s Green Gate Garden Centre

Tocquigny's Green Gate Garden Centre
Credits: Sebastian Janicki / Shutterstock

Do you love having plants in your space? Do you shop for plants for your home or office? If yes, you should visit Tocquigny’s Green Gate Garden Centre in Seguin.

Tocquigny’s Green Gate Garden Centre offers a variety of seasonal plants and collector specimens for gardeners at a great price. You will find different sizes of Pottery, soil supplies, fertilizers, and ornamental garden accessories at the retail shop.

Tocquigny’s Green Gate Garden Centre is a family-owned business founded in 1974 by Joe Tocquigny. The plant store opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm; explore the beautiful plant and seed selections with your loved ones at the Green Gate Garden Centre. Tocquigny’s Green Gate Garden Centre is one of the cool places to visit in Seguin.

Address: 990 S Highway 123 Byp, Seguin, TX 78155-9756

20. Pape’s Pecan Company

Pape's Pecan Company
Credits: Sebastian Janick / Shutterstock

Pape’s Pecan Company is a pecan-producing company owned by the Pape families for over 100 years. The pecan company has a unique collection of pecans and nutcrackers. Kenneth Pape, a member of the Pape family, is widely recognized for his nutcracker compendium, displayed in the Nutcracker Museum in Seguin.

Pape pecan house has around 8,000 nutcrackers and 5,000 nut bowls in its collection. The nutcrackers and nut bowls give you the feeling of diverse cultures of many countries, carved into the shape of hammers, animals, birds, soldiers, and many more.

Explore these collections with your family or loved ones as you walk around the Pape Pecan house. The Pape’s Pecan Company is one of the unique places to visit in Seguin, and it is also among the top attractions in Seguin.

21. Texas Theatre

Texas Theatre
Credits: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

Texas Theatre is a 350-seat performing arts venue in downtown Seguin was built in 2011. The theatre was birthed out of collaboration from three organizations in Seguin: Texas Lutheran University, Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguin, plus the Seguin Performing Arts Company.

 Texas Theatre is a historic theatre that started in 1929 and officially opened in 1931, and the theatre has served the Texas community for so many years.

A unique feature is that it still maintains its original state as it was in 1931; the theatre has also been featured on many motion pictures screen. Some movies starring the theatre are Raggedy Man, Ballad of the Sad Cafe, and The Great Waldo Pepper.

The theatre is a small-scale movie palace described by many as an intimate gem in Texas. Visit the Texas Theatre with your family or friends for sightseeing or watch a theatrical performance. Texas Theatre is a great place to visit Seguin with your loved ones.

Address: 425 N Austin St, Seguin, TX 78155-4937

22. King Ranger Theatres

King Ranger Theatres
Credits: Zoran Zeremski / Shutterstock

Go on a movie date with your family or friends at the King Ranger Theatres. The King Ranger Theatre is an excellent movie theatre in Seguin.

The theatre features a beer and wine bar and the best restaurants at affordable prices. The beer and wine bar can be found in the lobby of the King Ranger Theatre.

The employees at the theatre are friendly and ready to help you with whatever you might need to have a beautiful experience at the movie theatre. Though the theatre is small and old, it is clean, organized, and relaxed.

Address: 1373 E Walnut St King Plaza, Seguin, TX 78155-5125

23. Pin Twist Family Entertainment Centre

Pin Twist Family Entertainment Centre
Credits: Artbox / Shutterstock

The bowling center at the Pin Twist Family Entertainment Centre is suitable for beginner and experienced bowlers. Book a bowling session at the bowling center to secure your slot before visiting the Pin Twist Family Entertainment Centre.

At Pin Twist Family Entertainment Centre, family is the focus, and there is something fun for everyone. The bowling center is clean, and it has a relaxed environment with good music. Have a family mini-challenge at bowling and put a price up for the winner to spice up the fun.

The Pin Twist Family Entertainment Centre staff are friendly and swift in attending to customers. Bowling at the Pin Twist Family Entertainment Centre is one of the fun things to do in Seguin.

Address: 308 S State Highway 46, Seguin, Texas 78155-7505

24. Gretchen Bee Ranch

Gretchen Bee Ranch
Credits: PH888 / Shutterstock

The former Bee and the honey farm has stopped its bee and honey production and transitioned into producing goods from beeswax, such as body-care items, candles, and bulk beeswax.

Mark & Thien Gretchen’s Bee Ranch is named “ The Beeswax Department. You can check for more information before visiting their website at www.thebeeswaxdepartment.com.

Mark and Thien Gretchen are dedicated Christians, so they also use the business as a medium to spread the gospel while providing beeswax goods.

With the establishment bubbling in its new location, you can witness the manufacturing processes of its candles and other ornaments. You can always purchase their locally harvested honey.

Gretchen Bee Ranch is open to the public Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 9 am to noon and on Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Address: 2745 W Kingsbury St, Seguin, TX 78155, USA

25. You’re so Crafty

You're so Crafty
Credits: Syda Productions / Shutterstock

You’re So Crafty is the place to go if you need supplies for crafting in Central Texas. They have wonderful yarn, bobbins & needles, beads, and tools. You’re So Crafty also has an in-house studio where you can do various crafts, so that’s not all.

For canvas painting, glass painting, board art, glass fusing, mixed media, clay, mosaics, and pottery classes, go to the Makery Stations.

Imagination is the only limit at You’re so Crafty. This craft shop provides vibrant items, making-related classes, and drop-in events for people of all ages. The establishment is a locally owned business in the heart of Seguin, TX.

Their wide variety will satisfy crafters anywhere, whether you’re looking for yarn, clay, or paints. It also functions as a fully stocked craft shop.

They provide drop-in craft workshops, lessons, and events! Browse their course schedule to see which classes resonate with you. Make something from scratch, finish your masterpiece, and take it home as memorabilia.

Address: 208 S Austin St, Seguin, TX 78155, United States

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Plan your trip to Seguin

Seguin is an exciting city with lots of exciting activities. Seguin has many exciting things to do with your family, loved ones, or even just you. The museums, parks, historic sites, shopping centers, theatres, and entertainment center make it a perfect family destination.

Visit the Son’s Island, ZDT Amusement Park, the heritage museum, Polmedia Polish Pottery, Pin Twist Family Entertainment Centre, and many more to experience exciting fun at Seguin.

Get your visa to Texas ready as you plan your exciting trip to Seguin city with your friends or family.