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Thetouristchecklist.com is an online platform that aims at sharing travel tips to help you get the best out of a vacation. Our resources cover destinations around the world, bringing ideas and suggestions of places to explore during a vacation.

Are you traveling for a fun getaway or a business trip? We have you covered with fun places to spend some time as well as take a break for relaxation.

We also aim to give you the best tips through planning and preparation for your trip. Our travel tips section shares the best tips and guides to get you started with planning for any journey and give you the best practices during your trip.

To stay motivated on your trip as well as go about it the best way, meet our top travelers and locals and read their piece on various destinations in our interview articles.

Our team is made of travel experts and journalists who, while entertaining travelers, point them to the best attractions and vacation destinations from around the world.

Are you in search of the next great meal in cities near you? The Tourist Checklist team is also made up of foodies, food bloggers, and dining enthusiasts who review and offer the best guides to restaurants in your locality.

With our expertise from visiting different locations, exploring top vacation destinations, and sampling great meals, we are here to help you get that memorable vacation you want.

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Our mission is to help you achieve a memorable vacation experience within your budget.

We know that travel is worth it when done with the family or a travel companion, hence our travel guides are crafted with everyone in mind, featuring family-friendly attractions and activities.

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Our Guides are crafted by The Tourist Checklist team of travel experts and food enthusiasts who aim to give an in-dept review of top Attractions, activities, and restaurants worth visiting.

All articles written on this website are fact-checked by our editorial team, which involves a final review by the editor-in-chief before publication. If there is a need for revisions, the contents are revised by the writer.

At intervals, contents on the website are updated with more information and images. This is to ensure that we give up-to-date information on attractions and activities covered on The Tourist Checklist.

However, we are not void of errors. In a situation whereby such exist on any of our guides, we work towards correcting such after investigation and revisions by the team.

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