23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Parker (AZ)

Looking for the best and most fun things to do in Parker, AZ?

Parker is a gorgeous city in La Paz County, Arizona. The city is one of the smallest cities in the region, and it is the county seat of La Paz.

Established in 1908, Parker was named after the first Native American commissioner, Ely Parker. Parker officially became a city in 1948. The city is a gateway to the Colorado River and has many outdoor adventurous activities to explore.

There are many fun Parker activities, including visiting the parks, exploring the mountains, hiking, biking, strolling, fishing, shopping, enjoying their great food and wines, and many awesome things you would not miss.

For a fun Parker experience, here are the best things to do in Parker, Arizona.

Things to Do in Parker, AZ

1. See Parker Dam

Parker Dam
Credits: smartyunknown / Shutterstock
Parker Dam

Visit the historic and significant Parker Dam with your friends and family. The Parker Dam was built by the Bureau of Reclamation between 1934 and 1938, and it supplies water and power to residents of the Lower Colorado River Basin together with the Hoover and Davis Dam.

The Dam is the Colorado River between Arizona and California, which is about 155 miles downstream from Hoover Dam. The 45-mile long reservoir behind the Parker dam called the Lake Havasu can store almost 211 billion gallons of water.

A visit to the Parker dam with your friends and family is one of the best things to do in Parker, Arizona. Take your family to the Dam and explore the parker dam area.

1. Buckskin Mountain State Park

Buckskin Mountain State Park
Credits: Danita Delimont / Shutterstock
Buckskin Mountain State Park

Mountain climbing at the park is one of the best things to do in Parker, Arizona.

The Buckskin Mountain State Park is an 18-mile stretch park between Parker Dam and Headgate Dam, the Colorado River in the garden is shared by Arizona on one side and Colorado on the other. The mountains that make up the Buckskin Mountain State Park line the Arizona and California rivers.

The beautiful Buckskin Mountain State Park offers a scenic view and wildlife experience. It has one of the best panoramic views in Parker, Arizona. The park features a campground, waterfront camping, beach, hiking trails, boat ramp, picnic area, basketball and volleyball court, and park store.

There are many exciting water adventures to explore at the Buckskin Mountain State Park. While enjoying the park and the Colorado River, please adhere to the rules and take responsibility for preserving the Colorado River.

Address: 5476 N Highway 95, Parker, AZ 85344-8776

3. Swansea Ghost Town

The Swansea Ghost Town in Parker is a great place to learn about the area’s history and explore Parker. The Swansea Ghost Town was formerly a copper mining camp in Parker.

The Swansea Ghost Town is located far away from Parker city; while preparing to go there, use a bike or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). However, if you must drive, use a 4×4 vehicle. On your way, you might see some of Arizona’s wildlife; take your camera along to capture this sight.

The Swansea town is one of the towns in Parker, like Bisbee or Jerome; however, the town didn’t exist much longer after the shutdown of the Copper mining camp. This is why it is called a “Ghost town”. The town has no stores malls and is very far from the main parts of Parker.

At the Swansea Ghost, you will see the ruins and remnants from the copper mining process. The place has a picnic area where you can picnic with your family or friends. ATV riding is one of the fun things to do in Parker at the Swansea Ghost Town.

Address: Swansea Road, Parker, AZ 85344

4. BlueWater Casino

BlueWater Casino
Credits: Don Barrett / Flickr
BlueWater Casino

The BlueWater Resort & Casino features a gaming centre, hotel rooms, restaurants, movie theatre, conference centre and a scenic view of the area. There are over 450 slot machines and other game slots at the casino.

The BlueWater Resort & Casino is a harbour for many recreational activities in Parker, and it is one of the best places to have fun in Parker, Arizona.

The BlueWater Resort & Casino is a stone’s throw from the Colorado River. Enjoy the view of the beautiful golden sand and the blue waters when you lodge in the hotel or visit the area. There are over 200 rooms in the resort area; choose who best fits your preference and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

At the BlueWater Resort & Casino, you can choose to see a movie at the multi-screen movie theatre, engage in water recreational activities, meet and network with people at the casino. It is one of the best getaway places to relax and have fun with friends or family.

Address: 11300 Resort Dr, Parker, AZ 85344-7549

5. La Paz County Park

La Paz County Park
Credits: Vitalii Nesterchuk / Shutterstock

La Paz County Park is a community park with fantastic scenery and exciting activities; La Paz County Park features a playground, trails, a river and sports courts. At La Paz County Park, there is something for everyone.

While at the park you can go kayaking, boat riding, walking, running, picnicking or any other fun activities with your family and friends. The La Paz County Park is well known for its RV parking and camping site. 

If you need a place to do your morning workout routine when you visit Parker, Arizona, the La Paz County Park is a great place to jog and do your exercise. The park also has a dog park where dogs can freely run around and play. 

The park is also a nice place to stroll with your partner in the evening, watching the beautiful sunset and holding hands. The park also has a natural habitat that gives the environment an incredible feeling. You’re your kids to the thrilling La Paz County Park for the fun of a lifetime.

Address: 7350 Riverside Dr, Parker, AZ 85344-8654

6. Ahakhav Tribal Preserve

Ahakhav Tribal Preserve
Credits: Bettina Arrigoni / Flickr
Ahakhav Tribal Preserve

Ahakhav Tribal Preserve features a wilderness area, a river and a park. The wilderness area covers 1,253 acres, while the park is about 3.5 acres. Ahakhav Tribal Preserve was established in 1995 to sustain and educate people about the Ahakhav Tribe.

The Ahakhav Tribal Preserve offers many exciting activities to enjoy with the family. Some fun things to do in Parker at the Ahakhav Tribal Preserve include canoeing, fishing, swimming, birding and sightseeing.

The Preserve is committed to providing learning opportunities and recreational activities for its community and visitors. The Preserve is also for the revegetation area for endangered plants and a safe place for threatened animals inhabiting the Lower Colorado River Basin.

 While at the Preserve, you can explore the 4.6-mile fitness trail and the playground with your children. Ahakhav Tribal Preserve is also a great place to picnic with the family as picnic tables and benches are within the parking area.

Address: 25401 Rodeo Road, Parker, AZ 85344

7. River Island State Park

River Island State Park
Credits: PalSand / Shutterstock

The park features a river, campsites, trails, playground and a nearby market. Camping at the River Island State Park is amongst the best things to do in Parker, as the park has about 37 campsites to enjoy.

You will also find a sandy beach, a Ramada, cove, and a boat launch area at River Island State Park. Spend time hiking, boating, camping, fishing and swimming at the beautiful scenic Island Park with your friends or family. The camp is also a perfect fit for tent campers.

The park is most suitable for jet skiing, swimming, camping, fishing, and boating during summer. At the same time, winters are primarily for camping and fishing. Take in the beautiful scenic view of the mountains and nature when you camp at the River Island Park.

If you need to get groceries or supplies while camping at the park, the River Island Market is a stone’s throw from the garden, and it is about 1/4 mile from the River Island Park

Address: 5200 N Highway 95, Parker, AZ 85344-8753

8. Desert Bar/Nellie E Saloon

Desert Bar/Nellie E Saloon
Credits: Desert Bar / Facebook
Desert Bar/Nellie E Saloon

At the bar, there is a restaurant where you can order delicious meals and enjoy the day. If you are a family and wish to avoid the bar area, the restaurant is still a great place to take your family. Dogs are also allowed in the bar, but they must always be kept on a leash.

The bar is much livelier with the live music band and other entertainers who frequent the bar on weekends. Desert bar features an outdoor bar, cooking area, stage, dancefloor and a horseshoe pit.

Enjoy live music at the bar every weekend as you spend time drinking solo or with friends. The Desert Bar opens only on the weekends from October to April, it is closed during hot summers, and on weekdays, no visitor will be allowed around the area when the bar is closed.

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9. Emerald Canyon Golf Course

Emerald Canyon Golf Course
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

Do you love to play golf? Are you a learner or professional golfer? You should visit the Emerald Canyon Golf Course in Parker, Arizona.

Emerald Canyon Golf Course features an 18-hole, 72 par championship course with a fantastic landscape and enchanting scenery. The beautiful Emerald Canyon Golf Course overlooks the Colorado River and is surrounded by canyons and mountains.

The golf course is often called “The Jewel of the Desert” because of its beautiful features and location. Emerald Canyon Golf Course features three greens, a pro shop, a driving range, a beverage cart, etc.

Golfing at Emerald Canyon Golf Course is among the fun things to do in Parker, Arizona. The Emerald Canyon Golf Course also offers golf lessons for people interested in learning golf or upgrading their golfing skills. Both beginners and professionals can enjoy golfing at Emerald Canyon Golf Course

Address: 72 Emerald Canyon Dr., Parker, AZ 85344

10. Club Roadrunner

Club Roadrunner
Credits: Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

Stop by the Club Roadrunner for a quick chilled drink with your friends or family. Having drinks at the Club Roadrunner is one of the top things to do in Parker, Arizona. The Club Roadrunner has a variety of drinks, from non-alcoholic to alcoholic beverages. Be sure to select your favorite drink and relax as you drink.

You will also find a restaurant at the Club Roadrunner to get excellent delicious meals at affordable rates. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and other meals. Aside from having drinks and eating, the Club Roadrunner is a fun place to party at night with friends.

The Club Roadrunner has a floating bar where you can dock and have good food and drinks on the waters. The club can be accessed by car, boat or on foot, enjoy the view of the blue waters while dining at the Club Roadrunner. 

Address: 7000 Riverside Dr, Parker, AZ 85344-8653

11. Wet and Wyld Watersports

Wet and Wyld Watersports
Credits: PhotoStock10 / Shutterstock

Looking for a place to rent equipment for some water adventures with friends and family? It would help if you visited the Wet and Wyld Watersports in Parker, Arizona.

Wet and Wyld Watersports offers rental services and learning opportunities for water adventures in Parker. Rent your boats, seadoos, jet-ski, wave runner, life jackets, etc. The Wet and Wyld Watersports staff can deliver some of the equipment to your location and teach you how to use them.

Experience a thrilling water adventure after renting your water adventure equipment from Wet and Wyld Watersports. Wet and Wyld Watersports helps give visitors their desired fun-filled water adventure in Parker.

Wet and Wyld Watersports is located near the Colorado River; this makes renting and returning equipment easier for visitors. Wet and Wyld Watersports can also help you plan an exciting water adventure for your family or friends. 

Address: 512 W Riverside Dr, Parker, AZ 85344-5132

12. Havasu Ballooning

Havasu Ballooning
Credits: topseller / Shutterstock

A balloon ride with your loved ones or you alone is one of the top Parker activities at the Havasu Ballooning. Havasu Ballooning offers a one of a lifetime adventure of experiencing the stunning beauty of the world from a giant hot air balloon.

While on the balloon ride by Havasu Ballooning, you will see the breathtaking picturesque Lake, the green trees, some houses, the mountains and an overall view of the beautiful city. This activity is a must-do for tourists visiting Parker.

Take you, family or friends to Havasu Ballooning for a fantastic memorable balloon ride. Do not miss the balloon ride in Parker during the Havasu.

13. SARA Park

Credits: BalanceFormCreative / Shutterstock

SARA Park is an exciting family-oriented park in Parker, Arizona. The park has lots of enjoyable outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy.

SARA Park features beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes, trails, playground, shooting range, archery, etc. Enjoy the tranquillity and serenity of the nature park with your friends and family when you visit the park.

Go on hiking, biking or strolling on the trails at the park; the trails are easy to navigate and suitable for all skill levels. Try something different and exciting at the park with your friends; the archery or shooting range is a unique activity to try.

Do not miss the famous waterless boat race in La Paz County when you visit Parker. The waterless boat race is held once or twice everywhere on Havasu 95 Speedway. Tour SARA Park to discover other exciting activities to enjoy in the area. A visit to SARA Park is one of the fun things to do in Parke.

14. AquaFlyboarding

Credits: LaysRock / Shutterstock

Enjoy the feeling of flying high when you try flyboarding with AquaFlyboarding in Parker, Arizona.

AquaFlyboarding offers flyboarding lessons, jetpack rentals and other flyboarding experiences in Parker. The jetpacks at AquaFlyboarding are super cool and give one of the best feelings ever.

Book a flyboarding session for everyone in your family from age 12 to 70 and experience the exciting rush of adrenaline as you go on this adventure.

The staff at AquaFlyboarding are very professional and friendly, and they will assist you and teach you how to flyboard if you do not know how to. Flyboarding is one of the top things to do in Parker at the AquaFlyboarding centre.

15. Worthy Ranch & Stables

Worthy Ranch & Stables
Credits: gabati / Shutterstock

Worthy Ranch & Stables is a full-service horse boarding and riding facility in Parker that offers horseback riding, horse riding lessons and horse boarding services to visitors.

If you do not know how to ride a horse or have never had a horse riding experience, Worthy Ranch & Stables is the best place to learn and start your horse riding or boarding journey.

Experience a fantastic time with your friends and family while riding a horse, checking out the stables or horse boarding when visiting Worthy Ranch & Stables. Horse riding is one of the fun things to do in Parker at the Worthy Ranch & Stables.

Address: 4241 W Parker Rd, Parker, AZ 80134-9382

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16. Wakeboard Island

Wakeboard Island
Credits: Mark_studio / Shutterstock

Wakeboarding is a thrilling water adventure only for the brave and adventurous. If you are in for some adrenaline, come on to Wakeboard Island to begin this exciting activity.

Wakeboard is a water sports activity offered by BlueWater Resort & Casino in Parker. With the unique cable pulley system, wakeboarding has been made easy for wakeboarders as you can now ride without needing a boat to pull you.

There is a beginner wakeboard area at Wakeboard Island where beginners can start their wakeboarding experience. You can also book a private wakeboard session for your family or friends. 

Address: 11300 Resort Dr Blue Water Casino, Parker, AZ 85344-7549

17. Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum

Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum
Credits: CRIT Museum & Gift Shop / Facebook
Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum

Learn about the people and history of Colorado at the Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum in Parker, Arizona.

Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum is a small museum with an extensive collection of artworks and antiques belonging to the Indian tribes. You will find baskets, pottery, photographs, beadworks, and other unique crafts at the museum.

Take your friends or family sightseeing at the Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum to enjoy an exciting moment exploring these historical exhibits. Exploring and sightseeing at the Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum is one of the fun things to do in Parker. You can also shop for items you like and would love to keep. 

Address: 7 Arizona Ave, Parker, AZ 85344, Phone: 928-669-8970

18. Wanderlust Balloons

Wanderlust Balloons
Credits: jakkapan / Shutterstock

Do you love trying new things and going on adventures? If yes, then you should visit Wanderlust Balloons in Parker, Arizona.

Wanderlust Balloons will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you get on their hot air balloon. The hot air balloon is a balloon flight that takes you around the city and allows you to discover Parker from an aerial view.

The staff and owners of Wanderlust are experienced and knowledgeable. At the same time, you need not worry about your safety on the flight. Wanderlust Balloons is well-catered for, so enjoy the moment!

A balloon flight at Wanderlust is among the fun Parker activities to check out, so get on it with your family and friends.

19. La Piazza

La Piazza
Credits: El Nariz / Shutterstock

La Piazza is one of the oldest restaurants in Parker, and the restaurant has been in operation for over 38 years.

The old restaurant specializes in making Pizzas of different varieties and other delicious meals in Parker, Arizona.

When you visit La Piazza, try out their delicious pepperoni pizza, made with their pizza crust toppings with lots of cheese and smoky pepperoni slices.

Take your family to La Piazza and have an exciting moment trying out a different variety of pizza available at La Piazza. You can also have drinks, desserts and other delicious food at the restaurant.

20. Pirate’s Den Restaurants/Resort

Pirate’s Den Restaurants are located in the Pirate’s Den Resort. The first is Thirsty Pirate Bar and Grill, and the other restaurant is the Black Pearl Restaurant

Enjoy a pleasant time overlooking the Colorado River and the beautiful scenery of the beach while you dine at the Pirate’s Den Restaurants with your friends or family.

The Thirsty Pirate Bar is a beachside outdoor restaurant with shaded areas like umbrellas or palm trees. While the Black Pearl Restaurant is an exquisite indoor restaurant overlooking the Colorado River. Dinking cocktails at this bar and looking at the beautiful beach is one of the best things to do in Parker.

Address: 7350 Riverside Dr, Parker, AZ 85344, Phone: 928-667-3102

21. Foxs RV Park Resort

Foxs RV Park Resort is an all-in-one park resort in Parker, Arizona. The park features recreational vehicles, a bar, restaurant, beach area and a grassy playground.

The recreational vehicles at the park are very comfortable, neat and convenient, with everything you might need to have a good night at the park. There are different models of recreational vehicles with different prices; choose one that suits you and your family.

While at the park, you can visit the restaurant or the floating bar to enjoy a full-service restaurant. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and other meals are available at different times. Be sure to find the floating bar on the private beach of Foxs RV Park Resort.

Address: 6350 Riverside Dr, Parker, AZ 85344, Phone: 928-667-3444

22. Cattail Cove State Park

Cattail Cove State Park
Credits: Pat / Flickr
Cattail Cove State Park

Cattail Cove State Park features many water and land activities to enjoy with the family. The park is linked to the Colorado River and other beautiful places.

At Cattail Cove State Park, there is something for everyone to enjoy, and if you love fun water activities, this park could be the best place to enjoy in Parker, Arizona.

Paddleboarding and kayaking are fun things to do in Parker at the Cattail Cove State Park. Take your family to the park and enjoy an exciting time exploring the outdoor activities at the park. Many recreational vehicles and tents are available for camping at the park. If you want to camp with your family, the park is a great place to have that relaxing adventure.

23. Blythe Intaglios

Blythe Intaglios
Credits: John Fowler / Flickr
Blythe Intaglios

Take your family or friends on a sightseeing spree to see gigantic historical human figures at Blythe Intaglios.

When you visit Blythe Intaglios or Blythe Geoglyphs, you will see a group of gigantic figures carved on the ground. These giant human figures are found near Blythe, California, and it is said that they are about 450 to 2000 years old.

At Blythe Intaglios, there are three human figures, two four-legged animals, and spirals. These human figures are so significant that the most extensive human figure in the Blythe Intaglio group is 171 feet long. Natives drew these human figures to symbolize Mastamho, the creator of life.

For a better and more magical view of the intaglios, stay on a significantly higher surface to get an aerial view of these human figures from above. After viewing these significant figures, you can also spend time hiking on the trails in the area to complete the adventure.

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Plan your trip to Parker

Parker is an exciting city with lots of adventurous activities. There are so many exciting things to do with your family, loved ones or you alone at Parker. The resorts, parks, historic sites, museums, restaurants and entertainment centre makes it a perfect family destination.

Visit Parker to explore adventurous water outdoor activities like flyboarding, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, etc. The hot air balloon flight is also an excellent outdoor activity to not miss out in Parker.