37 Best & Fun Things to Do in Erie (PA)

Erie is one of America’s best tourist destinations, located on the south shore of Lake Erie.

Known to be the fourth largest city in Pennsylvania, Erie has a population estimated to be about 95,508 as of 2019.

The city was named after the Native American people who have lived in the area until the mid 17th century.

The city’s strategic location along the lake boasts a wide range of fun water-related activities such as jet boating, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and lots more.

The city features amazing scenery, incredible natural landscape, and other unique, fun-filled attractions suitable for individuals of all ages, which brings the many fun things to do in Erie, PA.

Some of the notable attraction in Erie, PA, include Presque Isle State Park, Erie Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Erie Art Museum, ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum, Erie Playhouse, and lots more.

Would you like to know the best things to do in Erie, Pennsylvania? Below is a perfect list of things to do and places to visit in Erie, PA.

Things to Do in Erie

1. Presque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse
Credits: Jeffrey M. Frank / Shutterstock
Presque Isle Lighthouse

Situated in the grounds of Presque Isle State Park, Presque Isle Lighthouse is a historic structure built in 1873.

The Lighthouse is one of the three lighthouses in Erie. It creates an opportunity for visitors to behold history and beauty all at once.

Though a historic building that goes as far back as the 19th century, the Presque Isle Lighthouse still gives navigational aid to ships moving on Lake Erie.

The Lighthouse is open for a tour by visitors who wish to explore the area and get to the tower’s peak to have a broad view of the lake and the surrounding area.

2. Lake Shore Railway Museum

Lake Shore Railway Museum
Credits: Canadian2006 [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Lake Shore Railway Museum
Situated in the old New York Railroad Passenger Depot, Lake Shore Railway Museum is an attraction worth visiting while in Erie.

This railway museum is donation-funded, and it is home to many significant artifacts, exhibits, and steam-locomotives that will interest any train enthusiast.

The establishment of this amazing museum was done in 1956 and has since then been a big tradition.

Aside from the many locomotive displayed in this museum, various other informative artifacts educate visitors on trains and railroad.

While you are in the area, stop by the museums’ gift shop to get a souvenir, make a pick from many hats, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other gifts found in the shop.

Proceeds got from the gift shop also help in the funding and management of the museum.

Additionally, Lake Shore Railway Museum also hosts several exciting events throughout the year and sometimes in partnership with the Historical Society.

This is a perfect addition to your checklist of things to do in Erie, do check out their events calendar to enable you to plan a visit to an event of your choice.

Address: 31 Wall St, North East, PA 16428, USA

3. Downtown Erie

Downtown Erie
Credits: Keith Mecklem / Shutterstock
Downtown Erie

Downtown Erie district is one of the most exciting areas to visit while in Erie to see and explore some of the city’s best local shops, restaurants, boutiques, bars, clubs, and scenery.

In the downtown area, you will witness an amazing view of the sunset on Lake Erie and get a chance to meet over 500 different merchants who sells variety of items ranging from furniture to clothing, beauty products, snacks, coffee, and lots more.

There are different available options for touring this downtown; many take to driving or walking through the area.

Walking is the best way to explore this area as you get to do and see much more by walking. A walk will take you through historic Erie buildings and seeing phenomenal scenery.

4. Waldameer Park & Water World

Waldameer & Water World
Credits: Waldameer & Water World / Facebook
Waldameer & Water World

Are you in for an outdoor adventure? If yes, add a visit to Waldameer & Water World to your list of fun things to do in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Waldameer & Water World is a fun-filled attraction in Erie, PA, that began as a popular picnic spot called Hoffman’s Grove before transforming into an exciting water park.

The parks boast over 100 rides, slides, attractions, and lots more for visitors of all ages to have fun during the summer.

The many rides featured in this park include a Merry-go-Round, XScream Drop Tower, and the Drop Tower.

The park also has many outstanding features such as carnival-style games to play, music, food trucks and stalls, and other fun activities to engage in the area.

Filled with lots of fun and entertainment, Waldameer & Water World is a perfect place to visit with the entire family, including kids, during the summer.

Address: 220 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, USA

5. Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park
Credits: Robert Mutch / Shutterstock
Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park is an outdoor tourist attraction in Erie, PA, filled with lots of fun recreational activities suitable for adults and children alike.

The Park covers about 3,200-acre of land space and boasts many fun activities ranging from boating to swimming, bird-watching, and lots more.

Among the many features of this Park include beautiful marinas, finely connected trails, beaches, and amazing scenery, which gives visitors a wonderful outdoor experience.

If you have a whole day to spare, the Presque Isle State Park is one of the most appropriate places to visit as there are no dull moments with the many activities the park has to offer.

Other recreational activities visitors can indulge in while in this park include biking, hiking, fishing, inline skating, and sports like volleyball, canoeing, water skiing, etc.

This Park is also a perfect place to visit during winter as it’s always lively, even during the cold.

Tourists and locals visit the park to be a part of the cross-country skiing and ice skate or iceboard during winter.

The park is also an ideal place to visit for bird-watching as different birds migrate through the park.

Add a visit to Presque Isle State Park to your list of things to do in Erie. This makes what to do in Erie PA for a fun outdoor time.

Address: 301 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, USA

6. All an Act Theatre Productions

All An Act Theatre Productions
Credits: All An Act Theatre Productions / Facebook
All An Act Theatre Productions

Erie has lots of exciting theatre experiences to offer through its many theatres. Amongst many is the All an Act Theatre Productions, also called A3 by locals.

This community theatre was established in 2004. It is focused on exposing interested visitors to a wide range of art through live theatre performances.

This theatre production is the host of the Footlights Theatre Program, which has been in session every summer for 41 years.

The program offers children of all background, status, and experience a free opportunity to experience theatre through a full-length musical production.

The Footlights Theatre Program is one of the most successful and long-running programs for youths in Erie and Pennsylvania in general.

Visitors are welcome to watch shows set up through the program and several other live theatre events and musicals.

Address: 652 West 17th Street, Erie, PA

7. Watson-Curtze Mansion

Watson-Curtze Mansion
Credits: Don O’Brien / Facebook
Watson-Curtze Mansion

Hagen History Center can be located on the old Watson-Curtze mansion, a historic brownstone mansion in Erie, Pennsylvania, designed by Green & Wicks and built in 1891-1891.

The Watson-Curtze mansion houses the Hagen History Center. It has a beautiful architectural pattern built in a Richardsonian Romanesque style. It features vaulted ceilings, mosaics, stained glass, and other decorative pieces, making it one of the ideal things to see in Erie.

During Christmas, the mansion is beautified with Christmas lights and decorations giving it a mind-blowing look everyone will love.

Aside from the incredible view this attraction offers, the Hagen History Center educates visitors on the Lake Erie region’s exciting information and the most significant people from the area.

This is one of the best tourist attractions in Erie city and should make your list of fun places to visit in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Address: 356 W 6th St, Erie, PA 16507, USA

8. Warner Theater

Warner Theater
Credits: Carrie’s Camera / Shutterstock
Warner Theater

Warner Theater is a popular tourist attraction in Erie, home to the Erie Ballet, Erie Broadway Series, and Erie Philharmonic.

The Theater features lots of exciting shows and hosts about 150 memorable events all through the year for visitors to enjoy.

Established in 1929, Warner Theater was created by Warner Bros. It currently hosts some of the best events and shows in the city of Erie.

A unique feature is the beautiful architectural style and design, which is marvelous to behold, displaying a Vaudevillian history through the art-decor interior, crystal chandeliers, and a marble archway.

Stop by the Warner Theater while you are in Erie, PA, to catch a show and see the elegant structure that houses the theatre.

Address: 811 State St, Erie, PA 16501, USA

9. Tom Ridge Environmental Center

Tom Ridge Environmental Center
Credits: Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region / Flickr
Tom Ridge Environmental Center

Among the many entertainment attractions in Erie, PA, Tom Ridge Environmental Center is a notable one that boasts fun activities for individuals of all ages.

Tom Ridge Environmental Center is as large as 6,500 square-foot and features an educational center that educates visitors on plant life, trees, and lots more.

The center also showcases various creative items, which includes more than 75 hand-carved whirligigs.

Among the center’s many features is an IMAX theater experience that spans 45-minute and an ecosystem exhibit on display.

Before leaving the Tom Ridge Environmental Center, feel free to drop by the nature gift shop to purchase a souvenir or brochures for remembrance purposes.

Address: 301 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, USA

10. Presque Isle Downs & Casino

Presque Isle Downs & Casino
Credits: nazarovsergey / Shutterstock

Presque Isle Downs and Casino is recognized as one of Erie, Pennsylvania’s best gambling locations.

This attraction comprises a casino and a race track that hosts races by thoroughbred horses regularly.

If you desire to get lucky and win yourself a mind-blowing price, Presque Isle Downs and Casino is the perfect place to visit.

There are over 1,700 games options to choose from while gambling in this casino, some of which include Bally Quick Hits and Wheel of Fortune.

This casino has many visitors every day, and some go back home with a considerable amount of money won while playing games and slots.

Feel free to stop by this attraction to try your luck on any of the many games; you can be lucky to win a huge cash prize.

The Casino also has other gambling options such as a blackjack table, craps table, and a fantastic poker room.

Gambling is not the only excitement the Presque Isle Downs & Casino has to offer; it also boasts a wide range of live entertainment, shopping, award-winning food, and a next-door hotel for visitors who wish to spend the night.

A visit to Presque Isle Downs & Casino is worth adding to your checklist of things to do in Erie for a night time excitement.

Address: 8199 Perry Hwy, Erie, PA 16509, USA

11. Erie Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Erie Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Credits: Zack Frank / Shutterstock
Erie Zoo & Botanical Gardens

For animal and nature lovers, a visit to Erie Zoo & Botanical Gardens is worth adding to your list of best things to do in Erie, PA.

The zoo comprises over 400 animals gotten from different parts of the world, including cheetahs, warthogs, lions, tigers, orangutans, rhinos, and lots more.

If your wish to extend the excitement and fun after having an up-close experience with different animals, feel free to head down to the adjoining Botanical Garden.

This Botanical Garden offers amazing scenery with a beautiful array of over 400 flowers and plants collected from different parts of the world.

Erie Zoo & Botanical Gardens was opened officially in 1982, and ever since, it has offered many delightful animal experiences to visitors.

This attraction is suitable for both kids and adults alike and is one of the best free things to do in Erie.

Address: 423 W 38th St, Erie, PA 16508-2701, USA

12. Erie Bluffs State Park

Erie Bluffs State Park
Credits: Faina Gurevich / Shutterstock
Erie Bluffs State Park

Among the many spectacular attractions located along Lake Erie, the Erie Bluffs State Park is a perfect addition to your checklist of places to visit while in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Having its spot at the city’s west wing, this beautiful park is an excellent place to visit for an outdoor fun time with family or loved ones.

The park is relatively undeveloped and features few trials that cut across the area and lead to Lake Erie’s shores.

Erie Bluffs State Park is filled with lots of natural gifts due to most of its undeveloped land, and it is one of the best places to visit for a quiet time away from the city’s noise.

Address: 11100 W Lake Rd, Lake City, PA 16423

13. Harbor Ridge Golf Club & Grill

Harbor Ridge Golf Club & Grill
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

If you take to golfing for some fun time, add a visit to the Harbor Ridge Golf Club & Grill to your list of best things to do in Erie.

This public golf club features one of the most challenging golf courses in Pennsylvania, suitable for expert golfers who wish to try out their golfing skills.

The course comprises nine golf holes finely distributed across the area with Bentgrass tees, greens, and fairways for golfers’ playing pleasure.

Harbor Ridge Golf Club & Grill offers a fair challenge and reward to golfers giving a memorable, fun experience.

The grill in the area serves various delicious eatables and cold drinks, which compliments your golfing experience in the area.

Don’t be worried if you did not come along with your golfing gears as there is a golf shop in the area which offers all kinds of golfing items, including balls, tees, and more.

Address: 3730 Harbor Ridge Trail, Harborcreek Township, PA 16510, USA

14. Erie Playhouse

Erie Playhouse
Credits: Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region / Flickr
Erie Playhouse

If you are a theater lover, a visit to Erie Playhouse is worth adding to your list of stuff to do in Erie, PA.

Located close to Erie’s downtown area, Erie playhouse is a historic theatre that hosts various plays and musicals regularly, each of which has different ticket prices.

Frequented regularly by many, this Theatre has been in existence for generations, making it one of the oldest theatres in Erie city and the state of Pennsylvania in general.

Erie Playhouse is also listed among the United States’ top 10 playhouses, and this is another reason you should check it out if you are in the area for the weekend.

A visit to this beautiful theatre is worth adding to your list of romantic things to do in Erie with a loved one.

Address: 13 W 10th St, Erie, PA 16501, USA

15. Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park

Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park
Credits: Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region / Flickr
Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park

Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort is a perfect place to visit with family or loved ones during the summer.

The indoor park features a wave pool of about 200,000-gallon and has waves that span as high as 6-feet.

Among the many features of this recreational Indoor Water Park are spectacular fun slides coordinated by a friendly and attentive staff to ensure safety.

The water park also boasts some activities that do not relate to water, such as a fantastic dining experience in the restaurant within the area.

You can also relax and take a drink in the park’s comfortable lounge.

Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park also has other features for the kids, such as the candy shop, which has different kinds of candies the kids will love.

Add a visit to this water park to your list, it makes what to do in Erie, PA, with kids.

Address: 8091 Peach St, Erie, PA 16509, USA

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16. Millcreek Mall

Millcreek Mall
Credits: Random Retail / Flickr
Millcreek Mall

For a unique shopping experience, stop by the Millcreek Mall, an amazing shopping center filled with lots of shops that offer various cool items.

Established in the year 1975, Millcreek Mall has been a notable addition to the city of Erie.

Among the many features of this mall include lots of kiosks, restaurants, and shops that offer a wide range of products and services and a theatre where teens often visit to watch a movie.

A few examples of the category of goods available in this mall are electronics, toys, beauty products, and almost every other product visitors might think of purchasing.

Millcreek Mall is home to over 175 store brands, including DSW Shoe Warehouse, Michaels, JCPenney, and Old Navy.

Visitors can also get delicious expertly prepared dishes at the Outback Steakhouse, Bones Barbeque and Grill, or Arby’s, all housed at this mall.

Address: 5800 Peach St, Erie, PA 16565, USA

17. Port Erie Bicentennial Tower

Port Erie Bicentennial Tower
Credits: Doug Lemke / Shutterstock
Port Erie Bicentennial Tower

If you wish to have a beautiful and relaxing scenic view of Lake Erie and the surrounding area, climb up the Port Erie Bicentennial Tower.

Port Erie Bicentennial Tower is about 187-feet tall and was built in 1996 to commemorate Erie’s bicentennial year.

The tower is situated in Erie’s downtown area, and it is recognized as the largest structure in the entire state.

At the tower, visitors get to observe the city from a different perspective through the two observation decks, one of which stands 138-feet and the other 17-feet

The tower is open for a tour by visitors every day of the week and offers a view as far as 27-miles into Ontario, Canada, on days with a clear atmosphere.

A visit to this tower is one of the best things to do in Erie, Pennsylvania, for a remarkable sightseeing adventure.

Address: 1 State St, Erie, PA 16507, USA

18. Erie County’s Covered Bridges

Waterford Covered Bridge
Credits: Bill Eichelberger / Flickr
Waterford Covered Bridge

Erie County has two notable covered bridges, and taking a drive to see them is worth adding to your list of things to do while in the area.

These two remarkable bridges are the Waterford Covered Bridge and the Harrington Covered Bridge, located at the opposite end of the county, having a different appearance.

The Waterford Covered Bridge is a historic landmark located at the east end of the county and one of the oldest bridges.

On the other hand, the Harrington Covered Bridge is located in the western part of Erie County and is recognized to be among the best-covered bridges in Pennsylvania.

19. Play Port Arcade & Family Fun Center

play port arcade & family fun center
Credits: iChzigo / Shutterstock

Play Port Arcade & Family Fun Center is a fun gaming center suitable for kids and adults alike.

There are lots of excitement for you while in this center as it features more than 100 games that are free to play.

Among the many entertaining features in the Play Port Arcade & Family Fun Center is the virtual arcade, Laser Tag, and a Glow Golf & Pool.

The center also hosts various special events night throughout the year, which are fun to attend. Check out the event schedule to better plan your visit.

There is always a wide range of fun in this center for individuals of all ages to explore.

Address: 2730 W 12th St, Erie, PA 16505, USA

20. Dine at Mi Scuzi

Mi Scuzi
Credits: Mi Scuzi Ristorante Italiano / Facebook
Mi Scuzi

For a memorable dining time, add a visit to Mi Scuzi to your bucket list of places to visit in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Mi Scuzi is a five-star restaurant that offers diners a wide range of delicious Italian dishes expertly prepared using carefully selected fresh ingredients.

The restaurant menu features lots of unique dishes, including a variety of pasta, salads, desserts, bread, and lots more.

Mi Scuzi also has a fine collection of craft beers and wine from across the country, which diners can take alongside the delicious food.

The restaurant is open for diners Tuesdays to Thursdays from 5pm-9pm, Friday and Saturday from 5pm-10pm, and on Sundays from 1pm-5pm. The restaurant is closed only on Mondays.

Address: 2641 Myrtle St, Erie, PA 16508, USA

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21. Great Lakes Seaway Trail

Great Lakes Seaway Trail
Credits: Krista Hardin / Shutterstock
Vineyard on Lake Erie

Great Lakes Seaway Trail is a finely connected walk path that cuts across the wine country in Erie, Pennsylvania.

This trail is a perfect avenue for wine lovers to explore these regions, taking passersby through an array of colorful trees, rolling hills, and beautiful scenery.

Bringing your camera, you will come across many beautiful sights worth capturing as you walk the trail.

The trail starts east on Route 5 and cuts across about 25 spectacular vineyards and wineries where visitors can enjoy the calmness of nature and beautiful scenery and taste award-winning local crafts wines and beers.

There are some daily available tours in the area, visitors can also make a reservation beforehand if there are any particular Vineyard or winery they will like to tour.

Among several other vineyards that can be seen along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail, the PennShore Vineyard, and the Courtyard Vineyard are worth checking out.

The Grape Discovery Center is also close by, where individuals learn about winemaking, and the Concord grape, which is the raw material used in making most of the grape wine in the state.

Add exploring this trial to your list, it makes what to do in Erie PA today for some sightseeing.

22. Erie Insurance Arena

Erie Insurance Arena
Credits: Jfvoll [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Erie Insurance Arena
Erie Insurance Arena is a recreational center established in 1983 which has been the hosting grounds to many of the states sporting events, shows, concerts, and lots more over the years.

The arena was first used to host the Beach Boys concert, and ever since, many popular Hollywood acts and celebrities have been featured in the area.

As an old arena, the Erie Insurance Arena was recently renovated and expanded with about $47 million. It added a club level and several luxury suites for visitors who desire a special treat during an event.

Erie Insurance Arena currently has a seating capacity of about 9,000, serving as host to games from the NBA-D League Erie BayHawks, SIFL Erie Explosion, and the OHL Erie Otters.

Stop by the arena while in Erie to witness any of the many events held in this arena.

Address: 809 French St, Erie, PA 16501, USA

23. Erie Art Museum

Erie Art Museum
Credits: Ziwei Zhang / Flickr
Erie Art Museum

Erie Art Museum is one of the best tourist attractions in Erie for lovers of history and art. It was first established as the Erie Art Club in 1898.

Since its establishment, the museum has changed location over the years, but it is currently located among the downtown Discovery Square Corporation which houses lots of shops, galleries, and museums.

This art museum features some of the best beautiful art collections in Erie city and Pennsylvania in general.

Erie Art Museum houses over 8,000 spectacular art and artifacts, including Tibetan paintings, Indian bronzes, American ceramics, contemporary baskets, and lots more.

The museum hosts about 20 traveling exhibitions every year and features beautiful arts that will interest every family member.

A visit to this museum is one of the top things to do in Erie if you are in the city.

Address: 20 E 5th St, Erie, PA 16507, USA

24. Lady Kate Boat Tour

Lady Kate Boat Tour
Credits: Presque Isle Boat Tours / Facebook
Lady Kate Boat Tour

A perfect way to explore the waters of Lake Erie while in the city is by joining the Lady Kate Boat Tour.

The tour begins from the Presque Isle State Park and educates participants on the region’s history while in a fun ride on a boat.

After the boat leaves the dock, it takes participants on the lake across the beaches of the park, and at the same time, the tour guides teach not only history but also the geology of Presque Isle and more.

If your desire to know more about the area while relaxing and enjoying the comfort of the waters, then you should probably add this to your list of things to do in Erie, PA.

25. Erie County Public Library

Erie County Public Library
Credits: Billion Photos/ Shutterstock

If you are a literary works lover, add a visit to Erie Library to your checklist of stuff to do in Erie.

This popular attraction is frequented by locals and tourists, most of whom wish to study, read, or conduct various research.

Erie Library is focused on improving curiosity, learning, and creativity in the city of Erie and the state of Pennsylvania in general by providing individuals with access to accurate and significant information.

Erie Library comprises five branches and a bookmobile, all of which features extensive book collections and e-books.

The library also hosts a variety of informative programs, classes, and services that create a wide range of learning opportunities for visitors.

Some of the programs hosted in this library include computer classes, book clubs, kids’ storytimes, the Blasco Library Concert Series, Lego construction, yoga for pre-school kids, and lots more.

Address: 160 E Front St., Erie, PA 16507

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26. Firefighters Historical Museum

Firefighters Historical Museum
Credits: Tony Evans / Facebook
Firefighters Historical Museum

Firefighters Historical Museum is a historically significant attraction located in the old Erie Engine Station #4 established in 1903.

This historical museum comprises a wide range of apparatuses, tools, uniforms, and other memorabilia acquired from firefighting history over the years.

One of the most notable exhibits in the Firefighters Historical Museum is the steam-driven fire engine.

Other fascinating exhibits displayed in the museum include a four-wheel hose cart and firefighters’ uniforms from different eras.

There is a whole lot to learn from the various interactive artifacts and exhibits in this historical museum.

Visit the Firefighters Historical Museum while in the area if you wish to know some of Erie’s history and the history of firefighting in the city.

Address: 428 Chestnut St, Erie, PA 16507, USA

27. Lake Erie Speedway

Lake Erie Speedway
Credits: Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region / Flickr
Lake Erie Speedway

If you take to racing as a fun activity, visit the Lake Erie Speedway where racers are allowed to select from any of the five different courses to compete with other racers.

The course featured in the Lake Erie Speedway includes Street Stocks, Bandoleros, Overhead Door Modifieds, legends, and Compacts.

If you own a stock car, this is the perfect place to practice and test your skills.

Lake Erie Speedway has been in existence since 2002 offering a ⅜-mile track where owners of stock cars can conveniently visit, practice and improve their race skills.

Additionally, the Lake Erie Speedway hosts several events every year and has a pack of entertainment to offer its visitors.

Stop by this speedway for an exciting and fun-filled racing experience as it is recognized to be the one of the best dirt racing track in the Erie city and Pennsylvania in general.

Address: 10700 Delmas Dr, North East, PA 16428, USA

28. Erie Maritime Museum

Erie Maritime Museum
Credits: Jeffrey M. Frank / Shutterstock
Erie Maritime Museum

Amongst other places to visit in Erie, Pennsylvania for history lovers, Erie Maritime Museum is worth adding to your checklist.

Filled with a wide range of history about Lake Erie, the museum takes visitors through history to enlighten them on the events and people of significance to the area.

The museum holds a history that goes as far back as 1812, one of which includes the Battle of Lake Erie of September 10, 1813.

Erie Maritime Museum is home to lots of historical artifacts, videos, and hands-on exhibits which highlights various past individuals and events.

Aside from the Battle of Lake Erie featured in this museum, there are also lots of other events that will interest visitors; all showcased in details using demonstrations, exhibits, videos and more.

A stop by the Erie Maritime Museum is one of the best fun things to do in Erie for history lovers.

Address: 150 E Front St #100, Erie, PA 16507, USA

29. Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park

Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park
Credits: Wikipedi (Public Domain) / Flickr
Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park

Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park is an exciting attraction that focuses on educating visitors on the significant advantages of trees to the environment and the community.

Featuring over 250 trees of different species on display, this Arboretum at Frontier is an amazing opportunity to acquire lots of essential knowledge while exploring the wonderful gift of nature.

Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park was created in 1998 and comprises trees from across the world such as Russian Olive, Honey Locust Maple, Hawthorn, Scarlet Oak, Douglas Fir, Dogwood, Ginkgo, Alder, Hawthorn, and more.

This Arboretum at Frontier offers much more than educational opportunity and tree-viewing.

During summer, the Arboretum boast other features such as sledding hills, bike trails, and labyrinths that visitors can enjoy and explore.

During spring, the Arboretum features a virtual tree gazebo experience suitable for all family members, including kids.

Visiting the Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier should be added to your list of fun things to do in Erie with the entire family to learn more about the environment.

Address: 1501 W 6th St, Erie, PA 16505, USA

30. Erie Land Lighthouse

Erie Land Lighthouse
Credits: Zack Frank / Shutterstock
Erie Land Lighthouse

The Erie Land Light is situated east of downtown Erie on the mainland, a significant addition to the city’s history.

The historic land lighthouse was constructed in 1818. In 1867, it was restructured, and in 1899 it was permanently decommissioned.

If you are interested in Erie’s history, then visiting this Lighthouse should be added to your list of places to visit.

Although it is not always open to the public, visitors can tour the surrounding area and see this historic structure.

Address: 1200, Lighthouse St, Erie, PA 16507

31. Liberty Park & Highmark Amphitheater

Liberty Park & Highmark Amphitheater
Credits: Liberty Park & Highmark Amphitheater / Facebook
Liberty Park & Highmark Amphitheater

Liberty Park & Highmark Amphitheater is a fantastic facility, it hosts various outdoor concerts throughout the year.

The park is an ideal place to visit with kids as it features several updated and well-equipped playground equipment, some of which include monkey bars and slides, which provide a wide range of fun for kids.

There are also designated picnic areas where visitors can relax and enjoy a wonderful picnic.

The concerts held in the Amphitheater are mostly on Friday nights and weekends aside from a few select shows, which are hosted other days of the week within the year.

There are available food trucks on sight during concerts where you can buy food, and admission into the shows are free of charge.

Liberty Park & Highmark Amphitheater is suitable for adults and children alike who desire to enjoy the outdoors.

Address: 726 W Bayfront Pkwy, Erie, PA 16507, USA

32. Jr’s Last Laugh Comedy Club

Jr's Last Laugh Comedy Club
Credits: Jr.’s Last Laugh Comedy Club & Restaurant / Facebook
Jr’s Last Laugh Comedy Club

Comedy is one of the best ways to blow off tension and be happy; Erie offers that at the Jr’s Last Laugh Comedy Club.

The comedy club is frequented by both tourists and locals alike and is recognized among the state’s best comedy venues.

Jr’s Last Laugh Comedy Club has a conducive and spacious environment with customer-friendly staff who ensures visitors have a great time.

There are different talented comedians featured in this club day after day, all of which are capable of making you laugh all through the night.

The club also features a light menu of delicious bar food and fine cocktails, and other drinks.

Tickets to the club are of different prices for the show in question; moreover, they are always affordable.

Add a visit to this club, it makes one of the top things to do in Erie for a night comedy experience.

Address: 1402 State St, Erie, PA 16501, USA

33. Asbury Woods

Asbury Woods
Credits: Rachel KJ / Flickr
Asbury Woods

Covering over 205 acres of forests, fields, wetlands, and streams, Asbury Woods is a unique outdoor attraction that offers a wide range of recreational opportunities to individuals of all ages.

This recreational area boasts fun activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, cross-country skiing, running, picnicking, and lots more.

Among the many Asbury Woods features include craft workshops, a picnic Pavillion, a native plants garden, animal exhibits, and the Little Woods Nature Play area for kids.

There is also an Otto Behrend Celebration Garden where adults can have fun and a large amphitheater that hosts several programs and events.

Most of the events hosted in this area are suitable for kids. It opens them up to a wide range of knowledge about plants, animals, and outdoor safety, which improves them socially as they meet and interact with other kids of the same age.

Address: 4105 Asbury Rd, Erie, PA 16506, USA

34. ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum

ExpERIEnce Children's Museum
Credits: Penn State / Flickr
ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum

If you are looking for stuff to do in Erie with kids, then a visit to ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum is a perfect addition to your checklist.

ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum is situated in downtown Erie at the historic cultural area. It is focused on displaying beautiful artistic works of children from Erie and across the country.

With many things to see for children of all ages, the museum educates kids on essential topics in a fun and enjoyable manner, including hands-on activities and interactive displays.

Some of these children’s features include more than 50 hands-on interactive exhibits that cut across different deciplines like history, culture, and math. There is also an outdoor play area where the kids can take a break after learning.

ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum is a fantastic place for kids to have fun while learning and also parents as they tag along.

Address: 420 French St, Erie, PA 16507, USA

35. Schaefer’s Auto Art

Schaefer's Auto Art
Credits: Schaefer’s Auto Art, Erie PA / Facebook
Schaefer’s Auto Art

Schaefer’s Auto Art is an exciting place to visit if you are an art lover and is worth adding to your list of places to visit in Erie.

Schaefer’s Auto Art is a family-owned and operated art center formerly known as Dick’s Auto Art. They are focused on creating unique automotive sculptures.

This art center features various unusual art collections, most of which are crafted using scrap metals and automotive parts.

The sculptures on display in Schaefer’s Auto Art are unique and rare, each given a customized name.

Some of the automotive sculptures featured in this center include a Bumble Bee, Rocket Ship, Spider, Automan, Two-Headed Dinosaur, and more.

This is the perfect place to visit in Erie for an unusual and unique experience.

Address: 3705 Hershey Rd, Erie, PA 16506, USA

36. UPMC Park

Credits: Dan Thornberg / Shutterstock

If you enjoy baseball, go to UPMC Park, where you can watch a game, participate in one, or hang out with other baseball lovers.

This baseball stadium, previously Jerry Uht Park, is situated in Erie, Pennsylvania. The city’s Minor League Baseball (MiLB) team, the Double-A Erie SeaWolves of the Eastern League, call it home.

The ballpark was named number five among ten minor league ballpark seating layouts in 2008 by the ESPN sports broadcasting corporation.

The ECCCA, the Erie County Convention Center Authority, operates and manages UPMC Park, which has a massive 6,000 seating capacity.

Three fields are included in the stadium: the center field measuring 400 feet (120 meters), the right field, 328 ft ( 100mm), and the left, 316 (96 m).

This Park was the replacement for the 1947- built Ainsworth Field. It had dirt and grass pitches as well as other necessary park amenities.

There’s no need to bring lunch because this Park has concessions that serve local delicacies, including cheesesteaks, ox roast sandwiches, and pepperoni balls.

Address: 110 East 10th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania, United States

37. Mile Cellars

6 Mile Cellars
Credits: Vania Zhukevych / Shutterstock

The family-owned winery got the inspiration for its name from its location on 6-mile Creek; this establishment is the first of its kind.

The winery is considered a historic structure as its beautiful tasting room is the cellar of a restored and repaired 100-year-old barn.

The interior of 6 Mile Cellars offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere via the use of its state-of-the-art finishes and fittings.

The tasting room offers a variety of craft cider or sweet and dry wines that will leave you reminiscing on pleasant old memories.

If you are looking for a romantic setting, 6 Mile Cellars is the place to go, as it also has a vineyard where visitors can enjoy a picnic.

Aside from wine, the facility also serves beer and spirits, welcomes group visits, and is family and pet-friendly.

6 Mile Cellar is available on Saturday from 11 am through 5 pm, Sunday from 12 pm through 5 pm, and 1 through 6 pm Fridays from May to October.

Address: 5727 Firman Road, Erie, PA, USA

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