27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Aurora (IL)

In search of the best and most fun things to do in Aurora, IL?

Aurora is an incredibly beautiful city located in Illinois, United States. It is the second-most populous city in Illinois and the 144th in the United States with a population of one hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and twenty-seven.

It is a fast-growing city filled with lots of establishments, attractions and provides a great environment for new entrepreneurs.

There is something that your family and friends will love, starting from the farms, restaurants, malls, parks, sports centers, zoo, and others.

Aurora offers numerous opportunities to get outside and have a wild adventure like you never experienced.

Are you planning an exploration of Aurora? Here are the top things to do in Aurora, IL.

Things to Do in Aurora, IL

1. Aurora Regional Fire Museum

Aurora Regional Fire Museum
Credits: David Wilson / Flickr
Aurora Regional Fire Museum

Aurora Regional Fire Museum changes the philosophy of the people of Aurora, showing them that history can be fun and interesting.

The museum is located in an historic building erected in 1984, featuring a wide collection of exhibits that are not only interactive but also educational.

Their main aim is primarily to enlighten the public about the fire service and fire safety, which is both entertaining and educational.

Aurora Regional Fire Museum offers scout programs, educational, scheduled group tours, and walk-in tours open to all ages.

The Museum and its members put much effort into preserving and displaying the history of the Aurora Regional Fire Museum and firefighting in the city.

Aurora Regional Fire Museum allows you to drive a fire truck simulator and learn to use the fire engine horns and sirens.

Address:53 N Broadway, Aurora, IL 60505, United States

2. MISH MASH Adventures

MISH MASH Adventures
Credits: oleksboiko / Shutterstock

For an adventure that will send an adrenaline rush running through your veins in Aurora, visit MISH MASH Adventures.

MISH MASH Adventures is a challenging but unique game based on your favorite childhood game shows.

You get to try out all of the rooms instead of being stuck in a room and just waiting for someone to give you the answer.

The challenge is about crawling, throwing, thinking, kicking, climbing, and working together as a team.

Your team might fail a lot, but it is all part of learning; you get to master and figure out how to beat the challenge; the challenges are physical, skill-based, and logical.

 MISH MASH Adventures is open on Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 11am-8pm, Tuesday, & Friday from 11am-9pm, Saturday from 10am-9pm, and Sunday from 12pm-6pm.

Address:2402 Fox Valley Mall Upper Level, Center Court, Aurora, IL 60504-4140 United States

3. Splash Country Water Park

Splash Country Water Park
Credits: Sunny studio / Shutterstock

For a fun family hang out, add a visit to Splash Country Water Park to your list of things to do in Aurora with your family.

Splash Country Water Park is a place where you are offered wide options of fun water amenities and activities.

There is a large lazy river which is said to be the second-largest lazy river in Illinois with one thousand one hundred feet.

Splash Country Water Park features two sand volleyball courts, play areas with slides, spray guns, a waterfall, and other attractive play equipment.

There is a six-lane zero-depth pool for children and pools for toddlers; you will also find concession stands, outside food and beverages are allowed according to their guidelines.

Splash Country Water Park is available for reservations for large events of up to three hundred people and private events like birthday parties.

Address:195 S Barnes Rd, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

4. NV Massage Foot Spa

NV Massage Foot Spa
Credits:Aleks Gudenko / Shutterstock

In-between or after all the fun and stress, you need a place that will help you relax and relieve you from stress.

A visit to NV Massage Foot Spa should be on your bucket list of things to do in Aurora. It is an Asian Spa offering all the best of services for a healthy body.

NV Massage Foot Spa was established to help guests like you relieve chronic pain, increase your life’s general quality, and reduce stress.

They offer you a nice and comfortable setting where you get to receive their services, NV Massage Foot Spa is based on foot and full body massage.

NV Massage Foot Spa staffs are wonderful and down-to-earth, ensuring the visitors are relaxed and relieved after their stressful day.

You sure will leave in a new, relieved, and refreshed version of yourself at the end of your appointment.

Address:1987 W Galena Blvd, Aurora, IL 60506-4305 United States

5. Mastodon Lake and Trail

Mastodon Lake and Trail
Credits:ff-photo/ Shutterstock

Mastodon Lake and Trail is found at the center of Phillips Park, and it is a perfect place to spend the day with your family and friends.

There is a Mastodon slide, basketball courts, sandpits, volleyball courts, a tusk maze, and playgrounds for the little children to explore.

Mastodon Lake and Trail features an adorable gazebo that now serves as a meeting point for large groups and individuals in the city.

The one-mile trail is perfect for jogging or walking around the island while enjoying the picturesque views.

Mastodon Lake and Trail offers ample green space, three fishing piers, shaded areas with benches, and three pavilions.

This is a great place for local schools to hold their educational programs and other corporate meetings. Do consider an addition to your bucket list of fun things to do in Aurora, IL.

Address:On the Grounds of Phillips Park, Aurora, IL 60505 United States

6. Paramount Theatre

Paramount Theatre
Credits:antpkr / Shutterstock

Paramount Theatre has one of the best movie facilities in Aurora, so make sure you get your movie tickets and get ready for a wild movie experience.

The theater takes you back in time with its glamorous 1930s design and setting, although the theater was recently renovated.

Paramount Theatre features excellent sound systems and comfortable seats providing all you need to feel comfortable.

Many of the shows they create are for kids, including the mature themes, and they are usually interesting and educative.

Paramount Theatre is clean and adequately maintained, the staffs are always available to attend to their guests.

Address:23 E Galena Blvd, Aurora, IL 60506-4128 United States

7. Abbey Farms

Abbey Farms
Credits:simona pilolla 2/ Shutterstock

A beautiful farm that offers families the old-fashioned family fun with no modern touches in Aurora is Abbey Farms.

Abbey Farms is centered on seasonal produce, with each season having different produce in high demand and availability.

You get to choose your own Christmas tree from thousands of trees on their two hundred acres of land during the winter season.

Pumpkins are available in the fall; you can pick your pumpkins and enjoy the charming landscape before your eyes.

Abbey Farms also offers fresh, quality farm produce for prices we can’t get elsewhere; they include fresh cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more.

Your family will have a great time here stuck in the beautiful scenery of nature, don’t forget to try out some of their baked foods.

Address:850 Butterfield Rd, Aurora, IL 60502-8609 United States

8. Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing
Credits:Sittirak Jadlit / Shutterstock

Axe throwing is an exhilarating and fun game, and it should be on your bucket list of things to do in Aurora.

Bad Axe Throwing offers you an amazing axe throwing experience, whether you are a beginner or an expert in the game.

Their professional coaches are always available to train you; they offer tutorials before you start your games, ensuring you have a wonderful experience.

Bad Axe Throwing hosts leagues during winter where you compete against players from different parts of the world.

This is a perfect location for special occasions like birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, team building event, and more.

Bad Axe Throwing is open from Monday to Thursday from 5:30pm -9:30pm, Friday from 5pm-11pm, Saturday from 12pm-11pm, and Sunday from 12pm-5pm.

Address: 1022 N Farnsworth Ave, Aurora, IL 60505, United States

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9. Banana Split Inc

Banana Split Inc
Credits: stockcreations / Shutterstock

Are you in for some amazing treats? A stop at Banana Split Inc should be on your bucket list of the top things to do in Aurora.

Although their services are seasonal, the ice cream shop is only available from February up until October.

Banana Split Inc is usually packed with locals and visitors during their period of operation, because of the wide collection of delicious flavors.

There is always something for everyone that walks into the store, with flavors that showcase their old-fashioned recipe you can’t get elsewhere.

The banana split, their famous signature dessert is to die for; it comes in three different portion sizes; you should try it out, and don’t forget the infamous “Groaner’ as well.

Address:820 Church Rd, Aurora, IL 60505, United States

10. Lindt Chocolate Shop

Lindt Chocolate Shop
Credits: limpido / Shutterstock

Are you a lover of chocolates? Lindt Chocolate Shop is the best place to visit in Aurora to get the best chocolates.

Lindt Chocolate Shop has been in existence since 1845 and continually serves the public with the finest Swiss chocolates.

They currently operate over fifty retail stores in the U.S, including Lindt Outlets, Lindt Factory Outlets, and Lindt Chocolate Shops.

Lindt Chocolate Shop produces the finest chocolates using its passion and incredible craftsmanship.

They offer treats you can’t get elsewhere, with over twenty different LINDOR Truffle recipes, boxed chocolates, create-your-own-gifts, exclusive European specialties, and seasonal varieties.

Lindt Chocolate Shop uses the best selection of raw materials and the highest quality ingredients in production to ensure high satisfaction.

They are open from Monday to Thursday from 11am-8pm, Friday and Saturday from 10am-9pm, and Sunday from 10am-9pm.

Address:1650 Premium Outlets Boulevard Space 416, Aurora, IL 60502, United States

11. O’Malley’s Pub & Eatery

O'Malley's Pub & Eatery
Credits: O’Malley’s Pub & Eatery / Facebook
O’Malley’s Pub & Eatery

For an amazing dining experience, dine at O’Malley’s Pub & Eatery in Aurora with your family and friends.

O’Malley’s Pub & Eatery is a sports bar that features several TVs for watching live games, and other fun games equipment are available.

The ingredients used in preparing the dishes are fresh and locally sourced, the reason why they come out tasty and fresh.

O’Malley’s Pub & Eatery serves meals such as Beer Battered Mushrooms, Chicken Caesar Salad, Guacamole Bacon Burger, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato, Steak Sandwich, BBQ Pulled Pork, Reuben, Chips & Guacamole, and more.

Their pizzas come in different toppings, including O’Malley’s Combo Pizza, O’Malley’s BBQ Chicken Pizza, Thin Crust Cheese Pizza, Taco Pizza, Meatlovers Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza and lots more.

From the moment you walk through the door; you will be welcomed by a lively ambiance and friendly staff.

Address:701 Hill Ave, Aurora, IL 60505, United States

12. Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Farm
Credits: Derek Kaczmarczyk / Flickr
Blackberry Farm

You enjoy a whole different type of fun with your family at Blackberry Farm in Aurora; it spans fifty-four acres of land.

Blackberry Farm is the number one go-to destination if you want to learn more about the surrounding environment in Aurora.

You can take a tour around the petting zoo, also get a chance to go close up to the animals and even feed them.

Blackberry Farm has play areas entirely for the young kids featuring amusement rides like a scenic train, carousel, pedal tractors, ponies, paddle boats, and hay wagon allowed to be ridden around the facility.

This farm is themed as living history being part of the lives of the pioneers of the community, filled with lots of exciting and intriguing stories of how it all began.

You will also find an ice skating rink if you visit during the winter season, the staff is nice, and visitors are their number one priority.

Address:100 S. Barnes Rd. Aurora, IL 60506 United States

13. The Basement Attractions

The Basement Attractions
Credits: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock
Laser Tag

The fun things to do in Aurora go beyond just parks and restaurants; The Basement Attractions is a unique way to spend your day.

The Basement Attraction is a tactical laser tag that sends shivers running through your veins when players are put in team vs team.

It’s all about fighting for survival; you will look for the building and breach, guns blazing, causing chaos, and bad guys running in different directions.

The intense scenarios, realistic tactical laser tag gear, sounds, and environments give you an epic experience.

The Basement Attractions gives you one minute to eliminate the threat in live-action missions.

Address:50 W New York St, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

14. Vaughan Aquatic Center and Indoor Water Park

Vaughan Aquatic Center and Indoor Water Park
Credits: Kyle Lee / Shutterstock

If your definition of a day well spent is relaxing in the pool, then your list of the things to do in Aurora wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Vaughan Aquatic Center and Indoor Water Park.

You do not have to worry about the weather outside since this is an indoor water park containing a large eight-lane pool.

The therapy pool is heated to relieve guests from stress and caress the tired muscles; the park contains a zero-depth entry with a body slide, two-story enclosed slides, and other water equipment.

Vaughan Aquatic Center and Indoor Water Park offer a program that consists of different progressive levels for students from six years old and above.

The different levels are broken down for specific age groups ensuring an appropriate curriculum with highly qualified instructors.

Vaughan Aquatic Center and Indoor Water Park is also available for private reservations and birthday parties. The entrance fee for residents is $7, non-residents $9, and free for children below two.

They are open from Monday to Friday from 4:30am-10pm, Saturday and Sunday from 6am-7pm.

Address:2121 W Indian Trail, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

15. SciTech Hands-On Museum

 SciTech Hands-On Museum
Credits: SciTech Hands On Museum / Facebook
SciTech Hands-On Museum

SciTech Hands-On Museum focuses on technology, science, mathematics, and engineering with attractive interactive exhibits designed specifically for young children.

It is a 30, 000 square feet science facility located in a historic post office, downtown District of Aurora, with three exhibition floors.

SciTech Hands-On Museum features more than two hundred exhibits strictly based on science and technology to educate and motivate the guests in these aspects.

This is an excellent place for birthday parties, scout events, field trips, and overnight gatherings for both children and adults.

There is a STEAMart Discovery shop that offers a variety of gadgets, gizmos-to-go, and gifts for the Scientist.

SciTech Hands-On Museum offers guests a chance to experience full-body physics experiments in the fox motion park during the summer months from June to September.

Address:18 W Benton St, Aurora, IL 60506-6013 United States

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16. Sport Zone

Sport Zone
Credits: James Stuart Griffith/ Shutterstock

For an unforgettable experience with your family and friends, make sure you add a visit to Sport Zone to your list of things to do in Aurora.

Sport Zone is a popular destination for many families and has been serving visitors for over thirty-two years now.

This family entertainment center offers many fun and exciting activities for families, individuals, and groups.

Sport Zone offers you a unique experience at their new rocket bungee attraction and when you hit a few at the batting cages.

Their indoor golf and indoor soccer leagues are second to none and open to everyone, including children and adults.

Come with your family and get ready to experience unlimited fun; bring your camera along to captivate all the precious moments.

Address:1900 Hill Ave, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

17. Philips Park Zoo

Philips Park Zoo
Credits: Viliam.M / Shutterstock

If you are an animal lover, a visit to Philips Park Zoo is one of the top things to do in Aurora for a fantastic time.

Philips Park Zoo is a small zoo that has existed for more than one hundred years, and it is open to everyone free of charge.

Here, you will find over one hundred and twenty different animals with about forty-one diverse species.

There are animals such as North American River Otters, Barred Owls, cougars, Peregrine Falcon, tortoise, wolf, Peacocks, reptiles, alpacas, turkey, red-tailed hawk, vultures, elk, and more.

Philips Park Zoo is built in different sections, with an indoor section found when the park was created near the front containing mastodon fossils.

The park is well maintained and clean, regularly upgraded to make the experience more fun and exciting for everyone.

Address:1000 Ray Moses Dr, Aurora, IL 60505-5786 United States

18. Swimming Stones

The city of Aurora is blessed with a beautiful and unique attraction called Swimming Stones; visiting Swimming Stones is one of the top things to do in Aurora.

Swimming Stones was designed by Christain Tobin Isaac; it is a kinetic water sculpture fountain which is a combination of both science and art.

It contains four obelisks made of granite, each weighing a total of four thousand pounds with a height of up to 12 feet.

Imagine watching the hydrostatic force of water unleashing the kinetic energy of stone, which develops a work of compelling vitality.

Swimming Stones is a true gem in Aurora and welcomes hundreds of tourists and locals.

Address: W Benton St, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

19. Luigi’s Pizza

Luigi's Pizza
Credits: Luigi’s Pizza and Fun Center / Facebook
Luigi’s Pizza

If you are searching for a place that serves delicious meals and offers games in Aurora, do well to add Luigi’s Pizza to your list of things to do in Aurora.

Luigi’s Pizza started as a small sandwich shop in 1953 owned by Mrs. Duncan; it was known for its amazing sandwiches and soups.

That same year, she decided to expand her menu, including Pizza, which was a new item in mainstream America then, that’s when it got its name as Luigi’s Pizza.

Luigi’s Pizza has passed through series of changes in ownership; Bill poss, its current owner, bought it in 1981.

He realized that his customers wanted more, a place they could bring their family, friends, colleagues, and employees to have fun and enjoy pizzas.

Luigi’s Pizza was transformed into Luigi’s Pizza and Fun Center after they moved into an old grocery store in 1999, a fantastic and big laser tag was added in 2005, and 2010 added four lanes of mini-bowling to the game center.

The full-service bar offers more than fifty bottled and draft beers, including a wide variety of wine; Luigi’s Pizza also features four banquet rooms that can accommodate up to three hundred people for any event.

Address:732 Prairie St, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

20. Aurora Tap House

Aurora Tap House
Credits: Aurora Tap House / Facebook
Aurora Tap House

Aurora Tap House is the longest bar in Aurora; for your next hang out with your friends, visiting Aurora taphouse should be on your list of things to do in Aurora.

This is one of Aurora’s best bar and lounge and has consistently served the people right from 2018.

Aurora Tap House offers delicious Sixteen beers on tap, spirits, high-end whiskey, and wines. Some of their beers include Budweiser, Corona, Blue Moon Belgian White, founders all day, Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, revolution anti-hero, and more.

They also serve delicious pizzas, corn dogs, pretzels, etc. Of course, you also enjoy live music, karaoke on Saturdays, video gaming, arcade games, darts, and more.

You will also get to meet the owners, Dan & Chris, at the bar. Aurora Tap House is filled with lots of history and stories; it is open from Monday to Thursday from 9am-12am, Friday and Saturday from 9am-2am, and Sunday from 11am-10pm.

Aurora Tap House offers live music entertainment or DJs on Friday, motivating your partying spirits.

Address:134 W Downer Pl, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

21. Oakhurst Forest Preserve

Oakhurst Forest Preserve
Credits: TeodorLazarev / Shutterstock

Another fun thing to do in Aurora is hanging out with your travel companions at Oakhurst Forest Preserve.

Oakhurst Forest Preserve features a lake in the middle of the forest, stretching through fifty-five acres of landscape, describing how amazing nature truly is.

The lake is an awesome place to go fishing and boating; it also features several trails for hiking and walking.

Oakhurst Forest Preserve features picnic areas for family picnics and reunions; bring lots of food, snacks, and beverages and enjoy your lunch.

There are covered shelters, drinking fountains, clean restrooms, and great parking lots; this reserve is going through a transformation process for more fun and excitement.

The trails provide you with incredible views of the preserve, including wildlife, flora, and fauna all around the property.

Address:1680 5th Ave, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

22. Saddle Up Saloon & Dancehall

Saddle Up Saloon & Dancehall is an awesome place that will make you grove through the night and make you feel energetic and eclectic in Aurora is Saddle Up Saloon & Dancehall.

Saddle Up Saloon & Dancehall is a party bar venue and dance club that offers the best late-night dance party.

They have a large dance floor and Roadhouse Mix of Classic Rock, Top 40 Dance, and Pop, together with their amazing DJs who make the visitor party all night.

Saddle Up Saloon & Dancehall also serves chilled drinks and delicious food; the party fun and dancing goes on from Wednesday to Sunday.

This is a perfect place for company events, bachelorette parties, class reunions, birthday parties, and more.

Saddle Up Saloon & Dancehall owners and staff, including bartenders, are friendly and welcoming, ensuring the guests have the best moments.

Address:4440 Ogden Ave, Aurora, IL 60504-7949 United States

23. Fox Valley Mall

Fox Valley Mall
Credits:Kamil Macniak/ Shutterstock

A facility in Aurora that caters to all you need in one building is Fox Valley Mall, featuring more than one hundred thirty shops.

Fox Valley Mall contains different vendors and stores that offer a wide variety of services and entertainment.

You will find smaller boutiques, including stores like Macy’s, Sears, Carson Pirie Scott, and JCPenney, with other regional and local stores and services.

Fox Valley Mall has a full food court that offers many dining options and entertainment amenities.

Round 1 bowling & amusement offers all shades of entertainment with two floors of bowling, karaoke, billiards, arcade, and a merry-go-round.

Address;195 Fox Valley Center Dr, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

24. Aurora Skate Center

Aurora Skate Center
Credits: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Among the best places to visit during your vacation in Aurora is Aurora Skate Center. This fun center offers the pleasure of roller skating in a family-friendly environment. 

Aurora Skate Center has existed since 1955. It has something to offer every skater, including kids and adults.

On Mondays, the roller skating venue holds a live organ-music dance session, and themed events families would enjoy, such as homeschooling skating. 

Aurora Skate Center also holds birthday parties, and the birthday child gets a complimentary pair of skates. There are also lessons for adults and kids 

Address: 34W113 Montgomery Rd, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

25. Kiddy Club

Kiddy Club
Credits: Kiddy Club – Indoor Sandbox and Playground/ Facebook
Kiddy Club

Another best place to visit with your kids during your stay in Aurora is Kiddy Club. 

Kiddy Club was opened by two mothers who got exhausted from waiting for the weather to change before their kids could have a fun and secure place to play. 

They planned to create an indoor play area that looked like an outdoor playground without having to worry about sand, weather, cleanliness, and bugs. 

These two mothers began researching and discovered numerous interesting ways to mix play with development. 

The Kiddy Club strives to create a relaxing, enjoyable, and educational experience for kids while they play around. 

Although this fun venue loves serving children, it also loves serving parents, so sit back, relax, sip a coffee and enjoy the time. 

Address: 4314 E New York St, Aurora, IL 60504, United States

26. The Riverfront Playhouse

Credits: Pitchayaarch Photography / Shutterstock

The Riverfront Playhouse is a non-profit storefront theater founded in 1978 and under the guidance of Davis Morris. 

This theater was established as a creative outlet for actors and for people to learn and improve their craft. 

The Riverfront Playhouse has increased its size since it was founded, and efforts have been made to make It larger. 

This theater has served as a venue for different and thrilling entertainment in Western Suburbs. 

This local theater operates throughout the year and entertains people almost every weekend, presenting murder mysteries, original plays, a few children’s productions, thrillers, and comedies. 

Address: 11 – 13 Water St, Aurora, IL 60505, United States

27. Orchard Valley Golf Course

Orchard Valley Golf Course
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

Orchard Valley Golf Course presents fantastic views and challenging play for golfers with various skills. 

This public golf course Is an 18-hole, 6,800-yard par 72 championship layout. The well-maintained fairways and greens keep this golf course challenging yet welcoming. The staff can offer advice and tricks to help you play your best round. 

Additionally, Orchard Valley Golf Course has a restaurant featuring American dishes, including soups, appetizers, steaks, chicken,’ pasta, seafood, and sandwiches. 

Orchard Golf Course is a fabulous choice for your regular rounds of golf or a new place for you and your friends visiting Aurora. 

Address: 2411 W Illinois Ave, Aurora, IL 60506, United States

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Plan your Trip to Aurora

The city of Aurora is an amazing place to visit for a fun time. It has all you need and even more, to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

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