24 Best & Fun Things to Do in Nampa (Idaho)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Nampa, Idaho?

Nampa is a principal city located in Canyon County, Idaho, United States. Discover the Nampa Fish Hatchery, which places Nampa in a premier position in the agribusiness in Idaho.

This city is home to beautiful natural habitats like lakes, mountains, and forests. In addition, the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge in Nampa makes the city home to lots of migratory birds and mammals.

Nampa is not only the largest city in Canyon County, it is also the third most populous city in Idaho. Nampa is suggested to mean “moccasin” or “footprint” when translated from Shoshoni to English.

Are you visiting Nampa, you should know that it is usually hot and dry during summer, while winters are freezing, snowy, and partly cloudy.

For a fun exploration, here are the top things to do in Nampa, Idaho.

Things to Do in Nampa

1. Lake Lowell

Lake Lowell
Credits: Charles Knowles / Shutterstock
Lake Lowell

The beautiful Lake Lowell is a large water reservoir that forms the west boundary of Nampa. The lake provides irrigation to farms in Canyon County, but it is also a place for relaxation and sightseeing.

When you visit Lake Lowell, you will see many mammals and birds as the lake is part of the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge.

In addition, the lake has a park where you can enjoy a relaxed picnic with your family and loved ones, and the Park is a 20acre park located at a segment of the Lake Lowell shore.

At Lake Lowell Park, there are other fun activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, boating, swimming, birdwatching, and lots more. Having a picnic with your loved ones at Lake Lowell Park makes one of the best things to do in Nampa.

Address: 1305 2nd St S 150, Nampa, ID 83651-3944

2. Warhawk Air Museum

Warhawk Air Museum
Credits: Laura Gilmore / Flickr
Warhawk Air Museum

A visit to the Warhawk Air Museum is one of the best things to do with your family and loved ones in Nampa.

Learn about the history of America’s air combat and air force heroes when you visit Warhawk Air Museum. The museum aims to teach and educate people about the cost of freedom and honor those who were part of this fight for freedom.

In the Warhawk Museum, you will see a fleet of aircraft used during the wars that are significant to the history of air combat in the United States. Some of which are; Fokker DR-1, a MiG-17, a MiG-21, a P-40E Kittyhawk, a P-51C Mustang, an F-84G Thunderjet, and many more.

You will also find other memorabilia that gives you a sneak peek of how the air fighters lived and fought these wars.

In addition, the museum displays the growth of aviation technology through different wars like World War I&II, Vietnam, and the Cold War. Enjoy a guided tour by former service members when you visit Warhawk Air Museum.

Address: 201 Municipal Drive, Nampa, ID 83687-8582

3. Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge
Credits: LenzTherapy / Shutterstock
Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

Explore wildlife and enjoy an adventurous experience with your friends and family when visiting Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge in Nampa.

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge is a refuge for wildlife and humans. Therefore, you will find wildlife animals kept and protected at the refuge. These animals are catered for, and there are unique concentrations for mallards and geese.

The Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge covers and protects Lake Lowell Unit and the Snake River Islands Unit. It allows the refuge to provide a safe place for residents and migratory wildlife

The wildlife refuge is also a cool place to go bird watching; due to its contribution to wildlife, Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge was declared a Globally Important Bird Area by the American Bird Conservancy.

A visit to the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge should be added to your bucket list of top things to do in Nampa. Take your camera to capture every exciting moment at the beautiful wildlife refuge.

Address: 13751 Upper Embankment Rd, Nampa, ID 83686-8046

4. Sawtooth Winery

Sawtooth Winery
Credits: Stokkete / Shutterstock

The winery is on a 2,700 feet elevation and has a suitable temperature for wine grooming, and this has helped the Pintler family grow exquisite and delicious wines. While at Sawtooth Winery, enjoy wines like Pinot Gris, Tempranillo, Riesling, and many others.

The winery is known for having unique varietals of wine and a fantastic view for relaxation.

So take your friends or loved ones on a wine tasting spree at the Sawtooth Winery in Nampa. Their Merlot wine is a must-taste, and the merlot wine has won multiple awards for the winery.

Wine tasting at the Sawtooth’s boutique tasting room with your friends is amongst the top Nampa activitis. Walk around the vineyard and enjoy the breath-taking views of the Owyhee Mountains as you sip your wine.

Address: 19348 Lowell Rd, Nampa, ID 83607

5. Nampa Dog Park

Nampa Dog Park
Credits: cifraser1 / Flickr
Nampa Dog Park

Nampa Dog Park is a safe place for you and your dog to play together and have fun. The Park is an off-leash dog park where you do not have to keep your dog leashed or on a particular spot.

The Nampa Dog Park was established in 2009 as an open free space for dog owners to exercise with their dogs off-leash.

The Park is a fully fenced dog park with several excellent facilities for you and your dog. The Park features walking trails named after dog breeds, a swimming pond, shaded shelters, trees, drinking fountains, and seating.

The dog park is a fun and happy place for you and your dog to explore, meet other animal lovers while your dog makes new friends as they play around the Park.

At the Park, there are also designated areas for large dogs and small/senior dogs. Take your dog with you to the Nampa Dog

6. Nampa Greenbelt

Nampa Greenbelt
Credits: savitskaya iryna / Shutterstock

Nampa Greenbelt is a 3.4-mile route with an elevation gain of 52.5 ft. the route has so many paved trails, and it is a perfect trail to enjoy that evening short or long walk with your family or friends.

The Nampa Greenbelt is not only perfect for taking a walk, but it is also one of the incredible places to go birdwatching in Nampa, especially from April to June. So many birds are flocking the area during this period, and flowers blooming beautifully.

You will see birds like hummingbirds, ducks and geese, kingfisher, and blue herons at the Greenbelt.

The Greenbelt Route is also safe, well protected, and marked; the trails are easy and suitable for adults and kids, so take your kids along as you explore the beautiful Greenbelt in Nampa. 

Taking a walk with your family on the Greenbelt route should be added to your bucket list of things to do in Nampa.

Come along with your camera when you visit the Greenbelt with your family, and you might spot a bird you have never seen.

Address: 131 Constitution Way Nampa Recreation Center, Nampa, ID 83686-6018

7. Ford Idaho Centre

Ford Idaho Centre
Credits: Cjeakin [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Ford Idaho Centre
The Ford Idaho Centre is a top attraction in Nampa. It also has a variety of sports centers and other facilities that make it stand out in Canyon County and beyond. In addition, the Centre is a hot spot venue for different sports and entertainment events.

The Centre features a 12,279-capacity Ford Arena, an Amphitheatre of 10,500-capacity, and a 110-acre Horse Park, the leading horse facility in the Northwest. The amphitheater has hosted many celebrities like Bob Dylan, Shania Twain, James Taylor, etc.

The Centre is one of the oldest long-standing facilities in Nampa as it was established in the 90s.

While in Nampa, do not miss events hosted at the Ford Idaho Centre; the Snake River Stampede rodeo hosted every third week in July is one of the most significant events hosted in Ford Idaho Centre.

Address: 16200 Idaho Centre Blvd, Nampa, ID 83687-5012

8. Canyon County Historical Museum

Canyon County Historical Museum
Credits: John Martinez Pavliga / Flickr
Canyon County Historical Museum

Exploring the Canyon County Historical Museum is among the top things to do in Nampa, Canyon County. 

The Canyon County Historical Museum has 30 themed rooms filled with exhibits and artifacts that take you back in the wombs of time to the early times of development of the areas in Canyon County. Explore these rooms and learn more about Nampa with your friends and family.

The museum was founded by Canyon County Historical Society, a private and non-profit organization that aims to preserve the culture and history of Canyon County.

The society is run by volunteers who are passionate about the history and culture of Canyon County.

You will also find archives of Canyon County were, newspaper clippings, and books on the area at the museum. While at the museum, your children can enjoy playing the scavenger hunt game and win amazing prizes.

Address: 1200 Front St, Nampa, ID 83651-3931

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9. Rusty Retro Antiques & Oddities

Rusty Retro Antiques & Oddities
Credits: Light7X8 / Shutterstock

Shop for unique, unusual, and cool items and gifts at the Rusty Retro Antiques & Oddities with your family or friends when you visit Nampa. The antique store is filled with many vintage items ranging from toys, jewelry, artwork, furniture, etc.

At the Rusty Retro Antiques & Oddities, there are three rooms with various oddities and items that will blow your mind. So come by at the antique shop and get ready to dig out lots of treasures and vintage items.

Exploring the items at the Rusty Retro Antiques & Oddities should be added to your bucket list of fun things to do in Nampa with your family and friends. Makes what to do in Nampa for a fun time.

Address: 604 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, ID 83651-1704

10. Nampa Fish Hatchery

The fish hatchery is the second-largest hatchery in the state’s resident hatchery system. The incubator is responsible for raising and stocking fish in different state regions.

The hatchery rears different fish species with their eggs, and you will find lots of rainbow trout at the hatchery as it is a resident trout rearing facility.

The hatchery is a fun place to visit and tour with your family, colleagues, classmates, and other peer groups.

The Nampa Fish Hatchery provides guided tours for visitors and special fishing appointments for people with special needs in Nampa. The hatchery is accessible to visitors daily from 8 am to 4 pm. S

pecial events are also hosted at the hatchery, like the annual Fishing Clinic, where new anglers are taught how to fish.

Touring the Nampa Fish Hatchery with your family, friends, or particular groups is fun and should be added to your checklist.

Address: 3806 S Powerline Rd, Nampa, ID 83686-8521

11. Wilson Springs Ponds

Wilson Springs Ponds
Credits: Cherries / Shutterstock

Wilson Springs Ponds is a chain of ponds in south Nampa covering about 55 acres, and the ponds were formerly marshy pasture for livestock before it was bought and rededicated to nature.

Wilson Springs Ponds is the perfect location for anyone who likes to fish or watch people fish. Fishing in any of these lakes or ponds at the Wilson Springs Ponds is one of the fun things to do in Nampa with your friends and loved ones.

While you fish, you might be lucky to find largemouth bass, bluegill, and trout; other fish types can be found at the south pond, but you will have to get a permit or license to fish there.

Aside from fishing, you can also take a walk around the area and enjoy the beauty of nature at the Wilson Springs Ponds.

Look out for some ducks and geese as well, and they are so much fun to watch at the ponds.

Address: 3101 S Powerline Rd, Nampa, ID 83686-8520

12. Village Antiques

Village Antiques
Credits: MediaGroup_BestForYou / Shutterstock

Village antique is a great place to shop for all your antique items from different antique vendors. Over 20 vendors display a variety of antique materials and collectibles; there are many other stores to explore at the Village Antiques.

Explore and shop at the locally owned antique mall with your friends and family. The antique mall has 10,000 square feet of showroom space on two floors; get ready to treasure hunt for unique antiques and vintage items.

 You will find clothes, ceramic wares, jewelry, clocks, kitchen collectibles, interior items, furniture, automobilia, toys, etc.

Address: 1309 2nd St S, Nampa, ID 83651-3901

13. Nampa Civic Centre

Nampa Civic Center
Credits: Nampa Civic Center / Facebook
Nampa Civic Center

A visit to the Nampa Civic Centre is among the fun Nampa activities.

Nampa Civic Centre is a 28,000 square feet event center in Nampa, and the civic Centre is well equipped and big enough to host events like seminars, concerts, outreach, meeting, business shows, and many more.

The Nampa Civic Centre features over 640 padded seats, a theatre called John Brandt Performing Arts Theatre, a hotel, and a restaurant close by the Civic Centre. Enjoy the day walking around the civic Centre or attending an event while you are in Nampa.

Address: 311 3rd St S, Nampa, ID 83651-3766

14. Labyrinth Escape Games

Labyrinth Escape Games
Credits: HAKINMHAN / Shutterstock

At Labyrinth Escape Games, there are lots of exciting games that put you in real-life scenarios where you play the games. Unravel mysteries, find treasure, solve puzzles and be your superhero in an adventurous fictional game setting.

There are escape games for different groups, and the escape rooms also have proper prop settings that can give you the thrills while you explore. Play games like Excalibur, Shipwrecked and Operation Longbow, and many more.

Playing escape games at the Labyrinth Escape Games with your friends and family is one of the top things to do in Nampa. So get ready to be a superhero and enjoy the thrills of the adventure as you save the world.

Address: 1213 1/2 1st St S, Nampa, ID 83651

15. Northern Lights Cinema and Grill

Northern Lights Cinema and Grill
Credits: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

Take your family and friends to the Northern Lights Cinema and Grill to have fun watching movies at the theatre while enjoying delicious meals.

The Northern Lights and grill combine a dining area and a theatre to give you the best dining and theatre experience. Enjoy meals like fries, burgers, burritos and pizza, and many more while enjoying the movie with your loved ones.

The Northern Lights Cinema and Grill had served Nampa since 2009 when it was officially opened. The cinema and grill spot also hosts other unique events like stand-up comedy, magical shows, etc.

A movie date with your family and friends at the Northern Lights Cinema and Grill should be on your list of things to do in Nampa, Idaho, for a fun time.

Address: 1509 Caldwell Blvd Ste 1111, Nampa, ID 83651-8501

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16. Jabbers Playdate

Jabbers playdate.
Credits: FamVeld / Shutterstock

Jabbers is a 5,000 square feet of children’s play area and museum, and it is a locally owned and parent-supervised play center.

The fun center has many exciting activities for kids and adults and is among the top family fun spots in Nampa, Idaho.

At Jabbers, you will find lots of fun games and activities for you and your kids; the giant playhouse and the art room are great places to kick start the fun. Parents can also enjoy hanging out at the cafe or surfing the internet with free Wi-Fi.

For a date with your kids at the Jabbers playdate add to your list of Nampa, Idaho, attractions to visit.

Address: 1210 N Galleria Dr, Nampa, ID 83687-5228

17. Crescent Brewery

Crescent Brewery
Credits: Nitr / Shutterstock

Do you love you drink beer? Do you like tasting craft beers and debating on their taste of them? If yes, then you should visit Crescent Brewery in Nampa.

At Crescent Brewery, you will get served a variety of quality handcraft beers from Nampa’s best brewery. Enjoy being served delicious beers as you discuss with colleagues or friends, and loved ones at the brewery.

The locals call the brewery “the Cheers of Nampa”; stop by and have a fun time at Crescent Brewery taproom. Hanging out at the Crescent Brewery is one fun thing to do in Nampa.

Address: 1521 Front St, Nampa, ID 83651-4331

18. Ridgecrest Golf Club

Ridgecrest Golf Club
Credits: pisitnamtasaeng / Shutterstock

Ridgecrest Golf Club is a 27-hole golf course in Nampa, and the golf course is designed in a modern-day style course set, making it a unique golf course.

The golf course has championship practice facilities and a clubhouse, and it is also one of the top golf facilities in Idaho. Ridgecrest Golf course is designed by John Harbottle III, an outstanding golf course architect.

At Ridgecrest Golf Club, there is something fun for everyone to enjoy, spend time playing golf or walking the smooth greens at the golf club.

Address: 3730 Ridgecrest Dr, Nampa, ID 83687-9402

19. The Dutch Goose-Nampa

The Dutch Goose-Nampa
Credits: The Dutch Goose-Nampa / Facebook
The Dutch Goose-Nampa

Enjoy a yummy and tasty meal at the Dutch Goose-Nampa. Here you can get a variety of males for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Dutch Goose-Nampa has a relaxed and family-friendly environment; visitors and locals are welcome to try out their meals and enjoy watching a television show at the restaurant.

When you visit Dutch Goose-Nampa, be sure to try out their daily specials and other drinks they have in store; their finger steaks are a must-try. Foods available at the restaurant are affordable and delicious.

Having breakfast at the Dutch Goose-Nampa is one of the top things to do with your family or friends in Nampa, Idaho. 

Address: 1125 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, ID 83651-1719

20. RedHawk Public Golf Course

RedHawk Public Golf Course
Credits: S_Wassana / Shutterstock

RedHawk Public Golf Course is a unique 18-hole championship facility in Nampa, and the golf course features a championship practice facility, bunkers, fairways, and many teeing areas.

The 18 championship golf course provides facilities for all skill levels in golf, and there are short games and bunkers for beginner to professional golfers. So take your kids and family to the RedHawk Public Golf Course to begin their golf journey.

Enroll in any golf practice classes to develop your golfing skills and master the art with RedHawk Public Golf Course. The beautiful view of Lake Lowell and the Owyhee Mountains makes golf an attraction for golfers.

Golfing at the RedHawk Public Golf Course answers what to do in Nampa for a fun time, so do add to your list of things to do in Nampa, Idaho.

Address: 11826 W Nette Way, Nampa, ID 83686-5469

21. Magical Foot Spa

Magical Foot Spa
Credits: Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock

Give your feet a special treatment at the Magical Foot Spa in Nampa. Take your friends or family to this spa to relax and take their feet care of by specialists.

Magical Foot Spa is a unique spa that focuses on foot massage, and the spa uses the traditional Chinese medical theory to treat and heal your entire body from your foot. The foot massage will help regulate the body through the reflex zones on your feet.

This foot massage is one of a kind, and it is a must experience for you and your family when you visit Nampa. Foot massage not only helps the body to relax but also aids medical treatments and recovery.

Through a foot massage, blood circulation is regulated, which gives you a great feeling.

Address: 2108 Caldwell Blvd Unit 105, Nampa, ID 83651-8601

22. Nampa Farmers’ Market

Nampa Farmers' Market
Credits: dotshock / Shutterstock

Nampa Farmers’ Market is the best place to shop for fresh farm produce in Nampa.

Nampa Farmers’ Market host about 60-70 vendors and hundreds of buyers every week. It is the meeting point for farmers, manufacturers, and consumers in Nampa.

Enjoy searching and going through various farm produce to stock up vegetables and fruits for the week.

The Farmers Market begins yearly from April to October and opens only on Saturday, for families, business owners, and the general public to shop for seasonal fruit and vegetables and other produce like organic herbs, local honey, roasted coffee, and many more.

You will also find a variety of ready-to-eat freshly made foods at the market, other vendors selling other items asides from food, and a live band to serenade the crowd. 

23. Centennial Golf Course

Centennial Golf Course
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

Centennial Golf Course is an 18-hole “Centennial” golf course in Nampa, Idaho. The golf course features over 6,000 yards with a par of 72 trees, bunkers, and a snack bar shop; it was opened in 1988 at the Centennial facility in Nampa.

Enjoy golfing and meeting new people at the Centennial Golf Course; the course has a rating of 68.5 & a slope rating of 97. The golf course also has a lovely landscape, and it is excellent for beginners and professional golfers.

You will find a different challenging layout perfect for any skill level, whether beginner or professional. So get on the golf course and try your hands on these challenges. 

This makes what to do in Nampa for a fun experience, do add to your list of places to visit in Nampa, ID.

Address: 2600 Centennial Dr, Nampa, ID 83687-9616

24. Northwest Nazarene University

Northwest Nazarene University
Credits: Ken Lund/ Flickr
Northwest Nazarene University

One fun thing to do in Nampa, Idaho, is to tour Northwest Nazarene University, a Christian institution established with the idea of offering comprehensive education to its students.

Northwest Nazarene University was founded in 1913. It is a Christian institution of professional courses, Liberal arts, and graduate programs. The University is built under the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition and in collaboration with the church of Nazarene.

The University currently provides over 80 programs, two doctoral degrees, and 18 master’s degrees in seven separate programs.

 It also provides online programs and offers educational services to over 6,000 continuing students, over 2000 undergraduate and graduate students, and more than 10,000 high school students via their concurrent credit program.

You can have a tour of the campus and check out the beautiful structures and its scenic landscape.

Address: 623 S University Blvd, Nampa, ID 83686,

25. DEFY Boise

DEFY Boise
Credits: fotoliza / Shutterstock

DEFY Boise is a trampoline park with lots of cool stuff to make your day fun and entertaining. It is an ideal place to visit with the family, especially the kids, so they have a fun time.

Visitors can explore the park’s High-End Airtrack, Wall Tramp, Parkour, Ninja Course, Stunt Fall, Trapeze, and Aerial Falls. You can jump all you want and try out those new flips and trucks you have been practicing.

They also play basketball, golf, ziplining, extreme dodgeball, and many others. You can choose to be a Flight Club member and host your children’s next birthday celebration at the park or maybe an event or office party.

They have an amazing staff that is always available if you need assistance. This place is highly recommendable for anyone around town.

Address: 1460 N Happy Valley Rd, Nampa, ID 83687, United States

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Plan your trip to Nampa

Nampa is an exciting city with many unique activities to enjoy. The Ford Idaho and Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge are international golf attractions and a must-visit in Nampa. The city also offers a stunning view of Lake Lowell and the Owyhee Mountains.

During your trip, you can go golfing, gaming, birdwatching, hiking, camping, picnicking, playing, and lots more.

Also visit the Canyon County museum, Jabber, Labyrinth Escape Games, Magical Foot Spa, Warhawk air museum, Crescent brewery, and Northern Lights Cinema and Grill to enjoy a fun vacation experience in Nampa.

Pin this checklist of things to do in Nampa, ID, as you plan a fun Nampa exploration.