23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Richardson (TX)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Richardson, TX?

Richardson is a city in Collin and Dallas counties. It had a population of 116,382 in 2021. This city is an ideal place to visit if you love shopping, outdoor activities, and other exciting stuff that will pique your interest. 

The city was founded in 1873 by a man named Alfred S. Richard, who held the Houston and Texas Railroad Secretary position and was an important individual who helped grease the development of this community.

Due to its vast history of colonization and migration, this city has a rich cultural heritage. Richardson is famous for being the ”

Richardson is popularly called the “The Telecom Corridor”; it has a land area of 28 square miles and offers over 5,000 telecommunications establishments and industries that are functional.

Richardson houses the University of Dallas in Texas and over 5,000 establishments. This destination currently has an important cultural centre, which can be attributed to the construction of the large Charles W. Eisemann Center.

Richardson is a perfect holiday destination for tourists, as it offers various attractions for everyone; regardless of age, there is something for you to do.

Are you planning an exploration of Richardson? Check out the top things to do in Richardson, TX.

Things to do in Richardson, TX

1. Breckinridge Park

Breckinridge Park
Credits: Robert Nunnally / Flickr
Breckinridge Park

If you are looking for a place to have loads and lots of fun, make sure you visit Breckinridge Park, the largest park in the city, occupying a land mass of 40 acres.

Breckinridge Park comprises 12 soccer fields and two softball. It also has two shelters, pavilions, and picnic tables, always available for visitors.

You can also explore the 4.5 miles of hiking area in the Park. The Park also has complete bathrooms and a pavilion. It is available for visits throughout the year and is open to all and sundry at no cost.

The Park is pet-friendly, so you can bring your pets with you but make sure they are on their leashes.

Address: 3555 Brand Rd, Richardson, TX 75082, United States

2. Sherrill Park Golf Course

Sherrill Park Golf Course
Credits: Mr.Somchai Sukkasem / Shutterstock

Sherrill Park Golf Course is part of Texas’s top-class 100 golf courses. The Golf course was established in 1970 on the outskirts of Richardson and is known to be a hidden gem in the city.

The Golf Course offers many beautiful views and is ideal for golfers of all skill levels despite being challenging.

The Course is adequately maintained and has the best staff available to guide and help you with everything you need so you can spend the best of your time playing golf here.

The Sherrill Park Golf Course carried out some maintenance on Course No one, which gives visitors an even more challenging but fun experience. Several holes in Course No two consist of water hazards.

The Golf also has a Tournament Pavilion, a Clubhouse, and a Pro Shop. Golfing in this Park is among the fun things to do in Richardson, TX.

Address: 2001 E Lookout Dr, Richardson, TX 75082, United States

3. Charles W. Eisemann Center

Charles W. Eisemann Center
Credits: Michael Barera [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Charles W. Eisemann Center
Check out one of Richardson’s favorite destinations, Charles W. Eisemann Center. This building was fully completed in 2002.

As a result of its architectural aesthetics, the building has gained different recognition and prizes. The Center comprises the Bank of America Theater, Al Hill Performance and Education Center, and Margaret.

The Charles W. Eisemann Center was built to house any musical, opera, dance, or theatre group; The Margaret and Al Hill Performance Hall have a seating capacity of 1,563 persons.

The Bank of America Theater features 400-capacity seating. It also provides visitors with private receptions, displays, seminars, banquets, and small trade shows in the Bank of America 3,150 Square foot Hall with barrel-vaulted ceilings. 

Address: 2351 Performance Dr, Richardson, TX 75082, United States

4. Cottonwood Creek

Cottonwood Creek
Credits: Piotr Wawrzyniuk / Shutterstock

If you are an avid angler, one of the top things to do in Richardson, TX, is fishing in Cottonwood Creek.

The Creek is filled with water animals you might be lucky to catch while fishing, including smallmouth bass, bream/bluegill, carp, and crappie.

Whether you are fly fishing, bait casting, or spinning, be assured you will have a good chance of catching a fish. So make sure to bring along with you all tour gear and have a great time fishing on Cottonwood Creek.

Address: Texas, USA

5. Free Play Richardson

Free Play Richardson
Credits: Atmosphere1 / Shutterstock

If your kids want to tag along, you can bring them to have some great moments at the Free Play Richardson. The activities offered here should make up your checklist of fun things to do in Richardson, TX, as they promise lots of fun and excitement for everyone.

This place is available for everyone, irrespective of age. The retro arcade center has over 80 unique arcade games, and if visitors do not have a quarter to come along with, they can play these games at no cost.

Furthermore, the retro arcade center features a wide selection of snacks, arcade cuisines, and beverages. They are available for visits from 11 pm to 1 am each day.

Address: 1730 E Belt Line Rd, Richardson, TX 75081, United States

6. Lockwood Distilling Co.

Lockwood Distilling Co.
Credits: RHJPhtotoandilustration / Shutterstock

Sally and Evan Batt established the Lockwood Distilling Company due to their love and dedication to this region.

They aimed to create a place where people could gather and enjoy themselves with locally made foods and drinks.

Their Distilling Company is dedicated to producing the finest of drinks. It has inside and outside seats available for visitors to use and enjoy themselves.

Fridays and Saturdays are the most engaging weekdays, as locals and musicians showcase their talents all day and night. You can have a good time on the beautiful patio as well. 

Address: 506 Lockwood Dr suite a, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

7. Richardson Public Library

Richardson Public Library
Credits: GNT STUDIO / Shutterstock

If you are a fan of reading books, one of the best things to do in Richardson, TX, is to check out the Richardson Public Library.

The Richardson Library started in 1947 as a branch library in Dallas County Library. Visitors who come here are open to enjoying this place’s many educational, recreational, cultural, and informative opportunities.

Part of the Library’s mission is to ensure that the community has easy access to educational, recreational, and informational materials at no fee.

Adults and children are encouraged to participate in the activities and programs hosted by the Library. The Library is also in partnership with several community organizations on matters of the same interest.

Address: 900 Civic Center Dr, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

8. AMF Richardson Lanes

AMF Richardson Lanes
Credits: Boris Medvedev / Shutterstock

If you love bowling, one of the best things to do in Richardson, TX, is to check out the AMF Bowling Center.

The Bowling Center provides both adults and children with a fascinating bowling experience. Visitors can bowl in the facility, which features state-of-the-art modern lanes furnished with computerized and lighting displays.

It also has a snack bar with billiards consisting of bowling alley staples and even pizza, beer, beverages, buffalo wings, and sandwiches.

Their customer service is swift and excellent, as they even bring your orders straight to your lane. Each week the bowling centre organizes private parties, bowling leagues, and many others.

Address: 2101 N US 75-Central Expy 1000, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

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9. Richardson Farmers’ Market

Richardson Farmers' Market
Credits: Chubykin Arkady / Shutterstock

Another interesting item on our list of things to do is visiting the Richardson Farmers’ Market. The Market is in the parking area of the North Texas Automotive Museum and is a fantastic choice if you choose to see the local makers in this area.

The Market is publicized as a farmers market, although it has this flea market vibe to it all, depending on the vendors available to showcase and sell their merchandise. 

There is a wide selection of things to purchase, from food items to homemade products, vintage antiques, food items, and memorabilia from this area. For your enjoyment, the Market has a wide selection of family services, shopping, and dining experiences.

The Farmer’s Market is available for visits each Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm at the Dal-Rich Towne Square.

Address: 101 S Coit Rd, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

10. Prairie Creek Park

Prairie Creek Park
Credits: Daniel I / Shutterstock
Prairie Creek Park

Prairie Creek Park is a famous destination in Richardson, TX. It is one of the oldest and most iconic parks in this part of the world.

The Park has an essential link between the early settlers of this region and natural adornments.

Prairie Creek is actively focused on conserving the wildlife habitat in this area and its natural beauty. The beautiful scenes and abundant ornamental plants make this park an ideal setting for tourists and photographers.

The Park also features a waterfall in the central area for people who love waterfalls. As a result of the beautiful backdrop this destination offers, here is a fascinating place to take beautiful photos and bond even more with your friends and family. It is one of the best places to visit in Richardson, TX.

Address: 2400 W Prairie Creek Drive, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

11. Haystack Burgers & Barley

Haystack Burgers & Barley
Credits: Tim Sulov / Shutterstock

The Haystack Burgers is a family-owned and operated burger joint that provides visitors with excellent homemade burgers, salads, and sandwiches that you can have with any good beer option that is on tap.

This burger Joint has a beautiful and comfortable outdoor patio that is great for relaxing and unwinding.

The burgers offered here are great, freshly done, and sumptuous. Their favorite Haystack Burger comprises a large tasty party topped with deeply fried onion strings, Barbecue sauce, and hickory-smoked bacon. It even has quality tomato, pickle on a fresh bun, and lettuce.

Make sure to stop by and have a bite of the burgers produced at Haystack. It should be a consideration on your bucket list of things to do here.

Address: Richardson Heights Village, 100 S Central Expy #17, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

12. University of Texas at Dallas – Visual Arts Building

If you are interested in learning visual arts in a classic multidisciplinary environment, stop by and register in the School of Arts and Humanities at The University of Texas at Dallas.

You can go into studying the connection between visual and performing arts coupled with the world of art and technology. 

Be part of creative, analytic, interactive, and interpretive activities. You can also run elbows with other students studying important arts such as theatre, creative writing, new media, and art history.

You can choose any of their courses to study from the many that are available, or you can take on an elective. 

Address: Rufford Drive, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

13. Richardson Theater Center

Richardson Theater Center
Credits: Aleksandr Andrushkiv / Shutterstock

The Richardson Theater Center has been in existence for over 26 years. It has been chiefly devoted to providing visitors and locals with excellent services when it comes to theatrical performances.

Richardson Theatre Center provides visitors with the best theatrical experience.

The Richardson Theater Center is also a non-profit organization and is tax exempted. Part of its goal is to provide visitors and locals with a wide selection of performances in an exclusive ambiance.

Address: 518 W Arapaho Rd # 113, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

14. Jeng Chi, Richardson, Texas

Jeng Chi, Richardson, Texas
Credits: jypsygen / Flickr
Jeng Chi, Richardson, Texas

Jeng Chi is situated in Richardson Terrace Shopping Center. It is a large, well-furnished Chinese restaurant having a fascinating Chinese menu.

Despite being a Chinese restaurant, it still welcomes an equal number of visitors who are not Chinese. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and is an ideal setting for excellent Chinese cuisine with friends and family. 

The dumpling dough and Noodles served here are homemade on-site. They do vegetarian dumplings, which contain wood ear mushrooms, rice vermicelli, and tofu, and they are indeed a great art to see.

Their most famous dish is pork soup dumplings, also called xiao long bao. The restaurant also serves a great selection of local and foreign beers and wines from California, Italy, Chile, and Argentina.

Address: Richardson Terrace Shopping Center, 400 N Greenville Ave #11, Richardson, TX 75081, United States

15. Heights Family Aquatic Center

Heights Family Aquatic Center
Credits: ESB Professional / Shutterstock

Richardson City is the abode for five public outdoor swimming pools, and the Heights Family Aquatic Center is one of them. Make sure to visit if you want to have a one-of-a-kind swimming experience.

Visiting this Family Aquatic Center is also ideal for cooling off from Florida’s hot weather. The Center features a beachfront entrance, a current channel, a vortex, and splash effects for everyone to enjoy. 

Facilities to find here include a kiddies’ pool having slides, basketball hoops, and an adult lap pool. Lifeguards are on site to ensure collection safety, and the Center’s rules and regulations are adhered to.

Address: 709 W Arapaho Rd, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

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16. Cottonwood Art Festival

Cottonwood Art Festival
Credits: Steve Rainwater / Flickr
Cottonwood Art Festival

On your list of what to do in Richardson, TX, should be participating in Cottonwood Art Festival. Be a part of this iconic event in Richardson, which was founded in 1969. It has become a popular event in this part of the country.

The Festival has been a widely known event, a tradition for the entire community, and a paradise for many of the country’s finest artists for over five decades.

The country’s finest visual artists showcase their masterpieces at this great semi-annual art show carried out on weekends in May and October every year. 

The many fashion styles to see here include bell pants, braided hair, and Tie-dye, which are set up by artists using layout blankets and easels to showcase their pieces.

Address: 1301 W Belt Line Rd, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

17. The Spa at II Creeks

The Spa at II Creeks
Credits: Rido / Shutterstock

The Spa at II Creeks has continually been nominated as the best for its top-notch services and environment in Richardson.

The Spa provides visitors with a great selection of modern and traditional therapies. Make sure to visit and get those worn-out body parts back in order.

You can have a good relaxation time here, get a deep tissue massage, or try out something much more recent, like their Reiki sessions or reflexology.

The Spa also provides body skincare treatment for the eyes, hands, and face. Visitors can also opt for a body wrap, nail treatments, and detoxification. A complete list of spa services for pregnant women and men is available. You can make reservations by calling.

Address: 2701 Custer Parkway, Ste 702, Richardson, TX, United States

18. Four Bullets Brewery

Four Bullets Brewery
Credits: Rido / Shutterstock

If you love good beer, make sure to visit the first established local craft brewery in Richardson, which has grown tremendously to become the favorite among locals and tourists.

This destination is a unique hangout spot for beer lovers and anyone who enjoys having fun and sipping beer from a glass on a Saturday afternoon in an exciting pub setting. 

The Four Bullets Brewery features a friendly and very welcoming ambiance, which can be attributed to its extensive dune decor, including memorabilia about beers, an artificial fireplace, and paintings.

It also offers a great selection of quality brews, from English to American and Irish. An English Brewmaster named Andre Smeeton is working on creating a unique English Bitter.

If you are in for a great fun experience here, it has a Jenga Set and even several outdoor picnic tables where guests can have their beer and other food truck options.

You can start conversations with the Brewmasters, who are always available to show you the various brewing processes and their recent works.

Address: 640 N Interurban St, Richardson, TX 75081, United States

19. Isabelly’s Chocolates & Sweet Treats

Isabelly's Chocolates & Sweet Treats
Credits: Goncharov_Artem / Shutterstock

If you are searching for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth, then make sure not to miss out on Isabelly’s Chocolates.

It is a local establishment that provides visitors with a wide selection of sweets and chocolates that you sure do not want to miss out on.

Isabelly’s Chocolates started operations at the Dallas Market Center, providing locals and tourists with cake balls, unique French macarons, and Belgian chocolates. 

It can conveniently house about 20 persons and has a perfect setting for people to relax and enjoy an Italian soda, an espresso, or even a cup of tea, all made in the shop.

Isabelly’s Chocolates has received different awards and has been waxing greatly.

Address: 200 E Main Street, Richardson, TX 75081, United States

20. Snuffer’s, Richardson

Snuffer's, Richardson
Credits: BongkarnGraphic / Shutterstock

Snuffer’s was established in the city’s Lower Greenville district in 1978. It is an incredible American restaurant and bar located in the Dallas area.

Currently, the restaurant and bar have different branches across Dallas. It even has a location in Richardson that provides visitors with their favorite American dishes in a vintage-style atmosphere. 

Top-notch burgers are to be found here as they are freshly made and cooked with suitable recipes, from bacon cheeseburgers to mind-blowing cuisines with toppings like green chiles and jalapenos, guacamole, hickory barbecue sauce, and chili.

You can taste their signature dishes at dinner, such as hand-battered chicken strips, hand-battered black Angus chicken fried steak, patty melts, and Texas giant Chili dogs.

Address: 300 W Campbell Rd #100, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

21. City Line

City Line
Credits: Frj [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
City Line
One of the best places to visit in Richardson, TX, is to check the City Line. It is a trendy neighborhood with everything you need for a perfect vacation experience.

City Line has everything from retail spaces to dining, shopping, offices, parks, and modern hotels. It has top-class restaurants offering foods such as barbecue, doughnuts, and others. You can also engage in yoga practices, food tastings, and concerts throughout the year. 

It also provides individuals with deluxe lodgings for people who will decide to reside in the city’s central area after their tour. Cityline is situated at the convergence between US-75 and the George Bush Turnpike. It can readily be accessed by a bus, car, or train.

Address: 3661 N Plano Rd #2500, Richardson, TX 75082

22. DFW Chinatown

DFW Chinatown
Credits: VGstockstudio / Shutterstock

If you are looking for what to do in Richardson, TX, then visit DFW for the best Asian cuisines. Richardson, Texas’s DFW Chinatown, is a famous destination for Asian dishes, entertainment, and shopping. You can find various cuisines, including Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean.

This destination has received recommendations from local publications such as the Dallas Observer. You can also check out their soy sauce, novels, noodles, and gifts if you visit the market for tea Asian dishes.

DFW Chinatown is the ideal place to visit if you are searching for a cultural center, Asian groceries, and restaurants in one region.

Address: 400 N Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081, United States

23. Alamo DraftHouse Cinema

Alamo DraftHouse Cinema
Credits: Richard Wezensky / Flickr
Alamo DraftHouse Cinema

The Alamo DraftHouse offers the very best movie experience for visitors. You can see movies or their great selection of classic films on their large screen even as you have some tasty food and drinks.

They also provide guests fresh and locally made snacks, including burgers and freshly made chocolate chip cookies.

Each theatre here features 30 beers on tap with a complete selection of homemade cocktails, local beer, authentic milkshakes, and soft drinks.

It should interest you that the Alamo DraftHouse Cinema ensures a no-talking policy that visitors are to observe to enjoy their movies without distractions.

Address 100 South Central Expressway, Richardson Heights Village, Richardson, TX 75080, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Richardson

Richardson, Texas, is a beautiful town with an extensive list of dining choices and beautiful attractions. This destination promises to be fun and exciting.

Visit with your loved ones to enjoy in group everything the city has in store. A memorable vacation awaits you!