23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Merritt Island (FL)

Merritt Island is an unincorporated town located on the largest island in Florida, in Brevard County, United States.

The town had a population of thirty-four thousand, five hundred and eighteen in the 2020 census.

Merritt Island was formerly known as Merritt City. It is the home of the Kennedy Space Center of NASA, making it a favorite place for professional and emerging astronauts.

There are numerous attractions to explore here for the young and old irrespective of what they seek.

Merritt Island features Pine Island Conservation Area, Florida Air Tours, Calema Windsurfing, Rotary Park Merritt Island, Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary, Manatee Cove Park, Intracoastal Waterway Park, and more.

Are you planning an exploration of Merritt Island? Here are the best and fun things to do in Merritt Island, FL.

Things to Do in Merritt Island, FL

1. Intracoastal Waterway Park

Intracoastal Waterway Park
Credits: Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos / Flickr
Intracoastal Waterway Park

That moment when you want to relax and spend time, visit Intracoastal Waterway Park on Merritt Island.

Intracoastal Waterway Park is an 8.5-acre community park that offers an incredible escape to Merritt Island.

The Park is filled with beautiful native plants and trees with nicely paved pathways and spiraling boardwalks along the Indian River.

There are picnic shelters in the southern part where you can have a decent meal and drink with your loved ones.

Intracoastal Waterway Park consists of a solid fishing pier featuring benches making it perfect for watching night sunsets.

Address: Hwy 520 Causeway at the Hubert, Humphrey Bridge, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

2. Calema Windsurfing

Calema Windsurfing
Credits: Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos / Flickr
Calema Windsurfing

If you’re in need of an unforgettable outdoor experience, add a visit to Calema to your list of fun things to do in Merritt Island, FL.

Calema Windsurfing was established in 1984 in a bid to bring the world’s largest windsurfing tournament to Merrit Island, Calema Midwinters.

Windsurfing is a popular sport in the town, and it was made more prominent by Watersports and Calema Windsurfing.

The establishment are dedicated to offering the best equipment and accurate instruction, initiating people to lifetime sports that are entirely environmentally friendly.

Calema Windsurfing is owned and operated by Tinho, who uses his engineering knowledge to cater to various needs by creating a wide variety of instruction equipment which are used globally.

He invented lightweight gear and offered lessons to beginners who wanted to learn from not just anyone but the best.

Address: 2550 N Banana River Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32952, United States

3. Field Manor

Field Manor
Credits: Jerry Arnold [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Field Manor
If you’re a curious mind who always wants to learn something new, tour Field Manor on Merritt Island.

Field Manor is Merritt Island’s first house, erected in 1880. It belonged to the Field family, one of the region’s early settlers.

Later, a homestead was erected close to the structure featuring a wide variety of beautiful plants and trees.

The house consists of a museum that enlightens the public about the agricultural history of Field Manor through its collections and educational programs.

Field Manor is based on the Field Manor foundation. In 1997, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Since 2014, the building has been open for visitors to come in and tour the entire property or embark on field trips.

Address: Field Manor Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

4. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Credits: Bernt Rostad/ Flickr
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is one of the ten field centers under NASA. It is one of the most popular centers on Merritt Island.

This visitor center was founded in 1967, offering access to exhibits and displays relating to spacecraft and other space expeditions.

It is housed in the Space Center, welcoming millions of people yearly, with a whopping number of 1.7 million in 2016.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex houses two IMAX theaters, historical memorabilia, spacecraft, and more.

Make sure you check out the Space Shuttle Atlantis, an exhibit featuring the Atlantis orbiter, which circled the earth nearly five thousand times.

The center also offers a bus tour that gives visitors a glimpse into the most exclusive areas where the magic happens. Visiting this Complex is one of the top things to do in Merritt Island, FL.

Address: Space Commerce Way, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States.

5. Brevard Veterans Memorial Center Military Museum

Brevard Veterans Memorial Center Military Museum
Credits: Brevard Veterans Memorial Center/ Facebook
Brevard Veterans Memorial Center Military Museum

Make sure you stop by Brevard Veterans Memorial Center Military Museum to learn more about the region’s history.

Brevard Veterans Memorial Center Military Museum enlightens the public about Brevard County’s veterans.

This Museum has been in the business of collecting countless memorabilia and artifacts since the 1980s.

These exhibits showcased illustrate the dedicated service and notable sacrifice of the military for their country.

Brevard Veterans Memorial Center Military Museum consists of 2 floors filled with exhibits and a third floor that features a Pearl Harbor exhibit.

The exhibits in the Museum date back to the Revolutionary War. It is open for free from Monday to Saturday from 10 am-4 pm and Sunday from 12 pm-4 pm.

Address: 400 S Sykes Creek Pkwy, Merritt Island, FL 32952, United States

6. Kelly Park East

Kelly Park East
Credits: Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos/ Flickr
Kelly Park East

A charming community river park, Kelly Park East spreads for 15.37 acres. It is recognized internationally as a windsurfing area.

Kelly Park East is home to a rocket launch viewing region on Banana River, where the entire family gets to enjoy some of the most scenic views of Merritt Island.

The Park features boat ramps, a dock, a sandy beach, a sailboard launch region, and parking spaces for boat trailers and cars.

A medium-sized pavilion and five grills with drinking fountains and restrooms make it a perfect spot for picnics.

Kelly Park East offers picnic tables and small pavilions along the edge of the river with facilities that draw the public during the summer and spring seasons.

Kelly Park East should be your destination when you want a simple but elegant gateway for you and your family.

Address: 2504-2526 N Banana River Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32952, United States

7. Savannahs Golf Course

Savannahs Golf Course
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

If you have always wanted to play golf, book a tee time at Savannahs Golf Course.

Savannahs Golf Course is an 18-hole championship course featuring wetlands and other exhilarating obstacles.

This Golf Course was designed by Gordon Lewis, an award-winning architect, in 1989, offering the public amazing opportunities.

The facility is open to golf players of different skill levels, including beginners, intermediates, and professional golfers.

Savannahs Golf Course has some of the most famous holes in Florida and is rated as one of the most challenging in the state.

The Golf Course provides an escape into the center of lush greens and forest ideals for the whole family. It offers you an opportunity to test and master your golfing skills, including trying out new styles.

Address: 3915 Savannahs Trail, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

8. Mitchell Ellington Park

Mitchell Ellington Park
Credits: Dan Thornberg / Shutterstock

One of the best places to visit in Merritt Island, FL, is Mitchell Ellington Park, especially with your family and friends.

Mitchell Ellington Park is a 114-acre park with many athletic facilities. The Park consists of athletic fields bordered by wetlands on the northern side, including woods on the west and east sides.

There are two ponds right in the heart of the Park with well-maintained softball, soccer, baseball, and football fields.

 Mitchell Ellington Park is home to Merritt Island Youth Football, Senior Little League of Merritt Island, and Central Brevard Soccer Club.

There are tennis courts, a fully packed playground, two pavillions, and benches with restrooms.

Address: 577 Hall Rd, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

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9. Beachside Helicopters

Beachside Helicopters
Credits: Beachside Helicopters/  Facebook
Beachside Helicopters

Wondering what to do in Merritt Island, FL? Explore the entire town of Merritt Island and its surrounding areas when you book a flight with Beachside Helicopters.

Beachside Helicopters is located at Merritt Island Airport, allowing visitors who join to have a complete view of the Peninsula above water.

Visitors can also view the remarkable Nasa Space complex, a tour no other brand can offer.

These tours depict the magnificence of the nearby regions as it takes visitors above the gorgeous Cocoa Beach, port Canaveral, the Thousand Islands, and Banana River.

Beachside Helicopters has a record of 100% safety guaranteeing users a safe tour to and fro for reasonable rates.

Each tour lasts for about thirty minutes, carrying more than three visitors at once, offering private charters, photography flights, and more.

Address: 475 Manor Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32952, United States

10. Sail Cocoa Beach

Sail Cocoa Beach
Credits: IM_photo / Shutterstock

How does boarding a catamaran sound? Fun right? Add a visit to Sail Cocoa Beach to your list of top things to do in Merritt Island, FL.

Sail Cocoa Beach was founded to offer a fantastic experience as you go outdoors and feel the sweet breeze of the sea.

Through them, visitors get the opportunity to see firsthand the real beauty of Florida’s space coast, sharing unforgettable memories with them.

They take pride in being Space Coast’s number one catamaran sailing tour corporation and ensure their guests are safe.

Sail Cocoa Beach offers tours which are headed by professional certified Captains of the United States coast guard.

Even if you’re a newbie or an old dog exploring the seashores, you will definitely find new and thrilling stuff.

Address: 290 Marine Harbor Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

11. Pine Island Conservation Area

Pine Island Conservation Area
Credits: Popartic / Shutterstock

Pine Island Conservation Area, an eight hundred and eighty acres refuge, is home to a diverse range of marine wildlife.

Pine Island Conservation Area offers easy access to a 0.5-mile trailhead through its major entrance traveling through more than 7mile trails.

These moderately paved parts lead through the habitats of hydric hammocks and pine flat woods found within the revived Saltmarsh habitats.

As you take a hike through the trails, you will find hardwood hammocks and palm hammocks, including marshes and mangrove forests bordering the Indian River Lagoon.

Pine Island Conservation Area lakes and marsh ponds are perfect for outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.

As you paddle through the waters, you get to enjoy scenic views of wading birds, shorebirds, and waterfowl habitats. It is one of the best places to visit in Merritt Island, FL.

Address: 1655 Pine Island Rd, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

12. Walk on Water Ministries

Walk on Water Ministries
Credits: Skumer / Shutterstock

Walk on Water Ministries, a non-profit organization in Merritt Island, is concerned with offering the public a chance to get close to horses in a pleasant and conserved setting.

Walk on Water Ministries is dedicated to educating obligation, teamwork, self-confidence, and communication abilities.

It has trained students of various skill levels and backgrounds, including physically challenged individuals and veterans.

This organization has been in existence for sixteen years, offering visitors a memorable experience with a genuine understanding of animal care.

Walk on Water Ministries offers everyone the best horseback riding lessons, including little kids creating a bond between them and the animals.

The organization manages a protected ranch for the animals through the support of sponsors and volunteers.

Address: 3330 Perkinson Ln. Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

13. Kiwanis Island Park

Kiwanis Island Park
Credits: Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos / Flickr
Kiwanis Island Park

Add a day at Kiwanis Island Park with your family and friends to your list of fun things to do in Merritt Island, FL.

If you enjoy fishing, Kiwanis Island Park is your number one location on Merrit Island.

Kiwanis Island Park is a river park of 18.38 acres that offers easy access to fishing. It is an excellent spot for all outdoor lovers.

The Park features a natural launch area and boat ramp providing paddlers, rowers, and boaters the opportunity to explore the Banana River through Sykes Creek.

You will find a recreation trail, racquetball, tennis and basketball courts, and softball fields, which are also perfect for professional players.

Kiwanis Island Park features the Doyle I. Carlton Pavilion, a playground, and pavilions encouraging children and adults to visit.

There is a small kitchen, a gymnasium, restrooms, benches, drinking fountains, and a large pavilion for events.

With the available amenities, it’s obvious you can organize a small picnic or reunion with your family and friends.

Address: Kiwanis Island Park Rd, Merritt Island, FL 32952, United States.

14. Blue Heron Fishing Charters

Blue Heron Fishing Charters
Credits: Maksym Fesenko / Shutterstock

A company that specializes in fishing adventures, Blue Heron Fishing Charters offer customized in-shore, near-coastal, and deep-sea experiences.

Blue Heron Fishing Charters offers fascinating exploration around Cocoa Beach; it is one of the best in Florida, so you can’t be looking for what to do in Merritt Island, FL when you are yet to go on an adventure with Blue Heron.

Irrespective of your skill level, Blue Heron Fishing Charters ensures something for everybody who enrolls.

Captain Frank and his team are always ready to welcome every kind of passionate fisherman to Merritt Island, offering them Eco-Nature Tours.

Blue Heron Fishing Charters brings you closer to a variety of birds species and native wildlife to the Space Coast, including Blue Heron, dolphins, Bald Eagles, Roseate Spoonbills, alligators, Red Tail Hawks, Osprey, Anhinga, and more.

The company owns and manages two boats for various purposes, which includes the 37’ “Emerald C’s,” and the 26’ “Blue Heron.

Address: Kelly County Park, corner of Beach Line (Hwy. 528) and Banana River Drive, Merritt Island, Florida, United States

15. Manatee Cove Park

Manatee Cove Park
Credits: Rocksweeper / Shutterstock

Manatee Cove Park is a community river park of 29.49-acres which attracts anglers from different parts of the town.

There is an access road that broadens from the equestrian center at the entrance of the park to a small lagoon.

The lagoon serves as a home for manatees, and a site for canoe launches, with a nature trail encompassing the lagoon.

Manatee Cove Park features a large playground with numerous play equipment for little children.

There are picnic tables, benches, and grills where loved ones can have a unique outdoor picnic in a natural setting. Why not visit this park with your travel companions and go canoeing and fishing?

Address: 4905 N. Tropical Trail, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States.

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16. Banana River Aquatic Preserve

Banana River Aquatic Preserve
Credits: Egmont Elsner / Shutterstock

Include touring the Banana River Aquatic Preserve with your loved ones on your list of best things to do in Merritt Island, FL.

Banana River Aquatic Preserve offers you the opportunity to sight majestic bioluminescent sea animals as you embark on a standup paddle tour.

This popular and amazing expedition allows you to see the magical manifestation of phytoplankton and comb jellyfish under the beautiful moonlight.

The Banana River extends for 31-mile in length, sitting between Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral in Brevard County.

You will meet with your tour guide at Kiwanis Island Park before you set out on your night expedition for a brief instruction on the equipment involved.

You’re offered options to embark on a paddle board or kayak tour as you explore the waters at night.

Address: Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

17. Rotary Park Merritt Island

Rotary Park Merritt Island
Credits: mezzotint / Shutterstock

Rotary Park Merritt Island offers a laid-back and exhilarating outdoor experience in the town of Merritt Island.

The Park was established in 1985 as a ten acres community park right on Courtenay Parkway featuring various amenities.

There are playgrounds with a wide range of play equipment for little children to explore and have fun.

Rotary Park Merritt Island features a designated area for picnics with picnic shelters, barbecue tables, and pits.

The park also features a volleyball court, a multi-use field perfect for different sports activities, and a nature trail open for peaceful walks.

Make sure you come along with your picnic carpets and basket filled with snacks, homemade food, and beverages.

Address: 290 Marine Harbor Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

18. Florida Air Tours

Florida Air Tours
Credits: Florida Air Tours / Facebook
Florida Air Tours

Florida Air Tours allows you to experience the authentic thrills when you fly an Original R-44 Helicopter or Cockpit Biplane.

You get to enjoy captivating views of Kennedy Space Center, Port Canaveral, the Beaches, and other essential sights.

The company functions from two locations, offering numerous air tours lasting from 5 to 45 minutes.

Florida Air Tours is owned and operated by a Veteran with a crew who is highly knowledgeable about what they do.

Their helicopter is fully equipped and air-conditioned, ensuring the guests are comfortable and safe.

They are dedicated to offering the public the finest customer service and touching the lives of the less privileged by donating tours worth thousands of dollars.

Address: 475 Manor Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32952, United States

19. Sams House

Sams House
Credits: Pine Island Preservation Society/Sams House / Facebook
Sams House

Located in Pine Island, Sams House is Brevard County’s oldest building, erected in 1875 as a family cabin.

It was converted from a family cabin into a conservation site that preserves the biological diversity of the County and educates the new generations about its rich history.

Sams House serves as an interactive environment where kids and adults can learn extensively about the first settlers of Pine Island.

When you step into the cabin, you will find exhibits relating to the past dwellers on Pine Island with hands-on activities depicting how life was like for the early pioneers.

There are guided tours of wildlife refuges and farms, immersing visitors into the natural world of Merritt Island.

Sams House is overseen by St. Johns Water Management District, with trails meandering into the coastal habitats.

Address: 6195 N Tropical Trail, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

20. Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary

Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary
Credits: braindamaged217 / Flickr
Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary

If you’re a nature fanatic, ensure to visit Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary.

Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary, a natural lagoon, is enclosed by an artificial dike, a 436.53-acre property.

This bird reservation and refuge offer an incredible escape to the wilderness in a developed environment.

Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary is an internationally recognized attraction loved by bird watchers. This place was reported as an Ais Indians village, which was abandoned around 1720.

A path on the dike offers paddlers, birdwatchers, and anglers access to the waterways. There is a birdwatching tower offering a picturesque view of the lagoon.

As you take a stroll, you’re likely to see birds like belted kingfisher, the wood stork, and the brown pelican, including dolphins.

Address: 805 Sykes Creek Pkwy, 32952 Merritt Island, FL, United States

21. Obloy Family Ranch

Obloy Family Ranch
Credits: theksu / Shutterstock

Obloy Family Ranch is a thirty-acre wildlife refuge with a fish camp and petting farm open to the public.

The petting farm is filled with a number of fascinating animals, including a camel, lemurs, donkeys, horses, pigs, goats, and more.

You’re allowed to explore Alligator Alley, pay tribute to the alligator farm origins in the property and hire a fishing pole.

Obloy Family Ranch offers you an opportunity to go fishing in one of its several ponds filled with tilapia, bass, and brim.

Families and friends who visit this attraction can enjoy its hiking trails, docent trail rides, horseback rides, and more.

Address: 165 Gator Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32953, United States

22. CMX Cinemas Merritt Square 16 & IMAX

CMX Cinemas Merritt Square 16 & IMAX
Credits: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

How long have you been waiting for that blockbuster movie? Now you have the chance to see it.

So, stop at CMX Cinemas Merritt Square 16 & IMAX in Merritt Island, as it offers a fantastic movie experience.

CMX Cinemas Merritt Square 16 & IMAX comprises recliner seats and sixteen screens backed with modern projection technology.

The cinema uses an excellent sound system with 3D displays and IMAX technology. It was originally founded by Cobb theatres on May 21, 2004, as Merrit Square.

CTSM Architects designed the theater, and in October 2017, it was acquired by CMX Cinemas with fantastic addition.

There is a concession stand that offers deliciously prepared popcorn with a wide variety of beverages.

 Address: 777 E. Merritt Island Causeway, Merritt Island, FL 32952, United States.

23. Tiki Cruises

Tiki Cruises
Credits: Tiki Cruises Inc. / Facebook
Tiki Cruises

If you want to spend quality time with your significant other on Merritt Island, book a tour with Tiki Cruises.

Tiki Cruises offers full-day cruises, customized boat tours, and private charters, which can carry up to six persons at once.

The visitors get to explore the scenic waters of Cocoa Beach through the “Liki Tiki,” which is a fully equipped, safe, and pet & kid-friendly lounge.

They offer tourists frozen drinks, nature watching, games, music, swimming, dancing, BYOB, grilling, etc.

Tiki Cruises offers tours which are led by Cap’n Dave, who is well experienced in providing the best-guided tours.

Address: 290 Marine Harbor Dr. Merritt Island, Fl. 32953, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Merritt Island

Merritt Island is a town that has successfully advanced in the tourism and business sectors.

You cannot list the most beautiful towns in Florida without including Merritt Island due to its abundance of natural blessings.

So don’t hesitate to make it your next vacation destination!