25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Everett (WA)

For a lovely family vacation, head to Everett, the county seat of Snohomish County, in Washington, United States. It had 110,629 residents in 2020, making it the largest city in Snohomish County and the 7th-largest population in the state.

Everett, located 25 miles north of Seattle, is among the metropolitan and Puget Sound area’s most prominent cities.

This city is brimming with activities for visitors and tourists, such as the yearly commemoration of the city’s aviation tradition by Museums and a tour around the Boeing factory.

Everett and its sister towns are pretty big on arts and culture. It also boasts family-setting sporting locations, local farms, state-of-the-art theaters, and more.

Are you planning an exploration of Everett? Here are the best things to do in Everett, WA.

Things to Do in Everett, WA

1. Jetty Island

Jetty Island
Credits: CL Shebley / Shutterstock
Jetty Island

For a different Island experience, a trip to Jetty Island is worth adding to your list of fun things to do in Everett, WA.

In Possession Sound, right off the coast of Everett, is Jetty Island, a popular summer destination. Two miles of artificial beachfront land make up the Island.

The Island is Ideal for unwinding throughout the warmer seasons. A non-profit ferry makes a to-and-fro movement between the mainland and the Island during the beach’s open season.

Due to its consistent winds and shallow waters, Jetty Island is a well-known location for kiteboarding.

The Island supports a variety of bird species, including the short-billed dowitcher, Caspian tern, and glaucous-winged gull, regardless of being an artificial creation.

The Island’s interior features a small hiking path, despite being famous as a beach getaway.

 Address: W Marine View Dr. Everett Parks. Everett, WA 98201

2. Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens

Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens
Credits: Cindy Shebley / Flickr
Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens

For a view of the city’s natural beauty, one of the best things to do in Everett, WA, is to visit the Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens.

Countless floral blooms in Washington’s Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens showcase the natural beauty of the Northwest region.

The Orchard became known in 1963, currently spanning 3.5 acres of land divided into ten garden zones with different features.

The Japanese Maple Grove, the Rock Garden, the Viewing Mound, and the Northwest Native Plant Trail are a few of the themed gardens at this attraction.

Accessible paths lined with sculptures woven throughout the area are perfect for kids, adults, and even persons with limited mobility.

Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens often offer tours and educational activities as part of its dedication to educating tourists about its flora.

Address: 145 Alverson Blvd., Everett, WA 98201, USA

3. Howarth Park

Howarth Park
Credits: Mike Davies / Flickr
Howarth Park

On the Washington coast lies Howarth Park, a beautiful beach and park area bordered by Possession Sound.

This Park boasts a spectacular combination of a beach and a park in a single attraction guarded by Possession Sound, which is Everett’s treasure hidden in a suburban neighborhood.

Despite being frequently overshadowed by Edmonds Marina, Howarth Park’s beach is more serene with a more natural atmosphere which offers visitors the much-needed space to spread out and relax.

While at the beach, you can easily access the sound and breathtaking views of Olympia and the Cascade mountains; it is only a short stroll through the forest.

The dog park at the facility permits voice-trained puppies to play off-leash. The park has many practical amenities like a viewing point, picnic tables, an observation point, a playground, and hiking trails.

Address: 1127 Olympic Blvd, Everett, WA 98203, USA

4. Imagine Children’s Museum

Imagine Children's Museum
Credits: go2net / Flickr
Imagine Children’s Museum

If you travel with kids, visit the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett, WA. The Imagine Children’s Museum is a top-rated kid’s museum in Everett, WA. It is dedicated to fostering child growth through supervised and self-play tours.

The locals established the Museum in 1991 to create a place where kids and their parents could spend time together while learning.

The Museum features diverse exhibition areas such as a model farm, a particular place for toddlers aged three and below, a small water park, an imagined eatery, and an art studio.

The Museum’s roof has entertainment areas, including paleontology and music, that visitors can enjoy when the weather is nice.

Address: 1502 Wall St, Everett, WA 98201, USA

5. All-Star Fishing Charters

All-Star Fishing Charters
Credits: 5m3photos / Shutterstock

The salmon fishing excursions offered by All Star Fishing Charters take visitors out to explore Puget Sound’s serene and stunning waters.

The company provides trips throughout the year, except when the weather renders the water unsuitable for boats.

The company targets the best species when it isn’t the salmon season. It offers charters to specific locations along the rivers.

While on the trip with All Star Fishing Charters, you can see seals, whales, sea lions, porpoises, and various bird species that inhabit the area around the ocean.

Address: 720 Waverly Ave, Everett, WA 98201, USA

6. Flying Heritage Collection

Flying Heritage Collection
Credits: seattleforge / Flickr
Flying Heritage Collection

A rare collection of antique aircraft and related equipment from Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Germany, and Japan is available at the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum.

Paul Allen, a business magnate and co-founder of Microsoft, owns the museum’s collection privately, but it has been operating as a public facility since 2004.

The Flying Heritage museum houses its more extensive exhibits in airplane hangars, each exhibition area offering different insights.

The first hangar concentrates on the involvement of the United States and other parties in the Second World War and the aircrafts they used to fight.

The second goes into further detail about how various battlefield and climatic variables affected airplanes during the Second World War.

If you are a fan of aircrafts and history or have kids who dream of becoming pilots, explore the Flying Heritage Collection.

Address: 3407 109th Street SW, Everett, WA 98204, USA

7. Schack Art Center

Schack Art Center
Credits: Joe Mabel [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Schack Art Center
Schack Art Center, a venue jam-packed with many exhibits, brings some visual culture to Everett’s downtown area.

Like most galleries, this Art Center features artwork by artists worldwide, with a focus on emerging artisans.

Schack Art Center utilizes a method whereby the art pieces of distinctive styles and techniques are rotated frequently, ensuring visitors can always see something fresh.

The institution is notable for having a cutting-edge glassblowing studio where visitors may watch artists create new masterpieces.

The Schack Art Center is also a learning space aside from acting as an art gallery and a museum. The Center also hosts workshops for adults and kids.

Address: 2921 Hoyt Ave., Everett, WA 98201, USA

8. Spencer Island Park

Spencer Island Park
Credits: Maksym Ukrainets / Shutterstock
Spencer Island Park

For those wondering what to do in Everett, WA, for a relaxed experience, check out Spencer Island Park. It is among the top retreat destinations on the outskirts of Everett, where you can escape the hassles of the busy city and interact with nature.

This park is seated in the tidal front of the Snohomish River, which is the confluence of the Snohomish freshwater and Port Garden Bay Saltwater habitats.

The area is home to numerous wild species like deer, otters, coyotes, and other smaller creatures but the most frequently seen are waterfowl and shorebirds like least sandpipers and Red nots.

The most extensive loop path on the Island might have been lost, but it still has a small hiking trail in its southern region. In addition, the course at the dike top offers excellent viewing points.

Address: 5033 4th St. SE, Everett, WA 98201, USA

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9. Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour

Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour
Credits: Can Pac Swire / Flickr
Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour

When touring the Boeing factory, your first stop will be at the Future of Flight Aviation Center, the birthplace of many famous airplanes.

Since the museum’s establishment in 2005, it has featured intriguing displays on contemporary aviation, such as functional jet engines, videos, a viewing deck, and a space where guests may create their aircraft.

The trip then moves on to the actual Boeing factory, where the Dreamliner lines ranging from 747 to 787 are made.

The tour at the plant takes visitors through every step of these commercial jets’ development and testing.

Address: 8415 Paine Field Blvd., Mukilteo, WA 98275, USA

10. Everett Silvertips

Everett Silvertips
Credits: Laura Smith / Flickr
Everett Silvertips

In the Northwest, hockey reigns supreme. The Everett Silvertips, Everett’s junior Hockey team, plays in an 8,000-plus seating capacity arena known as Xfinity Arena.

The Everett junior hockey team served as a launch pad for the careers of NHL superstars like Zach Hamill, Radko Gudas, and Ryan Murray.

Lincoln, the Silvertips’ ferocious yet amiable mascot, stands in for the green-and-silver boys of the team. The name Silvertips spawned from the silvertip bear.

Promotions for PO Matches frequently include gifts like magnets, hats, and blankets, as well as competitions and lotteries with cash rewards.

If you are a hockey lover, ensure to watch a game at the Everett Silvertips.

Address: 2000 Hewitt Ave, Everett, WA 98201, USA

11. Legion Memorial Park

Legion Memorial Park
Credits: GD Taber / Flickr
Legion Memorial Park

Legion Memorial Park is an 18.5-acre charming outdoor recreation center situated on a hill. It offers a somewhat aerial view of Port Garden Bay while providing Everett, WA, with an incredible view.

The Park’s natural beauty is not all it has to offer; aside from essential park facilities, it also features amenities for sporting activities like softball, baseball, basketball, and tennis.

Visitors looking for a more laid-back experience can enjoy the playground and shaded picnic spots or stroll along the park’s pathways.

The Park, an extension of Western Washington University’s campus, is home to the Legion Hall and Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens, both perfect venues for events. Lagoon Memorial Park is one of the best places to visit in Everett, WA.

Address: 145 Alverson Blvd., Everett, WA 98201, USA

12. Mukilteo Lighthouse

Mukilteo Lighthouse
Credits: Krumpelman Photography / Shutterstock
Mukilteo Lighthouse

Possession Sound’s coastline is illuminated by the Mukilteo Lighthouse, which also serves as a beacon for ships sailing by and a stunning sight for tourists.

A park’s grounds, where the lighthouse is located, also have 1,500 feet of open, sandy beaches.

The Mukilteo Historical Society looks after the charming white and red building, which was constructed in the 1950s.

The exhibits within the Mukilteo Lighthouse emphasize its illustrious past with the use of various artifacts.

The park in front of the station offers easy access, a lovely path, and practical features like barbecue fire pits, a volleyball net, and picnic tables.

Address: 609 Front St, Mukilteo, WA 98275, USA

13. The Equator Ship

Equator Ship
Credits: Amanda / Flickr
Equator Ship

Visiting the Equator Ship is among the top things to do in Everett, WA. You will undoubtedly enjoy the experience, especially if you are a history buff.

The actual historic ship on which renowned writer Robert Louis Stevenson made his dizzying journeys in the South Pacific is called The Equator, situated on the Everett Waterfront.

From Honolulu, the Equator Ship, which launched in 1888 as a 2-masted vessel, transported the author to the Islands of Gilbert in 1889.

The magnificent Ship served in an operational capacity for nearly 70 years before being shamefully dumped as a component of a barrier on Everett’s artificial Island.

After being freed from the barrier, the Equator was primarily repaired by two regional enthusiasts who got financial support from 42 nearby people and businesses.

Climb aboard the Equator Ship to see where the famous author spent his time from Honolulu to the islands of Gilberts while listening to tales of things that happened on the boat.

Address: 10th Street, Port of Everett Marina, Everett, WA 98201, USA

14. Village Theatre

Village Theatre
Credits: VillageTheatre [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Village Theatre
The Village Theatre is situated in Issaquah; however, it functions in Everett, where it takes pride in developing and producing the stage’s top-quality musicals.

A calendar of conventional and modern musical theater shows is available at the theater’s venues, including crowd favorites that musical theater enthusiasts will surely know.

There aren’t many regional theaters that can boast that they write, direct, and produce their original musicals, but The Village Theater can; 150 new works have premiered there.

The facility offers various educational programs, from renowned KIDSTAGE workshops and acting schools to internships and specialist colleges.

Address: 2710 Wetmore Avenue, Everett, WA 98201, USA

15. Museum of Flight Restoration Center

Museum of Flight Restoration Center
Credits: Eric Friedebach / Flickr
Museum of Flight Restoration Center

While the Museum of Flight‘s primary location is in Tukwila, its recovery center is on Paine Field near Everett.

Over 23,000 square feet of the Museum’s structure is devoted to various aviation restoration programs that the Museum’s devoted volunteers have handled.

Approximately 39 different projects are active in the area at all times, and visitors may witness the enchantment firsthand by taking a tour of the restoration center.

Visitors are allowed to roam about the hangar and get a closer look at the actual antique planes as the volunteers on tour explain the process of getting the aircraft ready for display.

Address: 2909 100th St. SW, Everett, WA 98204, USA

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16. Angel of the Winds Arena

Angel of the Winds Arena
Credits: Grushin / Shutterstock

If you are a hockey fan, you will enjoy visiting the Angel of the Winds Arena. This multipurpose sports complex contains compartments in the heart of Everett.

The most exciting thing about this arena is the live performances and on-screen displays, which are available regularly.

Hockey fans will appreciate the worth of the arena on its ice field that is kept to NHL standards. The complex also has an indoor football pitch for football fans.

Additionally, the field has professional exhibitions infrequently. It has a get-together spot for social occasions, shows, and weddings.

Angel of the Winds Arena hosts professional displays and event centers for shows, weddings, and other social gatherings.

Address: 2000 Hewitt Ave, Everett, WA 98201, United States

17. Emory’s on Silver Lake

Emory’s on Silver Lake
Credits: Erin Kohlenberg / Flickr
Emory’s on Silver Lake

Emory’s on Silver Lake is a well-known family restaurant in Everett that provides the ideal setting for enjoying an outdoor dining with fantastic views.

A sizable indoor eating area and a sizable outside terrace with relaxing lake views are available at the lodge-style eatery.

Everybody can find something extraordinary on the menu that suits their tastes. You could begin with an appetizer from the eatery’s wide variety or take pleasure in a medley or soup.

For those with smaller appetites, there is pub food, a creative assortment of Wood Stone pizzas, and tantalizing supper entrees like a Creamy Seafood Risotto and well-liked New York style steak, a roasted Oregon Lamb Shank.

Address: 11830 19th Avenue SE, Everett, WA 98208, USA

18. Hibulb Cultural Center

Hibulb Cultural Center
Credits: Joe Mabel / Flickr
Hibulb Cultural Center

The features of the Hibulb Cultural Center and Natural Preserve make it unparalleled compared to the average museum. The museum’s primary goal is to inform the public about the Tulalip Tribe’s beliefs, culture, and history.

The Tulalip tribes live on a 22,000-acre reserve north of Everett. They are the descendants of a confederation of tribes that ratified the Point Elliott Treaty.

The 50-acre cultural center features exhibits focusing on the areas where the Tulalip people historically inhabited, their adoration for cedar trees, and the origins of some of their sacred principles.

The Canoes and Archaeological relics from various points in the tribes’ history shown in the Cultural Center’s Canoe gallery are also a must-see.

Address: 6410 23rd Avenue NE, Tulalip, WA 98271, USA

19. Scuttlebutt Brewing

Scuttlebutt Brewing
Credits: Pushish Images / Shutterstock
Scuttlebutt Brewing

If you enjoy drinking beer, you must have wondered how delectable brews are made at least once.

Please Include a trip to Scuttlebutt Brewing in your itinerary of the top things to do in Everett, WA, for a chance to witness the craft beer production processes.

Scuttlebutt Brewing started as a casual home-brewing equipment for the 1990 Father’s Day. 

After several trials and errors, the brewery upgraded from the kitchen to its current site in 1995. The year after that, it created its first beer.

After the Brewery made its first beer, the company further expanded and is currently producing over 20 different types of craft beer and ales.

Scuttle Brewing currently has two outlets in Everett, WA; one is its Tap Room, sited on Cedar Street, and the other is the Family bar and eatery on Everetts Waterfront.

At both locations, you can access a constantly changing selection of 8 of the company’s signature beers, while at the waterfront, you may try the delectable Northwest grub.

Address: Scuttlebutt Brewing, 1205 Craftsman Way, Everett, WA 98201, USA

20. Carleton Farms

Carleton Farms
Credits: Brandon Bourdages / Shutterstock

Go on a trip to Carleton Farms to experience natural life on a farm, away from the internet and other ultra-modern influences. Carleton Farms is one of the best places to visit in Everett, WA.

Carleton Farms is a family farm with lots of activities for kids and adults, conveniently situated just 5 miles away on the outskirts of Everett.

The Farm’s primary produce is dairy, but it has currently employed sustainable methods to grow various crops, which are offered at its own farmers market located within it.

Corn mazes, pumpkin picking, hay rides, pumpkin cannon, zombie paintball, and zip-lining take place on the farm during the fall season.

Carleton Farms has a kitchen where you can get traditionally cooked meals. It also offers scenic spots suitable for weddings and birthday parties.

Address: 630 Sunnyside Blvd SE, Lake Stevens, USA

21. Everett Aquasox

Everett Aquasox
Credits: Chase N. / Flickr
Everett Aquasox

Watching sports performances at Everett Aquasox is one of the fun things to do in Everett, WA, for sports-inclined persons.

The Seattle Mariners, an MLB team, have a minor league baseball team called the Everett Aquasox.

Before the current big baseball players like Ken Griffey jr embarked on illustrious careers in the major leagues, they started with the minor team.

Around 3,700 people can fit inside Everett’s little stadium, which offers a cozy setting for watching sports and enjoying brief entertainment between innings.

The team’s wacky tropical frog emblem and mascot indicate that, like many minor league teams, it delivers a fun, family-friendly atmosphere in addition to playing high-level baseball.

Other amenities present in the stadium include a section featuring a basketball hoop for half-court games, a fastpitch, and a bouncy castle for the little ones.

Address: 3802 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201, USA

22. Anthony’s Home Port Everett

Anthony's Home Port Everett
Credits: Anthony’s HomePort Everett / Facebook
Anthony’s Home Port Everett

Anthony’s Home Port Everett is an outstanding restaurant that offers breathtaking views of Port Gardner Bay and the biggest saltwater marina Northwest of the Pacific Northwest.

The restaurant uses the freshest, most sustainable, and seasonal items in preparing its meals, and it is particularly well-liked by the locals of Everett.

The seafood meals are made from freshly caught fish. If you are with a friend or significant other, you may start with the delectable small plates to split or go for a delicious medley or soup.

Delectable plump prawns, fresh oysters, and Alaskan scallops are available as options for shellfish. For devoted carnivores, a chef on standby will prepare your desired meat dishes on request.

Address: 1726 W. Marine View Drive, Everett, WA 98201, USA

23. The Historic Everett Theatre

Historic Everett Theatre
Credits: SounderBruce / Flickr
Historic Everett Theatre

Since its establishment in 1901, the Historic Everett Theater has continuously overwhelmed its visitors with various shows on its famous stage.

After sustaining a fire in 1923, the Theater was reconstructed into a stunning vintage structure that provides music concerts and movie screenings.

This Theater creates a warm ambiance with its large stage that maintains a perfect line of sight from any red velvet seats, even if you are seated in the second-floor gallery.

Despite having only 806 seats in its auditorium, the Theater still attracts famous performers. It contains all the necessary equipment and amenities, including a snack bar.

Don’t hesitate to watch a movie or live performance with your loved ones at the Historic Everett Theatre.

Address: 2911 Colby Ave, Everett, WA 98201, USA

24. Wallace Falls State Park

Wallace Falls State Park
Credits: Cascade Creatives / Shutterstock
Wallace Falls State Park

Wallace Falls State Park is a gorgeous and fun spot to spend a day or two, thanks to the perfect serene environment that offers two rivers and three lakes.

The Park’s 4,375 acres on the western slope of the Cascade Mountains are sure to impress when it comes to the scenery.

The Park’s falls, streams, cliffs, and coniferous woodlands are a few of its standout characteristics.

There are several helpful features at Wallace Falls State Park, including a campsite area, kitchen, picnic shelters, conveniences, and more.

When the season permits, you can engage in rejuvenating outdoor activities, such as boating, snowshoeing, bird watching, fishing, hiking, or biking.

Address: 14503 Wallace Lake Road, Gold Bar, WA 98251, USA

25. Funko HQ Store

Funko HQ Store
Credits: SounderBruce [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Funko HQ Store
Funko HQ Store in Everett is a must-see shopping center that features the newest top-quality pop culture items.

Funko HQ Store, unlike an average store, produces such a broad collection of original collectibles that it would be difficult to see it all in a day.

Small action figures of famous fictional characters such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk, Wolverine, and more are among the collectibles you will find at the store.

Additionally, push toys, video games, accessories, and apparel are produced at Funko pop. Visit the Funko HQ Store for a fun family shopping experience.

Address: 2802 Wetmore Avenue, Everett, WA 98201, USA

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Plan Your Trip to Everett

Everett, WA, is a vibrant city. It boasts distinctive areas that showcase its rich history, arts, culture, and natural and artificial endowments.

The city is Snohomish County’s number one tourist destination. You can’t be wondering what to do in Everett, WA, as there are numerous attractions and activities to explore.

Have a great time!.