23 Best & Fun Things to Do in New Port Richey (FL)

New Port Richey is a charming city in the state of Florida, in Pasco County, United States.

This suburban city had a population of sixteen thousand, seven hundred and twenty-eight after the 2020 census.

Being a residential neighborhood, New Port Richey is surrounded by community parks, natural attractions, etc.

There are lots of fun things to do in New Port Richey, FL. This city features beautiful lighted streets, historic buildings, industries, seaside attractions, and more.

There are unique attractions like Time Trap Escape Room, Robert Crown Wilderness Area, Eagle Point Park, West Pasco Historical Society Museum and Library, Richey Suncoast Theatre, Cotee River Brewing Company, and more.

Check out the best things to do in New Port Richey, FL.

Things to Do in New Port Richey, FL

1. Eagle Point Park

Eagle Point Park
Credits: Brian W Hensley / Shutterstock
Eagle Point Park

Instead of being bored and unsure of what to do in New Port Richey, FL, visit Eagle Point Park with your friends and families.

Eagle Point Park is a seaside destination encompassed by mangroves and shallow waters, which are unique to the region.

The Park is located in a forested region within the suburbs. It is usually calm and peaceful, with less crowded on regular days.

You will find open fields with picnic areas where visitors can enjoy a lovely picnic with loved ones; all they have to do is come along with enough snacks and drinks.

Eagle Point Park features playgrounds for children to run around and have fun with other recently isolated amenities.

This destination is a perfect spot for launching water vessels, offering access to mangrove forests close by, such as Ben Pilot Point and Fillman’s Creek.

Address: 4499 Straub Memorial Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

2. The Waters of the Gulf

Waters of the Gulf
Credits: PalSand / Shutterstock

This beachfront attraction will immediately entice you when you visit, leading you into its shimmering waters.

Waters of the Gulf is found next to Florida and is popular for offering visitors several fishing activities in the region.

Visit this place if you have always wanted to try out your fishing skills and make great catches that will leave you grinning at the end of the day.

New Port Richey is home to numerous charters with fishermen who are always willing to take you on an amazing experience for a half or full-day adventure.

You can catch varieties of fish species, such as Mahi Mahi, marlin, sailfish, and yellowfin tuna.

You can also opt for sunset cruises carried out by local businesses, usually escorted by live entertainment and food.

Address: Florida, United States

3. Lis’s Pieces

Lis's Pieces
Credits: Lis’s Pieces Artisan Boutique / Facebook
Lis’s Pieces

Lis’s Pieces is an outstanding home decor store offering everything from the latest and redesigned pieces in the city.

Lis’s Pieces was founded by Lisa, whose passion began through an accidental breaking of glass after she underwent surgery which left her disabled.

The boutique provides an environment for creative minds to create unique treasures you cannot get elsewhere.

The gift shop offers various gifts, jewelry, and artisan items brought to life through the talent and imagination of over seventy local artists.

Address: 6214 Grand Blvd, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

4. Pasco County Stilt Houses

A collection of unique homes, the Pasco County Stilt Houses was built in the waters on stilts as a safe location for anglers to rest and relax.

Pasco County Stilt Houses were reportedly built from 1916 to 1918, making them a significant component of the region’s history.

Boating or kayaking is the best way to truly admire these buildings since their distinct shape and size make them challenging to sight from land.

Many stilts houses were built over the years in the waters of New Port Richey; by October 1968, they were around twenty-four.

Many of the Houses were destroyed due to a lack of protection from mighty winds and Hurricane Gladys.

Address: Florida, United States

5. The Pasco Chamber of Commerce

The Pasco Chamber of Commerce was established to foster an active local business space to improve the means of livelihood in the area.

Founded in 1912, the Pasco Chamber of Commerce has served as the primary location for numerous persons and organizations for more than one hundred years.

The chamber is an important supporter of different sectors in the Greater Pasco Area, from education to agriculture to business.

The Pasco Chamber of Commerce has a board of directors of at least twelve persons striving to unleash their mastery into the chamber.

Focusing on developing the region’s economy, the Pasco Chamber of Commerce maintains partnerships with Pasco School District, Trac Center, Lourdes Health, Port of Pasco, and more.

Address: 5443 Main St, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

6. James E. Grey Preserve

James E. Grey Preserve
Credits: Joanne Dale / Shutterstock
James E. Grey Preserve

James E. Grey Preserve, a component of the Pithlachascotee River, is an amazing preserve of approximately eighty attractions. It is one of the best places to visit in New Port Richey, FL.

James E. Grey Preserve is an essential ecological factor and a home to numerous native species in the region.

As you explore the trails within the Preserve, watch out for numerous Waterflow, manatees, and dolphins.

An ADA broad walk is built above the river with four pavilions, all found in highly developed areas.

James E. Grey Preserve is an outstanding place for fishing, so brace up and get ready for an amazing fishing experience.

If you’re one of those who would like to kayak into the wilder regions of preserves, visit the verge of the boardwalk, where there’s a boat launch ideal for those who want to kayak into the Preserve’s wilder sections.

Address: 6938 Plathe Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34653, United States

7. Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park

Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park
Credits: sstevens3 / Shutterstock
Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park

You haven’t visited New Port Richey; if you don’t, visit Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park, the city’s largest natural park, as it’s one of the best places to visit in New Port Richey, FL.

Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park extends for about eight thousand three hundred acres sharing borders with other Pasco county towns.

This Park is a regularly visited destination by many families seeking an incredible experience by exploring all its features.

There are playgrounds for children with open green spaces, volleyball courts, and kiosks for everyone.

Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park is a refuge for nearly two hundred avian species with native mammals of Florida and wooden gnomes.

Address: 10500 Wilderness Park Blvd, New Port Richey, FL 34655, United States

8. The Historic Sims Park

Historic Sims Park
Credits: Michel Curi / Flickr
Historic Sims Park

Sims Park, a historic waterside attraction, was donated to the city by George R. Sims. Numerous residents and visitors regularly visit it.

Sims was one of the first promoters in New Port Richey, who owned over thirty thousand acres of land. It was named in his honor as one of the earliest recreational parks in the city.

This destination is considered the Park of the people, having many exciting facilities, including an amphitheater and pavilions.

Sims Park features scenic riverfront walks, well-paved trails, and several modern amenities open to everyone.

The Park is an excellent place for children being home to an exciting splash pad with a fully equipped playground open all day long.

On a normal day, especially during the summer period, you can decide to relax on Orange Lake’s banks and the Pithlachascotee River.

Address: Grand Blvd & Bank St, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

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9. Time Trap Escape Room

Time Trap Escape Room
Credits: Victor Moussa / Shutterstock

For an unforgettable experience with your family and friends, add a visit to Time Trap Escape Room to your list of fun things to do in New Port Richey, FL.

Time Trap Escape Room offers visitors a unique experience through various escape themes such as The Law Office, The Box, and Escape the Rv.

The escape facility was founded in 2018 by Jeremy Simons and Kim Hamm. They had explored numerous escape rooms before establishing their own company.

The escape rooms were carefully designed to guarantee users an exceptional moment offering them the right level of fun and excitement.

Time Trap Escape Room offers visitors riddles to solve and get them to search for ideas to enable them to achieve their mission and escape the room on time.

This family-friendly fun center helps to strengthen bonds between friends and family and tests their ability to work together.

Address: 8042 Old County Rd 54 Suite A, New Port Richey, FL 34653, United States

10. Pasco Palms Preserve

Pasco Palms Preserve
Credits: Song_about_summer / Shutterstock

Pasco Palms Preserve, encompassing 116 acres, is located close to the Beacon square of New Port Richey, next to Eagle point park.

The Preserve is open from dawn to dusk, with a 10-minute hiking trail ideal for hikers of different skill levels, no matter their age.

Along the trail, you will find cedar trees, mangroves, Brazilian pepper shrubs, and palms that will blow your mind.

Pasco Palms Preserve is home to snowy egrets and white ibises dating back to 2009. There are mangrove swamps, wetlands, salt marshes, pine woods, and tidal flats.

Address: 4466 Trouble Creek Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

11. West Pasco Historical Society Museum and Library

West Pasco Historical Society Museum and Library
Credits: Ebyabe [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
West Pasco Historical Society Museum and Library
Learning about your vacation destination is one of the first things visitors should do; therefore, add a visit to this Museum to your list of top things to do in New Port Richey, FL.

The West Pasco Historical Society Museum and Library was founded to preserve the county’s rich history.

This establishment talks about the most important eras of the area, including the Native American populations that dwelled in the old days to modern times.

Here, you will find an extensive collection of artifacts, including clothing, tools, weapons, decorative items, and arrowheads.

Photographs, documents, and educative tools focus mainly on the most recent past of the towns in Pasco County.

West Pasco Historical Society Museum and Library host special gatherings to promote the history of the county.

It also offers lecture series, interactive conventions, and folk music performances open to everyone who wants to participate.

Address: 6431 Circle Blvd, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

12. Richey Suncoast Theatre

Richey Suncoast Theatre
Credits: Theresa / Flickr
Richey Suncoast Theatre

Book tickets at Richey Suncoast Theatre if you want an amazing entertainment experience.

Richey Suncoast Theatre is a venue for local artists to showcase their talents, including art performances, art education, and art leadership programs.

Richey Suncoast Theatre was formerly a historic movie theatre erected in 1925, which was later converted into a community theatre and playhouse.

On July 1, 1926, it was founded as the Meighan Theatre, named after Thomas Meighan, a silent movie star,

Although Meighan was not present on the opening day, the Theatre opened by screening one of Meighan’s movies, the New Klondike.

Later in 1930, when a new sound system was added to the movie theatre, he came himself to push the system’s start button.

Due to a great depression, the Theatre was shut down in 1934 and reopened in 1938 using The New Port Richey Theatre.

Address: 6237 Grand Blvd, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

13. Merlin’s Magic Shop

Merlin's Magic Shop
Credits: Merlin’s Magic Shop / Facebook
Merlin’s Magic Shop

One of the fun things to do in New Port Richey, FL, is to visit Merlin’s Magic Shop, a shop of 1,600 square feet filled with everything unique.

Merlin’s Magic Shop is packed with magic props, magic sets, magic books, mental magic, escape apparatus, beginner magic, card & coin magic, Magic DVDs, and more.

The shop is open from 12 pm to 6 pm from Tuesday to Saturday. Merlin’s theater is found next to Merlin’s Magic Shop.

They provide the world’s best professional magicians in different fields such as Stage Magic, Street Magic, Comedy Magic, Mentalists, and close-up Magic.

They bring performers from different parts of the world in an intimate seating of sixty-five persons.

Address: 8734 US-19, Port Richey, FL 34668, United States

14. Robert Crown Wilderness Area

If you’re searching for a place that brings you closer to nature, don’t fail to include Robert Crown Wilderness Area on your New Port Richey to-do list.

Robert Crown Wilderness Area is worth the extra effort, even though there is no modern route to get to this park.

This wilderness stretches for three hundred and forty-seven acres as an underdeveloped and conserved land.

It is home to the most iconic marshes and mangroves in Florida, including wetlands, which characterize the state.

Robert Crown Wilderness Area is home to an assortment of exposed and native species. The habitat houses over two hundred various kinds of birds, including aquatic critters and alligators; you might see some during your visit.

This attraction is owned and operated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. There are no signs pointing to Robert Crown Wilderness Area, but you can book a local charter or find a boat launch close to Green key road.

Address: 4230 Green Key Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

15. Robert K. Rees Memorial Park

Robert K. Rees Memorial Park
Credits: Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock

Robert K. Rees Memorial Park is packed with marshes and mangroves with no long-winded beach on-site.

This park is one of the few places in the region with charming white sand, making it a perfect gateway from the noisy section of the city.

As a forty-five acres location mainly comprised of mangroves, it features a small section with no trees on the south end.

Robert K. Rees Memorial Park is home to beautiful white sand with a gorgeous boardwalk that goes into the forest, plus other amenities.

This memorial Park is an excellent place for various activities such as wildlife watching, swimming, and sunbathing.

You can explore the scenic boardwalk or have an intimate picnic with the entire family or group of friends.

Address: 3503 Green Key Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

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16. Cotee River Brewing Company

Cotee River Brewing Company
Credits: Nitr / Shutterstock

Whenever you want to enjoy a delicious beer in New Port Richey, FL, visit the outstanding Cotee River Brewing Company.

Cotee River Brewing Company is the first brewery in the entire region. It has become the top spot for many people in the city.

Although the brewery recently opened in 2018, it has grown into a large company encouraging more people to stop by. The brewery produces most of its brews onsite, while a few were sourced from other breweries in Florida.

Cotee River Brewing Company offers delicious beers, including their famous brew, Fresh Wheat Beer, which combines a herbal mixture with fresh wheat beer.

They offer other options, such as porters, stouts, sangrias, and other signature drinks. Cotee River Brewing Company is a venue for music entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays, including karaoke and Open Mic Night.

Address: 5760 Main St, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

17. Lane Glo Bowl South

Lane Glo Bowl South
Credits: Boris Medvedev / Shutterstock

Lane Glo Bowl South is the right destination for an enjoyable day out with family and friends.

Lane Glo Bowl South is a privately owned and operated bowling center and one of the finest in the country.

The primary goal of Lane Glo Bowl South is to offer guests a high-quality bowling experience that will make them come back for more.

The bowling center is a favorite venue for kids’ birthday parties, offering a wide variety of party packages, and they can also customize a birthday package.

Lane Glo Bowl South offers fantastic bowling leagues, including hosting national, state, and local bowling tournaments.

Address: 8631 Old County Rd 54, New Port Richey, FL 34653, United States

18. Pithlachascotee River Paddling Trail

Pithlachascotee River Paddling Trail
Credits: Joanne Dale / Shutterstock
Pithlachascotee River Paddling Trail

Pithlachascotee River Paddling Trail, a region where the river is most beautiful, is found within Grey Preserve.

Pithlachascotee River Paddling Trail features towering trees that form a canopy-like shade covering the water.

It is one of the most recognized paddling routes in Florida because of its remarkable scenery and comfort.

Fragrant spider lilies usually welcome paddlers during the hotter months, while holidays and weekends are mostly crowded.

Due to the dark color of the water, there are submerged logs which makes it unfavorable for anglers and swimmers.

Address: New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

19. Gateway Studio

Gateway Studio
Credits: Volurol / Shutterstock

Every art lover visiting the city should include Gateway Studio on their list of top things to do in New Port Richey, FL.

Gateway Studio is a non-profit art gallery open annually with numerous guest and regional artists.

As a multi-disciplined gallery, it offers unique pieces, including gift items, prints, jewelry, furniture, and others.

The gallery and Studio are usually open on the first Friday of every month from 6 pm to 9 pm with new presentations and art pieces.

The Studio offers classes daily from 10 am to 4 pm, with a general work session held on Tuesdays and open to non-members for $5 each.

Whenever you want to purchase a nice gift for a loved one or a souvenir for yourself, visit Gateway Studio, you will find something that catches your fancy.

Address: 5740 Missouri Ave, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

20. Lyon’s Head Antique Mall

Lyon's Head Antique Mall
Credits: Aris-Tect Group / Shutterstock

If you want to purchase unique and timeless items, Lyon’s Head Antique Mall is one place to visit in New Port Richey.

Lyon’s Head Antique Mall has been in business since 1993 and has been the number one go-to place for lovers of antiques.

This 10,000-square feet antique facility is packed with an extensive collection of porcelain, antiques, records, collectibles, and art.

Lyon’s Head Antique Mall, the biggest operating antique mall in both Pinellas and Pasco counties, moved to its current location in January 2015 in New Port Richey.

Lyon’s Head Antique Mall is owned and operated by David and Aleida Jones, with more than fifty dealers offering the best products.

The company is known for maintaining long relationships with its staff, who are always professional and ready to serve.

Address: 10447 US 19 Jasmine Plaza, Port Richey, FL 34668, United States

21. Grand Fresh Market

Grand Fresh Market
Credits: Ana Blazic Pavlovic / Shutterstock

Shopping at Grand Fresh Market is one of the best things to do in New Port Richey, FL, if you want to integrate into the city.

Grand Fresh Market is the most favorable choice for residents and visitors since there are no recognized farmers’ markets in the town.

The Market is the point in the city that offers the freshest farm produce with a variety of quality Florida products.

You can shop for different seasonal vegetables, fruit cultivars, and many other products; there are products at almost all corners of the facility.

Grand Fresh Market is open all week, making it stand out from other farmer’s markets.

The Market features a diverse selection of vendors offering various perishables and other products.

Address: 5227 Crafts St, New Port Richey, FL 34652, United States

22. Meadows Dog Park

Meadows Dog Park
Credits: otsphoto / Shutterstock

Visit Meadows Dog Park if you’re wondering what to do in New Port Richey, FL, especially when you want to take your pet on a treat.

Meadows Dog Park is the best place for people visiting with their furry friends. It is located just after James E. Grey Preserve.

The Park features everything a pet needs, offering them a spacious area to run around and have a great time.

It features trees, grassy lands, and sandy areas perfect for relaxation and digging, including fenced areas featuring separate areas for large and small dogs.

Meadows Dog Park features playgrounds for little kids with other attractions like basketball courts, swings, and more.

Dogs can be let off the leash without fear of them running after bikers or joggers because of the fences. In addition, there are restrooms available for use.

Address: 6674 Meadowbrook Lane New Port Richey, FL 34668, United States

23. Summertree Golf Club

Summertree Golf Club
Credits: Yellowj / Shutterstock

Summertree Golf Club is an outstanding family-owned and operated 9-hole course in New Port Richey.

This beautiful golf course is graced with well-positioned bunkers, sprawling fairways, and nicely manicured greens.

The golf course features fantastic par 3 plus par 4’s and 5’s, which challenges the abilities of the golf players, whether experts or amateurs.

The beautiful natural resources in the golf course modify the golfing experience of its users, assuring them a memorable tee time.

Summertree Golf Club also features a cafe where you can have a delicious beverage. There’s a fully stocked pro shop with various golfing materials.

Address: 11816 Paradise Pointe Way, New Port Richey, FL 34654, United States

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Plan Your Trip to New Port Richey

New Port Richey is a family-friendly destination, there is always something for the young and old.

The city is home to unique attractions, including historical sites, entertainment centers, movie theaters, nature preserves, art galleries, and more.

Start planning your trip to New Port Richey.