25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Mansfield (Ohio)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Mansfield, Ohio?

Mansfield is a charming city and the county seat of Richland County, Ohio, United States. The beautiful town rests midway between Columbus and Cleveland by Interstate 71.

Mansfield bears the nickname “The Fun Center of Ohio as it is the largest town in the Mid-Ohio region and the north-central region.

Established in 1808, on a fork of the beautiful Mohican River in a hilly region circled by fertile farmlands, the city became a manufacturing center for its location with lots of rail lines.

Here are the top things to do in Mansfield, Ohio

Things to Do in Mansfield

1. Explore B&O Bike Trail

B&O Bike Trail
Credits: Poznyakov / Shutterstock
B&O Bike Trail

The B & O Trail is a paved 18.4-mile bike trail erected on the railroad bed of the former Baltimore and Ohio Railway. The B & O Bike Trail opened in 1995, and it connects Mansfield, Lexington, Belleville, and Butler.

B & O Trail traverses a few of the most scenic parts of North Central Ohio. The trail is open throughout the year in the day for taking a fantastic walk with your loved ones, jogging, bicycling, in-line skating, wildlife viewing, and others. You will also enjoy cross-country skiing in the winter.

In B & O Trail, there are plenty of access points in each community, and parking and bike trail access are available in each community.

Go for a relaxed and beautiful walk with your loved one or enjoy watching the wildlife in the area. If you need a quiet location to sit down and relax, you will discover some shaded/tree areas to sit and enjoy the scenic view.

You can as well enjoy bicycling, jogging, and discovering trails with your friends or family.

Address: 2295 Lexington Ave, Mansfield, OH 44907-3027

2. Kingwood Center Gardens

Kingwood Center Gardens
Credits: shriesik / Shutterstock
Kingwood Center Gardens

One of the best things to do in Mansfield, Ohio, for nature lovers is visiting Kingwood Center Gardens, and it is worth adding to your checklist.

Kingwood Center Gardens is a plant garden on Trimble Road, Mansfield, full of the stunning beauty one can imagine.

The property was an estate owned by Charles Kelly King and turned into a garden in 1953.

It covers 47 acres. The garden has everything from succulent-filled houses, herbs, historical parks, perennials, rose gardens to terraces, tropical homes, tulip beds, and parterre collections of daylily, iris, and woodland.

Kingwood Center Gardens were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

A visit to this exotic garden is worth every bit of it.

Address: 50 N Trimble Rd, Mansfield, OH 44906, United States.

3. The Mansfield Reformatory

The Mansfield Reformatory
Credits: Mike / Flickr
The Mansfield Reformatory

Alongside being a location with a deep historical significance, This reformatory has also served as the filming location for several films.

Be one of the adventurous types and dive deep into the place and blend with the atmosphere.

The well-known Hollywood film, The Shawshank Redemption, was filmed in this location.

The location has attracted significant attention from visitors all across the globe since it provides details on how the prison was utilized for the production of the film.

It is possible to take an unguided self-guided tour or a typical guided tour. Due to the eerie surroundings, haunted tours are more terrifying and thrilling.

Alongside the exciting atmosphere, the historical importance, and the crowded architecture makes it an important location.

Address: 100 Reformatory Rd, Mansfield, OH 44905, United States.

4. Little Buckeye Children’s Museum

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum
Credits: Sharomka / Shutterstock

If you do or don’t have children, make sure you go to The Little Buckeye Children’s Museum to enjoy this fascinating world of tiny!

The museum is situated around 44 West 4th Street. The museum has two floors and has two dozen of exhibits.

Children aged between 2 and 10 years old are the ideal age for this museum.

There are miniature trains cities, mini-rooms, and even miniature buildings for kids to show off their imagination, as well as things to purchase from your kid.

It’s a perfect spot for families with children. They are extremely friendly to tourists and surrounded by nature. There are dance shows, water connectors, Lego, and the dentist’s office.

There’s an area where children can play on the stage, a police station, an agricultural area with a water table, a space for digging dinosaurs, beauty shops, supermarkets, construction zones, and more!

It’s a great place to let the child out, your child or one in your for the best experience.

Address: 44 W 4th St, Mansfield, OH 44902, United States.

5. Apple Hill Orchard

Apple Hill Orchard
Credits: kozirsky / Shutterstock

Apple Hill Orchard is a family-owned and managed orchard committed to supplying fruits, vegetables, and fresh produce in an environmentally responsible way.

Explore the Apple Hill Orchard as you spend time there and experience agriculture in action. Apple Hill Orchard offers thirty different varieties of apples, peaches, pears, cherries, and plumbs.

Apple Hills Orchard also provides delicious and fresh daily-made apple donuts, on-site fresh-pressed apple cider, local honey, maple syrup, jam jellies, Amish deli, and gifts items. Apple Hills Orchard hosts special Fall events.

You will enjoy picking your fruit in Apple Hills Orchard with your kids, friends, or family. The store at Apple Hill Orchards also has a drive-through for a quick stop so that you can grab a coffee, baked goods, espresso drinks, hot apple donuts, and your favorite drinks.

Address: 1175 Lexington Ontario Rd, Mansfield, OH 44903-7703

6. Ohio Bird Sanctuary

Ohio Bird Sanctuary
Credits: Ohio Bird Sanctuary/ Facebook
Ohio Bird Sanctuary

Ohio Bird Sanctuary is one of the best places worth visiting for people with great love for birds, and it offers the best experience.

This tourist attraction is located on Orweiler highway in Mansfield. It is open on all days of the week until 4:00 pm. This is a popular choice for everyone of all ages.

The sanctuary offers a great tourist experience for families who wish to visit the bird sanctuary, go bird watching, watch talks to discover more about the residents’ birds like owls and eagles, stroll along the trails for hiking since there are many trails to hike along, wander through the bird display as well as feed birds in the bird sanctuary.

To allow families to have fun to the fullest, there are tables for picnics on the grounds. It won’t be an issue if a gorgeous bird lands on your arm as you try feeding it!

Tourists can donate to the care of this refuge, famous for caring for injured birds.

Address: 3774 Orweiler Rd, Ontario, OH 44903, United States.

7. Gorman Nature Center

Gorman Nature Center
Credits: Andrew Coyle / Flickr
Gorman Nature Center

Being in the midst of nature will be an authentic experience at Gorman’s Nature Center.

Gorman Nature Center is a nature and wildlife preserve that is extremely well-loved by the citizens of Ohio.

The location is on Lexington Avenue. This place is something, and it is a “hidden” gem for people who appreciate the beauty of all things.

You can engage various things in many water bodies, including lakes and ponds that have short, traditional bridges.

There are extended green areas, older trees, and plants that often create a learning location.

There are natural houses as well as other ancient bodies that one could consider stunning to sit in.

It is a popular place for nature photographers, naturalists, nature lovers, and hikers. Hiking is indeed another option in this area.

Address: 2295 Lexington Ave, Mansfield, OH 44907, United States.

8. Carrousel Antiques

Carrousel Antiques
Credits: Tect Group / Shutterstock

Carrousel Antiques is an upscale antique store that features different varieties of antiques, collectibles. Carrousel Antiques welcomes numerous dealers that sell various goods and treasures.

Carrousel Antiques opens every Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Carrousel Antiques features one-of-a-kind antiques and treasures and Carol and Carolyn’s Gifts with a Decorating shop.

Carrousel Antiques celebrates merry seasons with a Holiday Open House each year; they also offer Xmas treats and items for sale in many of the dealer’s booths and exhibits.

Visit the Carrousel Antiques to get unique and lovely gifts for your friends and family. Items sold in Carousel Antiques are affordable. There are vintage costume jewelry, furniture items, and others.

The staff in Carrousel Antiques are friendly and helpful. Stop by the store to purchase quality items and gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Address: 118 N Main St, Mansfield, OH 44902-7668

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9. Skating and Snowboarding!

Skating and Snowboarding
Credits: Lukas Gojda / Shutterstock

Mansfield offers more than lush greenery, but it is also known for its fresh snow.

Visiting the area for skiing and snowboarding is an absolute must for anyone who wants to enjoy all the fun and excitement!

The landscape itself is guaranteed to blow your mind with long valleys that are covered in the whitewash of snow that extends as long as your eyes can see and are accompanied by dry branches of trees that are tall.

There are plenty of snow-related activities waiting to be discovered under various agents that shouldn’t be left unnoticed.

The ropeway is stunning and ensures that you have a broad panoramic view of this beautiful landscape. The entire area is lit with bright lights that give it a peaceful, serene feeling in the evenings.

10. Mansfield’s Fire Museum And Educational Center

Mansfield’s Fire Museum And Educational Center
Credits: Phil Cunningham / Facebook
Mansfield’s Fire Museum And Educational Center

Among other cool things to do in Mansfield for outdoor time, a visit to Mansfield’s Fire Museum And Educational Center is worth your time.

The importance of the historic Mansfield Fire Museum and Educational Center is awe-inspiring.

The museum is stunning and situated across W 4th Street. It is a must-see tourist destination for visitors. The firefighters of Mansfield often offer tours that include details about the museum.

This museum’s entire space is packed with gorgeous red and intricate glossy engines from all times as well as memorabilia.

There are fire engines and other apparatus too. Every engine or fire truck comes with a tale of its own, which guides will share with you.

The demonstrations are conducted by the guides as well. The entire area is filled with stunning machinery as well as historical memorabilia, which will surely leave you amazed.

Address: 1265 W 4th St, Mansfield, OH 44906, United States.

11. Mansfield Memorial Museum

Mansfield Memorial Museum
Credits: Publichall [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Mansfield Memorial Museum
Built in 1889, Mansfield Memorial Museum is the oldest museum in Richland County, founded by Edward Wilkinson.

As a great collector of artifacts and specimens for the Smithsonian Institute Carnegie Natural History Museum and Peabody Field Museum, Edward Wilkinson established a varied and extensive collection from which the museum has continued to grow.

The Mansfield Memorial Museum features numerous collections such as major wars, natural history, a repository for many public documents from Richland County and the town of Mansfield, and the Industrial History of Mansfield.

Also seen in the Memorial Museum is the Westinghouse’s home of the future and the oldest American robot ELEKTRO as showcased in the World’s Fair 1937-38 in New York. The robot Elektro was the first robot that could walk, talk, and count on its fingers.

The Mansfield Memorial Museum welcomes you to explore and share in the rich history of North Central Ohio. You are sure to have fun as you discover the remarkable history of Mansfield.

Address: 34 Park Ave W, Mansfield, OH 44902-1603

12. The South Park

South Park
Credits: Fun in the Park in South Park Mansfield / Facebook
South Park

For an amazing outdoor time, visit The Mansfield South Park for your family fun activities.

The park is situated on Brinkerhoff Avenue. This park has a significant historical significance within the vicinity.

The park is an enjoyable blend of play areas and history within the natural landscape.

South Park holds different events throughout the year, including amusement in the park with kids in the summer months, and during fall, there are historical enactment and historical events. There’s plenty to do for everyone in South Park.

There is a playground For families, there are picnic areas with chairs and tables, and for nature enthusiasts of all sorts, the whole area is wonderfully in the lush greenery, with trees and cabins to get the country atmosphere flowing.

Address: 100 Brinkerhoff Ave, Mansfield, OH 44906, United States.

13. Oak Hill Cottage

Oak Hill Cottage
Credits: OHWiki at wts wikivoyage [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Oak Hill Cottage
Oak Hill Cottage is one of the most excellent Gothic houses in the United States. Oak Hill Cottage is open every Sunday, April through December, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, excluding Easter Sundays.

Oak Hill Cottage, Mansfield is a carefully restored and preserved Gothic Revival-style home. The Cottage is open to visitors during regularly scheduled hours and by appointment for group tours.

The Cottage is a well-preserved mid-nineteenth century house that features interior and exterior photographs in an 1897 county atlas and was the focal point of Louis Bromfield’s first novel, The Green Bay Tree.

In 1847, John Robinson built the house for his family. In the home, you will discover furnishings, artifacts, items of clothing, photos, furniture, and others.

Address: 310 Springmill St, Mansfield, OH 44903-7001

14. Biblewalk Museum

Biblewalk Museum
Credits: Jim Reynolds / Flickr
Biblewalk Museum

For seminary students or individuals who are interested in religion, a visit to Biblewalk Museum is a perfect addition to your list of fun things to do in Mansfield, Ohio.

It was previously known as “The Living Bible Museum” The Biblewalk is a wax museum, which is denominational. It is a part of the Diamond Hill Cathedral.

It is a very spiritual, artistic, and cultural location that depicts wax figures with the context of Christian historical events, specifically in the Bible. The museum was founded in 1987.

This museum alone is an asset to the economic growth of Mansfield as well as Ohio all over the world.

It is significant because over 40,000 visitors visit it every year, usually coming from Columbus, Cleveland, and other parts of Ohio. Visitors can come from all over South Africa, Asia, and the U.K.

The museum offers five tours that feature more than 300 life-size figures. The museum also has rare editions of the Bible and other sacred objects.

Address: 500 Tingley Ave, Mansfield, OH 44905, United States.

15. Richland Carrousel Park

Richland Carrousel Park
Credits: Robert of Fairfax / Flickr
Richland Carrousel Park

The Richland Carrousel Park is the gaming and entertainment center of Mansfield. This is one of the top things to do in Mansfield, Ohio.

Who doesn’t love a stunningly illuminated Carrousel featuring beautiful horses and glowing lights to enjoy a relaxing time with loved ones?

The horses and all the animals are well-groomed and kept in a proper manner, and with the addition of an uplifting piece of music to accompany it every day.

The design of the park is extremely welcoming and stimulating. There’s an area to sit and relax and enjoy in the park.

There are food options and an online shop where you can buy anything you’d like at the Richland Carrousel Park.

It is an ideal place to visit with your children or your entire family and enjoy a fun time.

Address: 75 N Main St, Mansfield, OH 44902, United States.

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16. Fowler Woods State Nature Preserve

Fowler Woods State Nature Preserve
Credits: arthurgphotography / Shutterstock
Fowler Woods State Nature Preserve

Fowler Woods State Nature Preserve offers a nice 1.25-mile forested nature walk. Explore the boardwalk as they have been replaced and are in perfect condition.

You will enjoy walking on the trails and enjoying the picturesque view of nature’s beauty in the forested area. Fowler Woods State Nature Preserve is a 187-acre state nature preserve in Richland County in Northeast Ohio.

The Nature Preserve is the only state preserve in Richland County that the Fowler family initially owns before handing it over to the state. The area is pleasant to view the spring wildflowers, marsh marigolds, violets, phlox, and others.

You will also enjoy watching the different varieties of birds. If you are a nature lover, this place is for you.

17. The Blueberry Patch

Credits: Stone36 / Shutterstock

The Blueberry Patch can be described as the “sweetest” location in Mansfield.

It is located along Hanley road. It is a winery, blueberry farm, with restaurants as well as an online shop for gifts.

Be prepared to be impressed by the culinary delights from the area and the merchandise available.

Who doesn’t like a bunch of blueberries fresh from the field! The gift shop is full of things to take home and gifts, as well as blueberry-themed fabrics for you to purchase.

There’s a restaurant and a cafe that serves muffins and desserts as well as a variety of food items, including takeaways. Food items are gluten-free!

There is a stunning green vineyard that has blueberries that are purple in full bloom. It is a winery offering the finest wines.

This answers what to do in Mansfield for some tasty time, there’s a warm atmosphere and live music to boost your spirits and your taste senses.

Address: 1285 Hanley Rd W, Mansfield, OH 44904, United States.

18. Mansfield Antique Store

The most authentic artworks can be found in The Mansfield Antique Store.

The store is situated right beside Main Street. The antique shops will amaze you with their comprehensive assortment of items.

Shopkeepers are knowledgeable about their products and will be able to guide you throughout your experience.

From cup ware to Vases made of various materials, crockery and décor plants, shelves for the home and ware, all kinds of materials are offered, and they all appear elegant and timeless.

This is a dream for those who love art. A good place to shop.

19. North End Farmers Market

North End Farmers Market
Credits: Alexandra Lande / Shutterstock

The North End Farmers Market improves access to healthy food for people living in North End and encourages entrepreneurship by supporting local growers and micro-business owners.

The NECIC North End Farmers Market Will assist you with the step-by-step process of vending if you’re interested in selling in the market.

You will find fresh local foods, farmers, ranchers, food vendors, local crafts, and other lovely items in the market. Would you mind stopping at the North End Farmers Market to enjoy shopping for different unique items and enjoy the foods served by the kind vendors?

The vendors in North End Farmers Market offer different varieties of locally made and locally grown items through the season; there are also programs for kids and chef demonstrations.

Address: 486 Springmill St In the Parking Lot Behind the Brick Church, Mansfield, OH 44903-1133

20. Mansfield Art Center

Mansfield Art Center
Credits: OHWiki / Wikipedia (Public Domain)
Mansfield Art Center

Mansfield Art Center is one of the best things to do in Mansfield, Ohio, for lovers of art to a good view of Its amazing local arts.

Mansfield Art Center is located at Marion Avenue. Whether you are a tourist or artist, an art fan or art lover, your senses will be impressed by the gorgeous and varied collection of art in the museum.

A huge building that has multiple stories, the center can be purchased for artwork as well.

It also has an extensive selection of auctions happening all year round, the majority of which tourists take out. A variety of fairs, fetes, and events are often held at this location.

The building itself is sleek and modern, neat and well-lit for the ideal atmosphere of an artist’s gallery. There are gift shops, too, featuring hand-crafted products.

Address: 700 Marion Ave, Mansfield, OH 44906, United States.

21. Phoenix Brewing Company

Phoenix Brewing Company
Credits: Valentyn Volkov / Shutterstock

After all that sightseeing and shopping, you’ll wish to enjoy a great beer, and it’s possible that the Phoenix Brewing Company might just be the best option!

The place was a funeral home past times, and patrons frequently go on tours to view the basement’s brewing process now.

The design is elegant with a historic-looking building. The ambiance is gorgeous, with red brick walls and glowing lights.

There is a myriad of drinks and beer to select from, and the overall vibe is cool. Music channels are streaming every day to further enhance the atmosphere.

Address: 131 N Diamond St, Mansfield, OH 44902, United States.

22. Historic Renaissance Theatre

Historic Renaissance Theatre
Credits: OHWiki [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Historic Renaissance Theatre
Prepare and be ready to have your breath completely taken away by this, as it can be one of the most historical places in Mansfield, Ohio.

It is situated in Park Avenue and was previously called “the” Ohio Theatre.

It is the biggest theatre located in the northcentral region of Ohio, boasting a staggering 1402 seats within a larger-than-life auditorium/galaxy.

The style of architecture is sure to inspire piano music that will be cherished by its neoclassical character.

The museum was founded in 1928 and continues to flourish to date, attracting audiences from across the globe.

There’s music, theatre dancing, music, melodies, drama, art, culture, history, and enjoyment! An average of 40 productions are staged each year, all in Broadway fashion.

A majority of the state-level pageant events were also staged in the city. This beautiful beauty reflects the blend of entertainment and history.

This answers what to do in Mansfield, for theater lovers, do consider an addition to your bucket list of things to do in Mansfield, Ohio.

Address: 138 Park Ave., W., Mansfield, Ohio, United States.

23. Mansfield Playhouse

Mansfield Playhouse
Credits: Chris Griffin / Flickr
Mansfield Playhouse

The Mansfield Playhouse is the second oldest ever-producing community theater in the state and the largest producing company in Ohio. Amongst the top fun things to do in Mansfield is a visit to this theater.

The Mansfield Playhouse stands strong due to the community’s support, including the volunteers, sponsors, patrons, audiences, and other contributors.

The Mansfield Playhouse presents a 4-5 show Main Stage Season, two Youth Theatre Productions, and two Second Stage Productions.

It is committed to achieving the highest quality performances and shows, enriching as educating the people and volunteers and reaching beyond the four corners of the Mansfield Playhouse to embrace all elements of our community.

If you are on vacation in Mansfield, Ohio, be sure to visit the Mansfield Playhouse to enjoy theatrical performances and exhibitions.

Address: 95 E 3rd St, Mansfield, OH 44902-1323

24. North Lake Park

North Lake Park
Credits: Mike Sharp [CC BY-SA 1.0], Wikimedia Commons
North Lake Park
A visit to North Lake Park should be added to your list of things to do in Mansfield. 

The Mansfield City Parks are the heart of several recreational events throughout the city, and several of them are handled by the City’s Park and Recreational Department. 

These parks offer a calming environment and a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

North Lake Park offers several amenities to hold different events and is perfect for satisfying all your needs. 

Whether you want a place to go fishing, host a party, or play basketball, this park can provide that. 

These amenities include a basketball court, a pond for fishing, grills, a picnic area, and playground equipment. 

The pavilion had a kitchen and a lovely open area to put up tables and chairs in case you want to hold a party. 

Address: 268 Hope Rd, Mansfield, OH 44903, United States

25. Exithis

Credits: HAKINMHAN / Shutterstock

One of the best things to do during your holiday in Mansfield is to visit one of the best escape rooms in Mansfield. 

Exithis is a deluxe escape room entertainment center in Ohio. This entertainment center aims to deliver the most innovative and challenging escape rooms that will make you return for more. Try escaping the Temple, the Bank, or the Cell at Exithis.

Exthis believes that the highest-scale room experience should have complexity and an environment where players are entirely engrossed. 

Exithis strives to improve players’ experience by engaging their senses and conveying a feeling of reality. 

So visit this escape room and test your puzzle-solving, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. 

Address: 2240 Stumbo Rd S, Mansfield, OH 44906, United States

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Start Planning Your Trip to Mansfield, Ohio.

Mansfield, Ohio, the spectacular city, welcomes its guest to enjoy a beautiful and memorable experience in the city.

You will discover exciting museums, scenic parks, lovely trails, delicious food, outstanding performances, concerts and exhibitions, lots of outdoor activities to explore, picnics venues, restaurants, breweries, antiques, fresh produce, crafts, and many others.

There is everything for everyone in the lovely city. So while don’t you start now to plan your next vacation to the town, Mansfield, Ohio.