28 Best & Fun Things to Do in Findlay (Ohio)

Looking for the best and fun things to do in Findlay, Ohio?

Nestled along the banks of the Blanchard River, Findlay is a city that is known for its rich heritage and breathtaking natural beauty.

It is a great place to enjoy nature-based recreational opportunities like biking, hiking and camping as well as kayaking, canoeing fishing, wildlife viewing, and swimming, as well as more. There is also a selection of stunning museums and art galleries for your exploration.

Findlay is a paradise for nature lovers where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors while still being close to urban life.

Do not miss stunning sunsets or the riverside walks while you are here. This is the perfect place for your next trip. Here’s a list of the best things to do in Findlay.

Things to do in Findlay

1. Explore Riverside Park

Riverside Park
Credits: tyler schwab imagery / Shutterstock
Riverside Park

One of the top things to do in Findlay, Ohio, is spending some time at Riverside Park.

Riverside Park is situated on the edge of the Blanchard River, and this attraction draws countless numbers of nature lovers to the park.

The park consists of picnic areas, an enchanting waterfall, sprawling greenery, dense foliage, a playground, grills, and a bandshell.

The park also has volleyball courts, a swimming pool, a boat launch, hiking trails, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, a beach area, and lots more.

The Park is famous for its outstanding and impressive natural and scenic views.

The Park also has other exciting activities lined up for you when you visit, such as hiking, birding, picnicking, fishing, kayaking, swimming, and lots more.

You can take a stroll on the riverside while you admire the astonishing views the park has to offer.

You can also explore the River’s park by going for a paddleboat ride, swimming at the park’s pool, and kayaking.

You can also play basketball and volleyball with other visitors, go fishing, have a picnic at the beautiful riverside and go hiking on the trails.

The Park is relaxing and exciting and a place to visit and relinquish some stress.

Address: 231 McManness Ave, Findlay, OH 45840, Unite States

2. Emory Adams Park

Emory Adams Park
Credits: City of Findlay Recreation / Facebook
Emory Adams Park

The Emory Adams Park should be on your list of fun things to do when you visit Findlay.

The park has a playground, walking paths, sports fields, picnic areas, a basketball court, and lots more.

You can go hiking on the verdant trails and enjoy the beautiful views the park has to offer.

The picnic area is a great spot to have some delicious meals with family and friends and enjoy the captivating scenery.

Several events are hosted in the Park, and such events include sport tournaments, health runs, hot air balloon festivals, and many more.

Address: 1827 S Blanchard St, Findlay, OH 45840, USA

3. Children’s Museum of Findlay

Children's Museum of Findlay
Credits: FamVeld / Shutterstock

Children’s Museum of Findlay is a famous Kiddies museum that provides lots of learning materials for kids in all fields of life.

This is one of the fun things to do in Findlay, Ohio, with kids, and worth adding to your list of places to visit in Findlay.

The museum focuses on aiding kids to be knowledgeable in science, maths, technology, arts, and many more areas in a fascinating way.

The several exhibits to find here are climbing walls, a bank, schoolhouse, hospital, lightroom, glow zone, grocery store, quarry, fire stations, a farm, theatre, and lots more.

The museum is open for visits from Wednesdays to Thursdays, and the time is 11am-4pm, respectively.

Address: 1800 Tiffin Ave # 201, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

4. Marathon Centre for the Performing Arts

Marathon Centre for the Performing Arts
Credits: Aleksandr Andrushkiv / Shutterstock

The Marathon Center for Performing Arts features outstanding theatre performances yearly; these performances include concerts, plays, comedy shows, ballet, musicals, and many more.

In addition, the Theatre has a large event hall and an art gallery.

Here is a famous venue for social gatherings and events, reunions, weddings. The theatre is a great entertainment center. You can check their website for ticket sales.

This is one of the best places to visit in Findlay, a perfect addition to your bucket list of things to do in Findlay, Ohio.

Address: 200 W Main Cross St, Findlay, OH 45840, USA

5. Swiss Community Historical Society

Swiss Community Historical Society
Credits: Swiss Community Historical Society / Facebook
Swiss Community Historical Society

The Schumacher Property is a beautiful attraction and comprises a house, a barn, a lovely garden, and a barn.

It was built in 1843 and was an abode for the Schumacher family, who relocated from Switzerland to Ohio during the 19th Century.

The house depicts a typical Swiss house that dates back to the 1800s, and it houses various historical artifacts.

Catch a glimpse of the life and activities of the Swiss people living in this area in the 1800s. You get to see their furniture, cooking utensils, the garden, and others. If you’re a history enthusiast, this is the best place to visit.

Address: 8350 Bixel Rd, Bluffton, OH 45817, United States

6. Jeffrey’s Antique Gallery

Jeffrey's Antique Gallery
Credits: Jeffrey’s Antique Gallery / Facebook
Jeffrey’s Antique Gallery

Jeffrey’s Antique Gallery is a place for antique lovers to be. The Antique gallery was established in July 1990, and it’s a family-owned business.

The antiques here are the best because they deal with the finest antique dealers around.

This made the Antique Gallery speedily expand into a 700-foot facility, and the gallery is 38000 square feet housing various collectibles and antiques.

The Antique Gallery is known to be the largest mall in NorthWest, Ohio. There are so many antiques to find here, courtesy of their 300 antique dealers.

If you have a great enthusiasm for antiques, their dealers got you covered from glassware, fine furniture, primitive items, toys, and advertising tins.

Ready to rekindle with the past? You should add Jeffrey’s antique gallery to the list of museums to visit.

This makes what to do in Findlay, OH, and is worth adding to your list of Findlay OH attractions to visit.

Address: 11326 County Rd 99, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

7. Findlay Brewing Company

Findlay Brewing Company
Credits: givaga / Shutterstock

This is the only local brewery company you can find in Hancock County and is situated in Downtown Findlay.

It has an extensive beer and food menu you wouldn’t want to dare miss out from and their exclusive beer like the Micropolitan and floodwater stout and lots more.

They have excellent service, friendly staff, great food, and a beautiful ambiance.

The Findlay brewing Company is displayed in every part of the state and can be seen in different local restaurants.

Address: 213 E Crawford St, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

8. The Cube Arena

The Cube Arena
Credits: begalphoto / Shutterstock

The Cube Arena was established in 1974 as an indoor ice center. It is open regularly from May to Mid-July and from September to late March.

Mid-July to August, when the ice melts, it offers a satisfactory space to host several events like wedding occasions and receptions, concerts, and flea markets.

The Cube Arena provides a standard competition ice surface for hockey, adaptive and open skating.

This arena also offers large conference rooms for meetings, indoor rental space when not under the ice.

Do not miss a fun time here as its a one of the top Findlay OH attractions for your bucket list of things to do in Findlay, Ohio. The Cube Arena is also available for seminars, graduation, birthday parties, meetings, and celebrations.

Address: 3430 N Main St, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

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9. Lavender Hour

Lavender Hour
Credits: fizkes / Shutterstock

The Lavender Hour is a fitness boutique and yoga studio. The Lavender hour focuses on community development through mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

If you are a yoga enthusiast, this is an excellent place to visit and go through yoga training.

The Studio also organizes art classes, self-care sessions, live music, access bar session, private reiki, sound baths, quantum healing, and sound baths.

This place will make an excellent visit to get yourself in the right mind and physical state as you go through yoga training sessions.

Address: 221 Broadway St, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

10. The West End Tavern

West End Tavern
Credits: West End Tavern / Facebook
West End Tavern

Our list of things to do in Findlay, Ohio, is not missing one of the best stops for a meal.

The West End Tavern is a neighborhood bar and restaurant, and it has been in existence since the 1930s.

You can enjoy the restaurant’s specials such as its deli-style sandwiches, juicy third-pound burgers.

You can also try their exclusive fried zucchini, homemade fries, and the Westender- an enormous fried pork tenderloin sandwich with onion rings.

You can also check out their Star Wars themed menu prepared with unique ingredients like chorizo and chicken, bratwurst.

Here’s a nice spot to relax, have some cold beer and eat great foods.

Address: 506 W Main Cross St, Findlay, OH 45840

 11. Shady Grove

Shady Grove
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

The Shady Grove Golf Course and Restaurant was established in the year 1959, the mini driving range and golf course were constructed in the year 1960.

The Shady Grove golf course also has a three par golf course and an 18 hole course.

The Shady Grove is a family-owned business and has been operating for a long time. The facility was bought 25 years ago by Professional Scott Malloy from his Dad

And he has brought in many golf equipment, golf instruction, fitness equipment, tournaments, and recreational leagues to the area.

Shady Grove is an excellent relaxation spot for families during summer times. Come along with your family and have a fun time.

Are you asking what to do in Findlay, OH, for golf lovers?, Shady Grove Golf Course answers to that.

Address: 15733 US-224, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

12. Escape Room

Escape Room
Credits: Jerome.Romme / Shutterstock
Escape Room

The Escape Room is an adventurous live game where participants solve an array of puzzles by applying hints, strategy, and clues to unravel the mystery in any room.

A time limit of 60 mins is given to participants to unlock doors, find hidden objects, and figure out ways to leave the room before time elapses.

The Escape Room facility is built exclusively with special props and sets that transport participants into different dimensions and times.

This is a fun place to be with friends and colleagues to find out how well you’ll work together as a team.

If you’re an Escape room enthusiast, this place is for you to come to visit, and the Escape room should top your list of things to do in Findlay.

Address: 1811 Tiffin Ave, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

13. The AnvilWhiskey Bar

AnvilWhiskey Bar
Credits: Ruslan Semichev / Shutterstock

The Anvil is a whiskey bar made up of scotch, Bourbon, a full bar, and a craft beer. It was established in 2010 by Michale and Robin Gardner.

The Bar offers the best wine, cocktails, spirits, and culinary you can find in Northwest Ohio.

It also offers seafood, pasta, high-end steak, and many other notable and exclusive Americana foods.

The bar is an excellent place to hang out on weekends and have a satisfying taste of incredible wine.

They offer live entertainment to visitors on weekends, Fridays, and Saturdays with exotic drinks to keep you going. Happy visiting.

This is one of the cool things to do in Findlay, Ohio, for some relaxation time, perfect for your checklist of places to visit in Findlay, Ohio.

Address: 114 E Main Cross St, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

14. University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum

University of Findlay's Mazza Museum
Credits: Ruhrfisch [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum
The Mazza Museum is a picture book art type of museum. It metamorphosed from having a collection of four artworks in 1982 to have an art collection of over 14000 art pieces.

The museum is connected with the University of Findlay and sets up several events for the year.

The museum has a total of six art galleries that show over 300 art exhibits.

There is no levy imposed by the museum for visits. It is absolutely free and open for visits on Sundays from 1pm to 4pm and Wednesdays to Fridays from 12pm to 5pm.

Address: 201 College Street, Findlay, OH

15. Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation

Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation
Credits: Mbrickn [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation
The Ohio Railroad Preservation is a popularly known attraction that has beautiful views and quarter-scale train rides.

This tourist attraction draws an extreme number of train enthusiasts every year.

The Ohio Train ride is accessible for important events like the Family Fun Day event, Trick or treats, Pumpkin train, Halloween Express, and lots more.

The Train ride organizes several events in the year like the Findlay Country Fest, Model train shows, Pumpkin Fest, and many others

The museum is a great entertainment center for kids as they’re not left out of the fun. There are lots of kiddies activities lined up to keep them going.

Address: 12505 County Rd 99, Findlay, OH 45840, USA

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16. Kayaking at Blanchard River Nature Preserve

This nature preserve is famous for activities such as birding, canoeing, photography, hiking, and kayaking.

You can go hiking when you visit the verdant trails across the woods and opposite the river.

You can also go kayaking or canoeing in the river and catch a glimpse of the beautiful and scenic views this area has to offer.

You can feast your eyes on several animals like the yellow-throated warblers, Acadian flycatchers, woodpeckers, and others.

This is a great spot to relax your mind and nerves and enjoy nature to its fullest.

Address: 22006 Co Rd 17, Forest, OH 45843, United States

17. Black Heritage Library and Multicultural Center

The Black Heritage Library was opened in 1983. The museum is internationally recognized and a lending library that features art collections from different countries.

The objective of this museum is to pinpoint the earnest contributions carried out by the African American people through its art collections.

These exhibits are made up of different cultural memorabilia and various historical artifacts.

The museum also has a heroic art collection that centers its historical information on the happenings of the Second World War Tuskegee Airmen.

Various events are coordinated in the museum throughout the year, especially celebrating black history month, the Dr. Martin Luther King program and unity walk, Cinco de Mayo, Native American Pow Wow, and lots more.

Address: 817 Harmon St, Findlay, OH 45840, USA

18. Picnicking in Van Buren State Park

Van Buren State Park
Credits: Nyttend [CC BY-SA 1.0], Wikimedia Commons
Van Buren State Park
The Van Buren State Park occupies 300 acres of land space and is famous for fishing, boating, picnicking, wildlife viewing, camping, and hiking.

It is also made of woodlands, nature trails, and a large serene lake.

The agricultural lands in the park, such as the wheat, cornfields, and soya bean fields, are equally attractive.

You can easily see animals like owls, red foxes, snakes, squirrels, opossums, bluebirds, meadowlarks, and more in the park.

Here is a great fishing spot, so get your fishing hooks ready while visiting. You might get lucky to catch a catfish, bluegill, crappie, bass, and many more.

You can also go hiking on the verdant trails that cut across the woods, and when visiting, come along with a great picnic plan and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the park.

You can also enjoy some canoeing and paddle boating on the serene waters.

Camping in this park is fun, having a beautiful gaze into the stars coupled with the beautiful wind. It’s a lovely and tranquil environment, and you sure want to add it to your fun list of things to do.

Address: 12259 Township Rd 218, Van Buren, OH 45889, United States

19. Hancock Historical Museum

Hancock Historical Museum
Credits: Mbrickn [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Hancock Historical Museum
The Hancock Historical Museum is situated in the city of Ohio and has its historical information centered on the history of Hancock County.

The Hancock Museum comprises the Crawford log House, DeWald-Funk House, Marathon Petroleum Corporation Energy, and Davies Homestead.

It also has a Transportation Annex, Hull/Flater House, an Agricultural building, the little red Schoolhouse, and Michael G. Oxley Government Center.

The museum also preserves the Riverside train that was situated before at Riverside Park.

The Agricultural building in the museum, called the “Barn,” centers its view on the region’s farming and agricultural system.

The Crawford Log house was an abode for Samuel Crowford’s family and himself and has been in existence since 1840.

The Museum shows how the early people in the region lived and carried out their activities.

The DeWald-Funk is a 19th Century log cabin home, and in this House, you get to see and learn how the people in this region survived the Civil war era, and it’s fascinating to visit.

The Oldest Farmhouse you could find in the area is the Davis Homestead, and it has been there since the 1800s. The farmhouse was relocated to the museum campus after the main farm got sold.

The Hull/Flater house was built in the year 1881 and was a place of living for one of Findlay’s Artificial Gas and Light Company owners. His family settled there and moved out in 1906 before the Flater family took over.

The house is adequately maintained to represent how the families lived and as though the families still live there.

The Museum also houses exhibits of vintage motorcycles and cars.

You can also visit to see the Michael G. Oxley Government Center and have a glimpse of exhibits that delve into civil leadership history.

The museum organizes a series of events all lined up through the year, and they include Oktoberfest, competitions, craft Cocktails and movie nights, lectures, and many more.

This is a great place to visit if you’re a history and agricultural enthusiast. This is a superb place to be, makes one of the best things to do in Findlay, Ohio.

Address: 422 W Sandusky St, Findlay, OH 45840, USA

20. Litzenberg Memorial Woods and McKinnis House

The Litzenberg Memorial Woodlands comprises wetlands, nature trails, sprawling greenery, woodland, the 2847 Mckinnis House, and the 19th-century garden.

In the 1800s, the Mckinnis family relocated to this Homestead.

The museum is properly cared for to allow visitors to get a feel of how the Mckinnis family lived during their days.

The area is an excellent spot to explore nature at its fullest, go for picnics and hiking. It’s a wonderful place for couples to have fun, families to rekindle and have fun moments.

This makes one of the best things to do in Findlay, Ohio, for a fun exploration time.

Address: 6100 US-224, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

21. Watch Sunset at Findlay

Sunset at Findlay
Credits: tyler schwab imagery / Shutterstock
Sunset at Findlay

The sunset at Findlay is something you don’t want to miss out on. It is a beautiful attraction to catch a Glimpse of spectacular views of beautiful sunsets.

The Park occupies a Landmass of 830 acres. The riverside is lovely, and there are lots of outdoor recreational activities lined up for visitors. They include boating, jogging, picnicking, fishing, hiking, and birding.

The rivers on the side are an abode for many fishes, such as catfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill, walleye, etc.

Here is a great place to relax and watch beautiful sunsets and also attractive views of calm waters.

It’s a great spot to have couples reunions, family picnics, and the environment is friendly and tranquil.

22. Oakwoods Nature Preserve

Oakwoods Nature Preserve
Credits: Mary B Photography / Facebook
Oakwoods Nature Preserve

The Oakwoods Nature Preserve is a famous tourist site. It might interest you to know that the park has two serene lakes, picnic areas, fishing docks, and the Richard S. Doc Philips Discovery Center.

Also inclusive is the wetlands, nature trails, farmlands, prairie, boat launch, diverse wildlife, dense foliage, and lots more

Oakwoods Nature Preserve is paradise and has attracted so many people, anglers, and hikers inclusive over the years.

The place is famous for wildlife viewing, kayaking, birding, and picnicking.

You can have a beautiful stroll viewing the astonishing views in the park and a splendid hike on the verdant trails.

In the park, you can see foxes, rabbits, squirrels, owls, and butterflies. The Park has an attractive butterfly garden and exciting wildlife.

Address: 1400 Oakwood Avenue, Findlay, OH 45840, USA

23. Riverbend Recreation Area

Riverbend Recreation Area
Credits: Doug Focht / Flickr
Riverbend Recreation Area

The Riverbend Recreational Area is situated on the edge of Blanchard River, and it features different outdoor recreational activities.

These recreational activities included camping, boating, jogging, hiking, fishing, picnicking, disc golf, and lots more.

The Park also has verdant trails, a disc golf course, a serene lake, campsites, picnic spots, fishing decks, a dog park, an arboretum, sprawling greenery, volleyball courts, and many more.

The Riverbend Park is a famous spot for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. You can enjoy fantastic views in whichever climate conditions.

The environment is serene and an excellent place to camp and enjoy the park’s wilderness. The Riverbend park should be on your list of top things to do in Findlay.

Address: 16618 Township Rd 208, Findlay, OH 45840, USA

24. Findlay-Hancock County Public Library

Findlay-Hancock County Public Library
Credits: Billion Photos / Shutterstock

Findlay-Hancock County Public Library began on the 27th of January, 1890. The library started from the Hancock county courthouse’s chamber.

It offers the general public a variety of essential services like scanning, photocopying, faxing, and more.

Findlay-Hancock County Public Library also offers conference rooms, public computers, and mobile printing.

As a bookmobile, Findlay-Hancock County Public Library offers its county an enormous collection of books, movies, periodicals, and music.

Address: 206 Broadway St, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

25. Fort Findlay Playhouse

Fort Findlay Playhouse
Credits: Pitchayaarch Photography / Shutterstock

Fort Findlay Playhouse is not too far from the downtown region of Findlay. It is a non-profit organization which offers the community first-class entertainment and fun for over sixty years.

It is operated by a dedicated crew of hardworking individuals who volunteered their time to present about five to seven performances annually.

Fort Findlay Playhouse has wonderful patrons who go as far as providing support to companions by running adverts close by for performances set out.

Address: 206 Broadway St, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

 26. Wolfies Roasted Nuts

Wolfies Roasted Nuts
Credits: Jiri Hera / Shutterstock

If You think for a second that your children have seen the best of the best, the top thing to do is to visit Wolfies Roasted Nuts.

Wolfies Roasted Nuts consists of the kids’ paradise featuring comic books, penny candies, and more.

This establishment began the production of roasted nuts in 1996, precisely in February.

The crunchy roasted nuts they produce here have become a Worldwide choice because of their distinct flavor.

Wolfies Roasted Nuts are continuously searching for tasty techniques to match the complete selection of nuts or cashews.

Their nuts are made using the best ingredients, and we’ll package them for premium freshness.

Address: 1718 Romick Pkwy, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

27. Triple T Ranch

Triple T Ranch
Credits: gabati / Shutterstock

Triple T Ranch, owned and operated by Christians, considers the Old and New Testaments as the divine word of God.

Triple T Ranch bases its beliefs, morals, and business techniques on these testaments.

One of the fascinating ways to experience the natural splendor of God is by riding a horse all through the ten beautiful developed acres.

Triple T Ranch is a venue for unique events, including group tours for kids and adults.

Address: 6717 Township Rd 215, Findlay, OH 45840, United States

28. Findlay Reservoir

Findlay Reservoir
Credits: Dakota Callaway/ Flickr
Findlay Reservoir

Findlay Reservoir expands for more than eight hundred and thirty acres and is a popular location amongst locals.

These are two gorgeous reservoirs mostly known for a variety of outdoor activities such as jogging, fishing, hiking, boating, picnicking, and boating.

The reservoirs feature an amazing number of fish, such as smallmouth bass, bluegill, largemouth bass, walleye, catfish, and others.

Findlay Reservoir offers opportunities for birdwatching being home to bird species like eagles, waterfowls, horned larks, shorebirds, and many more.

This is a perfect location to get a beautiful view of sunsets and enjoy a nice lakeside picnic.

Visitors can as well enjoy the waters by fishing or boating, plus its soothing environment.

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Plan a Trip to Findlay

The various attractions here in Findlay are beautiful, and it’s worth visiting. There are lots of breathtaking views to see.

From picnics to camping, hiking, fishing, and many more, there’s a lot to keep you busy all through your stay in Findlay.

Here is an ideal destination to be and have some fun moments.