30 Best & Fun Things to Do in Loveland (CO)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Loveland, CO, this city sure has some attractions and activities to make your vacation here worthwhile.

Loveland, CO is located in north-central Colorado between Fort Collins and Denver. This city offers a slightly slower pace of life in comparison to the two cities that surround it.

It is one of the top twenty most populous cities in the state with a scenic downtown boasting of weekly art events during the warm seasons and full of older-style buildings.

Visitors are to anticipate a warm welcome from the mountain backdrop, and notable natural, cultural, and historical attractions.

Let’s see some of the best things to do in Loveland, CO.

Things to Do in Loveland

1. Have Fun at Flatiron Reservoir

Flatiron Reservoir
Credits: Ronda Kimbrow / Shutterstock
Flatiron Reservoir

The Flatiron Reservoir is located just northwest of Carter Lake, at about 5,500 feet in height, and contains 47 acres of water settled in 200 acres of public land.

The reservoir has the functional purpose of diverting water from the west slope to the east slope for hydropower generation, irrigation, and drinking.

However, visitors are invited to use the lands for other forms of entertainment, including but not restricted to boating, hiking, fishing, picnicking, camping, swimming, and more.

The Flatiron Reservoir offers you a treat you’ll always remember, and you can reserve a campsite if you desire.

Address: 1800 South County Road 31, Loveland, CO 80537

2. Take the kids to Zippity Zoo Barnyard

zippity zoo barnyard
Credits: / Rita_Kochmarjova


Zippity Zoo Barnyard stands out as a farm that breeds and takes care of Alpacas. The farm is open for public access during certain events.

Zippity Zoo Barnyard was established mainly to educate local children on farm life through school trips.

However, during the Zippity Boo Pumpkin Patch October event and Kids Mornings on the Farm events, the public is invited to see the Alpacas and other animals.

For more than ten years, the Zippity Zoo Barnyard has been in the Bradbury family, and in 2021, they will be celebrating their 15th year of existence.

The farm is off the thorough belief that hands-on interactions are important for the kids to learn about animals,

Hence, this awesome site makes the list of fun things to do in Loveland

Address: Ridge Valley Alpaca Ranch, 6921 Ridge Valley Ct, Loveland

3. Loveland must-visit: Loveland Visitor’s Center

 Loveland Visitor’s Center
Credits: TownePlace Suites by Marriott Loveland Fort Collins / Facebook
Loveland Visitor’s Center

As a first-time visitor, you wouldn’t need to spend hours on the internet searching for places to go, things to see and do in Loveland, thanks to Loveland Visitor’s Center.

Most of the strenuous work has already been done for you, and they are all available for free at this center.

Loveland Visitor’s Center is situated on Stone Creek Circle, and it is in sits in the popular Loveland retail area. There are various brochures, travel magazines, and maps in this center, and they are free to take.

Besides the numerous great activity ideas, lots of them contain coupons to access unique offers on things like hotels, food, and popular activities.

You can also purchase merchandise sold by local artists and entrepreneurs at this center.

4. Things to Do in Loveland, Colorado: Lincoln Gallery

Lincoln Gallery
Credits: Dave Clark / Flickr
Lincoln Gallery

The Lincoln Gallery is located in picturesque downtown Loveland and makes the list of top places to visit Loveland.

This Gallery is owned and operated by the Thompson Valley Art League – the oldest Art League in Colorado.

The gallery has a primary focus of allowing local artists to showcase their work while making local, original art available for the local Loveland community to purchase.

At the Lincoln Gallery, you would see rotating arts on display. However, guests expect art along the lines of Watercolor Painting, Fiber Art, Jewelry, Acrylic Painting, Oil Paintings, Photography, and Ceramics.

The gallery is also willing and ready to entertain specific questions on displays.

Address: 429 Lincoln Avenue, Loveland, CO 80537

5. Hike and Bike at Devil’s Backbone Open Space

Devil's Backbone Open Space
Credits: Rexjaymes / Shutterstock
Devil’s Backbone Open Space

One of the most legendary trails in Loveland is the Devil’s Backbone Open Space. This adds to the list of top attractions to see in Loveland.

Being home to this great place offers you the opportunity to go biking, horseback riding, hiking, and generally just spend a good time outdoors.

Devil’s Backbone Open Space occupies 2,198 acres and offers unmatched views of Loveland. It is the hub for more than 12 miles of interlinked trails between Rimrock and Horsetooth Mountain Open Space.

You would conveniently find drinking water at the main trailhead, but visiting outdoor lovers are heavily encouraged to bring plenty of water to the park for their adventures.

Access to the park is free, and it is open from dusk until dawn.

Address: County Road 38E

6. See Arts at Loveland Museum/Gallery

Loveland Museum
Credits: Dave Clark / Flickr
Loveland Museum

The Loveland Museum is highly regarded not only in Loveland but also in Northern Colorado because it is the only American Alliance of Museums accredited museum in this region.

This prestigious recognition is received by just less than 5% of museums across the nation.

Originally, the Loveland Museum and Gallery was established in 1937 by Harold Dunning, an author, curator, local author, and mountain guide.

Dunning started by collecting pioneer artifacts, but that quickly transcended into the collection that is displayed at the museum today.

Apart from the exhibits, this museum offers both adults and children programs, poetry readings, and historical exhibits that focus on the local area.

Visiting Loveland Museum/Gallery should be on your list of top things to do in Loveland.

Address: 503 N. Lincoln Avenue Loveland, CO 80537

7. Check out Benson Park Sculpture Garden

Benson Park Sculpture Garden
Credits: Dave Clark / Flickr
Benson Park Sculpture Garden

This beautiful park was started in 1984 by a group of five Loveland sculptors and has since transformed into a very much adored location.

The Benson Park Sculpture Garden was established by George Walbye, George Lundeen, Hollis Williford, Fritz White, and Dan Ostermiller in partnership with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and City of Loveland.

The first Sculpture in the Park show took place in 1984 and featured more than fifty local artists.

After that event, the city recognized that this local feature would be a chartbuster seeing that different art worth $50,000 was bought.

Visitors are invited to walk through the park, enjoy the works of ceramic, bronze, glass, stone, wood, and other materials.

A visit to the Benson Park Sculpture Garden is certainly one of the fun things to do in Loveland.

Address: 1125 W 29th St, Loveland, CO 80538

8. Things to Do in Loveland: Boyd Lake State Park

Boyd Lake State Park
Credits: marekuliasz / Shutterstock
Boyd Lake State Park

Boyd Lake State Park is situated at the most western edge of the regionally popular Longs Peak. Just in the plains near Loveland, the park offers loads of recreational opportunities to visitors.

If you are a lover of water, you can go boating, fishing, and swimming, but if you prefer to maintain dry feet, you can enjoy biking, hiking, hunting, and picnicking.

It would interest you to know you can use all types of watercraft, from canoes to ski boats, and more on the lake.

There is a sandy beach where you can relax, in addition to the available modern campground. This campground features 148 paved pull-through sites.

All these features make Boyd Lake State Park an exciting thing to do in Loveland.

Address: 3720 N County Road 11-C Loveland, CO, 80538-2307.

9. Enjoy a Cup of Coffee at Loveland Coffee Company

Loveland Coffee Company
Credits: amenic181 / Shutterstock

Many visitors see Colorado as an embodiment of the spirit of the west. Still, despite the fascinating history and rugged outdoors of this state, you might not behold these wonders if you can’t stay awake.

Having been around since 2004, Loveland Coffee Company offers something great to worn-out vacationers who need caffeine and sustenance.

On their menu are traditional favorites like lattes and cappuccinos. There are plenty of sweet and flavored varieties as well, many of which include chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and caramel.

Just like previous guests, you would appreciate the comfy seats, chill vibe, and local art beautifying the walls.

Address: 620 E 29th St, Loveland, CO 80538

10. Visit Chapungu Sculpture Park

Chapungu Sculpture Park
Credits: Faina Gurevich / Shutterstock
Chapungu Sculpture Park

Spanning 26 acres, the Chapungu Sculpture Park has more than 80 different stone sculptures, which makes it one of the most fun things to do in Loveland.

The park is a permanent outdoor exhibit that portrays the perspective of a traditional African family, and throughout the park, visitors would enjoy eight universal themes arranged for their pleasure.

All of the sculptures are designed to help the viewer value the relevance of family in African culture, and they are all handmade using stone from Zimbabwe.

The park is open from 6am until 10pm, daily, and admission is free of price. The pathways are stroller and wheelchair-friendly, and you can take advantage of the various events held all through the year.

These events pronounce the significance of the Chapungu Sculpture Park, and you wouldn’t want to miss them.

Address: Sky Pond Dr, Loveland, CO 80538

11. Attend the Art in the Park Loveland

Art in the Park Loveland
Credits: Art In The Park / Facebook
Art in the Park Loveland

Art in the Park Loveland is the longest continually running arts festival in the state for those who know.

This festival attracts crowds of artists and art lovers from both near and far and adds to Loveland’s list of best things to do.

It is a historic Loveland event that’s been around for nearly five decades now, yet it still stands strong. Every year, hundreds of artists come to participate in its juried art competition.

There are several opportunities offered to the young and old by this event. You get to meet artists, great food, and a beer garden, the perfect place to relax after standing on your feet for hours.

12. See a Movie at Rialto Theater Center

Rialto Theater Center
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
Rialto Theater Center

The Rialto Theater Center is immersed deeply in the rich local history of the city and is the perfect place to visit for a movie and theater experience.

Originally, the theater was built in 1919. It was then opened in 1920 with the quiet film: Zane Grey’s Desert of Wheat.

During the opening period, purchasing the ticket for the theater cost only a meager 10-35 cents per show. But that has changed with time,

Now, the theater boasts a state-of-the-art lighting and sound system and contains 446 seats braced with disabled seating.

The theater does pretty well in showcasing its history by inviting guests to watch an independent film every month.

In addition to the movies, the theater often hosts nationally touring performers and is available for rent. So, do well to add it to your checklist of things to do in Loveland.

Address: 228 E. 4th Street, Loveland, CO 80537.

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13. Ride Fort Collins Trolley

Fort Collins Trolley
Credits: Fort Collins Trolley / Facebook
Fort Collins Trolley

Fort Collins is a historical city that features diverse kinds of attractions, both educational and entertaining.

It is an easy drive for those staying in Loveland, and the attractions can make one spend an entire day without noticing.

Currently, the municipal railway company in the city now operates a renovated streetcar that runs through the downtown area in the summer.

Lasting about 30 minutes, the trolley ride offers people (both locals and visitors) a special way to see local historic sites.

They have an all-volunteer staff who offer exciting tips on the local facts, traditions, and history along the way.

The season starts in May and runs through September. Operations are only on Saturdays and Sundays.

This makes what to do in Loveland, CO, for some exploration time, will meet you with fun Loveland CO attractions and activities.

14. Bobcat Ridge Natural Area

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area
Credits: Oskinga / Shutterstock
Bobcat Ridge Natural Area

Like the name suggests, Bobcat Ridge Natural Area is popularly known for glimpses of bobcats and many other wild animals such as wild turkeys, mountain lions, elk, and more.

Visitors to the park are employed to take advantage of the natural land features to look out for the valley. You can also bring your binoculars to the natural homesteads dispersed throughout the Bobcat Ridge Natural Area.

The park has a network of trails that stretches through the area, and there is also a big parking lot that you can easily access from the highway.

These characteristics and more make Bobcat Ridge Natural Area one of the blessed places to visit in Loveland.

Address: 10184 Co Rd 32C, Loveland, CO 80538

15. Cache La Poudre River National Heritage Area

Cache La Poudre River
Credits: marekuliasz / Shutterstock
Cache La Poudre River

From its French name, you may have guessed its origin. At the turn of the 19th century, this area was first explored by French fur trappers.

Stretching close to 50 miles, the Cache La Poudre River is a National Heritage Area which marks borders with one of the largest national forests in the area.

The amenities here include contemporary and historic attractions like a pioneer-era home, an abandoned missile silo from the ‘60s, and a World War II camp for prisoners of war.

The heritage area plays host to various events during the summer months. These include arts and crafts shows, guided bike tours, and an annual triathlon.

16. Checkout the Budweiser Events Center

Budweiser Events Center
Credits: Icebourg [CC BY-SA 1.0], Wikimedia Commons
Budweiser Events Center
Originally opened in 2003, the Budweiser Events Center has a seating capacity of 7,200 people, and it is the home of an American Hockey League team – Colorado Eagles.

The event center is used for many other purposes whenever the Colorado Eagles aren’t in play. They include football, rodeos, basketball, live concerts, trade shows, and more.

It would be nice you look up the kind of programs that may be happening at the Budweiser Events Center before you visit Loveland. They happen regularly and vary with the entertainment they offer.

Budweiser Events Center is not just for sports lovers, as diverse activities make it one of the best things to do in Loveland.

Address: 5290 Arena Circle, Loveland, Colorado 80538

17. Enjoy a beer at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
Credits: givaga / Shutterstock

The Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is a local favorite that often has its taproom full of beer enthusiasts from Loveland and the greater Colorado area.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is one of the top attractions in Loveland as they distinguish themselves from other local breweries by retrieving the roots of beer making.

The 10 barrel brewery draws inspiration from the old beers that once filled pubs in historical Europe and Germany.

This establishment specializes in German beers, and guests can take some beer home in kegs, 12oz cans, and even 22oz bombers.

You can visit the taproom any day of the week, though the time varies. Monday – Thursday (1pm – 9pm), Friday/Saturday (12pm – 9pm), and on Sundays (1pm – 7pm).

Address: 623 Denver Ave, Loveland, Colorado 80537.

18. Have Fun at Fairgrounds Park

Fairgrounds Park
Credits: Greg Goebel / Flickr
Fairgrounds Park

Fairgrounds Park is the largest active recreation park in the city which was opened in 1908. It offers several sports-related activities.

This municipal park in St. Louis was previously a privately owned facility, used for the St. Louis Exposition (1856 – 1902) by the St. Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association.

The park occupies 131.46 acres and is one of the top attractions in Loveland.

Fairgrounds Park allows dog owners to walk their pets in areas designated for dog walking, according to the Parks & Recreation Division’s Dog Policy.

There are several amenities here, including soccer fields, volleyball courts, basketball court/in-line hockey rink, youth baseball field, pavilions, dog park, play equipment, restrooms, and walking trails.

This makes what to do in Loveland, CO, will make a fun addition to your bucket list of places to visit in Loveland, CO.

Address: 700 Railroad Ave, Loveland, CO 80537-4740

19. Pinewood Reservoir

Pinewood Reservoir
Credits: Brendan Bombaci / Flickr
Pinewood Reservoir

If you are in Loveland and want to gain quick access to the nearby Rocky Mountains, the Pinewood Reservoir is an awesome choice for day trips and even overnight excursions.

Located just west of Carter Lake, the Pinewood Reservoir contains about 100 acres of water. And this water boyd is surrounded by close to 330 acres of public land space.

The reservoir is at the height of 6,580 feet and offers access to boating, biking, camping, fishing, hiking, and more.

Visitors should note that camping spots are often filled up quickly, so it is highly recommended that one book for reservation ahead of time.

Do well to add a visit to Pinewood Reservoir to your checklist of things to do in Loveland, CO.

20. Shop at Outlets at Loveland

Outlets at Loveland
Credits: Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock

Nestled by the foot of the Rocky Mountains between Greeley and Fort Collins is the Outlets at Loveland.

With over forty name-brand outlet stores like Gymboree, Ann Taylor, Coach, Under Armour, J.Crew, Nike, and many more, you are sure to find something for all age categories.

Another interesting thing about shopping at the Outlets of Loveland is the Rocky Mountains’ unique scenery that welcomes shoppers as they stroll through the walkways of the mall.

Outlets at Loveland can be easily accessed as well as easy to shop. You can as well hike the beautiful Rocky Mountains whether it’s a shopping day or not.

Don’t forget to pick up your VIP Savings Card at Customer Service to access offers that could save you hundreds of dollars

Address: 5661 McWhinney Blvd, Loveland, CO 80538-8826

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21. Drink Sweet Wine at Sweet Heart Winery

Sweet Heart Winery
Credits: Stokkete / Shutterstock

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, Sweet Heart Winery offers visitors a top-class enjoyment of wine. They are almost certainly open and ready to help guests expand their quest for wines in Loveland.

With various available tasting options life single glasses, flights, take-home bottles, and even specialty pairings, Sweet Heart Winery does not lack options that will keep almost every visitor delighted.

The tasting room is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, close to a river. This combination creates a cool experience for wine exploration by simultaneously appealing to many senses.

Check out this winery as it adds to the list of top attractions in Loveland.

Address: 5500 West Highway 34, Loveland, CO 80537

22. Loveland Laser Tag

Loveland Laser Tag
Credits: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock

One place fun seekers, kids, and families would love to be in is Loveland Laser Tag. It is rated as one of the largest laser tag arenas in Northern Colorado.

Loveland Laser Tag provides the ultimate laser tag experience and has everything required to keep guests entertained all through the day.

Most notable is the 5,700 square foot laser tag arena, which is built in three levels. However, other fun features cannot be ignored.

They include a challenging climbing wall, virtual reality arcade, bumper cars, indoor rope excursion course, 4-D motion enhanced theater, and even a basic arcade.

This makes what to do in Loveland, CO, do add to your list of Loveland activities.

Address: 401 Denver Ave, Loveland, CO 80537

23. Big Beaver Brewing Co

Big Beaver Brewing Co
Credits: Valentyn Volkov / Shutterstock

Big Beaver Brewing Company was founded by its chief brewing scientist, who doesn’t depend on luck to make tasty beers. Instead, they depend on a Ph.D. in Industrial Microbiology obtained from CSU.

Coupled with more than twenty-five years of brewing experience and the production of quality products, you can see the reason why this brewery company makes the list of top things to do in Loveland.

Big Beaver was opened in 2010, and since then, it has been a favorite spot for the community with its 16 beer rotating taps regularly witnessing people.

Everything is made internally with high-quality ingredients, domestic and imported hops, and no cutoffs. You can visit the tasting room within the week, though schedule hours vary.

Address: 2707 W. Eisenhower Blvd., Unit 9, Loveland, CO 80537

24. Mariano Medina’s Cemetery

Mariano Medina's Grave
Credits: The Cemetery Guy / Facebook
Mariano Medina’s Grave

Mariano Medina’s Grave is a historic landmark/specialty museum that honors Mariano Medina. It is one of the top attractions in Loveland.

Mariano Medina was a fur trader, a horse/pony trader, a guide, and a businessman in the Big Thompson Valley/Loveland area in the mid-late 1800s.

Though a short-statured man, he had big charisma and helped establish Loveland as a community. He had a toll bridge that travelers used over the Big Thompson River.

Driving to Estes Park in Loveland, you’ll pass a liquor store sited on the western edge of town: Fort Namaqua Liquors. Mariano Medina built the actual Fort Namaqua to protect his ponies and horses from being stolen.

Medina built a cemetery that still exists today, though not as he built it. It is close to the corner of Namaqua Road and Namaqua Elementary Drive, with his remains still at the original cemetery.

In 2012, the Loveland Historical Society took charge of this site which is now on the registry of historical places in Loveland.

There are more associated with him, including the saloon, livery, and post office on the Overland Trail,

Address: Namaqua Road South of Namaqua Elementary School, Loveland, CO 80537

25. Relax at Henry’s Pub

Henry's Pub
Credits: Michael Fajardo / Flickr
Henry’s Pub

Henry’s Pub is a friendly atmosphere that welcomes guests to eat with family, spend time after work, or catch up with friends.

It is designed such that its gathering space can accommodate all kinds of engagements, be it that guests want to socialize, eat, drink, or all three.

The staff are well aware of this atmosphere and caters their engagements to fit it, and the combination of fresh daily prepared food sets it out as a must-eat restaurant.

You can enjoy nice dishes from weekly lunch specials to gourmet dining options and even a hand-selected assortment of craft beer on tap to cap your visit.

Address: 234 East 4th Street, Loveland, CO 80537

26. Lucky Three Ranch

Lucky Three Ranch
Credits: malei/ Shutterstock

The Lucky Three Ranch was founded by Meredith Hodges, a legendary trainer and complete lover of equestrian animals. This ranch is another interesting thing to do in Loveland.

Lucky Three Ranch is an animal sanctuary, training facility, and everything about long-eared donkeys and mules.

Visitors can’t get access into the ranch itself except on tour, owing to the fact that it is a working ranch and can not accept people strolling underfoot.

You are, however, welcome to book a tour with your team or friends. Tour season runs between January and October, and you should place your booking so ten or more days in advance to guarantee availability.

Address: 2457 S Co Rd 19, Loveland, CO 80537

27. Eat at Mo’ Betta Gumbo

Mo' Betta Gumbo
Credits: Betta Gumbo / Facebook
Mo’ Betta Gumbo

It would be more fulfilled that you find a place that satisfies your appetite for the latter during your stay in Loveland.

Mo’ Betta Gumbo does just that as it is established on traditional Southern principles of kindness, hospitality, and warmth.

Its founder grew up and was raised in the South, and after twenty-five years in the food industry service, he decided to retire to Colorado.

The advent of Mo’ Betta Gumbo meant retirement was postponed because it became a local staple for its welcoming atmosphere, special cuisine, and custom distilled moonshine.

Also, there are plenty of options for folks with dietary restrictions to enjoy, vegetarian to gluten-free, no nuts, low salts, and more.

If you seek a delightful culinary experience in Loveland, then you should pay a visit to Mo’ Betta Gumbo.

Address: 277 North Lincoln Ave, Loveland, CO 80537

28. Things to Do in Loveland, Colorado: River’s Edge Natural Area

River's Edge Natural Area
Credits: Chad Claeyssen / Shutterstock
River’s Edge Natural Area

Another interesting spot in Loveland, Colorado, is River’s Edge Natural Area. All through the year, this 163-acre natural area has regular hours that run from 6am down to 10:30pm every day.

Although restrooms are only open occasionally, there are vault toilets that are open year throughout the year during regular hours, making access to this area the perfect getaway at any time of the season.

There are 3.8 miles of natural-surface trails available for you to explore on foot or bicycle, besides the five ponds, which offer a collection of fishing spots.

Aside from the natural attractions, River’s Edge Natural Area has interpretive signage, an amphitheater, and even a wetlands boardwalk, allowing guests to look closer at the pond biosphere.

Be sure to add River’s Edge Natural Area to your list of top things to do in Loveland.

Address: 960 West 1st Street Loveland, CO 80537

29. Loveland Escape Rooms 

Loveland Escape Rooms 
Credits: Fer Gregory / Shutterstock

A top thing to do in Loveland is to experience the thrill of escape rooms. 

Time Escape is Loveland’s trendiest family-friendly live-action escape room destination. 

It is complete with a team to provide answers to puzzles and clues to break free from a locked room with a time limit of one hour or less. 

Pick your favorite room, grab your buddy, and see if you have the smarts and skills to beat the time. 

Time Escape is perfect for family fun, date nights, team building, corporate events, and many more. 

Address: 770 N Lincoln Ave, Loveland, CO 80537, United States

30. Morey Wildlife Reserve 

Morey Wildlife Reserve 
Credits: Ondrej Prosicky / Shutterstock

Among the top things to do while vacationing in Loveland is to explore the Morey Wildlife Reserve. 

Morey Wildlife Reserve was opened to the public in May 2008. This reserve is near the Big Thompson River, just west of Marianna Butte Golf Course. 

This 33.2 acres natural reserve does not allow jogging, dogs, and bicycles to safeguard its conservation values. 

However, some passive recreational activities you can carry out here include birdwatching, nature study and environmental education, and wildlife observation. 

Morey Wildlife Reserve is open for walk-in access from morning to evening. 

You will also find volunteer trail hosts on-site at different times to answer questions and provide visitors with information. 

Address: 5439 Cedar Valley Dr, Loveland, CO 80537, United States

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Plan your trip to Loveland

Just like you’ve seen, Loveland promises loads of interesting activities for her visitors. The engaging museums, exciting parks, historical landmarks, beautiful natural areas, wineries/ breweries, and more.

So, start making plans to visit Loveland during your next vacation. This piece can always act as a guide to your itinerary plans, so feel free to fall back.