27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Cape Charles (VA)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Cape Charles, VA?

Cape Charles is a charming city located in Northampton County, Virginia, United States, having a population of over one thousand two hundred and forty (1,240).

The city offers you many options, starting from beaches, museums, galleries, restaurants, tours, Nature wildlife, and many more.

Cape Charles boasts some of the most beautiful wildlife, cultural and nature attractions in Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Are you planning a vacation in Cape Charles? here are the top places to visit in Cape Charles, VA.

Things to Do in Cape Charles

1. Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
Credits: Vadim 777 / Shutterstock
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

A visit to Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is one of the top things to do in Cape Charles, VA, the tunnel twenty-one miles long.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel was built in 1964, through funds from private investment only, and it was later recognized as an “Engineering Wonder of the Modern World.”

The tunnel leads vehicles to North Carolina, Maryland, D.C, and Delaware; in other words, cars are allowed to pass below or over the water from Southeastern Virginia and Delmarva Peninsula.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel features trestles, causeways, bridges, and tunnels. Make sure you visit the bridge-tunnel using a car, and the tunnel will lead you. While driving through the bridge, you will also get to check out the man-made islands.

Address:32386 Lankford Hwy, Cape Charles, VA 23310 United States

2. Ellen Moore Gallery

Ellen Moore Gallery
Credits: SeventyFour / Shutterstock

One of the fun things to do in Cape Charles, VA, is visiting the Ellen Moore Gallery, and you will be stunned by the things you might see.

Ellen Moore Gallery showcases the incredible crafts work of talented artists in Cape Charles.

You will find a comprehensive collection of exceptional jewelry, paintings, ceramics, drawings, antiques, and many more.

Ellen Moore Gallery staff is friendly and attentive; they guide you through as you browse through the displayed items, the environment is clean and well organized.

The gallery is open from Thursday to Saturday from 11am-5pm, Sunday from 11am-4pm, and Sunday from 11am-5pm.

Address:223 Mason Avenue, Cape Charles, VA 23310 United States

3. Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center

For history fanatics, Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center is a place you will love to visit.

Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center was built in 1996 as a non-profit organization, and it is open to everyone.

The museum serves as a means to educate the public and preserve the history of Cape Charles while also showcasing the city’s cultural heritage.

Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center display structures, oral history, old photographs, and many historical artifacts.

The Museum plays a vital role in the city in the documentation, organization, and archival of historical materials.

Its purpose is basically to create awareness of the importance of the cultures and history of the city. Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center is open free of charge, so what are you waiting for? Get ready and have an exciting experience.

Address:814 Randolph Ave, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

4. Tim Krawczel

Are you ready for an outdoor adventure in Cape Town? Explore Cape Charles with Tim Krawczel. Get prepared for a vast experience.

From 2005, Tim Krawczel started exploring the salt marshes, beaches, and bays on Virginia’s Eastern Shore; he has acquired so much training and worked for several beautiful places worldwide.

He ventured into full-time ecotour guiding when he returned to the Eastern Shore in 2012, after going on numerous tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He takes many families and visitors on motorboat tours and guides them through the creeks, bays, salt Marshes on kayak paddling trips at the Eastern Shore.

Explore this area with Tim Krawczel, he is one of the most experienced and best kayaking instructors and whitewater raft guides.

Address:409 NECTARINE STREET, CAPE CHARLES, Virginia, 23310-0000 United States

5. Cape Charles Brewing Company

Cape Charles Brewing Company
Credits: Kishivan / Shutterstock

One of the best ways to explore a new city is by getting to visit all the fantastic breweries it has to offer.

Cape Charles Brewing Company is one of the best breweries in the city, and it is a family-owned brewery company.

The company is the result of the hard work of two brothers through the support of their mother to satisfy the public through their passion for home-brewing beer and fishing.

Cape Charles Brewing Company offers more than fifteen varieties of beers on tap, each barrel produced on site.

The company also serves delicious and fresh seafood to complement the drinks, making it the favorite place for locals to have a tasty drink and seafood.

They also serve meals like wings, crab cakes, brewery house burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, jumbo loaded Nachos, cobb salad, onion ring, zucchini fries, and much more

Due to the periodic changes in seasons, the beers are regularly changed, and the guests’ choices are considered.

2198 Stone Rd, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

6. Cape Charles Beach

Cape Charles Beach
Credits: Jetfern / Shutterstock
Cape Charles Beach

A visit to Cape Charles Beach is one of the best things to do in Cape Charles, VA, get ready for a wide fun experience.

Cape Charles Beach is located north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, with many fun facilities.

The beach gives free access to the public to explore all the beach activities, including sunbathing and swimming.

This beach is an excellent location for picnicking, especially with your family and friends. It is by far the only beach that gives access to it’s parking lot free of charge.

Cape Charles Beach is always clean and well maintained and the refreshing and clear water.

The beach is very spacious, creating enough space for sand beach sports activities and many others.

Your vacation in Cape Charles isn’t complete without a visit to Cape Charles Beach; it must be on your list, don’t miss out.

Address: Bay Ave, Cape Charles, VA 23310 United States

7. Eastern Shore Boat Tours, LLC

Eastern Shore Boat Tours LLC
Credits: Eastern Shore Boat Tours LLC / Facebook
Eastern Shore Boat Tours LLC

A visit to Eastern Shore Boat Tours, LLC is one of the fun things to do in Cape Charles, VA, with your friends and family.

Eastern Shore Boat Tours, LLC takes you on a tour through the picturesque Barrier Islands while educating you about the area’s history.

The boat is clean and in good condition; the experience is all shades of fun, comfortable, relaxing, and educational.

The Captain, Pete is well experienced and has a broad knowledge about the Island; he is also welcoming and friendly, always ready to answer all your questions.

What a fantastic way to spend your vacation, especially with your loved ones; make sure you don’t miss out on the fun.

8. The Shanty

The Shanty
Credits: David Broad [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
The Shanty
For a fun time out with your buddies, The Shanty is a restaurant you will cherish after your first visit.

The Shanty is one of the best seafood restaurants, located in Cape Charles Town Harbor by the Bay. They serve delicious traditional seafood, fresh and with unique ingredients.

They serve meals like shrimp baskets, lobster roll, fish & chips, Buffalo Nachos, fried shrimp, Crab Cake Sandwiches, raw oysters, she-crab soup, and fried oysters basket.

The Shanty also serves Soft Shell crab, crab cake sandy, Clam Strips Basket, Sesame Crusted Tuna, Crab Dip, shanty fries, and many more.

Aside from food, Shanty also offers an extensive list of drinks, including beers, beverages, and cocktails. Every weekend live entertainment shows are usually organized.

Make sure you visit The Shanty, so you won’t have to miss out on all of the fun; in the evenings, you also get the chance to see the sunsets over the bay.

The Shanty is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11:30am-4pm, and Friday & Saturday from 11am-8pm.

Address: 33 Marina Rd, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

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9. SouthEast Expeditions

SouthEast Expeditions
Credits: Popartic / Shutterstock

When exploring the city of Cape Charles, make sure you stop by SouthEast Expeditions; you will love it.

SouthEast Expeditions has been serving the community for more than twenty years, and it is highly recommended.

They offer exciting and interesting tours to the Eastern Shore Virginia, and it is open to everyone regardless of age.

SouthEast Expeditions kayaks, paddleboards, and bikes are all available for rentals, and they ensure they are all in excellent condition for premium fun.

They organize kayak claiming your half-day trip, sunset trip, and the renowned Kayak Winery Tour through the Virginia Coast Reserve.

SouthEast Expeditions offers the best kayak rentals, tours, and classes open for beginners and experts.

Address:Cape Charles, VA, United States

10. Kelly’s Gingernut Pub

Kelly's Gingernut Pub
Credits: Bill Smith / Flickr
Kelly’s Gingernut Pub

An excellent place to make you feel electric and energetic, this place will make you groove right through the entire night.

Kelly’s Gingernut Pub is an Irish pub located in an ancient building from 1907, and the building was once used as a bank.

The pub offers about twelve imported craft beers, wines, and beverages with unique and high-quality tastes, respectively. It is characterized by warm touches of old brick and pub hues coupled with a 16-feet ceiling.

They also serve delicious meals perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; they also offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten options.

Some of the meals are Fishermans Chowder, Onion Ring Basket, Nacho Loco, Basket of Fries, Chicken Tenders, Pretzels, Salads, burgers, sandwiches, and many more.

Kelly’s Gingernut Pub features an indoor and outdoor patio with a game of darts. You also get to relax and enjoy live entertainment.

Address: 133 Mason Ave, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

11. Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio

Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio
Credits: Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio / Facebook
Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio

For art fanatics, Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio is a place you will love to visit for a fantastic experience.

A paradise to all art lovers, Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio teaches you how to pour your passion and heart into your art.

At Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio, you get to showcase the creative part of you, and they guide you each step of the way.

The studio organizes educative art classes, outstanding workshops, entertaining dance shows, musicals, standup comedy, and more; you can also participate in any events.

Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio staff and owner are welcoming and pleasant; you get to try out their delicious desserts, including a glass of limoncello, while you work on your masterpiece.

Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio is open from Monday to Thursday from 11am-5pm, Friday from 11am-8pm, Saturday from 11am-5pm, and Sunday from 1pm-4pm.

Address: 301 Mason Ave #3203, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

12. Kiptopeke State Park

Kiptopeke State Park
Credits: C Wattsn / Flickr
Kiptopeke State Park

A visit to Kiptopeke State Park is one of the best things to do in Cape Charles, VA, for an exciting experience.

Kiptopeke State Park was initially used as the little Creek-Cape Charles Ferry Service for the northern terminal from 1949 up until 1964.

By 1964, after the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel was established, the littl Creek-Cape Charles Ferry Service was renovated into the Kiptopeke State Park since it was no longer needed.

Kiptopeke State Park features several recreational activities; you can go fishing at the park or decide to relax at the beaches and Chesapeake Bay shoreline.

The park is an excellent place for camping; there are cabins and yurts available for rentals, as well as tent camping and RV camping.

Make sure you stop by Kiptopeke State Park so you do not miss out on all of the fun and excitement.

Address:3540 Kiptopeke Dr, Cape Charles, VA 23310 United States

13. Old Plantation Flats Lighthouse

Old Plantation Flats Lighthouse
Credits: Wiki (public domain)
Old Plantation Flats Lighthouse

This place should definitely be on your bucket list; it is a must-visit for many tourists in Cape Charles for a memorable experience.

Old Plantation Flats Lighthouse is one of the historical sites built in 1886, located at Smith Island in Cape Charles.

The tower got deactivated in 1962 after being affected and eroded by the ice flows in 1893 & 1918, respectively.

Old Plantation Flats Lighthouse was later replaced by a skeleton tower made of automated steel in 2004.

The lighthouse is an amazing place to visit; it is the country’s second-tallest lighthouse and the state’s tallest.

14. Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge

Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge
Credits: TU. S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Northeast Region [CC BY-SA 2.0], Wikimedia Commons
Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge
One of the best things to do in Cape Charles, VA, is visiting the Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge.

Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge is situated on a one thousand two hundred acres of land, which houses several animal and plant species.

The National Wildlife Refuge features landscapes such as salt marshes, barrier islands, freshwater ponds, grasslands, and Loblolly pine forests.

The refuge is a home to more than eighty thousand raptors and about three hundred bird species.

Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge is an excellent area for kayaking, and there is a private beach at the Sunset Beach Resort where you can watch the sunset.

Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge should be on your bucket list if you want to witness the true beauty of nature.

Address:32205 Seaside Rd, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

15. Cape Charles Distillery

Cape Charles Distillery
Credits: Jag_cz / Shutterstock

A visit to Cape Charles Distillery is one of the best things to do in Cape Charles, VA, especially with your loved ones.

Cape Charles Distillery is a highly recommended distillery company; they serve incredible and unique drinks.

They offer an extensive list of drinks with different flavors, including wines, cocktails, whiskey, beers, and more.

Cape Charles Distillery provides indoor and outdoor seating, respectively spacious, comfortable, and beautiful.

Don’t forget to try out their delicious raw oysters, munchies, and other unique treats to compliment the drinks.

You also her to enjoy live music entertainment, coupled with the excellent service from the staff and the welcoming atmosphere.

Cape Charles Distillery is open from Thursday to Saturday from 1pm-8, and Sunday from 1pm-7pm.

Address:222 Mason Ave, Cape Charles, VA 23310-3200 United States

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16. Cape Charles Coffee House

Cape Charles Coffee House
Credits: portumen / Shutterstock

One of the best things to do in Cape Charles, VA, is visiting Cape Charles Coffee House; this is a paradise on earth for coffee lovers.

Cape Charles Coffee House is located in a historic two-story building founded in 1910; over the years, they have gained the people’s trust, having served the public consistently for decades.

They offer a comprehensive list of tasty and flavorful coffee with different flavors and styles; there is something for everyone.

Cape Charles Coffee serves drinks like latte, Cappuccino, cafe cape Charles, Espresso, and several kinds of juice.

They also serve amazing delectable dishes and desserts such as Belgian Waffles, Breakfast Burrito, French Toast with Fresh Fruit, Tuna salad, Muffin and Mocha, Caesar salad, tomato soup and grilled, Morning Glory Muffin, and more.

Cape Charles Coffee staff is friendly and cheerful, creating a relaxing atmosphere for the visitors to feel comfortable.

Address: 241 Mason Ave, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

17. Drizzles

Credits: Kamil Macniak / Shutterstock

Shopping at Drizzles is one of the best things to do in Cape Charles, VA, and it is a popular destination for locals.

Drizzles display different kinds of products, especially food items, which come in high quality and tasty products.

They offer a dipping sauce, peppercorns, stuffed olives, raw honey, handmade goat milk soap, tapenades, Eastern Shore art & gifts, grilling salts, and more.

Their popular products are Applewood smoked salt, Balsamic, Pink Peppercorns, Blood orange olive oil, etc.

What’s more fascinating about Drizzles, they give customers a chance to taste the products before purchasing them.

Drizzle’s owners and staff are very welcoming with a great display of hospitality, allowing you to interact with them and other residents.

Address:16 Strawberry St, Cape Charles, VA 23310-3220 United States

18. Cape Charles Historic District

Cape Charles Historic District
Credits: Joel Bradshaw / (public domain)
Cape Charles Historic District

A visit to Cape Charles Historic District is one of the top things to do in Cape Charles, VA, to learn more about the city’s history.

Cape Charles Historic District features several historic buildings erected between the years 1885 to 1920.

The historic District is an ancient railroad town with a mix of cultures and history, surrounded by natural amenities.

Cape Charles Historic District also contains several bars, shopping plazas, restaurants, and many other structures which you can explore and have a good time.

While strolling through the Historic District, make sure you stop by one of the largest short-line railroads in America, which is the railroad heritage of the Eastern Shore.

Address: 5 T-1115, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

19. Royal Farms

Royal Farms
Credits: Sadiq Alkhater / Shutterstock

If you’re searching for a place to shop for food items in Cape Charles, Royal Farms is the best place for you.

Royal Farms was opened in 1959; since then, it has consistently served the people with fresh and high-quality items.

With ‘Fresh food, served fast’ being its motto, the Royal farms always ensure that the items are served fresh, suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Royal Farms offers lightly breaded and pressure-cooked chicken; it is never frozen but always fresh, making it one of the most popular items among visitors.

You can also shop for cold and hot subs packages and several flavorful natural juices, breakfast sandwiches, and Colombian coffee.

Royal Farms prepares amazing western fries using Idaho potatoes and hand-breaded & hand-cut methods. The farms also offer diesel fuel and gasoline.

29214 Lankford Hwy, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

20. Gull Hummock

Gull Hummock
Credits: Robert Kneschke / Shutterstock

Gull Hummock is an excellent location in Cape Charles for you and your buddies to chill and chat.

This is a meeting place for locals and tourists; there are several fine wines, craft beers, locally made chocolate, artisan bread, and cheeses.

Gull Hummock features a tasting room where you get to try out some of their latest wines; this tasting happens Friday 4:30-6:00pm, and Saturday 3:30-5:30pm every week.

They also serve delicious gluten and gourmet free foods, as well as paintings, sweet Annie’s chocolate chathatmp

Gull Hummock is open from Monday to Thursday from 11am-5:30pl, Saturday from 11am-6pm, and Sunday from 12pm-5pm.

Address:115 Mason Ave, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

21. Dacha Tea House

Dacha Tea House
Credits: gresei / Shutterstock

For tea lovers, Dacha Tea House is a place you should visit for an awesome experience. Makes one of the cool things to do in Cape Charles, VA.

Dacha Tea House is owned by Jone; it started in 1976 when she traveled to USSR, where she got to learn more about Russian cultures after she must have learned about Russian dolls and meaning from her mother.

Years after her return, she decided to open a Russian-inspired tea house in Cape Charles, showing her affection towards the Russian cultures and way of life.

Dacha Tea House prepares the traditional Russian tea using samovar( a heating container made of metal).

They also serve delicious Russian dishes and desserts and offer catering services for private and special events.

Dacha Tea House serves dishes like Dragomir Forshmak, Open-Face Sandwiches, Russian Kartoffel Suppe, Cranberry Kissel, Russian Spice Cake, Honey Walnut Cake, Russian Cream with Berries, Matryoshka and Samovar Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes and many more.

Make sure you visit Dacha Tea House to try out some traditional Russian tea, dishes, and desserts. The owner and staff are very welcoming with a great display of hospitality towards visitors.

Address:439 Mason Ave., Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

22. BREEZES Wellness Spa & Boutique

BREEZES Wellness Spa & Boutique
Credits: Ivan Kurmyshov / Shutterstock

Take a break from all the fun and stress, relax and feel more refreshed after visiting BREEZES Wellness Spa & Boutique.

BREEZES Wellness Spa & Boutique is located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore in Cape Charles, a European Spa & Boutique.

The Spa offers several kinds of services beneficial to our health and body, which helps you feel relaxed and relieved from any form of body aches.

Some of their services include Tanning beds, Mani and Pedicures, massages, spray tanning, facials, waxing, sauna, Infrared, and several others.

BREEZES Wellness Spa & Boutique also offers a unique selection of handbags, resort wear, jewelry, skin lotions, hats, and many more.

They offer Dermalogica and Rhonda Allison skincare, which helps you get ready for the tasks ahead or big events.

BREEZES Wellness Spa & Boutique is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 10am-4pm, and Friday & Saturday from 10am-5pm(closed Monday and Friday).

Visit BREEZES Wellness Spa & Boutique; that’s the best gift you can give to your body.

Address:7 Strawberry St, Cape Charles, VA 23310-3221 United States

23. Bay Creek Resort and Club

Bay Creek Resort and Club
Credits: Mikael Damkier / Shutterstock

Golfing is one of the fun things to do in Cape Charles, VA, for an exciting golf experience, visit Bay Creek Resort and Club.

Bay Creek Resort and Club feature some of the best golf courses in the state, and well-experienced and renowned golfers solely designed this course.

If you’re in for a challenging but exciting golf experience, you should visit Bay Creek Resort & Club.

It also helps test and master your golfing skills by engaging in friendly competition with your travel companions.

Visit Bay Creek Resort and Club, try out exciting games, and have fun playing at the Jack Nicklaus Signature Course or Arnold Palmer Signature Course.

Address: 1 Bay Creek Pkwy, Cape Charles, Virginia United States

24. Cape Charles Lighthouse

Cape Charles Lighthouse
Credits: James Hatcher/ Flickr
Cape Charles Lighthouse

Certainly, your list of things to do in Cape Charles wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Cape Charles Lighthouse.

Built as an octagonal cast iron, Cape Charles Lighthouse is a skeleton tower located at the edge of the Chesapeake bay right on Smith Island, which was withdrawn from service in 2019.

It is known as the second-longest lighthouse in the Country and the longest in Virginia and is the third one to have been built on this location.

Cape Charles Lighthouse is worth the stress and money, and you get a one-of-a-kind experience.

Address: Cape Charles Lighthouse, Cape Charles, VA 23310, USA

25. Poseidon Watersports

Poseidon Watersports
Credits: BoJack / Shutterstock

A place that is concerned with offering the best experience on the water that you can ever have in Cape Charles is Poseidon Watersports.

Poseidon Watersports offers you an opportunity to have a relaxing moment on water as there is something for everyone.

This place is perfect for families and groups of different sizes, including individuals who want to explore the pristine waters of Chesapeake Bay.

They offer equipment for rentals, such as paddle boards, jet skis, kayaks, boats, and bikes, in a large collection for visitors to pick from.

Poseidon Watersports offers the biggest riding area for jet ski rental in the state, and when you visit with your friends, you’re sure to have a great time.

The attraction is open to visitors of all ages, although you need to be from 18 years and above to drive and handle a jet ski.

Address: 11 Marina Rd, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

26. Savage Neck Dunes State Natural Area

Savage Neck Dunes State Natural Area
Credits: Dirtman’s Images/ Flickr
Savage Neck Dunes State Natural Area

For nature lovers, Savage Neck Dunes State Natural Area ought to be your next destination as it features several natural amenities.

Savage Neck Dunes State Natural Area is a 298 acres natural attraction featuring migratory songbird habitat, forest communities of maritime, dunes, and so on.

Savage Neck Dunes State Natural Area, open every day of the week, consists of no trash receptacles, restroom facilities, and accessible drinking water.

You will find three labeled hiking trails featuring interpretative signage perfect for those who would like to embark on an adventure.

Address: 2186 Savage Neck Rd Drive, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

27. At Altitude Gallery

At Altitude Gallery
Credits: Iryna Inshyna / Shutterstock

If you are highly thrilled by art and would like to experience it first hand, visiting At Altitude Gallery is a great idea.

At Altitude Gallery was established in November 2015. It is the only recognized gallery featuring solely aerial photography.

This unique gallery is housed in the ancient Wilson structure of 3,000 square feet located in the downtown region of Cape Charles.

This building has been in existence since the 19th century. It formerly served as a department store before it was abandoned in the 1990s.

 At Altitude Gallery showcases the work of Gordon Campbell, an aerial landscape photographer. These photographs are printed through metal photo panels.

Address: 245 Mason Ave, Cape Charles, VA 23310, United States

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Plan your trip to Cape Charles

In a beautiful and fantastic city like Cape Charles, it is pretty difficult to find out what stands out from the rest; you just gotta try them all; make sure you explore all the fun attractions and try out their local dishes.

You will never get bored in Cape Charles, as there is always something to do or see in the city. The list above is all you need to have a wonderful vacation and an unforgettable experience.