27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Alexandria (MN)

Looking for the best and fun things to do in Alexandria, MN?

Alexandria is an incredible city in the county seat of Douglas County, Minnesota, United States. Alexandria initially settled in 1858, and it got its name from the Alexander brothers and William Kinkead from Maryland.

Alexandria, Minnesota, was incorporated as a town in 1909, and the firm of the name alludes to Alexandria, Egypt, which is a center of learning and civilization.

Whether you are visiting Alexandria, Minnesota, for a weekend or an extended holiday loaded with family-friendly fun and exciting things to do, the city is your best destination for a memorable adventure, plus affordable vacations. Below are the best places to visit in Alexandria, Minnesota.

Things to Do in Alexandria, MN

1. Visit the Runestone Museum

Runestone Museum
Credits: jpellgen (@1179_jp) / Flickr
Runestone Museum

A visit to Runestone Museum is one of the top things to do in Alexandria, MN, as it is rated a “must-see” point of interest by AAA. Runestone Museum is a kid-friendly museum with a Scavenger Hunt for the young and young at heart.

You will find the most polymath artifact in the museum, Kensington Runestone, and its mysterious runic message; it was carved in 1362. Explore the Runestone Museum to discover and learn amazing historical stories about the place and area.

The museum also features pioneer displays, a children’s discovery area and special limited-time exhibits, a World War II living room with 1940’s music playing, a wildlife exhibit, and many others. The museum showcases garnered national attention, showing their 1920s Ojibwe jingle dress surfaced in the American Indian Art Magazine.

You are sure to enjoy the historic enactment from the Civil War eras, Fur Trade, Pioneer, kid’s activities, and family fun. Runestone Museum is open all year round.

Address: 206 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56308-1417

2. Carlos Creek Winery

Carlos Creek Winery
Credits: Barnaby Chambers / Shutterstock

If you’re on vacation in Alexandria, Minnesota, and you are in search of one of the best things to do in Alexandria, MN, with your friends or family to enjoy great wines, kindly go to the Carlos Creek Winery as they serve great wines.

The winery is the official wine of Minnesota fun. You are sure to enjoy the award-winning wine in a stunning and welcoming environment where the entries family or friends are sour to have fun.

Carlos Creek Winery is open all year round, and you will enjoy their wine tasting and free self-guided tours through their wine cave. Free production tours are provided during summer Saturdays with an affordable wine tasting.

You will love their live music, which starts from 2 pm to 6 pm, plus other exciting activities like their two full-size bocce courts, bean-bag toss games, and garden-size chess boards. The winery also hosts three festivals annually.

Address: 6693 County Road 34 NW, Alexandria, MN 56308-9857

3. Big Ole Viking Statue

Big Ole Viking Statue
Credits: jpellgen (@1179_jp) / Flickr
Big Ole Viking Statue

Across the street from Minnesota’s you will discover a gigantic Viking statue, also called the Big Ole Viking Statue, that stood as a reminder of the locally beloved belief that nordic explorers arrived at the area in the 1300s.

Big Ole Viking Statue was erected in 1965 as an attraction for the New York World’s Fair, and the Satie stood 28-feet tall, bearing a shield emblazoned with words “Alexandria, Birthplace of America.”

After the fair, the off-model Thor was sent to Alexandria, Minnesota, installed in a bit of traffic island on the north end of Broadway. The Big Ole Viking Statue is an impressive sight, visible fie many blocks from the wide boulevard as he is 28-feet tall.

Address: Central Lakes Trail, Alexandria, MN 56308

4. Casey’s Amusement Park

Casey’s Amusement Park
Credits: milepost430media / Shutterstock

A visit to Casey’s Amusement Park is one of the fun things to do in Alexandria, MN, as it offers lots of fun activities you and your kids are sure to enjoy.

Casey’s Amusement Park is a “must-do” family destination as the park features bumper boats, go-carts, arcades, mini-golf, and many more. Casey’s Amusement Park offers various concessions alongside free admission to their pic in area.

The park is open from May through September. In Casey’s Amusement Park, you will also find a batting cage, 4 Go-Kart tracks, kiddie karts, skeeball, and others. If you’re in search of a great place to take your kids to, Casey’s Park is all you need.

Address: 1305 N Nokomis NE, Alexandria, MN 56308-5032

5. Legacy of the Lakes Museum

Legacy of the Lakes Museum
Credits: Myotus [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Legacy of the Lakes Museum
The Legacy of the Lakes Museum morning is one of the attractions in Alexandria you need to explore. The museum offer BoatHouse rentals, which are available throughout the year.

Legacy of the Lakes Museum celebrates the shared experiences and memories of Minnesota lake life, and it also preserves the Legacy for future generations. You’re sure to find the grand hotel and resort history, classic boats, fishing memorabilia, and many more

in the museum.

Legend gardens on the museum campus display stunning landscape, water features, walking paths, gazebos, and quiet nooks. Friday nights during summer offers love music performed in the Legacy Gardens.

Every year, Legacy of the Lakes Museum invites bands from the Midwest and beyond to perform on the Pohlig Family Stage; the kinds of music performed in the garden are family-friendly events you do not want to miss.

Address: 205 3rd Ave W, Alexandria, MN 56308-1364

6. Copper Trail Brewing Co

Copper Trail Brewing Co
Credits: Viiviien / Shutterstock

The Copper Trail Brewing Company is the 5th brewery that the city has. Copper Trail Brewing Company features a clean-cut artisan with an industrial-style taproom in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

Situated in Historic Downtown Alexandria, Copper Trail Brewing Company is one of the fun things to do in Alexandria, as it has 150 unique sitting-seating either at the bar top. You will also find BORD tables or customized tables made from refurbished wood right from the brewery’s site.

You’re sure to enjoy a tour in the brewery to learn and discover how your craft beer is produced, 20-feet from where it was poured. Copper Trail Brewing Company offers babes like the Cribbage, Checkers, Jenga, Scrabble, etc.

The brewery also has a gift whole where you can select things to buy or get for your loved ones, including hats, glass wares, and souvenirs.

Address: 205 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56308

7. Lake Le Homme Dieu

Lake Le Homme Dieu
Credits: PalSand / Shutterstock

Lake Le Homme Dieu got its unique babe from a friend of Gleny King, an early settler. Lake Le Homme Dieu comes from French “L’homme de Dieu” meaning the “Man of God”.

Lake Le Homme Dieu features a 1,800-acre basin situated on the northeast city limit of Alexandria; it is also a part of the Alexandria Chain of Lakes. The lake is one of the fantastic attractions in Alexandria, which you would love to visit as navigable links connections to Lake Geneva and Lake Carlos.

In Lake Le Homme Dieu, you’re sure to enjoy boating, water recreation, and fishing, as the lake is popularly known for fun water activities. Lake Le Homme Dieu is committed to protecting and enhancing the water quality and environment of the lake.

You will also discover the Rotary Beach and Lake Le Homme Dieu Beach; the former is between Lake Carlos and Lake L ‘Homme Dieu on County Road 42, while the latter rests on the lake’s southern end.

8. Lake Miltona

Lake Miltona
Credits: TeodorLazarev / Shutterstock

Lake Miltona, after a wife of a pioneer, Florence Miltona Roadruck, settles in the city. Lake Miltona is a developed recreational lake situated in Douglas County, eleven miles north of Alexandria.

A visit to Lake Miltona is one of top things to do in Alexandria, MN. It is rated third in the state for offering conditions and nutrients to sustain fish life per acre-feet of water; it is also considered one of the finest lakes in central Minnesota.

The beautiful Lake Miltona provides a multitude of fish habitats from shallow submerged flats to crystal depths that plunge more than a hundred feet. The lake is a lovely spot for fishers as it features varieties of species like Largemouth Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike, Perch, Crappie, Bluegill, Sunfish, Rock Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and Walleye.

Lake Miltona is the best place to visit in Alexandria with your loved ones to have fun and a memorable adventure, as you enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, and other water activities.

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9. Central Lakes Trail

Central Lakes Trail
Credits: Beachie2k / Wiki (public domain)
Central Lakes Trail

The Central Lakes Trail is Minnesota’s 23rd State Trail built on an abandoned Burlington Northern Railroad corridor; Minnesota purchased the Lake Trail in 1992.

Explore the Central Lakes Trail to English, the picturesque view, and the beautiful gem of Minnesota. The trail starts at the southeast edge of Fergus Falls, and it is also available for all to enjoy.

The Lakes trail traverses through, or next to, a picturesque mixture of woodlands, grasslands, lakes, wetlands, and farm country. The trail is accessible to non-motorized visitors, except for snowmobiles during the winter season.

The Lake Trail is an excellent place for walking, running, bicycling, in-line skating, roller skiing, wheelchairs, and many others. As you walk through the lake trail, you will find wildlife, wildflowers, and a variety of plants and trees; you will also see muskrats, ducks, rabbits, beaver, different bird species, and many others.

Central Lakes Trail is one of the most excellent trails for its residents and visitors. You will enjoy viewing the scenic environment plus other fun, enjoyable activities you will experience in the area.

Address: 206 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56308-1417

10. Kensington Runestone

Kensington Runestone
Credits: Lorie Shaull / Flickr
Kensington Runestone

The Kensington Runestone consists of a slab of greywacke stone covered in runes which were said to be discovered in central Minnesota in 1898. A Swedish immigrant named Olof Öhman reported that he unearthed it from a field in the largely rural township of Solem in Douglas County.

The Runestone got its name from the nearest settlement called Kensington. The inscription on the Runestone purports to be a record left by Scandinavian explorers in the 14th century. The text has nine lines on the face of stone, plus three lines on the edge.

The Runestone has led researchers worldwide and across the centuries on an exhaustive quest to explain how a runic artifact, dated 1362, could show up in North America. You will discover and learn interesting things at the Kensington Runestone.

11. Big Splash at Arrowwood Resort

Arrowwood Resort
Credits: Omar David Sandoval Sida [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Arrowwood Resort
Looking for the best place to visit in Alexandria to experience fantastic water adventures with your loved ones, the Big Splash at Arrowhead Resort is an excellent place for you to explore.

An unforgettable experience awaits you at the extensive waterpark, Alexandria. You will discover 38,000 square feet of fun that consist of 4-story-tall water slides, a whirlpool spa, a lazy river, water blasters and geysers, basketball shootout, lily pad water walk, and the 500-gallon splash bucket.

Big Splash at Arrowhead Resort features lots of fun things to do for both the kids and adults; there’s food, refreshments, and many more at the resort.

You are sure to enjoy floating down the tropical whirlpool spa or explore the basketball shootout, the lily pad water walk, and others. Go to the Big Splash at Arrowhead Resort with your friends or family for a memorable adventure.

12. 22 Northmen Brewing Company

22 Northmen Brewing Company
Credits: tb-photography / Shutterstock

Amongst the best fun things to do in Alexandria, MN, is a visit to 22 Northern Brewing Company , it is one of the places to visit in Alexandria, Minnesota, with your friend or family to enjoy a beautiful day or evening in the lovely and friendly environment. 22 Northern Brewing Company is surrounded by vineyards, a winery, and an attached wood-fires piazza kitchen.

The brewery is also an incredible spot for a day trip with your friends and family. 22 Northern Brewing Company features an outdoor bar that serves wine and beer alongside live music on Friday nights during the summer.

22 Northern Brewing Company is available all year round, and it is open on Wednesday and Thursday from 12 pm – 9 pm, on Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 10 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm to 7 pm.

Some of the crafted beers you will find are the New Helles, Balck Lager, Norse Lager, Czech Norse, Vienna Lager, and many others. Do add a visit here to your list of things to do in Alexandria, MN.

Address: 6693 Cty Rd 34 NW Building B, Alexandria, MN 56308-9857

13. Douglas County Courthouse

Douglas County Courthouse
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM/ Flickr
Douglas County Courthouse

The Douglas County Courthouse is located in Alexandria, Minnesota; the district courthouse features an original jurisdiction in all civil, family, probate, juvenile, criminal, and traffic cases filed in Douglas County.

Douglas County Courthouse is part of the Seventh Judicial District. After the formal organization of Douglas County in 1866, the court held for several years in a small frame building on Main Street occupied by the Alexandria Post.

The widow of William E. Hicks, an Alexandria developer, donated the current courthouse, while in 1875, Ms. Hicks donated. Visit the Douglas County Courthouse to discover exciting stories about the city.

Address: 305 8th Ave W, Alexandria, MN 56308-1759

14. Douglas County Historical Society

Douglas County Historical Society
Credits: Gobonobo [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Douglas County Historical Society
Douglas County Historical Society is dedicated to discovering, preserving, and disseminating the county’s history and its people. The Douglas County Historical Society features extensive historical and genealogical resources.

You will find many exciting things in the County Historical Society, such as the city’s histories, marriage write-ups, plat maps, birth, death, and marriage indexes from the Douglas County courthouse records, plus 125 years of area newspapers many others.

In the research library, you will also find educational resources like programs on several Douglas County locations and topics, oral history interviews, an extensive photo collection, materials for identification of significant buildings and sites in Douglas County, a vintage clothing and uniform collection, and several books on the history of Douglas County.

Douglas County Historical Society serves as a learning and information center with hands-on exhibits showcasing Douglas County’s history. The Historical Society offers guided tours of the home and exhibitions.

Address: 1219 Nokomis St, Alexandria, MN 56308-3712

15. Lakes Area Radio Theatre

Lakes Area Radio Theatre
Credits: SimoneN / Shutterstock

Lakes Area Radio Theater is one of Alexandria, Minnesota’s top places to visit. It offers beautiful live music, significant sound effects, several shows every month such as western, crime detective, historical, mystery, Comedies, drama, suspense.

Visit the Lakes Area Radio Theater with your family and friends to enjoy watching Old Time radio shows performed live on the stage. All the shows and performances are family-friendly; this makes it one of the attractions to visit in Alexandria, Minnesota.

The theatre features live voice actors, musicians, and sound effect technicians. The voice actors bring old-time and presently written radio stories to life before its audience every month, each second of Friday at 7 pm.

Address: 2214 Geneva Rd NE, Alexandria, MN 56308-8995

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16. Escape Room Alexandria

Escape Room Alexandria
Credits: Jerome.Romme / Shutterstock

Escape Room Alexandria is one of the attractions in Alexandria, Minnesota, and you would love to visit it as it creates real-life escape adventure games for family, friends, and visitors in a fun and interactive environment.

Escape Room Alexandria is one of the top places to visit in Alexandria, Minnesota. There are unique and exciting themed rooms to discover clues and solve logic puzzles to escape.

You can also play on Tuesday and Friday evenings and Saturday by appointment. You can visit the area with your kids as there are enjoyable and exciting games for your kids to play. Escape Room Alexandria also offers a handful of mobile games which can be self-hosted, set up, or hosted for events.

This answers what to do in Alexandria, for a fun time,  do add to your checklist of things to do in Alexandria, MN.

Address: 115 8th Ave E, Alexandria, MN 56308-1852

17. Geneva Golf Club

Credits: Mikael Damkier / Shutterstock

Geneva Golf Club is situated in the Alexandria, Minnesota Lakes Area, which is carved from the ecological terrain of the area, that is home to varieties of trees, marshlands, and natural hazards.

Geneva Golf Club is a public 27- hole championship golf course situated in the picturesque Alexandria, Minnesota lakes area. Joel Goldstrand designed the Geneva Golf Club’s layout, which opened in 2000.

Geneva Golf Club was designed to assure top-caliber golf and preserve the inherent natural beauty of the environment. Geneva Golf Club features three nines, the ponds, marsh, and island courses. Each nine provides its unique personality.

With five sets of tees, the golf course combines a stern challenge for the professional golfer with the playability desired by the beginners.

Address: 4181 Geneva Golf Club Dr. NE, Alexandria, MN 56308-8927

18. Ron’s Warehouse

Ron's Warehouse
Credits: Ron’s Warehouse Sales / Facebook
Ron’s Warehouse

Ron’s Warehouse is one of the attractions in Alexandria, Minnesota, and you need to visit as the store buy their merchandise from all over the United States. The Warehouse buys undamaged items whenever there is a tornado, fire, hurricane, fire semi-rollover, flood, and other; they then sell the items at amazing discounts.

Ron’s Warehouse is an exciting place to visit as they offer 30-70% off regular retail prices. At the Warehouse, you will find furniture, decorations, groceries, pet supplies, health and beauty, housewares, toys, hardware, seasonal merchandise, clothing, and a whole lot more!

You will also find crafting merchandise in the Warehouse, including Canvas’s, photo albums, scrapbooks, shadow boxes, yarn, fabric, embroidery floss, crochet hooks, knitting needles, and others.

Ron’s Warehouse is one of the best places to visit in Alexandria as it offers everything for everyone, for both kids and adults. Explore the Warehouse to find lovely items and gifts you will love to buy. Do add to your list of things to do in Alexandria, MN.

Address: 1408 3rd Ave E, Alexandria, MN 56308-2341

19. Country Blossom Farm, LLC

Country Blossom Farm, LLC
Credits: Libor Fousek / Shutterstock

Country Blossom Farm is an apple orchard filled with fun things to do in Alexandria, Minnesota. The farm consists of a 7-acre corn maze, bouncy pillow, corn pit, bazooka ball, pedal cart track, etc.

Your friends and family are sure to enjoy their visit to Country Blossom Farm as they are popularly known for their take and bake pies, plus delicious savory hand pies for lunch.

The store at Country Blossom Farm is full of furniture and home decor for everyone. You will enjoy picking strawberries in the summer and apples in Fall; the farm opens seasonally from May through December with changing hours and varying products available.

A gift shop at Country Blossom Farm consists of fun home accents and seasonal decor, floral, trendy home decor, and beautiful furniture. You will also discover delicious dip mixes and soups, local honey and syrup, jams and jellies, and many others.

Address: 1951 Englund Rd SW, Alexandria, MN 56308-5574

20. Your Turn Boardgames

Your Turn Boardgames
Credits: Tsuguliev / Shutterstock

Explore Your Turn Boardgames located in Alexandria if you’re looking for something extraordinary to do with your friends and family. Your Turn Boardgames offers a full-service gaming shop with over 400 of the latest board games.

If you love playing games and need a relaxing and fun environment to play games with your friends, Your Turn Boardgames has it all; it provides a complete gaming experience alongside its beautiful and welcoming gaming room.

Your Turn Boardgames is one of the best places in Alexandria, where you can create unforgettable memories. The staff at Your Turn Boardgames are friendly and helpful; they also offer delicious foods.

Your Turn Boardgames has a vast collection of more than 1,000 games spanning from old classics to new challenges. They have a comfortable and relaxing space for a family outing, a small group, a large party, a date night, and others.

Address: 213 6th Ave E, Alexandria, MN 56308-1803

21. Art Bar 39

Art Bar 39
Credits: Syda Productions / Shutterstock

Art Bar 39 is an Art Studio and a Creative Events Company that offers its visitors art, offering fun opportunities for all ages, both kids and adults alike.

Since 2014, Art Bar 39 has been offering more than 1500 events locally as it continues to grow every day. At Art Bar 39, you will find a beautiful studio space with a newly updated G’day Cafe and a Wine Bar.

If you’re in search of the best place in Alexandria to chill out with your friends or family in the evening, the Art Bar 39 is the perfect place for you. The In-Studio Cafe provides varieties of tasty menu options like -Aussie food and wine, beer, coffee, and others.

You can plan your parties like birthday parties, private parties, reunions, and others at Art Bar 39; you will also enjoy painting and viewing artworks on birds, animals, landscapes, abstracts, and others.

This answers what to do in Alexandria, for a fun time, do add to your bucket list of things to do in Alexandria, MN.

Address: 3015 Mn 29 South Suite 122 Viking Plaza Mall, Alexandria, MN 56308-4535

22. Creative Touch Gallery

Creative Touch Gallery
Credits: Ivan Kurmyshov / Shutterstock

If you are searching for the right place to get gifts for your loved ones in the city, be sure to visit Creative Touch Gallery, as it has almost everything you will love to buy. Creative Touch Gallery is an incredible boutique shop filled with various gifts, home decor, and clothing.

Creative Touch Gallery helps you make your house a home with exceptional items and designs in its gallery. Creative Touch Gallery is also a retail gift store where you can shop for gifts for your loved ones. Creative Touch Gallery features 5,000 square feet of retail space on two levels; they also provide custom decorating for home or office.

Address: 516 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56308-1423

23. Lake Miltona Golf Club

Lake Miltona Golf Club
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

If you love golfing and you’re in search of fun things to do in Alexandria, MN, to golf with your friends or family, be sure to visit the Lake Miltona Golf Club as it offers fantastic services in welcoming and great surroundings.

Lake Miltona Golf Club has an 18-hole public golf course situated in Alexandria Lake and cabin country. The golf club first started as a nine-hole golf course in 1965 and has grown into a popular 18-hole course since 2002.

Whether you are a beginner a professional, you will love the course. There is an abundance of trees, ponds, and open vistas in the area, plus plenty of wildlife to make your round memorable.

There is a full menu and bar at Lake Miltona Golf Club where you can get a quick snack, alongside a golf car storage for parking your cars.

Address: 3868 County Road 5 NE, Alexandria, MN 56308-8173

24. Theatre L`Home Dieu

Theatre L`Home Dieu
Credits: antpkr / Shutterstock

Enjoy unique and entertaining plays at Theatre L’Homme Dieu, located in Alexandria. It opened its doors in 1961 and is Minnesota’s oldest still-running summer stock theater. 

The TLHD campus is housed on a former resort that has been transformed into a theatrical campus with 38 apartments, a guesthouse with an industrial cuisine, and a 272-seat raised Platform Theater.

The site has access to Lake L’Homme Dieu and is situated on 22 acres of wooded terrain. Theatre L’Homme Dieu (TLHD) has a long tradition of performing plays.

TLHD was formerly affiliated with SCSU, but since 2009, it has operated as a presenting theater on its own. Thus, it presents professional theater on its stage rather than producing community shows.

The overall quality of life in Alexandria, the Lakes Area, and Central Minnesota is improved by Theatre L’Homme Dieu’s production and presentation of outstanding live theatre, fine arts, and educational programming that celebrates the culture and fosters community.

Visitors, tourists, and locals who live in the Alexandria region make up the audiences for TLHD.

Address: 1875 County Rd 120, Alexandria, MN 56308, USA 

25. Past and Present Home Gallery

Past and Present Home Gallery
Credits: Past & Present Home Gallery / Facebook
Past and Present Home Gallery

In Alexandria’s historic downtown lies Past & Present Home Gallery, also known as “The Antique Store with Character.”

You may find a diverse selection of coins, antiques, furniture, primitives, man cave items, collectibles, stained glass lamps, vintage jewelry, and many other intriguing items at Past & Present.

They have some artifacts that are more recent and some that are nearly a century old. The majority of antique furniture you will find in the store was handcrafted and hand-carved, giving each item its unique features and astounding detail.

Other lovely items, such as glassware, pottery, all the “fancy work” tablecloths, embroidered pillowcases, crocheted doilies, towels, quilts, etc., were handmade and hand-painted in addition to the elaborate craftsmanship of the furniture.

Because of this, each piece has its own distinctive “character.” It’s hard not to enjoy these works, given the numerous hours of meticulous attention that went into them.

Whether you’re shopping alone or with friends, it’s a fun location to spend some time.

Address: 619 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56308, USA

26. Art Bar 39 Studio & Photography

Art Bar 39 Studio & Photography
Credits: Kuznetcov_Konstantin / Shutterstock

Are you itching to practice painting, whether an expert or an absolute beginner? Then, when in Alexandria, MN, Arts Bar 39 Studio & Photography needs to be your destination.

Come with your family and friends to the art studio and creative events company to enjoy various fun art opportunities available for people of all ages. 

More than 1,500 local events have been organized by Art Bar 39 since 2014, and it keeps expanding daily.

Together with the recently renovated G’day Cafe & Wine Bar, they now have a creative studio area.

Even if you aren’t painting, their in-studio cafe provides an excellent selection of dishes, including Australian food and wine, coffee, and beer. 

Address: 3015 MN-29 SUITE 4122, Alexandria, MN 56308, USA

27. Garden Center Lanes

Garden Center Lanes
Credits: AS photostudio / Shutterstock

Visit Garden Center Lanes for top-notch entertainment and enjoyment! Garden Center Lanes, one of Minnesota’s newest bowling alleys, was constructed in 2005.

It is one of the top bowling alleys in the Upper Midwest, which has 34 lanes, one of the giant arcades around, and a full-service pro shop.

The facility has plenty to offer bowlers of all ages and abilities, whether you’re searching for a league, tournament, work party, birthday party, or simply a night out with loved ones. 

Address: 115 30th Ave E, Alexandria, MN 56308, USA

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Plan Your Trip to Alexandria, MN

Thi beautiful city is for a family  or friends’ vacation destination. It is home to unique and incredible activities and places you will love to explore. You are sure to enjoy a memorable adventure as you visit Alexandria, Minnesota.

You will discover recreational parks, historical buildings and museums, lakes, beaches, picnic areas, scenic views, breweries and wineries, delicious foods, freshly produced products, gardens, theatres, malls, and stores in the spectacular city many others.

You will also find quality accessories, decors, antiques, furniture, collectibles, jewelry, artworks and paintings, enjoyable indoor and outdoor games, exciting water activities, and lots more. Start planning your next trip to Alexandria, and it is the perfect place for you and your loved ones.