25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Benton Harbor (MI)

Benton Harbor in Berrien County is just three miles from St. Joseph Town, Michigan, United States.

It has a size of twelve square kilometers and a population of 9,103 in 2022. The town might not be much sizeable, but it has many attractions.

These attractions include wineries that make excellent wines. Aside from agricultural interests, the town comprises a handful of facilities that provide go-karting and gun shooting. The town is also known as a hub for various watersports.

The town’s weather is moderated by the Lake Michigan waters, which causes a favorite climate ideal for growing fruits. There are different vineyards and conservation areas in Benton Harbor.

Are you planning an exploration of Benton Harbor? Here are the best things to do in Benton Harbor, MI.

Things to Do in Benton Harbor

1. Jean Klock Park

Jean Klock Park
Credits: Suzanne Tucker / Shutterstock
Jean Klock Park

Jean Klock Park took after the name of the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Klock, who kicked the bucket in her childhood. They purchased a half-mile stretch of the shoreline of Lake Michigan and gave it out to Benton Harbor so it could be used as a children’s park.

Visitors can enjoy exploring the entire area and walking through Jean Klock Park. The Park is known to be part of the oldest parks in Michigan. It offers many facilities and lovely lake scenes for everyone to admire.

Most of the facilities to look out for in the Park are the boardwalk, a volleyball court, and a bathhouse. Make sure to stop by and enjoy the many fun opportunities at the Park.

Address: Jean Klock Blvd, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

2. Eden Springs Park

Eden Springs Park
Credits: Mostovyi Sergii Igorevich / Shutterstock

There are many parks open for tourists to check out during their vacation in Benton Harbor, and one of the best is Eden Springs Park.

Eden Springs Park provides visitors with many go trains that can be ridden during weekends. Aside from the train experience to gain here, the Park features camping grounds where you can enjoy the weekend with friends and family.

If you want a relaxing time in a cabin or a unique camping experience, there is plenty of accommodation for you and everyone accompanying you.

You can also enjoy some quality time strolling or hiking, enabling you to explore the Park most efficiently.

Address: 793 M-139, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

3. Third Coast Paddling

Third Coast Paddling
Credits: Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock

As you’re compiling what to do in Benton Harbor, MI, remember to check out the Third Coast Paddling to have the best kayaking experience if it is your first time paddling, no need to worry, as there are guides to help you in every way possible to make your paddling experience worth it.

By making reservations with Third Coast Paddling, you’ll have a great time paddling through the gorgeous river and enjoying the incredible views.

The ideal way to enjoy an excellent paddling session with them and get a time conducive for you is to check their website. You can also stop by making a reservation saves you time.

Whether you want to go kayaking or not, you will indeed have a one-of-a-kind experience touring with Third Coast Paddling.

Address: 601 Graham Ave, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

4. Water Street Glassworks

Water Street Glassworks
Credits: rdonar / Shutterstock

If you have always had it in mind to produce something out of glass on your next vacation, the Water Street Glassworks is one of the best places to visit in Benton Harbor, MI.

Water Street Glassworks is made up of a gallery, studio, and school. It has several programs and pieces you can see.

From their many programs and classes, visitors can put pieces together using varieties of colors and various types of glass styles. For individuals who are experts at the craft, the studio provides rental services for different rooms for visitors who want to make their pieces.

If you want to learn more about the processes involved in glass making and the various pieces created by the studio, you can make reservations for their tours.

This destination also organizes plenty of events and parties where you and your colleagues can be recipients of these glass pieces.

Address: 140 Water St, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

5. Sarett Nature Center

Sarett Nature Center
Credits: vanderhe1 / Flickr
Sarett Nature Center

There are many options to look out for during your trip to Benton Harbor. If you are a nature enthusiast, one of the top things to do in Benton Harbor is to explore the Sarett Nature Center.

There are many facilities and activities to get involved with at this community Nature Center.

One of the ideal ways to see the gorgeous sceneries in this Nature Center is to go hiking or walking through the trails.

If you would love to see wildlife here, check the Sarett Nature Center’s website for info about the facility and the many things to see here. You can also look out for the various programs, events, and other stuff the park has installed for you.

Aside from this, you can also peruse their online store and rental services.

Address: 2300 N Benton Center Rd, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

6. Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve

Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve
Credits: Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve/ Facebook
Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve

Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve is located beneath the rivers of the western shores of Michigan. It is an underwater attraction with a great maritime history.

In 1999 the Preserve was officially the tenth in Michigan. It is famous for numerous shipwrecks that can be seen as you explore the waters.

The shipwreck dives in the Preserve are the 106-foot Rockaway, the H.C. Akeley, a 230-foot steamer that got shipwrecked while conveying cargoes from Chicago to Buffalo, and a commercial ship called the Verano.

Furthermore, the Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve created room for amateur and avid divers to check out the Clay Bank’s grottos and trenches with the Grand Mere Rock Outcropping base.

Address: Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States

7. 12 Corners Vineyards

12 Corners Vineyards
Credits: patjo / Shutterstock

One of the best things to do in Benton Harbor, MI, is to check out the various wineries in this region.

The 12 Corners Vineyard, arguably the best in this region, is a must-see winery for you to try out unique wines.

12 Corners Vineyard encompasses 115 acres having varieties of grapes and many great choices of wines.

The unique thing about this winery is the many classic wines and liquor you can buy and taste. There are many options to choose from. If you are not a fan of alcoholic content, you can try out their non-alcoholic beverages.

They also offer wine tastings which are available anytime during the day. You can also visit the winery website for booking information and product details.

Address: 1201 N Benton Center Rd, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

8. Higbee’s Farm

Higbee's Farm
Credits: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

One of the best places to visit in Benton Harbor, MI, is Higbee’s Farm, especially if you love peaches. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque views of this Farm or go picnicking.

The Higbee’s Farm, which has existed for more than a hundred years, provides visitors with a vast number of trees and greenery space for visitors to check out using their wagon rides.

Moreover, the Farm offers a great selection of fresh vegetables that visitors can make purchases of. The perfect time to check out this Farm and have your share of their fresh peaches is from the middle of July until mid-September.

For more information on upcoming updates and events on the Highbees farm, you can check out their website for details.

Address: 162 S Blue Creek Rd, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

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9. Lake Michigan Vintners

Lake Michigan Vintners
Credits: sama_ja / Shutterstock

Due to a partnership with Lake Michigan College, Lake Michigan Vintners is the hub for the first-ever educational winery and tasting room.

Visitors can make small batch purchases of the locally made wines produced by students of Lake Michigan College’s Wine & Viticulture Technology program.

You can check out their tasting room, where you try wine varieties and learn about the different processes involved in winemaking. They have a friendly and welcoming staff who will guide you through your wine-tasting experience.

Lake Michigan Vintners is available for visits on Fridays and Saturdays from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Address; 2774 E Empire Ave, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

10. North Pier Brewing Company

North Pier Brewing Company
Credits: Wirestock Creators / Shutterstock

If you’re wondering what to do in Benton Harbor, MI, but love a good beer, ensure to visit North Pier Brewing Company.

The North Brewing Company features a great selection of beers to check out when you visit. Each of these beers is homemade, providing separate undertones that beer lovers can enjoy.

Furthermore, North Pier Brewing Company boasts its classic cocktails and many other alcoholic items for visitors to check out. 

The ideal way to enjoy a great beer is with some delectable food. The brewery also offers visitors excellent food options, including tacos and pretzels.

Apart from Mondays and Tuesdays, you can check out the brewery on weekends and weekdays. You can also see the brewery website for membership options and other information.

Address: 670 N Shore Dr, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

11. Piggott’s Farm Market & Bakery

Piggott's Farm Market & Bakery
Credits: stockcreations / Shutterstock

Piggott’s offers a combination of freshly baked items and fresh produce to the public. Depending on what time of the year you visit, there are varieties of vegetables and fruits available for purchase on this Farm.

You can make purchases of freshly baked items that make the Farm a fantastic attraction. Furthermore, to these freshly baked goods, the Farm also has various types of jams, cheese, and many other locally made products. The Farm is available for visits from the first of May until October.

During this period, you can check in any day of the week beginning from 9 am. If you have any specific product in mind you want to purchase, see their website for details on the harvest.

Address: 2300 N Benton Center Rd, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

12. Hidden Pointe

Hidden Pointe
Credits: Lisa F. Young / Shutterstock

Exploring Hidden Pointe is one of the fun things to do in Benton Harbor, MI. At this destination, visitors can see several facilities to enjoy, including a basketball area, an arcade, a trampoline, and batting cages.

This beautiful park’s main attractions are the go-Kart track and the miniature golf course. You can cool off at their ice cream shop after having your share of the fun in this lovely theme park.

You can taste their freshly made fruit smoothies and soda or satisfy your tooth cravings with their tasty ice cream. The Hidden Pointe Park is available for visits on Fridays and weekends.

Address: 1062 Nickerson Ave, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

13. ARS Gallery & Culture Center

ARS Gallery & Culture Center
Credits: guruXOX / Shutterstock

If you are an art lover, get hold of this great opportunity of visiting the ARS Gallery and Culture Center.

The Center provides visitors with many drawing and painting programs available to everyone throughout the year; you can get all the information you need via their website.

If you are more interested in seeing the ARS Gallery section, some of their exhibit information is available on-site.

Many of their art pieces include paintings that emphasize nature and several minimalist artworks. You can also be part of their workshops and even go camping, which the kids will find interesting. 

The ARS Gallery and Culture Center is available for visits from Thursdays to weekends.

Address: 147 5th St, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

14. The Livery

The Livery
Credits: somchaij / Shutterstock

For over a hundred years, Livery has been providing quality service to tourists and people residing in Southwest Michigan and is still represented.

The Livery is a local craft brewery situated in the downtown area of Benton Harbor. It is dedicated to bringing people from different walks of life to enjoy life through music, beer, and food.

It consists of 16 taps of their crafted beer, a furry-friendly outdoor beer garden, a kitchen that serves locally made dishes, 2 Ale taps, free WiFI, and others. In addition, live music performances are made regularly in the Upper Livery entertainment venue.

They provide excellent customer service, a countryside charm, and a cozy environment; make sure to enjoy a tour here when you visit.

Address: 190 5th St, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

15. Heritage Orchards

Heritage Orchards
Credits: Libor Fousek / Shutterstock

Stop by the Heritage Orchards if you want to taste one of the country’s best ciders.

The Heritage Orchards provides visitors with a vast collection of peaches and apples and a great selection of other excellent products.

The ideal time to check out this orchard is during the fall season for the best freshly marinated cider. The Heritage Orchards also features a fruit farm for a weekday visit. 

You can visit with the family to enjoy the excellent views of the FarmFarm. You can also come with a camera to capture photos of the Farm, as it offers a perfect backdrop to take beautiful pictures.

Address: 3334 Hicks Ave, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

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16. Point Blank Sports Club

Point Blank Sports Club
Credits: guteksk7 / Shutterstock

Check out your skills in gunslinging by visiting the Point Blank Sports Club and getting a firsthand experience of this activity.

The Point Blank Sports Club is where you can experience everything about archery and gun shooting.

Apart from its shooting range, the Point Blank Sports Club features facilities you can try out, such as its fitness and arcade center. Exploring the facilities in this destination is one of the fun things to do in Benton Harbor, MI.

Safety is essential, especially when it has to do with this sport. Therefore safety classes are carried out for individuals new to the shooting world. The sports club also has a shop containing many guns, accessories, and ammunition.

Address: 1340 Territorial Rd, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

17. Vineyard 2121

Vineyard 2121
Credits: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

There is no doubt that Benton Harbor is made up of many wineries and Vineyard 2121 is one of the excellent ones.

Apart from being a place that produces excellent wines, Vineyard 2121 features a restaurant that provides visitors with a great selection of delectable meals, including pizzas and sandwiches.

In relation to alcoholic drinks, this destination provides its patrons with not only red and white wines but also various kinds of alcoholic beverages.

Other items available on their menu include slushies and ciders. Vineyard 2121 also organizes several events and concerts, which you can know more about by visiting their website or social media accounts.

Address: 4110 Red Arrow Hwy, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

18. Harbor Shores Golf Club

Harbor Shores Golf Club
Credits: EpicStockMedia / Shutterstock

Play some golf at the Harbor Shores Golf Club. The Golf Club is 95 minutes from Chicago, an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course showcasing the quality standards of a top-tier golf design company, Nicklaus Design. 

The golf course stretches incredibly through different terrains, providing the perfect setting to play golf.

Three holes provide lovely views of Lake Michigan. In contrast, eleven holes are surrounded by the Paw Paw River and Ox Creek, and four holes also meander through undulating hills, hardwood forests, and ravines.

It is a lovely place to go golfing and should make up your bucket list of places to see in Benton Harbor.

Address: 201 Graham Ave, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

19. Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College

Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College
Credits: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

The Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College is the perfect place to be for anyone who loves art.

The Center organizes many art performances and events and offers exhibits throughout the year. The good thing about their shows is that there are no repetitions in versions; everything is brand new.

This performance ranges from educational expositions to dances. In addition, the Center offers a range of events and genres you can make reservations for.

You can make ticket purchases from their website and get details of what the events and performances will be like. In addition, the Center is an open venue for various events, such as trade shows and meetings.

Address: 2755 E Napier Ave, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

20. Henry’s Hamburgers

Henry's Hamburgers
Credits: *Hajee / Flickr
Henry’s Hamburgers

During the 1960s, this destination was a more massive establishment than Mcdonald’s.

The Benton Harbor branch was opened in 1959. Over the years, it has been moved to different venues and changed owners but retained the same service and foods, explaining its popularity.

They have an excellent food menu where you can find varieties of foods to select from. They have excellent customer service, as their staff is friendly and good at dispensing their duties.

Make sure to stop by when you are in Benton Harbor, as here has a perfect setting to have a good time with your friends, family, and even colleagues from work.

Address: 1832 M 139, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

21. Mary’s City of David Museum

If you are a religious tourist, don’t miss out on exploring the Mary’s City of David Museum, the country’s third oldest Christian community.

The estate has a landmass of 140 acres and contains 81 buildings. In 2009, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and later established a museum as time passed.

Out of the 81 buildings on site, only 11 are available for tourists, including the Museum, which can be seen in the Mary’s Auditorium.

There are plenty of fascinating photos and artifacts to see here as a result of the history of the community. You can check out the gift shop in the Museum or learn about the incredible religious background of this community. 

Address: 1158 East Britain Avenue, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

22. Lake Michigan Golf Club

Lake Michigan Golf Club
Credits: New Africa / Shutterstock

The Lake Michigan Golf Club is ranked number one in southwest Michigan public golf courses and the best golf course in Benton Harbor.

Lake Michigan Golf Club has continually received the Golf Digest star rating of Best Places to Play. The Golf Club has been providing golf services for more than 40 years to this community. 

The Golf course was designed by a renowned architect named Charles Maddox, Sr. The system features multiple tee options, undulating greens, beautiful tree-lined fairways, and numerous elevation changes.

 It has a banquet facility and clubhouse situated on the top of a bluff that overlooks the golf course; this, in turn, provides the perfect environment for wedding events and other printed functions. Having a tee time in this Club is one of the top things to do in Benton Harbor, MI.

Address: 2520 Kerlikowske Rd, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

23. Rocky Gap County Park

Rocky Gap County Park
Credits: FOTO Eak / Shutterstock

The Rock Gap County Park is located on a bluff that overlooks Lake Michigan. It is situated in a perfect setting to enjoy beautiful views of the Lake Michigan shoreline.

The Park is a perfect place to eat lunch, cool off by taking a quick dip, and enjoy sunset views. The lower park creates immediate access to the sandy beaches. In contrast, the upper park offers easy access to beautiful views from the Lake Michigan Overlook Deck.

The lower park facilities include 2 Picnic tables, Benches, a hard surface beach access Ramp, Vault Restrooms, and picnic shelters.

The upper park includes a parking lot, Benches, two Picnic Pods having two tables, and the Lake Michigan Overlook Deck with Pergola.

Address: 1100 Rocky Gap Road Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

24. Blossom Trails Golf Club

Blossom Trails Golf Club
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

While vacationing in Benton Harbor, one fun thing to do is to golf at Blossom Trails Golf Club. 

Blossom Trails Golf Club offers stunning views and challenging play for golfers at all skill levels. 

Well-maintained fairways and greens keep this course challenging but friendly, and the staff can offer tips to play your best round. 

Blossom Trails Golf Club is a fantastic choice for your normal round of golf in Benton Harbor. The owners are excellent as well as the prices of the course. 

It also features a Par three course for a quick or first round for new golfers. 

The back 9 is not as long as the front, but it is more tricky because of the water hazard. 

Address: 1565 E Britain Ave, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

25. Brown Sanctuary

Brown Sanctuary
Credits: Jim Cumming / Shutterstock

The Brown Sanctuary is a nature preserve that used to be a muck farm. 

This 173-acre preserve was obtained by Sarett Nature Center in 1993 through a charitable donation by Edalene Brown in remembrance of her husband. 

Currently, its open marsh area acts as a significant sanctuary for several migratory waterfowl. 

Take a glimpse of the local wildlife via viewing blinds on the border of the marsh. 

The deep woods houses many animals, including whip-poor-wills, barred owls, and foxes. 

The open meadows provide homes for indigo buntings and bluebirds and singing grounds for woodcocks. 

Enjoy Brown Sanctuary, and watch out for wildlife around you. 

Address: 1891 Wood St, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Benton Harbor

If you are searching for a place to have the best vacation experience, one of the best vacation destinations is Benton Harbor. Despite being a small town, it still holds many attractions that will surely pique your interest.

No matter the choice of activities you want to engage in, there is something for you to do here. A swell time awaits you and your loved ones in this enchanting town.