23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Gold Beach (OR)

Gold Beach Oregon is a beautiful coastal town in Curry County. It is the perfect vacation destination for those looking for outdoor adventure.

There are lots of fun things to do in Gold Beach, OR. You can indulge in various memorable activities, from going hiking to spending time at the beach to marveling at the majestic Rogue River.

Check the Shipwreck of The Mary D Hume to beef up your knowledge of history, get down to the largest bookstore in Oregon by visiting Gold Beach Books, and have fun at the beaches.

 It is a beautiful area of the coast and is worth a visit. Let’s explore the best things to do in Gold Beach, Oregon

Things to Do in Gold Beach

1. Visitor Center and Beach

Visitor Center and Beach
Credits: Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock
Visitor Center and Beach

There is a beautiful beach close to the Gold Beach Oregon Visitor Center. If you are a lover of water and aqua-related activities, this should be a place for you.

There Visitor Center is available to provide all the information you need about the hiking trails and Gold Beach attractions. Although it is pretty small, there is so much information to get started.

The Visitor Center also has a place where you can park before heading down to the beach. You would see a short, paved path that leads to the beautiful Gold Beach coastline.

Tourists of this town usually visit here and often have a great time playing at the beach. This is one of the fun things to do in Gold Beach, Oregon.

2. Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor

Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor
Credits: Rick Obst / Flickr
Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor

The Cape Sebastian Viewpoints offers very spectacular views of Gold Beach, Oregon, and should make your bucket list of things to do.

The Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor is an amazing place to head for lovely coast views. There is a parking area of about 200 feet above sea level, which gives you a birds-eye perspective of the ocean.

You are going to love the views you see while exploring the corridor.

From the south parking area, you will probably capture your favorite view. You can see 43 miles north, up through a Humbug Mountain on a clear day. While to the south, you can see a Humbug Mountain. 

Looking to the south, you will see the Point St. George Lighthouse and Crescent City.

3. Hike Cape Sebastian Trail

Cape Sebastian Trail
Credits: Cory Seamer / Shutterstock
Cape Sebastian Trail

Cape Sebastian Trail is a beautiful trail that meanders through the heart of the Cape Sebastian Scenic Corridor.

It is 2.7 miles long with an elevation gain of 718 feet. The trail has an out & back route type and can be hiked by anyone due to its moderation in difficulty level.

You will see a lovely beach along the trail, and if you are in luck, you may see the sea lions hanging out. It is usually fun to watch the waves hit the rocks.

Keep an eye on the poison oak and the tree roots on the trail. Hiking is the hardest part of the hike because it is uphill, but not to worry, you will enjoy it.

4. See the shipwreck of The Mary D Hume

The Mary D Hume
Credits: Sergey Novikov / Shutterstock
The Mary D Hume

The shipwreck of the Mary D Hume is close to Gold Beach, Oregon, and is a must-visit for lovers of adventure.

The Mary D Hume was a steamer built in Gold Beach in 1881 and gained popularity for its history. The boat was used to transport goods between North California and Oregon.

In 1985, the boat sank in the Rogue River and had remained there since then. It is a fun stop and can be seen clearly from the shoreline.

It is an awesome way of spending your day in Gold Beach, and you can easily combine viewing the Mary D Hume with taking a walk along the River Trail down to the Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge.

5. Have fun at Nesika Beach

Nesika Beach
Credits: Nature’s Charm / Shutterstock
Nesika Beach

Located about five miles north of Gold Beach, Nesika Beach is one of the fun things to do in Gold Beach, Oregon.

It is a beautiful beach with sunbathing, walking, and whale watching among the activities there. If you want to avoid the usual crowds seen at beaches, Nesika Beach is a good place to try.

Here, the beaches are very clean with plenty of room to have some space for yourself. In addition, the beach is very much accessible and easy to connect with because the sand meets up with the parking lot.

There are also some fun rock features just off the beach. So go have some great fun with your loved one!

6. Read history at Gold Beach Books

Credits: Creative Content Creator / Shutterstock

If you are a reader or someone who loves books, this is something you will not want to miss. Gold Beach Oregon Books is a fun store to browse through and makes our list of best things to do in Gold Beach, Oregon.

Gold Beach Books is the biggest bookstore on the Oregon Coast as it houses over 75,000 used and new books. There are book collections that stem from western, biographies, romance, and adventure books, including various first editions.

One fun area to explore is their leather-bound sets of famous books. It is a very interesting section of the bookstore.

There is also a small section of art and greeting cards as well.

The bookstore also has a coffee house that serves coffee, tea, breakfast burritos, pastries, and light lunch food. Imagine what it means to grab a bite to eat and then get lost in the bookshelves.

Address: 29707 Ellensburg Avenue, Gold Beach, Oregon

7. Fat biking the Banana Belt Loop

Banana Belt Loop
Credits: Adbar [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Banana Belt Loop
The Banana Belt Loop starts south of the Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint. It is about a 7-mile one-way or 14-mile round trip bike loop that runs up and down the Oregon Coast.

The trail crosses the beach up through the Cape Sebastian State Park and boasts unique features. One side of the loop goes up the coast, and if you choose to bike back, the trail goes through the Oregon Coast Highway.

The beach stretches along the trail featuring beautiful sea caves, picturesque shorelines, streams to cross, and lots of things to see at low tide.

During the lower tides, however, there will be more hard and wet sand to ride on. The wind is another outdoor factor to consider.

The Oregon Coast is pretty windy, with stronger winds in the afternoon. But if you can, fix your visit to Meyers Creek at low tide.

 You can explore the many different rocks and tide pools at your disposal.

8. Take a picture with a dinosaur at Prehistoric Gardens

Prehistoric Gardens
Credits: Thomas Hawk / Flickr
Prehistoric Gardens

Located in Gold Beach, Oregon, is a family-friendly stop called the Prehistoric Gardens. If you are someone who ancient stories about fictional characters, you don’t have to miss this.

Prehistoric Gardens is home to 23 life-size dinosaurs. Visitors who want to see the dinosaurs will have to wander through the leafy rainforest of the Oregon Coast.

There are really interesting informational signs along the path, which tell about dinosaurs and foliage in the area. If you would be visiting the area with younger ones, this is one of the best Gold Beach attractions.

Personally, a walk through the gardens would take about 20-30 minutes, but the kids love running around the gardens, so if you are visiting with them, you should stay a bit longer.

Prehistoric Gardens is about 20 minutes ride north of Gold Beach.

Address: 36848 US-101, Port Orford, Oregon

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9. Enjoy the tides at Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach State Park
Credits: Muriel Lasure / Shutterstock
Harris Beach State Park

Though not in Gold Beach, Harris Beach State Park makes our list of things to do in Gold Beach, Oregon

This state park is about 30 minutes south of Gold Beach near Brookings. The park runs along Highway 101 and boasts stunning beaches.

You would also see many rocks along the shoreline, making it a great place for tide pooling. So if you want to see the sea life in the tidepools, visiting at low tide is the perfect opportunity.

Harris Beach State Park is truly a good day trip from Gold Beach, Oregon.

10. Stand on the Sandstone bluff at Otter Point State Recreation Area

Otter Point Recreation Area is a lovely beach near Gold Beach, Oregon. It is home to beautiful walking and hiking trails, sandstone rock formations, and bluffs with beautiful ocean views.

A short trail leads visitors from the parking area down to Agate Beach. You will observe beautiful driftwood lining the beach, and they provide nice views of the coastline and sea stacks.

Another trail from the south end of the parking lot guides guests to the bluff and the Oregon Coast Trail. In the recreation area is another beach called Bailey Beach, and it is accessible via the Oregon Coast Trail.

The bluff is made of sandstone so do well to maintain a good distance from the edge as it can devolve away.

11. Learn Something New at the Curry Historical Museum

The Curry Historical Society is established to preserve and share the extraordinary history of the southern Oregon coast and Curry County.

Hence, Curry Historical Museum in Gold Beach is the flagship operation of the society.

The Curry Historical Museum is in the heart of town within the Alice Wakeman Building. There are several exhibits and artifacts inside that highlight the unique moments in the county’s history and span from indigenous cultures to more contemporary times.

The museum has volunteers who are happy to answer questions and explain better on the displays. Visit the museum any day of the week, except Sundays and Mondays. It is colder on these days and the entire month of January.

You can also check other historical museums in Curry County too. The Cape Blanco Light Station and Port Orford Lifeboat Station are both operated by the Cape Blanco Heritage Society.

12. Explore the Dunes at Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint

Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint
Credits: Ken Lund / Flickr
Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint

The Pistol River Scenic Viewpoint is a beautiful part of the coast near Gold Beach, Oregon. Here, you would see the Pistol River flowing into the ocean, even the beautiful coast.

There are sea stacks flecked along the coast and beautiful beaches. It is an awesome place to go fishing, play at the beach, and take pictures of the coast.

If you are looking for a place where the kids can play, go see the area where the river meets the ocean. The water is still here, and there is plenty of soft sand to enjoy. 

It can be windy here, though. Just be prepared.

13. Sip some beer at Arch Rock Brewing Company

Arch Rock Brewing Company
Credits: givaga / Shutterstock

Arch Rock Brewing Company opened its doors in January 2013 following the conversion of Larry and Marjie Brennan’s cabinet shop into a brewery. 

They are a production brewery with a 15-barrel brewhouse and presently has one 30-barrel bright tank, two 30-barrel horizontal lagering tanks, and three 30-barrel fermenters. The brewery package in 16oz can 4-packs & keg sizes of 1/6, tall 1/4, & 1/2 barrel.

Arch Rock Porter targets aromas and flavors of chocolate and mocha, brewed to style and can be enjoyed all year round.

You can stop in at the brewery and purchase beer to go. They also have some merchandise, including glassware and shirts. 

They are open from Tuesday to Saturday (11:00 AM – 6:00 PM)

Address: 28779 Hunter Creek Loop, Gold Beach, OR 97444-9626

14. Walk Rogue River Trail

Rogue River Trail
Credits: Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington / Flickr
Rogue River Trail

The Rogue River is one of the historic trails in Gold Beach, Oregon. It was initially constructed to assist mules in supplying miners in the Rogue River canyon.

The trail covers about 40 miles in distance and has some of the best views Oregon offers. It will take you through beautiful waterfalls and steep canyons.

If you want to hike the entire trail, it will take about five days, but you can also go out for a day hike by considering the trail as an in and out trail.

The starting point of the Rogue River Trail is at Grave Creek, which is about 30 miles northwest of Grants Pass. But if you want to commence your hike at the western trailhead, the starting point is at Big Bend, near Foster Bar.

Hiking Rogue River Trail is free as no permits are needed. Leashed dogs can also use the trail, so do well to bring your furry friend.

15. Take a road trip through the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor
Credits: Manuela Durson / Shutterstock
Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

If you aren’t satisfied with the roadside scenery in Gold Beach, then you can head to the stunning Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, which starts 20 minutes in the south of town.

It is a 12-mile linear park on the 101, which offers one of the best road trips and some of the most striking ocean views on the entire West Coast.

The Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor has several roadside pullouts and hiking trails. Lone Ranch Beach bookends the south, while the Arch Rock Picnic Area is the northernmost developed site.

There are a few dramatic attractions such as Secret Beach, Whaleshead Viewpoint, and Thunder Rock Cove.

The Oregon Coast Trail meanders throughout the entire area and links all the sites. One of the popular ways of exploring is parking at a trailhead and hiking from one scenic point to another. However, almost all hiking trails leading to the ocean have steep terrain and are not always fitting for first-time hikers.

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16. River Walk Trail

The River Walk trail is a short, paved trail that goes through part of the Gold Beach area. If you are a lover of nature and exploration, this trail is an ideal way to go.

It will take you by the Mary D Hume and Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge, giving you firsthand experience of the area.

The trail is an easy stroll through Gold Beach, Oregon, and it will take you by the river and harbor. It offers you so many water-related experiences, and you will even see a harbor seal while we were exploring the trail.

17. Have a Picnic at the Geisel Monument State Heritage Site

The Giesel Monument State Heritage Site is a historic location that contains the Geisel family’s historic gravesites. These gravesites are traced back to the mid-1800s.

This family passed on tragically, and the circumstances surrounding their deaths were tragically centering around the tension between the indigenous populations and the indigenous populations and new settlers in the region – often termed the Rogue River Wars.

This site is a small monument compared to the tumultuous times in the history of the Oregon Coast. Today, the area offers a quick repose from the beginning and an isolated place to enjoy the temperate landscape.

Do well to visit.

18. Kissing Rock

Kissing Rock
Credits: Nature’s Charm / Shutterstock
Kissing Rock

If you come into Gold Beach from the south, you will encounter a large rock formation known as Kissing Rock. This place has a beautiful history.

It is called Kissing Rock because a local story has it that local lovers would meet here for cherishable moments and memories.

This place is a fun area of the beach to explore, and you can enjoy spectacular views of the rock. This is a quick and fun stop as you drive into Gold Beach, Oregon.

Exploring Kissing Rock and the nearby beach was one of the favorite Gold Beach attractions for kids. For lovers, this could be a means of better bonding.

19. Port Orford

Port Orford
Credits: Mike Brousseau / Shutterstock
Port Orford

Port Orford is a small fishing town that is well worth a visit if you are in the area. It is often described as where the mountains and forests meet the ocean.

It is also the most westerly city in the entire continental US. Port Orford is situated about halfway between Gold Beach and Bandon, so there is accessibility ease, especially if you are navigating between the two towns.

There are many hiking trails leading from the town, sprinkled with panoramic vistas. Alternatively, you can stay within the town and enjoy the quaint eateries and the art galleries in town.

With both forests and the ocean to enjoy, one can make the most of the great outdoors without making your way through multitudes.

20. Jet Boat tours

Jet Boat tours
Credits: Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington / Flickr
Jet Boat tours

One of the most popular things to do in Gold Beach is taking jet boat tours up the Rogue River.

You should participate in these in May and October. The available tours are either 64, 80, or 104 miles round-trip.

It is very interesting and engaging because you will have the opportunity to see river otters, black bears, eagles, and mountain lions along the way.

There are also miles of beautiful whitewater and landscapes throughout the tour. You will have brave a heart because your tour boat will navigate through rapids and swift currents in the river.

There are two jet boat companies in Gold Beach: Mail Boat Hydro-Jets and Jerry’s Rogue Jets. The Mail Boat Hydro-Jet will guide you to the historic 1895 “Mail Route.”

It is one of the last mail boats in the country that still delivers mail daily.

21. The Rod N Reel Restaurant and Bar

The Rod N Reel Restaurant and Bar
Credits: The Rod ‘n Reel Restaurant and Bar / Facebook
The Rod N Reel Restaurant and Bar

If you are a fan of seafood Gold Beach is an awesome place to try some local seafood like crab, halibut, and Chinook salmon.

You will see beautiful restaurants with outdoor dining near the river and ocean, of which the Rod N Reel Restaurant and Bar is one of them.

The restaurant offers a large range of local seafood and burgers that will give you class satisfaction. You will also enjoy their wonderful bar filled with varieties of wines and drinks as well as the live music played.

Do well to stop by the Rod N Reel Restaurant and bar while in Gold Beach.

22. Sisters Rock State Park

Sisters Rock State Park
Credits: phoca2004 / Flickr
Sisters Rock State Park

Located about 20 minutes north of Gold Beach, Oregon, Sisters Rock State Park is next o our list of top things to do in Gold Beach, OR.

The state park consists of three isolated peaks along the coast. Two of these peaks are linked to the mainland, with the third situated just offshore.

The park is full of beautiful views and grey sandy beaches, among many other features.

There is a nice hike that takes visitors throughout the park. It commences at the Sisters Rock South Trailhead and continues until the Sea Cave. 

The trail is an easy and family-friendly hike, an out-and-back hike about 1.6 miles long. While taking a hike, you will walk through the meadows and get down to the beach to see the sea caves. There are three different sea caves.

It would amaze you to know that the third of the sea cave only shoots water out at high tide. It is an enjoyable section to explore on the Oregon Coast.

23. Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge

Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge
Credits: Sergey Novikov / Shutterstock
Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge

One of the fun things to do in Gold Beach, OR, is a visit to Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge.

The Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge is a beautiful structural piece that runs across the Rogue River in downtown Gold Beach.

The bridge has almost 2,000 feet with several beautiful, ribbed deck arches. You will be amazed at the skill and wisdom men put into constructing this masterpiece.

It is fun to walk out along or drive on the bridge and admire it from the harbor.

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Plan your trip to Gold Beach

Gold Beach has some of the nicest weather on the Oregon Coast and has its fair share of dunes, seaside cliffs, beautiful beaches, and a nice downtown area.

Plan your trip to Gold Beach, you’ll sure enjoy every experience. pin this guide as you take on that Gold Beach exploration.

Have a fun trip!