23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Sisters (OR)

Sisters, Oregon, is known for its beautiful natural environment. Despite its reduced population, it has many fun things to keep every visitor entertained.

The city’s downtown street is lined with art galleries displaying both local and international artworks, restaurants, cafes, and during winter, there is snowboarding along with the Hoodoo Ski Area.

There are many fun things to do in Sisters, Oregon, such as fishing in Three Creeks Lake, taking a ride down the magnificent 82-mile McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Loop, and also hiking to the Proxy Falls.

This city is well known for its wild west ambiance, its environment packed with many cultural and historic structures, making it an ancient city of the West.

Additionally, Sisters houses world-class lodging for guests ranging from woodsy cabins to luxury resorts.

Are you planning a vacation to Sisters? Here are the top things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

Things to Do in Sisters, Oregon

1. The Metolius River

Metolius River
Credits: Bob Pool / Shutterstock
Metolius River

Exploring the historic Metolius River is one of the fun things to do in Sisters, Oregon, with lots of magnificent fishes to see.

The Metolius River has been the city’s most loved and revered structure because it possesses great and rare fishes that can not be seen in other rivers in the city of Sisters, Oregon.

The river boasts amazing features such as its clear nature, everyone can see through the water, and its sparkling cold water passes through a thick forest around downtown Sisters, Oregon.

The magnificent Metolius River nurtures many bug hatches that always keeps many rainbow trout happy, making it one of the top attraction in the city.

Additionally, most of the river is well reserved for catch and release only, as real fishing lines are not allowed; just barbless hook fly fishing is permitted; it offers the best fun fishing, though.

Address: P.O. Box 249 Sisters, OR 97759, United States.

2. The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
Credits: domesticat / Flickr
Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

The beautiful city of Sisters, Oregon, serves as the host community for one of the biggest outdoor quilt shows in the world, and it happens every year.

Visiting the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is one of the best things to do in Sisters, Oregon; the show starts every second weekend of July annually.

The show draws a massive crowd of about 10,000 visitors worldwide to watch the fun realities of the magnificent 1,300 quilts on display yearly.

The entertaining Sisters Outdoor Quilt Showcases beautiful artworks, sculptures, paintings, and art galleries from the city’s best artists and even international artists.

Additionally, the show offers community education to visitors, workshop classes by professionals, and features colorful works of quilted art scattered all over the town.

 Address: 220 S Ash St, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

3. Five Pine Lodge

Five Pine Lodge
Credits: Jonathan / Flickr
Five Pine Lodge

The luxurious Five Pine Lodge has been the top lodging center for the elites, with lots of free stuff open for guests to enjoy, such as free bicycles for movement around the premises during your stay.

The fabulous Five Pine Lodge is a home away from home with a nice structure around the forest on the east end of the town, making it one of the best fun things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

It provides a lot of cruiser bicycles for guests during the summertime for either movement to get things around the premises or bike games for interested individuals.

The lodge is located downtown, and there are many restaurants and cafes close by for guests to explore, such as the Rancho Viejo, Cottonwood Cafe, and many more.

Additionally, the magnificent Five Pine Lodge offers few provisions for visitors during the evening hours, and it comes as a surprise pack tucked in your room basket.

 Address: 1021 E Desperado Trail, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

4. Sisters Rodeo Association

Sisters Rodeo Association
Credits: pavla selicharova / Shutterstock

A trip to Sisters Rodeo Association is one of the best things to do in Sisters, Oregon, for cultural and historical education lovers.

The Sisters Rodeo Association is a public show that has been running for about 76 years and has served the community with a good project.

The shows draw a massive crowd from all over the world, with visitors assured of maximum fun with live music, concerts, and dance shows on the display.

The Sisters Rodeo Association offers fun rides such as barrel races, bull rides, rodeo queen, a parade ride, and many more, which move from the rodeo ground Eastward.

Additionally, the magnificent Sisters Rodeo Association allows their cowgirls and pro cowboys who showcases their skills with flair and much fun. 

 Address: 220 W Cascade Ave, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

5. Sisters Folk Festival

Sisters Folk Festival
Credits: Sisters Folk Festival / Facebook
Sisters Folk Festival

The magnificent city has served as the host community to fun festivals in the last decade, and the Sisters Folk Festival has all it takes to make an entrance in your list of fun things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

Visiting the Sisters Folk Festival has become a norm for the people of Sisters, Oregon, due to the fun it presents to every visitor, both the old and young.

The festival draws a huge crowd from across the States and beyond to view the entertaining Sisters Folk Festival every year.

The magnificent Sisters Folk Festival offers sounding music ranging from classical music, countryside music, and general all genres of music as the atmosphere demands.

Additionally, the Sisters Folk Festival has been the city’s top choice, and it comes up every September with about ten stages on the ground for a long celebration.

 Address: 204 W Adams Ave Suite 101, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

 6. The Suttle Lodge & Boathouse

The Suttle Lodge & Boathouse
Credits: Vitalii Nesterchuk / Shutterstock

The prestigious Suttle Lodge & Boathouse is located fifteen miles west of Sisters, Oregon, and it contains a great lake for all kinds of fun activities.

The historic Suttle Lodge & Boathouse boasts unique features such as a lovely walkway for the movement of both pedestrians and motorcycles.

Visitors can engage in walking around the center, motorboat movement, kayaking, swimming on the beaches, and many more.

You can camp around the shores or enjoy free stand-up paddle (SUP) for interested individuals and relax on its beaches on sunny days.

 Additionally, the beautiful Suttle Lodge & Boathouse was formally opened in the summer of 2016 with stylish remodeled structures and new ownership rights.

 Address: 13300 US-20, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

7. Aspen Lakes Golf Course

Aspen Lakes Golf Course
Credits: pisitnamtasaeng / Shutterstock

The evergreen Aspen Lakes Golf Course has incredible views of the famous Cascade Range, a perfect addition to your list of top things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

The Aspen Lakes Golf Course is structured with a magnificent landscape that usually has a spectacular twist in its entire red sand bunkers.

The beautiful Aspen Lakes Golf Course features one of the unique Lake Golf courses in the state, and it is possible to engage in all kinds of fun golf tournaments.

The beautiful golf course contains a Red cinder which occurs naturally in the geographic location of the lake in Sisters, Oregon.

Additionally, the center has all the attributes of a complete lake golf course with the green grass bent over the fairways, and a little distance close to the mountains is the presence of snowy peaks.

 Address: 16900 Aspen Lakes Dr, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

 8. Downtown Sisters

Downtown Sisters
Credits: J. Stephen Conn / Flickr
Downtown Sisters

Experience many magnificent features around downtown sisters; whether you are here for an extended vacation or short trip, there are many fun things to do and see.

There are a lot of places to relax and catch much fun in the area with the existence of eateries, cafe shops, and many gallery establishments for everyone.

The Downtown Sisters is a large community that is named for the existence of the Three Sisters mountains that are positioned in the background.

The center is best known for its historic Old West atmosphere and beautiful architectural designs, which are noticeable on the main street.

Additionally, the Downtown Sisters houses a wide variety of shops selling antiques, art galleries, and a lot of Western apparel to explore.

Address: Oak Street and Cascade Sisters, Oregon 97759, United States.

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9. Peterson Ridge Trail

Peterson Ridge Trail
Credits: Michael (a.k.a. moik) McCullough / Flickr
Peterson Ridge Trail

A trip to the Peterson Ridge Trail is one of the city’s favorite activities in downtown Sisters, Oregon, due to the fun it presents to visitors.

The magnificent Peterson Ridge Trail boasts unique fun trails around the woods, such as rolling over the hills and, most especially, mountain bike games.

The trail is located southward of the town with lots of fun things to engage in and observe something around the area, making it one of the cool things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

It is open for children also with parental guidance on the ground, and the trail has been a long-standing fun center for the people of Sisters, Oregon.

Additionally, the beautiful Peterson Ridge Trail allows novices to trail just 25 miles around the area, and only professionals are allowed to go beyond 25 miles.

Address: 221-227 E Tyee Dr, Sisters, United States.

10. Clear Lake Resort

Clear Lake Resort
Credits: Bonnie Moreland / Flickr
Clear Lake Resort

The beautiful Clear Lake Resort is settled in the mountains at a high altitude of more than 3,000 feet, making it an exceptional addition to your list of places to visit in Sisters, Oregon.

It has been the best producer of clear water in the entire city of Sisters, Oregon, and allows interested individuals to see the spectacular environment.

The famous Clear Lake Resort is located close to a forest that lies in the lake’s surface’s uttermost part, making it a pure adventure zone for researchers.

It boasts unique features such as a beautiful hiking trail that passes through the perimeter of the lake, allows canoers and kayakers to paddle across the water for a bird birds-eye view of the trees under the ground.

Additionally, the center requires each visitor to purchase a recreational pass to explore some of the day-use areas, and it collects a small fee from those who want to launch their own boat into the river.

Address: NF-775, SISTERS, OR 97413, United States.

11. Depot Cafe

Depot Cafe
Credits: Sisters Depot / Facebook
Depot Cafe

Visit the famous Depot Cafe and enjoy delicious handcrafted coffee and fresh deli options; the Cafe presents a huge boost to your list of best fun things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

The historic Depot Cafe is one of the quirky Cafe downtown the street with a mini model train moving around the inner quarters of the ceiling.

The center is open for everyone, both the young and old, with lots of variety of sweet burgers, sandwiches, plenty of coffee drinks, breakfast dishes, and many more.

The Cafe possesses a leafy patio located at the back of the facility and stands as a cool hideout to enjoy your meal on a hot summer day.

Additionally, interested individuals can place an order for early breakfast and lunch every day except on Tuesday. The Depot Cafe is your number one option to avoid the stress of cooking and meet up working time.

Address: 110 S Spruce St, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

12. Proxy Falls

Proxy Falls
Credits: Sveta Imnadze / Shutterstock
Proxy Falls

With about an estimated 226 feet off the glacier-cut cliff, the Proxy Falls boast as one of the tallest plunge waterfalls in the city of Sisters, Oregon, and in the States at large.

The historic Proxy Falls is among the most accessible waterfalls in the States, and it ranges from 1.6 miles of the closeby trail to the fall location near Highway 242.

The beautiful Proxy Falls is always open year-round, but the best time to witness it is between March and November, when there is less snow.

The historic Proxy Falls is located west of the Sisters, Oregon. It is structured in a two-veiled fall from each stream with a spectacular green Willamette National Forest around it.

Additionally, the Proxy Falls is exceptional for everyone and most especially for researchers and science inclined students. The center is a beautiful place to add to your list of places to visit in Sisters, Oregon.

Address: 41911, Eugene, OR 97404, United States

13. McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Loop

The fantastic McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Loop passes through two of the finest Cascade Mountains, which cuts across 82 miles from the Station.

It offers one of the mind-blowing road trips in the state and promises its users safety, making it one of the top Sisters Oregon attractions.

The historic loop begins and ends around the Sisters, Oregon region. It cuts across some beautiful scenery such as black lava fields dotted with snowy peaks, lush river valleys, and even grasslands.

The beautiful McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Loop contains a lot of magnificent viewpoints where you can explore wonder views of the natural environment and even take pictures.

Additionally, visitors can take a short trip to Scott Lake, spend some time watching the blue water of Tamolitch Pool, hike out to Proxy Falls.

Address: McKenzie Hwy, Blue River, OR 97413, United States

14. Hoodoo Ski Area

Hoodoo Ski Area
Credits: SkiHoodoo [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Hoodoo Ski Area
The Hoodoo Ski Area is located near the end of Santiam Pass around the central Cascade Mountains making it an amazing addition to your list of things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

The historic Hoodoo Ski Area stands currently as one of the oldest ski resorts in the Pacific Northwest, and the ski area is the city’s favorite fun spot.

It boasts of about 800 acres of terrain served by about five lifts, which have about 34 runs that vary in difficulty from black diamond to green.

The establishment offers visitors the chance to explore magnificent structures around the Hoodoo Ski Area, such as a freestyle terrain park, an exciting tubing park, a great view of the cross-country trails, and many more.

Additionally, it offers its guests opportunities to enjoy night skiing on specific runs, which are open Thursday through Saturday when the weather permits.

Address: 27400 Big Lake Road, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

15. Raven Makes Gallery

The magnificent Raven Makes Gallery was established to showcase the local artwork created by the North American Indigenous Peoples.

The facility displays an incredible selection of local and international artworks created by artists from all over North America, and its environs.

Most of its artwork includes everything from Navajo rugs to Coast Salish paddles and contemporary paintings with magnificent prints, spectacular addition to your list of best things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

The Raven Makes Gallery also boasts of a diverse jewelry collection made from gold, silver, beads, steel scraps, and some fabricated from colorful stones.

Additionally, the beautiful Raven Makes Gallery also displays a magnificent piece of artwork for sale. It is always dedicated to ensuring the price is avoidable for both the artists and the buyers.

Address: 182 E Hood Ave, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

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16. Alder Springs Trailhead

Alder Springs Trailhead
Credits: BalanceFormCreative / Shutterstock

The Alder Springs Trailhead is located 20 miles outside Sisters, Oregon, cool addition to your bucket list of things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

The beautiful Alder Springs Trailhead was designed primarily to offer visitors a fun 6-mile hike that descends into the famous Whychus Creek Canyon.

It spans all through to the bank of the Deschutes River, and as the water level increases, it is always advised to bring trekking poles and water shoes along to make the crossing easier.

The historic Alder Springs Trailhead admits dogs, especially leashed dogs, for proper training and treatments for owners who are always busy.

Additionally, the trail is open to bikers and hikers between the beginning of April and the end of November for interested persons.

Address: Oregon 97760, United States

17. Upper Church Falls

The magnificent Upper Church Falls is close to Whychus Creek, and the trail winds through a new-growth pine Forest, making it a pure adventure for everyone.

The fall is about a 200-foot waterfall that can be accessed through a 6-mile out and back of the hiking trail; the fall adds as one of the best things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

In 2018, fire-ravaged some sections of the forest area; after much renovation, it ended up making the establishment beautiful and more presentable.

The whole of the trail is very easy to explore, although there are about two short, steeper sections where hikers can sometimes climb over fallen trees.

Additionally, the Upper Church Falls is open to everyone, and all visitors require a permit to enter the facility, which can be collected from the general trailhead office.

Address: Cascade Range southwest of Sisters in the U.S.

18. Three Creeks Lake

Three Creeks Lake
Credits: Hills Outdoors / Shutterstock
Three Creeks Lake

The famous Three Creeks Lake is surrounded by a magnificent old-growth forest, and it contains a 28-acre alpine gem, with the center sitting at the base of the beautiful Tam McArthur Rim.

The crystal clear Waters are preserved with rainbow trout and Brook trout, and visitors are granted permission to fish from a boat or the shore. However, the motorized boat is prohibited or non-motorized is allowed.

The historic Three Creeks Lake boasts unique features that allow brave swimmers to take a dip in the fresh chilly water; with several hiking trails in the forest around the beautiful lake, Exploring this Sisters attraction is one of the top things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

There is a featured mini Three Creeks Brewing in the large Three Creeks Lake, which produces the best of handcrafted wines such as Knotty Blonde Ale, Hoodoo Voodoo IPA, and many more.

Additionally, there are restaurants around the beautiful establishment with great and delicious dishes on the ground for thirsty and hungry visitors who wish to cool off.

Address: drive 17 miles south on Forest Road 16 (Elm Street in Sisters), United States.

19. Sisters Coffee Company

Credits: ChristianChan / Shutterstock

A trip to the magnificent Sisters Coffee Company stands as a perfect addition to your list of things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

The historic Sisters Coffee Company was established in 1989, and it is a family-owned coffee roastery that sources its high-quality beans from all the farms around the States.

Initially, when the business started, it was located inside a small log cabin but has been transferred to a well-structured 6,000-square-foot cafe.

The Sisters Coffee Company is surrounded by a cozy environment that gives visitors a rustic feeling, and a stone fireplace is arranged around the area.

Additionally, the coffee company boasts unique features of tasty drinks such as nitro cold brew, espresso drinks, all of which are fabricated from the company’s own produced beans.

Address: 273 W Hood Ave, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

20. Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake
Credits: Michal Balada / Shutterstock
Sparks Lake

The beautiful Sparks Lake is the city’s favorite fun spot for relaxation, especially for viewing the sunrise and watching the first Ray light upon the peaks of the mountain.

The place is sometimes caked in a magical land with the shape of a beautiful mountain reflecting on the surface of the lake.

The magnificent Sparks Lake offers one of the best environments with breathtaking scenes for lovely photoshoots and video production.

Visitors are always advised to dress warmly because it can be freezing before sunrise. To avoid the case of catching a cold, everyone, especially young ones, should carry extra clothes.

Additionally, the crystal clear Sparks Lake has one of the best picturesque settings in the city, and visitors can also bring hot coffee and sandwiches to make the exploration full of fun.

Address: Deschutes County, Oregon, United States

21. Sisters Meat and Smokehouse

 Sisters Meat and Smokehouse
Credits: Sisters Meat and Smokehouse / Facebook
Sisters Meat and Smokehouse

The Sisters Meat and Smokehouse is a local meat market that sells cured meats, high-quality beef meats, smoked meat, and many more.

The historic Sisters Meat and Smokehouse also offers fun wild games involving animal hunting and fast slaughtering of pork, lambs, goat, and many more for interested persons.

The center is located in a small house inside a rustic red Barn where all kinds of meat are slaughtered and prepared for customer’s carriage, a perfect addition to your checklist of things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

All the meat slaughtered is preserved through curing and smoke drying and stored in the house; you place a special order if your preferred choice of meats is not present.

Additionally, the shop contains a covered porch with seating areas, indoor tables, and it is possible to place an order for a delicious smoked meat sandwich.

Address: 110 S Spruce St, Sisters, OR 97759, United States.

22. The Collection Gallery

The Collection Gallery
Credits: guruXOX / Shutterstock

The beautiful Collection Gallery has an array of local and international artworks operated and owned by the world-renowned sculptor Gary Cooley.

A trip to the Collection Gallery presence one of the fun things to do in Sisters, Oregon, for art lovers as it meets you with lots of beauty to see and buy for a small fee.

The magnificent Collection Gallery houses many pieces of artwork created by Cooley himself is placed on display, and the work of several artists is also featured.

The establishment offers most of the beautiful pieces of art are placed on display for customers to view and, in return, purchase any that pleases them.

Additionally, visitors and interested individuals can also use the purchaser’s at-home sculpting kit, which comes with a full pack that contains a lump of clay, sculpting tools, paint, and many more.

Address: 299 W Hood Ave, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

23. Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery

 Ken Scott's Imagination Gallery
Credits: Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery / Facebook
Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery

Visit Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery, full of magical metal sculptures, the best of its kind in the entire city of Sisters, Oregon.

The historic Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery is located on West good avenue, a few miles away from the city center, making it one of the top attractions in Sisters, Oregon.

There are a lot of spectacular bronze castings, wall designs, lyrical lighting designs, garden features, and many more that are well arrayed in the beautiful facility.

The magnificent Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery boasts unique exhibits visitors will like to have, such as paintings, carvings, jewelry, and glassworks.

Additionally, Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery is open to everyone, especially the young ones who wish to get educated in sculpture and glasswork making.

Address: 222 W Hood Ave, Sisters, OR 97759, United States

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Start Planning to Explore Sisters, Oregon

Sisters, Oregon is a spectacular tourist destination filled with many fun attractions ranging from landmarks, sports complexes, museums, monumental sites, beautiful waterfalls, and lots more to give you an adventurous time.

The city also features a lot of festivals and open-air shows that attract massive crowds, such as the Sisters Folk Festival and the popular Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

Start planning a visit to this charming city and explore this checklist of things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

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