25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Sumter (SC)

In search of the best and most fun things to do in Sumter, SC?

Sumter is a city located in South Carolina, United States, with a population of over thirty-nine thousand eight hundred.

Sumter is one city you should definitely visit, it is a great place for kids featuring lots of outdoor opportunities.

Sumter offers you lots of outdoor opportunities to get outside, starting from eateries, parks, galleries, museums, malls, markets, and more.

To get a feel of the Sumter cultures and traditions, don’t miss out on the festivals held in the city; it is usually fun and mind-blowing.

Planning a trip to Sumter? Here are the top things to do in Sumter, SC.

Things to Do in Sumter

1. Swan Lake Iris Gardens

Swan Lake Iris Gardens
Credits: makasana photo / Shutterstock
Swan Lake Iris Gardens

Swan Lake Iris Gardens is an incredibly beautiful place with a hundred and fifty acres landscape; thousands of people visit the area yearly.

It contains a wide variety of over one hundred and twenty Japanese irises, which blooms from mid-May to early June yearly.

You also get to meet different species of birds such as heron, wood duck, swan, Canada goose, egret, muscovy, and more.

A visit to Swan Lake Iris Gardens is one of the best things to do in Sumter, especially if you want to commune with nature.

Swan Lake Iris Gardens comprises a butterfly garden and chocolate garden; make sure you check them out before you leave.

This is the only public park that consists of all eight swan species in America, so get ready to be blown away by the remarkable beauty of the garden.

Address: 822 W Liberty St, Sumter, SC 29150-4729 United States

2. The Festival on the Avenue

A stop at Festival on the Avenue is one of the fun things to do in Sumter; the festivals show how colorful and important Sumter culture is.

The festivals are super fun and fabulous, showcasing how highly the people of Sumter appreciate their cultures.

The festival is open for everyone to participate, just get ready to have immense fun, meet new people and make friends.

Festival on the Avenue hosts the FOTA, which focuses on the importance of embracing the spirit of sharing; it is a West African Bimbé celebration of a plentiful harvest that goes on for three days.

There are live performances lined up for everyone to enjoy, including dances, art exhibits, and music shows. If you are visiting Sumter Sc in April, make sure you check out the festival’s dates so you do not miss out.

If you plan to visit Sumter in April, check the actual dates of the festival for you to take part in the merrymaking.

Address:337 Manning Ave, Sumter, SC 29150 United States

3. Sumter Opera House

Sumter Opera House
Credits: That Guy DouG / Flickr
Sumter Opera House

A visit to Sumter Opera House is one of the fun things to do in Sumter with your family and friends for a memorable experience.

Sumter Opera House is a historic site with lots of history from the 1890s, making it a popular destination for many families.

It has a Gothic tower of more than 100-feet, making it the tallest building in Sumter; the facility is graciously decorated with vintage designs and a proscenium decorated in Art Deco gold-leaf.

After passing through a phase of tragedy after a fire attacked it in 1892, it underwent many refurbishments from 1893 to 1895.

Sumter Opera House contains five hundred and fifty comfortable seats, making it perfect to watch a concert.

You get to enjoy live entertainment from award-winning artists in comedy, music, and other exciting performances.

Sumter Opera House was built as a platform to create awareness of how talented and resourceful local artists are.

Address: 21 N Main St, Sumter, SC 29150-4945 United States

4. Palmetto Park

Palmetto Park
Credits: Dan Thornberg / Shutterstock

For an exceptionally fun experience in Sumter with your family and friends, visit Palmetto Park, which has many exciting facilities.

Palmetto Park features several walking trails around water, perfect for long walks alone or with your pets and loved ones.

The park has one of the best public tennis facilities, baseball fields, softball fields, Which are open to everyone.

Palmetto Park features a nice play area well equipped with play equipment, including swings and a ramp for easy wheelchair accessibility.

A splash pad is available and covered areas for people to sit and relax after having fun or if they are not in the mood to participate in the fun.

Palmetto Park is clean and well maintained with super friendly and hardworking staff.

Address:416 S Wise Dr, Sumter, SC 29150, United States

5. The Links at Lakewood

The Links at Lakewood
Credits: Yellowj / Shutterstock

Golfing is one of the fun things to do in Sumter; it is way better when you golf at one of the best golf facilities in the city.

The Links at Lakewood is one of the best and most popular golf courses in Sumter, which offers you an unlimited golf experience.

Ít is a six thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven yards golf facility, and J. Potter Gibson designed it in 1989.

The Links at Lakewood is challenging but excellent for players of all levels, both beginners and experts.

It features four different sets of tees, beautiful greens, and incredible technically placed sand traps and water, giving you a fun experience.

Address: 3600 Green View Pkwy, Sumter, SC 29150-7060 United States

6. Sumter Speedway

Sumter Speedway
Credits: Kuznetsov Alexey / Shutterstock

If you’re a fan of car racing, make sure you visit Sumter Speedway in Sumter Sc to avoid missing out on all the fun.

Sumter Speedway is one of the oldest tracks in South Carolina with more than fifty years of existence.

Racing events are held from March to September every Saturday, and you get a chance to watch cars racing on the track.

This is one of the attractions in Sumter that gains the attention of people from different parts of the country.

Sumter Speedway hosts several dirt racing events with different cars and demolitions that will send chills through your veins.

This speedway has experienced great wins, losses, cheers, and jeers for many years now; clearly, your visit isn’t complete without a visit to Sumter Speedway.

Address: 3150 Wedgefield Hwy Sumter, South Carolina 29154 United States

7. Main Street Tavern

Main Street Tavern
Credits: Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

If you are searching for a lively and friendly place to chill, chat, and have a good time with your friends, visit Main Street Tavern in Sumter.

 Main Street Tavern serves as a meeting point for many families and friends, and they provide a local and festive feeling once you step inside.

They offer a vast variety of drinks with unique taste and great quality for prices you can’t get elsewhere.

Aside from drinks, Main Street Tavern serves delicious pizzas and other meals like fried green beans, chicken finger baskets, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and more.

 Main Street Tavern features a pool table and a large flat-screen TV that shows live sports and more. They are open from Monday to Friday from 4pm-11pm, and Saturday from 2pm-11pm ( closed on Sunday).

Address:24 N Main St, Sumter, SC 29150, United States

8. Millennium Studios

Millennium Studios
Credits: silverkblackstock / Shutterstock

How about trying out something unique and fun in Sumter? A body painting party offers you a fun and exciting experience.

Millennium Studios is a fantastic place to spend some quality time with your friends and family and hold get-togethers.

The studio is open to both adults and children, whether beginners or experts; they have something for everyone, including couples.

Millennium Studios brings out the artist in you by providing you with a wide variety of hookah flavors to take your painting to another level.

You also get to enjoy delectable dishes made by their amazing chef; some of the meals include shrimp tacos, Philly cheesesteak, fries, wings, and more.

Millennium Studios offers you a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with nice music, delightful drinks, and drinks while painting.

Address:1155 N Guignard Dr Suite 6, Sumter, SC 29150 United States

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9. Sumter Ninja Warriors Studios

Sumter Ninja Warriors Studios
Credits: Sumter Ninja Warriors / Facebook
Sumter Ninja Warriors Studios

How does becoming a ninja for a day sound? This is so fun, especially when you practice at Sumter Ninja Warriors studios in Sumter.

Sumter Ninja Warriors studios offer you a chance to become a ninja for a day; over thirty obstacles test your skills and increase your ability to think.

There is a gym that is open for all regardless of age, where you get to try out different challenges which require inner strength, endurance, and physical capability.

Sumter Ninja Warriors pushes you to overcome limitations, and having great trust in yourself is a daily mental and emotional routine.

Certainly, this will be one of the highlights of your vacations after your first visit, do well to stop by and improve your skills.

Address:56 Market Street, Sumter, SC 29150, United States

10. Lock, Clock, and Peril Escape Rooms

Lock, Clock, and Peril Escape Rooms
Credits: HAKINMHAN / Shutterstock

 Lock, Clock, and Peril Escape Rooms is not like every regular escape rooms; the rooms here are strategically designed with unique puzzles that will blow your minds.

If you enjoy games that are intellectually and logically challenging and demand lots of brain work, you should visit Lock, Clock, and Peril Escape Rooms.

There are different rooms with different types of games; there is a room dedicated to paranormal investigation where players gather evidence to capture paranormal movements.

You may also try out the tomb raiders’ room, where you are given a certain amount of time to search for clues to escape.

Lock, Clock, and Peril Escape Rooms is open Sunday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 12pm-6pm, and Friday & Saturday from 12pm-10pm.

Amongst the best things to do in Sumter is visiting Lock, Clock, and Peril Escape Rooms with your family and friends, so do add to your bucket list of places to visit in the city.

Address:5535A Broad St On HWY 378 across the street from the Shaw AFB Flea Market, Sumter, SC 29154-1315 United States

11. Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse
Credits: Outback Steakhouse (2480 Broad Street, Sumter, SC)/ Facebook
Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian-themed-inspired restaurant known for serving high-quality and delicious steaks.

The steaks are juicy, fresh, and flavorful for the optimum satisfaction of the visitors; they also serve other meals aside from steaks.

Outback Steakhouse offers an extensive food menu such as Alice Springs chicken, baked potatoes, bloomin onion, caesar salad, fried mushrooms, crab cakes, bacon cheese fries, baby ribs, and many more.

The restaurant also offers delightful drinks, including whiskey, gin, vodka, scotch, Irish whiskey, margaritas, cocktails, red wines, beers, etc.

Outback Steakhouse displays a high level of hospitality, making customers feel like family, not strangers.

They are open from Sunday through Thursday from 11am-10pm, and Friday & Saturday from 11am-11pm. Make sure you visit and try out few of their delicious meals and drinks; you won’t regret you did.

Address:2480 Broad St, Sumter, SC 29150, United States

12. Skate Station of Sumter

Skate Station of Sumter
Credits: Goolia Photography / Shutterstock

Skating is one of the fun things to do in Sumter; for an incredibly fun skating experience, go skating at the Skate Station of Sumter.

Skate Station of Sumter offers a wide variety of inline skating shoes for you to choose from and move at your own speed that matches your skill level.

The skating floor is top-notch and perfect for beginners and experts, thereby ensuring everyone is comfortable while skating.

Several arcade games are available in the game room, great for an incredible bonding time with family and friends.

Skate Station of Sumter has fun games for everyone to enjoy: these games offer fantastic and exciting prizes like an iPad or flat panel Tv.

Address: Broad Street Extension next to Shaw AFB, Sumter, SC 29150 United States

13. Sumter Gallery of Art

Sumter Gallery of Art
Credits: guruXOX / Shutterstock

One of the top things to do in Sumter is visiting Sumter Gallery of Art if you want to feel a bit of Sumter’s culture.

Sumter Gallery of Art features three separate galleries which display both permanent and temporary art pieces.

They display an impressive collection of art made by local artists, from watercolor to fabric, clay to popsicle sticks, and photography to oils.

Sumter Gallery of Art also features over seven classrooms where innovative and educational programs are held.

They have curators who are knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions thrown at them while teaching the visitors all they need to know.

Visit Sumter Gallery of Art if you want to shop for gifts for yourself and souvenirs for your friends and family.

Address: 200 Hasel St, Sumter, SC 29150-4506 United States

14. Sumter Aquatics Center

Sumter Aquatics Center
Credits: Maridav / Shutterstock

Sumter Aquatics Center is a place perfect for families and friends get-togethers or reunions to increase their bond.

It offers one of the best swimming facilities in the city, including several swimming competitions open for everyone.

Sumter Aquatics Center is open for everyone regardless of age; both old and young will have a great time here.

There are organized classes for those who want to improve their swimming skills; you can train to be a lifeguard to save lives.

 Sumter Aquatics Center features diving blocks, six swim lanes, a twister slide, an electronic timer, spray foundation, and a wade-pool with a beach entrance.

A visit to Sumter Aquatics Center is one of the best things to do in Sumter for a wonderful experience. The center is open Tuesday through Friday from 8:30am-5pm ( closed from Saturday to Monday)

Address: 1115 S Lafayette Dr, Sumter, SC 29150, United States

15. Sumter County Museum

Sumter County Museum
Credits: mogollon_1/ Flickr
Sumter County Museum

If you’re a history lover, Sumter County Museum is a place you will absolutely love to visit in Sumter for more fascinating discoveries.

Sumter County Museum is filled with lots of documents, artifacts, and manuscripts that relate to the story of Sumter and Southern California.

The museum is home to the Carolina Backcountry Homestead, Williams-Brice House (1916), and the Heritage Education Center.

Sumter County Museum plays a vital role in promoting the cultural heritage of Sumter through pieces of memorabilia which reminds the people of all the transformations it underwent before getting to this point.

The museum gives you an insight of all the early settlers went through; you also get to learn about Jewish history and more.

Address: 122 N Washington St, Sumter, SC 29151 United States

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16. Sumter Mall

Sumter Mall
Credits: Mike Kalasnik/ Flickr
Sumter Mall

Do you enjoy shopping? Visit Sumter Mall for a fun and exciting shopping experience in Sumter.

Sumter Mall is a three hundred and forty-five thousand square feet shopping facility located in Sumter, South Carolina.

The forty-three-acre shopping mall was founded in 1980, with about forty stores that offer an unlimited shopping experience.

Sumter Mall offers a wide variety of products, including fine jewelry, personal care items, books, food supplements, fashion accessories, apparel, and more.

There are a series of dining options available for you to choose from that offer good food if you begin to feel peckish.

Sumter Mall is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am-9pm, and Sunday 12pm-6pm. Make sure you shop here and find unique and qualities items to suit your taste.

Address:1057 Broad St, Sumter, SC 29150, United States

17. Baker’s Sweets Bistro & Bakery

Baker's Sweets Bistro & Bakery
Credits: Ekaterina Smirnova/ Shutterstock

If you are a coffee lover, your number one go-to place in Sumter is Baker’s Sweets Bistro & Bakery, for delicious treats.

Baker’s Sweets Bistro & Bakery offers amazing coffee drinks which come in different flavors, including cappuccino, latté, fruit smoothies, or frozen mocha.

The bakery was established in 2000 by Jennifer Baker as a small bakery; over the years, the bakery has grown to three new locations and a full menu.

Baker’s Sweets Bistro & Bakery is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner serving fresh, quality, and healthy meals.

They serve salads, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, home fries, omelette, pancakes, pecan pie bar, sticky bun, egg benedict, shrimps and grits, sweet potatoes fries, and more.

Baker’s Sweets Bistro & Bakery offers a wide variety of cakes perfect for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduation, and more.

Address:1089 Alice Dr, Sumter, SC 29150, United States

18. Battle of Dingle Mill Marker

A visit to Battle of Dingle Mill Marker is one of the best things to do in Sumter if you want to travel back in time.

Battle of Dingle Mill Marker is your number one-go-to destination if you want to learn more about the civil war and its history.

One of the last battles of the war occurred here, making it a historical site with lots of significance to the city.

Battle of Dingle Mill Marker features unmarked graves, markers, and information, which serves as a sign of honor for all those who fought here and the area’s importance.

It consists of plenty of information you probably didn’t know of, and the battlefield is well maintained, also featuring a nice parking lot.

Address: Manning Road, 1400 Us-521, Sumter, SC 29150 United States

19. Patriot Park Sportsplex

Patriot Park Sportsplex
Credits: Dan Thornberg/ Shutterstock

Patriot Park Sportsplex features many jogging or walking trails that wind around some man-made ponds, Few of the trails are covered while others are open to direct sunlight.

The sports complex also features baseball, softball, and soccer fields, with comfortable stadium seating and shades.

Patriot Park Sportsplex has clean restrooms convenient for use; the sports facilities are adequately maintained and perfect for use.

Although the ponds are not open for fishing or swimming, you can relax and watch turtles and brims swimming in the ponds.

Address:3440 Declaration Blvd, Sumter, SC 29154-8139 United States

20. Second Mill Pond

Second Mill Pond
Credits: Eric Richardson/ Flickr
Second Mill Pond

Visiting Second Mill Pond is one of the top things to do in Sumter with your friends and family for a fantastic experience.

If you enjoy casting lines and waiting for the perfect timing to have a fresh catch, this place is ideal for you.

Second Mill Pond is an eighty-two acres lake and a perfect place to spend your afternoon fishing with your loved ones.

The lake consists of numerous fish species, including crappie, bream, largemouth bass, bowfin, and bluegill.

Second Mill Pond is usually quiet, it serves as an escape spot away from all the noise and crowd. So make sure you stop by; it is worth it.

Address: 1046 W Liberty St Sumter, SC 29151 United States

21. GTC Beacon Sumter Cinemas

GTC Beacon Sumter Cinemas
Credits: Shift Drive / Shutterstock

Are you ready for a fantastic movie experience in Sumter? Then, GTC Beacon Sumter Cinemas is the perfect place for you.

GTC Beacon Sumter Cinemas has one of the best movie facilities in South Carolina, making it a popular destination for many families.

The theater features comfortable seats with good sound systems and a large flat-screen Tv for an incredible movie experience.

GTC Beacon Sumter Cinemas is perfect for both adults and children; it shows different genres of the latest movies for all ages to watch.

Their snack bar offers delicious and freshly made popcorn with delightful chilled drinks; all you have to do is sit back, chill and enjoy your movie.

Address:1121 Broad St, Sumter, SC 29150, United States

22. Willie Sue’s

Willie Sue's
Credits: Willie Sue’s/ Facebook
Willie Sue’s

For a wonderful family outdoor dining experience in Sumter, Willie Sue’s is an excellent place for you and your family.

Willie Sue’s is an American restaurant and bar with beautiful rustic-chic decorations and TVs for watching sports.

They serve delicious steak and seafood dishes and more such as grilled salmon, fried shrimp, marinated rib-eye, Buffalo Chicken sandwiches, Willie Sue’s dinner caesar, baked potatoes, cheesecake, catfish bites, etc.

Willie Sue’s offers a comprehensive drink menu that includes a wide variety of bourbon, whiskey, scotch, and more.

They are open from Sunday to Thursday from 11am-10pm, and Friday & Saturday from 11am-11pm.

Willie Sue’s staff and owners are super friendly and welcoming, creating a pleasant atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

Address:3355 Patriot Pkwy, Sumter, SC 29154, United States

23. Sumter Farmers Market

Sumter Farmers Market
Credits: Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

One of the top things to do in Sumter is shopping at Sumter Farmers Market; it is located at 200 Miler road in the University of South Carolina, which was converted to Sumter Farmers Market.

Sumter Farmers Market features over twenty-five vendors and farmers offering fresh fruits, vegetables, and many other food and drinks.

The market was founded in 2017 and has consistently served the people with quality products.

You will find bakers, local artisans, food trucks, crafters, and other local vendors displaying their products.

Sumter Farmers Market creates a platform that encourages local customers to buy healthy and quality food items.

The market is open from 12pm-5pm every Friday; you also get an opportunity to meet and interact with locals.

Address:200 Miller Rd University of South Carolina-Sumter, Sumter, SC 29150-2478 United States

25. Sumter Memorial Park

Sumter Memorial Park features the resting place of General Thomas Sumter and his family. The Park is used for several cultural events and has an on-site pavilion. 

Sumter Park used to be a segment of Home House Plantation owned by General Sumter. General Sumter was born in Virginia and later relocated to St. mark’s parish in the 1760s, now known as Sumter County, christened in his honor. 

He constructed a store, a gristmill, and a sawmill. Additionally, he purchased lands for plantations and enslaved people to work on them. 

This Park remains privately owned by the descendants of the Sumter family. Sumter Memorial park is on the National Register as the Tomb of General Thomas Sumter 

Address: 417 W Hampton Ave, Sumter, SC 29150, United States

25. Gamecock Lanes

Gamecock Lanes
Credits: Artbox / Shutterstock

Gamecock Lanes Is among the best gaming zones in Sumter, with 24 lanes for bowling, a quality arcade room, and a gaming shop. 

Aside from the gaming section, they have a snack bar serving detectable handheld beverages. 

Gamecock Lanes also serves as a venue for birthday parties, corporate events, and private birthday parties. 

Address: 817 Broad St, Sumter, SC 29150, United States

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Plan your Trip to Sumter

Sumter is a charming city with lots of beautiful attractions, when you visit you will be amazed by all it has to offer.

The city has something for everyone, both the old and the young at heart; there is always something to do and places to visit in Sumter.

Make sure you try out some of their delectable traditional dishes, delightful drinks, and check out artworks made by talented local artists.