23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Summerville (SC)

Are you searching for the best & fun things to do in Summerville, SC?, this city sure has some fun attractions and activities to give you a memorable vacation.

Summerville is a beautiful town in the US. South Carolina is located majorly in Dorchester County, with few portions in Berkeley and Charleston counties.

The center of Summerville, SC, lies in southeastern Dorchester County. Summerville is surrounded to the east by the town of Lincolnville and southeast by the city of North Charleston.

The Summerville town limits extend south as far as the Ashley River, next to Old Fort Dorchester State Historical Park.

Here are the best things to do in Summerville, SC.

Things to Do in Summerville

1. Discover the Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site

Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site
Credits: Jason A G / Flickr
Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site

Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site is an exciting place to visit with a great history and informational displays.

Colonial Dorchester Historic Site lies directly on the upper Ashley River.

You will also discover a map and a small model in the Historic Site, which explains how the town previously looked.

The weather in the Historic Site is an excellent place to relax outside with your friends or family. The old Church structure and the bell tower on the site are also lovely if you want to go there.

Colonial Dorchester Historic Site offers guided tours with lots of educational signs made available for you to learn and discover more about the place.

If you love to plan a picnic with your loved ones in the Historic Site, there are excellent areas for that with a good restroom nearby.

This makes what to do in Summerville, SC, for some exploration, quite a perfect addition to your bucket list of fun things to do in Summerville, SC.

Address: 300 State Park Rd, Summerville, SC 29485-8431

2. Summerville Farmer’s Market

Summerville Farmer’s Market
Credits: a-image / Shutterstock

Summerville Farmer’s Market is a friendly market that sells fresh vegetables, meat, and more. There are varieties of good options for fresh produce and dairy. You can visit the market to buy types of fresh veggies, fruits, local honey, good home-cooked items, local crafts, and other things waiting for you to discover.

The weekend market in Summerville Farmer’s, especially Saturdays, is worth the visit. You will not just find fresh produce. And there are also food trucks, quality crafters, and others.

People also visit Summerville Farmer’s Market to interact with the locals and learn new things from them. It is a fantastic area to see and experience how they operate and produce their great crafts.

Take your time in the Farmer’s Market to buy food, eat and engage in conversation with the people as they are very friendly and accommodating people and willing to share.

Address: 200 S Main Street, Summerville, SC 29483-6010

3. Azalea Park & Sculpture Garden

Azalea Park
Credits: Davey Borden / Flickr
Azalea Park

One of the top fun things to do in Summerville, SC is spending some quality time at Azalea Park.

Azalea Park is a fantastic well-groomed garden located in a residential area in the heart of Summerville, close to the business district.

Azalea Park and Sculpture Garden put on a spectacular display of lovely flowers every spring. Azalea Park is a unique place to visit with your loved one at any time of the year for a romantic and relaxing walk.

There are a series of pathways wind around the park surrounded by trees, ponds, statues, creeks, and flowers all along with them.

You can also plan picnics in Azalea Park as they offer picnic tables accompanied by great weather to make your stay there memorable. Historical features, tennis courts, water features, an amphitheater, and others in Azalea Park.

Address: 105 W 5th S St, Summerville, SC 29483

4. Summerville Antique Gallery

Summerville Antique Gallery
Credits: Summerville Antique Gallery / Facebook
Summerville Antique Gallery

The Antique Gallery is an exciting place to stop by and take a good look to discover art exhibits.

You will also find good stuff and items for your house and things you will love to keep as the items are clean, the same as the Gallery. Some of which are the Vintage Hallmark Christmas Ornaments and other beautiful things you will see there.

You will love to stop in again if you visit the area as they have great staff, good treasures, and something new to always discovering.

The booths in Antique Gallery are carefully laid out to make it easy to determine straight lines with a massive selection of vintage stuff available with other gifts and house-type items.

Antique Gallery opens from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday through Saturday.

Address: 901 N Main Street, Summerville, SC 29483-6632

5. Summerville Dorchester Museum

Summerville-Dorchester Museum
Credits: Summerville-Dorchester Museum / Facebook
Summerville-Dorchester Museum

Summerville Dorchester Museum is a small, quaint museum with informative and friendly staff and a great place to visit to discover beautiful exhibits.

There is excellent history embedded in Summerville Dorchester Museum with good pictures for display and memorabilia.

You can tour the town and the area surrounding it.

You will enjoy a guided tour that will help you discover plenty of things in the museum by their super knowledgeable and great staff. You will get the opportunity to interact with the locals and learn from them.

In Dorchester Museum, a lovely courtyard is fenced in with exciting pieces and beautiful plants and trees.

A visit here will open you to history, definitely one of the top things to do in Summerville, SC, for history lovers.

Address: 100 E Doty Ave, Summerville, SC 29483-6303

6. Art Central Gallery

Art Central Gallery
Credits: Art Central Fine Art Gallery / Facebook
Art Central Gallery

The Gallery features photographs and paintings, sculptures, jewelry, pottery, mosaics, and other things done by more than 30 local artists representing many different locales.

You don’t have to miss going to this place as there are scenic views and arts to feed your eyes.

The local artists’ fantastic paintings and other fine artworks are available for sale as they display their works in the Art Central museum.

Some of the works of the local artists are good for the beautification of your house as they are affordable, beautiful, and worth the visit.

Art Central Gallery also offers classes and workshops if you are interested to learn artistry. There’s a large gallery that provides a workspace and a good working environment for people that want to participate.

If you’re on vacation in Summerville, S.C, you need to stop by and discover the fantastic crafts and paintings in Art Central Gallery.

Art Central Gallery is recommended as one of the cool things to do in Summerville for art lovers.

Address: 130 Central Ave.Summerville S.C 29483

7. Dorchester County Library – Summerville

Dorchester County Library
Credits: Nata Shilo com / Shutterstock

Do you need a calm place to relax and read books? Are you in search of a library with an exciting stock of books? Dorchester County Library-Summerville is the right place you need to be.

Dorchester County Library is an excellent place and a quiet place with lots of books, and it is irresistible to stop by and open one.

It has a nicely arranged seating space where you can sit and read a book.

The staffs there are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful as they can guide you and help you find the books you want in the library.

In the South Carolina room, you will discover some of the materials they have in South Carolina.

Address: 76 Old Trolley Rd, Summerville, SC 29485-4904

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8. Main Street Antiques

In Main Street Antique, you need to take your time to select what you need as there are lots of beautiful things, vintage antiques, furniture, and some of the best pieces to purchase.

The furniture is well painted. Some of the varieties of furniture offered for sale are antiques, modern designs, original finish, painted woods, and other beautifully designed ones. You can also find natural edge tables with unique designs on them.

If you’re looking for a place to purchase spectacular jewelry to use complete your outfit, Main Street Antiques is the right place for you. The store displays local artisan and unique jewelry of all kinds as well as leather stamped earrings. Items like beads and some metal pieces come in different colors and designs.

Main Street Antiques also has pictures and book corners. If you love history and old books, you will find some interesting choices in the store.

The walls in the store are filled with pictures of cute wildlife, inspiring quotes, and local scenery.

The place is well organized and designed to help you move around quickly, searching for good antiques you want for your home décor.

Address: 200 N Main St, Summerville, SC 29483-6416

9. Antiques & Artisans Village

Antiques & Artisans Village
Credits: Tect Group / Shutterstock

Antiques and Artisan Village is a good place for treasure hunting as it consists of a little bit of everything, both new and old.

In Antiques and Artisan Village, you will find vintage, beautiful primitive gifts, antiques, retro, and other fabulous things you will discover.

Antiques and Artisan village staff are friendly and willing to help you locate your search.

There are food trucks during weekends which have tremendous and ample parking too.

The store is well-maintained and kept clean with a range of items to see, and booths are exhibited so you can quickly see things.

Address: 619 Old Trolley Rd, Summerville, SC 29485-5665

10. Auction Charleston Antique Mall

Auction Charleston Antique Mall
Credits: Auction Charleston Antique Mall / Facebook
Auction Charleston Antique Mall

Auction Charleston Antique Mall is a good store with varieties of items to select and purchase. The prices of the items in Auction Charleston Antique Mall are affordable.

The owners and the attendants are friendly and are ready to show you around and help you with whatever you need.

The Auction Charleston Antique Mall setting is fantastic, and easy to move around the store to have a closer look at the items you need.

Charleston’s Antique Mall is a store that is worth visiting as shoppers can find many antiques and vintage items from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

You can also get the chance to chat with the locals and the shop owners and discover new exciting things about the people.

Also, you will see lovely and good vintage items and antiques you can pick up for your house.

Explore the Charleston Antique Mall to discover the American history, artifacts, furniture, and other fabulous things you will learn when you get there.

Address: 592 Orangeburg Rd, Summerville, SC 29483-8968

11. Relic Revival Antique Shop

Do you need a place to buy kitchen items? Do you need a shop that has good things for your home decor? Try visiting the Relic Revival Antique Shop.?

Relic Revival Antique shop is a well-organized and neatly kept place that displays different items you will love.

Relic Revival Antiques consist of items like glasswares, China, home decor items, pottery, beautiful kitchen items, and related furniture with enough space to walk around to avoid bumping into the breakables.

You will also learn and discover some histories as you interact with the locals there.

Address: 113 W 2nd South St, Summerville, SC 29483-6049

12. The Icehouse

Credits: THE ICEHOUSE / Facebook

Icehouse is a good restaurant that opens every Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

If you search for an excellent place to have a nice meal, The Icehouse is one of the best places to enjoy a good meal. The food in Icehouse is always fresh and well prepared as requested.

You can enjoy the great list of foods well listed on the menu served in Icehouse. Some of which are Filet with a side salad and mashed potatoes, steak with garlic butter, feta cheese, grilled cheese with pimento spread, burger, steak Philly, and many others. They also have a great Happy Hour.

The bar attendants are nice and friendly, accompanied by a beautiful atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while enjoying your delicious meal.

Address: 104 E Doty Ave, Summerville, SC 29483-6300

13. People, Places & Quilts

People, Places, and Quilts is one of the best quilting stores and a good place where you can purchase multiple quilt kits for your work.

You will get to interact with the workers or the owner of the store and learn a brief history about the place. There are fantastic selections of fabrics with different patterns you can buy.

There are also various classes at a convenient time organized to teach people who love quilting and designing. You can undergo training with Instructor Sue, who will teach you what you need to know and how to get on track.

If you are a lover of quilting and arts, People, Places, and Quilts await you as there are friendly and knowledgeable staff willing to teach you.

The staff will help you focus and share with you many great tips about making the process of quilting easier and doing good work. They are kind and supportive.

You will learn lots of interesting and exciting things and also how to make beautiful fabrics. During one of your quilting trips, People, Places, and Quilts is a must-stop as it is worth it!

Address: 129 W Richardson Ave, Summerville, SC 29483-6021

14. Crazy Dash Digital Adventures

Crazy Dash Digital Adventures
Credits: Crazy Dash Digital Adventures / Facebook
Crazy Dash Digital Adventures

Are you searching for an area to have fun and a walking tour? add The Crazy Dash Digital Adventure on your list of things to do in Summerville, SC.

Crazy Dash Digital Adventure is fun-filled with lots of games and things to explore.

It is an excellent place to visit for both children and adults. There is a virtual guide who can help guide you through and explain everything you need to know.

The Crazy Dash Adventure is a fun walking tourist attraction and a crazy dash through a city. It is for those that love adventures and exploring new things.

15. Legend Oaks Golf Club

Legend Oaks Golf Club
Credits: S_Wassana / Shutterstock

Legend Oaks Golf Club is an attractive place with many wildlife, including egrets, herons, gators, etc.

Legend Oaks Golf Club is a very affordable, fun, and challenging course to play with multiple tee boxes to select. Playing in Legend Oaks Golf Club is satisfying and impressive, especially with your friends and lovers of golf.

Legend Oaks Golf Club serves a lovely reasonably priced breakfast menu, such as omelet, eggs, and others like cold draft, burger, and some wings. Their staff is friendly and offers excellent service.

Legend Oaks opens every Monday through Thursday from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, and on weekends every Friday through Sunday from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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16. Cinemark Movies 8

Cinemark Movies 8
Credits: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

For movie lovers, one of the fun things to do in Summerville, SC, is watching a movie at Cinemark Movies 8.

You would enjoy going to the movies with your friends or loved ones in Cinemark Movies 8 as it is always clean and well maintained.

The staff working there are kind and helpful. The seats are comfortable and well arranged, and they offer snacks too.

The prices of Cinemark Movies 8 are affordable and less expensive.

Are you in search of a pleasant place to go with your kids or family for a good time? Cinemark Movies 8 is one of the great places to visit as you are sure to have fun.

This makes what to do in Summerville, SC for movie lovers, quite a recommended addition to your bucket list of things to do in Summerville, SC, for fun.

Address: 4488 Ladson Rd, Summerville, SC 29485-8577

17. Zombie Scavengers Hunts

Zombie Scavengers Hunts
Credits: Zombie Scavengers / Facebook
Zombie Scavengers Hunts

The Zombie Scavenger Hunts is a fantastic place to take your children for fun and a good time.

The Zombie Scavenger Hunt helps bring out your creativity, and you need to think fast to figure out the things to do.

You will enjoy a good walk around the area and discover things about downtown Sarasota.

Trying to be creative and figure out the clues is fun and engaging. The mission in the game is to survive the Zombie apocalypse by gathering supplies that you need and completing the challenges.

You will also enjoy doing this with your friends or family as you are sure to have fun.

18. Flowertown Players

Flowertown Players
Credits: Flowertown Players / Facebook
Flowertown Players

One of the top things to do in Summerville, SC is a visit to Flowertown Theater. Flowertown Theater is an exciting and comfortable place where you will feel completely relaxed when you go there to watch the show and presentations.

The festival is one of the largest arts and crafts festivals in South Carolina, as the three days event accommodates approximately 200,000 visitors to grace the occasion.

The Flowertown Players is a fantastic community theater. The admission and parking are accessible to people who will love to attend. It has been arranged so that you can see it regardless of where you are seated.

The theater features shows and presentations to entertain people. The presentations are educational, funny, and exciting.

The actors are locals who do a fantastic job and enjoy what they are doing to engage their viewers. About 209 artists from around the country are invited to display their artworks for purchase.

Admission and parking are accessible to all who attend.

Flowertown Players is a good place for you and your family or friends to visit to relax, have fun, and be entertained.

Address: 133 S Main St James F. Dean Theater, Summerville, SC 29483-6007

19. Wacky Walk Adventure

The Wacky Walk Adventure Game is a game loaded with lots of fun and adventures to explore.

You get to learn a lot of fantastic things when you play this game as it is challenging, engaging, and fun finding your way around the city, in search of various sites, and working with the clues to complete the tasks.,

You will also discover and learn some of the histories of many sights as you play the Wacky Walk Adventure game and discover exciting facts about the city of Tampa.

Enjoy the Wacky Walk Adventure game with your friends or family as it is family-friendly and activity suitable for kids and adults.

For fun things to do in Summerville, SC, add this to your checklist of places to visit in Summerville.

Address: Summerville, SC, USA

20. Pine Forest Country Club

Pine Forest Country Club
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

Enjoy life’s pleasure every day at Pine Forest Country Club. Pine Forest Country Club has a fabulous layout and a beautiful area. Well-trimmed and neatly kept.

You will enjoy playing on well-groomed fairways and greens. You are sure to enjoy yourself in a safe, clean and active club environment to your satisfaction.

The 12th hole in the place was named “Little Augusta,” a 324-yard par 4. The sight of the green from the fairway is reminiscent of the 12th hole at the Augusta National. The spot consists of one of the narrowest greens in the globe at twelve yards wide on the side and seven yards wide in the center.

This hole features one of the slender greens in the world at only seven yards wide in the middle and twelve yards wide on the sides.

Pines Forest Country Club also awaits the golf lovers, people searching for a Championship Course. The Pine Forest Country Club is one of the most challenging courses in the country, with tree-lined fairways and delicate greens.

This is one of the best fun things to do in Summerville, SC for fun, it’s a great way to spend some outdoor time in the area.

21. Palmetto Photo Tours

Are you a photography enthusiast? Do you love taking good photographs? Are you looking for a picturesque site for a beautiful photoshoot? add Palmetto Photo tours to your list of things to do in Summerville, SC.

You need to grab your camera and embark on a group guided tour to explore Charleston and the Low country with other tourists who came for the same purpose.

You will also gain the opportunity to associate with the locals there and learn new things.

Your tour guides will help you capture amazing photographs and drive you around in search of beautiful views.

You are sure to have fun at the end of the day and bring home beautiful memories.

Address: Summerville, SC 29485

22. Sandalwoods Spa Salon and Wellness

Sandalwoods Spa Salon and Wellness
Credits: mythja / Shutterstock

You will enjoy a serene and excellent body treatment in Sandalwoods Spa Salon and Wellness, where your wellness is their top priority.

Sandalwood Spa Salon and Wellness opens every Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm and during weekends from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Our staff is committed to pampering your mind, body, and spirit with a complete selection of treatment options to help you relieve the tensions and stresses of the day.

The spa offers excellent services like a soothing scalp treatment, deluxe spa pedicure, a warm aromatic stone massage, Nail Salon, and other luxurious indulgences in a Moroccan décor accompanied by tranquil music fragrant candles.

Do you need a fantastic place to help you relax and feel good health-wise? Have you been longing for a good body treatment? Sandalwood Spa Salon and wellness is the right place to visit.

Experience a fabulous treatment and relaxing treatment in Sandalwood Spa Salon and Wellness. They make you look good, healthy and the treatments leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Everything about Sandalwood Spa Salon and Wellness is a pleasant experience, especially their unique massage experience. You can also book online for their services.

21. Stars and Strikes

Stars and Strikes
Credits: iChzigo / Shutterstock

Amongst the top fun things to do in Summerville, SC is visiting Stars and Strikes.

Stars and Strikes is a good place to visit with your kids to play and catch some fun. In Stars and Strikes, there are fun activities for both kids and adults to enjoy.

You can enjoy some exciting activities like laser tag, bowling, arcade games, bumper cars, and other amazing things to do. The kids get the chance to play videos games, learn new things, and do other engaging activities. It is an experience they will love to enjoy again and again.

It is a family-friendly place, and there is something for everyone in there to try out. The location is affordable, and there is a bar area for adults to relax and drink.

Meals like cheesecake, pizza, and other tasty meals offered in Stars and Strikes are excellent; you need to try them out.

The staffs in Stars and Strikes are very kind and helpful, and they will guide you and explain things to you where you are confused.

Address: 4570 Ladson Rd, Summerville, SC 29485-8531

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Plan a trip to Summerville

In Summerville, SC, museums, golf courses, playgrounds, libraries, virtual games to play, parks to plan your important events, art galleries to explore, a Spa to help you feel good, and other unique places are all available to give you a fun time.

If you love history or believed you were not interested in history, you will be after spending time in their art galleries and museums. So start now to prepare for your vacation to Summerville, as it will leave you with good memories.