32 Best & Fun Things to Do in Burbank (CA)

Burbank is a city that bubbles with life having so many attractions and activities, you will find so many fun things to do in Burbank as related to entertainment.

This part of the United State is more active in the entertainment industry hence known as a hub of the entertainment industry.

Burbank became actively involved in the film industry in the year 1920 and since then have done it best, it’s a city worth mentioning in that field.

You will find both urban and small towns in Burbank. Some places still have the 20th-century setting while others seem so advance like it’s in the future. All these make the city seem timeless and forever stuck in time.

This wonderful city is home to Disney Corporation and the Warner Brothers, two great entertainment companies.

Surely, the city can meet up to your expectations for it offers only the best, regardless of whether you are looking for a place to drink, eat, shop, or be entertained.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Burbank.

Things to Do in Burbank, CA.

1. Burbank Town Centre

Burbank Town Centre
Source: Flickr
Burbank Town Centre

One of the lovely places to visit while you are in Burbank is the Burbank Town Centre.

The Burbank Town Centre makes one of Burbank CA attractions, they provide free parking, therefore you need not worry about parking tickets while you are shopping.

The Burbank center is large enough that you can spend the entire day shopping in it.

Apart from the standard shopping mall in the Burbank Center, you will also find in the center one of the 4 IKEA locations in Los Angeles County.

There are also two movie theatres and a number jump area right in the center court.

If you are not satisfied with your shopping, (which is not so possible), you can take a stroll outside the indoor mall and then walk along San Fernando for more shopping experience.

Also as you walk from the mall to Angeleno street, You will find within this area a lot of bars, cafes shops, eateries, cafes, and shops.

2. Gordon R. Howard Museum.

Gordon R. Howard Museum
Gordon R. Howard Museum

Would you like to know what to do in Burbank for history lovers?, learn about the history of Burbank at Gordon R Howard Museum.

This museum is housed in a Victorian home that was built in the year 1887.

Inside the museum, you will find a large collection of fascinating historical information and artifacts about the city.

From these exhibits, you will learn a lot about the residents of Burbank. Some of these men and women have various streets and landmarks named after them.

You will also find displays that pay homage such as architectural monuments, fire brigade, and the police force.

Among the items you will find in this museum includes a retro car and memorabilia from Disney.

Location: 115 Lomita St., Burbank, CA 91506. Phone No: 818-841-6333.

3. Burbank Aviation Museum

Burbank Aviation Museum
Burbank Aviation Museum

Also known as the Portal of Folded Wings, Burbank Aviation Museum is a non-profit establishment whose aim is to help celebrate and preserve the aviation history of the Burbank region.

You will find this Museum just at the true corner of the Valhalla Cemetery.

The museum’s main landmark is an easily noticeable archway that is very big and also beautifully decorated with fanciful ornamentation and a large dome.

You will find informations about engineers, mechanics and pilots and other pioneers of the flight industry highlighted on the displays in the museum.

Also, you will find several airplanes and other aircraft in the museum. The most famous among them is a model of the Challenger Space Shuttle.

The museum has all it takes to wow you. This should make the top of your list of fun things to do in Burbank, California.

Location: Valhalla Memorial Park, 1533 N Ontario St, Burbank, CA 91507. Phone No: 818-845-3300

4. Colony Theatre

Colony Theatre
Source: Facebook
Colony Theatre

Colony Theatre is a small theatre that is located in Burbank. It has been around for over 40 years.

The theatre seeks out young people with talents from the area to perform in an intimate setting of quality performances.

Some of the theatre’s works have earned them so much recognition. It not surprising that the theatre company is among the “25 Notable US Theatre Companies” as compiled in the Encyclopedia Britannica Almanac.

Check out their website to know the schedule of their plays. Sometimes special performances by notable guests are showcased.

It’s worth mentioning that the Colony has dedicated children’s programs that your kids will truly love.

You can also rent the venue for meetings and other special events.

Location: 555 N 3rd St, Burbank, CA 91502-1103. Phone No: 818-558-7000

5. Warner Bros Ranch

Warner Bros Ranch
Source: Flickr
Warner Bros Ranch

Located in Burbank in the territory that is now known as the Columbia Ranch, the Warner Bros Ranch is a place that is very important in the history of the American film industry.

It covers a 40-acre plot of land which contains so many famous historical sets.

Some of the houses in this area are where the Waltons lived, while some of the locations were the settings of Bewitched and the Partridge Family.

You will also find the family home used in the film “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” in this area among other movie sets.

If you have seen “Friends”, you can remember the fountain used in the opening credits of this Television show? It sits right here at Columbian Ranch!

The Ranch has so many open green spaces, a paved street area, and different styled houses.

You are truly going to love the views making it one of the best things to see in Burbank.

Location: 411 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505. Phone No: 818-954-2652

6. Martial Arts History Museum

Martial Arts History Museum
Martial Arts History Museum

Worth being on your checklist of fun things to do in Burbank is the Martial Arts History Museum, it is truly an interesting place to visit.

Martial Arts History Museum is a Burbank establishment that was built to teach kids about the martial arts tradition found in so many countries in Asia like Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, and China.

It is a global exhibition and its focus is complemented with local stories that show how martial arts are portrayed right here in the United States.

In the museum, you will find interesting artifacts and other cultural and artistic elements like the anime prints, Chinese lions, and the headband used in film karate kid.

The museum also holds an annual expo that focuses on martial arts, anime, cosplay and manga. The Expo is called the Dragon Fest.

Location: 2319 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506. Phone No: 818-478-1722

7. The Starlight Bowl

The Starlight Bowl
Source: The Starlight Bowl/Facebook
The Starlight Bowl

Now, to an event center, you will love to visit, the Starlight Bowl, this makes what to do in Burbank, California for some fun time.

The Starlight Bowl is an open-air concert and performance venue which is situated in Burbank.

This amphitheater styled venue can seat 5,000 people. It has 2,000 spaces in its lawn and 3,000 covered spaces.

The concert and performance venue was built in 1950 and since its launch, it has been graced by the presence of popular musical groups and singers.

If you are considering attending any of their summer season concert, you are to book on time for it sells out quickly.

You are free to attend any of these events with your loved ones. There is also a space in the venue that is available if you wish to host a picnic here.

There are as well eateries in the venue, which offers concessions and drinks at its on-site eatery called the Canyon Grille.

There is also an option for recycling wastes and composting on the premises.

This is because the Starlight Bowl is part of the City of Burbank Parks and recreation network which is dedicated to reducing waste.

Location: 1249 Lockheed View Dr., Burnbank, CA 91501. Phone No: 818-238-5300

8. Urban Press Winery

Urban Press Winery
Urban Press Winery

Located in Burbank, California, this winery is among the top wineries in the city.

The winery has created a standard for other winemakers to follow. It’s not surprising that Burbank is among the top ten wine producers in the country.

Urban Press Winery which can be located downtown of Burbank was born 20 years ago.

It started with her founder who began by making craft wine in his garage.

Today, this winery makes some of the best vintage wines in the country.

You can check out their full menu of wines for tasting this makes a fun Burbank activity and worth adding to your checklist of best things to do in Burbank, California.

It’s fun to visit in the period the Winery hosts their neighborhood-focused events. You can know when visiting the Winery’s website.

Location: 316 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502. Phone No: 818-561-4858

9. The Palm Coffee Bar

The Palm Coffee Bar
The Palm Coffee Bar

A hip coffee shop at the heart of Burbank, the Palm coffee Bar was opened in the year 2018 by Ben and Joanna Heart Milliken who are married to each other.

Quite a unique coffee shop, the Palm coffee Bar strives to give an alternative to the normal traditional cafes which are in the neighborhood.

You will love the vacation-themed decoration used in this place. Also, the Cafe serves innovative drinks seven days a week.

Palm coffee Bar crafts their beverages from beans which are sourced from Equator Coffee.

Check out some of the drinks in their menu like cappuccinos, cortados, or any other innovative lattes infusing ingredient like matcha.

Check out other beverages from Tenzo and Mighty Leaf Tea alongside a selection of pressed juices, wellness drinks, and locally-produced kombucha.

There are options for all to choose from. You can order for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free sandwiches, pastries, croissants, and muffins.

Location: 2922 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505. Phone No: 818-919-1375.

10. Griffith Park

Griffith Park
Source: Flickr
Griffith Park

Located in Burbank, the Griffith Park sits on a 4,310-acre land. It is one of the largest parks in the United States of America.

In its Low Feliz locale, the park has plenty to offer its visitors.

You will find in the Griffith park the very famous Griffith Observatory.

The Griffith Observatory is known for its spectacular view of the downtown of Los Angeles, Holywood, and the Pacific Ocean.

Since the park is so big, it’s not surprising that it cut across boundaries, for it is also in this park that the popular Hollywood sign and the Low Angeles Zoo are in.

Some fun Burbank activities you can engage in while in the park includes hiking on the equestrian trails. You are going to love this especially if you are an adventurer.

Check out some of the man-made attractions in the park. Get a camera to save some of natures finest and beautiful display.

11. Johnny Carson Park

Johnny Carson Park
Source: Flickr
Johnny Carson Park

The name “Johnny Carson” is a household name in America.

Johnny Carson usually appeared on the television screen every night to generate smiles and introduce special guests.

He was the initial host of the Johnny Carson Show. Later on, he became the very leading personality on the TV show which he hosted for 30 yeats that is called The Tonight Show.

One can say that the show business has given Johnny Carson a reputation and a kind of immortality in the heart of people, Johnny now has a physical monument which bears his name.

Johnny Carson Park which is named after him is an urban green space.

You will find it in Burbank just across from the NBC Studios (which is the very place that Carson recorded the Tonight Show), at the corner of Bob Hope Drive and Riverside Drive.

Don’t forget to take a picture of yourself with the bronze plaque that is dedicated to him.

Location: 400 Bob Hope Dr, Burbank, CA 91505. Phone No: 818-238-5300

12. Market City Caffe

Market City Caffe
Source: Flickr
Market City Caffe

If you are looking for a Café with true Italian roots in Burbank, I suggest you stop by the Market City Caffe.

The classic recipe which makes up the menu of this wonderful Café was handed down to the owner by the members of his family that lived in Naples, Italy.

Among her wonderful dishes, it is the homemade ravioli that they serve that holds a place of particular distinction in the heart of her customers.

You can get dinner, lunch, and weekend brunch services from this Café. Try out some of their special events like it’s Red Sauce Sundays and Specially curated beer dinner.

The surrounding of the dining area of the restaurant gives off a feeling of relaxation. For it is a pleasant mix of rustic exposed brick wall trimmings and sleek furniture.

Visit the Market City with your kids and other loved ones today for a meal, you won’t regret it.

Location: 164 E Palm Ave., Burbank, CA 91502. Phone No: 818-840-7036

13. Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Warner Bros. Studio Tour
Source: Flickr
Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Warner Brothers are one of the most iconic names and logos of the entire television and film industry.

They are makers of some of the best movies of the century.

Some of America’s favorite shows which they produce include shows like The BigBang Theory and the award-winning series called Friends.

They also made the hit movies like the Batman film Series and Argo.

During the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, you will be allowed to ride a trolley around and as you do so, learn about the production ability and the history of the Warner Brothers.

You will also visit several different backlots and some of the special exhibits that are dedicated to the DC universe and the world of Harry Potter.

Lastly, you will be giving a trip to a specialized soundstage which offers a peek into what goes on in the complicated TV and film production process which takes place every day at the studios.

Location: 3400 W. Riverside Dr., Burbank CA 91505. Phone No: 877-492-8687.

14. Wildwood Canyon Park

Wildwood Canyon Park
Wildwood Canyon Park

Are you seeking out what to do in Burbank for some outdoor fun time, I suggest you add Wildwood Canyon Park on your list of things to do in Burbank, California.

The Wildwood Canyon Park emerges from Burbank’s Harvard Road which leads to a series of hiking trails that have varying degrees of difficulty.

The average length of each of these trails is 2 miles. Following these trails doesn’t just feature views of the nearby Verdugo Mountains, it also gives a cool angle for sighting of beautiful wildflowers native to the area.

You can come with your dogs while walking these trails on the Wildwood Canyon Park, but don’t let them roam the area, do put them on a leash.

Apart from pathways, Wildwood Canyon Park also has open, grassy space within room for relaxing or hosting a picnic.

Check out the events hosted regularly at the park by Burbank Nature Program. You are going to love it here.

Location: 1701 Wildwood Canyon Drive, Burbank, CA 91501. Phone No: 818-238-5440

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15. Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park
Source: Magnolia Park/Facebook
Magnolia Park

One of the most popular places you need to visit in Burbank is the Magnolia Park.

Magnolia Park is not a park as is name seems to imply, rather it is a name of a district that is situated around the main artery of Mongolia Boulevard.

It is more of a shopping area and more of a park area. In Magnolia Park, you can find some vintage clothing stores that sell quality vintage materials.

Vintage materials are materials like the one you find in old-style movies.

Thus, if you are a fan of old styled movies and you desire to own a 1950s apparel, then this is the place you need to visit.

Apart from shopping, sometimes events are held in this park within the year.

You will truly love the live music nights which is one of the events held in this park.

In addition to this, you will find cafe cultures here and the area has strong internet connections.

Also, check out for coffee shops and quirky boutiques which are dotted around the neighborhood.

16. Burbank Farmer’s Market

Burbank Farmers Market
Source: Burbank Farmers Market/Facebook
Burbank Farmers Market

Even though there are so many Farmer’s Market in the area, especially in the Low Angeles region, the Burbank Farmer’s Market seems to be on a class of its own in comparison to these other markets.

You will find the Burbank Farmer’s Market just behind the Burbank City Hall just at the center of the city.

Even though the market has a small-town feel, ware sellers and vendors from other towns do come here to sell their wares.

This means you can get or sample some of the best products in the region from places as far as San Francisco and San Diego.

You can also get Baked goods from local bakeries in Burbank in the Burbank Farmers Market. These baked goods are highly recommended.

17. Woodbury University Nan Rae Gallery

Woodbury University Nan Rae Gallery
Woodbury University Nan Rae Gallery

If you are a lover of art, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Woodbury University Nan Rae Gallery when you are in Burbank.

A visit to this quirky gallery is one of the best things to do in Burbank,California.

In this gallery, you will find wonderful works of art which are showcased in their displays.

Some of these arts run from highly experimental contemporary art pieces to classic traditional work.

The Woodbury University Nan Rae Gallery is an interesting place to visit.

Since Woodbury University Nan Rae Gallery is a part of Woodbury University, you will find in the exhibition a range of student’s artworks.

There are also works from featured and guest artist from around the region that is featured in its rotating galleries.

You are truly going to love this place.

18. Animal Walk of Fame

So many know the Hollywood Walk of Fame which has the list of some of the best and famous stars that ever graced the screen.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is quite popular hence it is the goal of many to be in this list.

However, only a few know about another list which celebrates animals, it is known as the Animal Walk of Fame and it is located in Burbank.

In the Animal Walk of Fame list, you will find displayed the names of some of the industry’s best-known animal celebrities as well as their paw and footprints.

You will find the Animal Walk of Fame in the front of the Burbank Animal Shelter. The list is made on concrete tiles and it lists some of the most famous animal actors like Benji and Lassie.

Besides this list, there is a separate time that immortalizes their unique paw and footprints.

The animal walk of Fame was established alongside the PATSY Awards which is also dedicated to celebrating animals in Film.

A visit to the Animal Walk of Fame is one of the best things to do in Burbank.

Location: 1150 N Victory Pl, Burbank, CA 91502

19. Blue Palms Brewhouse

Blue Palms Brewhouse
Source: Blue Palms Brewhouse/Facebook
Blue Palms Brewhouse

A local Alehouse, Blue Palms Brewhouse specializes in bottled and tap craft beers which they serve alongside snacks and comfort food dishes.

You will find in Blue Palms Brewhouse a rotation that incorporates an updated list of 24 in-house creations regularly.

The brew types you will find in rotation ranges from pale ales and stouts to ciders and pilsners.

You are allowed to do a mini tasting of each of the beer to know the best which suits your taste.

Each beer served by the brewhouse is served using the proper glass at the proper temperature.

Check out the drinks in the Blue Palms Brewhouse’s menu. You will find out that the menu complements each of their unique drink superbly with the perfect snacks that is most suited for it.

Some of these best snacks include nachos and salty pretzel balls alongside a long list of entrees which includes varieties of sausage sandwiches and burgers.

20. Verdugo Mountains

Verdugo Mountains
Source: Flickr
Verdugo Mountains

Verdugo Mountains is located within the borders of Burbank and Los Angeles county.

The mountain offers a breath of clean and fresh air, unlike what will be gotten from the very busy urban areas.

The open space which contains this wonderful mountain covers a large territory of 244 acres of land.

You will find in this area a host of oaks, sycamores, big leaf Naples and so many other free species.

The area is also home to so many natural streams and springs which makes this preserve to be more diversified.

You will also find within this territory parts of park space that is owned by municipalities like Burbank, Los Angeles, and so on which surrounds the area.

It is a place for hikers because several hiking trails run through the preserve.

As you hike through these trails, you can get a glimpse of the beautiful vistas which was created by the Verdugo Mountains

Location: End of Oakmont View Drive, Glendale CA 91208

21. Brace Canyon Park

Brace Canyon Park
Brace Canyon Park

If your reason for visiting Burbank is for a little adventure, then I suggest you come to Brace Canyon Park, a visit here answers what to do in Burbank today with kids.

Brace Canyon Park is one of the most exciting green space a in all of Burbank.

What makes it special is that it’s not just a park, it is also an activity center where you can enjoy outdoor pursuits such as tennis, jogging, running baseball, hiking, and zip-lining.

Brace Cayon Park is quite a cool and airy place. It is surrounding by mountains and it is shared by large trees, all of which make it one of the best places to visit if you seek to cool off from the California heat.

It is also a great spot for picnic and relaxation. This is because it has grassy lawns.

So, take out time from your busy schedule and visit this place. Brace Canyon Park is worth adding to your checklist of things to do in Burbank, CA.

22. Downtown Burbank Arts Festival

Downtown Burbank Arts Festival
Downtown Burbank Arts Festival

Regarded as one of the Media Capitals of the world, it is not surprising that their arts festival is one of the most attended in the world.

Thus, Burbank is not only known for its vintage shops that supply clothing, her writing shops, or even the big-name movie studios that are based here.

The name of this grand Art Festival is the Downtown Burbank Art Festival.

Downtown Burbank Art Festival features more than 200 professional artists and some of the world’s most famous animators from TV to film.

This art event holds at the downtown of Burbank occupying more than four blocks of this area.

A visit to the Downtown Burbank Art Festival will show you how much talents that reside in this wonderful town.

You will also find great works of art ranging from hand-painted to succulents posters.

There are also love drawings of models and stores such as the Zamba and the Urban Outfitters.

23. Flappers Comedy Club

Flappers Comedy Club
Flappers Comedy Club

Located in Burbank California, Flappers Comedy Club is a one-stop-shop that offers everything humor-related.

Quality food, educational comedy workshop, and comedy performance are some of the things this lovely company brings together in so many forms since it was established in the year 2000.

During festival-free days, the club normally holds performances in its three spaces. These spaces are the Yoo Hoo Room, the main room, and the bar.

You will love their full restaurant menu comprising of delicious dishes.

There are family-friendly shows which your kids are going to love. In all, you will have a wonderful experience in this place. A visit here makes a great addition to your fun list of things to do in Burbank.

Location: 102 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502. Phone No: 818-845-9721

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24. Chandler Bikeway

Chandler Bikeway
Source: Facebook
Chandler Bikeway

One of Burbank activities and a top on the list of things to do in Burbank is the Chandler Bikeway which was once a railroad line.

In 2004 this railroad line was transformed into a 2-mile biking trail.

Apart from its use in biking, many active people living in Burbank hot, rollerblade, run and stroll along this trail.

The Chandler biking trail is also home to 3 art installations. These installations were made by the Burbank Art in Public Spaces.

You can ride a bike along this bikeway up to the North of Holywood. As you do so, you will see some of the most beautiful murals you have ever seen along the way

You may find in the Sidewalk, astronomers who bring their telescope to the Bikeway as a means of educating the public all about Astronomy.

25. The Batcade

The Batcade
Source: yellowbot
The Batcade

If you are a lover a baseball and you want to know what to do in Burbank CA. for some sports time, or probably you want to let off some steam after a long day work by mashing some baseball, then you need to visit the Bathcade.

Being one of the best batting cages in the valley, the Batcade offers both fastpitch and slow pitch machines.

You are free to choose between paying a small fee for a set amount of pitches or a flat fee for a set amount of time.

The time maybe half an hour or an hour, but I assure you, it’s going to worth your time, for truly, it is a stress reliever.

26. Los Angeles Equestrian Center

If you are seeking to experience Burbank from a different but vantage point, then you need to visit Los Angeles Equestrian Centre, this makes one of Burbank CA attraction.

The Los Angeles Equestrian Centre is a place you can go for a horse riding expedition.

You can ride the house around the local area. This will surely give you a sense of being in the middle of a movie shoot.

Check out some of the areas around town while you are on the horse.

If you can’t ride a horse, you may just relax while you watch any of the range of equestrian shows which is displayed right here throughout the year.

27. Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios
Source: glassdoor.com
Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios is located right in Burbank and a visit here is a popular Burbank activity for tourists.

As popular as Warner Brothers in the movies and TV industry, Walt Disney Studios are makers of some of the most popular fairy tale movies.

As you take a tour around the Walt Disney Studios, you will learn so much about the history and movies of Disney.

The studio offers guided tours, you can as well opt for a private tour.

These tours will fill you in on movie trivia and you will be shown the Walt Disney Archives which you will be memorable for you if you are a serious fan.

As you go through these archives, you will be taken back to the beginning of Disney’s establishment and through its great history.

All these will you see through her period items like original songbooks, music sheets, and other memorabilia.

If you fail to visit this place of wonder, then you truly missed one of the most interesting parts of Burbank.

28. Sunnyday Scoot.

Sunnyday Scoot
Sunnyday Scoot

How about you go on a unique city tour around Burbank with so many other people on a scooter?

This makes one of the Burbank things to do as well as meet you with some of the best Burbank tourist attractions.

If you desire this, join the Sunnyday Scoot excursion. This scoot excursion will have you drive along the city street. You will get to see various Burbank points of interest.

The tour members get to ride in pairs in the Scoot’s three-wheeled open-air scooters.

There is a switch at each side which allows the pair to switch off driving at each stop.

As you continue the tour, the trained guide offers you informations about places in Burbank, especially the most interesting landmarks.

Apart from tourist rides, Sunnyday Scoot does offer other one hour adventure tours as well as specialty romance packages which includes a picnic, photoshoot and a private couples scoot.

You are going to love the LED night rides they also offer.

Location: 1 E Linden Ave, Burbank, CA 91502. Phone No: 818-687-2668

29. Porto’s Bakery

This Bakery was opened in the year 1960 by the Porto family when they moved from Cuba to California.

The bakery is one of the biggest spots in Burbank. This is because it has a large selection of bread and pastries.

It is truly a place a true baked food lover will love to visit.

You will find here interesting as you can make selections from the meat pies, sandwiches, tamales and empanadas which Porto’s Bakery has to offers.

30. Another Broken Egg Cafe

Another Broken Egg Cafe
Source: anotherbrokenegg.com
Another Broken Egg Cafe

One of the most popular places in Burbank, Another Broken Egg Cafe is known for the fact that they make excellent breakfast and brunch.

If you are in the mood for some eggs, you need to get yourself to this place.

They have other items in their menu such as the Lobster and Brie Omelette, and the Southwest Scramble

You might have to wait for some time for you to get served, for it is an extremely popular destination for brunch in Burbank.

31. Bob’s Big Boy

Bob's Big Boy
Bob’s Big Boy

Known nationwide for their milkshakes and burgers, Bob’s Big Boy is a legendary diner which is also registered in California as a historical site.

This is because it is the oldest remaining Big Boy in all of America. You will love the fact that this location still maintains it’s 1950’s charm.

Some of the things you could enjoy in this place include a milkshake that is served in a 1950’s style large silver tin goblet.

Don’t forget to take a picture with Mr. Big Boy.

32. The Castaway.

The Castaway
Source: Facebook
The Castaway

Even though The Castaway is a full-service restaurant, I recommend you go during her happy hour.

This is her food items are half off during happy hour. Check out some of their special drinks like the Acai Margarita and the Maui Itch.

The spot also has breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. This makes it perfect for hosting celebrations and parties

This makes one of the unique things to do in Burbank and worth adding to your checklist.

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Start Planning Your Trip to Burbank

Aside from Hollywood, no city is worthy to take the title, “the capital of entertainment” apart from this lovely city, Burbank.

Quite a lovely city. As beautiful as dreamland, it is not surprising that pillars of the entertainment industry like the Warner Bros and Walt Disney made it their home.

Though it is a city that strives for perfection, it is not going to be perfect till it is graced by your presence. So make a date to visit Burbank today.

Before your visit, make a checklist of Burbank things to do, this will give to an easy journey exploring the best of Burbank California points of interest.