23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Springfield (Ohio)

In search of the best and most fun things to do in Springfield, Ohio?

Springfield is nestled in Clark County on Mad River and Buck Creek in the western part of Ohio, United States. It is the County’s seat.

The city had a population of fifty-eight thousand, six hundred and sixty-two after the 2020 United States census.

Springfield was incorporated in 1801 with more than two hundred years of history. It is a significant contributor to the economic and cultural development of Ohio.

This Ohio city offers all tourists a diverse selection of indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities. When you visit with your loved ones, your vacation will be solidified with lots of fun and excitement.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Springfield, Ohio

Things to Do in Springfield, Ohio

1. The Hartman Rock Garden

Hartman Rock Garden
Credits: Cindy Funk / Flickr
Hartman Rock Garden

The Hartman Rock Garden was developed by a self-taught artist during the Great Depression in the 1930s as his artistic recreation.

The establishment of the Hartman Rock Garden started with the building of a cement fishing pond. The Garden showcased the passion of artists. So later, different structures and figures followed suit, focusing on patriotism, history, and the region.

The works displayed were modified to the expression of visionary art concerning the environment with great emphasis on several varieties of plants.

The Hartman Rock Garden features over fifty structures built from thousands of stones, including charming figurines.

Ben got his inspiration from friends and family, including magazines, radio, books, and film, while he built every object by hand from 1932 to 1944 using stone, metal, wood, glass, and concrete.

The Garden was a special place built to promote his values and objectives to the rest of the world. However, it is currently owned and managed by the Friends of the Hartman Rock Garden.

Address: 1905 Russell Ave, Springfield, OH 45506, United States

2. Snyder Park

Snyder Park
Credits: Cindy Funk / Flickr
Snyder Park

Snyder Park encompasses more than two hundred and twenty-six acres. It is known as one of the biggest in the whole County.

The Park offers a unique natural environment with recreational facilities for families in the town to explore.

Snyder Park offers a speedway park for children, an ADA-compliant play area, and a water playground known as Betchie’s Sprayground.

The Dredge Tennis Complex of Snyder Park consists of six tennis courts, five of which were built to host pickleball games.

The Park also features an 18-hole disc golf course where golf players can test and show off their golf skills, whether beginner or expert.

Snyder Park offers outdoor recreational activities like fishing, boating, hiking, sightseeing, and many others at its gardens and arboretum.

Address: Snyder St, Springfield, OH 45504, United States

3. The Mad River Adventures

Mad River Adventures
Credits: sergua / Shutterstock

The Mad River Adventures, located on Old Lower Valley Pike Road, is a wonderful location for those who want to explore the great outdoors using a kayak or canoe.

The water is clean and clear; you can view the bottom of the river in very shallow regions. It also has a light current, although it is relatively not strong and depends on the current weather.

The Mad River offers the Washboard rapids and the Rock garden, which are perfect for those who want to challenge their paddling skills.

If you stick to the shallower and steadier regions, you can enjoy lesser paddling intensity on the Mad River. You may also find a variety of fishes and other wildlife.

Address: 5605 Old Lower Valley Pike, Springfield, OH 45506, United States

4. Buck Creek State Park

Buck Creek State Park
Credits: Dan Keck / Flickr
Buck Creek State Park

Buck Creek State Park is an amusement Park that offers visitors and residents various recreational activities.

Located on the northeast side of Springfield, Buck Creek State Park spreads over approximately 4,016 acres, featuring a lake of 2,120 acres.

This water amusement park has a sandy beach of 2,400 foot, providing a place where visitors can go fishing or swimming.

Buck Creek State Park features a marina with many boats hovering on the water, making it a perfect place for water skiing and boating, which are some of the fun things to do in Springfield, Ohio.

There are gorgeous trails of 7.5 miles at Buck Creek State Park for nature lovers and hikers to explore, including snowmobile riders.

The Park also features cottages, campsites, and picnic spots for those who would like to have an amazing picnic or stay long.

Address: 1976 Buck Creek Ln, Springfield, OH 45502, United States

5. The Springfield Antiques Show and Flea Market

Springfield Antiques Show and Flea Market
Credits: Mehmet Cetin / Shutterstock

The Springfield Antiques Show and Flea Market have been listed among the top events in America for more than four decades.

This special event is held nine consecutive times yearly at the Clark County Fairgrounds, presenting nice vintage and antiques.

Also known as Springfield Extravaganza, the Springfield Antiques Show and Flea Market is Ohio’s biggest antique event, with more than two thousand five hundred merchants.

These vendors offer the best furniture, metalwork, digital, ceramic, sculptures, art, jewelry, glass, and more.

This event is where you can purchase ancient wooden furniture produced in the United States. In addition, it is an excellent place to spend time with the family.

Springfield Antiques Show and Flea Market feature numerous food vendors offering deliciously made local dishes.

Address: 4401 S Charleston Pike, Springfield, OH 45502, United States

6. Mother Stewart’s Brewing

Mother Stewart's Brewing
Credits: Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

For lovers of good beers who don’t know what to do in Springfield, Ohio, visit Mother Stewart’s Brewing.

Mother Stewart’s Brewing is located in the downtown district of Springfield as a family-owned and operated brewery with a large tap room.

The brewery consists of a comfortable and classic outdoor beer garden offering various samples for sales, such as Porter with a bold blend of chocolate and roasted barley.

Mother Stewart’s Brewing is a venue for live outdoor entertainment and numerous community events, including film screenings.

Numerous food trucks are scattered throughout the brewery, offering a variety of delicious meals.

Address: Taproom 102 W. Columbia Street Mailing, 109 W North St, Springfield, OH 45504, United States

7. Mad River Gorge and Nature Preserve

Mad River Gorge and Nature Preserve
Credits: Vitalii Matokha / Shutterstock

Mad River Gorge and Nature Preserve extend for ninety-one acres of natural land with routes consisting of rock climbing of 50 feet. Rock climbing in this attraction is one of the fun things to do in Springfield, Ohio.

High rock climbing is one of the major spotlights in the Mad River Gorge and Nature Preserve.

It is regarded as Ohio’s broadest rock climbing location, and climbers visiting the site can easily get ready for a climb using the Mad River Gorge Climbing Guidebook.

Mad River Gorge and Nature Preserve is an excellent destination for birdwatching, being home to a variety of bird species.

The coalition of the Clark County Park District and the Access Fund boosted the development of nature hiking trails where visitors can wholeheartedly enjoy the preserve.

Address: 2710 Dayton Springfield Rd, Springfield, OH 45506, United States

8. The Springfield Country Club

Springfield Country Club
Credits: Yellowj / Shutterstock

An 18-hole championship golf course, the Springfield Country Club offers players a competitive tee time.

The Springfield Country Club is frequented mainly by players who want to enjoy the incredible setting with Miami’s rolling hills.

It was founded in 1898 with a traditional layout of 6,684 yards extending shorter but is perfect for amateur players.

This golf course receives numerous outstanding reviews from players who are wowed by its nicely manicured fairways and greens.

The Springfield Country Club is one of the region’s most popular and beautiful golf courses.

It is also a cherished country club for numerous tennis players who want to check out their playing styles on one of the six courts.

Address: 2315 Signal Hill Rd, Springfield, OH 45504, United States

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9. Los Mariachis

Los Mariachis
Credits: Los Mariachis / Facebook
Los Mariachis

For an amazing outdoor family dinner, one of the best places to visit in Springfield, Ohio, is Los Mariachis, an outstanding Mexican restaurant.

Los Mariachis officially opened its doors in 1999. It grew immensely, leading to the establishment of other branches in London and Xenia.

The restaurant moved from its original location to its current location in a quest for a bigger space on East Main Street.

The food menu features a variety of Mexican dishes, which will definitely catch your attention and fill your hungry stomach.

One of the popular meals served here is the Quesadilla Texana, accompanied by bell peppers, chicken, tomatoes, steak, beans, and more.

Address: 1815 E Main St, Springfield, OH 45503, United States

10. The Heritage Center of Clark County

Heritage Center of Clark County
Credits: OZinOH / Flickr
Heritage Center of Clark County

Among the best things to do in Springfield, Ohio, is to visit the Heritage Center of Clark County, a significant landmark in the city.

The Heritage Center of Clark County was built in 1890 as a stone & brick building built in Richardsonian Romanesque-inspired style.

It is housed in the Heritage Center, formerly Springfield’s City and Marketplace, with a floor space of 56,000 square feet.

The Heritage Center of Clark County’s main goal is to compile, preserve and showcase resources that celebrate the heritage of Clark County.

The Heritage Center of Clark County showcases permanent exhibits and artifacts relating to the early settlers of Ohio.

Today is a remembrance of local veterans of the Civil War who campaigned in 1895 to construct a museum.

Address: 117 S Fountain Ave, Springfield, OH 45502, United States

11. The NTPRD Chiller

NTPRD Chiller
Credits: Sergey Zaykov / Shutterstock

The NTPRD Chiller is owned and operated by the National Trail Parks and Recreation District, with Chiller LLC as the executive head.

This indoor ice rink has a surface that is highly taken care of. It is open to the entire public for skating.

The center also offers several skating and hockey classes for adults and kids from 5 years and above.

The NTPRD Chiller is a host of special events like youth hockey and college tournaments, and many others. The center was established in 1993 to offer families a unique recreational experience.

They offer other public programs such as fundraising events, birthday parties, leagues, skating, etc.

Address: 301 W Main St, Springfield, OH 45504, United States

12. Guerra’s Krazy Taco

Guerra's Krazy Taco
Credits: Guerra’s Krazy Taco / Facebook
Guerra’s Krazy Taco

Are you searching for the best tacos location in the city? Guerra’s Krazy Taco is a fantastic restaurant known for serving original tacos in the region; they are second to none.

The restaurant is beautifully organized with a vibrant and energetic environment which would make customers feel satisfied before the meals are served.

It was established by Felix Guerra, who makes mouthwatering tacos and regularly rotates his extensive menu.

Guerra’s Krazy Taco offers customers a wide variety of options, which were all inspired by Felix, the owner.

Address: 229 N Belmont Ave, Springfield, OH 45503, United States

13. The Heart of Ohio Antique Center

Heart of Ohio Antique Center
Credits: Heart of Ohio Antique Center / Facebook
Heart of Ohio Antique Center

When you’ve gotten enough of exploration and looking for what to do in Springfield, Ohio, purchase a gift for a loved one at the Heart of Ohio Antique Center.

The Heart of Ohio Antique Center houses over seven hundred vendors in a floor space of 122,000 square feet.

There is an outdoor commons of 30,000 square foot where antique collectors can shop for patio furniture, statuary, and architectural materials.

Take a stroll through the 1,435 stalls as you view the beautiful antiques waiting to be picked.

The Heart of Ohio Antique Center is open throughout the year from 9:30 pm to 6 pm with a friendly and welcoming staff.

Address: 4785 E National Rd, Springfield, OH 45505, United States

14. The Splash Zone Waterpark

Splash Zone Waterpark
Credits: Andrei Bortnikau / Shutterstock

On a hot summer day, when you’re looking for a place to chill and rejuvenate, one of the top things to do in Springfield, Ohio, is to swim in Splash Zone Waterpark.

The Splash Zone Waterpark is an exclusive Springfield aquatic center that attracts professional swimmers.

Visit this waterpark If you want to enjoy the authentic thrills of the water as you slip and dart along the 400 feet water slides.

If you think you’re bold enough, you can spin around Ohio’s first bowl slide, water vortex. There is also a lazy river of 280-foot where visitors can relax and float lazily.

The Splash Zone Waterpark features a 25-yard pool perfect for massive competitions, diving boards, and a pool entry of zero depth.

Make sure you visit the Splash Zone Waterpark with your friends and family and create unforgettable memories.

Address: 300 Eagle City Rd, Springfield, OH 45502, United States

15. The Springfield Museum of Art

Springfield Museum of Art
Credits: Ted / Flickr
Springfield Museum of Art

The Springfield Museum of Art is a haven for art lovers in Springfield, which is why it draws numerous individuals from different parts of the country.

The art museum showcases an enormous permanent collection, including temporary American art exhibits.

It boasts of being the only art museum in Ohio having an affliction with the national Smithsonian Institution.

The Springfield Museum of Art partnered with NASA and the Smithsonian for exhibits known as the Exploration of Art and Space.

The collection displayed in the Museum concentrates more on exploring discarded items as elements for artworks.

The Museum is committed to collecting, preserving, and showcasing artworks to incite and enlighten.

Address: 107 Cliff Park Rd, Springfield, OH 45504, United States

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16. Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm

Young's Jersey Dairy Farm
Credits: Elena Veselova / Shutterstock

Are you a fan of homemade ice cream? Or an animal lover? If yes, one of the best places to visit in Springfield, Ohio, is Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm.

Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm features a complete petting zoo fully packed with sheep, goats, and cows. They freshly prepare their farm ice creams using their animals’ milk.

Your kids would love this place as they play around with the animals and, of course, have some flavorful ice cream.

The history of Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm dates back to 1869 when the Young Family’s relatives built the red barn.

Hap Young bought the 60-acre farm and structure almost immediately after World War II.

Hap and his family worked on the 60 acres for nearly ten years with extra rented five hundred acres where they cultivated grain, milked cows, and reared hogs.

Address: 6880 Springfield Xenia Rd, Yellow Springs, OH 45387, United States

17. The Pennsylvania House Museum

Pennsylvania House Museum
Credits: Cindy Funk / Flickr
Pennsylvania House Museum

If you want a clear view of the olden days, one of the top things to do in Springfield, Ohio, is to visit the Pennsylvania House Museum.

The Pennsylvania House dates back to 1839 and was modified into a museum after serving different essential purposes.

It was a famous tavern and an inn that early settlers and livestock riders visited during the 19th century in the United States’ westward expansion.

After the civil war, it stopped working as an inn but was used as a boarding house, a doctor’s clinic, and a secondhand store.

The Pennsylvania House Museum was beautifully refurbished with twenty-four rooms and an extensive collection of antiques.

You will find timeless vintage home furnishings, including exhibits featuring buttons and antique dolls. In 1973, the Pennsylvania House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Address: 1311 W Main St, Springfield, OH 45504, United States

18. Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum

Ferncliff Cemetery & Arboretum
Credits: Ferncliff Cemetery & Arboretum / Facebook
Ferncliff Cemetery & Arboretum

Whenever you want some time alone to reflect and relax, stop by Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum in Springfield.

Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum might seem a little unusual, but it is a perfect place where you want to enjoy a beautiful and natural environment.

Walking trails are scattered around the place through which you can walk and appreciate some gorgeous mausoleums.

Numerous beautiful trees also grace the area. The property was officially opened on July 4, 1863.

The installation of the crematory was in 2012. Alternative burial services are available in the same faction, and references are given to families who want traditional burials.

Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum staff are dedicated and passionate and always ready to offer assistance.

Address: 501 W McCreight Ave, Springfield, OH 45504, United States

19. Schuler’s Bakery

Schuler’s Bakery
Credits: brandon king / Flickr
Schuler’s Bakery

Schuler’s Bakery is a favorite spot for many families and individuals in and outside the city who love freshly baked goods.

Visitors could inhale the aroma from nearly half a mile, which would surely get them and their stomachs excited before they got to the store.

The store is properly arranged with a transparent case showcasing appetizing and well-made treats in various flavors.

Schuler’s Bakery offers the best pies, cookies, donuts, flavored popcorn, muffins, noodles, brownies, bread, fritters, and rolls.

You will find most treats in different flavors like strawberry, chocolate, cinnamon, and cream.

Address: 2968 Derr Rd, Springfield, OH 45503, United States

20. Winans Chocolates and Coffees

Winans Chocolates and Coffees
Credits: k.nykyforova / Shutterstock

To enjoy some delicious treats in Springfield, visit Winans Chocolates and Coffees.

Winans Chocolates and Coffees was founded in the 1800s, and there is no plan to shut down anytime soon.

Hundreds of people in the area always visit the town for delicious homemade chocolates, which are also perfect for special treats.

The business is run and operated by Joe, who travels to different parts of the world for new ideas and flavors.

Winans Chocolates and Coffees offers fantastic coffee and handmade confections, which are prepared daily.

Every item prepared at Winans Chocolates and Coffees is made with the highest quality ingredients using authentic recipes which have stood the test of time.

Some of the ingredients used in making their confections include sugar, butter, maple, raspberry, and more 

Address: 32 N Fountain Ave, Springfield, OH 45502, United States

21. The Westcott House

Westcott House
Credits: OZinOH / Flickr
Westcott House

The Westcott House, built in 1908, was owned by Orpha L. Westcott and Burton J. It is the only house built in the Praire style and designed by Wright in the state.

The Westcott House features a garage plus a pony stable linked by an enormous pergola. During World War II in 1946, the house was used for multiple purposes.

The house lost its glory and the concept of its architect with its original light, furniture, and other essential items removed.

Lack of funds and maintenance led to severe damage to the property, though the house recently underwent a massive renovation.

Almost everything had been returned to its spot, from original hardware to urns to art glass to walls designed by hand.

The Westcott House regained its original 1908 appearance, and the furniture and garden have been reconstructed exactly how Wright designed them.

The main goal of preserving the Westcott House was to enhance the preservation of history and promote innovation and creativity through architectural design and enlightenment.

Address: 85 S Greenmount Ave, Springfield, OH 45505, United States

22. The Clark County Fairgrounds

Clark County Fairgrounds
Credits: Renee Foskett / Shutterstock

The Clark County Fairgrounds is a must-attend, as your vacation wouldn’t be complete without it.

This fantastic event venue features more than three hundred events throughout the year, including the Springfield Antique Extravaganza, the Springfield Swap Meet & Auto Show, and craft & plants shows.

The Clark County Fair, which dates back to 1949, was focused within the current Mercantile Building with the three cattle barns built early enough for the fair.

This event venue hosts the Champions Center, which accommodates national and regional equine events, including corporate trade and breed dog shows.

The Clark County Fairgrounds has undergone massive renovations with great expansion, which were possible due to the consistency and hard work of Clark Countians.

Address: 4401 S Charleston Pike, Springfield, OH 45505, United States

23. The Carleton Davidson Stadium

Carleton Davidson Stadium
Credits: RickDikeman / Public Domain
Carleton Davidson Stadium

The Carleton Davidson Stadium has been delighting baseball fans since 2004 with the thrills of major league games at the local level.

The stadium hosts the Champion City Kings, Springfield’s Prospective League Baseball team.

This wonderful facility and its close by annex field are a perfect point for Local, regional, State, and national tournaments.

The Carleton Davidson Stadium, during the spring and fall seasons, is the home of Wittenberg University Tigers, including the baseball season for only local Adult and youth tournaments and leagues.

The stadium is fully equipped with more than one thousand seating, locker rooms, meeting room areas, and Wheelchair seating points.

There is a dressing room, press box, several parking areas, ramps, a fantastic sound system, and many more.

Address: 1101 Mitchell Blvd. Springfield, OH 45503 United States

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Plan Your Trip to Springfield

Springfield is a magnificent city that offers visitors numerous fun activities, including hiking, waterskiing, boating, dining, and many more.

The city is known for its thrilling and incredible fairs; make sure you don’t miss them. 

Have a fun trip!