28 Best & Fun Things to Do in Dublin (Ohio)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Dublin, Ohio?

Dublin is a wonderful vacation destination northwest of Columbus in Franklin County in Ohio, United States.

The city has a population of 49, 328 according to the census in 2020, and it is celebrated for its natural blessings from mother nature, featuring a large collection of existing and unique attractions.

Dublin is home to attractions like Kiwanis Riverway Park, Indian Run Falls, Ballantrae Community Park, Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park, North Market Bridge Park, and more.

If you want to make your visit to Dublin worthwhile, here is a list of the top things to do in Dublin, Ohio

Things to Do in Dublin, Ohio

1. Indian Run Falls

Indian Run Falls
Credits: Kenneth Keifer / Shutterstock
Indian Run Falls

Indian Run Falls is one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and safe places in Dublin, and visiting the falls is one fun thing to do in Dublin.

This forested area is not too far from Downtown Dublin consisting of a gorgeous stream and an overflowing waterfall.

There are lots of fun activities to do here; you can decide to go for a hike through one of the trails, as you enjoy stunning views of fall.

Indian Run Falls is home to a wide variety of wildlife, and it features viewing decks where you can have an outright view of the environment.

There are picnic areas with picnic shelters where you can stop by and grab a delicious meal with your travel companions.

Address: 700 Shawan Falls Dr, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

2. The Morgan House

The Morgan House
Credits: marada / Flickr
The Morgan House

Erected in 1985, the Morgan House is one of the most popular places to dine and shop in Dublin, guaranteeing a great experience.

The Morgan House is located in a historic cabin from the Civil War Era with an eclectic mix of stores and restaurants.

The various stores offer several kinds of goods and services ranging from gifts, souvenirs, home furnishings, Christmas items, jewelry, and more.

The eatery offers a wide range of dining options ensuring that there is something for everyone, including sandwiches and soups.

The Morgan House offers an extensive selection of options for customers to choose from with great quality and for affordable prices.

Address: 5300 Glick Rd, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

3. Tuttle Crossing

Tuttle Crossing
Credits: Mike Kalasnik / Flickr
Tuttle Crossing

Are you searching for a place where you can shop for unique items? Then, add a visit to Tuttle Crossing to your list of things to do in Dublin.

Tuttle Crossing is the number one shopping center in the city; whenever you’re on vacation, make sure you shop here.

The shopping center features more than one hundred and twenty stores offering a wide array of products available for purchase.

You can shop for different kinds of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, outdoor gear, and more for both men and women.

Tuttle Crossing offers beautiful souvenirs and gift items for yourself or your loved ones for affordable prices with high quality.

There are many restaurants where you can stop by and grab a fast meal after spending a long time shopping. The center is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am-9pm and Sunday from 11am-6pm.

Address: 5043 Tuttle Crossing Blvd, Dublin, OH 43016, United States

4. North High Brewery

North High Brewery
Credits: Rido / Shutterstock

North High Brewery is a renowned brewery in the city dedicated to offering customers the best craft beers.

Having a drink at North High Brewery is one of the best things to do in Dublin, Ohio, especially with your friends and family.

As one of the best breweries in the city, they are known for offering the public nothing short of properly brewed beers made with fresh ingredients.

North High Brewery offers drinks like honey wheat, lager, five, falutin, cover crops, best mate, grapefruit walleye, pitcher, flights, and more.

The staff is friendly and cheerful when dealing with customers, ensuring they are comfortable and well attended to.

Address: 56 N High St, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

5. Ballantrae Community Park

Ballantrae Community Park
Credits: Lumena / Shutterstock

Ballantrae Community Park is an outdoor recreation center where you can hang out with your entire family.

The park is located in the middle of the city as a large park with well-manicured greens and it is known for the distinct dancing hares statue found within the facility.

An outstanding feature of Ballantrae Community Park is the incredible spray fountains that keep kids excited throughout their visit.

This is a good place for a lovely and romantic family picnic where you can grab a meal or take a peaceful stroll.

So, whenever you want to have a family fun time visit Ballantrae Community Park as you get to run around the splash pad.

Address: 6350 Woerner Temple Rd, Dublin, OH 43016, United States

6. Abbey Theater

Abbey Theater
Credits: dandelionsniffer / Flickr
Abbey Theater

Abbey Theater is located in the Dublin Community Recreational center as a theater that can accommodate only two hundred persons.

The theatre offers the public various interactive programs and exciting entertainment varieties to enjoy.

You’re offered comfortable seats from which you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the stage from any point you’re seated.

Abbey Theater offers a laid-back atmosphere with contemporary lights as well as 3D display and sound systems.

The theatre also serves as a venue for many theatres and musical presentations, including art group performances and lectures.

It is always open from Monday to Friday from 5:30am to 9:30pm, and Saturday & Sunday from 8am to 8pm.

Address: 5600 Post Rd, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

7. The Grounds of Remembrance

Grounds of Remembrance
Credits: Jagrap / Flickr
Grounds of Remembrance

It is usually nice to take out time to pay tribute to the heroes’ past, visit to the Grounds of Remembrance 

The Grounds of Remembrance was built to commemorate the men and women who fought for their country during wars.

There is a recognition walk featuring exactly five hundred stones dedicated to honoring the heroes who fought in the war.

The grounds feature ceremonial sites consisting of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Words plus a Memory wall that carries emotional messages of gratefulness to the heroes.

It is open to everyone, and youre also allowed to take nice pictures at the Dedication Wall as a form of remembrance.

Address: 77 N High St, Dublin, OH 43017, United States,

8. Downtown Dublin

Downtown Dublin
Credits: jinjian liang / Flickr
Downtown Dublin

Your vacation in Dublin wouldn’t be complete without a stroll through Downtown Dublin where you get to sink in the glams and charms of the city.

Add a visit to Downtown Dublin to your list of things to do in Dublin, get your shoes ready, and set out for a peaceful stroll.

Downtown Dublin is located on the Scioto River banks on the western side with a large assortment of attractions.

This is one of the great places to visit in Dublin, featuring a wide range of restaurants and shops located in historical sites.

Do well to stop by some of the entertainment centers, restaurants, shopping malls, galleries, parks, and more.

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9. The Dublin Field of Corn

Dublin Field of Corn
Credits: OZinOH / Flickr
Dublin Field of Corn

A unique attraction on the roadside, the Dublin Field of Corn are built through solid concrete, making them inedible; there are one hundred and nine tall ears here.

It consists of tall ears of 1.8-meter of corn; you will find large corn ears, considered public arts in the town.

The Dublin Field of Corn was constructed in honor of Sam Frantz, the producer of hybrid corn. They were fully built in 1994 to serve as a remembrance of the city’s agricultural heritage.

Address: 4995 Rings Rd, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

10. Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park

Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park
Credits: Diego Cervo / Shutterstock

Are you in the mood to go outdoor and have fun? visit Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park.

Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park occupies a land space of nearly thirty-seven acres featuring several exciting amenities.

 The park consists of hiking trails that go through rain gardens which are excellent for hikers of all skill levels.

There is a gazebo where you can spend time with your family and friends while enjoying the park’s scenic views.

Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park also consists of fishing ponds for those who love casting lines and waiting patiently to make big catches.

There is a large hole at the park; you also get to learn about the Sinkhole and the tales behind its establishment.

Address: 4444 Hard Rd., Dublin, OH 43016 United States

11. Coffman Park

Coffman Park
Credits: hickr / Flickr
Coffman Park

Coffman Park is nestled in the heart of the city of Dublin, and it is home to one of the oldest homes in Dublin, known as Coffman Homestead.

The park allows you to explore the art gallery featuring an extensive collection of unique artwork.

This is a venue for one of the city’s most popular and significant events, referred to as Dublin Irish Festival.

Coffman Park consists of two gigantic playgrounds featuring colorful and attractive play equipment for the little ones.

Want to test your skating skills? There is a skating park, numerous well-paved trails for walking, and a fishing pond for the anglers.

Coffman Park is also called the Dublin Recreational center consisting of lighted tennis and basketball courts.

Address: 5200 Emerald Pkwy, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

12. The Dublin Village Tavern

Dublin Village Tavern
Credits: Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

The Dublin Village Tavern is an amazing restaurant in Dublin that is dedicated to offering patrons an unforgettable experience.

In a proclaimed Irish city like Dublin, one of the best places to eat is the Dublin Village Tavern, and be sure of having a good time.

The Dublin Village Tavern was founded in 2000 as a bar and restaurant and has continuously served delicious meals.

These meals are offered for reasonable serves with unique tastes and quality since they are only prepared with locally grown ingredients.

Their full-service bar also offers a wide variety of locally crafted beers, whiskey, and wines, including special happy hour.

The Dublin Village Tavern is open from Monday to Thursday from 11am-12am, Friday & Saturday from 11am-1am, and Sunday 12pm-9pm.

Address: 27 S High St, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

13. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
Credits: Iryna Melnyk / Shutterstock

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams was founded in 2008 and has become a favorite place for many locals and residents, especially children.

If you are searching for a place that offers delicious treats, then a stop by Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams should be on your list of things to do in Dublin, Ohio.

They offer various ice cream flavors, including cinnamon, milk chocolate, cayenne, and many others.

Address: 1 W Bridge St, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

14. Avery Park

Avery Park
Credits: Olena Yakobchuk / Shutterstock

A park that offers families all they need to have a great family and friends hang out, Avery Park is a park that extends for seventy-three acres.

Avery Park features a variety of gorgeous artworks which would make emerging artists cherish this place; it consists of the Out of Bounds Sculpture.

The park is a public art location featuring exhilarating facilities like a shelter house, a playground, and basketball courts.

You will also find tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball diamonds & softball fields, and many more.

Avery Park consists of a concession spot where you can enjoy a delicious snack or meal with delightful drinks.

This is where you can test and enhance your skills in whatever field you prefer, including those who just want to play for fun.

Address: 7401 Avery Rd, Dublin, OH 43016, United States

15. Kiwanis Riverway Park

Kiwanis Riverway Park
Credits: OHFalcon72 / Flickr
Kiwanis Riverway Park

In a city such as Dublin, where there are lots of fun places to visit, brace up and get ready for fun whenever you visit those places, and Kiwanis Riverway Park is one of them.

Kiwanis Riverway Park is extremely beautiful, making it an incredible place whenever you want to relax and chill.

The park comprises a natural boardwalk trail that runs through gorgeous wetlands featuring various flora and birds.

Do well to take a peaceful walk through the boardwalk as you see the different kinds of plant species with fungi formations that you rarely find everywhere.

Address: 6245 Riverside Dr, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

16. AMC Dublin Village 18

AMC Dublin Village 18
Credits: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

Of course, your list of things to do in Dublin wouldn’t be complete without seeing a movie at one of the best cinemas in town.

AMC Dublin Village 18 is the oldest AMC theatre in the entire Columbus area and the best place to watch the latest blockbuster movies.

The theater was established in 1987 and was newly refurbished with new additions to offer guests the best experience.

The cinema has eighteen large screens with comfortable seats made from reclining leather for guests to relax.

AMC Dublin Village 18 features air conditioners plus a properly cleaned environment for better enjoyment and fun.

There is a snack section where you can make an order for delightful popcorn, and chilled drinks with a concession stand that offer other flavorful snacks.

Address: 6700 Village Pkwy, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

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17. Hayden Falls Park

Hayden Falls Park
Credits: RianaRoss / Shutterstock
Hayden Falls Park

Hayden Falls park is a beautiful park that extends for only two acres of land, featuring one of the most scenic waterfalls.

The waterfall features several species of rare plants with extensive vegetation; all you get to do is enjoy the place’s magnificence.

There is a boardwalk within the area where the waterfall is found, plus a railed lookout area that enables you to see and appreciate the falls without stress.

Address: 4326 Hayden Run Rd, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

18. ML “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve

ML "Red" Trabue Nature Reserve
Credits: jinjian liang / Flickr
ML “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve

ML “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve is a region of ninety acres featuring a beautiful natural landscape that will blow your mind.

For those searching for a Nature Reserve to spend the day, add a visit to ML “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve to your list of things to do in Dublin, Ohio.

There are fully redeemed wetlands within woodland areas featuring mature trees and an arboretum.

This is home to a wide variety of wildlife, a gorgeous Sensory garden, and many other natural amenities. ML “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve is a great place for bird watching featuring a wide species of birds, including woodpeckers.

ML “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve features many walking trails for those who would love to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful environment.

Address: 6500 Post Rd, Dublin, OH 43016, United States

19. Bridge Park

Bridge Park
Credits: GmanViz / Flickr
Bridge Park

Bridge Park is a must-visit as long as you are in the city of Dublin, and it is located in the eastern part of Scioto.

The park is a perfect place to shop and dine in the town and should be added to your list of things to do in Dublin.

For an excellent dining and shopping experience, stop by Bridge Park, offering you everything you need.

Bridge Park features Boutique stores, bars, and eateries, including Bend Active Apparel, Pins Mechanical and Pint House, Cap City Diner, Kitchen Social, and more.

There is an outdoor Dublin Market, open during the summer months featuring several merchants offering local produce and foods.

Address: Bridge Park Ave, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

20. Matt the Miller’s Tavern

Matt the Miller's Tavern
Credits: Matt the Miller’s Tavern (Dublin) / Facebook
Matt the Miller’s Tavern

For those in a mood for celebration or simply looking for a place to dine, visit Matt the Miller’s Tavern to your list of things to do in Dublin, Ohio.

 Matt the Miller’s Tavern is the first branch of this particular company in the country, but currently, there are other branches in different parts of the country.

The tavern officially began in 2008 and has become a special place for many families, including locals and visitors.

The restaurant offers an attractive and welcoming ambiance which usually draws the attention of those in need of an energetic atmosphere.

 Matt the Miller’s Tavern offers an extensive menu featuring delicious meals, desserts, and appetizers made by professionals.

For your next family eat-out or friends hangouts, Matt the Miller’s Tavern is the best place, and it is a kid-friendly restaurant.

Matt the Miller’s Tavern is open from Monday to Thursday from 11am-10pm, Friday & Saturday from 11am-12am, and Sunday from 10am-9pm.

Address: 6725 Avery-Muirfield Dr, Dublin, OH 43016, United States

21. North Market Bridge Park

North Market Bridge Park
Credits: Steve Grant / Flickr
North Market Bridge Park

How about going on a culinary tour? North Market Bridge Park is a market with many fantastic eating spots.

North Market Bridge Park offers patrons a wide variety of dining options through the large number of restaurants found here.

There are more than a dozen dining spots here with a classic setting just like a food hall making this market one of the best places to eat.

You will find different restaurants offering different kinds of meals from Mexican, American, Chinese, Latin, Indian, and more.

North Market Bridge Park features restaurants like Coast to Local & Kintsugi Sushi Bar, Dos Hermanos Tacos, and The Pit BBQ Grille.

Address: 6750 Longshore St, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

22. Emerald Fields

Emerald Fields
Credits: FamVeld / Shutterstock

Want to take your children on a treat? Emerald Fields is the best place for you, and they will always cherish it in years to come

Emerald Fields is a no mulch park that is clean and adequately maintained, one major reason why people visit the park.

There are several playgrounds where children can play to their heart’s content; it also carter to the children with special needs.

Emerald Fields features two swings for children with special needs and two other small swings with other amenities for special needs kids.

There are numerous picnic spots for picnicking, an electronic game ground for children to explore, and a nice area for those visiting with toddlers.

Address: 4040 Wyandotte Woods Blvd, Dublin, OH 43016, United States

23. Pins Mechanical Co

Pins Mechanical Co
Credits: Boris Medvedev / Shutterstock

For those who prefer indoor fun, visiting Pins Mechanical Co is rated as one of the best things to do in Dublin, Ohio.

Pins Mechanical Co features a well-designed bowling alley that offers you the best bowling experience in the city.

There is an arcade room featuring a wide variety of games that caters to the needs of all gamers, irrespective of their skill level.

The stellar bar is a section where you can unwind and relax after having fun with your friends and family, offering happy hour special discounts on Sundays and weekdays.

Address: 6558 Riverside Dr, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

24. Muirfield Village Golf Club

Muirfield Village Golf Club
Credits: Kati Finell / Shutterstock

Muirfield Village Golf Club is one of those outdoor spots which will make you fall in love with outdoor activities.

To your bucket list of things to do in Dublin, Ohio, add a visit to Muirfield Village Golf Club with your friends and family for an awesome experience.

It is a golf course of approximately two hundred and twenty acres constructed with stunning pristine green grass.

Though you will periodically find water hazards and sand bunkers on the golf course, it is also ranked as one of the best golf courses in the United States.

Muirfield Village Golf Club has been graced by some of the best golfers in the world, and it annually hosts a PGA Tour event.

The golf course is usually open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7am to 11pm (closed on Monday only).

Address: 5750 Memorial Dr, Dublin, Ohio 43017, Franklin County, United States

25. Wendy’s Fast-Food

Wendy’s Fast-Food
Credits: Nicholas Eckhart / Flickr
Wendy’s Fast-Food

Wendy’s Fast-Food is a famous restaurant that has become a dining landmark in the city for consistently serving the people.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated with many artifacts and memorabilia, which helps to tell customers about the restaurant’s history.

Through the artifacts displayed, you also learn more about the inventor of the restaurant, Dave Thomas, and his role in the community.

Wendy’s Fast-Food is focused on serving patrons healthy, and quality meals prepared daily, ensuring they are served fresh and tasty.

They offer an extensive food menu featuring Classic Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwiches, Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger, Hot Honey Chicken, Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad, Bacon Cheese Baked Potato, and more.

There is a large drink list including Brewed Unsweetened Iced Tea, Pineapple Mango Lemonade, Fresh Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee, Orange Juice, and many more.

Address: 6850 Hospital Dr, Dublin, OH 43016, United States

26. Watch House & Circle Mound

Watch House & Circle Mound
Credits: excelglen / Flickr
Watch House & Circle Mound

Watch House & Circle Mound features a small hill and a unique observatory spherical in shape right on top of it, with a domed house. You will see the Colossal mound, part of the house roof featuring several shapes with unique importance.

The mound is made of concrete, bronze, and copper, like you never knew existed, offering you an eye-opening experience.

Watch House is open to the public, where you can also watch sunlight rays casting images on the building.

Address: 5640 Post Rd, Dublin, OH 43017, United States

27. Chief Leatherlips Monument

Chief Leatherlips Monument
Credits: CHRISTOPHER MAMPE / Shutterstock
Chief Leatherlips Monument

If you haven’t been to Chief Leatherlips Monument, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity when you visit Dublin.

Chief Leatherlips Monument is a unique sculpture made using local limestone slabs. A more intriguing one was added close to his burial ground in the Columbus suburb.

Visitors could actually stand right on the head of the mighty Wyandot Indian Chief. Chief Leatherlips was a good friend of the white and Indian man, according to the plaque following it.

He was referred to as Leatherlips by the white settlers because of his admirable quality of never going back on his word. At the same time, he was called SHA-TE-YAH-RON-YA by Wyandots, meaning “the same size as blue.”

The Monument, dedicated on July 1, 1990, to Scioto Park, was commissioned by the Dublin Arts Council as a work by Ralph Helmick, a Boston artist.

28. The Mall at Tuttle Crossing

The Mall at Tuttle Crossing
Credits: Mike Kalasnik/ Flickr
The Mall at Tuttle Crossing

If you’re searching for a place to go on a shopping spree in Dublin city, drop by Mall at Tuttle Crossing.

The Mall at Tuttle Crossing is home to about one hundred and twenty stores, including Uggs, Buckeye gear, coffee to pizzas, women’s fashion stores, and more.

This place is perfect for your family and friends, offering an amazing experience as it serves its immediate city and other surrounding town such as Columbus, Hilliard, Grove City, and Upper Arlington.

You will find some of the most loved stores, such as Macy’s, Bath & Body Works, Hollister, Forever 21, and many more.

After a long while of shopping and having fun, stop by any of the restaurants like Red Robin and BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse for some drinks and a meal.

 Address: 5043 Tuttle Crossing Blvd, Dublin, OH 43016, United States

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Plan a Trip to Dublin

Dublin is a city that offers you something new and unique, it is known for having an enormous number of restaurants and other fantastic attractions.

You will love it here, and the city will exceed your expectations, so get ready for fun and thrills.

Start planning your trip to Dublin, Ohio