25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Logan (Ohio)

In search of the best and most fun things to do in Logan, Ohio? there are quite some cool places to visit in Logan for a fun time in this city.

Logan is an exceptionally beautiful city graced with lots of amazing natural attractions and fun activities, located in Ohio.

This city consists of several exciting attractions, including parks, malls, museums, and many others.

During your trip to Logan, take to explore NevilleBillie Adventure Park, Hocking County Historical, The Ash Cave, The Old Man’s Cave, Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve, and other cool attractions and activities Logan has to offer.

Are you planning a trip to Logan? Here are the top things to do in Logan, Ohio.

Things to Do in Logan, Ohio

1. The Old Man’s Cave

The Old Man's Cave
Credits: Kenneth Keifer / Shutterstock
The Old Man’s Cave

Logan features numerous beautiful places excellent for sightseeing, and the Old Man’s Cave is one of them.

The Old Man’s Cave was given its name in the 1800s after a man named Richard Rowe, who lived in the cave after he moved from Tennessee to Ohio with his family and two dogs in the 1700s.

Richard Rowe was a traveler known to journey in search of the wild game along the Scioto River, and he found this cave which became his final resting place.

The Old Man’s Cave offers numerous activities divided into Five, including lower falls, upper Gorge, lower gorde, middle falls, and upper falls.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, peaceful, and quiet place, you need to visit this cave; the views of its waterfalls are breathtaking.

The Old Man’s Cave is perfect for fishing, biking, swimming, and other activities; visit the cave during the winter season for snow sports activities.

There are essential amenities available for those who would like to camp here, such as showers, picnic tables, potable water, and toilets.

Address: 29877 Blosser Rd, Logan, OH 43138, United States

2. John Glenn Astronomy Park

John Glenn Astronomy Park
Credits: arthurgphotography / Shutterstock
John Glenn Astronomy Park

On your list of fun things to do in Logan, add a visit to John Glenn Astronomy Park for a memorable experience.

John Glenn Astronomy Park was established in 2018 and has welcomed hundreds of visitors annually.

This park is open to both adults and children, committed to raising their interests in science, exploration, and learning through the fascinating wonders of the sky during the day and night.

John Glenn Astronomy Park allows visitors to use a large telescope which offers them a closer view of the beautiful constellation above.

The park is open every day of the week, 24/7, and it is a dog-friendly park that takes you on a journey through the grandeur of the universe.

Address: 20531 OH-664 Scenic, Logan, OH 43138, United States

3. Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve

Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve
Credits: Steve Lagreca / Shutterstock
Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve

Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve is the best place to go when you want to get intimate with nature in Logan.

This five hundred and seventy-acre preserve is now open to the general public, including visitors, without any permit.

Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve consists of a home and out-buildings used by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as their regional headquarters.

There are numerous trails, including the one leading to an open grassy area after crossing a stream with the site of a picnic shelter, a basketball hoop, and a closed outhouse.

Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve also consists of a beautiful pond with a wooden gazebo and a small dock from which you could some of the favorite places animals eat.

You will find fishes in the pond, but the open isn’t open for fishing; Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve is a perfect place to have an alone time and meditate.

Address: 31893 Beach Camp Rd, Logan, OH 43138, United States

4. NevilleBillie Adventure Park

NevilleBillie Adventure Park
Credits: Dmitry Kalinovsky / Shutterstock

If you’re ready for a more adventurous activity that will send adrenaline rush running through your veins, add a visit to NevilleBillie Adventure Park to your list of things to do in Logan.

NevilleBillie Adventure Park is an eighty-acre family-friendly park with lots of outdoor recreation activities.

The park comprises three paintball fields, moonshiners’ Mystery Shack, and the world’s largest family rope course, consisting of sixty-four challenges good for all ages over 42″ tall.

NevilleBillie Adventure Park takes their guests on a ride through their fourteen miles trails around the entire property.

Make sure you don’t miss on the great fun when you take part in throw knives, hatchets, bows & arrows, hunger range, and ninja stars.

NevilleBillie Adventure Park also offers a terrific outdoor live music entertainment and a great venue for corporate outings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family gatherings, etc.

Address: 15155 Sauer Kraut Rd, Logan, OH 43138, United States

5. Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum

A unique place in Logan that is worth the stop is the Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum.

The Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum has existed for more than twenty years and is owned by a journalist, Paul .A. Johnson.

He collected a whopping number of three thousand four hundred and forty-nine pencil sharpeners during these years.

The Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum has the biggest collection in America, currently displayed in the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center after Paul Johnson died in July 2010.

You will find different kinds of pencils sharpeners in forms of different objects like automobiles, weapons, books, cartoon characters, ships, musical instruments, helicopters, etc.

Make sure you visit the Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum and browse through the beautiful pencil sharpeners.

Address: 13178 OH-664, Logan, OH 43138, United States

6. The Ash Cave

The Ash Cave
Credits: Robert A. Powell / Shutterstock
The Ash Cave

One fun addition to your list of fun things to do in Logan, Ohio, is visiting the Ash Cave, one of the remarkable places in the city.

The Ash Cave served as a shelter for the early residents and was named after a huge pile of ashes of 100 feet long, 3 feet deep, and 30feet wide was found in the cave.

This cave has an impressive horseshoe-shaped that measures 700 feet, 90 feet high, and 100 feet deep from the rear cave wall.

The Ash Cave features beautiful selections of flora such as trillium flowers, jewelweeds, jack-in-the-pulpit, trout lily, and lots more.

There are sections in the Ash Cave popularly known as “Whispering gallery,” and you can go on a walk with your loved ones on the paths that surrounds it.

If you visit during the fall season, you’ll find golden and orange leaves throughout the place, which enhances the beauty of the place and is a wonderful sight to behold.

Address: OH-56, Logan, OH 43138, United States

7. Worthington Park

Worthington Park
Credits: Dan Keck / Flickr
Worthington Park

If you’re looking for an excellent place to hang out with your friends and family Worthington Park is the place for you.

Worthington Park was established in the 1880s, and it is located in the downtown district of Logan, named after an early governor of Ohio, Thomas Worthington.

The park contains a gazebo built-in 1992, with a mural that portrays the Native American Chief Logan right on the wall of the building.

Worthington Park also consists of benches with a beautiful green lawn perfect for a picnic; you might decide to spread a blanket under a large tree and enjoy a meal.

The park is one of the oldest in the city, but it is adequately maintained and well cared for; make sure you stop by.

Address: 1 S Market St, Logan, OH 43138, United States

8. Hocking County Historical

Hocking County Historical
Credits: Dan Keck / Flickr
Hocking County Historical

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Logan, head towards Hocking County Historical, which is approximately 18 minutes from the Ash Cave by car.

Hocking County Historical consists of exciting information and exhibits dating back to World War I.

There are brick industry tools, local clay, Mastodon teeth, local clay relics, mining, military customs, and more relating to the city’s history.

Hocking County Historical is concerned with preserving and promoting the region’s history through historically significant items.

You will be guided by a historian who is highly knowledgeable about every little detail about the city and will explain everything to you.

Hocking County Historical is a non-profit organization dependent on the volunteers of the patrons in the facility and fundraising programs. They also accept essential objects related to the city, state, and county history.

Address: 64 N Culver St, Logan, OH 43138, United States

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9. Hocking Hills Craft Mall

Hocking Hills Crafts
Credits: Hocking Hills Crafts & More / Facebook
Hocking Hills Crafts

One of the fun things to do in Logan, Ohio, is shopping at Hocking Hills Craft Mall, a unique shop that sells everything you need.

Hocking Hills Craft Mall consists of more than one hundred different vendors, and they are also open to more handmade vendors.

This mall offers a wide variety of country and primitive items, including various collectible items.

Hocking Hills Craft Mall features exceptional crafters from other states; they have something for everyone.

The staff is professional and well-mannered when attending to customers, and the mall is well organized and clean.

Address: 12801 OH-664, Logan, OH 43138, United States

10. Fox’s High Rock Farm

Fox's High Rock Farm
Credits: Mariaprovector / Shutterstock

Fox’s High Rock Farm is a favorite location for animal lovers in Logan, and it is open to everyone regardless of age.

This farm was founded in 2016 by Aaron and Cindy Fox, who bought the farm to share gorgeous animals with the public.

Fox’s High Rock Farm allows its visitors to get close with animals and guarantees them a fun experience.

You will find beautiful animals in their petting zoo, including horses, cows, funny goats, lambs, piglets, and more.

Fox’s High Rock Farm is always clean and adequately maintained with friendly staff and properly taken care of animals.

In search of what to do in Logan, OH, for some history time, this sould be added to your checklist of things to do in Logan, Ohio.

Address: 14977 OH-664, Logan, OH 43138, United States

11. Cristy’s Pizza

Cristy's Pizza
Credits: Dan Keck / Flickr
Cristy’s Pizza

For a wonderful dining experience in Logan, dine at Cristy’s Pizza restaurant; they serve meals that will tickle your taste buds.

Cristy’s Pizza offers an extensive food menu consisting of delicious meals well prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

They serve the best pizzas, which come in different toppings such as NY Style Pepperoni Pizza, The Italian Pizza, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, Islander Pizza, Goliath Pizza Gluten Free Medium, New York Pepperoni Pizza, and more.

Cristy’s Pizza also serves meals like Side Jalapeno Peppers, Salt N Vinegar Chips,

Sour Cream and Onion Chips, Side Ranch Sauce, Grilled Chicken Salad, Taco Salad, and Bacon Cheeseburger.

Your meal won’t be complete without a chilled bottle of tasty drinks such as Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, BQ Root Beer, Cherry Coke, Mello Yello, Dasani Water, and Sweet Tea.

Cristy’s Pizza is open from Monday to Thursday from 11am-10pm, and Friday & Saturday from 11am-11pm.

Address: 1320 W Hunter St, Logan, OH 43138, United States

12. Columbus Washboard Company

Columbus Washboard Company
Credits: Dan Keck / Flickr
Columbus Washboard Company

Columbus Washboard Company is a renowned company that offers a variety of historic washboards for the public to purchase.

The company features original and special designs and has been in business since 1885, with over 1.2 million dashboards made in 1941.

Columbus Washboard Company offers different kinds of Appalachian gifts and vintage laundry items, including soaps and others.

They offer customized washboards perfect for bluegrass jam bands, home decoration fir kitchens and rooms as furniture accents.

Make sure you stop by the Columbus Washboard Company and browse through their collection of vintage products, fine soaps, and more.

Address: 14 Gallagher Ave, Logan, OH 43138, United States

13. Wind Chime Shop

 Wind Chime Shop
Credits: Wind Chime Shop / Facebook
Wind Chime Shop

A shop filled with beautiful and unique treasures for Christmas celebration in the city of Logan is the Wind Chime Shop.

Wind Chime Shop is a Christmas shop packed with hundreds of unique antiques that serve as gifts to a loved one.

Don’t forget to visit their candle shop for candle oils, jar candles, fine selection of tapers, tart warmers & electric warmers, and more.

Check their website to find out when the shop will be open, do well to stop by for your beautiful gifts or souvenirs.

Address: 29205 Ilesboro Rd, Logan, OH 43138, United States

14. Brewery 33 Hocking Hills

Brewery 33 Hocking Hills
Credits: David Tran Photo / Shutterstock

One of the best things to do in Logan, Ohio, is visiting Brewery 33 Hocking Hills, especially with your friends and family.

Brewery 33 Hocking Hills is a fantastic place to relax and while away time with lots of entertainment to make you party all day long.

This brewery company offers a wide selection of flavorful beers with a lively ambiance for visitors to relax and enjoy their drinks.

Brewery 33 Hocking Hills offers drinks like Civilian Conservation Corps Cream Ale, Triple Gold Golden Ale, Nickelpate IPA, Walsh Irish Ale, Lager-ness Monster of Lake Logan, Winter Hike Whit, John McBride Brown Ale, Mingo Mango Gose, Fruity Tooty Tap, Falls Mill Milkstout, Darlene’s Dunkelweizen and more.

Local food trucks serve delicious and healthy meals to match the tasty and quality drinks.

There is a playground for children and a dog park, including lots of outdoor games, and live music events for everyone to enjoy.

Address: 12684 College Prospect Drive, Logan, OH 43138 United States

15. Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center

Paying a visit to Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center is one of the best things to do in Logan, Ohio before your adventure begins.

Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center is an 8,600 square feet lodge-style center which serves as a perfect starting point for exploring the city.

The center features several exhibits relating to the town with lots of information about each trail and how to stay safe when you get out for fun.

Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center has an additional new structure of 5,000 square feet of outdoor patios, which provides a place to learn and explore.

The center features a unique gift shop where you can shop for unique items, water filling stations, and conducive restrooms.

Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center staff is professional and highly knowledgeable; they provide a brief history of the region and answer all questions about the city.

Address: 13178 OH-664 Scenic, Logan, OH 43138, United States

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16. DustyBlues Gallery

DustyBlues Gallery
Credits: guruXOX / Shutterstock
DustyBlues Gallery

The DustyBlues Gallery is one of the best galleries in the city of Logan and needs to be on your fun list of things to do in Logan, Ohio.

This is a locally owned gallery built by two talented and popular artists who have gained much recognition after receiving many awards for their amazing artworks.

The DustyBlues Gallery features paintings relating to several themes in the region like families, couples, people, and so on; the paintings are also capable of impacting in the lives like bringing positive vibes and joy to the individuals.

There are beautiful items like handmade baskets, wood art, postcards, and pictures, be sure to find something you like.

The gallery is all about ensuring visitors get to take home or purchase something that will remind them of their amazing memories in the city.

DustyBlues Gallery always has something new, so do well to get gifts for your loved ones and souvenirs for yourself whenever you visit.

Address: 14775 OH-664, Logan, OH 43138, United States

17. NevilleBillie Adventure Park

NevilleBillie Adventure Park
Credits: Dmitry Kalinovsky / Shutterstock

The NevilleBillie Adventure Park is one of the popular attractions in Logan that attracts many tourists and citizens.

This park offers its visitors premium fun and excitement through several activities as a recreational facility.

The NevilleBillie Adventure Park features three paintball fields and offers paintball classes to beginners.

They offer ATV rental, the world’s largest family ropes course, a 20′ vertigo tunnel, and moonshiners ‘ Mystery Shack.

The NevilleBillie Adventure Park doesn’t just offer fun moments but also ensures that families and individuals are safe.

This park is perfect for fun bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate outings, family events, and more, with a wide range of custom packages for you to pick from.

Address: 15155 Sauer Kraut Rd, Logan, OH 43138, United States

18. Blue Valley Massage Therapy

Blue Valley Massage Therapy
Credits: Nestor Rizhniak / Shutterstock

There is no better place to relax in Logan than Blue Valley Massage Therapy, where you receive the best services in the city.

Blue Valley Massage Therapy is only concerned about your relaxation; they offer a comfortable and safe environment.

They also offer fantastic massages using high-quality and effective lotions and oils that will all-natural products help individuals relax.

Blue Valley Massage Therapy professional and well-trained therapists that graduate from the nest massage schools with a limited license to practice medicine, having passed through the state of Ohio’s medical boards.

They use the best techniques to ensure the guest has a great experience; there are different packages, including couples massage sessions.

Also, ask about the salt scrubs; it is another great way to relax; couples treatments are available Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Address: 118 E Main St, Logan, OH 43138-1607 United States

19. Logan Antique Mall

 Logan Antique Mall
Credits: Logan Antique Mall / Facebook
Logan Antique Mall

You know shopping could be fulfilled and stress-free, right? For a fantastic shopping experience, add a visit to Logan Antique Mall to your Logan fun things to do.

Logan Antique Mall should be your number one go-to mall when you want to shop for beautiful gifts to someone on their special day.

The mall opened its doors in 1994 and has been active for more than twenty-five years offering great services and fantastic old-fashioned items.

Logan Antique Mall offers beautiful items like jars & bottles, glassware, farmhouse merchandise, primitive dolls, home decors, dishes, quilts, Coca-Cola antiques, toys & weller, military, vinyl records, classic advertising signs, and so on.

The mall is open all days of the week and offers goods for prices you can’t get anywhere else with immense quality.

Logan Antique Mall staff is friendly and nice, always willing to offer assistance and opinions when needed.

Address: 12795 OH-664 S, Logan, OH 43138, United States

20. Hocking Hills Escape Games

Hocking Hills Escape Games
Credits: Reddogs / Shutterstock

If you want to have an amazing experience with your family and friends in Logan, visit Hocking Hills Escape Games.

You know a game wouldn’t be so much fun without challenges; Hocking Hills Escape Games offers you the right amount of challenges and excitement.

It is a locally-owned establishment featuring uniquely themed escape rooms that offer all the fun that comes with adventures.

Hocking Hills Escape Games was founded in 2015, and it consists of riddles, codes, and puzzles to task the players.

The games involve lots of teamwork and logical thinking to solve the puzzles and get ideas of how to crack the safe and escape with the money.

Hocking Hills Escape Games offers the players sixty minutes to carry out their tasks; this is a perfect way to test your ability or build a team bond with your loved ones.

They are open on Thursday from 6pm-11pm, Friday from 4pm-12am, Saturday from 11am-12am, and Sunday from 11am-9pm(closed on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday).

This answers what to do in Logan, and makes one of the top things to do in Logan, Ohio, to add to your bucket list.

Address: 53 S Spring St, Logan, OH 43138, United States

21. Lake Logan Marina

Lake Logan Marina
Credits: George Rudy / Shutterstock

If you are in the mood of going outside to have fun in the water, Lake Logan Marina is the surest place for you in Logan.

Lake Logan Marina offers lots of fun water activities for its visitors to carry out and experience nothing but excitement.

This lake is open for water activities such as pontoons, kayaking, paddle boarding, pedal boats, and many more.

Lake Logan Marina also offers exclusive boats and pontoons, which are available for rentals; you might also decide to go swimming and fishing.

There are nice picnic areas surrounded by water, picnic tables to eat, and a beautiful and peaceful environment.

Lake Logan Marina is also an excellent choice for those who just want to sit back and enjoy the amazing environment.

Address: 30443 Lake Logan Rd, Logan, OH 43138, United States

22. Hocking Hills Winery

Hocking Hills Winery
Credits: Matthew Ashdown / Shutterstock

Hocking Hills Winery is a perfect place to hang out with friends and chill in Logan; it was established in 2005.

It is a family-owned and operated winery that has received several honors for preserving its high-quality wines.

Hocking Hills Winery serves drinks that are unique in color, and they have consistently served the public without any flaws.

Some of their best drinks include sweet Chardonnay, 2019 pinot noir, peach slush, 2020 pinot grigio, Rockhouse rouge, whispering falls rose, 2019 Riesling, raspberry slushy, 2019 sauvignon blanc, 2018 petite sirah, zinfully sweet, honeysuckle, 2020 Marquette and lots more.

Aside from drinks, Hocking Hills Winery always hosts entertaining events monthly for the visitors to enjoy and have a blast.

Hocking Hills Winery Is usually open from Sunday to Thursday from 1pm-8pm(except on Tuesday), Friday from 1pm-10pm, and Saturday from 11am-10pm.

Address: 30402 Freeman Rd, Logan, OH 43138, United States

23. Hocking Hills Canoe Livery

Hocking Hills Canoe Livery
Credits: Dudarev Mikhail / Shutterstock

Amongst the fun things to do in Logan, Ohio, is visiting Hocking Hills Canoe Livery; it is open to everyone, both young and old.

Hocking Hills Canoe Livery is the best destination for those who want to engage in some outdoor water sports.

This is the best place for kayaking, canoeing, or boating, regardless of your skill level, whether learner or expert.

Hocking Hills Canoe Livery offers two molded seats for canoeing with a maximum of an adult or two children on the canoe floor. The kayaks are a bit tipper than a canoe, with one man vessels for the paddler to sit down in the boat.

This place is also ideal for camping with beautiful tent campsites along the rivers surrounded by trees.

Address: 12789 State Route 664 Logan, OH 43138 United States

24. Rock House

Rock House
Credits: aceshot1 / Shutterstock
Rock House

Rock House is part of the seven main hiking trails in Hocking Hills State Park in southern Ohio. The Rock House Trail is a one-way loop sort of trail system and is one mile long.

Hikers can access the trail from the lower or upper parking area, although both paths have a common exit point at the shelter house or the top.

There are lots of beautiful sceneries to see around, although the hike is not an easy one. There are lots of steps and rough walking routes as well. The Rick House is unique, and you can bring a flashlight to see the inside correctly.

This destination offers an excellent opportunity for taking great pictures to post on your social media accounts.

During the hike, it is essential to always stick to the trails. Swimming in the waterfalls, ponds, or Creek is not permitted in the park. If your kids are with you, they should be watched closely during the hike. Despite being a gorgeous place with many great opportunities, it is still dangerous.

Address: 16350 OH-374, Laurelville, OH 43135, United States

25. Cedar Falls Hiking Trail

Cedar Falls Hiking Trail
Credits: Anna Westman / Shutterstock
Cedar Falls Hiking Trail

Regarding volume, Cedar Falls is the largest waterfall in the Hocking Region. The Cedar Falls Hiking Trail features a one-way trail system. Its trail spans about 1.5 miles long and is moderately strenuous with lots of steps.

It contains bridges, extraordinary rock formations, and seasonal waterfalls, most presumably flowing in winter, autumn, and spring.

The Cedar Falls Hiking Trails offers excellent opportunities for taking beautiful pictures you can post on your social media accounts. This hike could be termed difficult for individuals who are unfit, not regulated hikers, or have health problems like heart problems or knee injuries.

It takes about 49 minutes to fully hike this trail; pets are permitted, but they must be well-behaved and kept on a leash at all times. Swimming or wading is not allowed in the waterfalls.

Address: Logan, OH 43138, United States

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Plan a Trip to Logan

There are several historical attractions and live entertainment venues in Logan, Ohio, all aimed to give you a fun time during your stay.

This city is a fantastic place to take the kids, as it features spots for hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, boating, and more.

Logan has all you can ask for and even more to ensure you have a fun-filled vacation. Start planning your trip today.