25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Ashland (Ohio)

Looking for the best and fu things to do in Ashland, Ohio? There are quite some fun attractions and activities to give you a memorable stay here.

Ashland is a beautiful city and the county seat of Ashland County in Ohio, United States.

It is the 97th most populous city in Ohio, with a population of nineteen thousand, two hundred and twenty-five during the 2020 census.

The city was initially known as Uniontown until 1822 when it was named “Ashland.”

Ashland has grown immensely into one of the most visited locations by tourists in the state due to the amazing attractions available.

Some of the best attractions include Brookside West Park, Ashland County Historical Society, Luray Lanes, Fin Feather Fur Outfitters, Grandpa’s Cheesebarn & SweetiesChocolate, Downtown Ashland, Freer Field, and more.

Planning an exploration of Ashland? Let’s explore the top things to do in Ashland, Ohio.

Things to Do in Ashland, Ohio

1. Downtown Ashland

Downtown Ashland
Credits: OHWiki [CC BY-SA 2.5], Wikimedia Commons
Downtown Ashland
You haven’t visited Ashland city without making a stop at Downtown Ashland-a district that shows all the city represents.

Downtown Ashland is one reason for the city’s constant growth for more than two hundred years.

Ashland Main Street is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 to focus on developing an energetic, eclectic, and vibrant downtown.

This downtown region is filled with decent shops, taprooms, breweries, game centers, libraries, entertainment hubs, eateries, and more.

Downtown Ashland comprises cheerful people with businesses offering the best goods and services.

Address: Ashland, OH 44805, United States

2. Freer Field

Freer Field
Credits: Antstang / Shutterstock

Freer Field, a beautiful seventy-eight-acre park, is an excellent place for the entire family to spend time outdoors.

Exploring Freer Field is among the fun things to do in Ashland, Ohio, as there are various amenities to engage with.

The Park features a long 2-mile trail ideal for a gorgeous hike by all hikers, including beginners and experts.

You will enjoy amazing views of mature pines, oaks, and hickories with large green meadows when you visit.

Freer Field offers a free Wi-Fi network at the visitors center with a new room featuring a refrigerator, a kitchen, a sink, and 70-inch screen TVs.

The room also features a coffee maker, cabinets, electricity, indoor restrooms, forty-eight indoor chairs, and ten tables. The facility is also available for rentals.

Address: 1264 Center St, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

3. Audubon Wetlands Preserve

Audubon Wetlands Preserve
Credits: Ohio Hiking Trails and Historical Sites. / Facebook
Audubon Wetlands Preserve

Audubon Wetlands Preserve is one of the most visited destinations in the region.

Audubon Wetlands Preserve is a must-add to the list of top things to do in Ashland, Ohio, for anyone who truly appreciates the magnificence of nature.

This Preserve encompasses 215 acres and comprises a recently revived boardwalk stretching 300-foot.

The attraction was purchased in 2007 through the support of the Greater Mohican Audubon Society and a donation from the Clean Ohio Fund.

Audubon Wetlands Preserve was officially opened to the public in 2009 with wetlands, wildflowers, and riverbanks.

The attraction is open throughout the year with five bridges across old river channels where visitors can fully immerse in nature.

Address: 1379 Township Rd 743, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

4. Ashland County Historical Society

Ashland County Historical Society
Credits: Ashland County Historical Society / Facebook
Ashland County Historical Society

One of the top things to do in Ashland, Ohio, is to visit Ashland County Historical Society with your friends and family.

Ashland County Historical Society educates the public about the history of Ashland. It is open to everyone, regardless of their age.

The Museum showcases exhibits and artifacts which offer insights into the city’s past and process of evolution.

The organization, founded in 1951, features a historic display of veterans and the military crew of the county that served the United States.

Ashland County Historical Society also enlightens the people about what life was like during the city’s early days through the various exhibits.

The Museum is home to the country’s second biggest collection of insects, known as the Thornburg insect collection, making it an excellent place for those who study insects.

You can book a guided tour through the website since it is only available by appointment, usually at 10 am or 1 pm.

Address: 420 Center St, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

5. Brookside West Park

Brookside West Park
Credits: Taweesak Jaroensin / Shutterstock

For an exciting day out with your family and friends, add a visit to Brookside West Park to your list of the best things to do in Ashland, Ohio.

Brookside West Park is a family-friendly center that offers beautiful views of its natural surroundings.

There are numerous activities to do here, regardless of age. The Park features a swimming pool where visitors can go for a few rounds to cool off on a hot day.

The Park also features basketball courts, where you can organize a friendly competition with your travel companions.

Brookside West Park consists of tennis courts, horseshoe pits, Shuffleboard Courts, Ball Diamonds, and Ball Diamonds.

The Park also consists of a mini-golf course, three picnic pavilions, playgrounds, concession stands, restrooms, Guy C. Myers Band Shell, and more; summer recreation programs are also available.

Address: 575 N Baney Rd, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

6. Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park

Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park
Credits: Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock

How about visiting a place that brings you close to nature? Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park is one of the best places to visit in Ashland, Ohio.

Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park extends for one hundred and seventy-six acres of the forested area along the Mohican River’s black fork.

It features old field, pine & upland forests within the parking region and declines towards the flood plain forests, wetlands, and marshes.

The Park consists of several open marshes and vernal pools, while the river serves as the Park’s southern border.

The development of Gilliom-Cherp Nature Park was due to the donation made by the Gilliom family, which facilitated many projects, such as the bridge’s construction.

The Park is an excellent location for outdoor activities such as hunting, simple hiking, kayaking, fishing, and canoeing.

Address: 1768 State Route 603, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

7. Luray Lanes

Luray Lanes
Credits: Boris Medvedev / Shutterstock

Do you enjoy bowling with friends? Luray Lanes is one of the best bowling facilities, perfect for the whole family.

 Luray Lanes organizes bowling leagues as fun ways for colleagues, family members, friends, couples, and single individuals to spend their leisure time.

The bowling center offers several youth programs and bowling nights with glistening lights, making your time here special.

A concession stand offers delightful drinks and snacks for adults and children to enjoy whenever they feel peckish.

Luray Lanes is a great venue for several events such as birthday parties, corporate events, family reunions, friends’ nights out, and more. Don’t miss the cosmic bowling held on Friday and Saturday at 10 pm and 6 pm, respectively.

Address: 647 E Main St, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

8. Ashland Golf Club

Ashland Golf Club
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

A popular place for golf fans, Ashland Golf Club, is a unique golf facility and a great place to unwind and have fun.

So visit Ashland Golf Club for a fabulous tee time. Ashland Golf Club features an 18-hole golf course with extraordinary natural beauty.

Ashland Golf Club is open to newbies with no prior knowledge of golfing, offering exciting golf lessons.

Adults are charged a fee of 45USD for an hour or 120USD for three golf lessons, while kids are charged 34USD each hour or 90USD for 3 lesson packages.

The owners and staff uphold a tradition of treating every visitor as a family rather than strangers offering them the best customer service.

Address: 1333 Center St, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

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9. The Antique Tractor and Engine Show

Antique Tractor and Engine Show
Credits: Ashland County Yesteryear Machinery Club / Facebook
Antique Tractor and Engine Show

Don’t miss the Antique Tractor and Engine Show if you’re looking for what to do in Ashland, Ohio.

Antique Tractor and Engine Show is one of the most popular events in Ashland. It is held on the second weekend of July.

This event features several kinds of tractors annually. Every year you attend, you will see the tractors from previous events.

Most of the equipment showcased has been a component of the event since it officially began in 1991.

Antique Tractor and Engine Show is open to locals and visitors, providing an exciting show for everybody to enjoy.

The event also features many food vendors where you can enjoy delicious snacks and traditional meals.

Address: 2042 Claremont Avenue, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

10. Gleaner

Credits: Aris-Tect Group / Shutterstock

Gleaner is the best place for you in Ashland if you’re searching for a place that offers unique and gorgeous antiques.

Gleaner is a store committed to offering patrons unique antiques. There are always new additions to their collections, so whenever you visit, be sure to find something new and captivating to add to your previous collections.

The store offers customers an extensive collection of gorgeous furniture, pots, artwork, and many more.

Gleaner is usually open from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm, do well to visit and purchase the best quality items.

Address: 1488 Co Rd 995, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

11. A-Town Tap

A-Town Tap
Credits: Joshua Resnick / Shutterstock

Indeed, visiting A-Town Tap is one of the best things to do in Ashland, Ohio, for a wonderful night out with family & friends or to relax alone.

A-Town Tap is an upscale bar that offers a wide range of specialty cocktails and other kinds of drinks for the guests’ satisfaction.

They offer a laid-back and serene setting for people from different faces of life to meet, interact, drink and dine.

The bar also offers a menu featuring a wide variety of food, whether you want something light or a bit heavy.

Address: 47 E Main St, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

12. Grandpa’s Cheesebarn & Sweeties Chocolate

Grandpa's Cheesebarn & Sweeties Chocolate
Credits: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Among the best places to visit in Ashland, Ohio, is the outstanding Grandpa’s Cheesebarn & Sweeties Chocolate.

Grandpa’s Cheesebarn & Sweeties Chocolate is a family-owned and operated store offering a wide variety of smoked meats, candies, and cheese.

This business was started by Grandpa Yarman, who sold his only property in the early 1990s for his first Ohio Swiss wheel before establishing his Yarman’s cheese house.

He began to smoke his country bacon and hams in his unique way, which grew his popularity throughout the state.

Grandpa’s Cheesebarn & SweetiesChocolate offers cheese spreads and dip mixes if you’re searching for something you can enjoy for breakfast with bread or a mid-day snack.

Grandpa’s Cheesebarn & SweetiesChocolate also offers handcrafted chocolates, caramel, fudge, and more at their store.

Address: 668 US-250, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

13. AerOhio Skydiving Center

AerOhio Skydiving Center
Credits: Germanskydiver / Shutterstock

For a more exciting outdoor excursion, AerOhio Skydiving Center is one of the best skydiving centers in the state.

AerOhio Skydiving Center offers visitors various packages designed to make your time here an unforgettable experience.

In the 1950s, the Center began functioning actively and became one of the most frequented spots for adventure-seekers.

The Center offers programs that are targeted at making individuals certified skydivers. It is headed by famed instructors and coaches who are among the world’s best.

AerOhio Skydiving Center offers a Blackhawk Caravan airplane which can contain at least sixteen persons for those coming in large groups.

The Center will make adrenaline rush through your veins before you leave, starting with solo free fall, ground school practice, flying a parachute, etc. Visiting this Center is one of the fun things to do in Ashland, Ohio.

Address: 701G, Township Rd 1102, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

14. Fig & Oak

Fig & Oak
Credits: PH888 / Shutterstock

Fig & Oak is a lovely store located in the downtown district of Ashland.

Whenever you want to buy something unique as a souvenir or gift, visit Fig & Oak to your list of things to do in Ashland.

Fig & Oak is packed with numerous fun and intriguing items; this is your go-to place when you want to refurbish your personal space.

This family-owned and operated business was founded to serve the community and encounter new people.

Walk by their shelves and search for lamps, furniture, candles, pillows, tea towels, bar soaps, etc. Fig & Oak also offers a small collection of clothing and accessories for women.

Address: 100 W Main St, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

15. Tin Can Chandelier

Tin Can Chandelier
Credits: Volurol / Shutterstock

Tin Can Chandelier is a place that is dedicated to bringing out the artistic side of every individual that walks into the facility.

Come with your friends and colleagues and create unforgettable memories as you all make your various masterpieces.

You can pick from the collection of pottery displayed in their studio and color it however you like or are inspired to.

If you’re one of those who would like to paint a vast piece that usually takes up to two to three hours to complete, Tin Can Chandelier got you covered.

Tin Can Chandelier allows you to paint on a canvas, create your masterpiece or use one of the designs in the studio for painting.

This destination is a fantastic place for professional and emerging artists where they get to teach, learn, chat and share inspiration.

Address: 1258 Franklin Ave, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

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16. Masterminds Escape Room and Game Library

Masterminds Escape Room and Game Library
Credits: Julia von Siebenthal / Shutterstock

Masterminds Escape Room and Game Library is the only one of its kind in Ohio State.

Masterminds Escape Room and Game Library was founded to help develop the minds and friendly relationships between friends and family, including new gamers, regardless of age.

This family-owned and operated establishment regularly hosts game nights, offering visitors an amazing experience.

They consider board games an important component of people’s lives rather than just games inviting everyone to come and share in the experience.

Masterminds Escape Room and Game Library is open on Thursday from 6 pm-10 pm, Friday from 6 pm-12 am Saturday 12 pm-10 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm-8 pm.

If you and your team feel peckish, visit the snack bar for some hot or cold drinks, milkshakes, desserts, quesadillas, and more.

Address: 33 W Main St, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

17. Linder’s Sports Bar & Grill

Linder's Sports Bar & Grill
Credits: Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

After a hectic day exploring or working, relaxing at Linder’s Sports Bar & Grill is recommended.

Linder’s Sports Bar & Grill is a great place to unwind, chat and laugh over some delicious bottles of beer.

This sports bar has several flat TVs which show live games in the world of sports, making it a favorite place for sports fans.

They serve delicious meals like Garlic Chicken Parm Sub, super grilled cheese, Fish Sandwiches, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Spicy Chicken Quesadilla, Boneless Wings, Fried Pickle Spears, Cheese & Bacon Fries or Chips, and more.

Linder’s Sports Bar & Grill offers a wide variety of drinks, ensuring that there is something for everyone that visits.

Address: 66 W S St, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

18. Fin Feather Fur Outfitters

Fin Feather Fur Outfitters
Credits: ohkylel @twitter / Flickr
Fin Feather Fur Outfitters

The biggest independently owned store in Ohio, Fin Feather Fur Outfitters, occupies a facility of more than 75,000 square feet.

Fin Feather Fur Outfitters is another family-owned and operated business that caters to the needs of outdoor recreation activities.

They offer a wide variety of commodities needed for archery, hunting, fishing, camping, and more.

You will find crossbows, kayaks, rifles, ammo targets, pistols, bows, cooking items, etc. Fin Feather Fur Outfitters is also packed with an enormous collection of footwear and clothing for men and women.

The store is clean and well organized with friendly and helpful staff focused on attending to customers and offering assistance when required.

Address: 652 US Hwy 250 E, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

19. Beyond Measure Market

Beyond Measure Market
Credits: Beyond Measure Market – Bulk Food & Deli / Facebook
Beyond Measure Market

In 1999, Joe and Esther Keim set out and met with Amish people in Ashland County. They established a ministry known as the “Mission to the Amish People,” commonly called MAP.

The MAP offers mentorship classes, discipline sessions, GED lessons, and counseling, mainly catering to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of those seeking it.

In 2016, the ministry started a fundraiser to construct a food store of 6,000 square feet to serve the community’s people.

Beyond Measure Market officially opened its doors on March 8, 2018, offering an extensive array of salads, ice cream cones, sandwiches, and gifts.

The destination offers individuals an opportunity to train and learn the retail business and find a way to generate income and suit their bills.

Address: 569 US-250, Greenwich, OH 44837, United States

20. The Candy & Nut Shoppe

Candy & Nut Shoppe
Credits: Ideas man / Shutterstock

Stop by the Candy & Nut Shoppe with your family and friends if you’re still perplexed about what to do in Ashland, Ohio.

The Candy & Nut Shoppe was founded in 1934 and has been active since then, offering patrons the best services.

They are well-known for their signature hand-dipped chocolate with freshly roasted nuts, which many love.

The Candy & Nut Shoppe is one of the oldest and most functioning establishments in the city, with Ray and Anita Weaver, who has been operating the business since 1979.

Candy & Nut Shoppe is famous for creating unique and delicious treats with high-quality ingredients.

They also offer a wide array of sugar-free options and other items like gourmet mints and gummy candies for everyone.

Address: 39 E Main St, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

21. Honey Haven Farm

Honey Haven Farm
Credits: Brandon Bourdages / Shutterstock

Owned by John’s family, Honey Haven Farm has been the home of a single family for many decades and a dairy farm.

In 2003, Honey Haven Farm was used for cow-calf beef operation and rearing Percheron horses after its owners stopped dairying.

They operated the Ashland seed company, a small seed industry, and a farm of exactly three hundred acres featuring numerous kinds of crops like pumpkins, alfalfa, corn, rye, oats, radishes, soybeans, and wheat.

Recently in 2005, they opened a farm market that offers locally grown produce such as cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, eggplants, broccoli, cantaloupes, cabbage, zucchini, beets, watermelons, lettuce, sweet corn, and more.

Honey Haven Farm expanded its industry in 2006 with the addition of a greenhouse, which grows more than one thousand vegetables, hanging baskets, herbs, and flowers.

They also included a high tunnel which expanded the cultivation season, offering them the opportunity to provide homegrown products for longer than expected.

Address: 1327 Co Rd 1475, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

22. Uniontown Brewing Co.

Uniontown Brewing Co.
Credits: Stas Malyarevsky / Shutterstock

The driving force behind the Uniontown Brewing Co. is the belief that people have the best moments when they get outdoors with friends, chatting and laughing.

Uniontown Brewing Co. is housed in an ancient Gilbert Furniture store of one hundred and sixty-seven years.

All the beers served are produced inside the facility, including fresh seasonal brews and timeless flagships.

Every ingredient used in producing the beers or preparing the food is supposed to unite people as they drink and feast.

They offer drinks like 1850 Stout, Jail Hill Cream Ale, Sampsel House Kölsch, Uniontown Ipa, Old Man Gilbert Vanilla Porter, Ashland Ipa, Local 1386 Amber Ale, and more.

Uniontown Brewing offers a food menu featuring a separate section for kids; they offer meals like Finger Steak, Spicy Tots, Pierogies, Pub Cheese Twist, Fresh Pork Rinds, Fried Chicken, Hamburger, Home Co. Pastrami, and more.

Address: 105 West Main St, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

23. Byers Woods

Byers Woods
Credits: AlphaPenguin / Flickr
Byers Woods

Another wonderful attraction in Ashland is the majestic Byers Woods, covering two hundred and fifteen acres with several nature amenities.

Byers Woods features fully maintained trails of more than 3 miles which are also perfect for beginners and advanced.

The nature preserve extends through grasslands, forests, fishing ponds, wetlands, and more, including landfill mounds of two fenced fifty acres, which are highly restricted to visitors.

The fishing ponds make this place a great spot for anglers with a wide variety of fish species, such as catfish, bluegill, and catfish.

Byers Woods is home to a large collection of maples, oaks, beech trees, and hickories which attracts different wildlife.

Address: 675 Co Rd 1754, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

24. The Caddy Shack Indoor Golf and Fun

The Caddy Shack Indoor Golf and Fun
Credits: Yeongsik Im / Shutterstock

The Caddy Shack Indoor Golf and Fun has 5 PGA tour simulators and 40 world-class courses worldwide. 

They also have TPC Sawgrass, Pebble Beach, and St. Andrews for people who want to play. 

You can practice on five various driving ranges or use a sophisticated swing analyzer. 

You can schedule a training with the house PGA pro if you want a lesson using the training simulator. 

The simulators also have fantastic kid’s putt-putt golf courses and Skee ball games. 

If you want to unwind, you can do so at the bar and enjoy the locally made craft beers or try the gourmet sandwich menu with all the ingredients made in Ohio. 

They offer free pool tables, darts, pinball, a large putting green, and jenga. 

The Caddy Shack Indoor Golf and Fun also host bachelor and bachelorette parties, team building, holiday parties, Superbowl celebrations, corporate outings, and fundraisings. 

Address: 1640 Claremont Ave, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

25. Ashland County Fairgrounds

Ashland County Fairgrounds
Credits: Phebe Khalil / Shutterstock

The Ashland County Fairgrounds is used as a venue for the Ashland County Fair, camping, and other events which take place throughout the year 

The Ashland County Fair holds every year at this fairground on Claremont Avenue. The fair recognizes Ashland County’s strong agricultural heritage. 

This fair is a family-friendly event that offers something for everybody. There is fun, food, entertainment, rides, tractor pull, demo derby, and lots more at this game. 

The essence of this country fair is to encourage agriculture and business. 

Address: 2042 Claremont Ave, Ashland, OH 44805, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Ashland

Ashland is popular for its vibrant and cultural downtown hub, which attracts numerous tourists worldwide.

There are numerous attractions housed in this city. Visit Ashland with your family and friends, and create lasting memories. You will undoubtedly have an exceptional vacation.

Have a fun trip!