25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Rock Hill (SC)

Just next to the Catawba River in South Carolina is the stunning and well-developed city of Rock Hill. It is the biggest city in York county and South Carolina’s fifth-largest city, having a population of over 74,000.

Rock Hill has outstanding topographical characteristics and a long and exciting history. Its 31 parks are perfect for leisure activities where you may have a good time with your family.

Three institutions, including the renowned Winthrop University, are located in the city. The city also houses South Carolina’s only telephone museum. In addition, various Revolutionary War battles were fought in the city.

The various attractions in Rock Hill are captivating; you will enjoy exploring them.

Are you planning an exploration of Rock Hill? Check out the best and fun things to do in Rock Hill, SC.

Things to Do in Rock Hill, SC

1. Fountain Park

Fountain Park
Credits: jameskim / Shutterstock
Fountain Park

One of the best things to do in Rock Hill, SC, is to enjoy the sounds and lights event at Fountain Park.

Fountain Park is a great spot to visit because of its enormous fountain, which is well-known for its exquisite lighting and sound performance.

The lights constantly dim, show themselves in different hues, and bend with the fountain water at night when it is incredibly colorful.

Most tourists and visitors insist that the fountain is even more lovely in that festive period when the Christmas illumination is put up.

This Park is an appealing area to take a stroll and spend time alone or with someone special.

If you intend to see the Park in the daytime, don’t be discouraged; it is charming and has plenty of greenery and gorgeous flowers blooming.

Address: 300 E Main St, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

2. Glencairn Garden

Glencairn Garden
Credits: Mike Kalasnik / Flickr
Glencairn Garden

Glencairn Garden can pass for a pharmaceutical garden grown with several plant species, including rare and indigenous ones.

You can see greenery everywhere since the gardens are all beautifully planted, and the lawns are neatly mowed.

It’s an excellent area to enjoy a tranquil walk because the walking routes are well-paved, short, and equally spaced.

Additionally, a spring festival is held here. Some flowers cultivated here possess a lovely scent and are vivid and vibrant to the eyes.

It’s an excellent location for a photo session. Everything about its natural beauty seems like it belongs on a postcard. Additionally, swings and fountains are positioned at regular intervals.

You can plan a picnic with your family in this garden. It is also the perfect spot for a romantic picnic date with your lover in a scented atmosphere with beautiful flora.

Address: 725 Crest St, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

3. Cherry Park

Cherry Park
Credits: Thaninee Chuensomchit / Shutterstock

Playing a softball game at Cherry Park is worth adding to your list of fun things to do in Rock Hill, SC if you are a softball fan.

Cherry Park is among the numerous fantastic parks you will come across when you visit Rock Hill, SC.

Softball is a top-rated game in Rock Hill, and so are the fields. The fields are correctly maintained and are also used for baseball games.

Cherry Park features a nice playground with slides and swings for kids. It is also pet-friendly with the condition that their owners keep them on leash.

You may use the trails for bike riding, get snacks from the available concession stands, or enjoy a picnic with friends.

The picnic spots contain nature-friendly tables and grill pits, so feel free to come along with some meat if you love barbecue.

Address: 1466 Cherry Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732, USA

4. Museum of York County

Museum of York County
Credits: Taylor Studios, Inc. / Flickr
Museum of York County

Among the top things to do in Rock Hill, SC, is to visit The Museum of York County to check out the planetarium. The Museum is an ideal location to visit with kids for a history lesson.

The stunningly designed Settlemyre Planetarium offers a view of the cosmos featuring the Milky Way galaxy and its different planets circling their orbits; it is its most outstanding feature.

The Museum also features other fascinating exhibits, which concentrate on various facets of tradition.

The Museum offers rotating exhibits covering domestic animals, nocturnal species, and more on particular days.

There is an area dedicated to children, which contains a lovely small kitchen, building blocks, puppets, and other toys.

Additionally, hands-on displays are positioned in playrooms. Both adults and children will enjoy visiting this sweet and cool little spot.

Address: 4621 Mt Gallant Rd, Rock Hill, SC 029732, USA

5. Catawba Indian Cultural Center

Catawba Indian Cultural Center
Credits: Catawba Cultural Center / Facebook
Catawba Indian Cultural Center

The Catawba Indian Cultural Center, which focuses on Catawba, a distinctive Native American tribe from South Carolina, is a terrific site to acquire knowledge and insights on the tribe.

It is now only a little settlement on the Catawba river bank, having once been a bustling community spanning all of the Carolina State.

This Cultural Center features a museum showcasing an art gallery and other historical items.

The tribe is known for its magnificent pottery, made with incredibly sophisticated procedures to produce delicate patterns.

This well-known Cultural Center is accessible to the general public. It also offers tours of the facility.

Address: 1536 Tom Steven Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

6. Comporium Telephone Museum

Comporium Telephone Museum
Credits: Rock Hill Economic Development / Facebook
Comporium Telephone Museum

The setting of the Comporium Telephone museum might be somewhat humble, but it houses some very intriguing relics.

This Museum, as its name implies, is focused on Telecommunication; as such, you can find numerous artifacts and exhibits here.

Touring the Museum’s exhibition area takes roughly one hour. The Museum also features diners and cotton mills.

This little and quaint Museum is educational. If you visit with kids, you can treat them to a hands-on experience.

Visiting the Museum is worth adding to your list of top things to do in Rock Hill, SC. Learn about the evolution of telecommunications in the area.

Address: 117 Elk Avenue, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

7. Freedom Walkway

Freedom Walkway
Credits: Keith Jakeman / Facebook
Freedom Walkway

Freedom Walkway is what its name implies—it is dedicated to and honors South Carolina’s civil rights movement.

The Walkway is ornamented with banners and plaques that inform the public about the movement, emphasizing individuals who battled for their freedom and civil rights.

Here, the inspiring tale of how nine black students from Friendship Junior College organized the Main Street sit-in, known as Friendship 9, is also highlighted.

You feel great pride as you pass the streets where they were apprehended due to their race despite their attempts to advocate for peace.

Numerous similar touching tales center on the independence movement, and Freedom Walkway is one of the most potent emblems for that movement.

The Walkway has a red brick wall with a justice and liberty theme represented by different art styles. Ensure to take photographs when you visit.

Address: 139 E Main Street, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

8. Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour

Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour
Credits: aounphoto / Shutterstock

The Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour will impress you if you’re searching for a fun family excursion. Two choices exist for zipline tours.

The whole tour, which includes nine distinct ziplines, is available. Your first two activities will be a 900-foot zip and a 70-foot tower ascent.

The process takes about three hours at $89, but you may choose the “bootleg” tour if you are not up for that or on a budget.

The Bootleg Tour is part of the trip, which begins with five zip lines and the 70-foot ascent. You have the choice of continuing if you are having a great time.

Address: 3111 Sand Island Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732, USA

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9. Main Street Children’s Museum

Main Street Children's Museum
Credits: FamVeld / Shutterstock

Main Street Children’s Museum, which primarily focuses on children, offers a variety of entertaining and engaging exhibits for youngsters to observe.

This lovely little spot allows kids to learn while they play. The team enjoys spending time with children and is warm and welcoming.

A castle, a treehouse, a ship, an enormous pumpkin, and a tiny hamlet are a few amenities featured in the museum. This is an excellent spot if you’re taking a family vacation and your parents are joining you.

The setting is ideal for grandparents and grandchildren to develop a close relationship. All of the amenities are clean and well-maintained. This location is a big hit among kids.

Address: 133 E Main Street, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

10. Confederate Park

Confederate Park
Credits: FamVeld / Shutterstock

Confederate Park is a beautiful park with tennis courts, basketball courts, and picnic spots that is incredibly well-liked by families.

This Park also has a playground featuring swings, slides, and sandboxes for the little ones to play and meet new friends. The Park also has an amphitheater.

Field trips would benefit from the nicely set up picnic tables. In addition to being close to the city and neighborhood, the Park has plenty of accessible parking.

Additionally, the amenities are kept in good condition, and the restrooms are spotless.

Address: 490 N Confederate Ave, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

11. Ebenezer Park

Ebenezer Park
Credits: Maksym Fesenko / Shutterstock

The northern coastal area of Lake Wylie is home to a park that spans 26 acres known as Ebenezer Park.

While you make the reservation, you may get all the needed information on camping in the area. While you’re here, you can also go boating or fishing.

You may purchase a fishing license and get started at the numerous supermarkets, sporting pro stores, or tackle and bait stores in the area.

Ebenezer Park, which is near a water body, always seems to have a comforting atmosphere. Although you may spot some evidence of wildlife, you are entirely safe.

This Park is ideal for family camping and other groups/family fun activities. Gather around a campfire roasting and eating marshmallows at night and tell folktales or gaze at the stars.

Address: 4490 Boat Shore Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732, USA

12. Southtown Wake Park

Southtown Wake Park
Credits: Mark_studio / Shutterstock

Southtown Wake Park is a fantastic water park and a superb location for outdoor adventures with loved ones and friends.

There are many enjoyable outdoor leisure activities there, along with fabulous scenery. Play a round of disc golf or jump in the water. Excellently constructed and fantastic for wakeboarding is the obstacle course on the water. The facility also has a central cable that you may ride and enjoy.

It is a fantastic destination to spend a fun day, with many positive reviews by most people who have visited it. Two artificial lakes at Southtown Wake Park provide riders of all ability levels the best experience.

A starting system 2.0 is available at the Get Started Lake to assist new riders in succeeding immediately! It is where seasoned riders go to refine their prowess on the standard-size cable.

Address: 255 E Rambo Rd E, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

13. Brattonsville Historic District

Brattonsville Historic District
Credits: CHMuseums / Public Domain
Brattonsville Historic District

This former frontier farming property, which is essentially a large site with some historical buildings, can provide helpful information on the Revolutionary War and its consequences.

To see every structure in the Brattonsville Historic District, you must allocate at least one day to the area.

For instance, you can explore a plantation house and learn about all the nitty-gritty frontier farming entails.

The Battle of Huck’s Defeat commemorates the heroic revolutionary conflict fought between the British and the patriots in antiquity. It is unquestionably the primary event hosted at Historic Brattonsville.

There are also play-like reenactments of that day, so it is fascinating to observe.

Address: 1444 Brattonsville Rd, McConnells, SC 29726, USA

14. Rock Hill Aquatics Center

Rock Hill Aquatics Center
Credits: Microgen / Shutterstock

If you love swimming, visit the Rock Hill Aquatics Center. It is one of the best places to visit in Rock Hill, SC.

You can swim laps to test your speed in the standardized pool or find other swimmers to challenge for fun, exercise, or show off your prowess as a sportsperson.

Along Rawlings road in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is the city’s most famous indoor pool, where swimming competitions are hosted.

This 41,000 square foot facility features 10 Lane 25, meter x 25-yard competition fantastic water pool and warm water 8 Lane 25 yard pool bearing wheelchair ramps.

The spectator’s area is an 800 Square foot bleacher seating that can accommodate 500 viewers and is usually used for special occasions.

The staff is excellent, and the place is always clean and appealing, thanks to top-notch maintenance service.

Address: 325 Rawlinson Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732, USA

15. Cat’s Paw Winery

Cat’s Paw Winery
Credits: Barnaby Chambers / Shutterstock

Sampling wine at the Cat’s Paw Winery is worth a spot on your list of what to do in Rock Hill, SC, especially if you are a wine connoisseur or lover.

This hidden treasure is tucked away in the woods of Rock Hill, SC, where it produces delectable blends of wine.

All visitors agree that Cat’s Paw Winery is a fantastic location, especially for people who value the craft of producing quality wine and consuming it.

The Winery focuses on natural products; all its wines are produced using organic ingredients.

These individuals have mastered the complicated and elegant process of winemaking. Cat’s Paw Winery’s popular blends include watermelon, Strawberry, Merlot, and peach wines.

Address: 1567 Fayrene Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732, USA

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16. Mr. Putty’s Fun Park

Mr. Putty’s Fun Park
Credits: ZigaKalan / Shutterstock

Playing miniature golf is never dull; the number of holes on Mr. Putty’s course is up to 18, and you can use whichever balls you like.

Both families and children will enjoy it. Most visitors vouch that it is among the best miniature-golf courses they have ever seen.

The staff and customer service are outstanding. The golf course is well-kept and tasking. In addition, you can participate in other enjoyable activities like axe throwing.

Rock climbing and obstacle course racing are other options for those who like to get their adrenaline rush. For those who aren’t so faint-hearted, there is also a creepy haunted home to visit.

Address: 2333 Dam Rd, Tega Cay, SC 29708, USA

17. White Home

White Home
Credits: Bill Fitzpatrick [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
White Home
Before the White Home became a history museum, the building was home to the White family, whose generations occupied it from 1837 to 2005.

This tourist destination offers guided tours allowing visitors to explore its gift shop featuring writers and regional artists and a conference space for special events.

The museum’s management organization purchased and conserved it for the benefit of the citizens.

Over the years, it changed from being a bungalow to a two-story building that currently houses Historic Rock Hill’s administrative office.

Address: 258 E White St, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

18. Piedmont Medical Center Trail

Piedmont Medical Center Trail
Credits: Maridav / Shutterstock

The Piedmont Medical Center Trail is a 3.35-mile linear, paved, multi-purpose path along the Catawba River. This shaded path flanked by trees offers stunning views of the river.

The 10-foot-wide path connects Riverwalk at one end to River Park at the other. The Trail has levelled and steeply inclined sections that go upward and downward.

The River Park and Riverwalk parking have restrooms. However, the path is vulnerable to floods due to its location in a flood plain. So be cautious after it rains.

Entrance to numerous mountain biking paths with varying degrees of difficulty is available from the Riverwalk section. Riverwalk has a canoe/kayak launching ramp close to the trailhead.

You can go for a walk, a run, or bike riding on the trail, and if you are with a dog, it has to be on a leash for the safety of others threading the path; the bicycle speed limit is 10mph.

The Trail also has access for the physically impaired. It is under the surveillance of the staff, so be careful not to cause any trouble while you are there.

Address: Piedmont Medical Center Trail, South Carolina 29730, USA

19. Rock Hill Outdoor Center

Rock Hill Outdoor Center
Credits: Foryoui3 / Shutterstock

Rock Hill Outdoor Center was formerly a Chemical plant. It is currently the most popular venue for top-tier BMX and tracks cycling competitions.

The Center’s steep track with sharp curves and bends and its dirt track attract racing spectators worldwide. However, they were designed for general usage.

The addition of numerous other cycling events has made this a prime location for riders of all levels. Professional bikers and ardent fans of the sport will love to visit the Rock Hill Outdoor Center.

Visiting this location is undoubtedly one of the fun things to do in Rock Hill, SC, for budget-conscious families who want to have fun in the great outdoors.

Regardless of your skill level or whether you are a track specialist or mountain biker, you will find something that suits your style at the facility.

Address: 1159 Riverwalk Parkway, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA

20. Windjammer Park

Windjammer Park
Credits: Billion Photos / Shutterstock

Visit Windjammer Park for a swim to cool down on a hot day. Windjammer Park is excellent if you wish to spend time near or in the water because it houses Lake Wylie within its sizable grounds. Of course, you may also take a dip on the beaches.

You are required to have a permit if you intend to enter the property. The restrooms are spotless, and the tables are neatly covered.

Additionally, Windjammer park is an excellent site to watch the sunset when the sky turns orange and the sea turquoise-blue.

If you enjoy taking images of nature, it provides a beautiful backdrop, which is incredibly fantastic.

The Park’s playground might be small, but it features enough equipment and props to keep the children entertained, such as swings, a climbing wall, and a slide.

Address: 8999 Windjammer Dr, Tega Cay, SC 29708, USA

21. Epiphany Lutheran Church

Epiphany Lutheran Church
Credits: Epiphany Lutheran Church, Rock Hill, SC / Facebook
Epiphany Lutheran Church

A visit to Epiphany Lutheran Church is recommended if you are religiously inclined.

The Church aims to create a space where people, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, political ideals, race, and other differences, can worship God in their distinct ways as followers of Christ.

Epiphany Lutheran Church is always willing to give its time, money, energy, and other forms of aid to fulfill God’s work on earth with the help of its congregation.

The Church welcomes all who wish to achieve spiritual growth, so if you seek a place of worship while on your trip, visit Epiphany Lutheran Church.

Address: 2370 W Main St, Rock Hill, SC 29732-8909, USA

22. Catawba River

Catawba River
Credits: Simply Photos / Shutterstock
Catawba River

There is no complete list of what to do in Rock Hill, SC, that does not include going on water adventures at Catawba River.

Here, you can kayak, boat, fish, and swim. For each activity, there are suggested routes and launch locations.

Visit the Catawba Riverkeeper website to learn how to participate in each activity and the items required.

The Catawba River supplies about two million people with drinking water as it passes through 24 counties in North and South Carolina.

Try to be respectful of the location while you’re there, as you remember that many people rely greatly on the river.

Address: 2386 Catawba River Rd USA

23. The Rock Hill Fire Department Museum

Rock Hill Fire Department Museum
Credits: Rock Hill Fire Department Headquarters / Museum / Facebook
Rock Hill Fire Department Museum

Visit the Fire Department Museum to get educated on fire prevention and safety and the city’s fire department history.

To create a place for free education for family members and residents of all ages, the firefighters designed and constructed the Rock Hill Fire Department Museum via fund-raising activities, contributions, and grants.

The goal was to create a Museum that not only protects, honors, and teaches about the department’s history but also offers recent fire safety and prevention instructions in a practical setting.

The Museum’s exhibition area is artistically designed to look like a fire rescue scene that tells a story just by looking at it.

There is a brick wall with a wind and a mannequin that represents a woman in need of help. There are also models of firemen, fire hoses, and an old red fire truck on the scene.

Address: 4502, 214 S Elizabeth Ln, Rock Hill, SC, USA

24. Carowinds

Credits: Pi.1415926535 [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Carowinds, one of the most well-known theme parks in South and North Carolina, is the ideal destination if you’re traveling with friends and loved ones.

You may spend the whole day playing here thanks to the incredibly thrilling rides and roller coasters and the aquatic activities.

Additionally, Carowinds organizes plays and concerts, as well as occasions such as summer nights and more.

You can also pre-order your tickets on the internet to skip the line and guarantee that you get one.

This park also offers a portion called Carowinds Camp Wilderness, where you may rent a cabin or bring your RV and stay the night.

If you are a thrill seeker, ride on the roller coaster here. Carowinds is among the best places to visit in Rock Hill, SC.

Address: 130 E. Main St., Rock Hill, SC, 29730

25. Novant Health BMX Supercross Track

Novant Health BMX Supercross Track
Credits: Rock Hill BMX Supercross Track / Facebook
Novant Health BMX Supercross Track

Formerly a brownfield, the Novant Health BMX Supercross Track is a well-known Olympic standard bike Motocross race track and velodrome in the nation.

The facility’s objectives include drawing people to the city, acknowledging talented young bikers, and providing an Olympic-standard BMX space.

The track is open to the general public featuring a starting point 32 ft. tall for Olympic trials. It also has a complete training track with a more gentle sloping starting hill for kids five and above.

This track is unique because the only other US Olympic Committee-managed BMX facility, which is managed only, allows access to Olympians participating in training and special events.

Address: 1307 Riverwalk Pkwy, Rock Hill, SC USA

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Plan Your Trip to Rock Hill

Rock Hill has a treat for all people who visit. The city has rich culture and history. In addition, fun, relaxation, sports, and recreational facilities abound.

The locals are friendly and great at hospitality. When you visit, you will see why the city is among South Carolina’s fastest-developing places.