26 Best & Fun Things to Do in Redwood City (CA)

Redwood city is situated about 27 miles south of the San Francisco peninsula, just about the Bay Area of Northern California. It is the 3rd biggest city in the entire San Mateo County and is strategically sited at the center of the Silicon Valley region.

The name is quite historical because of the redwoods in the area some of which are still present in the city to date. Redwood city is not usually crowned with tourist visitations, but the downtown area is lauded as the home of entertainment and excitement in the whole San Francisco Peninsula

There are quite some things to do in Redwood City, the vibrancy of the theaters, inviting restaurants, buzzing markets, lively bars, active business, shops, special landmarks, significant monuments, natural reserves, and many more makes it a city to beat.

The beautiful all-year weather gives it an added advantage. To aid plan your trip, here are the best things to do in Redwood City.

Things to Do in Redwood City

1. Pulgas Water Temple

Pulgas Water Temple
Image Source: Hugh Grew/Flickr
Pulgas Water Temple

Thus is an ancient landmark built-in recognition and honor of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct

Designed in 1934, the Pulgas Water Temple is an appealing stone structure that was erected in cognizance of a laudable achievement.

It symbolizes the success of bringing water from California down to the Bay area. That is over 160 miles through the Sierra Nevada.

Coated in white, the stone columns of the temple salutes the Greeks and Romans whose ingenuity and techniques were influential in the movement of the water.

It was not an easy one though, as the project which went on during the Great Depression took 24 years and cost 102 million dollars to accomplish.

Feel free to visit during weekdays. You can also have some photoshoots for the memories.

Address: 56 Cañada Road, Redwood City, CA 9406.

2. The Dragon Theater

The Dragon Theater
Image Source: The Dragon Theater/Facebook
The Dragon Theater

Here is community theater which offers more intimacy to her users. The theater is a 65-seat capacity auditorium with a complete stage, classrooms (where seminars, workshops, and classes on acting takes place) and then a studio space.

It is owned by the popular Dragon Productions Theatre Company and since 2013, they have consistently fed the general public with play and outstanding theatrical performances. From duets to dramas to comedy, the range is vast!

The theater also plays host to various events during the year. You might have heard of In Deep Radio, Monday Night Play Space, Circus Art Series, or Dragon Late Nights, all these run in the theater.

One can also rent the place as a venue for private functions.

Address: 2120 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063.

3. Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve
Image Source: David Baron/Flickr
Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

Habitat to different species of fauna and flora, the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve known for its variety in offering outdoor relaxation.

It is 3, 137 acres in space. This park is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains and is popular in the whole region of San Mateo County.

Beautifully bossing the open meadows and a mix of the dense forest, you’ll be able to get an amazing view of the San Francisco Bay from the top of the Borel Hill ( height of 2,572 foot).

There are trails for horse riding and hiking and they span over ten miles.

As you would expect, the park is beautified with flora and fauna such as coyote, Northern harrier, bobcat, kestrel, and birds, if you would love some exploration time, consider adding a visit to this Preserve on you itinerary of things to do in Redwood City.

Address: Redwood City, CA 94062, Phone: 650-691-1200

4. San Mateo museum

San Mateo Museum
Image Source: Sharon Hahn Darlin/Flickr
San Mateo Museum

Coming into Redwood would be incomplete without a visit to the San Mateo museum. This museum is arguably the most attractive place in the city, makes one of Redwood City attractions.

Features that make it so special are the exhibits that showcase and explores how life used to be over the decade in the entire San Mateo County.

You will find as exhibits, an ancient general store traceable to the 1880s and also a house that explains what life looked like in California (back then, a part of Mexico).

We can’t neglect the array of chronological books and other archived resources from which you can get knowledge about the history of San Mateo. An ideal spot for research of such nature.

Even the building is of historic essence. A courthouse with amazing interior and exterior designs. Avail yourself an opportunity to explore this museum.

This makes what to do in Redwood City for museum lovers.

Address: 2200 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063

5. Redwood Morton Community Park

Morton Community Park
Image Source: Redwood City Senors Softball club/Facebook
Morton Community Park

One of the fun things to do in Redwood City is a visit to Redwood Morton Community Park

The Redwood Morton Community Park is the biggest sports park in Redwood City. Join the locals in participating in their regular activities.

It’s an exciting place to be and various people from different neighborhoods troop in here to maintain fitness.

Activities here include BBQs, baseball, skateboarding, tennis, gym and work out sessions. Also, it is used for non-sport events such as art displays and tea parties throughout the year. You may be so fortunate to meet one when you visit.

Redwood Morton Community Park is an exciting place to be whether for relaxation or activeness. Go get the best.

6. The Record Man

The Record Man
Image Source: The Record Man/Facebook
The Record Man

With over one million vinyl records on El Camino, the Record Man is indeed a dream reality for any vinyl collector.

They have amazing genres of music and records which go through classical, country, hip hop, blues, and others.

It doesn’t matter if you are into record-keeping or not, the Record Man got you covered. They have a massive size of collection of superlative especially for those with a keen interest in vinyl hunting

The Record Man has this popular line of  “if it can’t be found at The Record Man, then it probably doesn’t exist”. I think they are right!

This makes what to do in Redwood City for music lovers, go take a tour back in time at The Record Man.

7. Edgewood Park

Edgewood Park
Image Source: Ed Bierman/Flickr
Edgewood Park

Do you want to get a feeling of the wild? Then, here you are! Edgewood Park is located just by Interstate 280, thus makes it easily accessible from any part of the city.

The grasslands park is such a beauty of the topography, so admirable it is with the wildflowers covering the area.

The woods and grasslands are a perfect home for some of the wild animals like jackrabbits, snakes, and deers.

Address: 10 Old Stage Coach Rd, Redwood City, CA 94062

8. Vesta

Image Source: Vesta/Facebook

You do not need to search for a restaurant while in Redwood city. Vesta is there for you.

It is quite a friendly eatery and with inspiration from the Italians, they serve in a bistro-style. The restaurant is managed by Peter and Courtney Borrone (Son and daughter-in-law respectively)

An attractive feature is the way the delicious meals are served in the welcoming environment.

Enjoy the tapas and wood-fired pizzas. You would get to meet its main dining room which renders so much comfort in mossy green walls, beautifully arranged fresh flowers, a black patio (well-covered), and sufficient heaters in the case of cold weather.

You can enjoy all your rustic pizzas, sumptuous tapas, or small plate in the bistro.

The feeling is like one being in seating in a walkway and watching the world pass by. Though some other restaurants surround it, tapas and pizza lovers often make this their first choice.

Address: 2022 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063, Phone: 650-362-5052

9. Nazareth Ice Oasis

Nazareth Ice Oasis
Image Source: Nazareth Ice Oasis/Facebook
Nazareth Ice Oasis

The Nazareth Ice Oasis is an all-year ice rink that sees everything and anything relating to broomball, ice skating, ice hockey, and any sort of stick and shoot games.

Their services in the entire Redwood City is top class. In recognition of the belief in growth and development, there are public skating sessions that assist beginners to progress as they learn at their own pace in the ice.

You may need to try that, I’m convinced you might even consider joining the skate school to improve your skills.

Also, they have Ice Grill in the place, this is to provide food in case one becomes tired or hungry. They offer this at a reasonable rate

10. Century 20 Cinema

Century 20 Cinema
Image Source: Thomas Hawk/Flickr
Century 20 Cinema

Century 20 Cinema is a super technology cinema situated on Sierra Boulevard.

With high standard arcade games, different separate screens, a machine that issues service tickets, and many more, the cinema stands out.

Also, most recent blockbusters, live sports events, and even music concerts are all featured in this cinema.

This makes what to do in Redwood City for movie lovers, consider adding to your checklist of things to do in Redwood City, CA.

11. Gourmet Haus Staudt

Gourmet Haus Staudt
Image Source: Gourmet Haus Staudt & Beer Garden Staudt/Facebook
Gourmet Haus Staudt & Beer Garden Staudt

The Gourmet Haus Staudt was established to give visitors the feeling of Germany while the United States.

The place has a crude beer garden where you can relax with authentic German beer. Also, German dishes and quality snacks are readily available for customers who might be mildly hungry.

You will also find a shop around the venue. And as you might have thought, they sell all ingredients needed to prepare a traditional German dish. Various species and large choice of about 10 different beers to select from.

Having obtained whatever you desire from the shop, you can go sit down in the beer garden. The lush environment is a good blend of relaxation and acceptance of the German culture.

It leaves you with the feeling of home and is a delightful spot in Redwood City for a hangout.

12. The Foundry

The Foundry
Image Source: The Foundry/Facebook
The Foundry

What came to your mind? A furnace? Production of metal tools and equipment? No! This is quite different.

The Foundry is a world-class sports complex with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. They have an ultra-modern gym center along with distinguished features for volleyball and basketball plays.

Its gym is amongst the top Redwood City attractions as travelers and visitors always have a different dimension of what they had conditioned their minds about gyms.

The Naah shooting machines and Vertafex jump machines are examples of class machinery you’ll find there. So, whether a fan of fitness or not, visiting the Foundry is something you must not miss!

13. Stulsaft Park

Occupying 42 acres of land, the Stulsaft Park is the biggest park in the city.

It also attracts lots of visitors, especially during the summer.

Parents are seen playing with their infant children in the park, couples make the most of their union by relaxing with their lunch in a picnic while outdoor hikers enjoy the privilege of exploring the discrete trails along the hills and even in the deep bushes.

Permission is also to dog owners, allowing them to enjoy the off-leash trails within the park. This came after a persistent request by the people on the need to allow that. Though there are regulations and signs to enter for the safety of all.

The park is full of fun as there is a vast range of activities for everyone.

Did I forget the summer camp for kids? Yes, you can enroll the kids for the summer camp. You will see picnic spots for the family, an amphitheater near it, and some play structures for the children and even a mini water park too!

Address: 3737 Farm Hill Blvd. Redwood City, CA 94062. 

14. Bair Island

Bair Island
Image Source: jmdigne/Flickr
Bair Island

Moving on to the marshy area of Redwood city you’ll find the Bair Island.

The Island is a part of the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Refuge occupies 3,000 acres in space and is subdivided into three parts, the inner, the outer, and the middle islands.

This place is a natural beauty and depicts the unique scenery of trees. This island is truly a specialty because you will find stylish Italian architecture and other apartments showing class and luxury.

This is a place of class, consider adding to your checklist of things to do in Redwood City.

Address: Redwood City, CA 94065

15. The Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre
Image Source: Kansas Sebastian/Flickr
The Fox Theatre

One of the fun things to do in Redwood City for theater lovers is a visit to The Fox Theatre.

The Fox Theatre goes down in history as one of the greatest establishments, especially in the movie industry.

It is situated in the downtown of Redwood City and is even recognized nationwide. Yes, its registration on the National List of Historic Places is no fluke.

Opened in the 1920s, precisely 1929, the Fox Theater has held its glory.

Since the days of famous stars like Vanessa Williams and BB king, who performed in the theatre, they have gone ahead to show different performances, with the likes of live music, musicals, and comedy all coming into play.

In 2009, however, the theater was forced into closure as a result of the financial crisis. But, they are back and still maintain their standard.

Move down to Broadway and visit! Whether you have a passion for performances or not, you will like what you see.

Address: 2215 Broadway Street Redwood City, CA 94063.

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16. Pulgas Ridge Preserve

Pulgas Ridge Preserve
Image Source: Dipika Bhattacharya/Flickr
Pulgas Ridge Preserve

One of the best things to do in Redwood City is a visit to Pulgas Ridge Preserve.

The Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve is a 366-acre public park. It used to be a sanitarium for tuberculosis which was owned and managed by San Francisco city.

You would still find old remains from the walls and steps of these ancient buildings.

This recreational area is well-managed, though small, it has an off-leash part mapped out for as a dog area at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains.

The park has trails of over 6 miles, you can hike through them and gain access to the attractive view of the gulf and the environment from a ridge top.

You can enjoy the trails with your dogs as they are quite friendly. There are still massive space for dogs to play around. Visit the park as it usually open for visitors.

Address: Redwood City, CA 94062.

17. Bay Club Redwood Shores

Bay Club Redwood Shores
Image Source: The Bay Club/Facebook
Bay Club Redwood Shores

Here is another place you would not want to miss while in Redwood city.

The Bay Club Redwood Shores is a multi-faceted luxury resort. The property occupies 10 acres of space having a rich boast of facilities and amenities for the family.

With a dedicated segment for the family and another section for the children, the club has varieties of events and programs to meet the needs of the entire family.

Check up their sports and fitness center (covering 15,000 sq ft) where you can engage yourself in programs like yoga, Pilates and group exercises.

There is also a spa and sauna, squash courts, water slides, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, outdoor swimming pools, and a social spot.

There are shopping and hospitality services ( child care), meeting areas, and more for your engagement.

This makes what to do in Redwood City for a fun time, do consider adding to your list of things to do in Redwood City.

Address: 200 Redwood Shores Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065.

18. Phleger Estate

Phleger Estate
Source: CuriousMike [CC BY-SA 3.0],via Wikimedia
Phleger Estate
This used to be a family estate owned by Mary Elena Phleger, it is today one of Redwood city attractions.

In a bid to retain her private property, she sought for a petition, staged a fundraising, and transformed it into a park that will accommodate all and sundry. The park was then named in her honor.

The park which has some redwoods shows how they were spot on before most of them were destroyed by logging.

However, the younger trees fill the space and provide a much more serene environment for your relaxation and enjoyment.

19. Milagros Latin Kitchen

Milagros Latin Kitchen
Image Source: Milagros Latin Kitchen/Facebook
Milagros Latin Kitchen

Here is another restaurant, but this time it is inspired by the Katin-Americans.

The Milagros Latin Kitchen is a lively and vibrant restaurant which serves the Jalisco region. They have private dining rooms, two tequila bar and an attractive outdoor patio which can accommodate up to 100 people.

The restaurant is full of energy and vibes as a result of the bright decorations and the important piece for arts shows great creativity.

Their dishes are prepared using local ingredients and species with a mix of Latin American flavors. A small organic farm acts as a source of seasonal harvest.

For those who love drinks, there is an extensive arena for original tequilas, Pisco-based cocktails, freshly pressed juices, and even imported beers.

The restaurant also offers outdoor and indoor services. Visit there for your lunch or dinner.

Address: 1099 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063.

20. Kiwanis Redwood City Farmer’s Market

Kiwanis Redwood City Farmer’s Market
Image Source: Kiwanis Redwood City Farmer’s Market /Facebook
Kiwanis Redwood City Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market is a confluence for the local farmers to meet both local and foreign buyers in the city.

Here the vendors are seen talking publicly about their wares and products. You will find varieties of lime bell peppers, honey flowers, squash, vegetables, cheese, and different fruits.

The market normally operates from 8 am only on Saturdays to the afternoon. So one key to a successful purchase is getting to the market on time so that you can buy from the vendors before they exhaust their goods.

But the Farmer’s Market is seasonal ( From April to November) and is usually missed when out of operation.

21. Dug the T-Rex

Dug the T-Rex
Image Source: Ed Bierman/Flickr
Dug the T-Rex

Very popular amongst adults and children alike is Dug the T-Rex.

It is a tiny dinosaur that gained fame on the internet when photos of it in amazing costumes were posted by the owners. Yes, different dress codes for sports events and holidays.

You can find it as a feature on different websites like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and Reddit.

Currently boasting over 10,000 likes on Facebook, many locals even in Redwood city often brag about their local hero.

Though most residents know where to find him, you as a visitor would be happy you met him too, at least to say “Hi”.

22. Stafford Park

Stafford Park
Image Source: City of Redwood City/Facebook
Stafford Park

One of the fun things to do in Redwood City, CA is a visit to Stafford Park

This is a very beautiful place for kids to learn and catch fun. Stafford Park is structured in a way that it accommodates all categories of kids.

There is even a special section for toddlers. Almost the whole community come in to relax, or play or picnic, or even join the music concerts.

The park is properly designed with tables, BBQ facilities, and water playgrounds (where the kids can have their run-ins). Visit in the summer and enjoy some music especially by local musicians.

Address: King St. and Hopkins Ave. Redwood City, CA 94062.

23. Unleashed Art Gallery

Unleashed Art Gallery
Image Source: Unleashed Art Gallery/Facebook
Unleashed Art Gallery

Known for grooming and bringing generational talents into the limelight, the Unleashed Art Gallery has become a stronghold in Redwood.

Located in the downtown of Redwood City, the gallery is the collocation of premier arts and steadily features up-coming artists with good prospects in San Mateo County.

The primary aim of the gallery is to give new artists that platform to showcase their talents and this has made it gain more popularity amongst visitors.

Although, you’ll occasionally find photography and other works of art featured here, the contemporary fine art is the style art often seen.

24. The La Honda Winery

The La Honda Winery
Credits: SizeSquares / Shutterstock

Among the best things to do in Redwood City is to visit the La Honda Winery. The La Honda Winery is an excellent place to visit for any wine lover. 

The winery offers an impressive environment, making it a suitable venue for meetings. 

The La Honda Winery is available by appointment, excluding the 3rd Saturday of each month when the winery holds its opening wine-tasting day. 

The Open day Wine-tasting starts at noon and ends at 4 pm. 

Address: 2645 Fair Oaks Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063, United States

25. BluReverie Catamaran 

BluReverie Catamaran 
Credits: IM_photo / Shutterstock

Sailing on the BluReverie Catamaran is one of the best things to do during a vacation in Redwood City. The BluReverie Catamaran offers a magical and calming trip. 

This 48-foot sailing Catamaran will surely give you an extraordinary experience in San Francisco Bay. 

The Captain, Carlo, has over 15 years of experience sailing in the United States and other parts of the world. 

Whether lunch, dinner, a weekend escape, or a day sail, BluReverie is suitable for a team outing, mini-vacation with loved ones, and special occasion celebrations. 

The BluReverie Catamaran will offer you a relaxing and secure sailing experience in San Francisco Bay. 

Address: 439 Seaport Ct Dock B, Redwood City, CA 94063, United States

26. La Petite Playhouse

La Petite Playhouse
Credits: La Petite Playhouse/ Facebook
La Petite Playhouse

La Petite Playhouse is a top-tier indoor destination for kids to play, explore and have fun. This entertainment center is specifically designed with the entire family in mind. 

The amazing 10,000 square feet facility includes large undersea-themed play structures, private party rooms, two sports courts, an interactive “Eye Click” game, and a separate baby/toddler structure.

La Petite Playhouse is ideal for kids of all abilities, age ten and below, offering different activities. 

This play space, designed in a family-friendly place, can make physical fitness exciting while providing a fun outlet where children can build cardio strength and motor skills. 

Their baby and toddler area are purposely put far away from their main play structure, providing a secure and peaceful environment for the smaller kids. 

Address: 1264 Oddstad Dr, Redwood City, CA 94063, United States

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Plan a Trip to Redwood CIty

The diverse places and activities which you can always engage yourself in would make your stay quite a memorable one.

Savor this enjoyable moment with your family, friends or acquaintance. It will make quite a memorable trip

Start now to draw your plans and prepare for your next vacation.  You can always fall back on this piece as a guide to give the best of exploration through Redwood City, CA.