23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Crewe (Cheshire, England)

Crewe is a town in the ceremonial county of Cheshire, England. This town boast of a population of about 71,722, though not a big town you will find quite some amazing things to do in Crewe.

Development in Crewe began with the introduction of the railway, The Grand Junction Railway spearheaded this project in the 1830s.

Although the town no longer leads in railway transportation, it still a prominent town when it comes to transportation, featuring the Bentley factory.

Other historic places you should check out in town includes the Dorfold Hall and Little Morton Hall, this town also holds one of the popular Medieval churches in England.

For a fun trip, here are the best things to do in Crewe, Cheshire.

Things to Do in Crewe

1. St. Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church
Image Source: Steve/Flickr
St Mary’s Church

A place you should add on your list of things to in Crewe is St Mary’s Church, it is situated at Nantwich which is just ten minutes drive from Crewe.

This church is one of the most beautiful medieval churches in the United Kingdom. Constructed in 1340 using local red sandstone, St Mary features the Gothic architectural style.

With time, the building deteriorated, It wasn’t until the 19th century that Sir George Gilbert Scott restored the building to its former glory.

Some of the features of the church which will impress you include a beautiful octagonal tower, its ceiling (which has more than 70 carved bosses), the priscina, and a triple sedila in the chancel.

There is also the 20 misericords which are located behind the choir stalls. They were all made in the 15th century, an exploration of these features is definitely worth your time.

Each one of these misericords has an image different from the other, you will find images like George and the Dragon, a unicorn, the Virgin Mary, and a pelican with chicks.

For a fun time admiring the architecture, plan a visit to St. Mary’s Church.

2. Crewe War Memorial

Crewe War Memorial
Image Source: Robert Cutts/Flickr
Crewe War Memorial

During your visit to Crewe, take out time to explore the Municipal Square, this will meet you with a view of Crewe War Memorial.

This is a bronze sculpture which dates back to 1924, it was made as a memorial for those who lost their lives during the world war as well as conflicts in the area.

The names of these heroes were inscribed towards the base of the sculpture, there are as well other inscription which are all related to the memorial.

Originally, the sculpture stood in Market Square, in 2006, it was moved to the Municipal Square which is also known today as Memorial Square.

This is a Grade II item under the National Heritage List for England, you should get to have a view during your visit as well as take a picture to save the memory.

3. Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall
Image Source: Mike McBey/Flickr
Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall was built in the 16th century, half of this amazing building was built using timber.

One of the strange features of this Hall is the Long Gallery which was placed on top of the building toward its south range. The weight of this gallery has made the levels below to warp, thus giving the building a scary look.

While you are at the hall, explore the interior of the house, also check out its sitting room which has amazingly painted walls, over the fireplace you will find Elizabethan moldings.

There are lots of other things in the building that indicates so much of royalty, an example is the leadwork on the windows.

There was formerly a garden in this area, this garden was replanted at its original spot in 1972.

4. Crewe to Nantwich Greenway

Crewe to Nantwich Greenway
Image Source: Cheshire East Council/Flickr
Crewe to Nantwich Greenway

Crewe to Nantwich Greenway gives you an avenue to make a trip from Crewe to Nantwich on a bicycle, the distance is about five-mile.

One lovely thing about this pathway is that it is both safe and free from traffic, along this route you will find some of the most beautiful scenery in the area.

One you should not miss is the Bluebell Woods. Bluebell woods was opened in 2012 during the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

At the Bluebell Woods, you will find 5,000 bluebell bulbs all of which make the area wonderful especially during spring seasons.

It takes 30 minutes to get to the Nantwich on bike, If you get tired while riding, you can stop at the Rising Sun Pub which is along this route to have some rest.

5. Queens Park

Queens Park
Image Source: Cheshire East Council/Flickr
Queens Park

One of the best things to do in Crewe is a visit to Queens Park.

Queens Park radiates so much of natures beauty, If you have once visited Queens Park, a second-time visit would be great as the park was recently refurbished.

An interesting fact about the park is that you will always find it very neat anytime you come visiting.

Some of the features of the park are its flower beds as well as a lake that runs through the park. You will find swans and ducks in this lake.

There are lots of playgrounds and fun games for kids to play here, you will find lots of kids running around chasing themselves.

The park has picnic areas, while coming, come along with your water bottle, snacks, sodas, and every other thing you need to host a picnic here. There is also a cafe in the park which sells both coffee and ice cream, along with some snacks.

The park allows for boat trips on the lake, If you don’t have a boat you can rent one from the boathouse in the park.

6. Crewe Heritage Centre

Crewe Heritage Centre
Image Source: Hugh Llewelyn/Flickr
Crewe Heritage Centre

Crewe Heritage Centre tells the history of Crewe including how this town was influenced greatly by the railway.

You will find the center where it is located on the very site where the Victorian Old works formerly stood at the beginning of the 1980s.

Inside the center, locate the main exhibition hall, you will find displays which are rotated from time to time here. These displays tell a lot about the history of the locomotive industry as well as the construction which took place in the Old Works a lot more.

Some of the things you will find in the center includes two preserved signal boxes from Crewe, one of these boxes was gotten from Exeter.

There is also the Advanced Passenger Train prototype which was built in 1979 in Derby. this train was designed to tilt when it achieves high speed.

Don’t leave your kids at home, you can come along with them when visiting this place. They can get to drive the 47 cab simulator and also the Columbine steam locomotive cab, both of which offer much fun.

While they play inside, you can check out some of the permanent or visiting locomotives. You can also take a ride on the miniature railway.

7. Bentley Motors Factory Tour

One of the remarkable places to visit in Crewe is the Bentley Motors Factory, this is a popular stop for most tourists who come to Crewe for a fun time.

Before Second World War, Crewe was chosen to be the place where airplane engines were manufactured, this decision was based on the fact that this part of the world has good railway links as well as good roads.

The first engines of Rolls-Royce Merlin was assembled in this town in 1938 at a factory located in Pyms Lane.

After the war, there was a switch from airplane engines to Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars.

When Bentley separated from Rolls-Royce in 1998, the Volkswagen-owned factory became the exclusive manufacturers of Bentleys.

You will enjoy the two-hour tour around the factory, this will meet you with some of the best cars in the industry, it is one fun way to spend some time if you are a car fanatic. A tour cost about £30 per individual.

8. Lyceum Theatre

Lyceum Theatre
Image Source: Dunnock_D/Flickr
Lyceum Theatre

Lyceum Theatre is one of the famous places in town, this landmark has an interesting story of its history.

This theatre was first established in a building that formerly was a Roman Catholic Church. The church was built in the 19th century for the Irish community that worked on the railway. In 1910, the building was destroyed by fire.

One year after the theatre got burnt down, another theatre was erected, this recent auditorium has a seating capacity of 1,250.

You will find a large gable brick which tells when Lyceum Theatre was founded.

Before visiting the town, you can check out the town’s website to know the theatre’s schedule and thus plan your trip according to it.

Some of the performances you will get to watch in this theatre include play, comedy, dance, and lots more, this makes what to do in Crewe for some movie time.

9. Dorfold Hall

Dorfold Hall
Source: DorfoldHall [CC BY-SA 4.0],via Wikimedia Commons
Dorfold Hall
Located close to Crewe in Nantwich, the Dorfold Hall is a mansion that was built in 1610 using the Jacobean architectural style.

Sir Roger Wilbraham younger brother took to the construction of this building, he constructed it during the reign of James I, during this period he held so many court positions.

Quite a remarkable building, you will notice some features like the triangular gables, a recessed center with very large Windows, and turreted chimneys.

Till today, Dorfold Hall is a private residence, but it is open for guided tours on Tuesdays as well as during Holidays in the summer.

When you get to the house, take some time to admire the interiors of the house and also the little modifications which were added by Samuel Wyatt ( a Neoclassical architect) in 1771.

It is worth noting that every July, the halls beautiful parkland serves as the venue for an agricultural event held in the town at that time of the year, a part of this event is known as the Nantwich International Cheese.

It is believed that the Nantwich International Cheese is the largest cheese competition in the area and also in Europe.

10. Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker
Image Source: Espresso Addict [CC BY-SA 3.0],via Wikimedia Commons
Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker
One of the fun things to do in Crewe, Cheshire is a trip back in time at Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker, this is an enormous underground facility located just outside Hack Green which is close to Crewe.

This facility was hidden from the world for more than 40 years before it was unveiled to be public.

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker was built in the 1950s on a site where a WWII radar station once stood.

During the years before the end of the Cold war, this bunker was selected as a Regional Seat of Government in case of a nuclear attack. The cost of making it fit for this purpose was about £32 million.

At the museum, you will learn the role the bunker played during the war. For instance, you will find a medical room, the Minister of State’s office, telephone exchange facilities, 1980s computer terminals, and decontamination facilities.

You will also be shown a broadcast prepared in case of an attack.

Above the ground where the bunker is located, you will find hardware from the Cold war such as a Ballistic Missile Early Warning System and lots of other nuclear weapons that are decommissioned.

11. Bunbury Mill

Bunbury Mill
Image Source: Bunbury Mill/Facebook
Bunbury Mill

A watermill built in the 1840s, Bunbury Mill is a place worthy of your checklist of things to do in Crewe, Cheshire.

Though the Bunbury Mill was built in the 1840s, there has always been a watermill in this very area.

Bunbury Mill was closed down in the 1960s after it was damaged by a flood. It was set to be demolished, this saw to its reconstruction by the town’s local campaign on job creation.

Today, at this very site you will find a millpond, a historic building, and neighboring woodland all of which together create a picturesque scene.

You can be a part of the 40-minute guided tour offered in this mill. Activities you can participate during a tour through this mill include weighing of the grain, removing of the grain’s chaff, and making your flour.

Visit its tearoom to have a taste of cakes baked using the floor made by this mill.

For bird watchers, during the summer you will find kingfishers, herons, and lots of butterflies around the mill. This makes what to do in Crewe for some adventure time, perfect for your checklist.

12. Golfing

Crewe Golf Club
Image Source: Crewe Golf Club/Facebook
Crewe Golf Club

If you love golfing, then check out the three golf courses located ten minutes away from the Crewe town Center.

Built-in 1985, Queen Park golf course is a nine-hole course, it is most suitable for casual players.

For those who are more experienced, the best golf courses to try out include Crewe Golf Club and Sandbach Golf Club both of which have courses with various difficulties.

It won’t cost so much to play in any of the three-course.

When you are done playing check out the Clubhouse in these golf clubs for some refreshment, this makes what to do in Crewe for golf lovers.

13. The Wheelock Rail Trail

The Wheelock Rail Trail
Image Source: Steve Lewin [CC BY-SA 2.0],via Wikimedia Commons
The Wheelock Rail Trail
You will find Wheelock Rail Trail very close to Wheelock Hall Petting Farm at Elworth in Sandbach.

This trail is paved, it is also not a dusty one, therefore one of the best in the area.

This trail also cut across the railway which runs from Ettiley Heath to Malkins bank.

Some fun activities you can engage in along this trail include running, hiking, jogging, cycling, and so on.

You can also engage in bird watching as you take pictures of the beautiful environment which is filled with plants, wildlife, and all that accompanies nature’s beauty.

14. The Salt Line and Borrow Pit Meadows

The Salt Line and Borrow Pit Meadows
Image Source: Crewe & Nantwich Conservation Volunteers/Facebook
The Salt Line and Borrow Pit Meadows

If you would love an outdoor time, then you should add walking along the Salt Line and Borrow Pit Meadows on your checklist of things to do in Crewe

You will find The Salt Line and Borrow Pit Meadows just close to the Hassab Green between Rode Heath and Sandbach.

The trail is most suitable for hiking, running, jogging, and cycling.

Along the trail, you will find parking spaces and picnic tables where you can stop to take a break.

15. Sandbach Park

Sandbach Park
Image Source: Wildlife Terry/Flickr
Sandbach Park

During your visit to Crew, head to Sandback which is close to the area to spend some time in the Sandbach Park, Sandbach Park is a family-friendly park located very close to the Sandbach town center.

With pathways dotted with wildflowers and other vegetation, it is truly a place of beauty.

This park has lots of fun activities to engage you, It has picnic areas, a playground, a small wildlife pond as well as other fun amenities. If you have a pet, you are free to come along with it.

If you seek a place to relax or to meditate, this is a place to be.

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16. Reaseheath Zoo

Reaseheath Mini Zoo
Image Source: Reaseheath Mini Zoo/Facebook
Reaseheath Mini Zoo

Reaseheath Zoo is situated in Nantwich, right on the campus of the Reaseheath College.

The college itself offers vocational programs in courses such as animal management and agriculture, it also has a zoo collection.

Built around the early 2000s, this college is the first college in the country to have a zoo license. Apart from its educational purpose to her students, the college allows nonstudents to visit during holidays and some weekends.

Planning a visit to its zoo? check out the school’s website to get an opening time.

Some of the things you will get to learn from this college’s small zoo collection include interesting facts about the animals as well as facts about their diet and their personality.

The animals you will find in the zoo include Bengal eagle owl, blue tegu, Brazilian tapir, an Exmoor pony, and lots more.

17. Crewe Market

Crewe Market
Image Source: Crewe Market/ The Cosy Corner Cafe/Facebook
Crewe Market

Crewe Market is that place you visit for some shopping while you are in Crewe, this market has been a shopping hub since 1854.

The venue for this market is the Town Square, just below the rye clock tower, the market holds on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Some things you can buy in this market include cards, kitchenware, handicrafts, fruit and vegetables, clothing, flowers, and so many other items.

There are ongoing plans by the town’s government to build a town Center where the hall stands.

This will see to the building of the Shopping Center where you will find permanent eateries and independent shops.

18. Crewe Alexandra Stadium

Crewe Alexandra Football Stadium
Image Source: Crewe Alexandra Football Club/Facebook
Crewe Alexandra Football Stadium

Also called the Railwaymen due to the town’s locomotive history, Crewe Alexandra is the town’s football team, It was established in the year 1877.

This club is one of the founding members of the Football League Second Division which was formed in 1892.

Crewe Alexandra is still in League Two and has never played in any top division league in the English Football, nonetheless they have produce top talent players.

Some of the top players that played of the club in their early career include Neil Lennon, David Platt, and Danny Murphy.

You can watch a home game played by this team in their 10,000 seating capacity stadium located in Gresty Road from August to May, during this time of the year, the League Two games are on.

19. Wybunbury Tower

Wybunbury Tower
Image Source: Ten Minutes From Home/Flickr
Wybunbury Tower

Wybunbury Tower is a monument located in the village of Wynbury which is close to Crewe.

Known as the “Leaning Tower of South Cheshire”, this monument is all remaining of a 15th-century church which got demolished during the early 19th century.

The story of this place is quite strange, about six churches have been erected on this very same spot, they have either been demolished or due to the ground shifting in the area, collapsed.

Concerning the tower, you will notice that it was built using sandstone and it tilts a bit to the north. Also notice its Perpendicular style architecture which was used in its design.

Other interesting features of the tower are the saints which can be seen on the 1st-story window and doorway. You will also find a ring of bells which were cast in 1790.

20. Axis Arts Centre

Axis Arts Centre
Image Source: Axis Arts Centre/Facebook
Axis Arts Centre

Would you like to appreciate contemporary arts during your visit to Crewe, Cheshire, Axis Arts Centre is the perfect stop.

Arts you will meet attending any of their program cut across theater art, dance, music, and creative writing.

With the aim of developing public interest, experience, and knowledge in contemporary arts they work to support emerging talents as well as provide the public a fun time.

This makes what to do in Crewe, Cheshire for lovers of contemporary art, perfect for your checklist if you are one.

21. The Market shopping Center

The Market Shopping Centre
Image Source: The Market Shopping Centre/Facebook
The Market Shopping Centre

At Market shopping Center in Crewe, you will find some of the top value retailers like Wilko, B&M, Argos and so many others. You will also find Hugh Street names such as Clark’s, Superdrug, and River Island.

This is a community shopping hub, they record about 100,000 visits from residence of Crewe and Cheshire in general, visitors come here to shop, work, eat and drink as well as have a fun time.

If you plan to do some shopping when you are in this town, the Market Shopping Center is where you should go to.

22. Hops-Belgian Bar

Hops-Belgian Bar
Image Source: Dave Collier/Flickr
Hops-Belgian Bar

After the days tour, its time to relax in a friendly environment enjoying the best of Belgian beers, Hops is the perfect spot.

This is a family-run Cafe-bar which is aimed at providing the best of a Belgian style cafe for resident of Crewe.

Here you can get the best of beers which cut across local as well as regional beers.

For strong beers, hit any of the six pumps which are towards the left upon entering the bar, you can as well head to the right for session beers.

Hops also provide Stout and Porters if that would be your choice of a drink, get to enjoy the nightlife at Hops, perfect for your checklist of things to do in Crewe.

23. Funsters Play and Party Centre

Funsters Play and Party Centre
Image Source: Funsters/Facebook
Funsters Play and Party Centre

Are you visiting Crewe with the kids?, one of the best things to do in Crewe with kids is a visit to Funsters Play and Party Centre.

A visit to this center allows the kids to tire themselves exploring an amazing playcenter offered by this company.

Funsters Play and Party Centre was established in 1997, they have since aimed towards offering kids a safe environment to be active on the move.

As the kids play, you can head to the coffee area to enjoy a relaxation time, here you could buy any of the food on their menu as well as a hot or cold drink.

Give your kids this fun time during a vacation at Funsters Play and Party Centre

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Plan a Trip to Crewe

For a town that was once a little hamlet, it’s amazing how Crewe became a wonder, this town holds quite some fun which awaits your exploration.

Take to exhausting the items on this list of things to do in Crewe, Cheshire, these will give you a fun stay in this town.

Start planning your trip today to Crewe, feel free to pin this article even as you add a visit to Crewe on your to-do list.