23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Pine Mountain (GA)

Pine Mountain is a beautiful countryside town situated on the North side of Harris County, in Georgia, United States.

The town was populated with 1,739 people in 2020. Pine Mountain is a perfect destination for a vacation. Although a small town, this place comprises fun amenities primarily found in the cities.

Pine Mountain is also a place of abode for the most significant state park in Georgia and the famous Callaway Resort and Gardens, where visitors can enjoy the many outdoor recreational activities and have a good time under the shelter of trees.

If you’re planning to visit Pine Mountain, check out our well-curated list of the top things to do in Pine Mountain, GA.

Things to Do in Pine Mountain, GA

1. Robin Lake Beach

Robin Lake Beach
Credits: David Dugan [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Robin Lake Beach
The Robin Lake Beach, situated inside the Callaway Gardens, is perfect for a summer weekend vacation.

The Beach has giant sand beside the beautiful rivers of Robin Lake. You can find a perfect spot to enjoy this Beach’s scintillating atmosphere.

Also, get acclimatized to the many outdoor activities in this place, such as beach volleyball, or enjoy the lovely weather here.

Be sure to have a taste of their delectable dishes sold at the food kiosks. There are also picnics and grill spots close to the Beach. Robin Lake Beach also organizes several events that will make your vacation unique.

Address: Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

2. Callaway Resort and Gardens

Callaway Resort and Gardens
Credits: JR P / Flickr
Callaway Resort and Gardens

Callaway Resort and Gardens occupies a land area of 2,500 acres and has many seasonal and year-round activities that tourists can enjoy.

For starters, you can begin your journey from the Callaway Discovery Center. It explains the geology of the Callaway Garden, its history, and how it grew into becoming what it is today. It is a place where people can learn about nature and history.

The attraction also features hiking trails where visitors can enjoy the incredible scenery surrounding the Callaway Gardens and be overwhelmed by the beautiful nature of plants and animals.

Visitors can also have a lovely stroll in any of their gardens, which includes the Thornhill Hydrangea Garden, the Callaway Brothers Azalea Bowl, and the Meadowland Garden; where you get to enjoy views of the many vibrant colors from the flowers that are within the area.

No matter what time of the day you visit, this destination is ideal for every season.

Address: 17617 US-27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

3. Lake Delanor

Lake Delanor
Credits: phototravelua / Shutterstock

The next item on our list of best things to do in Pine Mountain, GA, is to go fishing at the Delanor, next to the Pine Mountain Trail. If you are an avid fisherman, this attraction should be a must-see when you visit Pine Mountain.

Lake Delanor covers about 15 acres. This Lake offers a habitat for fish such as catfish, crappie, and bass.

Visitors can also explore the Lake through canoeing and kayaking. The management can provide boat and paddling services depending on the timing, whether an hour, half or full day. Swimming in Lake Delanor is not permitted.

Address: Pine Mountain, GA, United States

4. Wild Animal Safari

Wild Animal Safari
Credits: Lisa Crawford / Shutterstock
Wild Animal Safari

Another interesting item on our list of places to visit in Pine Mountain, GA, is visiting the Wild Animal Safari. This place allows you to have a face on interaction with various animals from Wild Animal Safari.

The Wildlife Safari is a 300-acre animal park that houses various species of unique animals moving freely throughout the park. Visitors can also drive through the safari with their cars, tour buses, or rented van.

If you cannot drive around, there is an option known as the Walkabout Adventure Zoo, where Visitors can interact with and feed wild animals.

Apart from the face on interaction with these beautiful animals in the park, the park has a picture view that you will love and intellectually sound zookeepers that will show you around.

It’s important to know that most of these animals are sociable and might drool on you out of enthusiasm.

Address: 1300 Oak Grove Rd, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

5. Roosevelt Stables

Roosevelt Stables
Credits: Flamingo Images / Shutterstock

The Roosevelt Stables, situated in the Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, allows visitors to use a guided trail and enjoy lovely horseback riding.

This destination provides visitors with various guided tour experiences, priced differently depending on the Trail’sTrail’s distance.

If it is your first time riding or going on a trip with your children, the Roosevelt Stables has a guided trail ride that is ideal for people of all ages. It also features a 2-hour trail ride that has a beautiful overlook view of Lake Franklin and Pine Mountain Valley.

Every TrailTrail to find here showcases picturesque views of Pine Mountain as you go horse-riding under the shade of trees.

Are you ready for more riding adventures? Be sure to be part of their primitive horse camping and Roosevelt Stable’s overnight rides. Also, make reservations before your visit to have a fantastic experience.

Address: 1063 Group Camp Rd, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

6. EatZ on the Corner

Eatz on the Corner
Credits: Eatz on the Corner / Facebook
Eatz on the Corner

If you love good food, visiting EatZ on the Corner is a sure addition to your bucket list.

The restaurant features a tranquil, splendid and lovely ambiance. The menu incorporates Southern American Island fusion food. Their staffs are excellent at their job and will help you enjoy your stay.

The restaurant is readily available to cater to your brunch, lunch, and dinner. They also have vegan and gluten-free options.

Other features include outdoor seating, Takeout, free off-street parking, free wifi, table service, and Highchair and Wheelchair Accessible. Here is a hidden gem to find in Pine Mountain.

Address: 100 N Commerce Ave, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

7. Callaway Resort & Gardens TreeTop Adventure and Ziplines

Callaway Resort & Gardens TreeTop Adventure and Ziplines
Credits: aounphoto / Shutterstock

If you want to do something even more exciting, visit the TreeTop Adventure and Zipline at Callaway Resort and Gardens.

Travel up 70 feet about ground level on a harness that allows you to soar above the beautiful forested areas of Pine Mountain.

This activity combines zip lines and exciting obstacle courses to make your adrenaline level pump.

Kids are not left out of the fun, as a course is designed for younger adventure seekers. This attraction is something you do not want to miss out on when you visit Pine Mountain.

Address: US-27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

8. Chipley Historical Center

Chipley Historical Center
Credits: SaveRivers [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Chipley Historical Center
One of the best things to do in Pine Mountain, GA, is to visit the Chipley Historical Center. It is an ideal place to be if you are a history lover.

Chipley Historical Center is housed in the ancient Chipley City Hall, built in 1906. The Historical Center was established in 1985.

The MuseumMuseum exhibits historical items, such as iconic photographs, artifacts, and documents, all geared towards acknowledging the history of Pine Mountain.

You can chit-chat with any volunteer staff on-site to learn about the history of these exhibits.

Address: 146 McDougald Ave, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

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9. President Roosevelt’s Statue at Dowdell’s Knob

President Roosevelt's Statue at Dowdell's Knob
Credits: Thomsonmg2000 / Public Domain
President Roosevelt’s Statue at Dowdell’s Knob

The Dowdell’s Knob is the peak of the Pine Mountain Range in the Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park.

This iconic attraction was a dining spot for President Roosevelt, who often came to enjoy the lovely and serene atmosphere.

The attraction also features a statue in remembrance of the President, which is placed on his favorite spot whenever he visits Dowdell’s Knob.

You can sit close to the statue of the late President and take pictures, but take time to acknowledge and appreciate his reign through the Great Depression.

Here is a great attraction to see when you visit Pine Mountain. You can also go hiking and enjoy the beautiful vistas of the surroundings.

Address: Dowdell Knob Road, Shiloh, GA, United States

10. Dino Village

Dino Village
Credits: Todd Van Hoosear / Flickr
Dino Village

One of the best Pine Mountain activities especially with family, is visiting this dinosaur playground setting.

The Dino Village is a place of abode for a different collection of dinosaur exhibits, two fossil digs where children can dig up fossils, and a playground.

The children also will have the opportunity to ride within the park on a trike bike or, more still, try out the coin-operated dino ride, where they can get on the back of a dinosaur.

You can also learn so many interesting facts about dinosaurs on their information boards. Make time to pack yourself some lunch before visiting the Dino Village, so you have the best of a dino-themed picnicking experience.

As initially said, here is a fun family place to be and should be a must-see for you.

Address: 214 Main St, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

11. Lagrange Art Museum

Lagrange Art Museum
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
Lagrange Art Museum

If you are a history enthusiast, visiting Lagrange Art Museum should not elude your Pine Mountain, GA, checklist.

The Lagrange Art Museum, which has been in its current location since 1978, comprises different types of works related to art. The Museum showcases work made by local, national, and international artists and provide art programs.

The Museum is dedicated to creating an enabling environment for people to enjoy and learn about visual art via its exhibitions, collections, community outreach, and educational programs.

Here is an ideal spot to check various art forms and learn about their history. Ensure this location is on your itinerary.

Address: 112 Lafayette Pkwy, LaGrange, GA 30240, United States

12. The Lodge and Spa at Callaway Gardens

Lodge and Spa at Callaway Gardens
Credits: Yuriy Maksymiv / Shutterstock

After many hours of adventure and exploring various interesting attractions in Pine Mountain, you will be tired. You will need a place like the Spa Resort in Callaway Gardens to have the best spa treatment and services.

The Spa Resort provides visitors with various kinds of spa services that can be attributed to plants and herbs. Their primary focus is on using natural products and non-harmful techniques for a comfortable and ideal spa treatment.

Make reservations for a spa appointment before your visit and soak yourself in the incredible spa experience. They have excellent staff service as well.

Address: 4500 Southern Pine Dr, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

13. Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center

Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center
Credits: Ryan Huckaby / Shutterstock
Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center

The Callaway Gardens is the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center hub, providing visitors with the best vacation experience when they visit Pine Mountain.

Enjoy the incredible views of this butterfly conservatory which is a place of abode for more than 50 varieties of butterflies.

This destination took after the name of the patron and founder of Days of Inn, Cecil B. Day. A delightful, charming floral topiary will greet you as you visit the giant tropical butterfly conservatory in North America.

This conservatory also has a multiplex space that continually showcases the premier film that tells in detail the formation cycle of a butterfly known as “On Wings of Wonder.”

Make sure to stop by for a classic and breathtaking experience as you witness the colorful butterflies in this conservatory.

Address: Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

14. Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park Trail

Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park Trail
Credits: Thomsonmg2000 / Public Domain
Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park Trail

If you are a lover of outdoor activities, one of the top things to do in Pine Mountain, GA, is to explore the Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park Trail. The TrailTrail showcases the incredible natural landscape of Pine Mountain and its beautiful trails that different skill levels can use.

The Trails allow tourists to check out the peaceful wooded area of Pine Mountain and explore the misty waterfalls, rock formations, picturesque views of Pine Mountain, and glittering streams.

The TrailTrail covers 23 miles and stretches to more than seven loops formed by linking trails. This distance allows visitors to tour other hidden attractions in Pine Mountain.

Visitors can pitch a tent at their campsite or still spend the night here by renting a cabin with a lovely and serene ambiance.

If it is a short hike you want to embark on, you can stop by at the picnic shelters. You can also come along with a packed lunch to eat after hours of hiking. It does not matter what time of the season you visit, be sure you will enjoy the enormous natural endowments in Pine Mountain.

Address: 2970 GA-190, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

15. Pine Mountain Trail

Pine Mountain Trail
Credits: Michael Carni / Shutterstock
Pine Mountain Trail

This Trail is perfect for both hikers and backpackers. It has 23 miles of loops and routes available to explore.

It also features beautiful views of small mountain streams, rock outcrops, and hardwoods. The Trail, seen at the F.D.R. State Oak, is the longest and most picturesque Trail in Georgia.

You can feel firsthand the natural beauty of this place, together with the rare rock outcroppings, longleaf pine, and hardwoods.

All 23 miles of trails are correctly mapped out to ensure a good guide for visitors when the Trail is in use. You can also collect a mark from the park office before going on your trip.

Address: Pine Mountain, GA, United States

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16. Liberty Bell Pool

Liberty Bell Pool
Credits: Larina Marina / Shutterstock

The next item on our list is a dip at the Liberty Bell Pool inside the Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park.

The Liberty Bell Pool is a great attraction for people wanting to swim in the spring’s natural warm water.

The Liberty Pool also has a history stretching back to 1838 when it was built by the Conservation Corps, which was part of a New Deal plan by President Roosevelt.

The Pool got its name from its bell shape and is comprised of local stones. As a result of the beautiful lush trees and countryside feel this place offers, be sure you will have a good time at the Pool.

This Pool is a place to chill with family and friends. You can set up a picnic and have a refreshing day swimming at the Pool.

Address: 3676 GA-354, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

17. Historic Little White House

Historic Little White House
Credits: Jeffrey M. Frank / Shutterstock
Historic Little White House

The Historic Little White House is a famous historical attraction of Warm Springs and is just a 20-minute drive from Pine Mountain.

If you are a fan of American history, this should be a primary attraction for you to explore. The Historic Little White House was President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s place of rest.

The MuseumMuseum also comprises numerous memorabilia to celebrate the President, including interactive films of his life.

Visitors can also check out the nearby warm Pool used by the President to relieve him of polio.

Address: 401 Little White House Rd, Warm Springs, GA 31830, United States

18. Wooden Loop

Wooden Loop
Credits: Maridav / Shutterstock

You can go hiking on the Wooden Loop perched on the Pine Mountain trail and check out the beaver pond, golden grasslands, sheltered forest, a beaver pond, and wolf’s den.

Here is such an exciting place to be. It is famous for having gorgeous areas of the Pine Mountain Trail and the most famous hikes in Georgia’s F.D.R. State Park.

Maintenance of this TrailTrail is achievable due to the earnest contributions and donations from friends of supporters of Georgia State Parks.

Address: Roosevelt State Park, Warm Springs, GA 31830-2017, United States

19. Butts Mill Farm

Butts Mill Farm
Credits: Skumer / Shutterstock

The next item on our checklist is horseback riding at the Butts Mill Farm.

Reaching the Butts Mill Farm is a one-hour ride that meanders through the country tracks, tranquil forests, grassy fields, and single-track trails.

The one-hour ride track showcases the serene nature of the Butts Mill Farm, located in the confines of the town. No matter your skill level in riding, be sure you will enjoy the ride in this place.

On reaching the Farm, you will be greeted by our staff, who will take you to significant locations on the Farm and escort you back to your vehicle.

Safety is paramount when you are here, so visitors are provided with helmets and water. Ensure that your kids are supervised by an adult, or have your kids close if you are riding.

Address: 2280 Butts Mill Rd, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

20. Downtown Pine Mountain

Downtown Pine Mountain
Credits: Rivers Langley; SaveRivers [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Downtown Pine Mountain
No vacation is complete without going out for some shopping or having a shopping experience in Downtown Pine Mountain. You don’t want to miss this splendid experience in Pine Mountain.

Visitors can stroll through the beautiful streets of Pine Mountain and explore the various unique items stocked in the vast number of stores.

Whatever the item you have in mind to get, such as their indigenously made crafts, fine arts, and other things, be assured you will get to find them.

You can also check in any stalls and restaurants close by and eat a delicious meal after a full day of shopping.

Address: Pine Mountain, GA, United States

21. Callaway Gardens and Resort Golf Course

Callaway Gardens and Resort Golf Course
Credits: photoinnovation / Shutterstock

If you are a golf enthusiast, one of the best things to do in Pine Mountain, GA, is golfing in the Callaway Gardens and Resort Golf Course.

It is a two 18-hole golf course comprising a Mountain View Course and Lake View Course.

You might choose the P.G.A. level golf course tour or chill and enjoy a day golfing. Whichever is the case, be sure to have a good time here.

Its Lake View Course comprises expansive fairways with numerous water hazards. This type, of course, is perfect for visitors who want a good time while still having a good feel of the magnificent views of this place.

If you would love to try out an even more challenging course, check out the Mountain View Course for your golf-playing activities.

Address: 17617 US-27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

22. The Oyster House

This restaurant is one of the best in Pine Mountain, GA. The Oyster House is renowned for serving one of the best seafood in town.

The restaurant is in the form of a wood-paneled dining room. In addition to their excellent seafood and fish, they have an extensive cocktail and kids menu.

One exceptional feature of this restaurant is that it is wheelchair accessible. Have an excellent lunch or dinner in this casual restaurant whenever you visit Pine Mountain, GA.

Address: S, 110 Main St., Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

23. Cat’s Meow

Cat's Meow
Credits: Cat’s Meow / Facebook
Cat’s Meow

A vacation is incomplete without antique shopping. Cat’s Meow is an antique shop in Pine Mountain, GA.

This store which is famous for its excellent custom framing, features handcrafted gift items, Polish pottery, Russian items, and original artworks by local artists.

In addition, you can also find pieces of jewelry and carved wooden sculptures. The store is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm.

A fantastic shopping experience awaits you at this destination.

Address; 137 Main St., Pine Mountain, GA 31822, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Pine Mountain

Are you planning to have the best vacation experience? Pine Mountain is a great location and a popular destination among tourists.

This attraction offers many outdoor opportunities and information about America’s history.

Have a fun trip!