25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Clayton (GA)

Clayton is nestled in Rabun County, Georgia, United States, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Clayton is a small but beautiful town with a population of more than two thousand. The city takes pride in its natural resources and outstanding attractions.

Clayton features several fun attractions like the Rabun County Country Club, Stekoa Creek Park, Southeastern Expeditions, Moonrise Distillery’s Spirits, Route 76 Roadhouse Bar & Grill, Wander North Georgia, Timpson Creek Farm, and more.

 Are you planning to visit Clayton? Here are the best and fun things to do in Clayton, GA.

Things to Do in Clayton, GA

1. Explore Downtown Clayton

Downtown Clayton
Credits: Paul Sableman / Flickr
Downtown Clayton

Downtown Clayton is certainly the heart of the city of Clayton and exploring here should be on your list of things to do in Clayton, GA.

The downtown District has an assortment of about everything you need within one location with a lively and vibrant aural.

Every moment here feels like a festival, as many locals are engaging in one activity or the other, including tourists visiting the area.

Downtown Clayton features several breweries, performing arts, annual arts & musical festivals, live jazz, and rooftop dining.

Take a walk along the sculpture trail, go shopping, visit a community garden, dine at some of the nicest restaurants, and have fun.

Don’t forget to buy a gift for yourself from a wide collection of beautiful and unique antiques and also get to learn more about the city.

Address: 837 Highway 76 West Clayton, GA 30525 United States

2. The Warwoman Dell

Warwoman Dell
Credits: lphoto / Shutterstock
Warwoman Dell

Warwoman Dell is a nature preserve that offers visitors opportunities to get intimate with nature in Clayton.

The wilderness consists of tall trees, the entire area covered in green foliage and is an extremely beautiful place.

A revered Cherokee woman, ” the warwoman,” who often visited the region and advised the Cherokee tribal council about peace and war.

There was a plan in the mid-1800s to build a rail line that runs through the Blue Ridge Mountains and a wooden footbridge at the Warwoman Dell, but these plans were put on hold due to the Civil War.

The region was revived to its natural phenomenon after decades of logging by Civilian Conservation Corps Workers in the early 20th century.

The Warwoman Dell features stunning waterfalls with several trails great for hiking and lots of picnic areas open to both locals and tourists.

3. Blue Ridge Toys

Blue Ridge Toys
Credits: ViktoriiaNovokhatska / Shutterstock

Blue Ridge Toys is owned and run by Sandra Glichowski, a mother of two and a former educator who founded the store in 2017.

It was built through her passion for finding fun and educational toys; the store currently features a wide range of products.

Blue Ridge Toys offer an enormous list of name brands and a collection of books, art supplies, board games, Rc cars, mini figurines, puzzles, and more

Their professional team ensures the customers get the best products by testing the items themselves because well-curated kinds of toys are not constant.

Blue Ridge Toys gestures toys for all ages for small and big kids, as their motto states, “where play is a way of life.”

They are open Monday & Tuesday from 10am-5pm, Wednesday & Thursday from 10:30am-5pm, Friday from 10am-6pm, Saturday from 10am-7pm, and Sunday from 12pm-5pm.

Address: 45 N Main St, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

4. Rabun County Country Club

Rabun County Country Club
Credits: Yellowj / Shutterstock

Rabun County Country Club is one of the best golf courses in Clayton; it was established in 1940 as a nine-hole regulation-length golf course.

The golf course is being managed by Fred Derrick, the General Manager; it is a 2, 639 yards of the longest tees for a par of 35.

Rabun County Country Club is a perfect golf course for golfers of all skill levels to test and master their golfing skills.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency started the Civilian Conservation Corps, a WPA project that constructed this historic golf course.

Rabun County Country Club is challenging but fun, an excellent place for families to have fun, and they also offers discounted online tee times.

The natural landscape in Rabun County Country Club is breathtaking and awards good shots to those who play there.

Address: 1322 Old 441 S, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

5. The Stekoa Creek Park

Stekoa Creek Park
Credits: Stock-Asso / Shutterstock

A perfect place to hang out with your family and friends is the Stekoa Creek Park.

The Stekoa Creek Park, in August 2015, was consecrated to the people of Clayton, and it was built by the Chattooga Conservancy.

The park is a beautiful green space open for both locals and visitors to learn about nature, play and explore. The park was built with the primary purpose of maintaining and promoting the Chattanooga River Watershed’s ecology and cultural legacy by the nonprofit organization.

The Stekoa Creek Park is a 3.5 acre city park with a beautiful green space featuring trees & wildflowers, a wildflowers garden, native shrubs, nature trails, and more.

The park features a pavilion close to the park’s entrance based on a 1930s Civilian Conservation Corps picnic shelter used to build picnic shelters.

The Stekoa Creek Park is a perfect gateway from all the noise as you are surrounded by natural resources. Visiting the park is one of the fun things to do in Clayton, GA.

Address: Clayton, GA 30525, United States

6. Southeastern Expeditions

Southeastern Expeditions
Credits: PPstock / Shutterstock

Southeastern Expeditions offers tourists an amazing experience as they explore the River Chattanooga.

The Chattooga river gives adventure and thrill seekers the kind of fun they desire, and even more, the river is also known as the Crown Jewel of the southeast.

This river is undammed and the only beautiful river east of the Mississippi that is open for commercial rafting, and Southeastern Expeditions is available to guide you through.

Southeastern Expeditions takes you along the Southeast premier rivers for whitewater rafting, a great way to test your skills.

Southeastern Expeditions provides a white water rafting experience in River Chattooga. This adventure will send an adrenaline rush through your veins.

The charming scenery will mesmerize you with the challenge of exploring the Chattanooga whitewater in South Carolina and Georgia.

Address: 7350 US-76, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

7. Universal Joint

 Universal Joint
Credits: Universal Joint Clayton / Facebook
Universal Joint

Universal Joint is located in an old gas station with a large outdoor patio great for the entire family, including pets.

You should check out this place; they never disappoint but assures you a splendid experience.

Universal Joint is your number one location when you want to enjoy exciting and energetic live music performance that will make you forget about everything else happening in the world.

They offer an exclusive seventeen rotating draft beers as well as some of the Carolines and Georgia’s best craft beers.

Universal Joint has won awards for their outstanding half-pound burgers, and you have to try them out.

They have a food menu that includes flounder Tacos, smoked Brisket Dip, BBQ pork, spicy egg roll, southwest chicken quesadilla, salads, and more.

Address: 109 N Main St #4296, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

8. Moonrise Distillery’s Spirits

Moonrise Distillery's Spirits
Credits: Jag_cz / Shutterstock

Moonrise Distillery’s Spirits is a lively spot to chill with your friends and should be added to your bucket list of things to do in Clayton, GA.

The spirits are produced through 40% of science and 60% craft of barrel aging and mixing techniques.

Moonrise Distillery’s Spirits was awarded a gold medal for its vodka by the 2019 Georgia Trustees wine and spirits.

The unique tastes and pleasant aroma of the drinks are a product of two traditional techniques of manufacturing gin.

Moonrise Distillery’s Spirits was founded in late 2012, although they do their productions like the way it was done in the early 1850s.

The distillery also offers daily hours specially for tastings, souvenir tours, and a unique craft cocktail trial, including spirits.

Address: 31 Webb Rd, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

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9. Wander North Georgia

 Wander North Georgia
Credits: Wander North Georgia / Facebook
Wander North Georgia

For a memorable shopping experience, visiting Wander North Georgia is one of the best things to do in Clayton, GA.

Wander North Georgia is owned by passionate individuals who care so much about their community or region.

This nice company offers contemporary designs with unique quality for affordable prices while always having the customers at heart.

Wander North Georgia is packed with boots, books, sandals, shoes, hiking & camping gear, and several other outdoor products.

The company tries to enlighten the public about the advantages of backcountry recreation while also encouraging others to come out.

Address: 87 N Main St, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

10. Clayton Farmers Market

Clayton Farmers Market
Credits: Ary Acevedo / Shutterstock

If you want to know more about the lifestyle of the locals in Clayton while also shopping for fresh food items, add a visit to Clayton Farmers Market to your list of things to do in Clayton, GA.

Clayton Farmers Market is a seasonal market open from the last week of April to the end of October, usually only on Saturdays.

The market features many local vendors who ensure customers eat healthy by offering fresh, locally sourced vegetables and fruits, including eggs, honey, and meats.

Clayton Farmers Market also offers fresh Thai items, pottery, lotions, soaps, plants, homemade bread, plants, and everything you need.

There are vendors that offer brownies, freshly baked cookies, and other baked foods. In addition, Clayton Farmers Market hosts the annual Garlic Festival on the last Saturday of July, which usually involves a competition for the best garlic pie.

Address: 108 Plaza Way, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

11. Timpson Creek Farm

Timpson Creek Farm
Credits: PAN Michal / Shutterstock

Timpson Creek Farm was founded in 2015 and has consistently contributed to the entire production and conversation of native species and habitats.

The farm is organically certified and grows a mix of herbs, vegetables, berries, and flowers in Clayton; they are open throughout the week.

Timpson Creek Farm ensures they grow healthy and delicious plants; they also try to preserve native species and habitats.

You can order from their online shop or check out the farm stand yourself; Timpson Creek Farm also supplies to local restaurants.

Timpson Creek Farm used practices that show a profound respect for natural systems and growing crops high in nutrition and flavor.

The farm uses Biodynamic growing methods and several other essential principles relating to permaculture and agroforestry.

Address: 6093 US-76, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

12. Black Bear Creek Antiques

Black Bear Creek Antiques
Credits: Black Bear Creek Antiques – Clayton, GA / Facebook
Black Bear Creek Antiques

Black Bear Creek Antiques is a popular location for antique buyers in Clayton, and it offers a wide range of items.

The store is one of a kind enlisting the help of local watercolorists, bespoke knife makers, woodcarvers, and potters to the benefit of customers and regional artists.

Black Bear Creek Antiques offers different kinds of high-quality home items, collectibles, and decor for reasonable costs.

They offer an impressive selection of mountain Home Furnishings, period prop rental for television & film, rare books, vintage advertising, artworks by Georgia artists, and so on.

Black Bear Creek Antiques staff offers great customer service, ensuring they have a wonderful antique shopping experience.

Address: 6028 Hwy 76, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

13. Main Street Gallery

Main Street Gallery
Credits: Iryna Inshyna / Shutterstock

Another fun thing to do in Clayton is visiting Main Street Gallery, a beautiful gallery housed in a renovated storefront.

Main Street Gallery occupies three floors with several artworks at almost every corner of the building.

Due to its outstanding art exhibitions, the gallery has been featured in numerous publications and an article in The New York Times.

Main Street Gallery is dedicated to folk art and takes pride in its relationship with talented artists for decades.

They feature contemporary art such as sculpture, paintings, and unique furniture. In addition, main Street Gallery features a gift gallery section consisting of accessories, jewelry, and lots more.

Address: 51 N Main St, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

14. Butler Galleries

Butler Galleries
Credits: SNS Studio / Shutterstock

A perfect addition to your list of things to do in Clayton is Butler Galleries.

Butler Galleries officially opened in 1996, and it is a combination of nineteen individuals with the sole aim of offering visitors a unique shopping experience.

The shop offers nice deals on designer items, women’s clothing, home decor, spa items, gourmet food items, antiques, jewelry, and more.

Butler Galleries’ staff is friendly and highly knowledgeable; they are willing to offer options if you are not sure of what to get.

They also offer original artwork and a wide variety of gift items; you can shop for a gift for your loved ones or souvenirs for yourself.

Address: 74 North Main Street, Clayton, GA 30525

15. Clayton Claws & Paws

Clayton Claws & Paws
Credits: Clayton Claws & Paws / Facebook
Clayton Claws & Paws

If you truly love your pet, you would want to give it a nice treat, do well to visit Clayton Claws & Paws, it is the right place for you.

Clayton Claws & Paws provides a cheerful and comfortable environment for pets and their owners; they are deeply concerned about your pets.

They offer a special collection of accessories for your pet, perfect for strolling around town, hiking, or swimming with your furry friend; whatever the mood, maybe there is something for you.

Clayton Claws & Paws allows you to wash your pet yourself at their grooming bath station equipped with the best conditioners, a grooming tub with a ramp, line shampoo, dryer, grooming tools, and more.

You can book appointments to wash your pet, express your pet’s anals glands, or trim your pet’s nails; they offer the best pet services.

Clayton Claws & Paws is owned by a veterinarian and her husband, who is also a veterinarian; the staff is well experienced and competent always offers assistance when needed.

Address: 31 S Main St, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

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Credits: FAITH Furniture & More/ Facebook

For your new home decor collection, add a visit to FAITH’s THRIFT and FURNITURE stores to your Clayton to-do list.

FAITH’s THRIFT and FURNITURE stores is found in the downtown District of Clayton and serve as an active source of income to continue their mission.

They are solely committed to providing household items and clothing for clients and their new homes, with vouchers for the needy families or individuals.

FAITH’s THRIFT and FURNITURE stores is open for donations of clothes, and other useful items from Monday to Thursday from 9am-3am.

They are also called FAITH by community associations and help represent the organization through education to the general public.

Address: 404 S Main St, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

17. Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel
Credits: Zaharia Bogdan Rares / Shutterstock

Whenever you want to go shopping in Clayton, visit Wagon Wheel.

Wagon Wheel features some of the best selection of beautiful items and antiques with home decor to beautify your home.

They offer uniquely designed rugs, mirrors, collectibles, linens, glassware, furniture, pottery, match safes, clocks, and primitives.

Wagon Wheel also offers nice vases, lamps, mantles, silver, tools, arts, jewelry, coins, and much more.

They occupy four buildings of more than 6800sq. Ft, which features more than twenty antique merchants offering quality antiques, including movie props.

Wagon Wheel also purchases antiques from the public; if you have any, bring them to the shop or request for one of the sellers to come to your location instead.

Address: 2311 Highway 441 S, Clayton, GA 30525-5964 United States

18. Kingwood Resort

Kingwood Resort
Credits: Kingwood Resort & Winery / Facebook
Kingwood Resort

Don’t ponder too much about where to stay during your visit. Kingwood Resort is located in a beautiful location in the Southern foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the city.

The resort features all you need to have a memorable experience, including wineries, rolling hills, a championship golf course, and soaring trees.

The golf course is the main highlight of the Kingwood Resort with its 18 holes of challenging play and a driving range with plopping green.

This resort features cozy rooms and 2- or 3- bedroom condos well furnished with large TVs, soft beds, microwaves, and more.

Kingwood Resort features an athletic swimming pool, a fitness center, and a spa within the property. Take a walk through the incredible trails or enjoy a friendly golf competition.

This is one of the fun places to visit in Clayton, do add it to your bucket list of things to do in Clayton, GA.

Address: 401 Country Club Dr, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

19. Route 76 Roadhouse Bar & Grill

Route 76 Roadhouse Bar & Grill
Credits: Ievgenii Meyer / Shutterstock

Add a visit to Route 76 Roadhouse Bar & Grill to your bucket list of things to do in Clayton, GA.

Route 76 Roadhouse Bar & Grill is a fantastic bar & grill spot with a low-key atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

The roadhouse is an inspired dedication to Patrick Swayze, featuring a corn hole, a fire pit, and a lovely designed interior space.

Route 76 Roadhouse Bar & Grill serves meals like lemon peppers, Mild Wings with Ranch, Roadhouse Quesadilla, nachos, Ruben Sandwich, patty melt, salads, burgers, and more.

They offer live music entertainment every Friday and Saturday, which you get to enjoy with a tasty bottle of chilled drink.

Route 76 Roadhouse Bar & Grill is open Monday & Tuesday from 4-10pm, Wednesday & Thursday from 12-10pm, Friday & Saturday from 12pm-12am, and Sunday from 12:30-10pm.

Address: 1504 Hwy 76 W, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

20. White Birch Provisions

White Birch Provisions
Credits: portumen / Shutterstock

Visiting White Birch Provisions is one of the fun thing to do in Clayton, GA. It is a full-service gourmet shop consisting of an espresso bar and bakery.

White Birch Provisions serves some of the city’s best and most relaxing specialty coffee with unique flavor and aroma.

The award of Atlanta’s Vest Roaster was given to their own coffee roaster, cool beans of Marietta. In addition, the bakery features professional bakers who prepare nothing but freshly baked goods on a daily basis.

White Birch Provisions features a farm room that comprises charcuterie, cheeses, and other mouth-watering treats.

They offer excellent products specially sourced from regional vendors and takes pride in the fact that you can’t find them elsewhere.

Address: 60 E Savannah St, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

21. Timpson Creek Gallery

Timpson Creek Gallery
Credits: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

For art devotees, do well to add a visit to Timpson Creek Gallery to your list of things to do in Clayton, GA.

Timpson Creek Gallery is owned by Cecile Thompson, who is said to see the beauty in everything.

The gallery welcomes lots of visitors because of the high quality of her design work. Moreover, people come in their masses to witness the ever-changing selection of procurements which is only possible because of her undying passion for textiles and art.

Timpson Creek Gallery is a facility of more than 10, 000 square feet of aesthetic delight found in two Adirondack-inspired structures.

The gallery showcases different designs of jewelry, art, apparel, antiques, and everything unique that is perfect for your home.

Timpson Creek Gallery offers artists an opportunity to showcase their skills through photography, pottery, organic skincare, woodwork, and quilting.

Address: 7142 Hwy 76, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

22. Rabun County Welcome Center

Rabun County Welcome Center in Clayton is a center that is worth a stop before the beginning of your journey.

The welcome center was established in 1961, nestled in the center of the city, and it has information on everything you need to know about Clayton.

Rabun County Welcome Center features friendly curators who are highly knowledgeable and always ready to offer assistance.

You will find maps and navigation systems to guide you through your adventure with information on Clayton tours.

Rabun County Welcome Center offers assistance to tourists searching for information on the best places to dine, lodge, and enjoy exciting live entertainment.

The center contains literature and brochures from recreational centers, restaurants, museums, shops, galleries, etc. Rabun County Welcome Center is open daily from 9am-5pm.

Address: 10 Seed Tick Rd, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

23. Fortify Kitchen and Bar

Fortify Kitchen and Bar
Credits: Fortify kitchen and bar / Facebook
Fortify Kitchen and Bar

Fortify Kitchen and Bar is owned by Jack Nolan, a man with over twenty-five years of experience in the food industry.

He built the restaurant due to his strong passion for great food, exceptional customer service, and as a great way of giving back to the community and supporting local farmers.

Fortify Kitchen and Bar offers delicious meals with tasty and quality cocktails while offering fantastic services.

The food menu includes GRILLED ROMAINE CAESAR, spring salad, salmon, fried chicken, pork belly, crab cakes, short rib, Falafel Plate, Fried Mozzarella, Sea Scallops, pizza, Pistachio, meatloaf, Filet Mignon with Bacon Jam, duck breast, and more.

Their full service serves drinks like fortify old fashioned, fortify sour, smoking jacket, bourbon ginger sour, belle mead, eagle rare, Johnnie walker black, sean minor pinot noir, storypoint cabernet, and more.

Address: 69 N Main St, Clayton, GA 30525, United States

24. Rabun County Historical Society and Museum

This society exists to preserve the 200-year history that Rabun County has in the Appalachian mountains of Georgia. They don’t just preserve but also organize, collect and display information, artifacts, and photographs about Rabun County.

While touring the 2,300 square feet museum, You will learn about activities and events that shaped the Northeast Georgian regions.

Clayton, GA, was founded from the convergence of five Cherokee trails. Also, the first battle in Georgia occurred in 1911 between an Atlanta electric utility and the widow of a war general.

The opening of the Tallulah Falls Railroad in the late 19th century shaped Georgia’s future. From 1913 to 1927, six dams and hydroelectric generating plants were established along some portions of the Talullah and Tugalo rivers in Rabun and other counties. The scenic view that recreational lakes boast of was forged from the dams.

There’s so much interesting history to learn and explore at Rabun County’s Historical Society and Museum.

Address: 81 N Church St, Clayton, GA 30525, United States.

25. Black Bear Creek Antiques

Black Bear Creek Antiques
Credits: Black Bear Creek Antiques – Clayton, GA / Facebook
Black Bear Creek Antiques

You should visit Black Bear Creek Antiques if you’re an antique lover. There’s something there for everyone.

They have different collections for different needs. There are rare books, collectibles, vintage advertising, mountain home furnishings & d├ęcor, hunting and fishing tools, props for television and film, work by artists in Georgia, and consignment sought and sold.

This Antique store offers a different shopping experience for all its visitors. You can even find a 1966 Harley motorcycle.

Enjoy a full-time vacation experience in Clayton, Georgia, by visiting the Black Bear Creek Antique store. 

Address: 6028 Hwy 76, Clayton, GA 30525, United States.

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Plan a Trip to Clayton

Clayton is a dynamic and vibrant city in Georgia, offering families a memorable vacation experience.

Whether you are traveling alone or with your loved ones, there is something for everyone and a chance to create precious memories.

Learn more about the history of Clayton when you visit its museums and historic building, also attend festivals, interact with locals, and try out some of the delicious meals and local drinks here.

Have a fun trip!