26 Best & Fun Things to Do in Cartersville (GA)

In Bartow County, Georgia, United States, lies the wonderful city of Cartersville. The city, first referred to as Birmingham, was established in 1832 by English Americans.

In 1854, the town’s name was changed to Cartersville, and in 1872, Cartersville was made a city. Cartersville has been the county seat of Bartow county since 1867.

Although a small city with about 23,000 inhabitants, there are numerous unique attractions in Cartersville. It is often referred to as the museum city because of the several museums depicting different historical significance.

In addition, there are renovated historic homes, lively shopping areas, and excellent restaurants serving good food in the city. 

If you’re wondering what to do in Cartersville, here is a guide on the best things to do in Cartersville, GA..

Things to Do in Cartersville, GA

1. Bartow History Museum

Bartow History Museum
Credits: Brent Moore / Flickr
Bartow History Museum

One of the top things to do in Cartersville, GA, is to visit the Bartow History Museum. This red brick Italianate building was initially the Bartow County Courthouse, constructed in 1869. It was the city’s first courthouse and the County’s second courthouse. The Bartow County Courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

The building was later not in use until it was converted to Bartow History Museum in 2010. Bartow History Museum contains the history of the county from when the Cherokee Indians lived there to their removal, the American Civil War, and the lifestyles of Bartow County citizens through history.

The Museum features photographs, artifacts, documents, newspapers, genealogy records, and permanent interactive exhibits. In addition, the Museum offers many educational opportunities for adults, children, schools, etc. Bartow History Museum is open from Monday to Saturday.

Address: 4 E Church St, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

2. The Grand Theater

The Grand Theater
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
The Grand Theater

The Grand Theater is a historic performing arts theater in Cartersville, Georgia. The theater started in 1910 as the Greenwood Theater. In 1911 the name was changed to Grand Opera House following a contest. In 1923, the Theater and some neighboring properties were engulfed by Fire and closed.

The following year, the theater was reopened, but with a new name, “The Grand Theater.” Currently, the Theater, which can accommodate 508 people, is a functional live performance theater. Annually, an Entertainment Series featuring comedy, country music, drama, orchestral concerts, etc., by different groups takes place in the Theater.

The Grand Theater also hosts educational camps and programs for children. The property is also available for rent to hold performances. Visit their website to know the schedule of events during your visit.

Address: 7 N. Wall St., Cartersville GA 30120, USA

3. Lake Allatoona

Lake Allatoona
Credits: Anne Elle / Shutterstock
Lake Allatoona

Among the most famous lakes in the United States is Lake Allatoona which is visited by almost 7 million people annually. Allatoona, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoir, which is 30 miles from Atlanta, Georgia, was created by the damming of Etowah River, a Coosa River tributary. The Lake encompasses 12,000 acres, with shorelines measuring 270 miles.

A significant part of Lake Allatoona lies in Southwestern Cherokee County and southeastern Bartow County. Lake Allatoona and a large portion of the surrounding land are managed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. This metropolitan Atlanta region mainly uses the Lake’s water for drinking.

This Lake is highly visited by those who want to escape the city’s noise due to its peaceful nature. One can also enjoy camping, fishing, boating, and wildlife observation along the breathtaking shoreline. There are also eight marinas and two yacht clubs if you wish for something more spacious. Visiting Lake Allatoona is one of the best things to do in Cartersville, GA.

Address: 1138 GA Highway 20 Spur, Cartersville, GA 30121, USA

4. Booth Western Art Museum

Booth Western Art Museum
Credits: JR P / Flickr
Booth Western Art Museum

Booth Western Art Museum is a fun and educative attraction. Booth Western Art Museum is one of the best places to visit in Cartersville, GA. Established in 2003, Booth Western Art Museum is a 120,000-square-foot museum dedicated to Western United States art.

Booth Western Art Museum is the only Western art museum in southeastern America, Georgia’s second-largest museum, and the museum with the most extensive permanent western art collection in the United States.

The Museum features Civil war iconography, native American arts and crafts, vintage movie posters, and Old West and Contemporary West paintings and sculptures. Top Western artists like Howard Terpning and Charles Marion Russell are the creators of many artworks in the Museum.

The Presidential Gallery is one of Booth Western Art Museum’s outstanding features. The Gallery showcases signed letters from every American President right from Washington. Booth Western Art Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, and advance tickets are mandated. Check their website for working hours and how to purchase a ticket.

Address: 501 N Museum Dr, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

5. Coca-Cola Mural

Coca-Cola Mural
Credits: Brent Moore / Flickr
Coca-Cola Mural

Coca-Cola’s first outdoor painted-wall advertisement in the world is the mural in Cartersville, Georgia. In 1894, James Couden, a hardworking Coca-Cola syrup salesman, painted the mural on the east wall of Young Brothers Pharmacy, formerly referred to as Young Bros Drug Company.

In 1989 the painting was restored to its original form after removing 25 layers of paint. The mural earned the 1990 Georgia Trust Award for Preservation and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Visitors can buy the different Coca-Cola memorabilia available at the site and a visitors book for fans. Ensure to come with your camera to capture great pictures with the mural. 

Address: 2 W Main St., Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

6. Cooper’s Furnace Day Use Area

This parkland which is also known as Cooper’s Iron Works, was originally an iron furnace used by the local economy before and during the Civil War. In 1864, Unionist General Sherman destroyed Furnace.

The attraction is currently listed on the Register of National Historic Places as the only remaining component of Etowah town. Cooper’s Furnace Day Use Area is open seasonally and closed from December to February. Visitors can enjoy hiking on the attractions’ trails, wildlife viewing, hunting, and several water sports.

A view of the dam across Lake Allatoona is visible from the site. There are also picnic areas and two open shelters that accommodate 60 people each. Adjacent to the shelters is a volleyball court and a horseshoe pit. Exploring this serene Park is one of the top things to do in Cartersville, GA.

Address: 1052 Old River Rd SE, Cartersville, GA 30121, USA

7. Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain
Credits: Thomson20192 / Flickr
Pine Mountain

You can see Pine Mountain from most parts of Cartersville, Georgia. Pine Mountain, situated on the southeastern side of Bartow County, is about 1,562 feet high. This Cartersville summit is the third tallest mountain in Bartow County.

Two major trails lead to the peak of the mountain. They are the West Loop and East Loop trails. There are also many switchbacks, but with at most 2.5 kilometers of walking, you can get to the mountain top. Within Pine Mountain’s surroundings are different rock outcrops and a serene forest.

The peak of the mountain offers breathtaking views of Lake Allatoona and Atlanta. Visitors can go hiking along the mountain trails. If you’re up for a challenging experience, why not go hiking at the majestic Pine Mountain in Cartersville, Georgia.

Address: Cartersville, Georgia, USA

8. Lakepoint Station

Lakepoint Station
Credits: studio f22 ricardo rocha / Shutterstock

For incredible family fun, Lakepoint Station is the place to be in Cartersville, Georgia. The Station has so many features everyone would want to try out. Nobody is left out in the fun as there is an activity for every age group.

Lakeoint Station features Georgia’s tallest indoor rock climbing facility containing 17 climbing walls measuring up to 28 feet. In addition, Lakepoint Station has ten full-size bowling lanes, two mini bowling lanes, a state-of-the-art laser tag arena, a complete arcade section, two rollerball lanes, and a mini-golf course.

Kids will surely enjoy precious gem mining in the mountain. To crown it all, Lakepoint is home to the prestigious St. Angelo’s pizza. If you have a sweet tooth, stop by Station Sweets. Lakepoint Station will surely leave the entire family with a memorable, fun experience. Don’t hesitate to add it to your itinerary.

Address: 77 Old Allatoona Rd SE, Cartersville, GA 30121, USA

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9. Tellus Science Museum

Tellus Science Museum
Credits: JR P / Flickr
Tellus Science Museum

This museum is a perfect location for science enthusiasts. Encompassing 120,000-square-foot, Tellus Science Museum is a hub for natural history. This fascinating museum features four galleries: The Fossil Gallery, The Collins Family My Big Backyard, The Weinman Mineral Gallery, and The Millar Science in Motion Gallery.

The Fossil Gallery contains several prehistoric animals built using their skeletons, such as an 80-foot-long Brontosaurus. My Big Backyard is a discovery section for kids. The Weinman Mineral Gallery features the only meteorite to hit a building in Georgia and 50 cases of Georgia’s precious minerals. The Millar Science in Motion Gallery features a century of transportation.

In addition, the Museum houses the 120-seat digital Bentley planetarium, a Solar House, and an observatory containing the latest 20-inch telescope. Live shows are held regularly in the attraction. 

Address: 100 Tellus Dr, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

10. Dellinger Park

Dellinger Park
Credits: Thomson200 [CC BY-SA 1.0], Wikimedia Commons
Dellinger Park
Dellinger Park, which encompasses 111 acres, is the largest park and recreation facility in Cartersville, Georgia. It is an excellent destination for a family outing. The Park has a quiet and nice ambiance. Chilling in this wonderful Park is one of the fun things to do in Cartersville, GA.

There are many facilities that visitors can enjoy, such as an Olympic-sized swimming pool open from May to September, six softball fields, two outdoor basketball courts, a 440-yard football field, 24 lighted tennis courts, a 19-hole miniature golf course, 4–acre lake, gazebo, two playground, picnic shelters, and a 2-mile lighted vita course.

Several community events, including the annual Frisbee Dog Championship, Easter Egg Hunt, and Stars & Stripes Fourth of July Celebration, are hosted by the Dellinger Park

Address: 100 Pine Grove Rd, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

11. Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site

Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site
Credits: Jeffrey M. Frank / Shutterstock
Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site

On Etowah River banks is an intriguing sight to behold. Covering 54 acres, Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site was the residence of native Americans from 1000 A.D. to 1550 A.D. Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966.

In the southeast, the Site is the most intact settlement of Mississippi culture. The Site features six earthen mounds with the highest being 63 feet, a village site, a defensive ditch, a plaza, borrow pits, and a nature trail leading to Etowah River, where you can see a v-shaped fish trap.

You are likely to understand more about the culture of that ancient time after viewing the artifacts discovered during excavation. These artifacts, which are preserved in an onsite museum, include shell beads, copper ear ornaments, paints, feathers, sophisticated hairstyles, feathers, etc.

On-site are hand-carved effigies and objects made of seashells, wood, and stone. This historic site is open every day of the week. Exploring this Historic Site is one of the fun things to do in Cartersville, GA.

Address: 813 Indian Mound Rd SE, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

12. Pettit Creek Farm

Pettit Creek Farm
Credits: Mariaprovector / Shutterstock

One of the fun things to do in Cartersville, GA, is to visit the Petit Creek Farm, especially if you’re an animal lover. Founded in 1945, this 30-hectare traditional southern farm offers walking tours, pony rides, picnic tables, hayrides, and wildlife viewing in the petting zoo.

The petting zoo contains common farm and exotic animals, including, Kangaroo, lemur, zebra, chicken, cow, goats, giraffe, llamas, capybaras, reindeer, and camel. Petit Creek Farm has Georgia’s largest camel herd. If you want some adrenaline-pumping adventure, you can advance to the Aerial Adventure Course or go on the Zipline Canopy Tour, equipped with the latest equipment and well-trained guides.

 In addition, every year, two farm celebrations are held on the Farm. The celebrations include Pumpkin Fest and A Country Christmas. Petite Creek Farm also hosts varying events. You can’t afford to miss this location. Don’t hesitate to add it to your checklist.

Address: 337 Cassville Rd, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

13. Cartersville’s Historic Downtown Shopping District

Downtown Shopping District
Credits: Rob Hainer / Shutterstock
Downtown Shopping District

This district is one of Cartersville’s fascinating locales. If you’re searching for something unique, this commercial area which dates back centuries, is just the right place for you. Though the area is a shopping district, it is also home to other establishments and historic structures.

Cartersville Historic Downtown Shopping District features 27 retail stores, two museums, 15 restaurants, four specialty food stores, ten salons, spas, etc. You can shop for antiques, fine art, collectibles, artifacts, clothes, jewelry pieces, aromatherapy oils, etc., in the finest shops in northwestern Georgia.

One of the historic structures in the district is the Grand Theater offering first-class theatrical performances. You can also stroll through the district to discover the beauty of the community. The restaurants in the district are top-notch, serving authentic, delicious local and exotic dishes. Exploring Cartersville’s Historic Downtown Shopping District is one of the fun things to do in Cartersville, GA.

Address: 1 Friendship Plaza, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

14. Rose Lawn Museum

Rose Lawn Museum
Credits: Onasill – Bill – Temporarily Closed / Flickr
Rose Lawn Museum

One historic building in Cartersville, Georgia, is the prestigious Rose Lawn Museum. The Victorian-style mansion was originally built in the 1860s by Nelson Gilreath, a local merchant. During the 1880s, Samuel Porter Jones, a renowned evangelist, bought the property.

The Rose Lawn Museum was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. In 1978, Bartow County bought the house and turned it into a museum that preserves Sam Jones’s and Rebecca Latimer Felton’s writings and Memorabilia. Rebecca Latimer Felton is the first woman to serve in the United States senate.

The attraction was named Rose Lawn because there used to be 200 rose bushes in the building’s walkways and fences. The Rose Lawn Museum is currently a famous event venue and is open for tours. Don’t hesitate to tour this spectacular Museum.

Address: 224 W Cherokee Ave, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

15. Cooper’s Friendship Monument

Cooper’s Friendship Monument
Credits: Brent Moore / Flickr
Cooper’s Friendship Monument

One unusual historical landmark in Cartersville, Georgia, and the only one of its kind in the world, is the Cooper’s Friendship Monument because it’s a monument of a debtor to his creditors. Mark Anthony Cooper, the owner of Cooper’s Iron Works, had financial troubles but was rescued by 38 friends.

In 1857, Cooper commissioned a monument, “The Friendship Monument,” to honor his 38 friends. The monument has the names of the 38 friends inscribed on it. The monument was a way to show that he appreciated their good deeds. Do check it out during your stay in Cartersville, Georgia.

Address: 5 E Main St, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

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16. Noble Hill-Wheeler Memorial Center

Noble Hill-Wheeler Memorial Center
Credits: Official Noble Hill-Wheeler Memorial Center / Facebook
Noble Hill-Wheeler Memorial Center

The Noble Hill-Wheeler Memorial Center was initially the Noble Hill Rosenwald School which was built in 1923. The school was the first established to educate black children in northwestern Georgia.

In 1955, the school was closed after the black kids in Bartow County were merged to establish the Bartow Elementary School. The school was refurbished in 1989 and afterward converted into a black cultural museum featuring Bartow County’s African-American history emphasizing lifestyles from as far back as the 1800s.

The Center also contains a small resource library and a facility for holding events. Every year, Noble Hill-Wheeler Memorial Center has programs including Summer Heritage, Labour Day Picnic, Unsung Heroes Banquet, etc.

Address: 2361 Joe Frank Harris Pkwy NW, Cassville, GA 30123, USA

17. Terminus Wake Park

Terminus Wake Park
Credits: Gerain0812 / Shutterstock

Check out Terminus Wake Park if you’re up for an unusual adventure. Terminus Wake Park is the location for wakeboarding and knee boarding. The facility is suitable for all age groups, experienced or not.

This Wake Park is the first cable wake park in Georgia and the biggest in the United States. For a premium water sports experience, Terminus Wake Park features a Learn-to-Ride cable, two full-sized cable lakes, and an Aqua Park- a massive inflatable water playground.

You don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner, because the Park is beginner friendly. A Learn-to-Ride cable was specially designed for beginners. Wakeboarding or knee boarding in Terminus Wake Park is one of the fun things to do in Cartersville, GA. You will surely have a fantastic experience.

Address: 171 LakePoint Pkwy, Cartersville, GA 30121, USA

18. Appalachian Grill

Appalachian Grill
Credits: Appalachian Grill / Facebook
Appalachian Grill

You can’t go wrong with an excellent American dish during a vacation. Appalachian Grill is a great location with a comfy setting offering outstanding American meals. This restaurant was tagged Georgia’s most charming restaurant by Lovefood.com.

This exceptional restaurant was opened in 2001 and has maintained the quality of its meals ever since. Appalachian Grill serves main dishes such as savory pecan-crusted chicken, soup like shrimp bisque, salads, dessert, burgers, and sandwiches.

A bar menu offers red wines, white wines, and beers. The restaurant doesn’t allow reservations, and meals are served on a first-come basis. Appalachian Grill is open from Tuesday through Saturday.

Address: 14 E Church St, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

19. 4-Way Lunch

4-Way Lunch
Credits: Jackson David Reynolds / Facebook
4-Way Lunch

This restaurant is reputed as the Oldest Restaurant without a telephone in Georgia. 4-Way Lunch is a small, simple restaurant that opened in 1931. The restaurant prevailed over the Civil Rights Era tensions, the ravaging fire in 1993, and the change in inventions accompanied by the 21st century.

The restaurant began with Fred Garrison cooking burgers. In 1972, his son Ernest took over the business. 4 Way Lunch serves French fries, hot dogs, fried pies, and burgers. Enjoy a meal in a Vintage Southern diner ambiance with excellent customer service.

The food is quite large, and prices are affordable. Not to worry, there’s ample parking space. Despite its age, the diner still serves delicious meals worth trying. Ensure you check it out during your visit to Cartersville, Georgia.

Address: E Main, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

20. Leake Mounds Interpretative Trail

Leake Mounds Interpretative Trail
Credits: Thomson200 [CC BY-SA 1.0], Wikimedia Commons
Leake Mounds Interpretative Trail
Two miles west of Etowah Mounds lies the incredible Leake Mounds, a significant archeological native American site constructed by the people of Swift Creek Culture. The Leake Mounds date back to the Middle Woodland Period ( between 300 BC and 600 AD).

The site is protected so the public can share in the County’s history. An interpretative walking trail measuring 1.5 miles was created at the site of the Leake Mounds. The Leake Mounds Interpretative Trail features 18 interactive markers, each possessing QR codes.

The markers offer visitors more information about the historic native site, including the archeological findings. Get enlightened on the history of Bartow County in the intriguing Leake Mounds Interpretative Trail.

Address: 1700 West Ave, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

21. Drowned Valley Brewing Company

Drowned Valley Brewing Company
Credits: UfaBizPhoto / Shutterstock

Drowned Valley Brewing Company is a haven for beer lovers. Founded in 1845 by Mark Anthony Cooper, this Company is the first craft brewery in Cartersville. The Company’s name was gotten from the historic Etowah town. Drowned Valley Brewing Company has won 11 professional awards.

The outstanding beers are prepared to offer quality and good taste to their patrons. The Brewery offers 16 beers on tap and a vast selection of to-go beers. Some beers include Cartersville Light, English Mild, Long Gone Blonde, Bartow Brown, etc.

While enjoying your beer, you can watch football on TV, join the varying games played on site, or relax beside the fire pit outside. Visitors can also enjoy live music performed onsite. Several food trucks are usually at the company to make your experience more spectacular.

In addition, you can come along with your pet because Drowned Valley Brewing Company is pet friendly. This Brewing Company is open every day of the week. Check the Company’s website for their working hours as it varies.

Address:4 S Tennessee Street, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

22. JZs Taste of Georgia

JZs Taste of Georgia
Credits: allstars / Shutterstock

One of the best things to do in Cartersville, GA, is to visit the JZs Taste of Georgia. The family-owned enterprise offers so many packages just in one location. JZs sell and offers tasting of a wide selection of some of the best Georgia wines and craft beers.

Patrons can also shop for meats and cheese specially sourced from Georgian farms. Additionally, there’s a section for gifts and artworks made in Georgia. The local arts and crafts can serve as memorabilia of the beautiful city of Cartersville, Georgia.

Address: 17 E Main Street, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

23. Olive Tree & Vine

Olive Tree & Vine
Credits: masa44 / Shutterstock

Cartersville is home to one of the world-renowned locations for a wide selection of Olive oil. Olive Tree and Vine is an outstanding store that specializes in the sale of foreign high-quality Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.

The enterprise also features a wine shop offering local and internationally sourced craft wines and beers, a smoothie bar, and a coffee shop. Artisan products such as artisan pasta, rubs, dips, tapenade, and more are also available in the location.

Some special activities are held in the location, such as an open mic in the coffee shop, wine tasting during the weekends, and cooking evenings. Olive Tree and Vine also feature artwork created by local artists. So much to offer in Just one place!. Do well to check it out. Shopping in Olive Tree & Vine is one of the best things to do in Cartersville, GA.

Address: 26 W Main St, Cartersville, GA 30120, USA

24. Red Top Mountain State Park Campground

Red Top Mountain State Park Campground
Credits: Day Of Victory Studio / Shutterstock

One of the top things to do in Cartersville, GA, is to spend as much time as possible at Red Top Mountain State Park Campground. 

Red Top Mountain State Park Campground is ideal for water skiing, swimming, and fishing. Guest can come along with their own boat or rent from marinas nearby. 

A sand swimming beach lies in a cove encircled by trees, providing a lovely place to cool off during summer. 

You can rent picnic and group shelters for reunions, parties, and lots more. 

Visitors can stay overnight in the rental cottages, the park’s lakeside yurt, or a spacious campground. 

Although the park is most popular for its 12,000-acre lake, Red Top Mountain is also excellent for hiking. 

Over 15 miles of trails meander through the forested park, providing opportunities to take pictures of nature and physical exercises. 

Address: Cartersville, GA 30121, United States

25. Allatoona Pass Battlefield Park

Allatoona Pass Battlefield Park is a historically important location due to its role in two main incidents during the American Civil War.

The park has a deep railroad cut that was the location of the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862. 

On October 5, 1864, two and a half years after the fall of Atlanta, one of the most obstinate fought battles of the Civil Wars was waged on the site. 

Of the 5,301 men involved, 30 percent died in the five-hours battle. 

Today, the trenches and earthworks are well maintained, and an interpretive sign narrates the battle’s story. 

The Red Top Mountain State Park manages the site. 

Also, several monuments honoring the soldiers who fought in the battle and interpretive panels provide context for the battle. 

Address:Old Allatoona Rd SE, Cartersville, GA 30121, United States

26. Cartersville Farmer’s Market

Cartersville Farmer’s Market
Credits: Ary Acevedo / Shutterstock

Cartersville Farmer’s Market is committed to linking the locals in Cartersville and its surrounding areas to local farmers and producers via growing an inviting community hub featuring different locally-sources goods while remaining focused on teaching consumers about the health benefit of farm-fresh food. 

Visit Cartersville Farmer’s Market and shop for fresh, locally- sourced food and agricultural products while indulging in a delicious breakfast from the food trucks. 

You can come here with your family, make new ones, enjoy live shows from local artists and pet cute animals. 

Cartersville Farmer’s Market is a vibrant gathering spot filled with fresh tastes, sounds, and smells for your Saturday morning. 

You will also discover the most delicious foods and highest quality agricultural products while familiarizing the local growers and producers. 

Address:10 North Public Square, Cartersville, GA 30120, United States

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Plan a Trip to Cartersville

There are lots of attractions Cartersville, Georgia, offers to the public. Why not partake in what the lovely city has to offer.

Family, friends, and loved ones will indeed have a memorable time on this incredible vacation ground. Start planning a trip to this city today.