25 Best & Fun Things to Do in North Port (FL)

In search of the best and fun things to do in North Port, FL?

North Port is nestled between Tampa and Fort Myers in Sarasota County; the city was initially integrated under the name North Port Charlotte in 1959. The name Charlotte was removed after a referendum was held in 1974.

If you’re a lover of nature, North Port is the best place for you. The city has lots of attractions and activities for an amazing experience.

North Port is a mix of culture, nature, and history, so there is too much of everything, including outdoor adventures and indoor relaxation.

Have you ever heard of the warm mineral springs popularly called the fountain of youth, which is said to rejuvenate one’s body and make one look younger?, you can as well find such springs in North Port.

Let’s explore the top things to do in North Port, FL

Things to Do in North Port

1. Warm Mineral Springs

Warm Mineral Springs
Credits: Ebyabe [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Warm Mineral Springs
A city isn’t tourist-friendly if it doesn’t have relaxing and peaceful places for you to relax and get relieved from stress.

One of the top things to do in North port is visiting Warm Mineral Springs whenever you feel stressed out.

Warm Mineral Springs consists of twenty-three minerals that are said to help the body energize and revive one’s body.

The area is located on San Servando Avenue, and it is well closed for fear of wild animals invading and is constantly monitored.

Warm Mineral Springs is surrounded by large oak trees with lush grass, almost like a real-life fountain of youth. The area is said to carry so much geological history, and it is well known by eastern Europeans.

The people of North port take pride in the warm mineral springs as they say it can make you look 20 years younger.

Address: 12200 San Servando Ave, North Port, FL 34287-1229 United States

2. CoolToday Park

CoolToday Park
Credits: Nemov [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
CoolToday Park
Amongst the top things to do in North Port, FL, is visiting CoolToday Park, which was established in 2019, on the 24th of March.

CoolToday Park is a state-of-the-art facility used as the spring training home of the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball.

This park was built virtually with the people in mind as it is one of the best sports facilities in the state, a perfect place for everyone, whether you’re a baseball fan or not.

CoolToday Park has a seating capacity of eight thousand people with a two-level seating, including two luxury suites with a first and third base special-ticketed terrace.

The luxury suites feature a full-service bar with six hundred and fifty seats, including numerous sponsored areas to watch the game from.

CoolToday Park consists of seven fields throughout the ninety acres sports facility available for visitors who want to make good use of it for markets, concerts, and other community events.

CoolToday Park also features several concessions like braves bbq, green fields, fish camp, chicken coop, and more that serve delicious meals.

Make sure you try out some of the unique drinks and food selections at the Tomahawk Tiki bar.

Address:18800 W Villages Pkwy, North Port, FL 34287 United States

3. North Port Performing Arts Center

North Port Performing Arts Center
Credits: Stokkete / Shutterstock

North Port Performing Arts Center is a center that guarantees you a fun entertainment experience and is the second-largest art Center in the entire country.

The center consists of almost one thousand seats and serves as a venue for several citywide and annual events.

North Port Performing Arts Center hosts off-broadway shows of musical concerts like symphony echo, North port concert band, and North port Chorale.

Since being open for more than two decades, this theater has become a part of people’s lives and memorable moments.

North Port Performing Arts Center is a great place to support the locals and meet and interact with locals and visitors.

Don’t miss out, buy your tickets on their website and check out the events and dates.

Address: 6400 W Price Blvd, North Port, FL 34291, United States

4. Soul Escape Massage & Bodywork

Soul Escape Massage & Bodywork
Credits: 1989studio / Shutterstock

Certainly, you need to find time and a place to relax and relieve yourself from all the stress and take a break from the fun.

Soul Escape Massage & Bodywork pampers your body and sure knows how to make you feel like royalty.

They offer several kinds of holistic treatments that produce the best possible results and customized services to suit your needs.

Soul Escape Massage & Bodywork offers services like Thai massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, and others.

They also specialize in hot massage, raindrop therapy, full-body salt, pregnancy MLD, myofascial release, Vodder manual lymphatic drainage, sports MLD, and pregnancy MLD.

Each of the services offered by Soul Escape Massage & Bodywork are beneficial to the spirit, body, and mind.

Soul Escape Massage & Bodywork is open on Wednesday from 10am-7pm, Thursday from 11am-7pm, Friday from 10am-6:30pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm (closed Monday & Tuesday).

Address:2525 Bobcat Village Center Rd unit 104, North Port, FL 34288, United States

5. West Coast Auction Company

 West Coast Auction Company
Credits: West Coast Auction Co. / Facebook
West Coast Auction Company

For an extraordinary experience, add a visit to West Coast Auction Company to your checklist of things to do in North port.

West Coast Auction Company is one of the most famous auction houses in the Gulf Coast region of South West Florida.

The company hosts live auctions on collectibles, real estate, antiques, and many more, making people from different parts of the country come to North Port to participate.

West Coast Auction Company is majoring in estates and business liquidation and regularly hosts auctions open to everyone.

Some of the auctioned items might include electronics, housewares, sports equipment, jewelry, and art.

West Coast Auction Company consists of furniture consignment showrooms open to everyone with an appointment.

Address: 1001 Corporate Ave, North Port, FL 34289, United States

6. Oaks Park

Oaks Park
Credits: antstang / Shutterstock

Oaks Park is located on Mandrake Terrace and stretches over seventeen acres of tall trees and flowers.

The park features hiking and biking trails; Oaks Park is said to have the best Mountain biking trails in the region.

Oaks Park comprises picnic areas with picnic tables excellent for family reunions or get-togethers, don’t forget to come along with enough food and drinks.

The park is part of Myakkahatchee Creek Greenway and a dog-friendly nature preserve that offers you all the fun you need.

Address: 5430 Mandrake Terrace, North Port, FL 34291 United States

7. McKibben Park

McKibben Park
Credits: Olena Yakobchuk / Shutterstock

For an awesome experience, add a visit to McKibben Park to your North port to-do list; it offers both land and water activities.

McKibben Park is a four-acre park facility found along the Blue ridge waterway and fully equipped; there is a beautiful playground for kids.

There is a basketball court, racquetball court, tennis courts, and shuffleboard, and it also features a kayak/canoe launch.

McKibben Park consists of designated sites for picnics with picnic tables, an outdoor grill, and a pavilion without electricity.

The park also features a large green space with scenic views and a nice place for dogs to run around.

There are clean restrooms and a parking lot in McKibben Park, coupled with an adequately maintained environment and other amenities.

Address: 5500 Trekell St. North Port, FL 34287 United States

8. Fine Bait & Tackle

Fine Bait & Tackle
Credits: Rocksweeper / Shutterstock

Fine Bait & Tackle is your number one go-to store that caters to all your fishing needs in North port.

It is a unique store that offers great deals on fishing equipment, including lures, bait, and other local fish materials.

Fine Bait & Tackle has something for everyone starting from freshwater fishing to saltwater fishing.

The store owner also tries to educate its customers about the right spot and ways to fish, always ready to answer all your questions.

Fine Bait & Tackle owners and staff are friendly and helpful, ensuring everyone is well attended to and gets whatever they need.

Address: 14503 Tamiami Trail A, North Port, FL 34287, United States

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9. Butler Park

Butler Park
Credits: Eric Cote / Shutterstock

Butler Park is a lovely park that stretches to over forty-two acres of land consisting of multipurpose athletic fields.

The park comprises a basketball court, large green spaces, kayak, or canoe launch, with walking trails for quiet walks around the park.

You and your family can go on a picnic here; there are picnic tables, Pavillion, and concession stands for a fantastic picnic.

Butler Park is home to North port Aquatic center and Morgan family community center; this is a dog-friendly park with restrooms and a parking lot.

Address: 6203 West Price Blvd. North Port, FL 34287 United States

10. Scotty’s Pub

Scotty's Pub
Credits: S_Photo / Shutterstock

If you are searching for a place to relax and hang out with your family and friends, add a visit to Scotty’s Pub to your list of things to do in North Port.

Scotty’s Pub is one of the oldest and most popular pubs in the city that offers a friendly and lively ambiance that makes guests groove all night long.

The pub offers an impressive selection of wines and beers with great tastes and quality, coupled with good food.

Scotty’s Pub features fun games, pool tables, karaoke, and other fun activities for you to engage in with your buddies.

This local pub also offers incredible live music with talented DJs and artists that bring out your partying spirit.

Scotty’s Pub staff is friendly and offers excellent services that will surely make you want to come back again.

Address:b14530 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287, United States

11. Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park

Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park
Credits: Daxiao Productions / Shutterstock

Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park is a one hundred and sixty publicly-owned outdoor recreational park.

This nature resource conservation park is surrounded by several natural amenities and is a perfect place for those who want to get outside and have fun.

Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park features biking and hiking trails ideal for beginners and experts.

It is open for camping only by permit; you will find the Myakkahatchee creek connector bridge connecting to Sarasota County’s Carlton Reserve.

Several species of birds flock around the park, making it a perfect place for bird watching, coupled with picnic facilities and nice restrooms.

The creek is open for kayak and canoe launches and is also a quiet and peaceful spot if you ever want to relax and meditate.

Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park is the perfect place to create unforgettable family memories.

Address: 6968 Reisterstown Rd, North Port, FL 34291, United States

12. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms
Credits: Victor Moussa / Shutterstock

Your visit to Escape Rooms will be one of the major highlights of your vacation in North Port, especially with your friends and family.

Escape Rooms should be on your list of things to do in North Port if you’re a fan of brain-tasking and logical games.

You and your teammates will be locked up in a room, and each game requires sixty minutes to search for clues, and ideas to solve puzzles which help you escape the room before the time elapses.

Escape Rooms require a hundred percent brain work and teamwork, which helps increase the bond and relationship between families, friends, colleagues, and couples.

These escape rooms are unique and different from other escape rooms; the games are challenging and fun.

Address:14969 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287, United States

13. Blue Ridge Park

Blue Ridge Park
Credits: Vitalii Nesterchuk / Shutterstock

If you are in the mood for a fun day out, add a visit to Blue Ridge Park to your list of things to do in North Port.

Blue Ridge Park is a beautiful 6 acres park situated along the blue bridge waterway, one of the five parks connected to the blueway.

The park features a newly renovated playground with many fun play equipment applicable for children from two to twelve years.

Blue Ridge Park features designated picnic areas with picnic tables and Pavillions with electricity available for rentals for families on a picnic.

The park is available for canoe or kayak launch and fishing. In addition, the large green space adds more beauty to the park.

Blue Ridge Park is a dog-friendly park with an outdoor grill, restrooms, and a parking lot that is easily accessible.

Address:2155 Ridgewood Dr, North Port, FL 34287, United States

14. The Axe Haus

The Axe Haus
Credits: AP Group of Photographers / Shutterstock

Axe throwing is one fun things to do in North Port, FL, For a wonderful axe throwing experience, The Axe Haus is the right place to visit.

The Axe Haus is an indoor axe throwing sporting center that guarantees you great fun when you throw axes with your pals.

It is a veteran-owned axe throwing venue that hosts different decent competitions, and they are also a member of the World Axe Throwing League.

The Axe Haus provides all you need to have a smooth axe throwing session, offering safety guidelines and materials to guarantee your safety.

You don’t have to panic or worry if you are a novice and have no idea of what and how to play the game; the Axe Haus features coaches and instructors that offer tutorials before each session.

Address:7040 Sumter Crossing Dr, North Port, FL 34287-4911 United States

15. Americas Best Value Inn & Suites North Port

Americas Best Value Inn & Suites North Port is one of the best hotels in North Port that offers a home away from home treatment.

The resort is close to the warm minerals springs park; it consists of an outdoor pool and other fantastic amenities for relaxation.

Americas Best Value Inn & Suites North Port features comfortable rooms fully equipped with flat-screen TVs, microwaves, tables, sofas, mini-fridges, and kitchenettes.

The hotel also features a comfortable restaurant that serves detectable meals with a full-service bar that offers several kinds of drinks.

There is a free Wi-Fi network throughout the property with a large parking garage. Americas Best Value Inn & Suites North Port guarantees you a safe and peaceful stay.

Americas Best Value Inn & Suites North Port offers 24/7 dry cleaning, housekeeping, and other services.

Address:14000 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287, United States

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16. Linksters Tap Room

Linksters Tap Room
Credits: Libor Fousek / Shutterstock

A local place that offers a high level of North Port hospitality is the Linksters Tap Room; it serves as a meeting point for many locals and tourists.

Linksters Tap Room is mostly concerned with providing everyone with an amazing neighborhood bar moment.

The taproom offers the best kinds of craft beers, wines, and authentic liquor for reasonable prices you can’t get elsewhere.

Linksters Tap Room features pool tables with a golden Tee open to everyone, and smoking isn’t allowed inside.

The sports bar is usually clean and safe with excellent staff services for all your friends and family to have a wonderful time here.

Address:4371 Aidan Ln, North Port, FL 34287, United States

17. Heron Creek Golf Course

Heron Creek Golf Course
Credits: Bohbeh / Shutterstock

Golfing is fun in North Port when you golf with friends and family at Heron Creek Golf Course for an exceptional golfing experience.

Heron Creek Golf Course is a top-notch golf facility with golf courses that are challenging but extremely fun.

The golf course is perfect for learners, intermediate, and experts having a total of twenty-seven holes.

Heron Creek Golf Course features a grill restaurant where you can stop by after your golf games and enjoy delightful meals.

There is a golf pro-on-site that offers all you need for a smooth golfing moment; the golf course helps you test and master your skills.

Address: 3401 S Sumter Blvd, North Port, FL 34287-7330 United States

18. Cocoa Yoga Cafe

Cocoa Yoga Cafe
Credits: AboutLife / Shutterstock

Have you ever attended a yoga class? Whether your answer is yes or no, do well to add a visit to Cocoa Yoga Cafe to your schedule of things to do in North Port.

Cocoa Yoga Cafe offers outstanding yoga services like you have never experienced; they teach you all you need to know to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

They offer the best yoga classes for beginners open to both adults and children, which helps to balance their continual growth.

Cocoa Yoga Cafe is both a yoga studio and juice bar which offers freshly squeezed smoothies, healthy tapas, and juices

The cafe also offers an Italian-styled coffee menu, including herbal teas, all these services offered move toward encouraging inner peace, flexibility, and stability.

Address:13843 Tamiami Trl, North Port, FL 34287-2069 United States

19. Atwater Community Park

Atwater Community Park
Credits: Chutima Chaochaiya / Shutterstock

 You can’t leave a beautiful city like North port without having a fun time with your entire family at one of the best fun parks in the city.

For an exciting experience, add a visit to Atwater Community Park to your list of things to do in North Port.

Atwater Community Park is the best option, especially on a hot summer day for you to cool off and relax.

The park features a playground for kids comprising different intriguing play equipment, including a baseball court.

Atwater Community Park consists of reserved areas for picnics with benches and tables perfect for an outdoor family lunch.

The kids will love the splash pads; when visiting, do well to come with wide hats, sunblock, and sunglasses, as the shades available might not be sufficient.

Address: 4475 Skyway Ave, North Port, FL 34288, United States

20. Common Ground Meeting Hall

For that your next special events, Common Ground Meeting Hall is the perfect place for you in the city of North Port.

Common Ground Meeting Hall is a true definition of a multipurpose building that can serve as a meeting hall broadcasting, listening room, and performance venue.

The hall can be used during the day for virtual meetings by educational & government groups, civic community, private and non-profit organizations.

Common Ground Meeting Hall is also used at night as an intimate performance venue featuring eighty seats with a state-of-the-art sound system excellent for poets, acoustic musicians, performers, and comedians.

This hall is well equipped with state of the art camera and switching equipment with full bandwidth Internet connections for a smooth and professional broadcast.

Address:12737 S Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287, United States

21. Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

 Beef 'O' Brady's
Credits: Beef ‘O’ Brady’s North Port / Facebook
Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s a family-friendly eatery that never disappoints when serving delicious American cuisines.

They ensure the meals are made with nothing but the best and freshest locally sourced ingredients for healthy and delicious meals.

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is nicely decorated with several flat-screen TVs and more, offering a welcoming ambiance to locals and tourists.

Some meals served include buffalo chicken sandwiches, cheesy bbq bacon chicken, grilled shrimp, fish ‘N’ chips, hand-breaded chicken tenders, grilled salmon, fish tacos, veggie bowl, chicken nuggets, seasoned rice, and more.

Aside from food, snacks, and desserts, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s also serves delightful drinks, including beers and soft drinks.

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is open from Monday to Thursday from 11am-10pm, Friday & Saturday from 11am-11pm, and Sunday from 12pm-10pm.

Address:1037 Sumter Blvd, North Port, FL 34286, United States

22. Your CBD Store

 Your CBD Store
Credits: Your CBD Store (North Port, FL) / Facebook
Your CBD Store

Are you looking for a store in North Port that offers good deals on any kind of creams suitable for your particular skin tone.

Your CBD Store is the best place for you, and all their products are hundred percent organic and produced using natural ingredients.

The store offers nothing short of quality and certified products, including CBD edibles, CBD Vape products, CBD skincare lotions, CBD pet treats & tinctures, CBD water-soluble, CBD topical creams, and more.

The products have been certified to offer great health benefits without any effects like psychoactive effects.

Your CBD Store offers effective products that reduce depression or feelings of distress, inflammation, epileptic seizures, and relieve pains.

This makes what to do in North Port for a fun time, do add to your bucket list of things to do in North Port, FL.

Address:14849 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287, United States

23. Jet’s Pizza

Jet's Pizza
Credits: El Nariz / Shutterstock

A wonderful restaurant in North Port that offers nothing rather than delicious meals is the Jet’s Pizza restaurant.

Jet’s Pizza ensures there is something for everyone; they offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

They are your number destination if you are craving delicious pizza with a twist, coming with different toppings of your choice.

You can choose your own pizza toppings or pick from their signature pizzas, including Buffalo ranch chicken, bbq chicken, chicken parmesan, aloha bbq chicken, and more.

Jet’s Pizza also serves amazing chicken wings, salads, desserts, sandwiches, drinks, etc. They are open from Monday to Thursday from 11am-9pm and Friday to Sunday from 11am-10pm.

Address:1159 Sumter Blvd, North Port, FL 34286, United States

24. Walton Ranch Preserve

Walton Ranch Preserve
Credits: JGA / Shutterstock

Walton Ranch Preserve is situated on over 3,000 acres of land, including ranchland, hammocks, and marshes. 

This area acts as a conservation corridor to safeguard the watershed and environmentally sensitive land. 

This hike will take you through various natural communities and recreational opportunities. 

The preserve is open to outdoor lovers who like to bike, hike, observe birds, and watch the natural habitats that were part of an operating ranch for over 130 years. 

Walton Ranch Preserve is a great spot for solitude and peace. 

Address: 7020 Toledo Blade Blvd, North Port, FL 34289, United States

25. Deer Prairie Creek Preserve South

Deer Prairie Creek Preserve South
Credits: Skumer / Shutterstock

Deer Prairie Creek Preserve South’s trail is considered to be moderately challenging. 

The trail is popular for biking, walking, horseback riding, and hiking, but you can still enjoy some peace during the quiet times of the day. 

While strolling the preserve’s trails, you will come across different native habitats, including seasonal wetlands, prairie hammocks, and flat pine woods. 

Parts of the trail provide a lovely outlook along the edge of the Myakka River and Deer Prairie Creek. 

The preserve has over 70 miles of hiking trails which are not paved but accessible to most guests. 

All trail intersections have several trail markers, and specific trails can be shared by horse riders, bicyclists, and hikers. 

After an extended period of heavy downpours, the trails may be flooded during summer. 

When coming to Deer Prairie Creek Preserve South, it is recommended that you bring drinking water, sunblock, a rain jacket, sturdy shoes for hiking, and insect repellant. 

Dogs are welcome, but they must be on a leash. 

Address: 10201 S Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287, United States

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Plan a Trip to North Port

North Port is the perfect escapade from all the bustling and hustling of the world. This small town in Ulster County is your perfect weekend destination.

The city’s unique charm can not be overemphasized; the moment you step in, you will be captivated by the beauty and amazing nature.

North Port is also a fun place to take the kids, with museums, outdoor pursuits, nature preserve, and performing arts to enjoy.

Start planning a trip to Nort Port, FL.