25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Davenport (FL)

Would you like to know the best and fun things to do in Davenport, FL?

Davenport is a beautiful city in Polk County, Florida, United States. The city is filled with several impressive attractions.

It is a beautiful destination due to its endless scenic views, an outstanding number of state and city parks, beautiful historical attractions, fascinating recreational opportunities, and adventurous culinary options.

Davenport is genuinely a mix of entertaining, fun, historic, and recreational activities that you can do, and you will never run out of places to go because you will discover the magnificent beauty of the past and the incredible history of the area.

Let’s explore the top things to do in Davenport, FL.

Things to Do in Davenport, FL

1. Fun at Wilson Park

Wilson Park
Credits: Olesia Bilkei / Shutterstock

For a fun family day out, Wilson Park is a park you will love to visit and get ready to have a blast.

Wilson Park is a charming community park that is open to everyone free of charge. It features excellent trails perfect for long walks with your pals or dog.

The park features a water play area that contains several water jets for children to explore and have a great time.

Wilson Park has very spacious green grass fields where you can sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The park has a large parking lot; the park is open from Saturday to Monday from 7am-8pm, Thursday & Wednesday from 7am-8:30pm, Thursday from 7am-8pm, and Friday from 7am-9pm.

Wilson Park is an incredible park that will always stand the test of time; make sure you stop by and be sure of having a blast.

Address: County Rd 547, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

2. Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas IMAX

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas IMAX
Credits: Shift Drive / Shutterstock

One of the top things to do in Davenport is visiting Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas IMAX for a wonderful movie experience.

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas IMAX is one of the best cinemas in Davenport; it is located at Posner Park shopping Mall.

The movie theater features a large flat-screen Tv, comfortable seats, and great sound systems, which ensures you enjoy your movie.

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas IMAX offers delightful wines, beers, as well as delicious gourmet snacks that you can all take to your seats.

The environment is clean and organized with friendly staff who try to create a lively and friendly atmosphere for their guests to feel relaxed.

Visit Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas IMAX, get a movie ticket, and get ready for a fantastic movie experience.

Address:5500 Grandview Pkwy, Davenport, FL 33837, United States.

3. Sh-Boom Ice Cream and Sweets

Sh-Boom Ice Cream and Sweets
Credits: Atsushi Hirao / Shutterstock

Satisfy your ice cream cravings by visiting Sh-Boom Ice Cream and Sweets, the number one ice cream palace in Davenport.

The moment you walk past the door, you’re welcomed with a beautifully decorated store with lots of inspiration from the 50s and 60s.

Sh-Boom Ice Cream and Sweets offers a comprehensive list of ice cream made with different flavors.

They serve super tasty milkshakes, sweets, hot drinks, beverages with a twist to them for your satisfaction.

Sh-Boom Ice Cream and Sweets offers forty-eight different flavors, including sugar-free and dairy-free ice cream.

They are open from Tuesday to Thursday from 1pm-8pm, Friday & Saturday from 1pm-10pm, and Sunday from 1pm-8pm (closed on Monday).

Address: 42649 US-27, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

4. True Blue Winery

True Blue Winery
Credits: 5PH / Shutterstock

A visit to True Blue Winery is one of the top things to do in Davenport, where you get to dine with family and friends.

True Blue Winery is famous for its signature blueberry wine, and you’re also allowed to pick blueberries.

They serve delicious dishes, including pizzas with a twist to them, for you to enjoy and get optimum satisfaction for your money.

True Blue Winery hosts several fascinating and entertaining occasions, which are open to whosoever that wants to participate.

True Blue Winery staff is friendly and attentive when taking your orders, coupled with the lively atmosphere.

The winery is open on Wednesday & Thursday from 11am-5pm, Friday and Saturday from 11am-8pm(closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday).

Address:604 Pink Apartment Rd, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

5. Cenote Day Spa

Cenote Day Spa
Credits: New Africa / Shutterstock

After all the stress from work and family duties, you need enough rest and a place to relieve you from all the stress.

Cenote Day Spa is the perfect place for you; they offer fantastic services that help you relax and make you feel out of the world.

They offer different types of body treatments, massages, and facials. Some of their famous massages are deep tissue, golfers, Swedish, prenatal, hot stone massage, and others.

Cenote Day Spa offers body treatments and facials depending on the individual’s skin; they ensure that whichever one you’re given is suitable for your skin.

The staff is welcoming and well experienced; they have amazing treats like complimentary champagne, water, and mimosa available at your request during your treatment.

Cenote Day Spa is a well-maintained and beautiful facility that helps you feel more relaxed, and you’re missing out if you haven’t visited this spa.

Address:400 Gran Bahama Blvd, Davenport, FL 33897-8322 United States.

6. Webb’s Candy Shop

Webb’s Candy Shop
Credits: Brenda Carson / Shutterstock

Are you in for some amazing treats? If yes, Webb’s Candy Shop is a place you will love to visit.

Webb’s Candy Shop offers the best gourmet sweets in Davenport that will entirely burst your bubbles.

They also offer citrus candies, peanut brittle, and goat milk fudge for prices you can’t get elsewhere.

Webb’s Candy Shop serves fantastic chocolate-covered chips, strawberries, ice cream, and many other amazing treats to satisfy your sweet cravings.

They also sell unique and tasty wines for reasonable costs; It is open every day of the week from 8am-9pm. Make sure you visit the shop, so you don’t miss out on all the delicious treats.

This is one of the fun places to visit in Davenport with kids, do add to your list of things to do in Davenport, FL.

Address:38217 US-27, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

7. Giovanni’s Pizza

Giovanni's Pizza
Credits: El Nariz / Shutterstock

If you are searching for a restaurant where you can enjoy different kinds of delicious meals with your family and friends, Giovanni’s Pizza is the perfect place for you.

Giovanni’s Pizza is one of the finest restaurants in Davenport that serves the best pizzas with different kinds of flavors and toppings, whichever way you want it.

The meals are always served fresh, healthy, and high quality, with vegetarian and vegan options, so you don’t have to worry because there is something for everyone.

Giovanni’s Pizza offers an extensive food menu that includes salads, subs, dessert, and appetizers served uniquely.

They serve appetizers such as breadsticks, garlic bread, boneless wings, mozzarella sticks, and some of their best desserts include cannoli, cheesecake, cinnamon knots, baklava, and much more.

Giovanni’s Pizza is open from Monday to Saturday from 11am-10pm, and Sunday from 12pm-9pm. Do well to try out all their amazing dishes; after having a meal here, I bet you wouldn’t want to eat elsewhere.

Address: 42641 US-27, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

8. Lake Play

Lake Play
Credits: PalSand / Shutterstock

Are you in for an exciting family day out? Lake Play is a place you will love to visit with your friends and family.

Lake Play contains a fully equipped playground for the little ones to explore and have a wonderful fun experience.

The park features excellent picnic areas with several covered pavilions perfect for an outdoor family lunch day.

Lake Play gives access to those who would like to fish to go fishing in the lake; it is better when you fish in groups.

This is the best place when you feel like relaxing while having a memorable experience with your loved ones. Makes one of the top things to do in Davenport, FL, for a memorable outdoor experience.

Address:101-199 Williams St, Davenport, FL 33837, United States9.

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9. Northeast Regional Park

Northeast Regional Park
Credits: Suti Stock Photo / Shutterstock

Are you ready to experience great fun in Davenport? Visit Northeast Regional Park with your travel companions.

Northeast Regional Park is a popular destination for many tourists and locals; the park features six fields with artificial turf.

Northeast Regional Park also features tennis and racquetball courts where you can test and improve your racquetball or tennis skills.

You might get the opportunity to meet some sports teams practicing some of the soccer fields. The park features several trails great for jogging and walking.

Northeast Regional Park has a lake where you can go fishing or boating, and there are boats available for rentals.

The park also features a dog fountain and an open space for dogs to explore and run around with their fellow dogs.

Northeast Regional Park is open to everyone free of charge, so what are you waiting for? Get ready to have great fun.

Address: 50901 US-27, Davenport, FL 33897, United States.

10. Posner Park Shopping Mall

Posner Park Shopping Mall
Credits: Kamil Macniak / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a fantastic mall where you can shop without stress, Posner Park Shopping Mall is the right choice for you.

At Posner Park Shopping Mall, you get to shop for a beautiful gift for yourself or souvenirs for your family and friends.

This mall occupies 80 acres of land space filled with hundreds of stores, entertainment centers, restaurants, boutiques, and much more.

At Posner Park Shopping Mall, you get to shop for high-quality and unique items like jewelry, shoes, clothes, foods, drinks, and many other commodities.

Here you find stores like Books-A-Million, Dicks Sporting Goods, Micheals, Target, Petsmart, Staples, and many more.

Posner Park Shopping Mall is where you conveniently shop with your family and friends. The mall is open every day of the week from 10am-9pm. For some shopping time this is perfect for your list of fun things to do in Davenport, FL.

Address:1300 Posner Blvd, Davenport, FL 33837, United States.

11. Way Out West

Way Out West
Credits: Way Out West / Facebook
Way Out West

Way Out West is the number one store in Davenport when it comes to fashionable Western wear.

The store showcases stylish products and high-quality products that will serve you for a long while.

Way Out West deals on clothes, collectibles, buckles, hats, branded boots, belts, and several others.

They offer Yetti products, dresses, leather jackets, jeans, t-shirts, and lots of beautiful stuff for the little ones.

All these products are from trusted brands such as Miss Me Jeans, Yetti, Lucchese, Old Gringo, Justin Boots, Dan Post, Wrangler, Simply Southern, Corral, Ariat, and many others.

Way Out West staff is cheerful and helpful; they suggest when you get confused about what to buy and what suits you.

They are open from Sunday to Thursday from 10am-7pm, and Friday & Saturday from 10am-9pm. Make sure you visit the store; you will be thrilled by all the amazing things you find here.

Address:43370 US-27, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

12. Paddy Wagon Irish Pub

Paddy Wagon Irish Pub
Credits: S_Photo / Shutterstock

Paddy Wagon Irish Pub is a place where you can chill and bond with your buddies or travel companions. One of the best things to do in Davenport, FL.

Paddy Wagon Irish Pub features a full-service bar containing several kinds of high-quality drinks for your satisfaction.

They also serve delicious dishes to go with the drinks, with an excellent atmosphere for you and your friends to have a fun time.

Paddy Wagon Irish Pub occasionally hosts exciting events like poker nights, quiz nights, and karaoke nights.

There is a table pool where you and your buddies can engage in a friendly competition, or you might just decide to sit down and watch.

Address:201 Ambersweet Way, Davenport, FL 33897-8420 United States

13. Highlands Reserve Golf Club

Highlands Reserve Golf Club
Credits: Artikom jumpamoon / Shutterstock

Highlands Reserve Golf Club is a real gem in Davenport; these golf courses are quite different from many golf courses making it a popular location for tourists and residents.

The golf course is a large and open course designed like the golf courses in Scottish, making it more challenging due to the several bunkers scattered around the course.

Highlands Reserve Golf Club is open to everyone, and it features privately owned homes that are available for rentals but at a cheaper rate.

The reserve center contains a playground for children, tennis courts, and a public pool that is easily accessible. The homes in the reserve have a private pool for the guests staying there to relax and have fun.

If you’re in for some challenging golf course, this place is the right place for you, although it is perfect for beginners.

Highlands Reserve Golf Club is stunning and well maintained is a place for every tourist to enjoy all the provided amenities and for a reasonable cost.

Address: 500 Highlands Reserve Blvd, Davenport, FL 33897, USA

14. Jamestown Park

Jamestown park
Credits: Taweesak Jaroensin / Shutterstock

Get ready for a wonderful fun experience when you visit Jamestown park with your family and friends.

Jamestown Park is a small recreational park with many exciting facilities such as a basketball court for basketball lovers.

The Park has a nice picnic area with picnic tables and a pavilion perfect for that outdoor meal with your loved ones.

Jamestown park also contains a beautiful playground for the little ones and an open field where you can just relax and enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

Your visit list isn’t complete yet; if Jamestown park isn’t on it, visit the park, and you won’t regret you did.

Address:101 Murphy Street, Davenport Fl, United States.

15. Market Square Park

A visit to Market Square Park is one of the fun things to do in Davenport for a memorable experience.

The park has picnic tables and a pavilion available for anyone who wants to grab a meal at the park, mostly with friends and family.

Market Square Park has an open green grass field perfect for a jog or race with your dog, and you might decide to sit down and relax.

At the park, you get to interact with the residents with your fellow tourists and learn more about the city’s history.

Market Square Park is open all days of the week from 7am-9pm. Plan a visit to this park and get ready for an exciting experience.

Address:110 Bay St W, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

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16. TheatreWorks Florida-Theatre & Studio

TheatreWorks Florida-Theatre & Studio
Credits: Jacob Lund/ Shutterstock

One of the best things to do in Davenport is watching a live show at the TheatreWorks Florida-Theatre & Studio.

TheatreWorks Florida-Theatre & Studio showcases the unique talents in Davenport by giving them a stage to perform.

You get to watch entertaining shows displayed by local artists who are incredibly talented and experienced.

The facility is clean and well maintained, with perfect sound & lighting systems and comfortable seats to make sure you have a blast.

TheatreWorks Florida-Theatre & Studio is perfect for a family hang out; the performed shows are also kid-friendly.

Address: 8 Palmetto St W, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

17. Lewis Mathew Complex

Lewis Mathew Complex
Credits: Dan Thornberg / Shutterstock

If you are searching for a fully equipped athletic complex, add a visit to Lewis Mathew Complex on your list of things to do in Davenport, FL.

Lewis Mathew Complex consists of tennis courts, one baseball field, two softball fields, and many other facilities.

The complex also comprises a basketball court two softball fields, all of which are well maintained and in good condition.

Lewis Mathew Complex holds several exciting events starting from spooky Halloween, Davenport’s annual celebration held on July 4th, community Halloween event, and much more.

Address:399 Pine St E Davenport, Florida 33837, United States.

18. Central Florida Welcome Center

A visit to Central Florida Welcome Center is one of the best things to do in Davenport for an amazing experience.

Central Florida Welcome Center comprises the Wake Sports Hall of Fame & Museum and USA Water Ski.

The center houses lots of important information about the city and state at large. There are clean restrooms, a beautiful playground, little shops, and more.

Central Florida Welcome Center contains many educational exhibits and historical attractions for you to explore; you also get to enjoy a sample of Fresh Fl orange juice as well.

The staff is friendly and welcoming, coupled with the beautiful environment, you can sit by the water and relax from all the stress.

Address:101 Adventure Ct, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

19. The Wheelhouse Bar

The Wheelhouse Bar & Pub
Credits: The Wheelhouse Bar & Pub / Facebook
The Wheelhouse Bar & Pub

Wheelhouse Bar is a restaurant where you can go and chill with your friends and have a wonderful moment together.

They offer a comprehensive drink menu that includes unique and flavorful beers and cocktails you can’t get anywhere else.

Wheelhouse Bar doesn’t serve food but offers several delicious snacks for you to choose from and enjoy.

You get to enjoy live music by local artists, and also partake in their karaoke shows and get ready for a fantastic fun night with your pals.

Wheelhouse Bar staff is welcoming and friendly, creating a cool party vibe for you to relax and enjoy your bottle of beer.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday from 11am-2am, and Sunday from 12pm-2am. Make sure you stop by with your family and friends for an unforgettable experience.

Address: 42637 US-27, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

20. Comfort Inn & Suites Maingate South

Comfort Inn & Suites Maingate South is one of the best hotels in Davenport; you don’t have to worry about accommodation.

This hotel offers you the necessary amenities, a safe environment, and a room to stay with peace of mind.

Comfort Inn & Suites Maingate South features pools, fitness centers, full-service bar, restaurants, and so on.

The rooms here are well organized, nicely decorated, fully equipped with all the equipment you may need like a flat-screen TV, microwave, mini-fridge, comfortable chairs, and more.

They offer 24/7 dry cleaning services and housekeeping services. The staff is very welcoming, and they help you feel relaxed & at home.

Comfort Inn & Suites Maingate South offers free Wi-Fi and a large parking lot; the facility is well-maintained and clean.

Address:4095 Hotel Drive, Davenport, FL, 33897

21. Loyal Vaulting and Equestrian Arts

Loyal Vaulting and Equestrian Arts
Credits: Virrage Images / Shutterstock

If you have always wanted to ride a horse, here is something for you. Loyal Vaulting and Equestrian Arts will train you to ride a horse like an expert.

Loyal Vaulting and Equestrian Arts purpose is to actualize the dreams of people who have always wished to ride a horse.

They offer lessons in vaulting, hunters, dressage, and general beginner riding lessons, be sure to leave here as a horse ride expert.

Loyal Vaulting and Equestrian Arts train your horse on trick training, problem horses, starting, liberty work, and so on.

The owners try to create a calm and relaxing environment for quick learning, and they are always willing to answer any of your questions and give corrections when necessary.

They also educate you more about the history of the place and their animals, including how to take proper care of your horses.

Loyal Vaulting and Equestrian Arts will teach you all you need to know, and even more, get ready to boast to your friends about how well you can ride a horse.

This answers what to do in Davenport, for fun, perfect for your bucket list of things to do in Davenport, FL.

Address:3720 County Rd 547 N, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

22. Restaurante Los 3 Hermanos

Restaurante Los 3 Hermanos
Credits: Restaurante Los 3 Hermanos / Facebook
Restaurante Los 3 Hermanos

A unique restaurant that serves delicious Mexican cuisine in Davenport is Restaurante Los 3 Hermanos.

Restaurante Los 3 Hermanos offers an extensive food menu and delightful drinks to go with them. Some of the meals served are salsa, tacos, Mexican-style steak, nachos, burritos, sausage, gordita, tamale, and more.

The restaurant staff is friendly and attentive when taking orders, and they help create a pleasant atmosphere for customers to relax and feel at home.

Restaurante Los 3 Hermanos is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am-8pm, and Sunday from 8am-5pm.

Restaurante Los 3 Hermanos is a must-visit, where you get to try out delicious and quality meals that you haven’t had before.

Address:110 W Orange St, Davenport, FL 33837, United States

23. Fossil Funatics

Fossil Funatics
Credits: Fossil Funatics / Facebook
Fossil Funatics

Fossil Funatics takes you on an exciting journey back to the prehistoric era by searching for ancient fossils.

The Florida waterways are perfect for fossil lovers, with its amazing landscape, rise and fall of sea levels, moving land masses, and remarkable natural geology.

Fossil Funatics offers tours that are very educational and open to everyone regardless of their age; there are your guides available to ensure you have a wonderful time.

They take you to places that are very rich in fossils; by the time you’re done, you must have gathered a whole lot of fossils.

Fossil Funatics provides you with all the necessary things you need during your tours, such as a shovel, snacks, bottled water, fossil bag, sifter, and a tour guide, all for a fee of $70.

Are you ready for some discoveries? add a visit to Fossil Funatics on your bucket list of things to do in Davenport, FL, and you will be thrilled about all the secrets you will find out.

Address: 108 Robbins Rest Cr, Davenport, FL 33896

24. Wallaby Ranch 

Wallaby Ranch 
Credits: SmilingHotei / Shutterstock

Another top thing to Wallaby Ranch is to experience gliding at Wallaby Ranch. 

This tourist attraction is a Hang gliding park that was established in 1991. 

Wallaby Ranch offers an all-around-the-year Discovery Tandem Flight and hand gliding instruction. 

Wallaby Ranch is situated outside Orlando. 

The Ranch uses modern tandem aerotowing methods to provide the least risky and most pleasurable hang-gliding adventure. 

This tourist destination offers an authentic, unique ambiance for students, guests, pilots, and friends from around the globe. 

Wallaby Ranch has a reputation as being one of the best hand-gliding schools in the country and around the world. 

The Ranch is open 365 days a year, and there’s always someone to help you 24 hours a day. 

The Ranch is situated in a stunning secluded setting, encircled by natural Florida woodlands, home to various species of wildlife such as migrating birds, deer, different reptiles, and amphibians. 

Wallaby Ranch has more facilities than most hand-gliding flight parks. 

They offer Rv camping facilities, tents, freshly prepared community breakfast and lunch, a 7-foot deep swimming pool, a climbing wall, children’s playground. 

There are also walking trails and mountain bikes meandering through the woods. 

However, the essential thing this tourist attraction offer is a unique ambiance that differs significantly from other hand gliding operations. 

Address: 1805 Deen Still Rd, Davenport, FL 33897, United States

25. Lake Davenport 

Lake Davenport 
Credits: Piotr Wawrzyniuk / Shutterstock

Lake Davenport is the place to go for a memorable lakeside vacation in Florida.

Lake Davenport is situated on the Florida peninsula and is one of the most stunning lakes in Florida. 

This lake has become one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Florida. 

Furthermore, Lake Davenport is a famous fishing lake, and numerous mooring is provided for the comfort of the locals and villagers. 

You can rent pedal boats, fishing boats, and numerous boats at the lake. 

Lake Davenport is said to be the home to the wildlife that lives in the water along the coast, including an alligator. 

Several promenades, hiking trails, and wetlands have been made along the lakeside. 

Campers and parks are also situated around Lake Davenport, with many restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels. 

A visit to Lake Davenport will undoubtedly make you want to stay longer, as it is one of Florida’s most well-known vacation destinations. 

Address: Davenport, Fl, United States Of America

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Plan your Trip to Davenport

Davenport is a charming city; once you step foot in it, you will find yourself engaging in one exciting activity after another. Everything listed above will make your vacation fun and enjoyable.

The city has a lot of historical attractions and live entertainment venues to satisfy your tastes for downtown activities.

Whenever you plan for your next vacation, make sure Davenport is your destination, so you don’t miss out on all the city offers and even more.