29 Best & Fun Things to Do in Spring Hill (FL)

Spring Hill, Florida, is a perfect destination for vacations, adventure tours, Outdoor relaxation, and other fun recreational activities, as there are quite some fun things to do in Spring Hill, FL.

The city is just a short drive north of Tampa, and it is very close to the gulf coast, making it one of the top attractions in the State.

It houses many natural parks and preserves, with diverse wildlife, easy access to beaches, games, food centers, and fun centers for both the young and old.

Spring Hill, Florida, is open to everyone and interested individuals. You can also drive down to Clearwater Beach to view some pristine oceanfronts.

Let’s explore the best places to visit in Spring Hill, FL

Things to Do in Spring Hill, FL

1. Crews Lake Wilderness Park

Crews Lake Wilderness Park
Credits: Lynda McFaul / Shutterstock
Crews Lake Wilderness Park

An time out with your loved ones and family is always a good experience, and the beautiful Crews Lake Wilderness Park has all it takes to make your adventure memorable.

The Crews Lake Wilderness Park is located downtown Spring Hill, and it covers an estimated portion of about 113 acres (45 hectares) of quality natural Preserve.

Exploring the park is one of the best things to do in Spring Hill, FL, featuring lots of fun activities, such as hiking the nature trails, biking along the paths, climbing the observation tower, and many more.

It offers views of butterflies in the botanic gardens and takes an extraordinary glimpse at the birds in the birdhouses.

Additionally, the crew lake is a perfect destination for a picnic and college camp meetings, whether you are going as a group under the pavilion or individually resting on a stunning oak tree.

Address: 16739 Crews Lake Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34610, United States

2. Summit Trampoline and Adventure Park

Summit Trampoline and Adventure Park
Credits: fotoliza / Shutterstock

Explore Summit Trampoline and Adventure Park and enjoy playing different games; it features as one of the fun things to do in Spring Hill, FL.

It is possible to practice some acrobatic skills for professionals and interested individuals; you can climb up the spider tower or jump around the central court.

The facility also offers visitors to practice dodging skills with lots of friendly dodgeball games, or you can test your skills at the battle beam area.

Summit Trampoline and Adventure Park boast unique features such as a sports complex covering soccer and basketball areas where sports lovers can have fun.

Additionally, the beautiful Summit Trampoline and Adventure Park are open from Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm, Saturdays from 10 am – to 10 pm, and Sundays 12 pm – to 9 pm.

Address: 11160 Spring Hill Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34609, United States

3. Bayport Park Pier

Bayport Park Pier
Credits: PalSand / Shutterstock

Engage in fun fishing activities at the Bayport Park pier; you don’t need to rent a boat for fishing; just cast your line along the fishing pier at the park.

Bayport Park pier is located in the city’s heart along the shoreline.

The beautiful establishment features unique exhibits such as grills, picnic tables, recreational centers, and facilities you need for a cookout.

It also features a modern boardwalk through which visitors can stroll along, take lovely photos, and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Additionally, the center possesses two boats launched at the park for interested individuals and visitors to use while fishing out on the water.

Address: 4140 Cortez Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34607, United States

4. Weekiwachee Preserve

wildlife-rich Weekiwachee Preserve
Credits: Wknight94 talk [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Weekiwachee Preserve
Visiting the Weekiwachee Preserve stands as one of the fun things to do in Spring Hill, Florida, to enjoy a time out on your vacation.

The Weekiwachee Preserve presents a vast abundance of wildlife under different types of ecosystems, and it allows visitors to observe them in their natural habitat.

It contains a wide variety of habitats, such as fresh and saltwater marshes, Sandhills, and water swamps, making it one of the top attractions in Spring Hill, Florida.

The wildlife-rich Weekiwachee Preserve is best known for its large wading bird population, which settles and nests in the lakes.

Additionally, the facility is home to Florida black bears, beautiful shy creatures who tend to avoid humans; the preserve houses paths where you can hike or bike for fun lovers.

Address: 2345 Osowaw Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34607, United States

5. The Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad

Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad
Credits: Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad / Facebook
Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad

The Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad was established in 2006, and it winds through the crew’s lake along the wilderness park. Exploring this Railroad is one of the best things to do in Spring Hill, FL.

Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad stands as one of the extensive railroad systems, constructed to a miniature scale with large locomotives 7.5 inches wide.

The railroad system engineers are powered by a gasoline-hydraulic design, and it also has a few privately-owned steam engines and a bit coals stored on the site.

Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad has been one of the top attractions in Spring Hill, Florida, and it is termed a modern-day railroad system.

Additionally, the Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad provides a professional engineer who mans the locomotive to ensure safety for interested individuals.

Address: 16706 Wishingwell Ln, Spring Hill, FL 34610, United States.

6. Stage West Playhouse

Stage West Playhouse
Credits: antpkr / Shutterstock

Like to know what to do in Spring Hill, FL? Enjoy live theatre in Stage West Playhouse.

The famous community-owned theatre has been putting on entertaining performances for over 35 years now with high-level productions of musical musicals and plays.

The center has produced historic action shows such as the King and I, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 1776, and many more, making it the city’s favourite theatre.

The Stage West Playhouse has a mission of bringing the town’s culture into entertainment and teaching the younger generation the cultures and history of the area.

Additionally, Stage West offers interested individuals, most especially kids workshops, pieces of training, and high school students scholarships.

Address: 8390 Forest Oaks Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34606, United States

7. The Locomo

The Locomo
Credits: Goolia Photography / Shutterstock

Locomo complex offers fun games and a full day of roller skating for sports lovers.

Locomo complex boasts o unique exhibits such as a particular private glow-in-the-dark room, a large arcade for relaxation, and a mini skating rink that includes light-up roller wheels.

The center trains both professionals and interested persons in the basic lessons o skating every Tuesday at 5 pm, and a special workshop is allowed for bookings.

The beautiful Locomo complex also houses a snack bar for visitors to explore in case of hungry while roller skating and for younger ones to enjoy candies.

The beautiful center also allows special events and contests on the skating rink frequently, including Santa skate, New year’s Eve countdown, and many more.

Address: 10451 County Line Rd, Spring Hill, FL 34609, United States

8. The Strong Tower Vineyard

The Strong Tower Vineyard
Credits: patjo / Shutterstock

The Strong Tower Vineyard grows three varieties of grapes used to make all their wine unique, a perfect addition to your list of best things to do in Spring Hill, Florida.

Strong Tower Vineyard is one of the top attractions in the city, a friendly and exciting place for all wine lovers.

It features a large wine menu based on seasonal produce and varies from classics to Pinot Noir, a variety of delicious blueberry wines, a Spring Hill Red wine.

Explore the Strong Tower Vineyard and try some unique wine in the tasting room; take yourself around the area, sip a glass of wine out on the veranda, and also take some wine home.

Additionally, the Strong Tower Vineyard is open for interested individuals and, most significantly, wine lovers; the center opens on

Wednesday to Thursday & Saturday from 11 am – 6 pm, and Friday from 11 am – 10 pm.

Address: 17810 Forge Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34610, United States

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9. Linda Pederson Park

Linda Pederson Park
Credits: sergua / Shutterstock

Ride down the picturesque waterways along Linda Pederson Park and engage in many fun activities

The exceptional Linda Pederson Park also allows visitors to see wild animals at the park, such as the rare manatee.

At the park, visitors are opportune to see gentle and cute sea creatures which swim inland in the winter and early spring when the water is still warm before journeying finally to the Gulf of Mexico during the winter.

The beautiful park boasts unique features such as playing sports, a very high observation tower overlooking the water, a large playground.

Additionally, the lovely Linda Pederson Park is open for every to access for free and watch the manatees without scaring them on canoe or kayak.

Address: 6300 Shoal Line Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34607, United States

10. Towne Square Mall

Towne Square Mall
Credits: Towne Square Mall / Facebook
Towne Square Mall

Look out for fine antiques at Towne Square Mall, with lots of new and interesting items on the ground that can not be seen elsewhere.

The open Towne Square Mall is located in the heart of Spring Hill, Florida, and it is one of the featured top attractions around in terms of beautiful Antiques and other accessories.

It houses a small shopping center with a large variety of stores with different items you definitely can’t get anywhere else in the whole of the city.

Some of the stores include the Antiques Accents store, which stores hundreds of previously owned items, and many other centers for a new piece of antique.

Additionally, the Towne Square Mall also offers inventory changes; for coin collectors, there are Brooksville Rare Coins, where hundreds of rare and gold coins to select from.

Address: 3021 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606, United States

11. BeckyJack’s Food Shack

BeckyJack's Food Shack
Credits: BeckyJack’s Food Shack / Facebook
BeckyJack’s Food Shack

A visit to the BeckyJack’s Food Shack is one of the fun things to do in Spring Hill, FL.

BeckyJack’s Food Shack has a lot of options for fish dishes and other specialties, such as fish sandwiches.

The fish sandwiches are one of the standout menus in BeckyJack’s Food Shack, and it comes in three varieties such as the signature sandwich, blackened or grilled sandwich.

BeckyJack’s Food Shack also offers an extensive menu that includes burgers, platters, and tacos for visitors and interested individuals to enjoy.

Additionally, the beautiful center is open for everyone, most especially food lovers and young ones, from Tuesday to Thursday 12 pm – 8 pm and Friday, Saturday same time.

Address: 8070 Cortez Blvd, Weeki Wachee, FL 34607, United States

12. Jenkin’s Creek Park

Jenkin's Creek Park
Credits: DanTD [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Jenkin’s Creek Park
Jenkin’s Creek Park is located downtown Spring Hill, Florida, and possesses a natural environment that welcomes pleasure and relaxation.

Making a trip to Jenkin’s Creek Park is one of the best things to do in Spring Hill, FL, with lots of fun things to do and see around the premises.

The establishment features natural artifacts such as freshwater springs and beautiful marshes, preserved for visitors to explore.

The park also offers some man-made features which complement the naturally beautiful environment, such as canals, boat launches, and a boardwalk.

Additionally, Jenkin’s Creek Park makes relaxation easy for both the young and the old and creates a perfect spot to view the clear blue water.

Address: 6401 Shoal Line Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34607, United States

13. The Breakfast Station

The Breakfast Station
Credits: Breakfast Station #4 / Facebook
The Breakfast Station

Breakfast Station contains all the delicious dishes you can find in the area.

The Breakfast Station is designed in a mini fashioned pattern where the small chain of restaurants is arranged all through the Florida axis.

It serves delicious dishes such as the favorite country classics and all kinds of southern meals with visitors assured maximum satisfaction for a little fee.

It features a wide variety of well-prepared meals such as omelets, skillet dishes, and egg plates, with each meal customized with different breakfast meats, sides, grits or hash browns, and types of bread.

Additionally, the Breakfast Station also offers tasty morning dishes to choose from their french toast and delicious pancakes for either the working class or students.

Address: 8405 Northcliffe Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34607, United States

14. Anderson Snow Park’s Athletic Facilities

Anderson Snow Park's Athletic Facilities
Credits: Dan Thornberg / Shutterstock

You are visiting the beautiful Anderson Snow Park’s athletic facilities is an exceptional addition to your list of fun things to do in Spring Hill, FL.

The Anderson Snow Park’s athletic facilities allow visitors to engage in all kinds of exercise primarily designed for athletics.

The gigantic sports complex has become one of the best centers for all kinds of sporting events in the community, such as the presence of six baseball fields and six soccer fields.

It also boasts unique features such as nice concession stands for viewing soccer games, well-lit fields for night games, a scoreboard, and many more.

Additionally, apart from playing or watching either soccer or baseball games, visitors can also walk down the trails; bikers can link up with Suncoast Bike Trail.

Address: 1360 Anderson Snow Rd, Spring Hill, FL 34609, United States

15. Nature Coast Botanical Garden & Nursery

Nature Coast Botanical Garden & Nursery
Credits: Richard Elzey [CC BY-SA 2.0], Wikimedia Commons
Nature Coast Botanical Garden & Nursery
Nature Coast Botanical Garden & Nursery features one of the great places for relaxation and vacation for interested individuals across the State.

Nature Coast Botanical Garden & Nursery gives tranquility and peace to its subscribers.

The garden has been developed severally with many beautiful features installed in the building, making it one of the top attractions in the city of Spring Hill.

It boasts essential features that make it different from other gardens, such as a paced parking lot, beautiful wood carvings, pergolas for shade, and many more.

Additionally, since its establishment, it has featured in 22 themed gardens maintained by the host community members and club members, with each presenting beautiful landscaping.

Address: 1489 Parker Ave, Spring Hill, FL 34606, United States

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16. The Karma Spirits & Cafe

The Karma Spirits & Cafe
Credits: Ievgenii Meyer / Shutterstock

Explore the Karma Spirits & Cafe for the very best of Spirits and cafes of your choice.

Every night is a fun time in Spring Hill, Florida when you visit the Karma Spirits & Cafe cause of its tasty handcrafted wines, Spirits, and cafe.

It serves unique tacos for as low as a USD one every Monday and Tuesday for interested individuals and mature adults with proper guidance advised.

The Karma Spirits & Cafe also teaches its visitors and other interested persons the famous country line dance and other current dance steps.

The Karma Spirits & Cafe also offers a free pool, indoor cornhole, a photo booth, giant Jenga, and many more, with about 23 beers on tap for every to explore.

Address: 10511 Spring Hill Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34608, United States

17. Guido’s Pizza Cafe

Guido's Pizza Cafe
Credits: Guido’s Pizza Cafe / Facebook
Guido’s Pizza Cafe

Guido’s Pizza Cafe has been a long family business that started 100 years ago, making it one of the oldest pizza cafe centers around downtown Spring Hill.

The center has been managed by a set of genuine Italian Pizzerias, and its restaurants offer a cozy atmosphere and a portion of excellent food.

It offers delicious Chicago-style thin-based pizzas, the first of its kind in Spring Hill, that’s are made with the freshest local ingredients and from a pure heart.

The beautiful establishment boasts a wide variety of delicious pizzas which you can take home or either but an oven-ready pizza of your choice.

 Additionally, Guido’s Pizza Cafe is also known for serving Hot Beef Sandwiches, a wide variety of pasta dishes, including Linguini with Meatballs, Lasagna, Eggplant Parmesan, and Cheese Ravioli.

Address: 7219 Forest Oaks Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34606, United States

18. The Adventure Coast Fun Park

Adventure Coast Fun Park
Credits: milepost430media / Shutterstock

The Adventure Coast Fun Park brings much to the city of Spring Hill; no need to journey to the Orlando area; visitors can enjoy and relax in the wonderful park.

Enjoy fun rides whenever you visit the Adventure Coast Fun Park, and also visitors, both young and old, can engage in fun games, recreational activities, and many more.

Adventure Coast Fun Park is one of the best places for mini-golf, karts, arcade games, and batting cages, which are open for everyone to explore.

Watch live-friendly competitions in the Adventure Coast Fun Park and see who wins the most in all the games presented in each session.

Additionally, the facility also features a snacks shop, food center, and visitors can relax in the seating area between the rounds, allowing visitors for as low as 7.50 USD per person with reduced fees for kids, making it one of the best fun things to do in Spring Hill, Florida.

Address: 9227 County Line Rd, Spring Hill, FL 34608, United States

19. Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park

Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park
Credits: mezzotint / Shutterstock

The Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park is located on the Gulf of Mexico and contains about a 3-acre gulf beach, making it a top attraction in the city.

Alfred McKethan, Pine Island Park, features sheltered areas for public events or shows, picnic tables, barbeque grill stands.

Enjoy the hot summer weather by relaxing on the beautiful beach of Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park.

The wonderful establishment allows kids to have much fun on the beachfront and playground area, so it is always advised to carry extra clothes in case of a water splash.

The Alfred McKethan Pine Island Park also features a concession stand, observation points, a playground, and a large pic of the area where family and friends can enjoy volleyball games.

Address: 10800 Pine Island Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34607, United States

20. Delta Woods Park

Delta Woods Park
Credits: Stock-Asso / Shutterstock

Delta Woods Park boasts features such as a lighted walking path, a tennis court, a large soccer field, picnic shelters, and many more.

The Delta Woods Park is located in downtown Deltona and is one of the comfortable spots to visit or take a stroll for fresh air and site seeing.

The public center has been a long edifice that satisfies the city’s people with much fun, especially in sporting activities and recreational games.

A trip to the Delta Woods Park features one of the best fun things in Spring Hill, Florida, with lots of activities to engage in and witness live games.

Additionally, Delta Woods Park is open for both professional athletics and sports lovers who wish to engage in tetherball, volleyball, and even play soccer games.

Address: 3400 Deltona Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34606, United States

21. Rotary Centennial Dog Park

Rotary Centennial Dog Park
Credits: Joy Brown / Shutterstock

The Rotary Centennial Dog Park is also known as Hernando County’s only dog park and contains an estimated land size of 3-acres of land.

Rotary Centennial Dog Park features a large-sized play area, a fenced-in area where all dogs can run around and play inside the facility.

Drop by the Rotary Centennial Dog Park with your pup, and it is undoubtedly an excellent place for them to exercise their legs and learn how to run as fast as their strength can carry.

Bring a frisbee or a ball and play the catch game with friends and family at the Rotary Centennial Dog Park. It is a perfect addition to your list of best fun things to do in Spring Hill, FL.

Additionally, the Rotary Centennial Dog Park also features a big dog area. It is always advised to beware of aggressive or biting dogs and, of course, follow the laid down rules governing the park.

Address: 10375 Sandler St, Spring Hill, FL 346038, United States

22. Pizza Villa and Restaurant

Pizza Villa and Restaurant
Credits: El Nariz / Shutterstock

Pizza Villa and Restaurant is an award-winning Italian plaza that has been committed to continuing the long-standing tradition of pizza production since 1954.

Pizza Villa and Restaurant is undoubtedly the most popular restaurant in Spring Hill, with lots of precious family recipes in production.

Pizza Villa and Restaurant have been passed from one generation to another, making it one of the city’s favorite restaurants and pizza shops.

The fabulous center produces about five different selections of pizzas in varying sizes and shapes; it also offers salads, traditional portions of pasta, entrees, and seafood dishes.

Additionally, the Pizza Villa and Restaurant produces dishes such as a delicious Veal Piccata, Salmon Florentine, Chicken Sorrento, and round off your meal with a delicious Cannoli.

Address: 13122 Spring Hill, FL 34609, United States

23. Wildlife Survival Sanctuary

Wildlife Survival Sanctuary
Credits: abxyz / Shutterstock

Visit Wildlife Survival Sanctuary and see rare exotic animals with your eyes; and it features one of the top attractions in the city of Spring Hill.

Wildlife Survival Sanctuary is a public organization that accepts privately owned exotic animals if their owners are unable to take good care of them.

The animals accommodated are given their natural habitat with a companion in cases where needed and correct food and water for survival and normal growth.

Explore the beautiful Wildlife Survival Sanctuary and witness rare animals, exceptional addition to your bucket list of fun things to do in Spring Hill, FL.

Additionally, visitors can see the big majestic cats like the Bengal tiger, cougars, leopards, and also some dangerous species like reptiles and lemurs.

Address: 18212 Booming Rd, Spring Hill, FL 34610, United States.

24. Tidal Brewing Company

Tidal Brewing Company
Credits: id-art / Shutterstock

For those looking for where they can get the most delicious beers in Strike Hill, visiting Tidal Brewing Company is the best thing to do in Spring Hill.

Tidal Brewing Company was established in 2018 by a married couple. It has become the favorite place for the entire public.

The company’s owners are science instructors who are dedicated to sharing their love for nicely brewed beers, microbiology, and so on.

They’re concerned with creating a massive industry founded on authenticity and quality as they produce only the best craft beers in the Tampa region.

Tidal Brewing Company offers beers depicting modern and old-fashioned world flavors.

There is live music entertainment on a daily basis, offering an enormous collection of sangria, wine, cider, and more.

Address: 14311 Spring Hill Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34609, United States

25. Tampa Bay Sporting Clays

Tampa Bay Sporting Clays
Credits: VicVic Liu / Shutterstock

If you have always wanted to test your skill at shooting clay through the air, one of the top things to do in Spring Hill is to visit Tampa Bay Sporting Clays.

Tampa Bay Sporting Clays is located 30 minutes from Spring Hill, offering visitors an amazing experience.

This facility features a shooting range within two hundred and sixty acres of wooden areas. You can also try your luck at archery aside from clay shooting at Tampa Bay Sporting Clays, as they offer lessons.

26. 7 Sisters Springs

If you’re one of those, who enjoy spending the day swimming in Florida’s most pristine waters, found within 30 minutes of Spring Hill, this is the perfect place for you.

7 Sisters Springs is a beautiful natural tourist destination nestled close to the Chassahoqitzka River Campground.

This is a shallow spring with a good number of holes linking through tunnels. You can spend your time swimming and snorkeling through tunnels beneath bright, gorgeous spring water.

Visitors can reach the spring using a boat since the region is encompassed by private property. You will get the opportunity to view firsthand the magnificence of nature.

27. Strike City

Strike City
Credits: Dabarti CGI / Shutterstock

For families traveling with children, add a visit to Strike City to your list of things to do in Spring Hill.

Strike City is a beautiful neighborhood bowling location dedicated to offering the public a fabulous time.

It is known as one of the most cherished family entertainment destinations in Spring Hill, offering both recreation and dining services.

The Uptown Bar & Grill restaurant in Strike City offers the best pizzas, onion rings, quesadillas, tacos, wings, burgers, and more.

Strike City is a location for exceptional gatherings, including corporate events, adult parties, kids’ parties, and fundraising events.

The facility encourages the public to take part in various tournaments, events, and leagues.

Address: 3544 Mariner Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34609, United States

28. Get Up And Go Kayaking

Get Up And Go Kayaking
Credits: phototravelua / Shutterstock

Get Up And Go Kayaking was founded by Justin Buzzi and Tia, his partner, as the state’s first certified kayak tour company.

The company officially began in 2016 with three major locations. It is known as the first-ever kayak business to be franchised.

Also known as the fastest thriving kayak tour company in the world, Get Up And Go Kayaking features 15 different places consisting of various marine life, animals, and nature.

Get Up And Go Kayaking offers tourists a fantastic adventure throughout the area and even beneath using their transparent kayaks, which provides a whole new experience.

Address: 8092 Marys Fish Camp Rd, Spring Hill, FL 34607, United States

 29. Sunwest Park

Sunwest Park
Credits: Artfilmphoto / Shutterstock

An exceptional attraction for the whole family is SunWest Park, and it should be on your checklist of things to do in Spring Hill.

SunWest Park is a place where little children can run around over water and in the sun. It is an outdoor park located in Pasco County.

The park is on a clear white sandy beach at the lake shores. Children also get to challenge their skills at the floating playground.

Aside from other exciting activities, you can engage in some watersports with your family and friends.

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Plan your trip to Spring Hill

Spring Hill, Florida, is very entertaining and promises all-around fun. The atmosphere bolsters local agriculture also providing an environment for different outdoor adventures.

Interested individuals who desire to enjoy the sunny weather are attracted to this town. So start making plans for your trip to Spring Hill, Florida.

Have a fun-filled vacation when you visit the city of Spring Hill, Florida!