27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Englewood (FL)

Englewood is a beautiful city located in Charlotte and Sarasota counties, Florida, United States.

Englewood had a population of 19,332 after the 2020 census.

The city is famous for its gorgeous and well-maintained beaches with soft sand and crystal clear waters.

The beaches are not usually crowded, making them perfect for a getaway with loved ones. However, there is more to the city than just beaches.

If you want to enjoy the magnificence of Florida, make sure your next flight is heading to Englewood.

Are you planning an exploration of Englewood? Let’s get to know the top things to do in Englewood, FL.

Things to Do in Englewood, FL

1. Englewood Beach

Englewood Beach
Credits: Wirestock Creators / Shutterstock
Englewood Beach

Are you ready to get outside and have fun?

Without delay, add a visit to Englewood Beach to your bucket list. Englewood Beach is one of Florida’s most outstanding Gulf of Mexico beaches.

Englewood Beach is a vibrant beach open throughout the year and regularly visited by tourists.

There are many amenities for the entire family, including basketball and sand volleyball courts for friendly competitions.

If you’re visiting with kids, there is also a play area for children with adequately maintained equipment and picnic Pavilions for everyone.

Englewood Beach also has a large parking lot and extensive boardwalks with perfect areas for brief walks and wildlife watching along the Beach’s shoreline.

Address: Manasota Key, FL 34223, United States

2. The Englewood Area Historical Museum

Englewood Area Historical Museum
Credits: Englewood Museum/ Facebook
Englewood Area Historical Museum

The Englewood Area Historical Museum officially opened its doors in 2015 as a facility that promotes the social and cultural history of Charlotte County.

The Museum relocated to its new location in 2018 at the history Lampp House, managed by the Southwest Historical Organization of Resources and Education with the Englewood archives.

Visitors are allowed to explore one of the ancient historic buildings in Englewood with artifacts and exhibits relating to the early indigenous history of the region.

The Englewood Area Historical Museum offers a daily historical tour through its highly knowledgeable docents.

There is an onsite gift store where visitors can purchase detailed books written by local authors as a way of enlightening the new generations.

Address: 604 W Perry St, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

3. Ann and Chuck Dever Memorial Park

Ann and Chuck Dever Memorial Park
Credits: wellphoto / Shutterstock
Ann and Chuck Dever Memorial Park

The Ann and Chuck Dever Memorial Park encompasses approximately 320 acres of land, open for the public to enjoy.

It features several amenities and equipment, which were made available to offer individuals and families a fantastic experience.

There are hiking trails, a skate park, a multipurpose field, tennis courts, football fields, and basketball courts in the Park.

The Ann and Chuck Dever Memorial Park also features a diving region and a 25-yard pool where you can swim and cool off on a hot day.

Get ready to explore the disc golf, kids’ playground with a splash pad, event spaces, and a fitness center.

6961 San Casa Dr, Englewood, FL 34224, United States

4. Myakka State Forest

Myakka State Forest
Credits: Ebyabe [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Myakka State Forest
If you’re seeking a unique recreational opportunity, add a visit to Myakka State Forest to your list of best things to do in Englewood.

Myakka State Forest spreads for 2.5 miles along the gorgeous Myakka River, which is revered as Florida’s most exceptional Water body because of its unique ecosystem and pristine waters.

The Forest is operated and managed by the Florida Forest Service and Florida State. It is a popular destination for wildlife and bird watching since it has several bird species.

Over forty miles of nature trails are scattered throughout the Forest, surrounded by mesic flatwood and pine trees.

Myakka State Forest offers visitors recreational opportunities through the canoe launch and biking trails. You can also visit with your pets if they remain on a leash.

Address: 2000 S River Rd, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

5. Stump Pass Beach State Park

Stump Pass Beach State Park
Credits: Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock
Stump Pass Beach State Park

On your list of fun things to do in Englewood, add a visit to Stump Pass Beach State Park, a park that attracts visitors and residents from different parts of the state.

Stump Pass Beach State Park is one of the most outstanding fishing locations in Charlotte County, offering fishers opportunities to catch numerous species of fish all year round.

The Park features a one-mile beachfront, making it an excellent place for sunbathers and swimmers, offering exceptional views of Gulf Waters.

This beach park offers shelling opportunities during the winter season. Visitors can also go hiking on the Beach’s trail that travels through five natural habitats.

Stump Pass Beach State Park contains a paddleboat and kayak launch on the Park’s eastern side.

Address: 900 Gulf Blvd, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

6. Farlow’s On The Water

Farlow's On The Water
Credits: Farlow’s On The Water / Facebook
Farlow’s On The Water

Farlow’s On The Water is a premiere waterfront restaurant in Englewood established by Laurie and Keith Farlow in 2003.

The restaurant features an indoor and outdoor seating area open throughout the year, offering visitors the comfort and ease they need.

They offer delicious southern-style fares with the highest quality and freshest seafood daily for lunch and dinner.

Farlow’s On The Water offers the best fish tacos, shrimp & grits, spare ribs, quesadillas, chicken wings, nachos, and more.

The full-service bar offers a wide variety of specialty martinis and drinks made by hand, including wines and craft beers.

Address: 2080 S McCall Rd, Englewood, FL 34224, United States

7. Lemon Bay Park and Environmental Center

Lemon Bay Park and Environmental Center
Credits: Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock
Lemon Bay Park and Environmental Center

Lemon Bay Park and Environmental Center, a place that brings you closer to nature, is one of the best places to visit in Englewood, FL, especially for nature lovers.

Lemon Bay Park and Environmental Center is a nature park of 210 acres, featuring the spectacular black mangrove forest, mangrove fringe, and pine flatwood.

You can also explore the beautiful Gulf shoreline of 1.7 miles which is an excellent place for picnicking and sunbathing.

If you want to explore the waters totally, visit the kayak and canoe launch, plus the nature trails of eight miles featuring interpretive symbols of flora and fauna in the area.

Lemon Bay Park and Environmental Center offer environmental programs at the open nature center throughout the year.

Address: 570 Bay Park Blvd, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

8. Oyster Creek Golf Club

Oyster Creek Golf Club
Credits: Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock

Oyster Creek Golf Club is a standard golf course in Englewood which attracts many visitors annually, especially those who want a fantastic golf time.

This medium-length 18-hole golf course was designed to offer players of different skill levels a challenging and exciting tee time.

The 12 par 3 holes golf course is perfect for those who want to test their golfing skills during a brief game. Oyster Creek Golf Club features a pro shop with various golf equipment and attire for both men and women.

You can stop by their snack bar before or after your tee time, where you can enjoy some drinks and snacks.

Address: 6651 Oriole Blvd, Englewood, FL 34224, United States

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9. Mango Bistro

Mango Bistro
Credits: Mango Bistro / Facebook
Mango Bistro

You’re missing out if you haven’t visited this award-winning restaurant, as it’s one of the best places to visit in Eaglewood, FL.

Mango Bistro was established by highly knowledgeable individuals Ricardo Ruggiero and Marie Laforge in 2008.

The restaurant is intensely focused on enlightening the public about taking responsibility for their environment and reducing plastic waste by recycling a large amount of restaurant waste.

The food menu features a unique mix of Brazilian and French cuisines with touches of European and contemporary American styles.

Mango Bistro offers a wide range of crepes and paninis and an extensive menu of beverages for breakfast. Dinner courses include Thai Chicken, chipotle shrimp, and more.

Make sure you don’t miss Friday and Saturday evenings when live music performances are held in the restaurant, including rumba music, flamenco, and bossa nova.

Address: 301 W Dearborn St, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

10. Indian Mound Park

Indian Mound Park
Credits: Ric Schafer / Shutterstock
Indian Mound Park

One of the best things to do in Englewood is to visit Indian Mound Park, commonly referred to as Paulsen Point.

Indian Mound Park conserves the typical old Manasota indigenous culture’s ancestral home since they dwelled in the area between 1000 B.C. and 1350 A.D.

The Manasotas, throughout their time in the region, were famous for their distinct burial traditions and production of ceramics using the Englewood Plain style.

Archaeological craters spread throughout the city in the 1960s discovered an enormous collection of Manasota artifacts such as copper beads and arrowheads.

 Indian Mound Park is open to the public, allowing visitors to browse through ceremonial mounds and artifacts.

Address: 210 Winson Ave, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

11. Stump Pass Marina

Stump Pass Marina
Credits: Florida Aerial Pics / Shutterstock
Stump Pass Marina

Stump Pass Marina is a full-time marina company in Englewood nestled along the intercoastal waterway of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Marina features a marina store offering bait and fuel for sale, including storage and rentals of boats for anglers seeking to explore the pristine waters of the Gulf.

They offer over three hundred boat slips, including two forklifts made available for water service. Stump Pass Marina features an upscale restaurant that serves delicious seaside meals, including jumbo gulf fried shrimp baskets, smoked salmon filets, and Caribbean jerk chicken platters.

Stump Pass Marina also features a full-time bar housed in the restaurant offering signature cocktails, frozen drinks, and more.

Address: 260 Maryland Ave, Englewood, FL 34224, United States

12. Cedar Point Environmental Park

Cedar Point Environmental Park
Credits: Darren and Brad / Flickr
Cedar Point Environmental Park

Cedar Point Environmental Park is Charlotte County’s best environmental Park, encompassing 115 acres.

After six years of construction, the Park officially opened its doors in 1998, allowing visitors to enjoy guided nature strolls.

The Park offers special programs and events within the facility throughout the year while conserving numerous natural habitats.

The historic cookie house was erected in 1931, preserving the first marine laboratory and station in Florida before it was relocated to Peninsula in 2006.

Don’t forget to stop by the visitor center for local honey and exhibits showcasing flora and fauna in the region.

Address: 2300 Placida Rd, Englewood, FL 34224, United States

13. Lemon Bay Historical Society

Lemon Bay Historical Society
Credits: Lemon Bay Historical Society / Facebook
Lemon Bay Historical Society

Lemon Bay Historical Society is an organization responsible for preserving historic buildings in the city.

Lemon Bay Historical Society singlehandedly carried out the enormous job of transferring the historic Green Street Church in 2018 to its current location after the expiration of the property lease.

The structure was built in 1928 and was properly taken off the ground and packed on a truck to its current location.

The historical society also promotes numerous Englewood’s historic buildings, including Lemon Bay Playhouse, the Elizabeth Bryant Gallery, and Buchan’s Landing.

Address: 510 S Indiana Ave, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

14. Manasota Key Beach

Manasota Key Beach
Credits: Shelby Lee Photography / Shutterstock
Manasota Key Beach

Manasota Key Beach, which was founded in the early 1960s, is proclaimed as one of the gorgeous public beaches in Englewood,

As a spacious Beach, Manasota Key Beach is a better option than other crowded beaches not too far from it, such as Siesta Key and Lido Beach.

The Beach is lined by beautiful homes and beach houses available for rentals. You can stroll along the gorgeous Beach and engage in several activities like sunbathing, fishing, and swimming.

Manasota Key Beach features a boat launch ideal for kayaking and canoeing, sand volleyball courts, and a stunning boardwalk perfect for walking.

Address: 8570 Manasota Key Rd, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

15. Englewood Farmers Market

Englewood Farmers Market
Credits: Barry Neal / Shutterstock

For those who genuinely want to mix and interact with locals, shopping at Englewood Farmers Market is a must-do in Englewood.

Englewood Farmers Market, located in the middle of the downtown district of Englewood, has been serving the people since 2011.

As a seasonal market, it is open from October to May only on Thursdays, offering local producers and farmers a chance to showcase their products.

The market offers several kinds of seasonal farm produce, including freshly baked goods, trees, flowers, pantry items, and plants.

Englewood Farmers Market also offers several kinds of foreign and artisan items, including craft works and food trucks offering delicious native meals.

Address: 349 W Dearborn St, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

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16. Charlotte Harbor Tours

Charlotte Harbor Tours
Credits: Amilao / Shutterstock

Visiting Charlotte Harbor Tours should be on your list of top things to do in Englewood, FL if you’re looking for a tour company that will take you on an amazing tour.

Charlotte Harbor Tours is one of the best touring companies in West Central Florida and is headed by Captain Ross.

The tours are offered using the company’s touring boat known as the 2007 Bonnie Joy Robalo, which guarantees visitors an amazing experience.

They offer only private tours for large groups with professional tour guides.

Charlotte Harbor Tours allows tourists to come on board with their meals and drinks, except for glass or wine bottles, which are highly prohibited.

Address: 7080 Placida Rd, Placida, FL 33946, United States

17. Lemon Bay-Myakka Trail Scenic Byway

Lemon Bay-Myakka Trail Scenic Byway
Credits: Tommy Wiklind / Flickr
Lemon Bay-Myakka Trail Scenic Byway

Make a stop by Lemon Bay-Myakka Trail Scenic Byway, containing various wonderful highlights. The Lemon Bay/Myakka Trail is a 47.9 miles pathway comprising two loop roads.

The attractions on this path show the history of Florida, which in turn offers visitors a fantastic educational and recreational experience.

Along the way, you might come across stunning barrier Islands beaches such as Gasparilla Island, Manasota Key, and Boca Grande.

Don’t hesitate to explore this breathtaking pathway and all it contains.

Address: Lemon Bay/Myakka Trail Scenic Byway, Englewood, FL 34224, United States

18. Blind Pass Beach

Blind Pass Beach
Credits: Jim Schwabel / Shutterstock
Blind Pass Beach

Blind Pass Beach, also known as Middle Beach, extends over 3,000 feet along the region’s gorgeous Gulf of Mexico coastline.

This Beach is rated as one of the most romantic beaches in Sarasota County, offering visitors easy access to Gulf and bay water.

The Beach sits on a sixty-six-acre space where you can spend the day with your family and friends under the rejuvenating sunlight.

Blind Pass Beach features a hiking trail that leads hikers through the mangrove forest in the Park and a fishing pier that offers nice seating for fishers.

There are picnic sites where visitors can sit and grab lunch with a beach house featuring shower and restroom facilities.

Address: 7770 Manasota Key Rd, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

19. Howard’s Restaurant

Howard's Restaurant
Credits: Ray Simpson / Facebook
Howard’s Restaurant

For a fantastic dining experience, visit the outstanding Howard’s Restaurant in Englewood.

Howard’s Restaurant is a family-owned and operated restaurant founded by Ken White and Bryan Domain, two brothers-in-law.

This lovely restaurant was founded in 1955 and is popularly known for serving quality coastal fares at affordable prices.

The restaurant is dedicated to offering guests a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for visitors to stop by and dine.

Howard’s Restaurant offers scallops, parmesan, haddock, sirloin steaks, shrimp, home-style lasagna, and more, including an extensive list of wines, beers, and cocktails.

Address: 70 N Indiana Ave, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

20. The Lighthouse Grill at Stump Pass

Lighthouse Grill at Stump Pass
Credits: The Lighthouse Grill at Stump Pass / Facebook
Lighthouse Grill at Stump Pass

The Lighthouse Grill at Stump Pass is located perfectly, directly overlooking the Intracoastal waterway of Englewood.

This restaurant offers lunch and dinner meals in its cozy dining room, with sweeping views of Lemon Bay.

The meals offered are freshly made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. Some of their meals include the popular crab cakes, grilled Reuben, seared Ahi tuna, and more.

The Lighthouse Grill at Stump Pass offers an extensive collection of beverages, cocktails, wines, craft beers, and more.

Address: 260 Maryland Avenue, Englewood, FL 34224, United States

21. Lemon Bay Playhouse

Lemon Bay Playhouse
Credits: Lemon Bay Playhouse / Facebook
Lemon Bay Playhouse

Lemon Bay Playhouse is a fantastic theater in Englewood, founded as a nonprofit organization in April 1987.

Lemon Bay Playhouse, housed in a fully refurbished storefront building, is located in the downtown District of Englewood.

The theater releases seven theatrical presentations every season, including dramas, mystery, and comedy productions.

Lemon Bay Playhouse offers visitors great entertainment through performances like Love Letters, Play On, and Tuesdays with Morrie.

The theater holds Lemon Drops Summer Camp annually. The camp is open to everyone who would like to participate and be part of the theatrical productions.

Address: 96 W Dearborn St, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

22. The Pop Culture Antique Museum

The Pop Culture Antique Museum is a must-visit for lovers of pop culture from the late 90s and early 2000s.

This Museum is also known as “a place that makes your childhood memories come alive” through the collection displayed.

You will find a collection of limited edition items that have been remarkably maintained and in perfect condition, including items that were used in gamer and Greek culture.

Address: 8315 Woodgate Ct, Englewood, FL 34224, United States

23. Nicola’s Italian Kitchen

Nicola's Italian Kitchen
Credits: Nicola’s Italian Kitchen / Facebook
Nicola’s Italian Kitchen

Nicola’s Italian Kitchen is an outstanding restaurant chosen as the best Italian restaurant in Englewood for over two decades.

The restaurant was originally founded in 1964 by Nicolas and Tina De Fazio, Italian immigrants who relocated in the mid-1960s to the United States.

It was initially located in Connecticut before moving to a new location in 1990 after the owners moved to Florida.

Nicola’s Italian Kitchen serves delectable Italian cuisine made from scratch using the original family recipes.

They offer meals suitable for lunch and dinner, including chicken Marsala, eggplant Parmesan, Frutti di mare, ricotta lasagna, and baked stuffed manicotti.

Address; 8647, 4343 S Access Rd, Englewood, FL 34224, United States

24. SUP Englewood

SUP Englewood
Credits: phototravelua / Shutterstock

SUP Englewood is a place that helps you set out for amazing adventures.

SUP Englewood offers several kayak and paddleboard services, rentals, and tours with professional instructors.

They offer guided eco-tours and paddleboard lessons for individuals with different skill levels, including amateurs, intermediates, and professionals.

SUP Englewood’s paddleboard rentals include leashes, life vests, and waterproof phone covers. In contrast, kayak rentals come with a map, whistles, safety bags, and kayak equipment.

Address: 5350 Placida Rd, Englewood, FL 34224, United States

25. Englewood Beach Waterfest

The Englewood Beach Waterfest is a popular marine racing competition held annually in November. If you don’t know what to do in Eaglewood, FL, ensure to attend this festival.

It is a power boating event held for two days at the center of the Waterfest and is proclaimed a championship event in the world.

When you’re done watching power boats racing, you can also stop by the Family Conservation Center, where you learn more about Marian creatures.

The Englewood Beach Waterfest features several restaurants in the food court offering varieties of delicious food.

You are highly encouraged to attend their block party on Friday, before the championship event, where you can listen to live music, drink, and dine.

Address: Englewood Beach Waterfest, Englewood Beach, FL 34224, United States

26. Vino Loco Gourmet

Vino Loco Gourmet
Credits: Vino Loco Wine Bar • Tapas • Wine Shop / Facebook
Vino Loco Gourmet

Vino Loco Gourmet has been continuously rated as one of the best restaurants in Englewood.

The restaurant is managed by Joyce Colmer and has been hailed for its unique quality wines and tapas collection as Coastal Living and Harbor Style.

They offer an extensive collection of over three hundred and fifty foreign wines, which can be paired with any gourmet tapas, such as bocadila serrano, charcuterie, albondigas, and shrimp Chueca.

Vino Loco Gourmet offers guests an opportunity to sample some of the best wines in the world for reasonable prices.

 Address: 420 W Dearborn St., Englewood, FL 34223, United States

27. Catania’s Winery

Catania's Winery
Credits: OPOLJA / Shutterstock

Are you looking for what to do in Englewood, FL? Visit Catania’s Winery, one of the most popular wineries in the region.

Catania’s Winery was established in 2011 by John and Margherita Catania and is known for serving the best collection of wines.

The Winery produces its Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon collection at its production facility in Englewood.

They offer wine tastings to visitors aged 21 and above, only in the afternoons from Wednesday to Saturday or by appointment.

Catania’s Winery offers the finest imported Italian olive oils and numerous wine or coffee production products for visitors to purchase.

Address: 524 Paul Morris Dr # B, Englewood, FL 34223, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Englewood

Englewood is a coastal city with lots of entertainment, adventure, and excitement. There is nothing you seek that Englewood wouldn’t give you and more.

The exceptional hospitality of the people is one that truly stands out from other cities. Explore the numerous natural and artificial attractions and have an incredible experience.