23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Treasure Island (FL)

Treasure Island in Pinellas County, Florida, United States, is shoreline heaven. This little city had about 6,910 individuals during the 2020 census.

Treasure Island, along the Gulf of Mexico, is a mother lode of shocking attractions and delightful natural life, which generally give its guests something special to recall.

The city is honored with numerous lovely sea shores along its whole coastline. You can’t miss the delightful view of the isle and the fascinating sounds of the sea creatures.

Treasure Island is renowned for its white sandy sea shores and pristine waters. Along these seashores are numerous restaurants and little shops.

The city’s small size makes it simple to get around, particularly from the seashores to the midtown region, where you will track down numerous lodgings, eateries, and shops.

If you want to make your visit to Treasure Island worthwhile, here are the top things to do in Treasure Island, FL.

Things to Do in Treasure Island, FL

1. Treasure Island Beach

Treasure Island Beach
Credits: Harry B. Lamb / Shutterstock
Treasure Island Beach

If beautiful blue skies, fresh air, clear waves washing up on the shores with beautiful white sand, and a conclusive beautiful sunset are what you need, visit Treasure Island Beach.

Treasure Island Beach is a great beach and less populated than other beaches in the states. Public parking lots are five dollars a day with a long walk out to the Beach.

The Beautiful Beach is quite large and has paved walkways that go downwards. The walkways offer great walks in the evening and a fantastic place to watch the sunset.

The Beach water is moderately clear compared to other beaches like Fort Desoto and Coquina. It has wheelchair ramps, clean bathrooms, and a grassy lawn facing the ocean.

Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and exploring the coves to the north. Only dogs on leash are allowed on the Beach.

Address: 10400 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706-4815, United States

2. Sunset Vista Trailhead Park

Sunset Vista Trailhead Park is a small city park offering visitors a magical experience. The Park also has a pavilion for those who don’t want to reach the Beach.

Toward one side of the recreation area are washrooms, outside showers, and an excursion region. The visitors can also see Manatees and dolphins swimming near the shore.

At night, the recreation area is ideal for watching a breathtaking sunset, which is one of Treasure Island’s notable features.

The Sunset Vista Trailhead Park is the ideal spot for unwinding and finding nature

 with an oceanside situated close to it.

Visiting the Sunset Vista Trailhead Park is one of the best things to do in Treasure Island, FL.

Address: 9750 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

3. Middle Grounds Grill

Middle Grounds Grill
Credits: Middle Grounds Grill / Facebook
Middle Grounds Grill

As a beachfront area, Treasure Island is one of the ideal spots to enjoy unique fish with your loved ones.

Middle Grounds Grill is a family-accommodating café with an extraordinary arrangement and cutting-edge seating.

If you like fish, lobsters, and crabs, visit this spot for a tasty adventure. The grill offers some of the freshest dishes cooked in luscious flavors.

Different choices are also accessible for individuals who are not exceptionally enthused about fish.

The grill is worth adding to your bucket list of things to do in Treasure Island, FL if you want to taste the local richness of the city.

Address: 10925 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

4. Suncoast Sailing

Suncoast Sailing
Credits: Suncoast Sailing / Facebook
Suncoast Sailing

Are you prepared for an extraordinary time? Step on board Suncoast Sailing’s notable ship, Suncoast Horizon, and have the experience of a lifetime!

The agency offers day and night sailing. Thus, the tour is a perfect romantic getaway for couples.

The beautiful scenery and sunset can be viewed from the boat. Visitors can explore the natural excellence the Bay brings to the table and the marine life that shares this world with us.

Suncoast Sailing, under the excellent guidance of Captain Dave, is considered the best boat excursion. Ensure you come with your camera.

Address: 400 Treasure Island Causeway, Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

5. Gulf Coastin Charters

Gulf Coastin Charters
Credits: Rocksweeper / Shutterstock

Gulf Coast Charters is a boat rental and tourist service that features a private captain, inshore, near Shore Fishing Guides, and clear waters.

Gulf Coast Charters, located in the Tampa Bay Area, offers visitors Island tours, dolphin watches, and sunset tours.

Visiting the Gulf Coastin Charters is one of the fun things to do in Treasure Island, FL. The ship’s captain is welcoming and friendly and can squeeze visitors in at the last minute for a trip.

The ride through the beautiful sea keeps visitors having fun and moving around until they find some fish.

The captain also teaches visitors how to read side scan sonar on the fish finder.

More than just catching fish, the boat’s captain is easy to talk to and happy to answer questions relating to the experience.

Address: 9212 Captiva Cir, St Pete Beach, FL 33706, United States

6. Boca Ciega Bay

Boca Ciega Bay
Credits: Jeff Kinsey / Shutterstock
Boca Ciega Bay

Boca Ciega Bay, located close to Gulfport and St. Petersburg, is the best place to enjoy yourself with your friends and family on Treasure Island.

The Bay offers activities like fly skiing, paddle boarding, and more.

The actual inlet is an amphibian reserve, home to numerous endemic assortments of fish and other ocean life. A mangrove coastline is around it, making it an area of interest.

Boca Ciega Bay’s sandy sea shores are additionally perfect for some unwinding. Exploring this destination is worth adding to your list of top things to do in Treasure Island, FL.

The 35-foot wooden perception tower is fascinating, which gives a picturesque postcard image of the whole water body.

There is also abundant untamed ocean life, such as shellfish, and normal vegetation like corals and sea grass.

Address: Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

7. Treasure Island Boat Rentals

 Treasure Island Boat Rentals
Credits: Treasure Island Boat Rentals / Facebook
Treasure Island Boat Rentals

One of the thrilling ways of seeing the region around Treasure Island is with a boat rental.

Treasure Island Boat Rentals have reasonable choices that will entice you to have a waterfront experience and keep you excited throughout the ride.

Sail out into the refreshing ocean breeze on a hot, bright day while enjoying the feel of the breeze blowing against your hair and the dazzling seaside view with your friends and family.

Visitors can also investigate the attractions at neighboring spots, including Clearwater Beach, Tierra Verde, and Boca Ciega Bay Aquatic Preserve.

The staff at the boat rentals is amicable and sees to it that you get the best out of your boat riding experience without charging anything extra.

Address: 11025 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States.

8. Sailicity Yacht and Sailing Charters

Ever dreamed of sailing but can’t because you don’t live close to the seashore? Simplicity Charters provides easy sailing charters for you and your friends.

Located on the beautiful Treasure Island, FL, Sailicity Yacht and Sailing Charters helps you plan a memorable sea experience.

The beautiful thing about Sailicity Yacht and Sailing Charters is that it allows its visitors to experience St. Petersburg from a different perspective

, from the beautiful skies and lovely sunsets of the island viewed from the sailboat to the clear waters of the island.

The best charter experience for you and your family is in Sailicity Yacht and Sailing Charters, as it sails through St. Petersburg and gives you an enjoyable experience.

One of the best places to visit in Treasure Island, FL, is Sailicity Yacht and Sailing Charters.

Address: Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

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9. The Florida Shell Shop

Florida Shell Shop
Credits: Vintagepix / Shutterstock

The Florida Shell Shop is a great place to visit for many beautiful sea shells. They have several kinds of shells, and the prices are reasonable.

The Florida Shell Shop also has excellent souvenirs and books, which visitors are at liberty to purchase as they desire, in addition to the beautiful selection of shells, starfish, and ocean animals.

Although the shell shop feels small because it is packed, it has quite a large stock of interesting items worth buying.

This Shop and its owner are accommodating and help you make the best choice. If you are looking for what to do in Treasure Island, FL, and you’re a shell lover, then visit the fascinating Florida Shell Shop. 

Address: 9901 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706-3215, United States

10. Paradise Spa

Paradise Spa
Credits: Yuriy Maksymiv / Shutterstock

This incredible Spa situated on Treasure Island satisfies its name as it effortlessly offers visitors a feeling of relaxation in paradise.

The Spa is teams with different highlights, like back rubs, and hydrotherapy. Infrared medicines, sauna meetings, body back rubs, and body wraps.

The scours and different back rub creams utilized here are of the top quality and sweet fragrances.

Enjoy the treatment of your choosing with delicate lighting and quiet music.

Following an investigation of Treasure Island’s vacationers’ top activities, visiting this Spa is a must-do in Treasure Island, FL.

Address: 174 107th Ave, Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

11. Treasure Island Athletic Club

Treasure Island Athletic Club
Credits: Kostenko Maxim / Shutterstock

Treasure Island Athletic Club is the perfect location for sports buffs.

Treasure Island Athletic Club possesses outstanding and contemporary equipment to soothe every need.

One attractive feature of this place is that it’s pocket friendly and opens every week.

This place gives you all you miss at hotels and vacation spots; so, you never have to worry about keeping fit or having fun at affordable prices.

Treasure Island Athletic Club also has outstanding personal trainers.

The Club’s management is competent and ensures the place meets acceptable standards. Treasure Island Athletic Club is one of the best places to visit in Treasure Island, FL.

Address: 133 107th Ave, Treasure Island, FL 33706-4715, United States

12. Parasailing the Pass

Parasailing the Pass
Credits: wewi-creative / Shutterstock

An ideal way to see Treasure Island from the sky and go through an exciting day on and over the water is with a parasailing experience.

Parasailing the Pass is the sole provider of such adventures in the city. The trained staff provides a safe environment for visitors to see the coastline soaring above the water.

The organization likewise offers dolphin and beautiful nature visits by boat, ensuring no dull moment throughout the tour.

Going on an adventure with Parasailing the Pass is great with friends and family.

If there’s anything you shouldn’t miss, it’s adding an adventure with Parasailing the Pass to your list of the fun things to do in Treasure Island, FL.

Address: 12754 Kingfish Dr., Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

13. Sunset Beach Shop

As the name implies, Sunset Beach Shop is on a beach that captures one of the most beautiful sunsets.

The Shop is an eco-friendly destination that features handmade cleansers, adornments, wood signs, lovely home scents, and fine art.

You can also find swimsuits, sun caps, sunscreen, pontoons, umbrellas, ocean-oriented toys, and many paintings by artists on the Beach.

Visiting the Shop to buy some items with loved ones after some time at the Beach is a great decision.

Address: 9641 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706-3209, United States

14. Caddy’s on the Beach

Caddy’s on the Beach
Credits: Rick / Flickr
Caddy’s on the Beach

Caddy’s on the Beach gives you a unique experience with your toes in the soft sand, a refreshing breeze coming off the ocean, and the sound of waves lapping the shore.

Caddy’s on the Beach is a private beach area where staff hosts yoga several times a week. Visitors can also grab a bite to eat at the famous BBQ.

It’s also good to stick around with your family for some live music and a beautiful sunset at the Barbeque restaurant.

You’re likely aware of the relaxation and benefits of yoga, so imagine how much better it is with an outdoor view; when everyone knows that only some fresh air and food scenery is enough to brighten up a person’s day!

Are you wondering what to do in Treasure Island, FL, then do yoga with Caddy’s on the Beach. 

 Address: 9000 W Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

15. Mad Beach Paddlesports

Mad Beach Paddlesports
Credits: yurakrasil / Shutterstock

Mad Beach Paddlesports is a great place to visit if you require some standard surfing and paddleboarding gear for an excellent time out on the waves.

Mad Beach Paddlesports has been providing outstanding service since 2014. You can visit and grab a paddleboard, kayak, or bicycle from the store.

Mad Beach Paddlesports also offers free parking at the Beach.

Their access to the marina lets you put your paddleboard or kayak directly into the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Bay also created a great route that you follow to John’s Pass Sandbar and Islands, featuring a mangrove tunnel to paddle through.

Visitors can opt for a rental, take guided tours, or take lessons if necessary.

Address: Treasure Bay Resort & Marina, 11125 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

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16. Treasure Island Golf, Tennis & Recreation Center

Treasure Island Golf, Tennis & Recreation Center
Credits: EpicStockMedia / Shutterstock

Treasure Island Golf, Tennis & Recreation Center is a 9-hole course ideal for practicing your short game and learning to play golf if you are a novice.

Treasure Island Golf, Tennis & Recreation Center is one of the few places visitors can see games like foot golf and many other interesting things.

It takes about forty-five minutes to an hour to complete the nine-hole course. The activity is an excellent way to get outside, stay active, and enjoy the cool weather.

Check out the Treasure Island Golf, Tennis & Recreation Center during your visit to Treasure Island.

Address: 10315 Paradise Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706-3120, United States

17. T-Kat Fishing Charter

T-Kat Fishing Charter
Credits: Ashley-Belle Burns / Shutterstock

T-Kat Fishing Charter is a great place to visit with your friends and family if you want to be treated to a beautiful morning on the Gulf of Mexico.

The Charter goes above and beyond as visitors fish in unique areas for a half day. Their catches are always astonishing.

Visitors can decide to start off trolling some Spanish and king mackerel and finish off the trip with some great bottom fishing.

The boat is comfortable and always leaves visitors hoping to revisit T-Kat Fishing Charter.

Whether you’re a marine biologist, a marine life enthusiast, or wish to catch a couple of fish out on vacation, T-Kat Fishing Charter is the place to be!

Address: Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

18. Jacqueline’s Salon and Day Spa

Jacqueline's Salon and Day Spa
Credits: dotshock / Shutterstock

Jacqueline’s Salon and Day Spa is the place to visit if you need some pampering and relaxing treatment for your beauty and well-being.

The Salon is very well run, clean, professional, and inviting.

At Jacqueline’s Salon and Day Spa, visitors can always get good services, such as a perfect haircut, perm, coloring job, or whatever other services they order.

The front desk-appointment scheduling staff is friendly and excellent at finding a convenient time for you.

Jacqueline’s Salon and Day Spa got you covered if it’s a manicure, pedicure, or facial mask, you need to get your relaxation started.

You can also get massages at the Spa. There’s no reason not to visit!

Address: 279 Treasure Island Causeway, Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

19. Vine and Grind

Vine and Grind
Credits: Maya Kruchankova / Shutterstock

Vine and Grind is a great place to visit and get your fill of various tasting oils for those who love to taste some new flavors of olive oil.

Vine and Grind in Treasure Island, FL, features specialty gourmet products and tasting rooms.

Vine and Grind offer “Ultra-Premium” extra virgin olive oils, Infused olive oils, Balsamic Vinegar, and other variants.

The place has over 95 varieties of olive oils in store. They also have Sea Salts, Spices, Fresh Coffee, Coffee Beans, and Organic chocolates.

If you’re not used to cooking with olive oil, Vine and Grind will change your mind since it has the best possible tasting olive oils for you.

Address: 111 107th Ave, Treasure Island, FL 33706-4722, United States

20. Ka’Tiki

Credits: Ka`Tiki / Facebook

If you want to know where the indigenous people frequent, look no farther than the large hovel opposite Sunset Beach.

Take the Free Beach Ride and drink to your satisfaction. The drinks and the exceptional menu food are reasonably priced.

The fascinating thing about the place is how visitors can view Sunset Beach without leaving their stools. It is recommended you come with your camera to capture the moment.

If you visit on Sundays with companions, they have a local band play that may make you spend more time than expected at Ka’Tiki.

Address: 8803 W Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706-3337, United States

21. Marine13

Credits: Maridav / Shutterstock

Marine13 should be your next stop on Treasure Island, FL if you’re an animal enthusiast and love sea creatures.

Visitors get to see dolphins, manatees, and tarpons. Marine13 has an amazing staff that is knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. Visitors’ trips are always enjoyable and pleasurable on Marine13.

Whether you are looking for a family day cruise, sunset cruise, or charter opportunities, Marine13 is the right destination.

After your adventure, you can decide to check out the Seadog restaurant for some good food.

The cruise ship is beautiful and always leaves its visitors comfortable and in awe. There’s always a good impression left on those that visit the Marine13.

Address: Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

22. Gators Cafe & Saloon

This place is said to hold the world’s longest waterfront bar, featuring a specialty lager tasting room.

At the Cafe and Saloon, you’ll also find a Tiki lounge, various bars, an eatery, TVs, and stages with live entertainment for the whole squad to enjoy.

Gators Cafe & Saloon is also a family-friendly location where the whole squad can spend the night out with mixed drinks while watching the dusk.

As far as relaxing, enjoying a drink, viewing the beautiful outdoors, eating the meal of your choice, and enjoying great music goes, Gators Cafe & Saloon is the best place to visit.

Address: 12754 Kingfish Dr, Treasure Island, FL 33706, United States

23. Treasure Island Cigar Lounge

Treasure Island Cigar Lounge
Credits: WNstock / Shutterstock

Unwind and partake in Florida’s beachfront way of life with Treasure Island Cigar Lounge. The Lounge offers a superb choice of premium stogies, specialty lagers, and exceptionally chosen wines.

Treasure Island Cigar Lounge is situated in the core of Treasure Island.

Treasure Island Cigar Lounge parlor visitors can come along with companions or make some new ones here.

The place has a stroll-in humidor and twelve lager taps highlighting the best specialty brews from nearby Tampa Bay and Florida Breweries.

There’s also television entertainment by ESPN and Rockbot, free WI-FI, and parking space for visitors to enjoy.

Address: 155 107th Ave, Treasure Island, FL 33706-4715, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Treasure Island

Are you traveling solo or with travel companions? Treasure Island, Florida’s attractions and activities will meet your needs and preferences.

Whether a sports enthusiast, animal lover, or shopping freak, you’ll undoubtedly discover what piques your interest.

If you’re in or around Treasure Island, take out some time and visit our well-selected list of attractions.