23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Lake Powell

Lake Powell is an artificial reservoir in the United States. It is an attachment to the Colorado River in Utah and Arizona.

The Lake is a location in the US, frequently visited by many people. This place is estimated to have a visiting population of about two million annually.

Lake Powell is a beautiful place for a vacation. Lake Powell has many adventurous places like the Forgotten Canyon, Bullfrog Marina, Hite Overlook, Reflection Canyon, Defiance House, and more.

Lake Powell is the US’s second largest artificial reservoir regarding water capacity.

Hiking, houseboating, and fishing are the most popular activities in Lake Powell. When it comes to fishing, Lake Powell offers varieties that include Striped bass, Channel catfish, Walleye, Northern pike, and more.

Are you planning a visit to Lake Powell? Here is a list of the top things to do in Lake Powell

Things to Do In Lake Powell

1. Reflection Canyon

Reflection Canyon
Credits: Galyna Andrushko / Shutterstock
Reflection Canyon

Reflection Canyon is a place for hike lovers in Lake Powell.

Suppose you are a visitor to Lake Powell or planning a visit to this place, and you are a hiking enthusiast.

This place offers hiking with a more challenging trail. Its hiking trail measures up to 24.5 kilometers.

Reflection Canyon is a pet-friendly canyon, so those that have pets are allowed to come with their pets to enjoy their hike better.

Reflection Canyon has many beautiful attractions to keep your eyes busy while hiking. You would be so amazed at the beauty of this place that you won’t even notice how long you have gone hiking.

It’s recommended to visit the Canyon between March and November to get a better experience and enjoy your stay at Reflection Canyon.

2. Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Rainbow Bridge National Monument
Credits: Oscity / Shutterstock
Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Are you looking for a fun place to visit in Lake Powell? Rainbow Bridge National Monument is a place for you.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument is the world’s largest natural Bridge, having a height of 290 feet and a width of 270 feet. The Bridge was given its name because it has the beautiful shape of a rainbow.

When it comes to national parks, this Monument is a small National park in Lake Powell. Although it’s a small park, it features many fun activities to keep you entertained. For those hike lovers, this Monument also offers hiking services.

Do not miss out on the beauty of this Monument. Come with your family, friends, and colleagues to explore this place’s breathtaking beauty.

3. Gregory Arch

Gregory Arch
Credits: Nicole G / Flickr
Gregory Arch

This Arch’s water level allows guests visiting to get a clear view of its beauty and uniqueness.

Gregory Arch is an extension of Navajo sandstone that got to the Fifty-mile Canyon and in 1969 was covered when it was filled.

This place in Lake Powell is fun to visit, as you get the chance to explore new things, and your children will also learn more.

Gregory Arch is a historic place in Lake Powell, regarded as the second largest natural Bridge in the United States.

4. Iceberg Canyon

Iceberg Canyon
Credits: Christophe Roudet / Flickr
Iceberg Canyon

Iceberg Canyon is another Canyon in Lake Powell with ravaging beauty.

Iceberg Canyon’s beauty is mind-blowing. The Canyon has six chasms that are beautifully made and admirable.

Iceberg Canyon is also a wonderful place for fishing. Just throw your fishing hook, and you are guaranteed to catch different fish species.

There is also a natural dam in Iceberg Canyon. The distance from Iceberg Canyon to Bullfrog Marina is almost three hours by houseboat and an hour by powerboat.

5. Escalante River Arm

Escalante River Arm
Credits: BILD LLC / Shutterstock

Are you a visitor to Lake Powell and a kayak lover? Escalante River Arm is a place for you.

Escalante River is regarded as a kayak paradise. It has lovely walls, amphitheaters, and the natural stone at Davis Gulch.

Hiking at the natural stone is often easy, so if you want to go hiking but want an easy one, you should visit this place.

Aside from the many activities already mentioned, Escalante offers various activities. Fishing is also allowed here.

From the beginning of the Canyon till the end, you are free to throw your fishing hook to catch great sizes of fish. Escalante is known for the record-breaking fish caught here.

Escalante is also an excellent place for personal watercraft and small boats; there is just something for everyone. 

6. Tower Butte

Tower Butte
Credits: Santi Rodriguez / Shutterstock
Tower Butte

Another place that makes you feel like you are on top of the world in Lake Powell is Tower Butte.

To understand how high this place is, the top of this place can only be reached with a helicopter.

The Tower is situated at the south end of Lake Powell. This Tower was created using high sandstone, which makes it most admirable in its surroundings.

This Tower was created using the formulation by Morrison, which was also used for the Entrada and Romana Sandstones.

Tower Butte is a place worth exploring in Lake Powell, as visitors are provided with a lifetime memorable experience, and you get the chance to explore the lovely views of Lake Powell at the top of this place.

Tower Butte is an Amazing place with a mind-blowing experience.

7. Bullfrog Marina

Bullfrog Marina
Credits: Kris Wiktor / Shutterstock
Bullfrog Marina

Bullfrog Marina is a beautiful Marina worth visiting in Lake Powell.

Bullfrog Marina features lots of fun indulgences to help you better enjoy your trip. The Marina includes a hotel because you might want to enjoy your day to the last and, as a result, may need a place to lay your head.

There is also a grocery shop for necessities, restaurants, showers, laundry, parks, and more.

Bullfrog Marina is a fantastic place to visit in Lake Powell because it is so entertaining. The Marina features watersports, including kayaking, canoeing, etc.

Motorboats, watercraft, and houseboats are also available for rent.

Bullfrog Marina is mostly busy and occupied by people from April to October because the temperature within this period is warm.

 Apart from its fun activities, the water of this Marina is quiet and can be an excellent spot to unwind.

8. Forgotten Canyon

Forgotten Canyon is another beautiful canyon worth visiting in Lake Powell.

This Canyon dates back 700 years ago but was discovered in the 1950s.

This Canyon suits its name (The Forgotten Canyon) as it was in existence years ago but was found late.

This place is one of the best places to visit in Lake Powell, as it brings you close to the past, while inside the Canyon, you feel like you are living in the past. It’s an adventure to behold and a lovely place to explore.

It features many historical antiques, including bowls with original food scraps, mural-like paintings, and lots more.

Forgotten Canyon is a decent place in Lake Powell, as it enlightens guests and locals more on the culture and history of Lake Powell, making it one of the best places to visit.

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9. Good Hope Bay

Good Hope Bay
Credits: Ken Lund / Flickr
Good Hope Bay

This destination is an Ideal place for waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. As a visitor to Lake Powell and a lover of watersports, especially those mentioned, you should visit this place.

The water in Good Hope Bay is quite lengthy, up to ten miles. Its water is so smooth as it faces a different direction from most of Lake Powell’s bays, which makes it suitable for sports.

Good Hope Bay is also a decent place for your family camping.

This place features many amenities to make your camping experience good. They have benches and wildlife; you also get a tour of other petty Canyons around its axis.

While visiting here, look for Bighorn Sheep on the rocks of the Ticaboo canyon.

Good Hope Bay is also a good spot for fishing. You can catch different species of fish here; there are bass, walleye, and even the northern pike.

It’s 32 miles away from the houseboat pick-up point, so you must be prepared by filling your houseboat tank to the brim to avoid getting stuck somewhere.

Hope Bay is one of the best places to visit in Lake Powell.

10. Hite Overlook

Hite Overlook
Credits: EZ Miles / Shutterstock
Hite Overlook

Are you a visitor to Lake Powell and an adventure lover looking for a place to explore? Hite Overlook got you covered.

Exploring Hite Overlook is one of the fun things to do in Lake Powell. This attraction offers an adventure you wouldn’t like to miss.

An adventure at Hite Overlook will make you feel like you are on top of the world, as you get the chance to view almost all the glamorous parts of Lake Powell.

You could come here with your partner to have a lovely and fun time together. You could even come here for your honeymoon because the experience you get from the overlook is thrilling and exciting.

You can also take as many pictures as possible because you would love to save your memories from this exciting place.

11. Hole In The Rock

Hole In The Rock
Credits: Julie Gropp / Shutterstock
Hole In The Rock

Hole In The Rock is an admirable attraction in Lake Powell. Years ago, in 1880, a group of Mormon Missionaries was looking for a path to take to get to Montezuma, Utah, from Escalante.

This group comprises men, women, children, and horses. To make a path to Montezuma, they started hitting a rock to make a hole big enough to enter them all.

That was how the hole came about and has existed ever since.

Hole in the Rock trail is an ideal place for hiking, which can last up to ninety minutes. The Rock also has lots of foot cliffs on its sides.

It also has many lovely views, some of which include the Henry Mountains and a place honoring the sacrifice of the missionaries that made Hole In The Rock a place of ecstasy today.

12. Lake Powell Resort

Lake Powell Resort
Credits: Kit Leong / Shutterstock
Lake Powell Resort

Lake Powell Resort is one of the best places to visit in Lake Powell, primarily to rest your head after a long day.

Lake Powell Resort is situated in Wahweap Mariana.

Lake Powell Resort is a beautiful place with beautiful features. Every guest visiting Lake Powell and staying at the Resort always leaves with a bright smile.

The Resort’s rooms are elegant and comfortable; you are guaranteed to have peace of mind in this Resort.

The food here is top-notch and delicious.

Lake Powell Resort is one of the best places to visit in Lake Powell. The view from the Resort is breathtaking.

This Resort is perfect for your family vacation; it’s welcoming and satisfying.

13. LaGorce Arch in Davis Gulch

LaGorce Arch in Davis Gulch
Credits: Robert Shea / Flickr
LaGorce Arch in Davis Gulch

LaGorce Arch is one of the best attractions in Lake Powell.

LaGorce Arch is situated off the Escalante River. This Arch is an amazing place to view the sunset and daybreak piercing through the water; such a wonderful view.

This place is worth visiting in Lake Powell as its beauty is top-notch. The Arch is up to one hundred feet when the water level is high. You can go on a tour with a small houseboat.

In LaGorce Arch, you can see the river on any side of the Arch, especially when hiking.

This attraction is a recommended place for your family day out. You could come for a picnic, camping, or fishing. Your kids are bound to fall in love with this place.

You could come with your camera to capture your beautiful memories. This place is one of the most photographed arches in Lake Powell.

14. Wahweap Marina

Wahweap Marina
Credits: Karel Stipek / Shutterstock
Wahweap Marina

Wahweap Marina is popular for being the largest Marina in Lake Powell. It is worth exploring as it has many basic amenities to keep you going.

Wahweap provides for your lodging and comfort. You could also rent your houseboats here.

Wahweap Marina is a lovely and fun place in Lake Powell for locals and guests.

Wahwaep Marina is situated in the South of Lake Powell. There are also lots of interesting things to do around the Marina too.

The services rendered in Wahweap Marina include Dry storage, overnight slips, and lots more.

15. Cathedral In The Desert

Cathedral In The Desert
Credits: Danita Delimont / Shutterstock
Cathedral In The Desert

Cathedral in the desert is a historic place in Lake Powell worth visiting. This Cathedral is situated on the Escalante Arm Of Lake Powell, south of Bullfrog Marina.

Cathedral In The Desert features many beautiful attractions, varying in their water levels. This Cathedral is a place loved by boaters of Lake Powell.

The water in the Cathedral changes with time, with the level above 3620 feet.

There are also gigantic Sandstone walls in the Cathedral. While strolling in the Cathedral and walking up and down ridges, you are bound to see these Sandstones.

You can touch these sandstones while exploring this narrow slot Canyon, which is 12 feet wide in some places, with a kayak, powerboat, paddleboard, and even personal watercraft.

The Cathedral In The Desert is a wonderful place to visit in Lake Powell, providing you with mindblowing views and beauties.

A visit to this destination should be included in your list of the best things to do in Lake Powell.

You could come here with your family too, so you won’t get to explore the beauty of this place all by yourself. You could also come with your camera to take pictures of the fun moments of your life in the Cathedral.

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16. Padre Bay

Padre Bay
Credits: LHBLLC / Shutterstock
Padre Bay

Padre Bay is another amazing water body in Lake Powell.

Padre Bay is so far one of the biggest expanses of water in Lake Powell. Its water is 3704 feet high, with lots of admirable adventures.

If you are a guest in Lake Powell and have kids, you can bring them here too. This place is a good place for them since kids are adventure enthusiasts.

You could also come here with your partner or friends; you are guaranteed to have a lovely time here and build unforgettable memories.

17. Lost Eden Canyon

Lost Eden Canyon
Credits: Kris Wiktor / Shutterstock
Lost Eden Canyon

If you want to explore Lake Powell and its beautiful canyons to the fullest, then a visit to Lost Eden Canyon should be on your list of the best things to do in Lake Powell.

Lost Eden Canyon is a wonderful place with a mind-blowing view. The beauty of the sunrise and sunset on the water of this Canyon is epic. It is a beauty to behold. You will feel like you are moving on glass.

While you could gently feel this water with your hand, it has a soothing feeling. Lost Eden has lots of beautiful views, and you can also see most of its epic buildings reflecting in the glass-like water.

You could also go fishing in the Canyon.

18. Houseboating on Lake Powell

Houseboating on Lake Powell
Credits: John Dvorak / Shutterstock
Houseboating on Lake Powell

As a visitor to Lake Powell or a person planning a visit to the Lake, you would have constantly heard of houseboats.

Houseboating is a common means of water transport in this area, but the difference is that you can live in it. It is enjoyable to ride on this kind of boat. Tourists always dream of visiting Lake Powell to ride on this boat.

The houseboat is one of the best things about Lake Powell. This houseboat is used in Lake Powell and its canyons.

Explore the beauty of Lake Powell with a houseboat and visit its ninety-six side canyons and lovely shoreline.

Enjoy this lovely adventure with your family, kids, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

19. Halls Creek Bay

Halls Creek Bay
Credits: Ken Lund / Flickr
Halls Creek Bay

Halls Creek Bay is a lovely Bay in Lake Powell, full of adventurous activities, such as fishing, hiking during Spring and Fall, and lots more.

Fishing here is an incredible experience, as you can catch different fish species. Hiking is also a wholesome experience here, and you can feed your eyes with lovely views of the bay while hiking.

Halls Creek Bay also has beautiful sandy beaches, making this place a special spot for a picnic with your family or your partner.

A tour of this place is one of the fun things to do in Lake Powell because Halls Creek Bay is one of the lovely attractions of the Lake.

Halls Creek Bay has lots of beautiful attractions, like the beautiful Henry Mountains.

Halls Creek Bay water is calm and has many coves to shelter you from the wind and the sun while enjoying your houseboat tour.

Since its water is calm, it is an excellent place for waterskiing. Halls Creek Bay also features wildlife like deer, migratory birds, and lots more enticing animals.

20. Moki Canyon

Moki Canyon
Credits: Kaylee Sefcovic / Shutterstock
Moki Canyon

As a visitor to Lake Powell and a lover of kayaks, this place is an excellent destination for you.

Moki Canyon is known for its awesomeness when it comes to kayaking. This location is a perfect place for kayak lovers.

Moki Canyon is undoubtedly a historic place in Lake Powell, as It has many historical features. You will get to find ancient Petroglyphs and Anasazi here.

In Moki Canyon, you will discover and explore the same caves and canyons the Native Americans lived in, which is so fascinating.

If you want to see and learn some of the history of Lake Powell, Moki Canyon is one of the best places to visit in Lake Powell.

Moki Canyon splits into three different bodies of water, but that doesn’t stop the level of fun you have here because each water has its attractive features and adventures.

Moki has wonderful stonewalls as high as 400 feet above a person.

You can go fishing at the mouth of Moki Canyon and be bewildered by the fish you will catch.

Moki Canyon is a beautiful place with a lovely adventure, which is why exploring Moki Canyon should be on your bucket list.

21. Defiance House

Defiance House
Credits: Robert Shea / Flickr
Defiance House

Defiance house is a historical place situated in Forgotten Canyon. It is three miles up the middle division of the Canyon.

Defiance House was founded in 1959, and since then, it has been one of the historical places in Lake Powell that are being taken care of and protected.

If you are a history and adventure enthusiast, do not miss a visit to Defiance House.

Defiance House is a tourist attraction in Lake Powell because there are many historical antiques. A visit to this place will make your day a memorable one.

22. The Rincon

The Rincon
Credits: Christophe Roudet / Flickr
The Rincon

There are lots of intriguing activities to explore here at Rincon. The Rincon has a horseshoe shape, making it perfect for these sports activities.

The wide part of the Rincon is a lovely place for waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. The curved side of the Rincon, which isn’t so vast, is best for personal watercraft and kayaks.

You could come with your kids to explore the beauty of this place. Your kids are bound to love this place and its beauty.

Here in Rincon, you could see wild donkeys walking near the San Juan River and lots more. There are also beaches at the Rincon; so you could come here with your family for camping.

You and your family are bound to enjoy your stay here because there are lots of interesting activities to do here. The Rincon is one of the best places to visit in Lake Powell.

So if you plan a visit to Lake Powell, make sure to include a visit to the Rincon on your checklist of things to do in Lake Powell.

23. Fishing on Lake Powell

Fishing on Lake Powell
Credits: Bonita R. Cheshier / Shutterstock
Fishing on Lake Powell

Lake Powell is top-notch when it comes to fishing. As a fishing lover and a visitor to Lake Powell, Lake Powell is perfect for you.

You could visit any of its side Canyons to fish, as they offer varieties of fish; all you have to do is throw your fishing hook. Lake Powell is no doubt a decent place when it comes to fishing.

Lake Powell has many good recommendations and remarks from guests who have been to the Lake. It is highly recommended.

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Plan Your Trip to Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a beautiful place to go for a vacation. Lake Powell is filled with adventures that will leave you with smiles and excitement. It is a place for everyone. Don’t hesitate to add it to your itinerary.

Start planning your trip to Lake Powell by making a bucket list of places to visit, do have a fun trip!