23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Kokomo (Indiana)

Kokomo may not be as famous as other Midwesterns, but there are sure lots of fun things to do in Kokomo, Indiana.

The name “Kokomo” sounds unique, like a familiar song in the people’s hearts since the early days when the city was formed and gained public recognition.

The city of Kokomo boasts of unique features such as the Kokomo Municipal Stadium a place where sports fans can view live baseball games and also engage in some racing activities at the Kokomo Speedway.

During your trip, learn the city’s history at the Elwood Haynes Museum and take kids and friends to the Seiberling Mansion for proper education about the city’s happenings, both locally and internationally.

There are many fun places to visit in Kokomo, Indiana, making it a worthwhile destination to spend a vacation for interested persons. Here are the top things to do in Kokomo, Indiana.

Things to Do in Kokomo, Indiana

1. Visit Seiberling Mansion

Seiberling Mansion
Credits: David Ellis / Flickr
Seiberling Mansion

The Seiberling Mansion is always present in the list of the most famous mansions in Kokomo, Indiana, and has been one of the top attractions in Kokomo.

The historic Seiberling Mansion was constructed in 1881 by a successful industrialist called Monroe Seiberling, and the mansion was named after him.

 During a gas boom in the late nineteenth century, the founder visited the town and utilized that season to build many factories across the area.

 The mansion has served as a private residence for close to a decade now. It also houses a university and a familiar historic archive landmark.

Additionally, the place is open for everyone from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, mostly Tuesday to Sunday, and it is a perfect addition to your list of fun things to do in Kokomo, Indiana.

Address: 1200 W Sycamore St, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

2. Kokomo Speedway

Kokomo Speedway
Credits: Royalbroil [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Kokomo Speedway
If you love Motorsport, visiting the Kokomo Speedway is one the best things to do in Kokomo, Indiana, and you get to watch racing cars move down the track.

The center hosts a weekly racing tournament every Sunday night during the summer period, and there are also provisions for the long-distance race at the semi-banked dirt track.

It boasts unique designs of cars ranging from the latest models, sprint cars, and modified cards that can be used for the headline event every October.

Most of the cars used in Kokomo Speedway are mainly stock cars, with the ARCA series as one of the dominant and vibrant events.

Additionally, visitors can go through their calendars for event schedules; there is always something for everyone, no matter your preference.

Address: 2455 N Davis Rd, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

3. Wildcat Creek Reservoir Park

Wildcat Creek Reservoir Park
Credits: sergua / Shutterstock

The Wildcat Creek Reservoir Park is located in the Western part of the city, and it is a well-known tourist destination for nature lovers and families.

The lake is famous for offering most of the city’s water-related activities and is also tasked with creating lakes with beautiful surroundings.

There are also activities to keep visitors busy, like walking along the tree-lined banks, launching boats, and exploring the wooded trails and picnic grounds open for public use.

Provisions are available for guests to rent a canoe or kayak to explore the open areas of the lake or swim along the bank of the river, which is always upon permission.

Additionally, the center is one of the best fishing spots in the entire city of Kokomo, Indiana, and you can catch a channel catfish, largemouth bass, and many more.

Address: 851 County Rd N 500 E, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

4. Elwood Haynes Museum

Elwood Haynes Museum
Credits: David Ellis / Flickr
Elwood Haynes Museum

A trip to the Elwood Haynes Museum, Kokomo, Indiana, is one of the top things to do in Kokomo, Indiana, for both locals and visitors.

You can learn about Elwood Haynes, a notable investor in Kokomo, Indiana, and it is possible to explore more information about the City of Firsts.

In 1894, Elwood Haynes invented and launched the country’s first commercially the successful gasoline-powered automobile, tagging the city first of its kind.

The Elwood Haynes Museum advertised the first production of the car designer Elwood Haynes, named America’s First Car.

Additionally, the center allows visitors to explore Elwood Haynes’s former home and see unique Haynes’s automobiles collection exhibits in the oversizedized garage.

Address: 1915 S Webster St, Kokomo, IN 46902, United States

5. Gravity Trampoline Park

Gravity Trampoline Park
Credits: fotoliza / Shutterstock

Enjoy a Wonder indoor time at the Gravity Trampoline Park which allows visitors to experience exciting activities for all grades.

The impressive 18,000 square foot fun establishment features a variety of activities and lots of standard amenities, which serves its guest better.

The place boasts unique features such as high-performance trampolines that interested persons can bounce around all day long.

Other fun games to engage in are the battle beams, extreme dodgeball, freestyle jump areas, and rock climbing walls that will keep you occupied while on tour.

Additionally, the Gravity Trampoline Park also offers a variety of refreshing drinks, delicious meals, and other desired dishes for visitors to quench raging hunger while enjoying themselves.

Address: 1201 S Reed Rd, Kokomo, IN 46902, United States

6. Grissom Air Museum

Grissom Air Museum
Credits: Chris Light [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Grissom Air Museum
The Grissom Air Museum was founded in 1981 since it was established and has grown to become something more significant and a fantastic facility to explore for visitors.

You can see some extraordinary displays of artworks, sculptures, and paintings at the Grissom Air Museum, making it a fun center.

Feel extreme joy at the parking lot with lots of fun experiences scattered across the museum for students, young, and adults.

Get educated about the city’s historical happenings with many documentaries to red from and books written by the city’s patriarchs.

Additionally, the Grissom Air Museum gives visitors permission to roam around, see some ancient artifacts and touch all the aircraft on the ground.

Address: 1000 W. Hoosier Blvd. Peru, Indiana 46970

7. Jackson Morrow Park

Jackson Morrow Park
Credits: MilanMarkovic78 / Shutterstock

The Jackson Morrow Park is one of the outstanding family destinations around Kokomo, Indiana, with sprawling grounds and organized walking trails to enjoy.

The park cuts across some fractions of Little Wildcat Creek. The intersection creates a beautiful view, especially during the fall period when the foliage contrasts with the colors of the water.

During springtime, the Jackson Morrow Park is filled with beautiful wildflowers and is one of the favorite activities in the park for family, friends, and college students.

There are plants such as star-of-Bethlehem,

garlic mustard, May apples, white clovers, and many more create a colorful sight to look upon during the season of warm weather.

The facility is also open for sports lovers, with the Kokomo Pipeline Skatepark a popular destination for both professionals and beginners.

Address: 4200 S Park Rd, Kokomo, IN 46902, United States

8. Kokomo Municipal Stadium

Kokomo Municipal Stadium
Credits: David Lee / Shutterstock

The Kokomo Municipal Stadium has located Downtown the district of Kokomo, Indiana, one of the top attractions in Kokomo, Inidana. It is just about 10 minutes walk away from several local restaurants, art galleries, and shops.

View live sporting games ranging from baseball, football, and even American football at the Kokomo Municipal Stadium, making it a perfect addition to your list of fun things to do in Kokomo, Indiana.

The center is home to the city’s favorite baseball team, the Kokomo Jackrabbits; the themis open for people of all ages, both visitors and residents.

The facility also accommodates other sporting activities such as soccer, baseball, and softball, and the Kokomo Municipal Stadium also features lawn tennis and spectator stand.

Additionally, the center hosts a capacity of about four thousand spectators and features restrooms for teams, locker rooms, suite level, and concession stands for games.

Address: 400 S Union St, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

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9. Treasure Mart Antique Mall

Treasure Mart Antique Mall
Credits: Zaharia Bogdan Rares / Shutterstock

The 25,000 square feet Treasure Mart Antique Mall features a historic plaza where all the city’s unique exhibits and towns past are kept.

Visiting the Treasure Mart Antique Mall means you must get something unique home for your family, friends, and visitors are sure to have a wonderful experience.

At the Treasure Mart Antique Mall, you can purchase items that can not be found in the contemporary antique mall around the city of Kokomo, Indiana.

The center also features a large market hub in which about oddities and 70 dealers sell a wide range of trinkets and other hidden products.

Additionally, you can find ts of ancient vintage jewelry, artisanal pottery, rare toys, Indiana artifacts, and other items that you can not get anywhere.

Address: 116 W Alto Rd, Kokomo, IN 46902, United States

10. Old Ben – World’s Largest Steer & Giant Sycamore Stump

Visiting the Old Ben – World’s Largest Steer & Giant Sycamore Stump is one of the best fun things in Kokomo, Indiana; the place can be found very close to Highland Park.

The unique Old Ben – World’s Largest Steer & Giant Sycamore Stump landmark over the years was once used as a large phone booth for receiving and sending calls, emails, and many more.

The facility has two unique attractions located in the same pavilion, and it measures about fifty-seven feet in diameter, making it a perfect tourist destination.

The center houses a lot of history, starting from the story of Old Ben, who weighed about 125 pounds at birth in 1902 and weighed about 4,585 pounds when he died in 1910.

Additionally, It has everything to keep visitors, both locals and international, entertained; whether you have a different preference, there is always something to engage in.

Address: 1402 Defenbaugh St, Kokomo, IN 46902, United States

11. Highland Park

Highland Park
Credits: Ralf Broskvar / Shutterstock
Highland Park

Everybody in Kokomo, Indiana, loves the Highland Park due to the built-in park and other structures for bigger kids and toddlers.

The beautiful Highland Park also has a large fanbase that welcomes baseball diamonds, baseball courts, tennis courts, and other locations where they are set.

– The Highland Park is one of the most excellent tourist attractions around Kok,omo_ Indian_a with the beautiful scenic environment and the well organised walking trails to keep you entertained.

During the summer, Highland Park is filled with beautiful memories and is one of the favorite centers where family, fr, friends, and college students can spend quality time.

Additionally, the facility is also open outdoors sport loves sports with the presence e of a large playground, the place is a popular destination for everyone.

Address: 900 W Defenbaugh St, Kokomo, IN 46902, United States

12. Howard County Historical Society

Howard County Historical Society
Credits: David Ellis / Flickr
Howard County Historical Society

Just around the corner is located the Howard County Historical, which consists of the stunning Seiberling Mansion, the Elliott Mansion, and two beautiful carriage houses.

– The Seiberling Mansion housed the Howard County Historical Sochas; after its restoration, the center was arranged in a beautiful style that suits guests.

Another magnificent structure called the Elliott Mansion is also under the Seiberling Mansion, established during ana’s gas boom era.

The center serves as a facility for public events and shows. The center is also decorated with beautiful Christmas materials during the holiday session.

Additionally, the center was established in early 1916 during the centennial celebration, although the museum was preserved from extinction before the renovation occurred.

Address: 1200 W Sycamore St, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

13. Main Street Antiques & Collectibles

Main Street Antiques & Collectibles
Credits: connel / Shutterstock

Explore the Main Street Antiques & Collectibles and enjoy a wonderful experience; eradicate the boredom by filling your day with much fun.

The store is arranged uniquely, making visible and exciting items jammed into every section of the building.

The Main Street Antiques & Collectibles boast of professional and friendly staff who manage the day-to-day activities on site.

It is divided into two shops located close to each other, and it contains an extensive inventory that includes a collection of educative books.

You can also purchase books from any store for a small fee making the center a public fun place for everyone, no matter your level of income.

Address: 915 S Main St, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

14. Jamie’s Soda Fountain

 Jamie's Soda Fountain
Credits: Jamie’s Soda Fountain / Facebook
Jamie’s Soda Fountain

Having been launched officially into the local community in 1982, the Jamie’s Soda Fountain is a place for classic men and features as one of the best things to do in Kokomo, Indiana.

It is locally owned and operated by members of the city, most especially Jamie’s family; the meals are prepared from natural farm produce.

The local dining restaurants started with about just four to five sandwiches before improving due to high demand and have now moved to the entire menu dish.

The restaurant produces dishes with several flavorful appetizers, delectable desserts, sweet fountain sodas, and entrees.

Additionally, they also offer other outstanding kinds of stuff such as old-fashioned fountain Cokes, 

ice cream sodas, hand-pumped, and the regular hand-dipped milkshakes.

Address: 307 N Main St, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

15. Vendor City

Vendor City
Credits: Vendor City Fleamarket of Kokomo Indiana / Facebook
Vendor City

Shop your spectacular antiques and other home decorations & types of furniture at the Vendor City complex; with the reduction in their bills, everyone will get their favorite item for less.

About 90% of the vendor City is covered with flea market stuff such as grill scrubbers by the box full, assorted non-antique newer junk items, and shampoo materials.

And the other 10% is filled with antique stuff making the entire vendor City a market for both antiques/flea.

If you’re looking for historic antiques, beautiful pieces of furniture, and home decorations or are a lover of the above items, visiting the vendor City is one of the fun things to do in Kokomo, Indiana.

Additionally, there is an assurance of getting your desired items in the flea market as it is well loaded with local and international staff.

Address: 537 S Reed Rd, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

16. Kokomo Beach Family Aquatic Center

Kokomo Beach Family Aquatic Center
Credits: VaLiza / Shutterstock

Enjoy a family adventure retreat at the Kokomo Beach Family Aquatic Center, which houses multiple slides, splash pads, leisure, and even competitive lap pools that give maximum pleasure.

Its surroundings are made of concrete paved pathway, which is well decorated and laden with deckchairs, bright umbrellas, and around the premises is featured a large lawn court for sports lovers.

Spend some quality time in their perfect pool, one of the great pools in the entire city of Kokomo, Indiana, and it has successfully hosted a series of events.

The beach, unfortunately, is a weather constraining establishment, and climatic factors such as rain, snow, and storms can cause the park to be closed for a while.

Additionally, the Kokomo Beach Family Aquatic Center offers a series of slides for both professionals and armature, such as body slides and tubes, high-energy slides, kiddie slides, and many more.

Address: 802 W Park Ave, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

17. Kokomo Opalescent Glass

Kokomo Opalescent Glass
Credits: Eli Duke / Flickr
Kokomo Opalescent Glass

The Kokomo Opalescent Glass started functioning in 1888, and it has been the city’s favorite choice for anything that concerns glass artwork.

The center concentrates majorly on beautifying offices, homes, and shops with rare glass art, making it a popular site in the city.

It boasts unique products that vary from household kinds of stuff to office and beyond, such as beautiful and original pendant lights, platters, glass plates, and vases.

Visitors that desire to look back on the incidents that occurred in the past can join the public tour of the facility, which holds every Tuesday through Thursday by 11 am.

Additionally, the Kokomo Opalescent Glass also offers exciting and educative lessons for anyone who wishes to learn the art of making glass as a profession or hobby.

This makes what to do in Kokomo for a fun time, do add to your bucket list of things to do in Kokomo, Indiana.

Address: 1310 S Market St, Kokomo, IN 46902, United States


See bright lights at the WE CARE PARK, which is open for everyone, both young and adults. Featuring its attractive lights, the center is a delightful place to visit.

The facility is located just a few blocks from the Main Street of Kokomo, Indiana, making it an open place where visitors can walk through the lighted arches.

During the Christmas period, the lights change to the predominant colors of red, green, and white, and sometimes there is a light placed on a mighty Christmas tree.

The park is a perfect fun place for everyone; when you are done walking through the exhibits, which takes a lot of time, take a free cup of hot chocolate coffee and a cookie at the premises for kids.

Additionally, some neighborhood stores sell caramel corn and homemade fudge that tastes great.

Address: 2317 N Lafountain St, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

19. Popcorn Cafe

Popcorn Cafe
Credits: Mary Ann Madsen / Shutterstock

Visiting the Popcorn Cafe stands as one of the best things in Kokomo, Indiana, with lots of delicious coffee to keep you entertained.

The historic coffee shop was officially opened in 2015 by the owner, Grace Jones, who found out about the need for such fantastic innovations.

The center has been the city’s favorite popcorn cafe, producing its popcorn differently from conventional popcorn.

The aroma of popcorn attract half of the city’s population. They have about 50 tantalizing flavors to select from.

Additionally, the facility does not only serve popcorn but also produces homemade candy galore, fudge, and many more, a nice place to visit for lovers of popcorn.

Address: 1108 E Markland Ave, Kokomo, Indiana 46901

20. Kokomo Automotive Heritage Museum

Kokomo Automotive Heritage Museum
Credits: Valerie Everett / Flickr
Kokomo Automotive Heritage Museum

The Kokomo Automotive Heritage Museum is a historic site that archives important vehicle parts, both old from the past and new from the rest time.

The museum’s premises are very cleaned and decorated with beautiful ornaments from ancient time, making it an outstanding addition to your list of best things to do in Kokomo, Indiana.

The center contains an oversized garage and a massive room with many vehicles parked in it, both from the early 1900s and the ones produced by Haynes-Apperson.

Visitors are encouraged to take their time and walk around the area to experience the real fun the center has to offer.

Additionally, the place also houses Coke machines, an old jukebox, and many other historical machines, so do well to have fun nobody rushes you.

Address: 1500 N Reed Rd, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

21. Half Moon Restaurant and Brewery

Half Moon Restaurant and Brewery
Credits: Viiviien / Shutterstock

The Half Moon Restaurant and Brewery complex has one of the freshest flavors in the city of Kokomo, Indiana, with lots of brewed crafted beers to enjoy.

The center is a top tourist destination for interested persons to enjoy delicious meals prepared from the natural farm produce.

Visiting the facility is one of the top things to do in Kokomo, Indiana, because of its wide variety of food menu, including fabulous smokehouse entrees, a comprehensive selection of popular starters, and burgers, soups, and many more.

The Half Moon Restaurant and Brewery also offers an impressive beer menu ranging from IPAs and Porter to American Wheats; it features about seven regular beers.

Additionally, there is a choice to make from the endless list of seasonal beers made available, having tasty flavor you really can’t find elsewhere.

Address: 4051 S Lafountain St, Kokomo, IN 46902, United States

22. The Oakbrook Church

 Oakbrook Church
Credits: Oakbrook Church / Facebook
Oakbrook Church

The Oakbrook Church is located inside the building of Howard County, which follows the humble mission of leading people to Jesus and teaching them to serve in righteousness.

Regardless of race, dress, religion, background, or age, the church welcomes everyone with much love; smiling people everywhere makes the place an enjoyable spot.

The church empathizes mainly in transforming the lives of the young generation. Services hold on strategic days, mentorship programs, character training, and other spiritual and physical training are always significant matters in the Oakbrook Church.

Additionally, every Sunday night, the students meet together to play some inspirational sounds and learn some games, watch videos and share the pizza with love.

Address: 3409 S 200 W, Kokomo, IN 46902, United States

 23. St. Patrick Catholic Church

 St. Patrick Church
Credits: St. Patrick Church / Facebook
St. Patrick Church

If you plan to spend some exciting time at the church, visiting the St. Patrick Catholic Church is one of the best fun things to do in Kokomo, Indiana.

It has a long-standing tradition of following the Eucharistic devotion known as 40 Hours, sacredly practiced every year.

The St. Patrick Catholic Church offers its mass time in about three different schedules: Spanish Mass, which happens throughout the year. Weekday Masses happen Monday to Thursday, and Lord’s Day Masses every Saturday & Sunday.

Each mass promises to be an excellent and refreshing time, and every attendee is encouraged to prepare for an encounter.

Additionally, the St. Patrick Catholic Church has a standard and unchanging mission of stewardship of treasure, time, and talent.

Address: 1204 N Armstrong St, Kokomo, IN 46901, United States

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Start Planning to Explore Kokomo, Indiana

Kokomo, Indiana, is a beautiful tourist destination filled with many fun things to see, ranging from landmarks, sports complexes, museums, monumental sites, and lots more to give you an exceptional experience.

The city also features a lot of top centers that host entertaining events that attract, such as the Kokomo Beach Family Aquatic Center, Jamie’s Soda Fountain, and many more.

Start planning a visit to this city with this checklist of things to do in Kokomo, Indiana. Feel free to pin this article and check back when needed.

Safe travels!