23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Lafayette (Indiana)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Lafayette, Indiana?

Lafayette is an interesting city and the county seat of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, United States, situated 63-miles northwest of Indianapolis and 125-miles southeast of Chicago.

Established in 1825 on the southeast bank of the Wabash River, Lafayette, Indiana, rests near an impassable river for riverboats upstream. Lafayette, Indiana, got its unique name is from a French general Marquis de Lafayette, a revolutionary war hero.

Are you planning a trip to Lafayette and wondering what to do in Lafayette? Below are the top places to visit in Lafayette, Indiana.

Things to Do in Lafayette

1. Columbian Park Zoo

Columbian Park Zoo
Credits: David Ellis / Flickr
Columbian Park Zoo

Columbian Park Zoo is a great place to visit in Lafayette, Indiana, as it is dedicated to encouraging the appreciation of the world’s wildlife. Columbian Park Zoo is also concerned with enhancing the conservation and preservation of biodiversity.

A visit to the Columbian Park Zoo is fun and one of the best things to do in Lafayette, Indiana, as it inspires educational discovery and exploration in a family-friendly and fun surrounding for both locals and visitors to the

Greater Lafayette Area.

There are so many animals you will discover in Columbian Park Zoo includes the Foxes, Skunks, Pelicans, Deer, monkeys, elk, leopards, an elephant, zebras, bears; alongside other exhibits including the Free-flight aviary, Prairie Dog Town, Large Cats, Birds of Prey, and Lemurs.

The Columbian Park Zoo’s education department also offers various programs that promote conservation and the environment.

Address:1915 Scott St, Lafayette, IN 47904-2929

2. Haan Museum of Indiana Art

Haan Museum of Indiana Art
Credits: Alexeenko [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Haan Museum of Indiana Art
Explore the Haan Museum of Indiana Art with your friends or family as it is one of the best attractions in Lafayette, Indiana. Haan Museum of Indiana Art is situated in a 1904 World’s Fair mansion.

You’re sure to enjoy viewing the beautiful impressionist Indiana paintings, the uniquely eccentric ceramics, and the incredible detailed Renaissance Revival furniture, all within a grand 15,000 square-foot mansion.

A visit to The Haan Museum of Indiana Art is one of the top things to do in Lafayette, Indiana. It is home to amazing artworks by contemporary and historic Indiana artists, including a lovely collection of works by TC Steele and the Hoosier Group and many others.

Do not forget to explore the sculpture garden or enjoy hiking and biking on the wooded nature trail behind the museum. Self-guided tours are open every Wednesday through Saturday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Address: 920 State St, Lafayette, IN 47905-1215

3. Wildcat Creek Winery

Wildcat Creek Winery
Credits: Vania Zhukevych / Shutterstock

Wildcat Creek Winery is a small rustic winery in Lafayette, Indiana, featuring handcrafted fine wines from local fruit. If you’re on vacation in the city and you’re in search of the best things to do in Lafayette, Indiana, kindly explore the Wildcat Creek Winery for a wonderful experience.

Rick and Kathy Black established Wildcat Creek Winery in 2008. The owners are Indiana entrepreneurs that love the creative process wine making, meeting visitors that stop by the winery from places near and far and working with great staff.

Wildcat Creek Winery offers award-winning wines handcrafted by their skilled winemakers. You can invite your friends, family, or co-workers above 21 years to visit the wine tasting room as there are unique selections of wines to taste.

You will also discover the antique Hoosier farmhouse that serves as the tasting room, plus the down-home Hoosier hospitality.

Address: 3233 E 200 N, Lafayette, IN 47905-8801

4. Wea Creek Orchard

Wea Creek Orchard
Credits: kozirsky / Shutterstock

The Wea Creek Orchard offers freshly grown produce like peaches, apples, pumpkins and nectarines, all available in their market or through U-Pick. Explore Wea Creek Orchard to experience the natural beauty of southern Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

You will enjoy taking a walk through the rows of apple trees or going out for a hayride. The Wea Creek Orchard is one of the incredibly fun things to do in Lafayette as you enjoy their locally grown apples, kinds of butter, honey, cider slushies, jams, jellies and others.

You can also plan your special event in Wea Creek Orchard, as there are spaces for parties and events. Wea Creek Orchard presents four unique outdoor sites for ceremonies, with an antique barn perfect for wedding receptions or other special events.

Wea Creek Orchard seasonally in July to October, from Thursday through Saturday from 10 am to 6:00 pm, and Sunday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Address: 5618 S 200 E, Lafayette, IN 47909-9043

5. Clegg Memorial Garden

Clegg Memorial Garden
Credits: GPA Photo Archive / Flickr
Clegg Memorial Garden

Clegg Memorial Garden is a nature preserve area that opens from dawn to dusk to hike the trails along Wildcat Creek. A memorial garden is a historical place that features nice hiking trails.

Since 1965, the Clegg Memorial Garden has been open to the public for hiking on the trails, as well as viewing the beautiful wildflowers and trees. Clegg Garden rests on the hillside overlooking state scenic waterway Wildcat Creek.

The looping trail meanders through oak woodland, gravel hill prairie, riparian corridor and savanna. You can also plan your special events or organize picnics with your friends or family in the memorial garden.

Clegg Memorial Garden is one of the amazing attractions in Lafayette as it provides a picturesque environment and lovely views for relaxation, hiking, strolling, and taking pictures.

Address: 1782 N 400 E, Lafayette, IN 47905-8857

6. Sell It Here INC

Sell It Here INC
Credits: Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for the top places to visit in Lafayette for shopping, be sure to explore the Sell It Here as it is the city’s largest upscale resale mall hosting a huge number of booths in a neat, climate-controlled environment.

In Sell It Here, you will discover unique items from old to new and in between; the main store offers a mix and match of everything you could ever want. An antique section in the Mall showcases many collectibles and vintage items.

You can also browse through the diverse hop of vendors to see what special treasure you might discover. Vendors at Sell It Here offers items like

furniture, jewellery, glassware, clothing, memorabilia, art, decor, textiles, housewares, tools, and others.

They also provide music, video gaming, art crafts, sports, games and toys, sewing and needlework, lots of books, gardening and more.

Address: 3805 Fortune Dr, Lafayette, IN 47905-4879

7. The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette
Credits: guruXOX / Shutterstock

Art Museum of Greater Lafayette is a recognized art museum that hosts rotating exhibitions, including the display of Indiana’s T.C. Steele paintings and many others.

You are looking for the best things to do in Lafayette, Indiana? Be sure to visit the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette; as it displays paintings and artworks of local Indiana artists you will fall in love with; the museum also provides programs like artist talks, classes, and free concerts.

Admissions to the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette is open from Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. There is enough parking space for cars. Be sure to explore the gift shop as wonderful items you will find in the store.

The staff in the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette is friendly and knowledgeable, and you will also get to interact with the local artists in the museum as you learn new and interesting things about art.

Address: 102 S 10th St, Lafayette, IN 47905

8. Imagination Station

Imagination Station
Credits: Imagination Station / Facebook
Imagination Station

Imagination Station is committed to offering interactive exhibits to help both kids and adults discover the wonder of science. Imagination Station is Tippecanoe County’s premier STEM learning centre offering its guests opportunities to explore the work in and around us.

Demonstrations occur in Imagination Station. It holds every Saturday on different topics from gravity and microscopic worlds to foods as chemicals, plus learning about the plastics in toys for children.

Admission to Imagination Station is affordable. If you’re on holiday with your kids and you’re in search of the top things to do in Lafayette with your kids, kindly go to the Imagination Station as they offer hands-on learning experiences and programs they will love.

You will discover lots of interesting and exciting things to engage in at Imagination Station, making it one of the unique attractions in Lafayette, Indiana.

Address: 600 N 4th St, Lafayette, IN 47901-1005

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9. People’s Brewing Company

People's Brewing Company
Credits: tb-photography / Shutterstock

The People’s Brewing Company beloved that beer is for the people, making the beer great. The staff at People’s Brewing Company brew classic American Ales, German Lagers and others; to bring people together around fresh local beer.

Established in 2009, People’s Brewing Company produces handcrafted beers that fit people to make them want to drink and not just to try.

The brewery offers a unique selection of seasonal and specialty beers all year-round. The People’s Brewing Company is one of the great places to visit in Lafayette as it offers great drinks for everyone, including Belgian ales, English ales and more.

People’s Brewing Company features three vessel system with a Mash and Lauter Tun combo, Kettle, and Whirlpool.

Address: 2006 N 9th Street, Lafayette, IN 47904-1068

10. Artists’ Own

Artists' Own
Credits: Artists’ Own / Facebook
Artists’ Own

Artists’ Own features a group of local artists who, in 1999, pursued the dream of creating a great shop as they strive towards bringing art together to share with Lafayette.

The group of artists work together to make Artists’ Own a centre where they could showcase their artworks and offer it forsake to the community. Artists’ Own displays handcrafted artworks with high quality. Artists’ Own opened its doors to the public in 2000.

The gallery is home to unique items like paintings, jewellery, photography, sculpture, furniture, pottery, fibre, glass, drawing and many more.

The Artists’ Own is the best place to visit in Lafayette if you’re in search of unique paintings, pottery, photographs and others to compliment your home or office. You can as well shop for gifts for your loved ones.

Address: 518 Main St, Lafayette, IN 47901-1445

11. Tippecanoe Mall

Tippecanoe Mall
Credits: Erica Fischer / Flickr
Tippecanoe Mall

Are you on holiday with your loved one in Lafayette, Indiana? Are you searching for the top places to visit in Lafayette to enjoy shopping? The Tippecanoe Mall is the perfect place for you.

Tippecanoe Mall is an amazing climate-controlled indoor Mall that offers a delightful array of shopping selections from jewellery to women’s apparel and food court, including over 100 specialty stores, alongside Kohl’s, Macy’s, H&M, & Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Tippecanoe Mall welcomes its visitors to come and enjoy a spectacular shopping experience as they browse through their stores and purchase lovely items.

The Mall provides special offers and discounts to its visitors and other dining deals and amenities; Tippecanoe Mall is surely a fun place for everyone.

Address: 2415 Sagamore Pkwy S, Lafayette, IN 47905-5124

12. Haan Museum Sculpture Garden

The Haan Museum Sculpture Garden features a wheelchair-accessible path that meanders past 24 sculptures by Indiana artists. The Haan Museum Sculpture Garden is one of the beautiful attractions in Lafayette, and you need to visit with your loved ones.

You will discover wonderful sculptures made by Indiana artists, bronze figures designed by Tuck Langland, and figures by Peter Rujuwa carved from rocks.

The sculpture garden and the adjoining nature trail are open for free from dawn to dusk. You will also find varieties of forms made from glass and clay. Explore the Haan Museum Sculpture Garden with your loved ones to stroll on the nature trails and take pictures with the sculptures.

Address: 920 E State St, Lafayette, IN 47905-1215

13. Tropicana Cove

Tropicana Cove
Credits: Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB / Shutterstock

Take off your shoes, grab your swimsuit and experience the delight of the tropics in the heart of Indiana. The Tropicana Cove provides the excellent blend of Hoosier hospitality with the pleasure of a watery paradise.

A visit to The Tropicana Cove is one of the fun things to do in Lafayette with your kids as it features exciting amenities your kids are sure to enjoy, such as the spiralling Banana Peel tube, sliding to the leisurely Cattail Crik, water slides, kiddie slides, geysers, lazy river, water playground, and others.

You can also plan and celebrate your birthday parties at Tropicanoe Cove, and special packages are waiting for you at Tropicanoe Cove.

Tropicana Cove also offers a day admission for up to 12 guests, a special birthday party announcement, premium use is the party deck plus VIP concessions window for an hour, and an optional package add-one.

Explore Tropicanoe Cove with your kids and loved ones as they will enjoy a memorable adventure; plus, it’s one of the places to visit in Lafayette.

Address: 1915 Scott St, Lafayette, IN 47904-2929

14. Tippecanoe County Courthouse

Tippecanoe County Courthouse
Credits: David Ellis / Flickr
Tippecanoe County Courthouse

Tippecanoe County Courthouse is a historical building built in the 1880s. The Tippecanoe County Courthouse is situated on the public square in Lafayette, which is at 4th Street between Main and Columbus Street in the heart of downtown Lafayette.

The Tippecanoe County Courthouse features three courthouses that have served the residents of Tippecanoe County for more than 190 years.

The first courthouse is a small, colonial-style, simple brick building from 1829-1845. The second courthouse is larger than the initial building; it had a classical influence, including two large Greek-style columns in front.

Established in 1882, the third Tippecanoe County Courthouse serves as the present courthouse. The architectural style of the building depicts the influence of Baroque, Victorian, Beaux-Arts, Gothic, Georgian, Victorian, Neoclassical, and Second Empire styles.

Address: 301 Main St, Lafayette, IN 47901-1355

15. Columbian Park

Columbian Park
Credits: David Ellis / Flickr
Columbian Park

If you are love viewing wildlife and you love petting animals or viewing wildlife, do well to visit the Columbian Park as it is one of the amazing attractions in Lafayette, Indiana.

Columbian Park is a recreational park in Lafayette, abs a place to enjoy a quiet leisure time with your friends and family. The park is dedicated to encouraging the appreciation of the world’s wildlife to enhance the preservation and conservation of biodiversity.

Columbian Park is also interested in inspiring educational discovery and exploration in an exciting, family-friendly environment for all residents of the Greater Lafayette Area. You will discover a historic animal house in the park that houses various animals, including birds, elephants, monkeys, porcupines, etc.

Whether you want to relax in the park or watch some wildlife at Columbian Park Zoo, you’re sure to have a great visit as the park offers varieties of fun attractions for all ages.

Address: 1915 Main St, Lafayette, IN 47904-2924

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16. Bask Aroma

Bask Aroma
Credits: Bask Aroma, Co / Facebook
Bask Aroma

Go to the Bask Aroma with your friends or families as visitors create and blend their customized fragrance.

Whether you wish to pour your candle, blend your bath and body products, or make a reed diffuser, the Bask Aroma is the best place to visit in Lafayette.

At Bask Aroma, guests create and blend their custom fragrances. Bask Aroma provides customize your own scent experience, which is fun and interesting. You will get the chance to choose your personal favourites from the unique fragrances of Bask Aroma, plus their product line. Explore the environment with your loved ones as you’re sure to love the place.

Address: 953 Park East Blvd Suite B, Lafayette, IN 47905-0792

17. Tippecanoe Arts Federation

Established in 1976, the Tippecanoe Arts Federation offers educational opportunities in the performing, visual, and literary arts.

The Wells Community Cultural Center, situated in downtown Lafayette’s Arts and Market Cultural District, houses the Tippecanoe Arts Federation. The Wells Building provides three galleries, the Wells Reception Hall, meeting rooms, rehearsal rooms, and performance space.

Tippecanoe Arts Federation is dedicated to strengthening relationships with artists, stakeholders, and organizations; they also believe that embracing our differences will help enhance their work, communities, the arts sector, and the world.

Visit the Tippecanoe Arts Federation to learn more interesting things about arts, Lafayette, and the importance of arts to our communities and the world.

Address: 638 North St, Lafayette, IN 47901-1153

18. Murdock Park

Murdock Park
Credits: Jim Hammer / Flickr
Murdock Park

Murdock Park is situated in the centre of the city. The park occupies 39-acres of the urban forest. Visit the park with your family or friends to discover the 0.52-mile interpretative trail that allows visitors to identify about 40 different varieties of trees situated within the park.

A visit to Murdock Park is one of the top things to do in Lafayette, Indiana, as it features enjoyable amenities you will enjoy. You will find the sled run, a favourite winter attraction in the city, entertaining kids and adults.

The Katy’s Cabin in the park provides sled rentals, hot chocolate and other concessions; alongside tot and multi-age playgrounds, Brain Cardinal basketball court, grills, restrooms, a redesigned 18-hole disc golf course, and picnic areas.

There are picnic shelters available for rent in Murdock Park; you’re sure to have a great time in one of the best places in Lafayette.

Address: 2100 Cason St, Lafayette, IN 47904-2698

19. Mission: Breakout Lafayette

Mission: Breakout Lafayette
Credits: Jerome.Romme / Shutterstock

If you’re on holiday with your friends or family in the city, and you’re in search of fun things to do in Lafayette, kindly go to the Mission: Breakout to play an exciting, challenging and interesting game.

The Mission: Breakout is an escape game adventure brought back to life; the players are “locked” in a themed room, and they have to work together with other players to solve clues, to work on puzzles, and to discover the key to break out before the time runs out.

You only have 60 minutes. Can you breakout? Explore the Mission: Breakout if you think you have what it takes to breakout.

Address: 325 S Earl Ave Suite 3, between South and Kossuth Street, Lafayette, IN 47904-3172

20. Exploration Acres

Exploration Acres
Credits: Romiana Lee / Shutterstock

The Exploration Acres features a 22-acre corn maze plus an 11-acre pumpkin patch. Exploration Acre opens every September 17th through October 30th, from Thursday through Sunday.

The barn and farm in Exploration Acre are open for weddings from April through mid-August. In Exploration Acre, you will find 10-miles of paths, fire pits, playgrounds, hayrides, plus a country store.

Exploration Acre offers field trips and other exciting entertainment and facilities; your kids are sure to love the environment. There are enjoyable things to do in Exploration Acre, such as pumpkin race cars, playing in straw, playset, pedal cart, pony swing, tractor train, and more.

Address; 6042 Newcastle Rd, Lafayette, IN 47905-9383

21. Main Street Amusements

Main Street Amusements
Credits: Atmosphere1 / Shutterstock

The Main Street Amusements features one of Indiana’s most expansive selection of pinball machines available for play, with more than 25 pins and over a dozen arcade games.

The Main Street Amusements is situated in the middle of downtown Lafayette’s Art and Market district, on Main-Street, a few doors east of the historic Lafayette Theater.

Main Street Amusements also buys, sells, trades, and repairs pinball machines. The Main Street Amusement welcomes everyone with most adult games and mature themes.

Explore the Street Amusements to enjoy the modern and classic pinball machines and arcade games. If you also want to fix your pinball machines, you can visit there since it’s one of the best places to visit in Lafayette for your repairs.

22. Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf
Credits: studio f22 ricardo rocha / Shutterstock

Monster Mini Golf features an 18-hole miniature golf course with a Hi-tech video game arcade and Monstrous prize centre. If you love adventures and love golfing, then Monster Mini Golf is the perfect place to explore.

In Monster Mini Golf, you will also find mini bowling, monster-themed laser tag, laser maze, light concession and many others. The Monster Mini Golf offers a fun and enjoyable environment for all ages for both kids and adults.

You can also plan your special events in Monster Mini Golf. There are spaces available for that; Monster Mini Golf is committed to offering great guest service, unique human engagement, and an unforgettable family entertainment environment.

Address: 3573 Promenade Pkwy Ste 300, Lafayette, IN 47909-8458

23. Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist
Credits: silverkblackstock / Shutterstock

Painting-with a Twist is one of the outstanding attractions in Lafayette, Indiana, as it offers a bit of paint, a bit of wine, plus lots of fun in an entertaining, upbeat environment.

Explore the Painting with a Twist with your friends or family to create lovely memories while painting, sharing ideas, and having fun. Painting with a Twist offers public classes, kids classes, and great wine.

You can also plan your private or special parties in the environment, including date nights, girls nights out, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and others. The instructors or local artists will guide you on the step-by-step process of creating beautiful paintings.

Painting with a Twist is also a perfect way of connecting with your friends and family over a glass of wine; this makes it one of the best things to do in Lafayette.

Address: 2049 Veterans Memorial Pkwy S S#13, Lafayette, IN 47909-9362

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Why don’t you start planning your next fun vacation to Lafayette, you and your loved ones are so going to have an unforgettable and interesting experience.

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