28 Best & Fun Things to Do in Greenwood (Indiana)

Greenwood is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with great hospitality for visitors.

The city is a popular destination for many tourists who are in search of new and exciting adventures they can’t find elsewhere.

There are quite some fun things to do in Greenwood, Indiana, as it is home to several attractions such as musical concerts, many museums & art galleries, restaurants & bars, rich cultural centers, festivals, and more.

Aside from all these attractions mentioned above, the city boasts many other places to visit at almost every corner of the city, which offers nothing but amazing memories.

Greenwood offers all you need and even more to guarantee you an unforgettable experience with your loved ones. Let’s explore the top things to do in Greenwood, IN.

Things to Do in Greenwood, Indiana

1. Summerfield Park

Summerfield Park
Credits: Elliott Brown / Flickr
Summerfield Park

Are you in for an exceedingly amazing fun day with your travel companions? One of the things to do in Greenwood is visiting Summerfield Park.

Summerfield Park is a sixteen acres property featuring several fun facilities and amenities open to everyone.

The park features a basketball court, soccer fields, cross-country skiing, softball field, and several trails for walking around the property.

Summerfield Park also features a wonderful playground fully packed with play items for the children and a BMX area for everyone.

The park provides an ample green space with reserved areas for picnics with picnic tables excellent for reunions.

Address:275 West Worthsville Road, Greenwood 46143 United States

2. Freedom Springs Greenwood Aquatics Park

Freedom Springs Greenwood Aquatics Park
Credits: Eric Cote / Shutterstock

One of the best things to do in Greenwood is visiting Freedom Springs Greenwood Aquatics Park.

Freedom Springs Greenwood Aquatics Park is a popular destination for many families, especially families with children.

This aquatic park features numerous water amenities for both adults and children to enjoy and have a great time.

Freedom Springs Greenwood Aquatics Park features a lap pool, tube slides, diving boards, and Lily pad crossing.

It also features a lazy river where you can relax or float lazily in the water, sand play area, and splash area. You will also find shelters and cabanas where you can rest or take a break from the fun.

Freedom Springs Greenwood Aquatics Park is a host to many events like group parties, special movie screenings, live music performances, seasonal events, and adults movie nights.

Address: 850 W Stop 18 Rd, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

3. Craig Park

Craig Park
Credits: mezzotint / Shutterstock

Craig Park is one of the city’s largest and most beautiful parks and should be added to your Greenwood to-visit list.

The park stretches over twenty-seven acres of land, offering several recreational amenities and activities.

There are three nature-themed play pockets, volleyball courts, pickleball courts, tennis courts, and others.

Craig Park features gigantic playgrounds with play equipment for the kids to have fun and bond together.

There are reserved areas perfect for picnics and get-togethers with picnic shelters; just bring enough food, snacks, and drinks.

Craig Park is also perfect for a quiet stroll or walk, and the park is a venue for many annual events and festivals.

Bring your travel companions when coming and get ready to have a blast; you will surely visit again.

Address: 10 E Smith Valley Rd, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

4. Mrs. Curl Ice Cream Shop and Outdoor Cafe

Mrs. Curl Ice Cream Shop and Outdoor Cafe
Credits: Diana Macias / Shutterstock

Mrs. Curl Ice Cream Shop and Outdoor Cafe is a family-owned and operated ice cream shop in Greenwood.

It was established in 1962 and is located in the downtown District; they have consistently served the public for over sixty years.

Mrs. Curl Ice Cream Shop and Outdoor Cafe offer delightful treats like fries; hands spun milkshakes, hotdogs, soft serve, and more.

It would be best to try out some of their Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae, Mexican Sundae, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Covered Banana, Corn Dog, sandwiches, burgers, Chicken Fingers, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks.

Mrs. Curl Ice Cream Shop and Outdoor Cafe offer a menu featuring different delicious treats for everyone to enjoy.

Address:259 S Meridian Street, Greenwood 46143 United States

5. Main Street Grille

Main Street Grille
Credits: Main Street Grille / Facebook
Main Street Grille

If you’re searching for a nice restaurant that serves delicious meals in Greenwood, visit Main Street Grille.

Main Street Grille is a family-friendly restaurant that offers customers a lively and welcoming ambiance to enjoy their food.

They are famous for serving delicious wood-fired pizzas prepared on firewood, which contributes to their unique tastes and flavor.

Main Street Grille serves meals aside from pizzas such as Chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, loaded potatoes soup, mixed greens chicken salad, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, mushroom & swiss burger, pulled pork platter, and more.

They also offer a wide variety of draft beers, wines, and beverages that are tasty and high quality to match the meals.

Main Street Grille is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11am-10pm, and Friday & Saturday from 11am-12am.

Main Street Grille:Address: 200 S Emerson Ave, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

6. Studio 135 Salon and Spa

Studio 135 Salon and Spa
Credits: New Africa / Shutterstock

In-between or after all the traveling, fun, and excitement, taking a break to take care of your body is necessary.

Studio 135 Salon and Spa in Greenwood will pamper you and make you feel like royalty; you sure will leave feeling refreshed and energetic.

They offer a wide variety of services, including foot detoxification, hair care, natural healing, and facial treatments.

Studio 135 Salon and Spa also features a cozy sculpting and age-defying medical spa; they use the best and most effective products.

Their main aim is to offer exceptional services and shower the guests with much care and hospitality they can’t get elsewhere.

Studio 135 Salon and Spa also educate and motivate their guests to inculcate basic beauty and wellness into their daily lives. They are open Monday from 9am-7pm, Tuesday to Thursday from 9am-8pm, and Saturday from 9am-5pm.

The services offered are beneficial to both the body and health; make sure you visit, and you won’t regret you did.

Address: 1259 N State Rd 135, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

7. Four Willow Farms

Four Willow Farms
Credits: Virrage Images / Shutterstock

Have you ever wanted to ride a horse? If yes, Four Willow Farms is a place you will love to visit.

Four Willow Farms is a horse riding school located in Greenwood; whether you are a beginner or expert in horse riding, you will have a fun time here.

They offer extensive horseback riding lessons; if you walked in as a novice or newbie, you sure would leave as a pro or expert.

There are seasonal events and tours held all year round; they also offer summer camps for those who would like to stay for a while.

Four Willow Farms also offer birthday parties with lots of fun activities with horses. The horse riding lessons are fun, and for safety, students must wear helmets and gloves.

The horses are properly taken care of, and their site trainer is well skilled and experienced; she knows how to take care of horses and tries to enlighten her students on treating horses.

Address:1213 N Franklin Road, Greenwood 46143 United States

8. Regal Greenwood & RPX

Regal Greenwood & RPX
Credits: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

For a wonderful movie experience, do well to add a visit to Regal Greenwood & RPX to your list of things to do in Greenwood.

Regal Greenwood & RPX has one of the best theaters in the city, with many Tv screens and comfortable seats.

They feature different movies of various genres, ensuring there is something for everyone that is also suitable for kids.

Regal Greenwood & RPX offers you lots of options to suit your choice of drinks, snacks, and food. The staff is friendly and professional when adding to visitors, ensuring they are comfortable.

Get your tickets for those interesting movies and have a memorable moment with your family and friends.

Address: 461 Greenwood Park Dr S, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States.

9. UPaint Pottery Studio

UPaint Pottery Studio
Credits: JoeNattapon / Shutterstock

Give pottery a shot at UPaint Pottery Studio; this is one of the best things to do in Greenwood, especially in the winter months.

UPaint Pottery Studio is open to both adults and children; it is a perfect way to bring out the creative part in you.

You get an opportunity to paint your own pottery; whether you are a professional artist or not, pick any color of your choice and paint.

UPaint Pottery Studious is an excellent place for groups, clubs, troops, corporate teams, friends, and family to gather and have fun.

The staff is available to offer guidance and help you create a beautiful piece; all you have to do is relax and have a good time; you can also bring your own refreshments.

UPaint Pottery Studio also has beautiful pieces on display, and for affordable prices, make this studio your next destination and feel the overwhelming excitement of learning something new and unique.

Address:3113 W Smith Valley Road D, Greenwood 46142 United States

10. Hickory Stick Golf Club

Hickory Stick Golf Club
Credits: Yellowj / Shutterstock

Golfing at Hickory Stick Golf Club is always a fun thing to do in Greenwood; it is an Irish-style golf course different from other golf courses in Indiana.

Hickory Stick Golf Club features a golf course that is somewhat challenging but offers an exciting and fun golfing experience.

The quality and uniqueness of the golf course attract golfers from different parts of the state and country at large.

Hickory Stick Golf Club is perfect for beginners and experts; players get to test and master their golfing skills.

Aside from being one of the best golf courses, it is also amazingly beautiful with incredible landscapes, which gives it a picturesque view.

Hickory Stick Golf Club features banquet facilities cool for hosting wedding receptions, golf events, corporate meetings, and other private occasions.

Address: 4422 Hickory Stick Pkwy, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

11. Yats Greenwood

Yats Greenwood
Credits: Svetlana Monyakova / Shutterstock

Yats Greenwood is a Cajun counter-serve restaurant in Greenwood that serves different delicacies.

The meals are served fresh and tasty with a rotating food menu of about seven to ten dishes which offers you an option to order a single plate or a combination of two.

Yats Greenwood offers meals like Smoked Sausage, Chicken Creole, Drunken Chicken, Chipotle Chicken, White Chili W, Maque Choux Etouffee W, Peanut Butter Pie, Brownies, and more.

They offer different kinds of drinks, including Bud Lite, Bell’s Two Hearted, Sun King Sunlight Cream Ale, Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Stella Artois, and Dos Equis Amber.

The meals are served with a slice of Cajun buttered baguettes or on rice for a reasonable cost you can’t get elsewhere.

Address: 1280 US-31, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

12. Royal Pin Southern Bowl

Royal Pin Southern Bowl
Credits: Boris Medvedev / Shutterstock

How does bowling in one of the best bowling facilities in Greenwood sound? For a fun bowling experience, visit Royal Pin Southern Bowl.

Royal Pin Southern Bowl offers bowling programs for children and adults, including recreational bowling times.

This bowling center features forty lanes, an arcade section with different fun games, and plenty of flat-screen TVs for sports entertainment.

Royal Pin Southern Bowl also features a snack bar that offers delightful drinks and snacks; you don’t have to worry when you begin to feel peckish.

This place is ideal for a bowling birthday party with your friends, family, colleagues, employees, etc.

A visit here will peak the fun, definitely one of the top things to do in Greenwood, Indiana.

Address:1010 US Hwy 31 S, Greenwood 46143 United States

13. Children’s Garden Park

Greenwood contains different parks, but Children’s Garden Park is the right choice if you’re searching for a fun place for kids and relaxation.

Children’s Garden Park is a lovely park open to both visitors and locals; it offers the people an opportunity to engage in different fun activities.

There is a well-paved walking trail great for a peaceful walk with your pet or travel companions while also enjoying the amazing scenery.

Children’s Garden Park contains a large gazebo surrounded by a fountain on the west end, benches, trellises, and ornamental paintings.

Make sure you stop by and experience great fun and excitement with your friends and family.

Address: 165 E Main St, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

14. Vino Villa

Vino Villa
Credits: Vino Villa / Facebook
Vino Villa

Vino Villa is a cool restaurant in Greenwood that offers you a comfortable and friendly ambiance for optimum enjoyment.

This bistro-style restaurant is known for serving some of the best drinks and food in Greenwood. The meals are made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients, from vegetables to meats and special seasonings.

They offer more than four hundred and fifty different varieties of wines for visitors to choose from; their unique tastes will get you confused.

Vino Villa also offers a vast food menu which includes Pepperoni Stuffed Breadsticks, ​Antipasto Platter 16, Mediterranean Salad 9, Stuffed Portobello Mushroom 12, Classic Margherita, lobster roll, crab-stuffed shrimp, Caprese chicken, and so on.

They serve over seventy different kinds of cheeses from different parts of the world, their pizzas are to die for, and they come with different toppings.

Vino Villa also offers draft beers, wines tasting, live music performances, and several other events for customers to enjoy.

They are open from Tuesday to Thursday from 10am-9pm Friday & Saturday from 10am-11pm, and Sunday from 10am-2pm( closed on Monday).

Address: 200 N Madison Ave, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

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15. Greenwood Community Center

Greenwood Community Center
Credits: Ja Crispy / Shutterstock

One of the top fun things to do in Greenwood, IN, is spending some time at Greenwood Community Center.

Greenwood Community Center offers many opportunities to adults and children to carry out recreational activities.

The community center was built primarily for children to have fun, offering activities that encourage creativity.

There is a gym area and sports facilities such as a baseball field, basketball court, roller skating, and a playground for the little ones.

Greenwood Community Center also features picnic areas with picnic tables and shelters perfect for large family gatherings and private get-togethers.

For that next family hang out, visit Greenwood Community Center and make sure you explore all the fun activities it offers.

Address:100 Surina Way, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

16. Old City Park

Old City Park
Credits: Volurol / Shutterstock

Old City Park is an excellent place to spend the day with your family for a terrific fun experience in Greenwood.

Old City Park is located in the middle of downtown Greenwood, and it recently underwent a process of renovation with additional fun amenities.

After the renovations, the park now has a playground and a 20-foot cube tower practically designed by KOMPAN, an internationally recognized manufacturer.

Old City Park also features a climbing net for kids, an 18-feet wide promenade, and a large open space for the little ones.

There are bocce ball courts, porch swings, a pedestrian bridge, and many other exciting amenities. Old City Park is open every day of the week from 4am-9:30pm.

Address: 304 S Meridian St, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

17. Greenwood Park Mall

Greenwood Park Mall
Credits: Mike Kalasnik / Flickr
Greenwood Park Mall

For a wonderful shopping experience in Greenwood, shop at Greenwood Park Mall with your travel companions.

Greenwood Park Mall consists of over one hundred and fifty stores, including JCPenney, Macy’s, the Buckle, Von Maur, Forever 21, and others.

There are many dining options like desserts, parlors, confectionaries, and restaurants for you to choose from.

Greenwood Park Mall also features outdoor and indoor stores specializing in apparel and accessories for women and children.

This mall is a shopping center for people from nearby cities, including Franklin, Whiteland, and Center Grove.

Greenwood Park Mall is open from Monday through Saturday from 10am-9pm and Sunday from 11am-6pm. Do add to your bucket list of things to do in Greenwood, Indiana.

Address: 1251 US-31 N, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

18. Emporium 31

Emporium 31
Credits: Emporium 31 / Facebook
Emporium 31

If shopping is something you enjoy, don’t miss out on the fun when shopping at Emporium 31 in Greenwood.

Emporium 31 consists of flea markets, garage sales or consignment shops, and antique malls; there is something for everyone.

They offer good deals on antiques, collectibles, and many beautiful items that will draw your attention.

Emporium 31 staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to attend and assist their customers, welcoming everyone with a broad smile.

Emporium 31 was built to serve the people within the communities; there are drinks and snacks and places for you to rest.

This Emporium location offers you and your family a fulfilled experience whenever you visit and shop for beautiful items.

Address:11 Declaration Dr, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

19. Independence Park

For a fun hang out with your family and friends, add a visit to Independence Park to your list of things to do in Greenwood.

Independence Park spans over 13.5 acres of land, and it is maintained and operated by Johnson County Parks and Recreations.

It is the first park built specially for the physically challenged children in Indiana, and it was established in 2000.

Independence Park comprises platform wheelchair swings, sandbox, full-backed chair swings, and more.

The large green space is perfect for relaxation, picnics, and large group gatherings; there is a space for jogging and walking.

Address: 2100 S Morgantown Rd, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

20. Things Remembered

Things Remembered
Credits: Daniel DeLucia / Shutterstock

Another fun thing to do in Greenwood is visiting Things Remembered for unique and beautiful souvenirs and gifts.

Things Remembered should be the first place to come to mind if you’re searching for customized gifts that will suit your taste.

They can also create a special and customized gift for members of your family or friends, either for weddings, birthdays, or any occasion.

This gift store helps bring your imagination to life through engraving, monogram, or adding a message or graphics to the gifts.

Things Remembered offers customized home decor, keepsakes, jewelry, monogrammed barware, and many others.

They have well-trained and competent staff that always delivers, creating spectacular customized gifts for customer satisfaction.

Things Remembered is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am-9pm, and Sunday from 11am-6pm.

Address: PK MALL, 1251 U.S. 31 N, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

21. Southside Art League

Southside Art League
Credits: D Shortt Fine Art / Facebook
Southside Art League

If you’re an art buff, Southside Art League is a place you will love to visit in Greenwood.

Southside Art League is located in two historic buildings, which were later renovated into an art gallery and a classroom space.

The classroom space is meant for aspiring young artists who want to improve and master their artistic skills.

Southside Art League features remarkable artworks of many artists every month in exchange for a titular monthly fee.

When you’re done browsing through all the displayed items and also supporting the artists by buying their artworks, you can also join their art classes. Southside Art League is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11am-3pm (closed on Sunday to Tuesday)

This makes what to do in Greenwood, IN, for some fun, quite a perfect addition to your bucket list of fun things to do in Greenwood, Indiana.

Address: 299 E Broadway St, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

22. Westside Park

Westside Park
Credits: Steinmek [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Westside Park
Westside Park stretches over twenty-seven acres of land and is one of Greenwood’s most popular fun parks.

There are tennis courts open to both citizens and visitors for the tennis players, including a softball diamond.

There is a play area for the kids and walking trails by the creek, which adds more beauty, making it great for a family walk.

Westside Park also provides a picnic area with picnic tables to grab lunch with your close friends or family.

The lovely creek that runs through the park is great for creek stomping or other water activities and a place to relax and reflect.

Address:820 West Main Street, Greenwood 46142 United States

23. Oaken Barrel Brewing Company

Credits: Kishivan / Shutterstock

Oaken Barrel Brewing Company is an award-winning brewpub; do add add it to your Greenwood to-visit list.

The brewing company is famous for producing their best house beers and the amazing meals offered.

Oaken Barrel Brewing Company is the best choice if you’re searching for a place to drink and dine in a friendly ambiance.

It features two full-service bar which offers a wide range of drinks such as Copper Ridge Chardonnay, cupcake Moscato, hobnob pinot noir, snake pit porter, spirit, tea, gnaw bone pale ale, chocolate drink, and so on.

They also offer a comprehensive food menu including burgers, sandwiches, Buffalo wings, homemade chips & bacon dip, chicken quesadillas, bowl-o-soup, pizza, and many more.

Don’t forget to try out their special Cajun jambalaya pasta, shepherd’s pie, and Mesquite-smoked ribs.

For fun things to do in Greenwood, Indiana, add this to your checklist of places to visit in Greenwood, IN.

Address: 50 Airport Pkwy L, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States

24. Indianapolis Museum of Art

Indianapolis Museum of Art
Credits: HstryQT [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Approximately 25 minutes from Greenwood City, the Indianapolis Museum of Art is a wonderful attraction that attracts lots of people.

Indianapolis Museum of Art showcases an enormous collection of fifty-four thousand beautiful artworks.

These art pieces were sourced from different parts of the globe and are made using several media with various genres.

You will find several popular artworks by famous artists like Paul Gaugin, including cultural artworks, line textiles, pottery, and modern pieces.

Indianapolis Museum of Art is nestled in the middle of the state, playing a role in stimulating the involvement of the people in art.

The facility strives to carry out this goal by promoting the most outstanding artworks from different parts of the world, plus organizing numerous art events.

25. Johnson County Museum

If you want to learn about the town and its surrounding region, the top thing to do in Greenwood is to explore Johnson County Museum.

Johnson County Museum is twenty minutes from the city of Greenwood in Fraklin.

You get to learn about the history of the city through numerous exhibits focusing on its history.

An enormous collection of permanent exhibits began from the pioneer age to the 1950s.

It has multiple permanent exhibits detailing the state of Johnson County as the years pass by – from pioneer settlers to transportation and the 1950s.

Various features help to spread the county’s information, including collectibles, artifacts, and memorabilia.

26. The Rhythm! Discovery Center

The Rhythm! Discovery Center
Credits: Chokniti-Studio / Shutterstockh

A prominent museum located not too far from Greenwood, the Rhythm! Discovery Center is home to several kinds of percussion instruments.

The Rhythm! Discovery Center is concerned with motivating people’s involvement in percussion through several programs and events.

There are numerous interactive workshops and exhibits which you can explore when you visit this museum.

This museum operates as a location for live presentations by percussionists with enormous details relating to history.

The Rhythm! Discovery Center offers guided tours that allow you to try different instruments. It provides a one-of-a-kind experience, especially when you visit in large groups.

27. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall Of Fame Museum

Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall Of Fame Museum
Credits: Rdsmith4 [CC BY-SA 2.5], Wikimedia Commons
Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall Of Fame Museum
Lying 30 minutes away is Greenwood, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, And the Hall Of Fame Museum, another fantastic location.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall Of Fame Museum is dedicated to racing and automobiles with a collection of memorabilia and automobiles.

You will find vehicles on the showcase, such as cars, motorcycles, and dragsters, which have all managed to create world records.

Make sure you go on an educative guided tour of the museum, tracks, and speedway. Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall Of Fame Museum is home to intriguing vehicles and collectibles, do well to visit.

28. The Rascal’s Fun Zone

Rascal’s Fun Zone
Credits: 963 Creation / Shutterstock

How about having fun at one of Indiana’s most exciting fun parks? So, include a visit to the Rascal’s Fun Zone in your list of things to do in Greenwood.

Rascal’s Fun Zone is located about 10 minutes from the southern part of Greenwood as a family-focused destination.

It is recognized as the biggest family amusement park in Indiana, stretching through 11 acres with lots of amenities for all. This is a perfect place for those searching for great fun through indoor and outdoor go-karts.

Rascal’s Fun Zone features blaster boats with bumper cars and a mini golf course for those who would like to test their skills. There is a massive arcade consisting of games suitable for various ages.

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Plan a Trip to Greenwood

Greenwood offers many opportunities for tourists and locals to get outside and participate in exciting activities that will send chills rushing through your veins.

This city is always lively with fun attractions such as Royal Pin Southern Bowl, UPaint Pottery Studious, Mrs. Curl Ice Cream Shop, Outdoor Cafe, Hickory Stick Golf Club, Regal Greenwood & RPX, Main Street Grille, and more.

If you want to experience an incredibly fun vacation, explore all the items listed above.

Although it depends on when you visit, make sure you don’t miss out on their cultural festivals, community gatherings, and many other events.

Book your trip to Greenwood today, be sure to have all the fun and excitement you are searching for.