23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Isle of Palms (SC)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Isle of Palms, SC?

Isle of Palms is a Charleston county city, which is situated in South Carolina, United States. It is a thin barrier Island on South Carolina’s Coast. The city’s population was 4,307 in 2021.

The Isle of Palms features gorgeous, immaculate beaches, natural wildlife, spas, excellent eateries, upscale resorts, and more. Sea turtles are known to nest in the city.

It is voted number six of the top ten Islands in North Carolina by Conde Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

Some of the most amazing attractions in the city include Palms Beach, Tidal Wave Water Sports, Luke ‘n Ollie’s Pizzeria, Simmons Seafood, Isle of Palms Recreation Department, and more.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Isle of Palms, SC.

Things to Do in the Isle of Palms, SC

1. Isle of Palms Beach

Isle of Palms Beach
Credits: CJ Sugg / Shutterstock
Isle of Palms Beach

Start exploring the Isle of Palms from the beautiful Palms Beach, as it is one of the best places to visit in Isle of Palms, SC.

Palms Beach is a popular attraction in the city that is perfect for spending quality time with your family and friends; it is loved by both residents and tourists.

Aside from the solitude enjoyed at the Beach, its white, gorgeous sand will make you stay longer than you intended to.

There are several outdoor activities to do here, such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, and biking; you can also take a stroll around the area.

Palms Beach is a pet-friendly attraction, so you can come along with your furry friends and give them a fun experience.

You will sight parking spaces, a public district, and several spots to shop and dine in the commercial district of the Beach.

Address: Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

2. Wild Dunes Resort

Wild Dunes Resort
Credits: Jarrel Jimmerson / Flickr
Wild Dunes Resort

Wild Dunes Resort features two golf courses, the Harbor Course and Links Course, which are ideal for players of different skill levels, including learners.

The 36-hole golf course was designed by a famous golf course architect, Tom Fazio.

The resort features the Links, which is positioned on the east coast Islands offering fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Wild Dunes Resort’s Harbor Course is the most challenging and exciting, offering beautiful views of the area.

The course is characterized by a 70-par rating, while Wild Dunes Resort is rated as one of the best golf resorts in South Carolina by Golf Digest. The resort also consists of a golf course with a variety of lessons and clinics available.

Address: Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

3. Port City Moped

Port City Moped
Credits: Ekaterina Iatcenko / Shutterstock

Try exploring the shores of the Isle of Palms using wheels when you visit Port City Moped, founded to cater to the needs of the people.

Problems arising from insufficient parking garages, high transportation costs, and the difficulty of traveling without stress led to the company’s foundation.

Offering the public a reliable means of transportation with a secured and active moped, Port City Moped offers rentals of wolf brand scooters, Lancia, Honda Ruckus, Sym Mio, and several others.

You can rent a moped and the helmets that come with it, although you must have a legal driver’s license or permit before doing so.

Address: 1202 B Palm Blvd. Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

4. Dewees Island

Dewees Island
Credits: Miranda Hine / Flickr
Dewees Island

For nature fans looking for a place that connects them to nature, visit Dewees Island. Dewees Island offers visitors an opportunity to get closer to nature in a comfortable setting that makes them feel at home.

There are exciting activities to do on Dewees Island, such as kayaking and fishing amongst forests and pristine beaches.

This island is a restricted island that is accessed by only private boats or ferries, while cars are prohibited on the island.

You should book an amazing ferry ride from the Isle of Palms Marina through the intercostal waterways extending for about fifteen minutes.

Get ready to sight wildlife such as alligators, birds, turtles, fish, and so much more. Dewees features two major structures; the landings building and the Huyler House.

While landings features a gift shop, the post office of the Islands, an environmental scheme center, and a nature center, the Huyler house consists of a fitness center, tennis courts, and a swimming pool.

Address: South Carolina, United States

5. Isle of Palms Recreation Department

Isle of Palms Recreation Department
Credits: Ewebphoto / Shutterstock

Isle of Palms Recreation Department is one of the best places to visit in Isle of Palms, SC, for an amazing experience.

The area provides numerous amenities with outdoor activities for everyone to explore, including a playground for children.

There are close by fields with spots where you can play frisbee, golf, tennis, and softball games and engage in friendly competitions.

Isle of Palms Recreation Department features an outdoor court for basketball games ideal for basketball fans.

You will also find a large fenced area for dogs to meet and have fun with their fellows without any restrictions.

There is a picnic shelter where friends and family members can sit, relax and enjoy some nice drinks and food.

Address: 24 28th Avenue, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

6. Palms County Park

Palms County Park
Credits: Eastimages / Shutterstock

Next on your list of fun things to do in Isle of Palms, SC, is exploring the features of Palms County Park. It is located in the center of the commercial district of the Islands.

Palms County Park offers better access to the beach with ample parking space where visitors can park their vehicles.

It is an immensely clean and well-maintained Park making it an excellent place to relax and hang out with loved ones.

The Park features a sandy volleyball court where visitors can go head to head against each other in a friendly competition.

Palms County Park also features a lively picnic area with grills, umbrellas, and chairs for rentals; you can enjoy a nice picnic with loved ones.

There are changing rooms, restrooms, and showers open for everyone who would like to refresh and change after having fun.

The Park consists of a playground with beautiful play equipment, a dog park, plus mesmerizing views of the ocean.

Address: 1 14th Avenue, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

7. Island Surf Co.

Island Surf Co.
Credits: puhhha / Shutterstock

Along Ocean Boulevard, you can adopt a fashionable Island-style from island Surf Co. In Isle of Palms.

Island Surf Co. specializes in Surfboard rentals and offers apparel from brands such as Reef, Oneill, Dakine, and Roxie.

This retail store offers all kinds of wear ranging from men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, making sure there is something for everyone.

You can choose from their large selection of flip-flops and try on some of the stylish customized jewelry by Charleston Gate Theme.

Island Surf Co. offer uniquely themed items such as stickers, caps, and frames, including an extensive collection of sea life-inspired designs.

Address: 1101 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

8. Tidal Wave Water Sports

Tidal Wave Water Sports
Credits: YanLev / Shutterstock

Tidal Wave Water Sports is a favorite local watercraft rental company. As a city greatly surrounded by water, there are numerous nice places to visit and try out some exciting water activities.

Tidal Wave Water Sports offers tours with a professional tour guide who is knowledgeable.

These tours extend for one and a half hours, going on for more than 30 miles exploring the barrier islands of South Carolina.

You will also check out one of the largest undeveloped eastern seacoast islands, Capers Island. Along the way, if luck is on your side, you might also find dolphins.

Address: Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

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9. Palms Oceanfront Hotel

Are you still searching for what to do in Isle of Palms, SC? Firstly, get a place to stay. Palms Oceanfront Hotel is the best option for you in Isle of Palms.

Palms Oceanfront Hotel offers perfect accommodation with stunning beachfront views. It is located on Ocean Boulevard.

The Hotel offers comfortable and calming guest rooms with upgraded furnishings, granite bathrooms, and white-washed finishings.

You can also choose rooms with balconies to enjoy fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Palms Oceanfront Hotel offers visitors delicious complimentary breakfast throughout their stay.

It also offers a free and fast wifi network throughout the facility. Whenever you’re bored, visit their swimming pool or the sun deck and go sunbathing.

Address: 1126 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

10. Coconut Joe’s Beach Grill

Coconut Joe's Beach Grill
Credits: Coconut Joe’s Beach Grill / Facebook
Coconut Joe’s Beach Grill

Whenever you’re hungry or looking for a place to enjoy some delicious meals, add a visit to Coconut Joe’s Beach Grill to your checklist of what to do in Isle of Palms, SC.

Coconut Joe’s Beach Grill is one of the best places to spend time with your friends and family, whether you’re in a celebration mood or not.

Here, you get to listen to live music presentations performed by talented artists with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

From where you’re seated, you will be able to see the dolphins, shrimp boats, and the well-known Larry the Kite man.

You get to enjoy delicious meals like crabs, shrimp grits, vegan wraps, Pina Colada, Fried Pickles, Chicken Tenders, BBQ Shrimp Nachos, Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, and more.

Coconut Joe’s Beach Grill is open from Monday to Thursday from 11 am to 10 pm, Friday from 11 am-11 pm, Saturday from 10 am-11 pm, and Sunday from 10 am-10 pm.

Address: 1120 Ocean Boulevard, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

11. Isle of Palms Farmers Market

Isle of Palms Farmers Market
Credits: stockcreations / Shutterstock

Isle of Palms Farmers Market is a seasonal local market that is open from the afternoon to evening, starting from June to October.

The Market offers an abundance of fresh farm produce from a selection of diverse food vendors, including edible items.

Some of the vendors include Charleston Marsh Design, Legare Farms Mobile Market, Country Salt Apparel, Cool Creations Art, AV Photography, Holy City Popcorn, Accents by Judy, and more.

You can enjoy some sumptuous traditional meals with amazing live music, including numerous family-friendly activities.

Isle of Palms Farmers Market also offers artwork, baked goods, dog treats, organic products, and craft items.

Address: 1116 Palm Blvd. Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

12. Barrier Islands Eco Tours

Barrier Islands Eco Tours
Credits: Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock

Joining one of Barrier Islands Eco Tours‘ guided tours is definitely one of the best things to do in Isle of Palms, SC.

These tours lead to the Heritage preserve of Capers Island, leaving the Isle of Palms marina through the intercostal waterway and tidal streams.

You get to learn more about the environment and some wildlife that dwells here, including rare birds, bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, and more.

Barrier Islands Eco Tours professional guides allow visitors to get close up with the marine life and interact with them, just like the touch tank aspect of the tour.

The company was established in 1997 to offer visitors an amazing experience as they embark on an exciting journey.

They offer between 6 to sixteen passenger boats for private and fishing ecotours. Visitors are also allowed to visit the internal nature trails and pristine beaches.

Address: 50 41st Ave C-6, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

13. Charleston Fishing Adventures

Charleston Fishing Adventures
Credits: Maksym Fesenko / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Isle of Palms, SC, an adventure with Charleston Fishing Adventures is one of them.

Charleston Fishing Adventures, a locally-owned and operated enterprise, offers an exciting fishing experience.

Charleston Fishing Adventures offers fly-fishing and light tackle charters for inshore waters as you wait to make a good catch.

You may catch Bull redfish, redfish, amberjack, and more. The professional and experienced captains put so much effort into ensuring that their customers are satisfied.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or professional angler, as the company will educate you on modern fishing methods.

Charleston Fishing Adventures offers only the finest boats coupled with gears that can carry about six to sixteen persons.

Address: 50 41st Avenue, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

14. My Favorite Things

How about getting a unique gift item for yourself or souvenirs for your family and friends? Then, include a stop at My Favorite Things on your checklist of top things to do in Isle of Palms, SC.

My Favorite Things offers a variety of beach toys, t-shirts, seashells, and much more, including stunning Christmas paintings and ornaments made by local artists.

This store has been in existence for decades and has remained a number one stop for both locals and visitors in the city.

You will be welcomed by the owner of the store, himself, from his large open floor system condo, which he has been doing ever since the kick-off of the business.

Purchase some nice decor and paintings which you can use to add a little spice to your personal space.

Address: 1009 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms, SC, United States

15. Sea Biscuit Cafe

Sea Biscuit Cafe
Credits: Sea Biscuit Cafe / Facebook
Sea Biscuit Cafe

Breakfast, they say it’s the most important meal of the day. It is way better when you have breakfast at Sea Biscuit Cafe in Isle of Palms.

Sea Biscuit Cafe is a comfortable breakfast located in the city for the entire family, where you can enjoy delicious cuisines.

They provide a colorful interior with beautiful decor, including comfortable chairs and tables where you can relax and enjoy.

The Cafe offers Sausage gravy, country ham, ham flavor, fruit plate, homemade granola, homemade banana island, vanilla yogurt, fruit and cream cheese, and more.

You can also enjoy some delicious sandwiches, desserts, breakfast sides, soups, buttermilk pancakes, veggies, cheese, shrimp, omelets, and so on.

Address: 21 J C Long Blvd, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

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16. Simmons Seafood

Simmons Seafood
Credits: Alexander Raths / Shutterstock

If you have been searching for a place to get the best seafood, luck has found you because Simmons Seafood offers nothing but excellence.

Simmons Seafood was founded by Hugh and Ella Simmons, his wife, in order to cater to their family, beginning with a weather-worn building and a shrimp boat.

During the booming times of the 50s, when Mt. Pleasant experienced its major growth outbreak, Hugh and his wife decided to establish a retail outlet.

Right in front of the fish house, they erected Simmons Seafood market. The Simmons family has been serving the Lowcountry up to the third generation with the assistance of the son of William, Bubba, since 1983.

Simmons Seafood offers Yellow Fin Tuna, Fresh Wild Caught, Fresh Swordfish, Fresh Local Steaks, Fresh Mahi Mahi, Fresh Local Fillets, Fresh Wahoo, and Fresh Local Fillets.

They also offer frozen items like Alligator Ribs, Alligator Sausage, Cold Water Lobster Tails, Warm Water Lobster Tails, Hushpuppies, King Crab Legs, Alligator Meat, Calamari, and more.

Address: 1400 Palm Blvd. Isle of Palms, SC, United States

17. Beach House Spa

Beach House Spa
Credits: Cookie Studio / Shutterstock

Housed in a simple building on the Isle of Palms, Beach House Spa is a paradise of peace and calmness right by the sea.

The Beach House Spa is a popular destination for tourists and locals, having provided them with the finest spa services for nine years in a coastal environment.

It is known for its fantastic skin-brightening facials, deep tissue massages, waxing, retinol peels, and body wraps.

By the time you take a walk around the spa, you will eventually feel relaxed with the calming and gentle atmosphere.

The treatment rooms have touches of nautical accents, including driftwood and seashells, which offers a homey feel.

Beach House Spa staff is nice and friendly, treating guests with utmost importance and respect.

Address: 1030 Carolina Blvd, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

18. Lowcountry Outdoor Adventures

Lowcountry Outdoor Adventures
Credits: Ashley-Belle Burns / Shutterstock

For all lovers of everything water activity, book an appointment with Lowcountry Outdoor Adventures.

Lowcountry Outdoor Adventures is a popular tour company offering locals and visitors an unforgettable experience.

The company was founded by Captain Addison Rupert at the age of nineteen as a licensed and certified captain.

Its owner has practically spent his entire life in Charleston and has gained over 24 years of experience in exploring the waters of the Charleston area.

You’re meant to pay for bait, fishing license, ice, water, and gear such as tackle, rods, and so on. Lowcountry Outdoor Adventures accepts checks, cards, or cash.

Address: 1314 Old Colony Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, United States

19. Coastal Expeditions

Coastal Expeditions
Credits: Popartic / Shutterstock

If you are seeking a wonderful experience, dropping by Coastal is one of the top things to do in Isle of Palms, SC.

Coastal Expeditions has been serving the public since 1992, with two other branches in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant.

The company offers classes on paddle board and kayak rentals, boat charters, and water-related activities.

It offers SUP and kayak tours throughout the year, although rentals are only available from March to September.

Coastal Expeditions offers various packages for customers to pick from, such as Kayak Expeditions, Paddleboard Ecotour, Full-moon Kayak Tours, and more.

You can test your balancing and paddle boarding strength using a modern craze against the gorgeous backdrop of swamps and sale marshes.

Address: 69 41st Avenue, Isle Of Palms, SC 29451, United States

20. Isle of Palms Marina

Isle of Palms Marina
Credits: Kevin Oliver / Flickr
Isle of Palms Marina

Isle of Palms Marina offers boats to visitors who wish to tour the area’s water. You can choose from a collection of boats, including dual consoles and deck boats.

To rent a boat, you do not require any experience; besides all, they ensure the boat comes with modern equipment.

After renting the boat, ensure you explore the island’s amazing bays before withdrawing to the beach for all-night partying.

The Marina offers everybody something unique, including family activities, romantic dinners, watersports, and boat rentals.

You can contact them if you’re interested in customized excursions and boat rentals; Isle of Palms Marina never disappoints.

Address: 50 41st Avenue, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

21. Luke ‘n Ollie’s Pizzeria

Luke 'n Ollie's Pizzeria
Credits: Luke ‘n Ollie’s Pizzeria / Facebook
Luke ‘n Ollie’s Pizzeria

A place where you can enjoy a deliciously made and healthy pizza in Isle of Palms is Luke ‘n Ollie’s Pizzeria.

Luke ‘n Ollie’s Pizzeria is a nicely decorated restaurant that offers a comfortable place for guests to relax.

The restaurant has continuously served the public nothing but delicious pizzas with a variety of toppings.

There is a lovely full-service bar fully packed with a wide variety of drinks for customers to enjoy along with their pizzas.

Make sure you try out their Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Chicken Caesar Wrap, Italian Combo Sub, Chicken Finger Basket, Fried Mozzarella Sticks, and so on.

Order their BBQ Chicken, Pepperoni, Philly Cheesesteak, Cheese Calzone, White Pizza, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, and more.

You and your family would definitely have a great time here, and every bite you take from the pizza would blow your mind.

Address: 1101 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

22. Isle of Palms Golf Carts

Isle of Palms Golf Carts
Credits: Rushay / Shutterstock

A family-owned and operated company, Isle of Palms Golf Carts is located just outward from Mount Pleasant, SC.

Isle of Palms Golf Carts offers rentals for golf carts in Isle of Palms, and you’re allowed to rent for three days, a week, or a day.

No matter how long you want to explore your cart, you get the opportunity to do so according to your plan.

They offer free, friendly, and quick delivery to your correct location on Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms.

Address: 27TH Ave. Ste 21. Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

23. Acme Lowcountry Kitchen

Acme Lowcountry Kitchen
Credits: AnaMarques / Shutterstock
Seafood Pasta

For an amazing family get-together, stop by Acme Lowcountry Kitchen for some delicious delicacies in the Isle of Palms.

Acme Lowcountry Kitchen offers a selection of classic fares with components of conventional inshore dishes.

They are known for serving the tastiest and finest breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a casual and elegant atmosphere.

The meals served are made using the freshest local ingredients, plus seafood, and they are all made from scratch.

Acme Lowcountry Kitchen’s menu features Isle of Palms Shrimp and Grits, crab cakes, Charleston Shrimp and Grits, Braised Short Ribs, home fries, Seafood Pasta, She Crab Soup, and so on.

Their full-service bar serves an extensive collection of beers, including bloody mary and other delicious drinks.

Address: 31 J C Long Blvd, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms is among the most beautiful beach cities in the United States. Despite its size, there are still a good number of things to do there, offering you the perfect getaway you desire.

Don’t hesitate to make Isle of Palms your next vacation destination. Ensure you visit with your loved ones to enjoy all the city offers. You definitely will have something to enjoy.