33 Best & Fun Things to Do in Helsinki (Finland)

Helsinki! A very popular city with age-long history, structures, charming atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and welcoming people.

There are a whole lot of things to do in Helsinki, this city has no replica on earth as whatever feeling or experience you have can only be gotten the same way here. It is more like the face of Finland and even a big attraction to neighboring Nations.

From the Scandinavian sculpture to the intriguing arts to the engaging libraries and museum, the exciting parks to the bubbling streets to the wildlife and historical landmarks, market. You can never exhaust Helsinki.

This post looks to give you a general overview of some cool things to do and what to expect while in Helsinki.

Well, just a few of the attractions and activities are seasonal, for others, you can always visit them or engage yourself in them. There are plenty of Helsinki attractions and activities to keep yourself busy during a visit.

Here are the best things to do in Helsinki.

Things to Do in Helsinki, Finland.

1. Explore Suomenlinna

Source: Cha già José/Flickr
King’s Gate Suomenlinna

One of the most interesting places on the surface of the earth. Suomenlinna, known as the ‘Fortress of Finland’ is an island.

Formerly the Sveaborg fortress (Swedish Castle), this special man-made fortress was set up by some Swedes in the 1800s to prevent the Russians from gaining access to the Baltic.

However, the Russians overpowered and the Swedes (1808-09 Swedish-Russian war), dominated and strengthened the fortress.

It was not over until 1918, when the Russian took over and renamed it Suomenlinna meaning the “Finnish Castle”. The site has been as original as it was back then, no exaggerations.

This place represents how a strong defense of Southern Finland was put out to control the people of the city and beyond.

It is a pure class of the military structure, a fortified example to say the least. The fortress holds high its cultural magnitude and is also recognized by the UNESCO for this feat.

You can get access to Suomenlinna by a ferry ride from Kauppatori (a market square in Helsinki), just about 15 minutes ride.

There you would see the surprising dry dock (a real piece of engineering), courtyards, jetty barracks, and star-shaped walls marked with different gun positions. This settlement still houses about 1000 people today.

Also explore the Suomenlinna Museum, where you can enjoy extensively the collection of historical exhibits. In the Toy section, a display of teddy bears and antique dolls.

This is one of the best places to visit in Helsinki, should definitely make your checklist of things to do in Helsinki Finland.

Address: 74 C Suomenlinna, Helsinki, 190, Finland.

2. Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral
Source: Giuseppe Milo/Flickr
Helsinki Cathedral

This is one prestigious site you would love to find in Helsinki and it is worth it. Situated close to the Senate Square specifically the northern end.

The Helsinki Cathedral was constructed in the 19th century and since then has been one sought-after landmark.

Formerly called St. Nicholas’ Cathedral to honor a one-time Russian Grand Duke of Finland, Tsar Nicholas but was simply renamed the Helsinki Cathedral, following the independence of Finland in 1917.

This Lutheran cathedral is notably known for its 5 green domes on an all-white neoclassical structure. A heavenly sight to behold rising magnificently above the Helsinki cityscape. Its shiny view at night like that of a beacon is a reflection of the waters close to the cathedral.

On the outside, you will also observe the statues of the 12 apostles placed decoratively on the roof. While the inside is an absolute beauty of a hall that hosts prayers on weekdays and then church services on Sunday.

You love the free art exhibits on display in the Café Krypta which around close to the cathedral crypt.

Do well to check it out this summer and don’t forget to take some memorial photos especially at the on the steps of the building.

Address: Unioninkatu 29, 00170 Helsinki, Finland.

3. Explore Esplanadi

Source: Ilkka Jukarainen/Flickr

One of the best things to do in Helsinki, Finland is to visit The Esplanadi.

Also known as “Espa” by locals is located downtown of Helsinki, between the Market Square and the Erottaja square, just at the city center. It comprises of the esplanade and the urban park in Helsinki.

Carl Ludwig Engel was the architect who designed the park and in 1818 it was opened.

The Esplanadi Boulevard is such a thrilling place to be with visitors and residents coming to have some relaxation, picnic and to be entertained to the brim.

You will also find the Historical Engels Teater (the initial theatre building, 1827) in Helsinki, the sizzling Kappeli restaurant (1867), and some gleefully crafted statues including that of Johan Ludwig Runeberg.

Live music shows are also hosted in the park as you would find a stage close to the restaurant.

Address: Pohjoisesplanadi, 00130 Helsinki, Finland.

4. Temppeliaukio Church

Temppeliaukio Church
Source: Linus Mak/Flickr
Temppeliaukio Church

The church was established in 1969, following a post-war design competition which was won by the Suomalainen Brothers. I feel safe saying there are not many churches in the world like this.

Of most churches in the whole of Europe, Temppeliaukio is significant and stands out.

Situated in the about 700 meters in the southwest direction of the National Museum of Finland, the structure is a Lutheran church with the building formed from bedrock.

This is one reason is it called the Rock church, it shows extraordinary creativity in turning a natural rocky place into a church.

Features of this wonder includes the internal surrounding of rocky stone walls covered by a central copper dome with a circular skylight through which natural sunlight falls into the auditorium during the day.

The dome is firmly supported by parallel pillars stationed at the diagonal edges of the walls, the altarpiece, and some other structures are also carved out from the rocks.

Feel free to visit this masterpiece and you can also worship there on Sunday!

Address: Lutherinkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.

5. Seurasaari Island

Seurasaari Island
Source: Kevin Oliver/Flickr
Seurasaari Island

Do add a visit to one of the “best island” in this area on your checklist of things to do in Helsinki.

Known as Seurasaari Island, you’ll find an open-air museum with exhibitions like old timber houses, old barns, a manor house, and a collection of things with which ancient Finns lived, a Kiruna church (1686), farmsteads and other wooden buildings that which were assembled from various parts of Finland

Located some kilometers towards the north of the city center, the Seurasaari Island tells how the life those in Finland looked like in Ancient days.

The cottages and old buildings are connected by trails, which such a network giving one a gentle walk experience.

One of the old wooden house is near Meilahti 7, currently habited by the Friends of Finnish Handicrafts. They showcase their arts in the weaving of rye carpets and other local textiles. Tourists can watch them as they weave.

So, feel free to picnic in the area and enjoy yourself with the grills from the nearby sauna. There are also courteous well-trained guides to help give you more thrills, this makes what to do in Helsinki for adventure lovers.

6. Uspenski Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral
Source: porkandchicken/Flickr
Uspenski Cathedral

With the record of being the largest Orthodox Church in the entirety of Western Europe, the Uspenski Cathedral is one of the things to see in Helsinki you wouldn’t want to miss whenever you visit Finland.

This magnificent edifice depicts the depth of the century-long Russian engagement in the affairs of Finland as it was designed by Aleksey Gornostayev, a Russian architect.

Situated on the hilly area in the neighborhood of Katajanokka, close to the north harbor Pohjoissatama, the cathedral surpassed the skyline above the harbor hence it is not hidden.

You have no challenge seeing it even from the Senate Square!

Eye-catching features of this structure is that it is a red-brick towered building, whose spires and towers are capped with stunning 13 gold cupolas.

The interior is no joke too. You will find altars, intricate patterns beautified with gold embellishments, crosses, icons, and at the Iconostasis is an array of gorgeous paintings of the Virgin Mary and other saints.

7. Old Market Hall

Old Market Hall
Source: Discovering Finland/Flickr
Old Market Hall

Old Market Hall is located close to the popular Old Market Square, just by the waters of Eteläranta, and was open in 1889.

I must tell you that before the erection of a permanent building in the Old Market Hall, market activities in Helsinki has always been in open-air and mostly at market squares.

It is such a striking building with the history of bringing in modern marketing methods into Helsinki.

Do visit the old Market hall, even if you aren’t shopping. You might even be tempted to pick up some fresh produce which are for sale in the stalls. The likes of fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, shellfish, Finnish cheeses and cakes.

This makes what to do in Helsinki if you will love some shopping timeout.

8. Urban Sauna Visit

Sauna Loyly
Source: Ninara/Flickr
Sauna Loyly

The word sauna is Finnish, you won’t be stressed finding a sauna in Helsinki owing that there are a huge number of that here with over 3 million in Finland. You can find saunas in your apartment, hotel, hostel, or wherever you stay.

You might not know, I think I should help out. So what is a sauna? It is I basic sense a room having a sauna stone which may be heating using wood or by electricity.

So, you heat the room by pouring or sprinkling water on the heated stone. This generates hot steam.

This is one culture in Finland and is believed to have multiple health benefits. Many of them are open for public access. They are separated for the different gender with being naked part of the etiquette. But, for the shy ones you can always put on a mini towel.

There are awesome saunas for your visitation. I’ll recommend these few. There are Sompasauna (Kalastama), Kotiharju, Arla Sauna (Kallio), Kulttuurisauna (Merihaka), Hermanni, Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall, or the Löyly (Hernesaari). The last is a new complex with ultra-cool hip experience.

9. Linnanmäki

How about a visit to an amusement park on your checklist of fun things to do in Helsinki Finland.

The Linnanmäki has been on the ground for over 65 years. Interestingly, all revenues generated are donated to a child welfare charity – Päivän Säätiö- in Finland.

With its location ideal in the city, having nice views and an idyllic park surroundings, the Linnanmäki is one place to visit.

Another is that records were set on this ground. Since its establishment in the 1950s, the fastest and highest rides have come from here.

Over 1 million visitors troop in yearly to ride the roller coasters, enjoy the arcade games or even place their kids in the child-friendly attractions, you too can be part of that number.

Address: Tivolikuja 1, Alppila.

10. The Market Square

The Market Square
Source: Lauri/Flickr
The Market Square

The Market Square (Kauppatori) is one place that probably every visitor who comes into Helsinki to see upon arrival. We’ve talked about the Market Hall, it is also close to the harbor.

This square is well planned and pave in the center of Helsinki and is one of the most known outdoor markets in the entire Europe.

With the Baltic Sea and the eastern part of the Esplanadi making its borders, you will find full stands where flowers, Finnish foods, and souvenirs for tourists are sold.

The port of the harbor is one point of attraction because there are always fishing boats with fishermen who sell fresh seafood from the boat.

You can purchase varieties of baked foods like cakes, pies, and buns. There are also specialty products like reindeer horns, wooden mugs, reindeer hides, and handmade jewelry.

Address: Eteläranta, Helsinki, 170, Finland

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11. Vintage Tram Ride

Vintage Tram Ride
Source: Franck Michel/Flickr
Vintage Tram Ride

Helsinki has got one of the oldest tram (electrified) systems in the world.

During the weekend, do well to catch the tram which moves from Havis Amanda Fountain. It is about 20- minutes ride as you catch the top sights of Helsinki.

There are no on-board guides but a multi-language leaflet gives you great insight on whatever view you are catching.

If you love the uber metro system, this should not miss your checklist of fun things to do in Helsinki.

12. Crayfish Parties

Crayfish Parties
Source: Finnair/Facebook
Crayfish Parties

Well, this is one of Helsinki’s seasonal dishes, this makes what to do in Helsinki for seafood lovers

During the crayfish season. Citizens do take over the seafood restaurant. You are taught by waiters at these restaurants how to eat your crayfish in a specular manner, most probably with a shot of Akvavit.

Are you in Helsinki between July and August? Then, make the most of it, include this on your Helsinki things to do itinerary.

13. Chapel of Silence

Chapel of Silence
Source: Wojtek Gurak/Flickr
Chapel of Silence

Do you want to have a quiet time? Outside the noisy city and away from the crowd?

Located close to the Kamppi Shopping Centre and Esplanadi Park, the chapel is a popular place for prayer meetings and personal meditation.

The Chapel of Silence is a special wooden building, a quiet sanctuary in the center of the lively city. The chapel is a calm and warm, though tiny, with the walls made of thick wood which are carved from Nordic spruce. This helps in providing depth of silence.

Externally the building is shaped in an astonishing circular fashion while the interior contains wooden benches and a captivating altar bearing a bowl and a thing metal cross.

This shows the extent of engineering prowess applied in the Scandinavian style.

It’s free to gain entrance. But, I hope you won’t mind dropping your camera as it is not allowed, this makes what to do in Helsinki for a peaceful moment admiring the Chapel.

Address: Simonkatu 7, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.

14. Juttutupa

Source: Northsky71/Flickr

Enjoy your day at the historical Juttutupa joint. Reckoned as one of the oldest pubs in town dating back to the year, 1884. It was a one-point the host location for revolutionary socialist gatherings which was led by Vladimir Lenin.

Featuring long tables which were for communal dining, the restaurant entertains local and foreign patrons alike.

Hang in there to enjoy some juicy burger or pizza or any other, with the blend of contemporary jazz and rock music after a long day.

This is one of Helsinki Finland points of interest you should checkout during a visit to the area.

Address: 6 Säästöpankinranta, Hakaniemi, Helsinki, 530, Finland.

15. Helsinki Design Museum

Helsinki Design Museum
Source: Discovering Finland/Flickr
Helsinki Design Museum

Helsinki Design Museum was established in 1873. This building is located in Kaartinkaupunki and is built in the neo-Gothic style as part of the cutting edge shown by Helsinki in design and architecture, this is one of the things to see in Helsinki.

The gigantic museum is dedicated to the display of exhibitions both the local (Finnish) and foreign designs, some of them include graphic design, fashion design, and industrial design.

Over 150 years since its inception, the museum holds a comprehensive record of the Finnish Design and architecture in the post-war era. It is one of the oldest in the world. There is also a cafe and a shop.

Address: Korkeavuorenkatu 23, 00130 Helsinki, Finland

16. Vallila District

Vallila District
Source: Timo Noko/Flickr
Vallila District

One of the districts in the downtown area is the Vallila District, a visit to this area makes one of the top things to do in Helsinki.

Located in the northernmost part, the area has is history for the rearing of cattle as there are grasses all over.

But then, in the 1930s, development came through and the southern region of Vallila was transformed by industrialization and that has continued to the erection of office buildings.

In the early 20th century, the city experienced rapid growth, more neighborhoods were built for the working class in Helsinki.

Though many of them were demolished and new buildings replacing them, a whole lot of the remains are still intact with the Helsinki’s bohemian occupying them (timber houses).

This area though has apartments built with blocks, you will still find timber houses till today, and they are called Puu-Vallia meaning “Wood Vallila”.

The model district shows pure class in city planning and construction. There was a time it was about to be razed down, but a reverse decision was made in the 1800s and some parts left to preserve the cultural, architectural and historical heritage.

Puu-Vallila is loved by people for its green environment, trendy bars, and coffee shops.

Aside from the Puu-Villala, you also find ancient landmarks which include the Vallila allotment gardens, Saint Paul’s Church, and the Pasilan konepaja. The latter was housing to numerous machine shops and the State Railways brick buildings.

17. National Museum of Finland

National Museum of Finland
Image Source: Hans Permana/Flickr
National Museum of Finland

Located at the center of the Helsinki, the National Museum of Finland represents the history and culture of the country from the Stone Age till now. The museum was given its name after Finland had attained independence in 1917.

The design of the National Museum was done by Gesellius, Lindgren, Saarinen an architectural company, its building spanned through 1905 – 1910 and was finally opened in 1916.

The design is quite encompassing as it mimics the appearance of Finnish castles and medieval churches.

Just like I had told you, the museum preserves the heritage of Finland. These exhibits are divided into categories. Like that of medals, coins, decorations, silver, orders, weapons, and jewelry. And I tell you, as a newcomer, you will be super interested in the section which houses the Treasure Troves.

You will also find artifacts of how the Finnish people as development raved through the Middle Ages before Finland became part of the Swedish Kingdom and Russian Empire at some points.

Address: Mannerheimintie 34, 00100 Helsinki.

18. Design District

Design District
Image Source: Design District Helsinki / Facebook
Design District

One pretty thing about Helsinki is their products is that they are specially designed and unique.

Design District offers you the opportunity to have these products and more! Situated at the center of Helsinki, it is an ideal location for you to view to Finnish designs and even purchase topnotch products.

The Design District area is full of boutiques, antique shops, design shops, galleries, workshops, museums, restaurants, showrooms, and fashion stores.

Design District reveals Helsinki’s strength in Scandinavian design as you would find interesting classics and trailblazers.

Helsinki offers an ideal place to get to know Finnish design and to buy top-class Finnish design products.

Located in the center of Helsinki, the Design District Helsinki is an area full of design and antique shops, fashion stores, museums, art galleries, restaurants and showrooms.

The District contains 205 streets and over 200 members. Go and experience the uniqueness of the Urban Finnish culture.

Address: Punavuorenkatu 7 Punavuori region, Helsinki 00120 Finland.

19. Sibelius Monument and Park

Sibelius Monument and Park
Source: Dennis Jarvis/Flickr
Sibelius Monument and Park

One of the fun things to do in Helsinki Finland is a visit to Sibelius Monument and Park

The Sibelius Park and Monument were established in remembrance of Johan Julius Christian (or, Jean) Sibelius. He was a celebrated Finnish composer and could express whatever feelings he touchingly had for the country.

The monument was designed by Eila Hiltunen and was opened to the public in 1967. The design is an assembly of large steel pipes drilled with holes and they create some good music whenever the breeze blows through them.

This particular monument sparked controversy and some complaints. In response to that the sculpted head of Jeans was placed beside the monument.

Jean was a man of the people and even inspired the Finnish independence and soldiers. A similar monument like this is also found in United Nations headquarters in recognition.

Visit the park and enjoy the environment.

Address: Mechelininkatu 38, Helsink

20. Museum of Contemporary Art (Kiasma)

Museum of Contemporary Art
Source: Discovering Finland/Flickr
Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the three reputable museums which serve the same purpose of exhibiting all sorts of arts to the modern generation in Finland.

The museum was designed by Steven Holl, and American architect. Quite ironic, isn’t it? Yea, Finland is graced with architects of high esteem but this is an exception.

This exterior of this landmark is designed in a curvy fashion which continues inside. The interior is a display of contemporary arts with some post-1960 Arts of Finland.

There is a theater that is devoted to dance, music, and experimental drama.

Address: Mannerheiminaukio 2, 00100, Helsinki, Finland. Phone: +358 (0)294 500 501

21. Helsinki Railway Station

Helsinki Railway Station
Source: Jorge Láscar/Flickr
Helsinki Railway Station

Let’s move down to the railway station. The Helsinki railway station is astonishingly an artwork with the Nouveau railway station designed originally by designed by Eliel Saarinen.

It is one highlight for American tourists as the 48-meter high tower which has a clock on it is the first the numerous designs which was brought forth to actualize America’s first skyscraper, the Saarinen’s 1922 Chicago Tribune Tower.

I’m not going to bug you with some history story. Just go check arched hall with numerous decorations on the wall. They all stand a monument!

Address: Rautatientori, Helsinki

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22. Ateneum (Finnish National Museum of Art)

Source: stephengg/Flickr
Ateneum (Finnish National Museum of Art)

I won’t be exaggerating if I say that in the whole of Finland, Ateneum is the largest museum which houses classical Arts.

Established in 1887 and located at the Southern end of Helsinki’s Station Square. In there, you’ll find artworks of popular artists like Pablo Picasso, A. Edelfelt, Vincent Van Gogh, and P. Halonen.

The building was designed by Theodor Höijer and from the architecture to its construction is a wonder. Want to see paintings between the 18th and 21st century, go check them.

This place is a unique location where everyone who visits Helsinki would love to go. I’m sure you won’t want to miss out either.

Address: Kaivokatu 2, Helsinki

23. Korkeasaari Zoo

Korkeasaari Zoo
Source: Michael Holler/Flickr
Korkeasaari Zoo

The Korkeasaari Zoo was established in the 1880s and is proudly one of the ancients of all around the globe.

This ground holds the breeds of endangered species anchored by its outstanding breeding programs.

You will find wild cats that you might not expect such as the Siberian tiger, the Amur, and snow leopards.

Just like other good zoos, the design of the environment is such that it provides a natural habitat for close to 1000 different plant species to complement the presence of over 150 animal species therein.

Located on an island, you can get to it a ferry or a bus depending on the time of the year and it is free!

24. Finlandia Hall

Finlandia Hall
Source: Josep Maria Torra/Flickr
Finlandia Hall

Just like we’ve already observed, Finland is full of great architects and the Finlandia hall is just one proof of that.

Located at the city center, just by the shores of Töölö Bay (Töölönlahti) is the amazing architectural structure. This wonderful edifice was designed by Alvar Aalto, a great Finnish architect, and was built in 1971.

The building is an exterior of white Carrera marble which is also used in the interior.

With touches of ceramics and hardwood, the main auditorium is a beauty to behold. It has a seating capacity of 360 and is used for concerts and operas due to its acoustic nature.

Experience mini-shows and programs. Least I forget, another beauty is that some parts in the interior allow natural sunlight flow into it creating more ecstasy.

Address: Mannerheimintie 13 e, Helsinki

25. Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Helsinki Olympic Stadium
Source: katieker/Flickr
Helsinki Olympic Stadium

For the lovers of sports, this is one famous stadium you might have heard of and wished to visit.

The Olympic Stadium was established in 1938 and is located just beyond the old Trade Fair Hall, sitting above the Töölönlahti Lake.

You might not know but Finland was given the vote to host the Olympics but the competition was canceled because of World War II and invasion of the country by the Soviets. But. In the year 1952, the competition held in Helsinki.

This stadium is known for its high tower (72 meters) from which you can have a grand view of the city.

Just inside you will find the Finnish Sport Museum, the swimming stadium (to the East), the Ice Stadium (to the North), the lawn, the Municipal Park (for your relaxation and picnic), etc.

At the entrance of the museum is a statue of Paavo Nurmi (1897-1973). He was a talented Finnish Olympic runner. Access to the Swimming stadium is very free.

Go and enjoy the facilities in the Olympics stadium and you will be glad you did.

Address: Paavo Nurmen tie 1, 00250 Helsinki

26. Central Park (Keskuspuisto)

Source: Henri Sivonen/Flickr
Central Park (Keskuspuisto)

The Helsinki Central Park (Keskuspuisto) is one massive park. It was designed in 1911 by the Finnish architect Bertel Jung and exist right in the center of the city.

So very popular a recreational area it is as it covers over 10 square kilometers with a beautiful environment.

The park stretches through the Töölönlahti Bay to the Paloheinä forest (Vantaa Community) to the cross-country skiing area.

With more of woodlands than nurtured plants, the park has diverse trails navigating through it (It was part of the design plan though).

The vegetation includes numerous meadows, spruce forests, herb-rich forests, and fields. In there you will find the Siberian flying squirrels and a vast range of bird species which have made there their habitat.

Also during the First World War, between 1914 and 1918, the Russians built some fortresses in Helsinki as part of their defense system mappings.

Currently, they are considered as fixed antiquities and you will also find a good number of them scattered around the park.

27. Hietaniemi Area

Hietaniemi Beach
Source: Giuseppe Milo/Flickr
Hietaniemi Beach

This is a large expanse area with structures and sights all telling their own stories.

We go down the coast to the south to the east of the railway station, there you will find the 1952 Olympics Rowing Stadium, the Canoe rentals and kayak.

Overlying and beach of Hietaniemi and some open fields often used for mini-soccer plays, restaurants, and even some public saunas.

Further away is the park-like Hietaniemi cemetery. It is a fascinating place having a cross placed at its peak in remembrance of some fallen heroes of the Nation.

The likes of Marshal Mannerheim (1867-1951) Risto Ryti, T. M. Kivimäki, Väinö Tanner E. Linkomies and some other politicians were buried here too.

You also find a section devoted only to the Jewish populace in the city.

28. Gallen-Kallela Museum

Gallen-Kallela Museum
Source: Ninara/Flickr
Gallen-Kallela Museum

Located just about 10 kilometers from the city center, just on the shores of Laajalahti Bay in Helsinki is the Gallen-Kallela Museum.

It took some two years to build the Gallen-Kallela house precisely between 1911 and 1913. It is the home of the most creative and important painter in Finland, Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

Tarvaspää, as it is also known was unveiled to the public in 1961. This museum houses the paintings and graphics made by Gallen-Kallela himself as well as his working tools.

Very close is an on-site quality cafe and a small store. You can get to this museum by car or following the path (walking or biking) that runs through Ruukinranta in Espoo or Munkkiniemi in Helsinki.

Address: Gallen-Kallelan tie 27, Espoo

29. Museum of Technology (Tekniikan museo)

Museum of Technology (Tekniikan museo)
Source: Abc10 [CC BY-SA 4.0],via Wikimedia Commons
Museum of Technology
The current location of this museum used to be a water processing plant before I was converted.

If you are keen on the history or processes of technology just like I am, I urge you to come get some learning her.

The museum of Technology rolls out the story of how technology developed specifically in Finland. This is the only of its kind in Finland. So you see its specialty.

You won’t be left behind the tracks as this museum revel stage after stage the evolution of computers.

A vast range of technologies is covered her. The television, communications, health, finance, information dissemination even exploration.

30. Kalasatama

Source: Tuomo Lindfors/Flickr

Wow! Quite an interesting site. Kalasatama is an amazing place to visit in the state of Helsinki

TBI area is located in the Sörnäinen district just about 1 kilometer in the coast of Helsinki. This area is becoming dense in population though. With inhabitants if about 25,000 and streets full of busy centers.

In the neighborhood, you’ll find the Teurastamo, this used to be a slaughterhouse.

It is quite old now and has transformed into a cultural hub for conventional gathering. You can always visit there to chill a bit on your way home!

Also enjoy the summer parties in the area., especially the jazz festival which attracts virtually everyone as a witness!

31. Nuuksio National Park

Nuuksio National Park
Source: Katri Niemi/Flickr
Nuuksio National Park

Just one of the most recent National parks in Finland as it was established in 1994. It covers 45 square kilometers in area and its location very close to the city makes it much more accessible.

Nuuksio has got a whole lot in attractions ranging from the lakes to the different types of forests, to the ponds, to the broad selection of flora and some swamps.

The one forest close to Solvalla and other forests close to Musfalampi and Haukkalampi also catches the attention of visitors and tourists. You would also find the reindeer as part of the natural system.

You can add a visit to this park on your checklist of things to do in Helsinki.

Address: 00630 Helsinki, Finland. 

32. Helsinki University Botanical Gardens

Helsinki University Botanical Gardens
Source: jaime.silva/Flickr
Helsinki University Botanical Gardens

This garden stands at the center exhibits a year-long display of very beautiful plants. They are so colorful and are sourced from various parts of the world.

We will have to consider its history just briefly. The Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden holds the record of being the most ancient scientific garden of all in Finland.

Peter Kalm, a botanist in Turku, pioneered and inaugurated the garden in 1678. However, in 1829, it was transferred to Helsinki University following a major fire incident.

The garden boasts of an astonishing 800 different species of plants. One perfect place for a walk in the afternoon, this makes one of the top things to do in Helsinki for nature lovers.

Address: 44 Unionsgatan, Helsinki, 170, Finland.

33. The Finnish Museum of Photography

Finnish Museum of Photography
Source: Kevin Oliver/Flickr
Finnish Museum of Photography

One of the top things to do in Helsinki for art lovers is a visit to The Finnish Museum of Photography.

Every photography has a story in it. So you can imagine what it becomes seeing a collection of them. So much ecstasy!

The Finnish Museum of Photography is located in Kaapiali, in the west of Helsinki. This building used to be an industry cable factory but now contains three museums, event space, 10 galleries, and many more.

It is currently seen as the biggest cultural center in Finland. The museum of photography occupies the lower floor.

You can visit on a personal note or a group tour level. They’ve got good tour guides to show your school or friends or colleagues around the exhibition.

Address: Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 G, 00180 Helsinki, Finland.

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Plan Your Trip to Helsinki

So, what next? Do start planning for your vacation, you can as well prepare with this guide. Give yourself and your family this special treat of a lifetime.

Make a checklist of things to do in Helsinki, there are quite a number of places to visit in this area, you won’t want to be missing out on the fun.