26 Best & Fun Things to Do in Capitola (CA)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Capitola, CA?

Capitola is a small city located in the Santa Cruz County of California; it has a population of about ten thousand(10,000) people.

Capitola is a beautiful city with lots of attractions which cuts across beaches, restaurants, museums and more, hence, making it a popular destination for tourists.

If you want to enjoy your vacation in a place with lots of exciting options for you to explore and have a wonderful experience, Capitola is an excellent place to consider.

For a fun vacation, here are the top places to visit in Capitola, CA.

Things to Do in Capitola

1. A fun time at Capitola Beach

Capitola Beach
Credits: Larry Satterberg/ Shutterstock
Capitola Beach

Capitola Beach is the perfect place for families and friends to hang out and have great fun for a memorable experience.

This beach is a popular destination for surfers; due to the continuous waves of the ocean, they are sure of having an amazing surfing experience.

Several benches are available, where you can sit and relax while you enjoy the picturesque views.

Capitola Beach features a fishing pier, showers, shops, and volleyball courts. There are several restaurants around where you can get delicious meals if you begin to feel peckish.

Here, you will find several kinds of birds flocking around. Capitol beach gives a scenic view of sunset and sunrise, don’t miss it.

Capitola Beach features many clean restrooms and a parking lot near the area.

Address:Capitola Beach, Capitola, CA 95010, United States.

2. The Capitola Historical Museum

Credits: Capitola Historical Museum/ Facebook
Capitola Historical Museum

One of the top things to do in Capitola, CA, is a visit to Capitola Historical Museum; you get to know more about the history of Capitola.

Capitola Historical Museum showcases several collections of artifacts that tell the history of the city of Capitol.

The Museum displays photos, maps, historical artifacts, and more. This is a very educational place and is open to everyone.

The staff is friendly and nice, and they have pretty good knowledge about every artifact on display. The Museum is well organized and clean.

Address: 410 Capitola Ave, Capitola, CA 95010, United States.

3. It’s Wine Tyme

It's Wine Tyme
Credits: Lukas Gojda/ Shutterstock

A visit to It’s Wine Tyme is one of the fun things to do in Capitola, CA. It is perfect if you want to relax while having a good time.

It’s Wine Tyme serves delicious meals and appetizers, making it a popular location for adults and children.

It features a bar, where you can get amazing wines with a unique taste or flavors while enjoying the scenic view of the environment.

It’s Wine Tyme hosts a live music concert every Friday and Saturday night; on one of your lucky days, you might get to watch Lisa Marie singing and playing guitar.

It’s Wine Tyme is a family-owned establishment, and it is open from Monday to Friday from 4pm-10pm, Saturday from 2pm-11pm, and Sunday from 1pm-7pm.

Address:116 Stockton Ave, Capitola, CA 95010-3241

4. Phoebe’s Fine Art and Jewelry

Phoebe's Fine Jewelry
Credits: Capitola Historical Museum / Facebook
Phoebe’s Fine Jewelry

Phoebe’s Fine Art and Jewelry houses rare and beautifully designed artworks, jewelry, and hand-blown glasswork.

This is a popular place in town that offers stunning earrings, rings, and pendants: Phoebe’s displays beautiful vases, ocean-inspired custom gifts made by hand-fusion and hand-blowing.

Phoebe’s Fine Art and Jewelry also showcases local paintings made by talented local artists, unique and rare to find.

Phoebe’s Fine Art and Jewelry is open all day of the week from 11am-5pm. Make sure you add Phoebe’s Fine Art and Jewelry to your bucket list so you can shop for your jewelry and arts.

Address:107 Capitola Ave, Capitola, CA 95010, United States

5. Armida Winery

Armida Winery
Credits: Jag_cz/ Shutterstock

Armida Winery is one of the best wineries in Capitola that produces tasty and flavorful wines you can’t get elsewhere.

This winery has an outstanding list of hand-craft vineyard-designated wines, which shows twenty years of hard work by the owners of Armida Winery.

They offer company tours to visitors, where you get the chance to see how your favorite wines are produced; you are offered samples of different wines to try out.

Armida Winery organizes a wine club and other industry events. Visit the winery so you can get a taste of their amazing wine, such as PoiZin, popularly called”The wine to Die For,” The ANTIDOTE, Bacigalupi Vineyard Pinot Noir, Durell Vineyard Chardonnay, and several others.

What else could be better than enjoying a glass of wine with a unique flavor in a beautiful environment filled with friendly people?

Address:103 Stockton Ave, Capitola, CA 95010-3240

6. Capitola Mall

Capitola Mall
Credits: Kamil Macniak / Shutterstock

One of the fun things to do in Capitola is shopping; visit The Capitola Mall for a wonderful shopping experience.

Capitola Mall became open for business in 1977; it is the only Santa Cruz’s indoor mall. This mall contains more than eighty stores, including entertainment areas and eateries.

The mall has several American staple stores such as Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s, and many more. There are different kinds of local artisan stores.

There are many restaurants in the mall, including Subway, Five Guys Burger and Fries, Starbucks, Olive Garden, and several others.

Capitola Mall has everything you need and more in just one building, so get ready to explore all it has to offer and have a great shopping experience.

The mall is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11am-7pm, and Friday & Saturday from 11am-8pm.

Address: 1855 41st Ave, Capitola, California 95010, United States

7. Capitola Mercantile

Capitola Mercantile
Credits: Don DeBold / Flickr
Capitola Mercantile

Shopping at Capitola Mercantile is one of the top things to do in Capitola, CA. It is located in the heart of Capitola.

Capitola Mercantile has a wide collection of high-quality items like beauty products, hand-crafted jewelry, unique seashells, artisanal sweets, surf gear, resort wear, and much more.

There is a nice wine bar called the ‘Cava Wine Bar,’ where you can get incredibly flavored wines as well as a coffee shop for your pleasure.

Capitola Mercantile also features an Italian restaurant that serves delicious Italian cuisine.

Capitola Mercantile contains many stores that sell items and souvenirs that can serve as gifts to yourself or loved ones.

It is open from Sunday to Friday from 10am-6am, and Saturday from 10am-7pm. In Capitola Mercantile, there is something for everyone, don’t forget to stop by for your unique items.

Address:115 San Jose Ave, Capitola, CA 95010-3261

8. The New Brighton State Beach

The New Brighton State Beach
Credits: Nikkolia/ Shutterstock

Get ready for premium fun and excitement whenever you visit the New Brighton State Beach with your friends and family.

New Brighton State Beach occupies about ninety-five (95) acres, located East of Santa Cruz’s Monterey Bay.

This beach is a perfect site for recreational activities like swimming, hiking, surfing, camping, fishing, etc.

New Brighton State Beach has a specified area perfect for picnics for those who would love to go on picnics with their loved ones while enjoying the panoramic view in front of them.

The beach water and shores house different wildlife species such as pelicans, sea stars, sea otters, rock crabs, sea lions, dolphins, and several others.

There is a gift shop at the beach’s main entrance in the Pacific Migrations Visitors Center, where you can get something unique that can serve as a gift or souvenirs to yourself or loved ones as a form of remembrance of the moments you spent in the city.

Make sure you add New Brighton State Beach to your bucket list for an unforgettable experience.

Address:1500 Park Ave, Capitola, CA 95010

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9. The Capitola Art & Wine Festival

The Capitola Art & Wine Festival
Credits: Yulia Grigoryeva/ Shutterstock

If you’re searching for fun things to do in Capitola, CA, don’t miss the Capitola Art & Wine Festival, there are many things to see and do here.

You get to try out different amazing native dishes, including the Hawaiian poke, falafels, and much more. You also get to enjoy different varieties of unique wines to complement the meals.

Capitola Art & Wine Festival also promotes local art by displaying artworks of more than one hundred and fifty artists, which shows how talented and creative the local artists are.

The festival takes place in mid-September, you also get to enjoy fantastic entertainment starting from the street performers, dancers, live music and more.

Attend Capitola Art & Wine Festival for a wonderful experience while you study the beautiful local crafts, enjoy good food & wine and watch talented artists perform live.

10. The Paradise Beach Grille

The Paradise Beach Grille
Credits: BarbaraGoreckaPhotography/ Shutterstock

Paradise Beach Grille is an amazing restaurant that is second to none and has remained unbeatable, being voted as the best restaurant for seven consecutive years.

The restaurant was opened in 1998 and has been offering delicious American cuisine ever since; this restaurant was tagged the 18th most romantic restaurant globally.

Paradise Beach Grille has an extensive menu filled with different delicacies suitable for vegetarians, including gluten-free options starting from salads to steak and so on.

They also offer different wines with great taste to go with their luscious meals. The restaurant is incredibly beautiful with an ocean, giving the surroundings a spectacular view.

The staff here are very cheerful and kind, and they offer awesome services. Visit Paradise Beach Grille for a delicious meal and fantastic wine coupled with the nice atmosphere.

Paradise Beach Grille is open every day of the week from 11:30am-9pm. Stop by so you can try out some delicious American cuisine.

Address:215 Esplanade, Capitola, CA 95010, United States

11. Thomas Kinkade Signature Gold Gallery of Capitola

Thomas Kinkade Signature Gold Gallery of Capitola
Credits: Thomas Kinkade Capitola Gallery / Facebook
Thomas Kinkade Signature Gold Gallery of Capitola

If you’re a lover of art, you will love your visit to Thomas Kinkade Signature Gold Gallery of Capitola.

Thomas Kinkade Signature Gold Gallery of Capitola showcases the paintings of an American artist called Thomas Kinkade.

Kinkade artworks are very popular in America; Thomas Kinkade was nicknamed “Painter of Light.” He made several collage artworks and painted several portraits of pastoral settings, idyllic subjects, etc.

Visit Thomas Kinkade Signature Gold Gallery of Capitola for beautiful and amazing paintings.

Address:121 San Jose Ave, Capitola, CA 95010-3236

12. The Shadowbrook Restaurant

The Shadowbrook Restaurant
Credits: Ezume Images/ Shutterstock

The Shadowbrook is an award-winning restaurant built in 1947 if you ever need a nice place to eat out with your family and friends.

They offer different kinds of delicious American dishes in a more unique style. They also offer outdoor, rooftop, and indoor seatings for your preference.

The Shadowbrook is renowned for serving delicious honey-glazed pork chops, Thai-style game hen, and hazelnut-crusted brook trout.

They also offer vegetarian and vegan dishes such as black truffle gnocchi, soba noodle medley, sunflower seed risotto, stuffed portobello, and several more.

The Shadowbrook is an awesome restaurant that offers free shuttle services; if you’re within a 3-mile radius, you can call them, and they will pick and drop you off at the eatery free of charge.

This restaurant is perfect for couples on a romantic date, friends, and family for a nice bonding experience.

The Shadowbrook is open from Monday to Thursday from 3:30pm- 10pm, Friday to Sunday from 12pm-10pm.

Address:1750 Wharf Rd, Capitola, California 95010, United States

13. The Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel
Credits: Jon Bilous/ Shutterstock
The Venetian Hotel

If you are planning a trip to Capitola and are confused about which hotel to lounge in, Venetian Hotel is the best option.

Venetian Hotel is one of the best hotels in California; it is located on Capitola City Beach. This hotel has all the amenities you need to help you feel at home.

The hotel features different kinds of rooms for your preference, and it is built in a Mediterranean style close to the ocean, which gives a picturesque view when you look out the window.

Venetian Hotel features fully equipped and furnished rooms with a flat-screen Television, comfy sofas, air conditioner, wardrobe, and so on.

Each room has a clean bathroom filled with toiletries and a hairdryer and a nice balcony for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful views.

Venetian Hotel also provides a free Wi-Fi network and a large parking garage throughout the hotel. The environment is always clean and well guarded; in Venetian Hotel, your health, comfort, and safety are their utmost priority.

Address:1500 Wharf Rd, Capitola, CA 95010, United States

14. Bay Bar and Grill Capitola

Bay Bar and Grill Capitola
Credits:Alexander Raths/ Shutterstock

Bay Bar and Grill Capitola are among the best places to visit in Capitola; it is a favorite destination for tourists and residents.

It featured two pool tables and a jukebox for you to have fun and enjoy your time here. There is a full bar filled with unique drinks.

Bay Bar and Grill Capitola offer amazing dishes, from tacos burgers to grilled fish, chicken or beef, and several others.

You might get the opportunity to meet the owner of the place and hang out with him; the staff is friendly, kind, and down to earth.

Bay Bar and Grill Capitola are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm-2am(closed on Monday).

Address:209 Esplanade, Capitola, CA 95010, United States

15. Capitola Food tour

One of the best things to do in Capitola is a food tour; this food tour is usually interesting and fun-filled.

During the tour, your tour guide would tell you stories with histories and take you to sites of four popular restaurants.

You get to relax in a calm and friendly atmosphere while you enjoy a delicious meal at each of the amazing restaurants.

Capitola Food tour educates the visitors about the history of the places they visit and the type of meal they specialize in.

This tour is highly recommended for anyone who loves trying out new foods and likes history.

Address:207 Esplinade, Capitola, CA

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16. Rainbow City Limit

Rainbow City Limit
Credits: Pixavril/ Shutterstock

If you’re in search of a nice store where you can shop for unique items, Rainbow City Limit is the right place for you.

Rainbow City Limit specializes in local tourist items, pretty ribbons, Beatles items, and other unique items.

It showcases items like yellow Submarine mugs, the latest Beatles merchandise, Abbey road t-shirts, and several other amazing items.

Rainbow City Limit is open all day of the week from 10:30am-6pm. Visit the shop for your beautiful t-shirts, souvenirs, postcards, and more.

Address:116 San Jose Ave, Capitola, CA 95010, United States.

17. Capitola Wine Bar & Merchants

Capitola Wine Bar & Merchants
Credits: Yulia Grigoryeva / Shutterstock

Capitola Wine Bar & Merchants is an excellent place to spend great quality time with your friends and family.

This Wine bar was built in 2006; it was formally called Cava Wine Bar; in 2018, it was renamed Capitola Wine Bar & Merchants.

Capitola Wine Bar & Merchants is the first wine bar built in Capitola; over the years, it has become a popular destination for tourists and residents.

They offer a comprehensive list of unique drinks ranging from their high quality and amazing taste for a reasonable price.

The owners and staff of Capitola Wine Bar & Merchants are welcoming and friendly, creating a nice environment for you to enjoy your drinks.

Capitola Wine Bar & Merchants is open from Wednesday and Thursday from 3pm-9pm, Friday & Saturday from 12pm-10pm, and Sunday from 12pm-6pm (closed Monday and Tuesday).

Address: 115 San Jose Ave, Capitola, California 95010, United States

18. Violet Blossom Massage

Violet Blossom Massage
Credits: UfaBizPhoto / Shutterstock

If you feel like cooling off and relaxing from all the stress, fun, and excitement, Violet Blossom Massage got you covered.

Violet Blossom Massage is the best when it comes to pampering you and making you feel great and refreshed.

They offer wonderful body treatments using only the best therapeutic-grade essential oils and organic products.

Violet Blossom Massage offers the best body massages, fitness, general wellness therapy, and every other service to help you feel great.

This place has a cozy room, comfy tables, and a peaceful atmosphere with cool music for you to have an amazing time.

Violet Blossom Massage is open every day of the week from 9am-6pm.

Address:716 Capitola Ave suite A, Capitola, CA 95010, United States

19. CineLux Capitola Cafe & Lounge

CineLux Capitola Cafe & Lounge
Credits:Stock-Asso/ Shutterstock

One of the fun places to visit in Capitola is the CineLux Capitola Cafe & Lounge; this place is great for a day out with your loved ones.

CineLux Capitola Cafe & Lounge features a movie theater with stadium seating, large flat-screen television, and a great sound system for you to have a wonderful movie experience.

It features a cafeteria that serves delicious meals and desserts; a full bar serves local crafted beers and wines.

CineLux Capitola Cafe & Lounge has a great atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy your movie, coupled with reasonably priced popcorn, delightful drinks, and delicious foods.

Make sure you stop by CineLux Capitola Cafe & Lounge with your family and friends and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Address:1475 41st Ave, Capitola, CA 95010, United States

20. Brown Ranch Marketplace

Brown Ranch Marketplace
Credits: Parilov / Shutterstock

Brown Ranch Marketplace is a family-owned enterprise, and it is one of the fun places to visit in Capitola.

It was built in 1911 by the Brown family; it comprises several unique shops starting from bars, beauty salons, offices, restaurants, and more.

Some of the stores are Nothing Bundt Cakes, Robbie’s Sandwiches, Roux Dat Cajun Creole Cuisine, T-Mobile, Taqueria Tepeque, Westside Beauty Supply & Salon, Zizzo’s Coffeehouse & Wine Bar, WorkSpace Office Furniture, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Jamba Juice, and more.

Brown Ranch Marketplace features a large parking garage coupled with a nice environment, and it is open all week from 8am-10pm.

In Brown Ranch Marketplace, you will always find all you what in one building without much stress. Make sure it is on your visit list cause your visit is not complete without it.

Address:3555 Clares St, Capitola, CA 95010, United States

21. Sante Adairius Rustic Ales

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales
Credits: id-art / Shutterstock

A visit to Sante Adairius Rustic Ales is one of the best things to do in Capitola, CA, and this is an excellent place to chill with your friends and family.

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales is a small brewery company that offers different varieties of unique bees, including old-world style ales.

It serves the most unique craft beer with high quality in Capitola to ensure its customers are well satisfied.

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales have an extensive list of beers such as Saison Bernice, Four legs Good blond quad, Maiden fields Berliner Weisse, Deaf Stewart Witbier, Love’s Armor, and much more.

It also features a cozy tasting room where you get to try out some of their best beers coupled with a serene environment for you to relax and enjoy.

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm-8pm, and Sunday from 12pm-7pm (closed on Monday).

Address:103 Kennedy Dr, Capitola, CA 95010, United States

22. Avenue Cafe

Avenue Cafe
Credits: Yulia Grigoryeva / Shutterstock

Avenue Cafe is one of the best cafes in Capitola; it is a place you will absolutely love, especially if you’re a foodie.

They serve savory and delicious meals great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Their best dishes are bacon and eggs, chorizo eggs benedict, linguisa with scrambled eggs, burgers, sandwiches, pancakes, salads, omelet, and many more.

Avenue Cafe also offers delightful drinks like fruit juice, milk, tea & coffee, sodas, beers, and wines to complement the dish you’re opting for.

The cafe has a nice environment with a stone fireplace, creating a warm and calm atmosphere to relax and enjoy your meal and drinks.

The staff is welcoming and offers quick and the best services, for your utmost satisfaction and enjoyment.

Avenue Cafe is open from Thursday to Monday from 7:30am-2pm (closed on Tuesday and Wednesday).

Address:427 Capitola Ave, Capitola, CA 95010, United States

23. Gayle’s Bakery

Gayle’s Bakery
Credits: Ekaterina Smirnova / Shutterstock

Are you ready for some unique treats? Gayle’s Bakery is a bakery cafe in Capitola you will love to visit.

Gayle’s Bakery offers delightful pastries, desserts, and a good menu of delicious foods suitable for breakfast, including salads and sandwiches.

The bakery is famous for special cakes like salted caramel cake, orange chiffon, blackberry bramble, chocolate mousse, and old-fashioned chocolate cake.

Gayle’s Bakery serves nice desserts, including delicious soups, roasted meats, deli sandwiches, and more.

Visit Gayle’s Bakery so you can try out some of the signature cakes, pastries, and amazing desserts and dishes. Do add this to your bucket list of things to do in Capitola, CA, make what to do in Capitola for a fun time.

Address: 504 Bay Ave, Capitola, CA 95010, United States

24. Esplanade Park

Esplanade Park
Credits: Artfilmphoto / Shutterstock

The Esplanade Park in Capitola is a popular tourist attraction due to its natural features and beauty. The Park is so beautiful that you may want to extend your vacation in Capitola to a few days.

The beach area is not dog-friendly, just like many swimming areas in the city. Nevertheless, your dogs are welcome to join you at the park’s grassy areas close to the ocean.

The Esplanade Park could be small, but it has plenty of activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay there.

It has an outdoor stage where art exhibitions, fireworks shows, free concerts, and movies are held. The Park is very close to various types of shops and dining options.

There are restaurants and food vendors close to Esplanade Park, where you can purchase what to eat and enjoy a picnic in the grassy area. Do not forget to grab some delicious treats for your dogs as well.

Address: 120 Monterey Ave, Capitola, CA 95010, USA

25. Giggles-N-Wiggles

Giggles N Wiggles
Credits: Giggles-N-Wiggles / Facebook
Giggles N Wiggles

Giggles N Wiggles is an indoor playground situated in the Monterey Bay Area in the city of Capitola. Its objectives are to provide the kids with a fun experience and give guardians/parents time to sit back and relax.

This attraction is nestled in the Capitola Mall, providing the kids with an enabling environment to play, jump, comb, and even crawl.

Parents can watch their kids as they enjoy themselves with their new friends while they enjoy free Internet access and delicious snacks and beverages. This place is designed so kids can interact, make new friends, and play safely.

The staffs are very welcoming and super friendly. They are always available to assist and to ensure the kids are having a great time safely.

Address: 1855 41st Ave Suite F12, Capitola, CA 95010, USA

26. Many Hands Gallery

Many Hands Gallery
Credits: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

For over the last 20 years, Many Hands Gallery has been exhibiting some of the best locally made artworks in the area.

The Art gallery is in the city’s beach community, just near Santa Cruz. It is generally considered part of the most incredible art galleries in the community.

Many Hands Gallery features the artwork of various artists. As you tour the gallery, you will be able to browse through the many top-notch works available in a broad range of art media.

Some items in the art gallery include handmade jewelry, ceramic products, fiber arts and blown glass, photography, and other unique pieces. 

Over 100 outstanding works of different artists are displayed at the gallery. They also have a website to explore what they have, including works of national and indigenous artists and artisans.

Address: 715-B Capitola Ave, Capitola, CA 95010, USA

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Plan your Trip to Capitola

Capitola is a stunning city with lots of attractions and activities to offer, and it has many beautiful attractions with picturesque views.

In Capitola, there is something for everyone, if you are in for fun and excitement or want to relax and watch the sunrise & sunset, there are perfect places to suit your choice.

Also attend the Capitola Art & Wine Festival, where you get to learn more about the city and try out some of its local drinks and traditional dishes.

Plan a trip to Capitola, pin this guide as you explore the top things to do in Capitola, CA.