23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Granbury (TX)

Looking for the best and fun things to do in Granbury, TX? There are quite some exciting attractions and activities in this part of Texas.

Granbury is a city in Texas, United States. It is the county seat of Hood County. This remarkable city had a population of 11,424 at the 2021 census.

Granbury got its name from Confederate General Hiram B. Granbury, who commanded the 7th Texas Infantry. This town started small with a square and log cabin; currently, Granbury houses many historic landmarks and buildings, including the infamous Granbury Opera House.

The Brazos River dam was built in 1969, and it has aided the expansion of the city by forming Lake Granbury. Granbury is the largest city in Hood County.

USA Today’s best historic small town in America was Granbury from 2019 to 2021. The city houses many restaurants, cultural establishments, and historical and entertainment sites.

Are you planning an exploration of Granbury? Here are the best things to do in Granbury, TX.

Things to Do In Granbury, TX

1. Explore Granbury Texas Square

Granbury Texas Square
Credits: Granbury Texas / Flickr
Granbury Texas Square

Granbury Texas Square is one of the best places to visit in Granbury, TX. This place features many places and activities for a small town square.

This Square is Texas’s first downtown square officially Register-listed. It’s a great source of pride for the state. Granbury Texas Square features more than sixty shops and restaurants.

This Square features wine-tasting rooms, guest houses, boutiques, an opera theatre, and many more. This plaza is an active tourist and community spot.

Granbury Texas Square is an amazing place filled with endless fun places and activities.

Address: 201 E Pearl St b202, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

2. Lake Granbury

Lake Granbury
Credits: PalSand / Shutterstock

Another place filled with many fun activities is the infamous Lake Granbury. This Lake is a well-known tourist spot in the city.

This Lake is perfect for outdoor activities and is visited by various outdoor enthusiasts, tourists, campers, hikers, and city residents.

Lake Granbury’s shoreline stretches over a hundred miles, offering a large area for fun outdoor activities. Some popular activities at this place include camping, fishing, and boating.

Various camping sights can be found on the shores of this lake. Visitors owning an RV can also park at the designated RV parking spaces.

Fishing at Lake Granbury is a very entertaining and relaxing activity; visitors can catch fish like white bass, sunfish, catfish, and more. Boat rentals are also available at the Lake.

Lake Granbury is a hub for fun outdoor activities. It is one of the best places to visit in Granbury, TX.

Address: Lake Granbury, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

3. Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tours

Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tours
Credits: Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour / Facebook
Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tours

Granbury Ghosts and Legend Tours is a perfect opportunity to learn about Granbury’s supernatural history and rumors; the ghost tour is perfect for horror lovers.

Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour offers a great nighttime experience in the city, featuring various suspenseful and spooky ghost stories.

Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour is one of Frommer’s best spooky tours in the northern parts of the country. Visitors can learn about various mysterious historical events in the city.

This tour also offers guests the opportunity to see scary characters like Indian Joe, Faceless Girl, and Lady In Red.

Touring at night with Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tours is a spooky experience and one of the fun things to do in Granbury, TX.

Address: 119 E Bridge St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

4. Sugartree Golf Course

Sugartree Golf Course
Credits: Kati Finell / Shutterstock

Sugartree Golf Course is a well-known golfing location in the city. It was rated four stars by readers Digest and was ranked as one of Texas’ top 18 countries golf courses by Dallas Morning News.

This 18-hole golf course will prove a challenging experience for golfers because of its bordering oak, blackberry, and pecan trees.

Of the 18 holes at this golf course, thirteen include water, and many of them mandate golfers to bend their shots to the left and right.

Sugartree Golf Course also features stunning scenery and landscape; this golf course also contains a golf shop with various golf materials like clubs, golf clothing, golf balls, and premium gloves.

Address: 251 Sugartree Dr, Lipan, TX 76462, United States

5. Granbury Doll House Museum

Granbury Doll House Museum
Credits: Gexydaf / Flickr
Granbury Doll House Museum

Granbury Doll House Museum is a place for doll lovers or people looking to overcome pedophobia.

This museum is a famous location in the city and features multiple interesting exhibits, including celebrity look-alike dolls. Look-alike dolls of Clark Gable, Prince William and his bride, and Marilyn Monroe can be found here.

Some other exhibits found at Granbury Doll House Museum include Girl scout dolls, GI Joe models, and Madame Alexander’s Little Women.

This unique museum can be found near downtown Granbury. It features various doll types like bridal dolls, baby dolls, religious dolls, and more.

Granbury Doll House Museum is designed like a life-sized dollhouse and features an amazing doll workshop.

Address: 421 E Bridge St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

6. Moments in time Hike and Bike Trail

Moments in time Hike and Bike Trail
Credits: Creative Cat Studio / Shutterstock

Another fascinating place in Granbury, TX, is the Moments in time Hike and Bike Trail. This trail, a popular tourist destination in the city, is perfect for outdoor activities.

This trail connects two places: the fun Shanley Park and the Granbury Airport. This unique path was completed in 2006.

Visitors looking for outdoor exercising and relaxing activities would love Moments in Time Hike and Bike Trail. Interpretive tags documenting the city and county’s history can be found along the trail.

Moments in Time Hike and Bike Trail features plaques in honor of events, facts, historical figures, and important locations in the city. Moments in Time Hike and Bike Trail is a good place for fun and adventure.

Address: Moments In Time Hike and Bike Trail, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

7. Harbor Lakes Golf Course

Harbor Lakes Golf Course
Credits: Mikael Damkier / Shutterstock

Harbor Lakes Golf Course can be found along Lake Granbury’s beaches and is unique for its impeccable style and beautiful natural scenery. Harbor Lakes Golf Course was designed by well-known architect Dick Phelps.

This golf course got its inspiration from the topography and seashore golf courses in the Texas Hill Country. This place offers players an amazing golfing experience and also challenges for more experienced golfers.

Golfers can also improve their abilities and get to their full potential through the coaching and help of the staff of this course.

Novices can also take lessons through the lesson plans offered at Harbor Lakes Golf course; they offer solo and group lessons.

This golf course also contains a shop where visitors can purchase various quality golfing gear and accessories. Your checklist of what to do in Granbury, TX, should include golfing at Harbor Lakes Golf Course.

Address: 2100 Clubhouse Dr, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

8. Wagon Yard

Wagon Yard
Credits: Wagon Yard / Facebook
Wagon Yard

Wagon Yard is a unique place in Granbury, TX. This establishment provides quality and one-of-a-kind home and office furniture and d├ęcor.

Wagon Yard is a family-run establishment founded in 1977. This place is popular and loved because of the subsidized costs of its items.

They deal in unique pieces from around the globe and have various items ranging from paintings and beautiful light fixtures to customizable dining sets and couches.

Wagon Yard’s patronizers have a habit of visiting continuously because of its large variety of unique products sold at affordable prices. A fun experience at this place is the exploration of their themed rooms and items.

This place also has friendly and helpful staff willing to point you in the right direction and find the right products for you.

Address: 213 N Crockett St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

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9. Granbury Segway Tours

Granbury Segway Tours
Credits: PhotoJuli86 / Shutterstock

Granbury Segway Tours is another fun way to spend time in the city. This tour is unique, fun, and the perfect outdoor vacation activity.

This touring company takes visitors on a segway scooter; before the tours, visitors learn about the operation of the scooters. This place helps visitors learn how to handle a segway scooter.

While having fun on a segway, this place also allows you to visit parks and outdoor areas in Granbury.

Granbury Segway Tours offers guided tours of parks and historical buildings varying from 30-90 minutes. Touring the city atop a segway scooter is one of the fun things to do in Granbury, TX.

Address: 401 N Park Dr, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

10. Hood County Jail and Historical Museum

Hood County Jail and Historical Museum
Credits: Michael Barera [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Hood County Jail and Historical Museum
Hood County Jail and Historical Museum is a source of scary and horror tales. The infamous Hood county jail was established alongside the entertaining Granbury Opera House in 1886. The prison served the city and county for over a century before being decommissioned in 1978.

Within this historical jail and museum, you will see jail cell blocks dating back to 1885. Hood County Jail and Historical Museum is the perfect place for visitors interested in the history and customs of the city, county, and state.

Visitors can see graffiti and other crude artworks during the tour of the building.

Address: 208 N Crockett St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

11. Iron Horse Inn

Iron Horse Inn
Credits: The Iron Horse Inn, Granbury, TX / Facebook
Iron Horse Inn

Iron Horse Inn is a bed and breakfast in Granbury, TX. It is a popular dining destination in the city.

Iron Horse Inn is divided into a Main House and a Garden Cottage, both of which can be found behind the Inn. The Main House of this place contains a library, suites, private bathrooms, a parlor, porches, and various guest rooms.

Meanwhile, the Garden Cottage features a fireplace, a large bed, a private patio, and many other enticing features. It is the perfect option for visitors looking for privacy.

Iron Horse Inn is known for its breakfast meal options, including fruits, fruit drinks, cinnamon buns, egg and meat meals, and many others.

Address: 616 Thorp Spring Rd, Granbury, TX 76048, United States

12. Granbury Visitors Information Center

Granbury Visitors Information Center
Credits: Visit Granbury/ Facebook
Granbury Visitors Information Center

One of the top things to do in Granbury, TX, is to visit Granbury Visitors Information Center. This place is open every day and offers valuable information about the city and its establishments.

This place can be found in downtown Granbury and is the ideal place to get information about the city, including its attractions, hotels, events and festivals, and entertainment centers.

Guests at this Visitors Information Center can also receive coupons for local establishments.

Address: 201 E Pearl St, Granbury, TX 76049, United States.

13. Brazos Drive-In

Brazos Drive-In
Credits: BAZA Production / Shutterstock

Brazos Drive-In is known to have provided pure entertainment to the city residents since its founding in 1952; this place is unique for the comfortable manner in which it entertains.

Compared to normal movie theatres, this Drive-in allows visitors to watch movies from the comfort of their vehicles.

This place features a large screen that can contain about 200 cars. Spectators are required to tune their radio to 89.1 FM for the movie audio.

Brazos Drive-In offers a memorable and fun experience; food and drinks are also comfortably available here. This place is perfect for dates or family and friend outings.

Address: 1800 W Pearl St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

14. Barons Creek Wine Room

Barons Creek Wine Room
Credits: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

If you’re a wine lover, one of the top things to do in Granbury, TX is to have excellent wines at the incredible Barons Creek Wine Room; this wine place has a positive reputation in this region.

Barons Creek Wine Room offers various amazing wine options; every wine in this room is unique. This Wine Room can be found at Granbury’s historic downtown.

Barons Creek Wine Room is owned by Marc and Marta Chase; they are reputable for their wines. Barons Creek Wine Room is a great place to spend time with friends in Granbury, TX. The wine room is open daily.

Address: 115 E Bridge St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

15. New Granbury Live

New Granbury Live
Credits: Golubovy / Shutterstock

After a busy day of touring and exploration of the city, New Granbury Live is a great place to unwind.

This place can be found in downtown Granbury and is a popular destination for music fans and enthusiasts in Granbury, Texas.

The eye-catching sign of this establishment can’t be missed on your visit to downtown Granbury. This theatre hosts multiple events, including converts, shows, musical performances, and comedy.

New Granbury Live Theatre offers an intimate experience with various popular artists in Texas. This place can seat about 270 people.

Address: 110 N Crockett St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

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16. Revolver Brewing Company

Revolver Brewing Company
Credits: Valentyn Volkov / Shutterstock

Revolver Brewing Company is another fun establishment in Granbury. This brewery is a family-owned and managed establishment known as a perfect relaxation spot in the city.

Tours of this facility are available on Saturdays between 12 pm and 3 pm, and beer samples and snacks are also available on weekends.

Revolver Brewing Company started as a father-and-son company but grew swiftly and is currently a popular producer of craft beers in Texas. This company is well known because of its great labels like Blood and Honey and Sidewinder.

Revolver Brewing Company provides tours of its facilities and various beer samples.

Address: 5650 Matlock Rd, Granbury, TX 76049, United States.

17. Granbury City Beach Park

Granbury City Beach Park
Credits: Trong Nguyen / Shutterstock
Granbury City Beach Park

The beautiful Granbury City Beach Park is filled with white sand and offers an amazing relaxation experience.

Granbury City Beach Park is situated on the shores of Lake Granbury and near the Granbury Resort Conference Center and Boardwalk.

This Park features Tiki huts, pavilions, and various water attractions and activities. This Beach Park is also near the old town square.

Guests can splash in the water, play volleyball, swim, relax on the beach, and enjoy many other water-based activities.

Address: 505 E Pearl St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

18. Granbury’s Galleries

Granbury's Galleries
Credits: Iryna Inshyna / Shutterstock

Granbury contains several art galleries where visitors can see and appreciate local artworks. These galleries are well-known establishments in the city.

Some popular art galleries in Granbury include Artefactz, Grain Studio, Langdon Center Art Gallery, Shanley House Art Gallery, and Private Collection Art Gallery.

Most of the city’s galleries can be found at or around downtown Granbury, and they contain artworks from local, regional, and nationally known artists.

These galleries can be visited any day of the week, and more information can be found on their websites. Art collectors would love Your Private Collection Art Gallery.

Private Collection Art Gallery is situated on Granbury’s plaza and features various unique gifts and artworks; this gallery contains artworks from more than 70 different artists.

Private Collection Art is known to meet the requests of any customer because they work closely with various artists. Exploring Granbury Galleries is one of the best things to do in Granbury, TX.

Address: 106 N Houston St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

19. Granbury Opera House

Granbury Opera House
Credits: QuesterMark/ Flickr
Granbury Opera House

Granbury Opera House hosts various musicals and theatrical productions. This place offers family-fun entertainment.

The Granbury Opera House was opened in 1886 in downtown Granbury; this amazing theatre is still fully functional currently. However, the Granbury Opera House building was renovated recently.

This theatre has been hosting plays and performances since its founding in 1886. It is currently the home stage of the Granbury Theatre Company.

Address: 133 E Pearl St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

20. Shanley Park

Shanley Park
Credits: Michael Barera [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
Shanley Park
Another exciting park in Granbury is Shanley Park. This place offers many outdoor activities.

Shanley Park has beautiful scenery and is perfect for picnics and relaxing. This park also serves as an events center, hosting various occasions, including musical performances, weddings, birthdays, and many others.

During the holidays, this amazing park is redecorated as a winter wonderland featuring a large number of Christmas decorations.

Shanley Park also contains stunning fields, bridges, trails, fountains, and many other beautiful features. This park is a perfect place for photography and many other fun outdoor activities.

Address: 400 N Houston St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

21. Granbury Historic Railroad Depot

Granbury Historic Railroad Depot
Credits: Nicolas Henderson / Flickr
Granbury Historic Railroad Depot

Like every old city in Texas, Granbury has a train terminal in the city’s historic downtown district. This train terminal is a welcoming place for city residents and visitors. The history of this train terminal begins with the Ft. Worth and Rio Grande Western Railroad that arrived in Granbury in 1887.

Granbury paid a huge sum of money to construct a line connecting the city and Ft. Worth, enabling traveling between the two places.

This railway increased tourist activities and helped boost the city’s economy until the building was destroyed in 1912. A replacement depot was built in 1914 and is conventional with other Texas Railroad Stations.

Visiting this place offers the chance to see various antiques, exhibits, and artifacts and hear intriguing stories.

Address: 109 E Ewell St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

22. Lake Granbury Conference Center

Lake Granbury Conference Center
Credits: Lake Granbury Conference Center / Facebook
Lake Granbury Conference Center

Lake Granbury Conference Center is an event center situated some blocks away from Granbury Historic downtown.

Lake Granbury Conference Center features beautiful scenery, including a white sand beach and a stunning view of the famed Lake Granbury. This center is mainly used for special events and occasions.

This Conference center is the best place to host events like business retreats, weddings, conferences, and gatherings. It is also equipped with modern audio and visual facilities, a walkway, and internet connectivity.

Lake Granbury Conference Center is over 15,000 square feet large. It can be divided into ten rooms that can host events simultaneously.

This place also features a parking spot that can park about 112 cars and four special spots for the disabled. Lake Granbury Conference Center is the perfect place to host events and meetings in Granbury, TX.

Address: 621 E Pearl St, Granbury, TX 76048, United States.

23. Acton Nature Center and Trails

Acton Nature Center and Trails
Credits: lzf / Shutterstock

Among what to do in Granbury, TX, is to explore Acton Nature Center And Trails. This place offers unrestricted outdoor fun.

The Acton Nature Center features over 5 miles of natural trails. Visitors can enjoy activities like biking, walking, and horseback riding on the trails.

A natural pond that usually contains croaking toads can also be found at this exhilarating center. This center and trails also offer a relaxing experience in nature.

Visitors also enjoy the beautiful wildflowers during the spring; guests can also see the nearby Elizabeth Crockett Memorial Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden after they tour Acton Nature Center and Trails.

Acton Nature Center and Trail offers an adventurous outdoor experience and also allows visitors to relax after a long day of touring various establishments in the city.

Address: 6430 Smokey Hill Ct #104, Granbury, TX 76049, United States.

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Plan Your Trip to Granbury

Granbury is a famous city in Texas. It is known for its outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. The city also houses multiple restaurants, stores, antique shops, landmarks, breweries, and parks.

Granbury has fun activities for everyone, and above are some of the city’s best places and things to do. Ensure to check them out during your stay.