25 Best & Fun Things to Do in Enterprise (AL)

Enterprise is a city in Coffee County located in Alabama, United States. The population of this city in the 2021 census was 29,395. Enterprise is rich with historic and modern intriguing attractions, making it an ideal destination for tourists year-round.

Enterprise is a family-friendly vacation destination with lakes, parks, and dining activities suitable for all ages, hence there are quite some fun things to do in Enterprise, AL. However, the city is most famous for its Boll Weevil Monument, the world’s only monument that pays homage to an insect. 

The beetle emerged in Enterprise in the early 1800s and wrecked cotton crops, making the locals reconsider their agricultural plantations. 

The locals diversified their crops and boosted their economy, creating more wealth for Enterprise. The city featuresby malls, iconic businesses, entertainment centers, and hotels.

Are you planning a trip to Enterprise? Here are some of the top things to do in Enterprise, AL.

Things to Do in Enterprise, AL

1. Boll Weevil Monument

Boll Weevil Monument
Credits: Martin Lewison / Flickr
Boll Weevil Monument

Boll Weevil Monument is one of the best places to visit in Enterprise, AL. The Monument is a unique statue that pays homage to an insect. 

It stands in the center of Downtown Enterprise to commemorate the city’s triumph in the early 20th century when the Boll Weevil wrecked many crops, which was a mainstay crop at that time and in that area. 

Rather than surrendering in defeat, Enterprise diversified its crops, improving the economy and saving it. 

The monument is a woman on a pedestal with a fountain above her head. It was constructed in 1919, and the monument’s unveiling came with a happy celebration. 

You can stop by the parade and take cute pictures during the day or come by nighttime time to look at it with lights. Additionally, there’s live footage online for persons interested in seeing it. 

Address: 101 Main St, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

2. Coffee County Arts Alliance

Coffee County Arts Alliance
Credits: Coffee County Arts Alliance / Facebook
Coffee County Arts Alliance

For art lovers, Coffee County Arts Alliance is a place to visit during your stay in Enterprise. 

The Coffee County Arts Alliance organizes various events with the aim of enhancing visual and performing arts. 

The Coffee County Art Alliance was founded in 1974 with a board comprising people from different fields. 

The Alliance performs various shows in various venues, so endeavor to look at their schedule. Coffee County Arts Alliance also provides scholarships and mentorship to artists who need them. 

The Piney Woods Art Festival, which is part of their lineup, offers you the opportunity to admire artworks in a fun environment. 

Address: Enterprise, Al, United States

3. Enterprise Train Depot

Enterprise Train Depot
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
Enterprise Train Depot

Another best thing to do while visiting Enterprise is to learn about the city at the Depot Museum. 

The Depot Museum, featuring various artifacts depicting early life in Enterprise, allows tourists to dive deeply into history. 

The Depot Museums was constructed in 1903 and is situated in a former Enterprise Railroad Depot. 

In 1974, the Pea River Historical Society bought the building to establish the museum. The oldest items at this museum come from the 1800s 

You can check out captivating items at this museum, such as bottles of medicines, a historic bell, farm equipment, and lots more. 

The Depot Museum accepts school trips. If you have kids, bring them so they can learn about different things. 

Address: 106 Railroad St, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

4. Weevil Statues from the Weevil Way

Weevil Statues from the Weevil Way
Credits: Weevil Way / Facebook
Weevil Statues from the Weevil Way

The Boll Weevil has played a crucial role in Enterprise’s history, and the Weevil Way Public Art Project was made to bring it to light. 

You can stop by various parts of the city and see the art installations and large Boll Weevil statues with diverse designs. 

All these statues were tailored to fit the specific establishment it is located in. You can purchase one for yourself to show amazed you are about the city. 

If you happen to spot any of these statues, endeavor to take a picture with them. You should also look out for events. 

Address: Enterprise, Al, United States Of America

5. All About Art

All About Art
Credits: JoeNattapon / Shutterstock

If you want to explore art or are just searching for a lovely way to connect with your loved ones, the All About Art studio is a fantastic place to visit. 

Pick a pottery art piece and paint over it, making your own unique masterpiece. You can also learn how to reveal what’s on your mind by painting on wood or canvas. 

For a unique experience, try All About Art’s splatter space, where you can release your emotions and simultaneously create art. 

Furthermore, you can experiment with glow-in-the-dark paint, creating a new experience for an extra charge. 

If this is your first time learning art, you don’t have to worry since they are classes for visitors of various skill levels. 

If you are truly interested in learning more about art, you can sign up for their summer camp. All About Art also serves as a venue for parties. 

Address: 102 S Main St, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

6. Enterprise Miniature Golf

Enterprise Miniature Golf
Credits: milepost430media / Shutterstock

If you are planning a fun day with your kids, why don’t you bring them to Enterprise Miniature Golf? This tourist attraction features 36 holes of unadulterated fun. 

Enterprise Miniature Golf has four courses, each with 18 holes and providing various paths to try. Find a way around these obstacles to beat your opponent. 

You can get something to eat at the concession stand if you feel hungry or thirsty. You can also book the entire space if you have a large crowd with you. 

Enterprise Miniature Golf is also perfect for holding birthday parties and large events. If you plan to visit more frequently, you will get a season pass. 

Lastly, you can get your family or friends a gift certificate for a unique occasion. 

Address: 1304 E Park Ave, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

7. Lake Tholocco

Lake Tholocco
Credits: sergua / Shutterstock

Lake Tholocco holds a wide range of recreational activities for families. The 640-acre parkland features public beaches, swimming, boating, and camping. 

You can make a tent and camp by Engineer Beach for the night or go on a fishing spree on the lake. 

Fishing on the lake does not require permits, and some of the fish you can find include crappie, largemouth bass, bream, and catfish. 

If you prefer to hang out with nature and experience something new, take your children to pick fruits at a local farm or ride through verdant woodland on a bike. 

Address: Fort Rucker, Al, United States Of America

8. Enterprise Country Club

Enterprise Country Club
Credits: pisitnamtasaeng / Shutterstock

During your stay in Enterprise, you can become a member of Enterprise Country Club to enjoy its fantastic benefits. 

You can also play a game of golf at the 18-hole golf course with your friends amid the magnificent natural scenery featuring gorgeous lakes and lush trees. 

You can also take a cool swim in the pool. You should participate in the fun club activities and interact with other members of the Enterprise Country Club. 

Enterprise Country Club has three dining selections: The Ladies Card Room, The Bluebird Room, and The 19th Hole Bar and Grill. These dining options have their charm and offer delectable meals. 

Enterprise Country Club has a ballroom that can be rented for big occasions, especially catering services and weddings. 

Address: 3000 Ozark Hwy, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

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9. Enterprise Farmers Market

Enterprise Farmers Market
Credits: Chubykin Arkady / Shutterstock

Among the best things to do in Enterprise, AL, is to purchase local products at Enterprise Farmers Market. 

You can shop for fresh fruits and vegetables during your holiday in Enterprise at the Enterprises Farmers Market. You can buy honey, home-baked goods, and other items to stock up your kitchen. 

This Farmers Market allows you to explore all the items while walking around and enjoying the scent of beautiful flowers. 

Enterprise Farmers Market is also a fantastic place to attend local events since it serves as a multipurpose facility. 

Additionally, you can use this place to hold a wedding or large official events. 

Enterprise Farmers Market can accommodate up to 100 people and has parking for 40 people and a different parking area opposite the street. 

Address: 525 N Main Street, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

10. Enterprise Recreational Complex

Enterprise Recreational Complex
Credits: zieusin / Shutterstock

One of the fun things to do in Enterprise, AL, is to spend a whole day at Enterprise Recreational Complex. 

Enterprise Recreational Complex is an award-winning park created for the city. This Recreational Complex provides a large open space for family-friendly activities. 

Enterprise Recreational Complex was opened in 1997 and is also known as Johnny Henderson Park. 

You can rent one of its five pavilions if you want to hold a private or group event. Every pavilion has a picnic table, benches, and electricity, so it’s okay to come with small appliances and chargers. 

You can hold a match or view one at the softball complex. You can stroll one of the two walking trails and enjoy the cool breeze for a relaxing and easygoing activity. 

Additionally, you can visit the Walls of Freedom to pay respects to the Fallen hero. This park also has a Wetland Bridge linking the sides of one walking trail. You can use this bridge to admire the views. 

After a day of touring everywhere, take your children to the splash pad to cool down or to the playground. 

Enterprise Recreational Complex also has a Bark Park where pets can roam freely, so you can bring your dog if you have any. 

Be rest assured that your dog will be safe since the park has separate spaces for large and small dogs. They can remain hydrated and cool since the park has water bowls and spouts. 

If you forget a ball for your dog, don’t worry because the park provides balls for pets. 

Address: 2401 Neil Metcalf Rd, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

11. Milky Moo’s Homemade Ice Cream

Milky Moo's Homemade Ice Cream
Credits: Iryna Melnyk / Shutterstock

Sugar lovers will want to add a visit to Milky Moo’s Homemade Ice Cream to their itinerary. This ice cream shop offers some mouth-watering homemade delights. 

Milky Moo’s Homemade Ice Cream is a fabulous spot to enjoy a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone that comes in different varieties of flavors.

Milky Moo’s Homemade Ice Cream has a menu with different savory and sweet selections, making it a good place for visitors of all ages. 

Besides frozen treats, you will discover that Milky Moo’s Homemade Ice Cream also offers salads, wraps, soups, sandwiches, and children’s meals. 

Make sure you remember to stop by Milky Moo’s Homemade Ice Cream for some delicious treats, as tourists in the city often talk about their chocolate-covered strawberries. 

Address: 113 E College Street, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

12. Southern Broadway Dinner Theater.

One of the best things to do in Enterprise, AL, is to watch a show and simultaneously enjoy a meal at Southern Broadway Dinner Theater.

The Southern Broadway Dinner Theater is designed to bring you a great show while you have a delicious dinner. Buy some tickets and treat your entire family to spectacular musicals and plays. 

You can take advantage of the season tickets in case you plan to visit Southern Broadway Dinner Theatre more often. You can also buy a shirt or gift certificate for your friends or family. 

The dining area compasses 1,500 square feet and features a skilled kitchen, three tables, and chairs.

The Southern Broadway Dinner Theater has high-speed internet that you can use if you feel like posting a picture on social media. 

If you have any large-scale event, you can rent the space since it is perfect for such large events. 

Address: 104 N Main Street, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

13. White Oak Ale House

White Oak Ale House
Credits: Chatham172 / Shutterstock

Why don’t you visit White Oak Ale House during your stay in Enterprise? This gastropub offers one of the best memories you can make in the city. 

White Oak Ale House has some of the city’s best beer, wine, and drinks. 

You will discover a large variety of delicious meals on the menu that will make you salivate. 

Visitors have talked about White Oak House, so if you visit this city, you should not miss it. 

Address: 1109 Boll Weevil Cir #9, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

14. Enterprise RV Park

Enterprise RV Park
Credits: Enterprise MH & RV Park / Facebook
Enterprise RV Park

The Enterprise RV Park, situated near the edge of Enterprise, welcomes you with a wide area suitable for camping. 

Enterprise RV Park has up to 30 sites furnished with impressive amenities so you can park your RV in one of them. 

You will have connections to sewage, water, electricity, and WiFi to keep up with what’s happening worldwide or remain updated with school or work. 

If you plan to stay for a long time, you can use other amenities, including a DSL connection, a telephone, and a Cable TV. You should also jump into the pool for an amazing time with your loved ones. 

Address: 3949 Rucker Blvd, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

15. Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom
Credits: Bill Smith / Flickr
Mellow Mushroom

If you love pizza, a visit to Mellow Mushroom should be on your list of what to do in Enterprise, AL.

Mellow Mushroom is situated in a notable place originally founded in 1974 in Atlanta. Its franchise restaurant in Enterprise started operating in 2006. 

Mellow Mushrooms is one of the best-rated restaurants in the city, known for its delectable meals and impressive services. 

Besides consuming pizza here, this restaurant can serve as a venue for kids’ birthday parties. Art lovers will love this place because of its showcases of pleasing large murals. 

You can enjoy a large House Special with toppings like pepperoni, ground beef, bacon, ham, Italian sausage, and a few vegetables. 

You can wash down your pizza with a glass of strawberry lemon-limeade that mixes your fruit flavors in one. 

Address: 1110 Boll Weevil Cir, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

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16. Festival in the Park

Participating in the Festival of the park is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Enterprise, AL.

Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere during the yearly Festival in the Park event. The Festival in the Park event takes place in Enterprises Recreational Park. 

At this Festival, you can play carnival games or inflatable games. Many local sponsors and vendors sponsor the Festival in the Park event. 

As you have fun, get a snack to boost your energy. As you walk around the park, you can vibe and dance along to the live music. 

Address: Enterprise, Al, United States Of Americ

17. Escape Enterprise

Escape Enterprise
Credits: Julia von Siebenthal / Shutterstock

Do you have impressive problem-solving skills? If yes, head over to Escape Enterprise and test it. 

At Escape Enterprise, you can test your mind and ability to work under pressure. Escape Enterprise features different rooms with different challenging levels and themes. 

While at this escape room, endeavor to finish as quickly as possible to have a place on the leaderboard. Every room has a ranking, so you endeavor to try all of them out. 

Escape Enterprise is perfect for team-building exercises, and you can get an evaluation of your strategy after you are done. 

Get a certificate for your family or friend to have this exceptional experience. Besides the escape room, Escape Enterprise also offers inflatables suitable for kids’ parties. 

Address: 1018 Rucker Blvd B, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

18. West Gate Shopping Center

West Gate Shopping Center
Credits: VGstockstudio / Shutterstock

Shopping is one of the most exciting activities to partake in when visiting a new place. A visit to the West Gate Shopping Center will undoubtedly create fun memories for you. 

West Gate Shopping Center Enterprise is your best option if you are searching for a wide selection of quality goods in the city. 

The 26 shops in this shopping center have almost anything you might need. The shops often have sales and discounts, so if you visit the city when this mall is having a sale, you can shop till you drop at a discounted price. 

A few local artists in the city also have crafts and art pieces on sale, so you can stop by and purchase something lovely. 

Address: Boll Weevil Cir, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

19. Bananas Karaoke

Bananas Karaoke
Credits: VGstockstudio / Shutterstock

Among what to do in Enterprise, AL, is to unleash your inner pop star at Bananas Karaoke

There are several fun places during a vacation, and Bananas Karaoke is another such place to visit in Enterprise. 

Bananas Karaoke has a pleasant and welcoming vibe, so feel comfortable singing your lungs out. 

Aside from drinking and watching other people sing, you can play darts or pool here. The bar also has good options for draft beers. 

Allows your inner pop star to come out at Banana’s Karaoke. Finally, get a delectable drink and interact with the locals. 

Address: 621 Boll Weevil Cir #11, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

20. Cutts

Credits: Cutts Restaurant / Facebook

Cutts, which opened in 1967, became well known for serving delicious meals in Enterprise. 

This cafeteria-style restaurant is situated half a mile away from Enterprise Skate Park. 

Cutts has a homey atmosphere, and the restaurant’s interior displays a vintage design that attracts many people. 

However, what continuously brings people back here is the mouth-watering and pocket-friendly meals they serve. 

Stop by for lunch to sample the fried chicken fingers, macaroni-and-cheese, and barbecue rips. 

If you enjoy vegetables, potatoes, turnip greens, green beans, and peas would be a fantastic addition to your food. You can wash down your food with a delicious chocolate dessert 

Address: 417 E Lee St, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

21. Spooky in the City Event

If you are visiting Enterprise during Halloween, why don’t you and your whole family participate in a fun Halloween event?; it is among the fun things to do in Enterprise, AL.

One such event is the Spooky in the City event. Spooky in the City Event is a virtual game where you visit various “Spooky Stops” and gather free stuff. 

If you can get all ten and provide answers to all the riddles, you stand a high chance of winning the Spooky in the City prize. 

The game takes place all around Enterprises, so it is also a fabulous opportunity to explore the city. 

So put on your best costume and have a pleasant spooky Halloween. 

Address: Enterprise, Al, United States Of America

22. Annie’s Café

Annie's Cafe
Credits: Annie’s Cafe / Facebook
Annie’s Cafe

Annie’s Café is a family-owned and operated business that radiates a charming atmosphere. 

It offers almost all types of American favorites at the center of Enterprise. If you are searching for a restaurant close to you from the Boll Weevil Monument, then this café is a must-visit. 

Annie’s Café makes delicious meals and fantastic specials. You can enjoy a jumbo bacon cheeseburger filled with lettuce, pickles, onion, mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup. 

The cheeseburger is served with French fries, providing a fuller meal. You can also try one of their burger specialty, the Big Nasty. 

Address: 212 N Main Street, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

23. Holiday Inn Express Hotel

Holiday Inn Express Hotel
Credits: Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Enterprise, Al (Enterprise, AL) / Facebook
Holiday Inn Express Hotel

Holiday Inn Express Hotel is a good accommodation option during your vacation in Enterprise.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel features an outdoor swimming pool and a daily hot breakfast. 

The hotel has rooms furnished with free WiFi access. Furthermore, all the rooms at this hotel have cable TV, a work desk, and ironing facilities. 

Holiday Inn Express Hotel rooms have a fridge, microwave, and a 50″ HD TV with HD premium channels, including HBO. 

Also, you will find a fitness center and a business center at the hotel. Dry cleaning and laundry services are offered at Holiday Inn Express Hotel 

Address: 9 North Pointe Blvd., Enterprise, AL 36330

24. Two BY Two Petting Zoo

Two BY Two Petting Zoo
Credits: CroMary / Shutterstock

The Two By Two Petting Zoo, located 3 miles from the center of Enterprise, is conveniently within reach of guests. It is one of the best places to visit in Enterprise, AL.

The Two By Two Petting Zoo is a fantastic way for children in the city to learn about farming and look closely at birds and creatures you may not be opportune to see in normal circumstances. 

This facility is within a shaded walkway, making it accessible even on rainy days. Some animals here include cows, goats, lambs, alpacas, ponies, donkeys, and chickens. 

Children can meet and greet these animals and even take a pony ride. 

However, before you come to the Two by Two Petting Zoo, you need to call and book an appointment. This Zoo also takes care of children’s birthday parties. 

Address: 231 Co Rd 540, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

25. The Rawls

The Rawls
Credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
The Rawls

The Rawls, established in 1903, has a calm fine dining service that remains unmatched in Enterprise. 

The restaurant has the largest options of wines you can find in Enterprise. The Rawls is considered to be one of the best restaurants the city has to offer 

Many visitors frequently praise it for serving the best meal in Enterprise. Due to its swanky atmosphere, this restaurant is ideal for a romantic date with your special someone. 

In addition, many visitors come here for elaborate family celebrations and other occasions. You can begin your meal with fried Gulf oysters or crispy pork belly for something light.

This way, you will have more room for the char-grilled ribeye served with chimichurri, broccoli, red potato tostones, and carrot. 

After eating, you can stop the food with a Mossback Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Address: 116 S Main Street, Enterprise, AL 36330, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Enterprise

An exceptional city that pays respect to an insect is undoubtedly worth exploring. Enterprise is a calm city in Alabama with a wealth of attractions and sightseeing. 

From seeing the Boll Weevil Monument to shopping at Enterprise Farmers Market and West Gate Shopping Center, there’s an array of activities for you to partake in during your vacation here. 

You can be well assured that you will not get bored when you visit Enterprise, Al.