23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Del Rio (TX)

Texas is a fantastic place to travel to in the US. A city in Texas that will be worthwhile is the border city of Del Rio.

Del Rio is the county seat of Val Verde County in southwestern Texas. The population of the city was 34,584 in 2021.

Del Rio has a charming, old-west feel, and most of its buildings are built in a Spanish or Mexican architectural style, instantly transporting you to older times.

Laughlin Air Force Base, the busiest Air Force training facility in the nation, is in Del Rio. This city is a fantastic location for sightseeing and outdoor activities. It also has a growing arts community.

The city has numerous parks, natural regions, and historical sites to keep you occupied. Numerous art museums and galleries that showcase a remarkable fusion of American and Mexican cultures are open for you.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Del Rio, TX.

Things to Do in Del Rio, TX

1. The Devil’s River State Natural Area

Devil’s River State Natural Area
Credits: Rock and Wasp / Shutterstock

This recreational destination in Del Rio is well-known for the Devil’s Canyon, tucked away on the grounds of Amistad Lake.

However, to enjoy this outdoor attraction, you must be an ambitious person who can withstand arduous walks and climbs through challenging terrain.

The activities that attract locals and tourists to the Devil’s River State Natural Area are hiking, spelunking, and kayaking.

This exciting outdoor attraction is available all week from noon to 5 pm, from Friday through Monday in Del Rio. Since the activities there are thrilling, you will need safety equipment to safeguard yourself from injuries.

So, travel to the Devil’s River State Natural Area in Del Rio if you’re searching for an outdoor exercise that will get your heart racing.

Address: 21715 Dolan Crk Rd, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

2. Val Verde Winery

Val Verde Winery
Credits: Vania Zhukevych / Shutterstock

Sample some of the finest wines in Texas at the Val Verde Winery, which is housed in a charming little structure at 100 Qualia Dr.

The Val Verde Winery is not only the oldest in Val Verde County, but it also produces wines of the best quality.

While enjoying the exquisite wines at Val Verde Winery, you may learn about the winery’s fascinating history.

One of the best things to do in Del Rio, TX, is to spend the afternoon sipping fine wines at Val Verde Winery. This is a beautiful experience that you shouldn’t pass up.

The Winery features a tranquil seating area with a view of the vineyard. Many of its wine bottles are frequently up for purchase.

The Val Verde Winery is open from 11 am to 6 pm but is closed on Saturdays to allow its personnel to recharge after a long week.

Address:100 Qualia Dr, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

3. Amistad National Recreation Area

Amistad National Recreation Area
Credits: Vitalii Nesterchuk / Shutterstock

Amistad National Recreation Area is between the Mexican and American borders and is tranquil and active.

It is the location of the enormous Amistad River, where you may enjoy thrilling outdoor recreational pursuits.

Additionally, numerous residents of Del Rio visit there on hot days to unwind and clear their minds after engaging in other stressful activities.

The lake at the recreation area is ideal for swimming and other water sports like canoeing and kayaking.

To experience the serenity only nature can provide, spend the day swimming or picnicking with friends and family at the Amistad National Recreation Area. One of the fun things to do in Del Rio, TX, is to enjoy water activities in Amistad National Recreation Area.

Address: 4121 Veterans Blvd, Del Rio, TX.78840. USA

4. Del Rio Council for the Arts at the Firehouse Gallery

Firehouse Gallery
Credits: guruXOX/ Shutterstock

The name “Firehouse Gallery” comes from the fact that it was previously Del Rio’s municipal hall, fire station, and jail.

The 1922 structure was eventually transformed into an art gallery in 1970 by Juanita Crosby, and Eric Gibbons has been managing the business since.

It would be best if you didn’t miss the local and regional artworks of Del Rio, which include sculptures, portraits, and paintings of landscapes.

Take a closer look at the exquisite works of local artists at the Firehouse Gallery. The Firehouse Gallery is located at 120 E. Garfield St. The gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am- 5:30 pm.

Address: 120 E Garfield St, Del Rio, TX 78840, United States

5. Seminole Canyon State Historical Park

Seminole Canyon State Historical Park
Credits: scott mirror / Shutterstock

The Seminole Canyon State Historical Park, famous for its thousand-year-old petroglyphs, is located about 45 miles west of Del Rio.

Numerous Native American petroglyphs created 4,000 years ago by people who once lived in the area can be found in the park.

Massive rock formations and overhangs that provided shelter for Native Americans during their time were sculpted by millions of years of erosion.

The 2,172-acre state park is highlighted by the Seminole Canyon, which is alive with a variety of vegetation and fauna.

You’ll see numerous bird species, including Zone-tailed Hawks, Black Phoebes, and Green Kingfishers.

Finally, as the state park includes a camping area close to its entrance, you can spend the night there.

Address: US-90, Comstock, TX 78837, USA

6. Laughlin Heritage Foundation Museum

Laughlin Heritage Foundation Museum
Credits: Laughlin Heritage Foundation Museum / Facebook
Laughlin Heritage Foundation Museum

Authentic vintage aviation items from World War II, including vintage aircraft, engines, and pilot supplies, can be found at the Laughlin Heritage Foundation Museum.

Through the combined efforts of enthusiastic people who want to acquire and preserve aviation relics, the Laughlin Heritage Foundation Museum was created.

If you’re a history nerd interested in aviation, getting close and personal with vintage airplanes at the Laughlin Heritage Foundation would be amazing.

The Museum’s curator will be happy to show you around and give details about their remarkable collection.

Address: 309 S Main St, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

7. Paul Poag Theatre

Paul Poag Theatre
Credits: Duda Vasilii / Shutterstock

Along with outdoor attractions, museums, and art galleries, Del Rio is also the home of the Upstagers, a celebrated performing ensemble.

This well-known ensemble frequently performs at the Paul Poag Theatre. It has visiting artists who frequently perform there when the group is not around.

You can enjoy performances of musicals, plays, and other live events that will keep you thoroughly amused.

In the past, the theater was bought by John and Evelyn Prude, who later gave it to the city of Del Rio as a tribute to the building’s first proprietor, Paul Poag.

The “Rita Theater” was the last name of this Del Rio entertainment destination. On the theater’s website, you can view the schedule of forthcoming performances.

Address: 746 S Main St, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

8. Ciudad Acuña’s Main Plaza

Travel to Ciudad Acuna, a city in Mexico renowned for its illustrious history and traditional cuisine, beyond the border.

The city’s central plaza, where you can wander and take in various social and festive gatherings, is one of its key attractions.

You can browse the plaza and purchase unique handcrafted goods from regional artists, take in street performances by mariachi bands, or enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine at surrounding restaurants.

Ciudad Acuña is easily accessible to all who wish to watch street performances, purchase handmade gift items, or enjoy traditional cuisines through the Acuña-Del Rio Bridge.

Address: 120 Camaron Street, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA

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9. Whitehead Memorial Museum

Whitehead Memorial Museum
Credits: Diann Bayes / Flickr
Whitehead Memorial Museum

Among the top things to do in Del Rio, TX is uncovering exciting history at the Whitehead Memorial Museum.

In Del Rio, a well-known ranching family known as the Whiteheads were the former owners of the property, now the Whitehead Memorial Museum.

In 1962, the Whiteheads acquired the Perry Mercantile, a notable structure in the area. They later donated it to Val Verde County and the city of Del Rio as a historical museum.

Today, many people visit the Whitehead Memorial Museum to learn about culture, legacy, and History.

There are 19 structures and over 30 galleries and display rooms on the two-acre property. However, the most significant way to fully experience Val Verde County’s rich history and culture is to visit the Museum.

Del Rio’s history is well-documented and available for tourists interested.

Address:1308 S Main St, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

10. Kickapoo Caverns State Park

Kickapoo Caverns State Park
Credits: Bachkova Natalia / Shutterstock

The Kickapoo Caverns State Park is located in Brackettville, TX, 54 miles northeast of Del Rio, TX.

It is a gorgeous state park in Texas, known for its trails and cave system. Seeing this natural attraction requires you to join a guided tour.

Only Saturdays are available for guided excursions because the cave system is a wildlife park.

Get ready for a three-hour journey into the cave system that will be both strenuous and enjoyable.

You’ll see stunning stalagmites, stalactites, and other cave formations that have developed over millions of years.

After visiting the cave system, you can continue for an adventurous hike to the Armadillo search Trail, which offers a picturesque perspective of the Kickapoo Caverns State Park.

Address: 20939 Ranch to Market Rd 674 N, Brackettville, TX 78832, USA

11. Falcon Art Center Foundation

Falcon Art Center Foundation
Credits: Ground Picture / Shutterstock

Through its vibrant collection of art pieces, the Falcon Art Center Foundation provides a beautiful insight into the world of art.

The Art Centre is an independent company established in 2019 by committed artists to develop a space to support various artistic platforms.

You get an excellent opportunity to view various types of art by wandering through the art center’s galleries.

The foundation’s collection of artworks includes works by locals and artists from around the world.

Browsing through colorful galleries at the Falcon Art Center Foundation is one of the enjoyable activities to engage in while in Del Rio, TX.

Address: 212 W Chapoy St, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

12. Plaza Del Sol Mall

Plaza Del Sol Mall
Credits: Kamil Macniak / Shutterstock

Go to the Plaza Del Sol Mall if you want to spend some time relaxing. It is the ideal location in Del Rio for dining and shopping and one of the best places to visit in Del Rio, TX.

The Mall is home to a large variety of companies, including JE’s Music, Bath & Body Works, Zales, The Art Box, Marshalls, and Ross.

Aside from having many fast food restaurants, it also has Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, and IHOP. Additionally, the mall’s Cinemark offers the newest movies.

Spend some time relaxing, shopping, or dining in the Plaza Del Sol Mall after a long day touring museums and outdoor attractions.

Veterans Blvd is the location of the Plaza Del Sol Mall, which is open every day from 10 in the morning to 9 in the evening.

Address: 2205 Veterans Blvd, Del Rio, TX 78840, United States

13. Del Rio Chamber I Commerce Conference and Visitors Bureau

Del Rio Chamber I Commerce Conference and Visitors Bureau
Credits: Del Rio Chamber of Commerce / Facebook
Del Rio Chamber I Commerce Conference and Visitors Bureau

Visit the Del Rio Civic Center Chamber building for information on travel and sightseeing; you won’t be disappointed.

The Del Rio Chamber of Commerce, Conference and Visitors Bureau is located at the Civic Center, which has recently undergone landscaping work.

The Chamber of Commerce provides excellent customer service. All visitors to Del Rio can get assistance from qualified and knowledgeable staff.

The office includes all the reading material required to appreciate Del Rio’s taste. There is a lot to see, and it’s not just enjoyable; it’s historical.

It would be best if you visited the Chamber because it is insightful. It is conveniently positioned near most hotels making it easily accessible.

The Chamber has maps and other items to help visitors know where the places in Del Rio are located and items of interest.

Address: 1915 Veterans Blvd, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

14 San Felipe Country Club

San Felipe Country Club
Credits: photoinnovation / Shutterstock

San Felipe Country Club, a luxurious golf course named after nearby San Felipe Springs, is also located in Del Rio.

The city’s golf course has a par-36, 9-hole layout that is 2,988 yards long and is located along the San Felipe River.

The course is suggested for senior golfers owing to its challenging bunkers and small, tight fairways along forest lines.

To top it all, Val Verde County’s hills and rich vegetation provide a beautiful background for the golf course.

Therefore, you may visit the San Felipe Country Club, which opens at 8 am and closes at 7 pm daily, if you wish to play relaxed golf while exploring Del Rio’s attractions.

Address:1524 US-90, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

15. Brinkley Mansion

Brinkley Mansion
Credits: Clinton & Charles Robertson / Flickr k
Brinkley Mansion

Going to Brinkley Mansion to experience the underground adventures is worth adding to your list of adventurous things to do in Del Rio, TX.

The renowned “Goat Gland Doctor,” who is just known to many as “Dr. Brinkley,” resides in the Brinkley Mansion in Del Rio.

His “Goat Gland” treatments, considered an effective Viagra in the 1920s, made him renowned in West Texas.

The Brinkley Mansion is now regarded as a historical monument in Del Rio. It is immediately recognized by its pink walls.

The Brinkley Mansion is in excellent condition, making it the ideal location for pictures next to its fountains in the front yard.

At night, the colored lights enhance the Mansion’s drama and grandeur as an indoor pianist serenades guests outside with lovely music.

Adding to the Mansion’s grandeur is its secret tunnel, which is beneath it, traveling roughly two miles beyond the border.

Address: 512 Qualia Drive, Del Rio, TX.78840, USA

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16. Adrenaline Paintball Park and Proshop

Adrenaline Paintball Park and Proshop
Credits: Dmitry Kalinovsky / Shutterstock

Do you enjoy a good competition? Love playing cooperative shooting games? If so, make sure a visit to Adrenaline Paintball Park and Proshop is on your list of fun things to do in Del Rio, TX.

Enjoy the rush and overcome your fear. As you play, feel the surge of adrenaline, adventure, fun, and excitement all in one!

Paintball is a team-based, competitive shooting activity in which participants take out rivals by striking them with paintballs, which are gelatin capsules packed with a dye that explodes on impact.

One of the most thrilling outdoor team sports in the world is paintball. People of all ages and walks play paintball in more than 104 nations.

Remember it is a team game of about 8 participants per team so it would be nice to come with your friends and family.

Join set A(12:30 pm-2:30 pm) or Set B(3:00 pm-5 pm). The Park is operational from Tuesday through to Sunday.

Long-sleeved clothing, pants, and rubber shoes are suggested outfit items. Adhere to the marshals’ instructions for your safety.

Address: Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

17. Amistad Expeditions

Amistad Expeditions
Credits: Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock

Wondering what to do in Del Rio, TX, for an adventurous experience? You have to try out the Amistad Expeditions.

Devil’s River is not the most accessible place to get to, making it unique. It is located about four hours west of San Antonio and five from Austin.

The outfitter provides kayaks, other gear, and transportation to the River and back. The River is one of the purest rivers in Texas. Its clear, spring-fed water almost flows unspoiled through limestone gorges and untamed wilderness.

This secluded Rio Grande tributary and the close-by Amistad Reservoir offer three different stream conditions—shallow waters, deep pools, and wild rapids—perfect for adventure.

There is no better place to experience authentic, wild Texas, whether you’re an experienced paddler looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or a water lover ready to disconnect (phone coverage is sketchy at best).

Address: 6793 Texas Road 2, Del Rio, TX 78840, US

18. Ramada by Wyndham Del Rio

Ramada by Wyndham Del Rio has complimentary 24-hour airport transfers, indoor and outdoor pool and ls, and on-site dining. It is only 5 minutes from Whitehead Memorial Museum and Del Rio International Airport.

Its large rooms come with free Wi-Fi. Visitors to the Ramada Del Rio are welcome to use the jogging track and two 24-hour fitness centers.

The modernized rooms of the Del Rio Ramada have a microwave, a refrigerator, and a coffee maker. There are three saunas, three hot tubs, and a business center.

They have a receptionist and a safe deposit box. Dinner specials, as well as breakfast and lunch, are available at Summerfield’s Restaurant.

Mexican food, burgers, and steak are available at the White Horse Lounge, with six plasma TVs and an outside patio.

Amistad Lake, Laughlin Air Force Base, and Whitehead Memorial Museum are all within a 9 miles radius of the motel, which gives it reasonable proximity to attractions. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Del Rio, TX.

Address: 2101 Veterans Boulevard, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

19. Moore Park Public Pool

Moore Park Public Pool
Credits: Sergey Novikov / Shutterstock

The warm weather in Texas is usually ideal for a day at the pool. So, to soothe your senses, visit Moore Park Public Pool.

Particularly during the summer, Del Rio experiences torrid temperatures that sometimes soar incredibly high.

There are three public swimming pools in Moore Park Public Pool, each with a different depth for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

One of the pools has a tall slide to double the fun, especially if you love to get your heart racing; teenagers adore it.

Visit the Moore Park Public Pool when you are fed up with the warm weather there. The Moore Park Public Pool is always open, so you may stop by whenever you want to cool off with your family or friends.

Address: 100 Swift, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

20. Amistad National Recreation Area Visitors Center

Amistad National Recreation Area Visitors Center
Credits: Amistad National Recreation Area / Facebook
Amistad National Recreation Area

Located on the Veterans Boulevard of Del Rio, TX, is the Amistad National Recreation Area Visitors Center.

Having moved into a new facility roughly a mile toward the old site On US Highway 90 west, The visitors center has become more spacious to accommodate even more visitors.

With cheerful and helpful rangers, excellent exhibits, informative recordings, brochures, and maps, the visitors’ center is a must-see before engaging in other exciting activities in the recreational area.

Go to the Visitors Center to get your National Parks passport stamp or Amistad Hunting Permits. Other features at the Center include public restrooms, a seating area, and more.

The Visitor Center is closed on Saturday and Sunday to give the rangers time to relax after a hectic week. Visiting this Center is one of the top things to do in Del Rio, TX.

Address: 4121 Veterans Blvd, Del Rio, TX 78840-3384, USA

21. Baruch Hashem Assembly

Credits: Baruch HaShem Assembly / Facebook
Baruch HaShem Assembly

A trip to Baruch Hashem Assembly would be exciting for people big on religion. To provide Jewish and non-Jewish followers of Messiah Yeshua with a community of faith, Baruch Hashem Assembly was established in Del Rio, TX, in December 2005.

The Congregation of Baruch HaShem is led by Rabbi Manuel and Rebbetzin Barbara Rodriguez. The Baruch HaShem Assembly and its believers work hard to reach out to Del Rio’s communities preaching the salvation that the Messiah Yeshua offers.

Additionally, Baruch Hashem Assembly works to educate those who claim to follow Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) about the Hebrew foundations of their faith.

Address: 307 Plaza Ave, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

22. White Horse Lounge

Credits: WHITE HORSE LOUNGE / Facebook

You can’t be searching for what to do in Del Rio, TX when you haven’t visited White Horse Lounge. The “White Horse” has always stood for something distinctive, thrilling, and occasionally even majestic throughout history, which is the expectation of the White Horse Lounges.

The restaurant provides a bar program created by some of Los Angeles’ most innovative mixologists. This entertainment transforms each night into a brand-new experience and a kitchen led by a courageous group of chefs.

Enjoy their excellent White Horse meals while combining the comforting joy of home cooking with fresh regional ingredients. Salads, meats, small meals, truffle fries, and more are available here.

No refined sweeteners are used in a tribute to the art of preparing a real cocktail. Both the whiskey collection and the drink menu are robust.

White Horse is a member of the PRGRM’s family of outstanding Los Angeles eateries, including Monrovia, West Covina, and Craft Hill in South Pasadena.

Address: 2101 Veterans Blvd, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

23. Del Rio Community Dog Park

Del Rio Community Dog Park
Credits: Maila Facchini / Shutterstock

Del Rio Community Dog Park encourages change and promotes positive results. The Animal Wellness Program at the Dog Park was established to show support for the community’s animals and to improve the quality of life in Del Rio for both people and dogs.

This program aims to support neighborhood gatherings, instruction, and more robust animal welfare initiatives like clinics (vets) for spaying/neutering and vaccinations.

Any sum given goes to a fund with these objectives in mind. The Board of The initiative puts the “Healthy Pets, Healthy People” idea in motion. Directors of the Del Rio Parks Foundation decide how to allocate funds.

Take advantage of the chance to see unique dog breeds and study them if you already have or want to get one.

A city ordinance created a park curfew from 10 pm to 5 am, which makes Del Rio parks open at 6 am and close at 10 pm.

Address: 309 Cantu St, Del Rio, TX 78840, USA

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Plan Your Trip to Del Rio

Del Rio demonstrates that it is a fusion of Mexican and American roots, creating a platform for one to compare and contrast two distinct cultures and the history between both nations.

Del Rio is not simply a typical historic city; it’s also a great place for maximum outdoor recreation, relaxation, and education.