27 Best & Fun Things to Do in Brandon (FL)

In search of the best and most fun things to do in Brandon, FL? 

Brandon is a fun city in Hillsborough County, Florida, United States. Brandon, It’s a part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Brandon is the largest unincorporated community in Florida, and the community is approximately ten miles east of Tampa, near Florida’s Gulf Coast. It is easily accessible from Interstates I-4 and I-75.

The community is named after John Brandon, and its origin dates back to the late-nineteenth century, It has since grown in spurts.

Are you planning an exploration of Brandon?, here are the top things to do in Brandon, FL.

Things to Do in Brandon, FL

1. Pump it up

Pump it up
Credits: FamVeld / Shutterstock

Are you looking for what to do in Brandon with kids? If yes, add a visit to Pump It Up to your checklist.

Pump it up is one of the top kid attractions in Brandon, with many features that give kids a maximum fun experience.

This playground boasts several bounce castles, fun activities, and celebrations perfect for children.

The playground is also an ideal location to host birthday parties for children as it has many kid-related features.

Additionally, Pump it up offers drop-off services for parents or guardians who wish to have personal time or engage in other activities.

Visiting this park is one of the best things to do in Brandon, FL, if you are traveling with kids.

Address: 729 W Lumsden Rd ste a, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

2. Westfield Brandon

Westfield Brandon
Credits: Mason Mcfelia / Flickr
Westfield Brandon

Westfield Brandon’s shopping hours are open every Monday through Thursday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, on Friday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, and on Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The Westfield Brandon shopping mall consists of department stores, chain stores, restaurants, specialty shops, and other close shopping centers.

Visit the mall with your friends and family you enjoy an outstanding shopping experience; In Westfield Brandon, you discover almost everything there in the center of Brandon.

Westfield Brandon was initially known as the Brandon Town Center and Westfield Shoppingtown Brandon; some of the stores in Westfield Brandon are DSW, Dillard’s, JCPenny, Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Books A Million, and others.

Address: 459 Brandon Town Center Mall, Brandon, FL 33511-4756

4. Astro Skate Family Fun Center of Brandon

Astro Skate Family Fun Center of Brandon
Credits: Goolia Photography / Shutterstock

Are you interested in trying adrenaline-pumping activities? If yes, Go roller skating at the Astro Skate Family Fun Center in Brandon.

Astro Skate Family Fun Center boasts a fantastic roller rink with modern light, traditional wooden floor, and music.

In this attraction, you can go skating to the music of your choice, and if you did not come along with a pair of skates, you could easily pick some in the rental options available on the premises.

Astro Skate Family Fun Center also offers skating lessons for adults and children to help them gain greater confidence in skating.

The rink also has pool tables for those who want to have fun outside of the skating rink, and there is an eatery in the center for hungry visitors.

Address: 750 W Robertson St, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

5. Divine Designs Salon & Spa

Divine Designs Salon & Spa
Credits: Sofia Zhuravetc / Shutterstock

Divine Designs Salon Spa offers its visitors a refreshing getaway in the middle of your busy week. Divine Designs Salon & Spa offers perfect and unique hair-color, spa packages, facials, massages, pedicures and manicures, and body treatments.

Divine Designs Salon & Spa aims at offering the most exceptional products for use on your hair and skin. Start with a Swedish massage enhanced by a refreshing “Clear the Mind” Scalp Therapy treatment where essential oils that heal moisturize, and detoxify which is massaged into your head and scalp area as you drift into a deep state of relaxation.

The body treatment is to hydrate and nourish your skin with a tension relieving massage to help your body absorb the medicine.

At first, your body is exfoliated, followed by a coconut body butter mineral-rich nutrient application using penetrating warm stones. The same techniques as a Swedish massage help the mineral-rich nutrients absorb into your epidermis and help you relax and rejuvenate, followed by other treatments.

For the facials, microdermabrasion takes place to gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, which contains pore-clogging “plaque” and debris. The treatment takes place to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, acne, shallow acne scars and enhance skin penetration by other skin creams and serums, including self-tanning or tan-protection products.

Address: 1606 Oakfield Dr, Brandon, FL 33511-0806

6. Sweet Memories Antiques

Sweet Memories Antiques & Collectibles
Credits: Sweet Memories Antiques & Collectibles / Facebook
Sweet Memories Antiques & Collectibles

If you are looking to purchase antique items or trinkets, do add a visit to Sweet Memories Antiques to your checklist of things to do in Brandon, FL.

Sweet Memories Antiques is a remarkable antique store with a lot to offer. Explore the outside and shop differently with Sweet Memories.

Some of the items that can be found in this antique store include jewelry, old books, pottery, sheet music, and lots more.

Address: 608 N Parsons Ave, Brandon, FL 33510, United States

7. Legends Escape Rooms

Legends Escape Rooms
Credits: releon8211 / Shutterstock

If you’re a meticulous observer and enjoy indoor adventure, you should add Brandon’s legendary escape rooms to your checklist of things to do in Brandon, FL.

Legends Escape Room is an exciting attraction with different rooms filled with various mysteries.

While in this attraction, participants are locked in any of the rooms and given 60 minutes to identify clues, solve tasks, and complete puzzles that will enable them to leave the room.

Legends Escape Rooms has about six themed rooms, including The Wild West Heist, which may be difficult, but they are equally rewarding as the other five rooms featured in the building.

Legends Escape Rooms is suitable for individuals of all ages, including children. However, children below the age of 12 must be accompanied by adults.

Address: 952 W Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

8. Paul Sanders Park

Paul Sanders Park
Credits: Foryoui3 / Shutterstock

Paul Sanders Park is known for its longtime Brandon resident Paul Sanders. Paul Sanders Park features old oak trees heavy-laden with willowy gray moss; it also offers shade during a hot Florida day.

Paul Sanders Park has a lovely playground for kids to play and have fun in, with playground equipment and picnic tables for a beautiful picnic for your loved ones.

Paul Sanders Park can also be called Tree Park in Bloomingdale Avenue and Kings Avenue in Brandon. Paul Sanders Park features biking trails, paved trails, picnic shelters, playgrounds, walking trails.

Address: 606 W Bloomingdale Ave, Brandon, FL, Brandon, FL 33511

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9. Lush Pole Fitness

Lush Pole Fitness
Credits: antoniodiaz / Shutterstock

Lush Pole Training is an all-female fitness facility that teaches women to improve their strength, confidence, and sexiness through pole dancing.

To Lush, Pole Fitness Pole dancing is an integral part of life and a sport. It is an activity in a community, a different and, sometimes, it’s a secret, but something that you can take pride in.

Pole dancing is full body exercise, certain classes focus on flexibility and others’ strength.

Personal trainers can help speed up your fitness process. A parking option is available within the area for customers.

10. O’Tooles Irish Pub

O’Tooles Irish Pub
Credits: Ievgenii Meyer / Shutterstock

For a memorable dining experience, add a visit to O’Tooles Irish Pub to your list of things to do in Brandon, FL.

Located on Route 70, O’Tooles Irish Pub is a popular eating spot in Brandon that serves traditional Irish food.

O’Tooles Irish Pub boasts a gastropub atmosphere that features live entertainment and music.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a comfortable atmosphere.

The pub uses fresh goat cheese imported from Ireland, mixed with pistachios and olive oil, followed by drizzles of balsamic reduction.

O’Tooles Irish Pub also offers a variety of traditional Irish dishes, including Guinness stew and Irish meat.

The restaurant menu also features other Irish favorites like Irish Shepherd’s Pie prepared using potatoes, delicious brown gravy, and vegetables, and The Bangers and Mash which is made with Irish sausages and seasoned potato mash.

Address: 1215 W Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

11. DayDreams Day Spa

DayDreams Day Spa
Credits: Aleks Gudenko / Shutterstock

Do you need a unique place to experience a good body treatment and a fantastic body massage? DayDreams Spa is an excellent place to explore to enjoy soothing massages and other special services.

DayDreams Day Spa offers professional services that will always leave you relaxed and satisfied. DayDreams Day Spa is the best place to visit for a breath of fresh air.

DayDreams Day Spa offers top-notch and exceptional services like facials, pedicures, body treatments, and massages in a friendly and excellent environment.

The staff in DayDreams Day Spa are friendly and pleasant as they give you a warm welcome, and you are served cold beverages while you relax to experience a particular treatment.

Address: 658 Oakfield Dr, Brandon, FL 33511-5715

12. Bury your Hatchet Tampa

Bury your Hatchet Tampa
Credits: AP Group of Photographers / Shutterstock

For a memorable fun experience, visit Bury your Hatchet Tampa.

Competitive ax-throwing is a well-known sport across Canada that is gaining popularity in the United States, and Bury your Hatchet Tampa is one of the attractions that boast this fantastic sport.

Competitive ax-throwing is basically playing darts, only that you’re playing with axes rather than darts. Feel the excitement of cutting off a wooden target using an axe at Bury The Hatchet.

 There is also a store on the premises that offers amazing wines, beers, and cider to sip on while waiting to throw an axe.

All participants are expected to wear closed-toed footwear to ensure maximum protection.

Address: 939 Oakfield Dr, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

13. All Person’s Rotary Park

All Person’s Rotary Park
Credits: FamVeld / Shutterstock

All Person’s Rotary Park is an attraction worth adding to your bucket list of things to do in Brandon, FL.

The park does not have staff, but it boasts an outdoor shelter that can be rented all year long.

All Person’s Rotary Park has other exciting features like picnic areas, a grill, and a playground for individuals of all ages.

The park also has a unique playground for just children where they can play around and have fun all by themselves.

Due to the abundance of restrooms and shelters for free, It is a very prominent location for parties and birthday celebrations.

Feel free to come along with your pets as all Peoples Rotary Park is also pet friendly.

Address: 800 S Parsons Ave, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

14. Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium

Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium
Credits: Marylin Zambrano / Facebook
Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium

Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium is open every Monday through Saturday from 11:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Established in 1995, the Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium has been locally owned and operated. It has been the Tampa Bay Brandon’s culinary resource in Florida, a USA-based gourmet kitchen store and cooking school.

You will love the Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium as they offer special cooking classes, including the Venetian Tapas Couples Cooking Class, baking classes, and many other classes for adults, teens, and children.

If you love anything baking, cutting boards, aprons, and others, the Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium is for you; you need to explore the place to spend your afternoon or evening learning exciting things about cooking.

The instructors are amiable, knowledgeable, and helpful; the recipes are not complex, and they are delicious as the stores consist of a fantastic assortment of cooking tools and specialty food.

Address: 2080 Badlands Dr, Brandon, FL 33511-2808

15. Oakfield Lanes of Brandon Inc.

Oakfield Lanes of Brandon Inc.
Credits: ESB Professional / Shutterstock

One of the best fun things to do in Thousand Oaks with the entire family is visiting Oakfield Lanes of Brandon Inc., and it is worth adding to your checklist.

Oakfield Lanes of Brandon Inc. is a fun attraction that offers unique Bowling and dining experiences for family and friends.

Oakfield Lanes of Brandon Inc. is quite competitive, but it is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The bowling alley boasts about 32 lanes with automated scoring. Oakfield Lanes of Brandon Inc. also host events like dodgeball tournaments.

There is also a snack shop on the premises of this bowling center where visitors can buy funnel fries and cheeseburgers with a corn dog.

If you want to have fun with the entire family while in the city, visit Oakfield Lanes of Brandon Inc.

Address: 1001 Oakfield Dr, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

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16. Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist
Credits: silverkblackstock / Shutterstock

If you are a fan of art, add Painting with a Twist to your checklist of places to visit in Brandon, FL.

A combination of art, entertainment, and wine Painting with a Twist is a perfect place to visit for a memorable, fun experience.

If you love painting, don’t leave Brandon without visiting this original art workshop. For each lesson, you’ll use acrylic on a 16×20 canvas.

 You are guided by the resident artists step-by-step through the day’s painting.

Painting with a Twist is open every week, so make sure you look up the calendar for more details.

Painting with a Twist also hosts private events like birthdays, bridal showers, and team building.

Address: 1993 W Lumsden Rd, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

17. Pinot’s Palette

Pinot's Palette
Credits: Syda Productions / Shutterstock

Pinot’s Palette is an excellent option for you and your loved ones to enjoy a fun vacation. It is a great place to explore and relax in the cold of the evening, painting and having fun.

If you love arts and painting, Pinot’s Palette is the best spot to visit in Brandon, Florida. The instructors in Pinot’s Palette are friendly, kind, and knowledgeable.

Pinot’s Palette offers top-notch service and a memorable experience as the staff there makes sure you enjoy a fantastic, fun time. The founders, Craig, Beth, and Charles, aim to bring art to the public in an entertaining way with exceptional customer service.

You can also plan and organize your special events like birthdays, bachelorette parties, date nights, get-togethers, and others. The area is a friendly place, very organized, and an excellent destination for kids to catch some fun.

Visit the Pinot’s Palette to enjoy a memorable painting experience while you drink and have fun; whether you’re a novice or you want to enjoy the experience, the instructors there will guide you.

Address: 2086 Badlands Dr, Brandon, FL 33511-2808

18. Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World
Credits: Dinosaur World, Florida / Facebook
Dinosaur World

Are you looking for things to do in Brandon with kids? If yes, visit to Dinosaur World.

Dinosaur World is a unique attraction in Brandon that takes visitors on a journey back in time to the Jurassic period.

This theme park is all about dinosaurs, and it has branches in several regions in the United States, including Texas, Kentucky, and Florida.

Dinosaur World boasts over 150 life-sized dinosaur sculptures created by artist Christer Svensson.

Opened in 1998, this Florida theme park offers a variety of activities to youngsters, including playgrounds and picnic areas.

In this style, life-sized dinosaur statues are positioned within natural elements such as water or plants to make dinosaurs come alive in their natural surroundings.

Jurassic plants dated to the Jurassic period could be found on the ground, and signs are put up to help identify the species.

In addition, there are frequent areas for shade and rest and a variety of play areas and picnic spots throughout the park.

The set also boasts a “Fossil Dig” activity where children can explore fossils found in the sandbox and keep their three favorites in a small plastic bag.

There is also has a pet-friendly area, with water stations for dogs throughout the park.

Address: 5145 Harvey Tew Rd, Plant City, FL 33565, United States

19. FR Bottle Shop

FR Bottle Shop
Credits: S_Photo / Shutterstock

FR Bottle Shop and bar was initially called the Brandson’s Craft Beer Cellar.

FR Bottle Shop is a premier source for craft beer in Brandon city and the surrounding area. FR Bottle Shop offers 12 curated taps, a collection of specialty bottles, local beer, alongside friendly advice.

FR Bottle Shop is a terrific place to visit with your friends or family as they are the source of craft beer in Brandon, Florida, and an excellent place to relax, drink and enjoy the friendly ambiance.

FR Bottle Shop offers beer tastings, and samples are made available for sale. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and can explain all the flavors and the characteristics without stress. The beers served are affordable and fantastic.

There are lots of beer selections to choose from, including locally-made beers and crafts beers. The stores in the area are in different regions FL, East Coast, West Coast, International.

Address: 1937 W Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511-4813

20. Galactic Playgrounds

Galactic Playgrounds
Credits: Galactic Playgrounds / Facebook
Galactic Playgrounds

Are you in the city with kids? If yes, add a visit to Galactic Playgrounds to your list of things to do in Brandon, FL.

Galactic Playgrounds is an interactive science center that educates children in an entertaining manner.

The entire display is powered by children’s energy, which means children can play around in the stimulating learning setting.

While in Galactic Playgrounds, your kids can quickly develop their creativity and imagination.

The center is divided into four sections, one of which is the WaterWorld section, which shows children how the energy generated by kinetics can be converted into potential energy, and then to electricity which is how hydroelectric energy can be produced.

Other sections of the Galactic Playgrounds include the ElectricWorld, which converts kinetic energy into electric energy, and the MagneticWorld, which lets kids explore the incredible power of magnets.

The final section of the center is called the KineticWorld, and it lets the kids show off their strength through displays such as the Voltage Champs and the Power Scale.

Address: 1041 W Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

21. Cutter’s Cigar

Cutter's Cigar
Credits: rawf8 / Shutterstock

Cutter’s Cigar is a fantastic location that offers a variety of cigars and drinks for individuals who wish to relax and have a pastime.

 Brandon Cigar Lounge, located at 715 West Lumsden Road Oak Plaza, is the most prestigious cigar lounge in the region.

In addition to its wine, coffee, and espresso, its selection of more than 100 craft beers is one of the best in the world.

The lounge offers seating both indoors and outdoors along with exceptional smoker eaters to give you an experience that will be unforgettable.

Cutter’s Cigar also hosts dinners in which each course is served with the addition of a cigar.

Address: 715 W Lumsden Rd, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

22. World of Beer

World of Beer
Credits: DisobeyArt / Shutterstock

The World of Beer is open every Monday through Sunday from 11 am to 12:00 am. The World of Beer is an original craft beer bar that offers hundreds of beers and 50 rotating taps, a full cocktail selection, alongside their signature food menus specifically designed to enhance the flavor of beers.

The World of Beers signature food includes a German Pretzel served with beer cheese, award-winning mac and cheese bites with sriracha lime aioli, WOB COBB salad, and a selection of protein-based bowls.

Founded in 2007, the World of Beer is an American tavern chain with different locations in the United States and other countries. The World of Beer provides their passion for craft beer culture accompanied by a mouthwatering beer-inspired menu to the mall.

The World of Beer is a unique place for relaxing with your friends and experiencing craft beer and delicious food while enjoying the excellent music in the background.

Address: 2878 Providence Lakes Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511-2746

23. Bootleggers Brewing Co

Bootleggers Brewing Co
Credits: Viiviien / Shutterstock

For some exceptional beers, one of the best things to do in Brandon, FL, is visiting Bootlegger’s Brewery 

Bootlegger’s Brewery was born out of the vibrant regional craft-beer scene. It has remained focused on distributing top high-quality beer to the regions it serves.

For Bootleggers, the community grows stronger when they enjoy local, fresh beers.

Although it is focused on Southern California distribution, it also has several other breweries across the country.

Brandon Tap Room, located on Oakfield Drive, has 29 taps, as well as an array of beers from the restaurant and other breweries.

Address: 10256 Causeway Blvd, Tampa, FL 33619, United States

24. The Stein & Vine

The Stein & Vine
Credits: somchaij / Shutterstock

One of the top things to do in Brandon is to dine at The Stein & Vine. 

The Stein & Vine is a neighborhood craft and wine bar. Ty Mathis and his wife Lacey run Stein & Vine. This couple has transformed this pub into a culinary wonder of tastes and flavors. 

This small pub also has an exclusive selection of wines and craft beers worldwide. Stein & Vine serves only the best regarding wines and meals. 

The pub serves mouth-watering dishes like pig wings; when you come here, just a taste of the meal will make you return. 

One of the main goals at The Stein & Vine is to serve quality and tasty American Meals. You will enjoy their salad created by experienced chefs. So visit Stein & Vine and discover what the buzz is all about 

Address: 827 W Bloomingdale Ave, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

25. Brandon Motor Lodge

Would you like a lodging facility with a lovely and welcoming resort atmosphere? 

Whether traveling to Brandon for a vacation with the family or business, Brandon Motor lodge is an ideal accommodation option. 

While enjoying the top-tier amenities provided in every accommodation, their great open courtyard gives visitors a feeling of calmness. 

Brandon Motor Lodge is also suitable for people traveling for work since they have meeting spaces. 

You can visit their large pool and dive in if you want something cool on a hot day. 

Other benefits at Brandon Motor Lodge include free local calls, high-speed internet, no-charge parking, free coffee, and a 24-hour front desk. 

Address: 2095 Franklin St, Brandon, VT 05733, United States

26. Heroes Paradise

Heroes Paradise
Credits: Mark Nazh / Shutterstock

Another top thing to do while vacationing in Brandon is to have a fun time at Heroes Paradise 

There is premier entertainment at Heroes Paradise, and you should not miss out on any of them. 

You can enjoy an adrenaline-rushing archery tag, cutting-edge outdoor laser tag, interactive free-climb rock wall, virtual reality experiences, and numerous remote control vehicle courses. 

Heroes Paradise has six gaming fields and a two-level clubhouse with an encompassing view of the surrounding lands. 

Enjoy watching your teammate or family win from their covered outside deck overlooking Tampa Bay’s most extensive laser tag field. 

You can also explore their café to unwind and enjoy varieties of delicious meals and snacks that will fill you up. 

Address: 733 Knowles Rd, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

27. Somewhere in Time

Somewhere In Time
Credits: Somewhere In Time / Facebook
Somewhere In Time

Somewhere in Time is an Antique shop operating in Brandon. The antique shop features more than 30 vendors offering vintage finds.

They have over 30 dealers offering collectibles, décor, furniture, glassware, lamp, shells, memorabilia, coins, jewelry, and lots more. 

Somewhere In Time is an excellent way to spend an hour or two or even your entire afternoon shopping for cute antique items. The shop offers everything from hard-to-find collectibles and home décor. 

Address:720 W Lumsden Rd, Brandon, FL 33511, United States

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Plan a Trip to Brandon

Brandon, Florida is a great place to explore with your family and friends as it features impressive places to visit and fun outdoor activities.

During your trip, take to explore its excellent wineries, bars and restaurants, unique galleries, fun parks, picnic areas, shopping malls, exceptional spas, biking, and hiking trails, and many others.

Start planning your trip to Brandon, FL, do have a fun one!