23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Westport (WA)

Westport is a beautiful city in Grays Harbor County, Washington, USA. It had a population of 2,254 in the 2021 census. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature.

This area was once occupied by close-by Native Americans,  probably part of the Shoalwater Bay Tribe, which comprises the Lower Chehalis People and Willapa Chinook.

Westport is known for its attractive beaches, whale watching, tourism, and fishing. It is also one of the top surfing destinations on the West Coast.

Additionally, there are hiking trails where you will enjoy the beautiful natural environment.

Here are the best and fun things to do in Westport, WA.

Things to Do in Westport, WA

1. Westport Jetty

Westport Jetty
Credits: GeorgeColePhoto / Shutterstock
Westport Jetty

One of the best places to visit in Westport, WA, is Westport Jetty. There are two jetties here: one in the North and the other in the south.

Once the tides go out, the two jetties form a natural waterway and provide a safe entrance to Grays Harbor in Westport. 

The South Jetty in Westport was built in 1902. It spans more than 17,000 feet. The South Jetty was damaged due to much scouring, so another one was built in the North on “Ocean shores” in 1910 at the side of the harbor entrance.

The Westport Jetties is ideal for fishing, enjoying the sea view, or seeing the beautiful waves. Both jetties offer you access to the best fishing areas.

Several Charter boats outside Westport carry out fishing services. You can join them in fishing for halibut, tuna, bottom fish, and salmon.

There is a well-known crabbing spot on the jetty that you can visit. When there are storms, the waves become bigger and are a delight to see, but try not to be close to the jetty when these waves crash.

Address: Westport, WA 98595, United States

2. Westport Aquarium

Westport Aquarium
Credits: Ceridwen / Flickr
Westport Aquarium

The Westport Aquarium is a remarkable attraction with different types of aquatic animals on display. Visiting this Aquarium is one of the best things to do in Westport, WA. Westport Aquarium was built in 1955 and is one of the few family-operated large aquariums on the West Coast

This non-profit establishment operates solely on funds sourced from support, donations, and aquarium admissions.

Since 1855 the Westport Aquarium has gotten plenty of fish to showcase from the commercial fishermen and local charter. Octopuses, starfish, rays, sharks, and eels are the mantra aquatic creatures in the Aquarium.

The Westport Aquarium features a touch tank, hands-on experience exhibits, and more. It is available for everyone throughout the year and is free to visit.

Address: 321 E Harbor St, Westport, WA 98595, United States

3. Westport Lighthouse Trail

Westport Lighthouse Trail
Credits: Dmitri Kotchetov / Shutterstock
Westport Lighthouse Trail

The Westport Lighthouse Trail is the perfect location to enjoy the sun and sea without having your shoes filled with sand. You can also see the historic lighthouse and capture views of the grasses and dunes of the southwest Washington coast.

It is an accessible 1.5-mile loop trail that begins and ends at the Westport Light State Park. The Westport Lighthouse Trail also cuts across the Westhaven State Park almost halfway into Westport at the northern end.

The trail leads you to the dunes and the beach area, where you can see Cape Disappointment Lighthouse far away.

Visitors will also be able to capture excellent views of the Pacific Ocean and Grays Harbor. If you are searching for a place to go on a short and easy hike close to the beach, the Westport Lighthouse Trail is a perfect option.

Address: 1595 W Ocean Ave, Westport, WA 98595, United States

4. Westhaven State Park

Westhaven State Park
Credits: Dmitri Kotchetov / Shutterstock
Westhaven State Park

Are you searching for a peaceful place to unwind and appreciate nature’s beauty? Then look no further, as the Westhaven State Park has covered you.

Westhaven State Park sits on a peninsula that protrudes into Grays Harbor. It provides great views of the harbor and the Olympic Mountains.

Westhaven State Park has a small beach area, picnic tables, and a boardwalk. The Park is also an ideal choice for birdwatching, and you can see ospreys and bald eagles within the region.

The Park is available for visits throughout the year. However, summer is the ideal time to visit it.

Address: Westport, WA 98595, United States

5. Westport Maritime Museum

Westport Maritime Museum
Credits: Don Barrett / Flickr
Westport Maritime Museum

If you are a history enthusiast, a visit to Westport Maritime Museum should make your list of the top things to do in Westport, WA. The Maritime Museum is located in the historic Coast Guard Station constructed in 1939.

The Museum presents Grays Harbor’s maritime history and neighboring areas to the locals and tourists.

Westport Maritime Museum features educational classes, exhibits, and events throughout the year. The Museum displays exhibits that are concerned with the maritime history of South Beach.

Recent historical exhibits to see in the museum includes the Grays Harbor Light Station, fishing/whaling industries, rescue missions, shipwrecks, and the Coast Guard, 

You can look out for the gorgeous Destruction Island Lens in the Museum. The lens was constructed in France by Henry Le Paute in 1888 using the design by Augustin-Jean Fresnel.

The lens was transported by boat by La Paute to Destruction Island, which sits gently on the Washington Coast.

After the installation of the lens in 1891, it continued operation until 1995, when the Coast Guard removed it; it continued its display at its recent location.

Address: 2201 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595, United States

6. Grays Harbor

Westport Maritime Museum
Credits: Bill Perry / Shutterstock
Westport Maritime Museum

Whale-watching is a great activity, and Grays Harbor in Washington State is the ideal location to engage in this activity, especially in winter.

Grays Harbor is a place of abode for migrating humpback whales and orcas, always visible from the Seashore.

Whale-watching tours are a perfect way to have a close-up experience of these beautiful animals. You can find different tour operators in Grays Harbor; some provide good discounts for groups.

Whale-watching is an excellent activity to engage with friends and family members. It should top your bucket list of what to do in Westport, WA.

Address: Washington, USA

7. Downtown Westport

Downtown Westport
Credits: Michael B./ Flickr
Downtown Westport

Go down memory lane when you walk along the attractive restaurants and shops in the historic downtown area of Westport. Exploring this area is one of the top things to do in Westport, WA.

Downtown Westport is filled with varieties of quirky shops, eateries, art galleries, and excellent locations to get something to eat, including seafood restaurants.

There is a range of things to purchase in downtown Westport from clothing to nautical gifts, locally crafted crafts, and arts like shell wind chimes and saltwater taffy. 

There are also microbreweries in significant locations of Westport to satisfy the beer cravings of both the locals and visitors. They offer quality liquor, from mild beer to wild and black.

You can watch the sea lions and seals from the docks or go whale watching by renting a charter.

Address: Downtown, Westport, WA, United States

8. Westport Light State Park

Westport Light State Park
Credits: James Hatcher / Flickr
Westport Light State Park

Westport Light State Park is one of the best places to visit in Westport, WA. It is a 560-acre park featuring sea views of the Pacific Ocean and Half Moon Bay.

The Westport Light State Park is close to the tallest lighthouse in Washington, called the Grays Harbor Light.

In 2016, the city brought together the former Westhaven State Park and a 270-acre land under construction as a golf course for the Westport Light State Park.

Visitors can engage in hiking, fishing, beachcombing, and birdwatching while in the Westport Light State Park.

You can drive through the entire park due to its well-maintained roads.

Address: 1595 W Ocean Ave, Westport, WA 98595, United States

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9. Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay
Credits: Beach Creatives / Shutterstock
Half Moon Bay

If you enjoy surfing, Half Moon Bay is an ideal place to check out during your tour in Westport. Half Moon Bay is a paradise for every surfer, particularly in winter when the wave is at its peak.

Half Moon Bay sits gently in the center of two headlands that form a funneling effect, which creates impressive waves on the coast of Washington. 

When the tide is at its peak, the waves grow 20 feet high. Half Moon Bay is an ideal place to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the Washington Coast.

The Bay is also an ideal location for children, including pets; you can go beachcombing as there are high chances of getting shells, rocks, and agates.

Address: Parking lot, Westport, WA 98595, United States

10. Bottle Beach State Park

Bottle Beach State Park
Credits: Brandi Lane / Flickr
Bottle Beach State Park

In the Spring season, the Bottle Beach State Park houses more than a million migratory seabirds and shorebirds. It is located on the tide flats of Southern Grays Harbor in Aberdeen, WA, about nine minutes from Westport, WA.

Bottle Beach Park ADA-accessible trail is the formal Washington State Birding Trail, as labeled by the Audubon Society.

Raptors and over 130 species of birds have been observed touching down in this area for a quick meal at the Bottle Beach State Park.

An ideal time for birdwatching is when there is low tide when the water moves back and reveals the sand flats. When there is high tide, the flying creatures gather on the jetty nearby.

Address: 33 Ocosta Third St, Aberdeen, WA 98520, United States

11. Twin Harbors State Park

Twin Harbors State Park
Credits: Christina L Miller / Shutterstock
Twin Harbors State Park

Twin Harbors State Park is a camping park with a land area of 225 acres located 4 miles south of Westport.

The Twin Harbors State Park features more than 89 campsites, three cabins, five RV locations with hookups, two group cabins, and three group camps

The gorgeous sunsets and impressive coastline make the state park a perfect location to camp on the coast of Washington, adjacent to the vast Pacific Ocean.

Beachcombing, birdwatching, hiking, and fishing are many of the activities that you can indulge in when you visit Twin Harbors Park. These activities are some of the fun things to do in Westport, WA.

Its campgrounds are open to the public all through the year. Dogs are permitted into the park but not near specific swimming beaches.

Address: 3120 WA-105, Westport, WA 98595, United States

12. Grays Harbor Lighthouse

Grays Harbor Lighthouse
Credits: Loren L. Masseth / Shutterstock
Grays Harbor Lighthouse

Grays Harbor Lighthouse has an elevation of 107 feet and is known as the tallest lighthouse in Washington State.

It is a popular attraction in this part of the country. Carl Leick designed the lighthouse, and he considered it his most outstanding architectural work.

Construction of the lighthouse began in 1897. On 30th June 1898, a dedication ceremony was held at the base of the lighthouse, and that night marked the first official service of the Grays Harbor Light

Visitors can get to the lighthouse’s lantern room by climbing 135 steps, and the staircase is made out of cast iron. You check out the museum that documents the Grays Harbor Lighthouse’s history

Address: 1020 W Ocean Ave, Westport, WA 98595, United States

13. High Life Charter Fishing

High Life Charter Fishing
Credits: Neophuket / Shutterstock

The High Life Charter company is dedicated to fishing for Rockfish, Salmon, Halibut, and Lingcod.

They make use of a 32 Aluminum 6-man Charter Boat called the “HIGH LIFE” that is run by a modern twin Yamaha 300 outboard.

The charter boat has a USCG certification and top-quality electronics, an inside seating capacity of 6 persons, an inflatable life raft to cater to your safety and comfort, and an aluminum railing welded.

Come along with warm clothes, rain gear and rubber boots, and a cooler to convey your catch back home, but the cooler must be kept in the car as you will be provided with a bag. The cooler is only meant to help preserve your catch. 

Address: Westport, Washington, United States

14. Seashore Conservation Area State Park

Seashore Conservation Area State Park
Credits: FloridaStock / Shutterstock

The Seashore Conservation Area State Park was established in 1967. The Park allows the public to enjoy recreational activities on the Washington coast.

It is one of the last underdeveloped seashores in the country. It is located along the northern coastline of Washington State and is just seven minutes from Westport.

The Seashore Conservation Area State Park is made up of 62 miles of Washington State’s coastline between Cape Disappointment, Willapa Bay, and Damon Point)

The Park is famous for its forested, windy, and thinly populated coastline. It is home to different species of plants, animals, and birds.

You will be able to find animals such as osprey, sea lions, mink, river otters, peregrine falcons, and bald eagles.

It also has different species of marine life, such as salmon, tuna, halibut, flounder, and herring. Beachcombing is another activity you can try on the beach.

Address: Washington, United States

15. Advantage Charters

Advantage Charters
Credits: Maksym Fesenko / Shutterstock

Fishing with Advantage Charters is one of the fun things to do in Westport, WA. The Charter offers an unforgettable fishing experience.

They carry out fishing trips using a large 56-foot twin diesel-operated charter boat. If you look forward to a splendid fishing experience, here is the right place. 

Advantage Charters provides guests with five separate fishing trips. The Salmon Trips allow visitors the opportunity to catch a large silver.

Bottom Fishing Trip allows visitors to catch a giant lingcod. If you would like to enjoy both trips all at once, you can have both in one day via their Salmon/Bottomfish trip. 

Their Halibut trip allows you to fish for bottom fish in the deep waters offshore. You can also try out their Albacore Tuna Trip, which allows you to fish for Albacore.

Address: Float 12 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595, United States

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16. Granny Hazel’s Candy and Gifts

Granny Hazel's Candy and Gifts
Credits: Ikat design / Shutterstock

Among what to do in Westport, WA, is to purchase gifts to take back home. Granny Hazel’s Candy and Gifts is a famous gift shop in Westport, WA, with many unique items you will like.

It has been a favorite attraction for tourists since 1962, so make sure to stop by during your tour to browse its incredible selection of candy, gifts, fudge, and lots more.

The gift and candy store has a wide selection of excellent products and fun toys. It has three spacious rooms with a large selection of candies. There are t-shirts as well.

You can also make purchases of unique items to present as birthday gifts to your loved ones or Christmas gifts. They have a fantastic staff, always available to help you find your desired piece.

Address: 2329 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595, United States

17. The LOGE Westport

The LOGE Westport is one of the popular venues to check out during your vacation in Westport. It is located just next to the edge of the river.

There is a beach close to the hotel, providing excellent opportunities for relaxing, sunbathing, and swimming. It is a lovely place to stay during your vacation; you can book a room, a tent, or a campervan.

The LOGE Westport is furry-friendly; hence, you need not worry about leaving your pets behind. Hiking, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking are many exciting activities to keep you going when you visit.

It is also an ideal location to learn surfing, as it offers excellent waves to give you a memorable experience.

Address: 1416 S Montesano St, Westport, WA 98595, United States

18. Westport Viewing Tower

Westport Viewing Tower
Credits: Joe Mabel [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Westport Viewing Tower
Westport Viewing Tower, with an elevation of 115 feet, offers spectacular views of Westport, the Pacific Ocean, and Grays Harbor. 

The Tower is close to Westport’s premier shopping street. It is a popular venue amongst the community’s residents and tourists.

You can check out its observation deck, which offers a 360-degree view of the region’s countryside and the recreational activities

If the sky is clear enough, you can easily see the Olympic Range from a distance to the north. You can take some time to rest or even enjoy a snack at their picnic tables.

Address: Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595, United States

19. The Tornado Fishing Charters

Tornado Fishing Charters
Credits: Raissa Martins Nogueira / Shutterstock

The Tornado has a lovely history that goes way back as 1969 in Marysville, WA. After its construction at the Westport Shipyard, it went on trips outside Westport under Ed Basel.

The boat continued making trips in Monterey, CA, for a few years before its new owners brought it back to Westport. The ship has undergone a series of repairs, refitting, and maintenance, transforming it into a well-fitted classic charter boat.

You are in good hands when you ride with this Charter as its captain. Dwight Sawin is knowledgeable about fishing and has been providing fishing trips for tourists for over ten years.

You can visit their website to inquire about their fishing trip packages and make reservations for a family trip.

20. Westport Seabird Tour

Westport Seabird Tour
Credits: Yujue Chen / Shutterstock

The word Pelagic stands for the open ocean. It is generally used for waters 25 miles or more offshore, at the end of the continental shelf, and further away. If you are a serious birder, go on a pelagic tour with the Westport Seabird Tour.

A birding charter is the only ideal way to reach these pelagic waters. Sport fishing Charters go very far offshore, where you will experience the storm petrels, aquatic species, and albatrosses.

Plenty of operators offer pelagic tours on the West Coast. The Westport Seabirds is one of them, which operates from April to October; the trips are carried out each weekend when migration is at its peak.

Their staff crew is also very knowledgeable, friendly, and good spotters. The West Seabird Tour is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to enjoy a wonderful pelagic tour experience in Westport, WA.

Address: 2455 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595, United States

21. Pine Tree Bar and Grill

Pine Tree Bar and Grill
Credits: Ground Picture / Shutterstock

Pine Tree Bar and Grill is an ideal place to visit if you want to taste the finest burgers, drinks, and even breakfast in the city.

It is natural to crave seafood dishes as your first meal once you are in Westport, and the right place to visit is the Pine Tree Bar and Grill.

This restaurant is owned and operated by Cindy Perry, who has done marvelous work with this place. Everything on their menu is excellent and something you want to be a part of to make your vacation memorable.

If you love eating wings, then make sure to place an order for them when you visit. You can try out their remarkable Oyster Shooters (non-alcoholic). They host two taco nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The establishment also boasts fantastic staff.

Address: 101 W Ocean Ave, Westport, WA 98595, United States

22. BigFoot Surf School

BigFoot Surf School
Credits: J_K / Shutterstock

If you are looking forward to doing something more adventurous, you should try surfing. It would be best to visit the BigFoot Surf School, as they provide all you need to have a great surfing experience.

They are dedicated to providing a surfing experience that matches the local community’s expectations and nurturing you, your friends, and your families into becoming experienced surfers.

With 40 years of experience in surfing, Westport BigFoot Surf School is well experienced to guide you no matter your skill level in surfing. Private and Group lessons are available as well.

Their coaches are well experienced, have good equipment, and provide outstanding service for your money.

Address: Westport, Washington, United States

23. Westport Charters

Westport Charters
Credits: Ashley-Belle Burns / Shutterstock

The city of Westport, WA, is a prime charter fishing destination on the West coastline. People from different parts of the world come in their numbers to experience fishing in Westport with the Westport Charters.

Westport Charters provides guests with different fishing trips which are fun and ideal for people of all fishing skill levels and ages.

Their fishing trips include Rockfish and Lingcod, Halibut / Bonus, Chinook and Coho Salmon, and Combination Trips. These trips are designed to give you a memorable experience you will not forget in a hurry.

You can visit their website to make reservations and inquire about their fishing trips. If you are ready to enjoy a one-of-a-kind fishing experience, Westport Charters have got you covered.

Address: 2411 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Westport

Westport is a lovely place for travelers to enjoy great wildlife trips, lighthouse exploration, and beautiful beaches.

This small coastal city has many exciting things to give you a blissful weekend or even a day excursion. No matter the occasion, Westport, WA, has got you covered.