23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Spearfish (SD)

Looking for the best and fun things to do in Spearfish, SD?

Spearfish is a city located in Lawrence County, South Dakota. This is a beautiful city with many attractions to explore.

If there is a single place in the entire world that you should visit at least once during your lifetime, Spearfish is it.

This is a fast-growing city with lots of attractions spread out all over the city, including Museums which help to preserve and promote the cultures and history of Spearfish.

Spearfish is the right place to go if you’re looking for a taste of history and heritage; the city offers several attractions to satisfy the history buff in you.

Are you planning an exploration of Spearfish, lets check out the top things to do in Spearfish, SD.

Things to Do in Spearfish

1. Spearfish Recreation and Aquatics Center

Spearfish Recreation and Aquatics Center
Credits: Billion Photos / Shutterstock

If you’re in for a fun time with your family and friends, Spearfish Recreation and Aquatics Center is a center you will definitely love to visit.

Spearfish Recreation and Aquatics Center features a 71-square-foot modern aquatics facility, making it a wonderful family Center.

The center contains a Cardio room, Gymnasium, Fitness Center, Group Fitness Classes, and much more.

Spearfish Recreation and Aquatics Center also features a well-equipped water playground filled with numerous pools, water slides, and several others.

This recreational center hosts various occasions like sports events, community activities, family events, school or church gatherings, and more.

Spearfish Recreation and Aquatics Center is open to everyone 24/7 all year round. Make sure you visit with your loved ones and get ready for a wild, fun experience.

Address:122 Spearfish Recreational Lane, Spearfish, SD 57783

2. Spearfish Canyon

Spearfish Canyon
Credits: TrishN / Flickr
Spearfish Canyon

A visit to Spearfish Canyon is one of the top things to do in Spearfish, and it is better when you visit with your friends and family.

This Canyon is located at the south end of the Black Hills National Forest and the South end of Spearfish.

Spearfish Canyon is the best place for wildlife watching; it serves as a home for different wildlife species such as chipmunks, raccoons, yellow-bellied marmot, porcupines, white-tail bobcats, squirrels, and mule deer.

You will also get to see other animals like blue jays, cliff swallows, woodpeckers, turkeys, chickadees, bald and golden eagles, and several others.

Spearfish Canyon contains plants and trees from the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Northern Forests, and Eastern Woodlands.

The Canyon features trails fantastic for hiking, and it is open to everyone free of charge. Spearfish Canyon is a stunning and perfect place to commune with nature.

3. Flanagan’s Irish Pub

Flanagan's Irish Pub
Credits: Jag_cz / Shutterstock

Visit Flanagan’s Irish Pub for an energetic and eclectic moment, especially when you come with your friends and family.

This is a small place with a fantastic large drink menu for you to choose from, including local craft beers, spirits, cocktails, and more.

You also get to enjoy wonderful music, which helps motivate your partying spirit and dancing moves and your friends and family.

Flanagan’s Irish Pub provides a great environment where you can feel free to vibe and interact with other residents.

The staff is always available to take your orders and make you comfortable and have a great time. Flanagan’s Irish Pub is open every day of the week from 4pm-2am.

Address:729 N 7th St, Spearfish, SD 57783, United States.

4. High Plains Western Heritage Center

High Plains Western Heritage Center
Credits: High Plains Western Heritage Center / Facebook
High Plains Western Heritage Center

High Plains Western Heritage Center is an educational and fascinating museum, especially for cowboy fans and lovers of Western history.

This museum was built in 1989 as a 5-state Regional Museum, including the Nebraska, Montana, American Indians of North Dakota, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

High Plains Western Heritage Center displays historical artifacts which honor the early residents of each of the five states.

This museum displays extensive collections of chuckwagons, stagecoaches, homesteads, cabins, and several other historical artifacts.

Address:825 Heritage Dr, Spearfish, SD 57783-9103 United States.

5. Stadium Sports Grill

Stadium Sports Grill
Credits: Jag_cz / Shutterstock

Are you ready to have premium fun? Stadium Sports Grill is a place you will definitely love to visit.

Stadium Sports Grill was built in 1993 and is popularly known as “The Home of the World Famous Stadium Beef Tops.”

They offer a vast drink menu with large selections of liquor, beers, wines, and other delightful drinks.

Stadium Sports Grill also serves delicious food perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, such as pasta, salad, tacos, and much more.

This place serves as a meeting point for sports fans to come and experience great fun and express themselves.

Stadium Sports Grill is open from Monday to Saturday from 11am-2am, and Sunday from 10am-2am.

Address:744 N Main St, Spearfish, SD 57783, United States.

6. Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls
Credits: Justin M. Kelly / Shutterstock
Bridal Veil Falls

A visit to Bridal Veil Falls is one of the best things to do in Spearfish, and this fall is great for a wonderful family adventure.

Bridal Veil Falls is located south of Spearfish Canyon’s northern entrance with a plunge height of approximately 60-feet.

This place is perfect if you want to go for a short hike, and it is easily accessible by the public, making it the right place for family outdoor activities.

Bridal Veil Falls features an observation platform that gives a picturesque view of the environment. When visiting don’t forget to bring your camera to take fantastic pictures.

Address:Spearfish Canyon Hwy, Spearfish, SD 57783, United States.

7. Spearfish City Park

Spearfish City Park
Credits: Trace Images / Shutterstock

A visit to Spearfish City Park is one of the top things to do in Spearfish for a memorable experience with family and friends.

Spearfish City Park is located in a canyon, filled with many exciting facilities, and it is open to everyone to come and have fun.

The park features a fully equipped playground for children to explore and have great fun and trails perfect for hiking and biking for all ages.

Spearfish City Park has reserved picnic areas with picnic tables and shelters for those who want to go on a nice family picnic.

This is a venue for different events, starting from music, festivals, athletic events, weddings, birthday parties, and much more.

There are Pavilions available for rentals for any indoor events. Spearfish City Park also has a volleyball court, pickleball court or basketball court, and bandshell.

Spearfish City Park is dog friendly, and there are clean restrooms as well as a large parking lot; benches are available along the trails where you can sit and rest.

You might decide to take a walk while enjoying the scenic view of the environment. Your visit list Isn’t complete without Spearfish City Park.

Address:119 S Canyon St, Spearfish, Spearfish, SD 57783 United States.

8. D.C. Booth Historic National. Fish Hatchery & Archives

D.C. Booth Historic National. Fish Hatchery & Archives
Credits: GPA Photo Archive / Flickr
D.C. Booth Historic National. Fish Hatchery & Archives

Suppose you want a less adventurous but fun center, D.C. Booth Historic National. Fish Hatchery & Archives is a place you will definitely love when you visit.

D.C. Booth Historic National. Fish Hatchery & Archives was built in 1896, making it the oldest fish hatchery in the United States and the second oldest second-oldest in the American West.

This fish hatchery annually breeds up to thirty thousand(30,000) rainbow trout and sends them out to lakes, including Black Hills’ rivers.

D.C. Booth Historic National. Fish Hatchery & Archives also showcases historical artifacts, ancient records, and fishery archives relevant to date.

The Museum is very educational; it shows the visitors the whole process of fish growth, starting from the eggs, transportation, breeding, etc.

It also teaches different ways of keeping predators away from the fishes using cannons, noise guns, and many others.

You also get to learn about the history of D.C. Booth Historic National. Fish Hatchery & Archives by docents who are always willing to answer your questions and interact.

Learn more about fish hatchery and get a chance to feed some fishes when you visit D.C. Booth Historic National. Fish Hatchery & Archives.

Address:423 Hatchery Cir, Spearfish, SD 57783-2643 United States.

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9. Level Wine Bar

Level Wine Bar
Credits: sama_ja / Shutterstock

This is the best place to enjoy a fantastic chilled bottle of delightful beer, and it is better when you’re with your buddies or family.

Level Wine Bar is located in the Downtown District of Spearfish on Main Street; they offer an extensive drink menu consisting of more than forty fantastic wines and more than eighteen varieties of beers.

The current owners recently renovated the bar to a more beautiful and glamorous bar for you to feel at home and relax.

Level Wine Bar serves light appetizers; they also take food orders and deliver them from one of their local eateries.

The staff offer wonderful customers services and ensures that the customers are well satisfied.

Address:604 N Main St, Spearfish, SD 57783-2445

10. Matthews Opera House and Arts Center

Matthews Opera House and Arts Center
Credits: WinWin artlab / Shutterstock

For lovers of art, Matthews Opera House and Arts Center is an excellent place for you; get ready for premium entertainment.

Matthews Opera House and Arts Center was built in 1906, and it serves as the center of art in Spearfish; it is located in the Downtown District of Spearfish on the main street.

This art center is a popular art and historical center, and it is an essential component of the city’s culture, history, and entertainment.

Matthews Opera House and Arts Center provides educational programs which help to promote arts and humanities while maintaining the ancient building.

The Center features a shooting gallery and movie theater that offers live performances and concerts all year round.

Address:612 N Main Street, Spearfish, SD 57783 United States.

11. The Iron Creek Lake

The Iron Creek Lake
Credits: PalSand / Shutterstock

One of the best things to do in Spearfish, SD, is a visit to Iron Creek Lake; this lake is a popular location for tourists and residents.

Iron Creek Lake is located in the western part of Spearfish Canyon; it has been tagged as the Black Hills’ untouched beauty.

This is a 24-acres recreational site established in the mid-1930s to serve as a Lawrence County recreational site.

Iron Creek Lake features many exciting outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, and more.

The lake also features trails perfect for hiking biking, and there is a local store where boats and kayaks are available for rentals; they also serve excellent meals & snacks in case you begin to feel peckish.

This center is perfect for camping, either tent camping or in a Recreational vehicle. You might just decide to sit and relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Address:20912 Iron Creek Lake Road, Spearfish, SD, US 57754

12. Ruddell Gallery

Ruddell Gallery
Credits: SeventyFour / Shutterstock

This is a very innovative gallery and a favorite location for residents and tourists, and it is located within the Black Hills State University in Spearfish.

Ruddell Gallery uses the displayed exhibitions to educate the public, and they host educational tours and schemes open to everyone.

Aside from educating the people, the exhibition also helps to encourage and promote contemporary art.

Ruddell Gallery has lots of impact in the society by engaging its artists and audiences in innovative programs that have great importance to the art of Spearfish.

Address:Ruddell Gallery, Spearfish, SD 57783, USA

13. Community Caves

Community Caves is a hidden gem in Spearfish Canyon; this is one of the most incredible places to visit in Spearfish.

Community Caves, popularly known as the Wildcat Caverns, is located below the Spearfish Canyon, about half a mile from the main road.

There are trails for hiking, but they are more challenging and require much experience and effort. You will also find loose rocks along the trails.

Visit the Community Caves for the challenge; it is worth it because you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Spearfish, SD 57783, United States

14. Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity
Credits: Bhakpong / Shutterstock

Take a break from all the fun activities; how about a place where you can relax? Zero Gravity is a place you will love to visit.

Zero Gravity is all about making you feel great; it features two private float Cabin Suites, which provide a fantastic weightless experience.

Our bodies and minds tend to relax when the pressure of gravity and outside stimulation is removed.

Zero Gravity offers fantastic massages, which help you relax and causes excellent relief from any form of body pain.

It also offers other services like Thai massage, infrared saunas, deep tissue, sports, and others, and it consists of an oxygen bar with about fifteen different flavors that eases headaches.

Zero Gravity has professional therapists who ensure that they offer the best services and their guests are well satisfied.

Zero Gravity is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am-8pm, and Sunday from 10am-4pm. If you’re in for a peaceful, relaxing, and extraordinary experience, make sure you visit Zero Gravity.

Address:144 W Hudson St, Spearfish, SD 57783, United States

15. Artifacts Antiques and Art

Credits: Gts / Shutterstock

If you’re an art enthusiast, Artifacts Antiques and Art is a place you will definitely love to visit along with your loved ones.

Artifacts Antiques and Art is a family-owned art center that houses different collections of unique antiques.

This antique shop was opened to the public in May 2019; and has become a popular center for books, vintages, vinyl, military, Dixie bike paint, and many unique antiques.

Artifacts Antiques and Art showcases original artwork, local artisan-made items, and many incredible collectibles.

The antique shop is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am-5:30pm (closed on Sunday). Make you stop by for that unique artifact you can’t get elsewhere.

Address:740 N Main St, Spearfish, SD 57783, United States

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16. The Millstone Family Restaurant

The Millstone Family Restaurant
Credits: Millstone Family Restaurant-Spearfish / Facebook
The Millstone Family Restaurant

A visit to The Millstone Family Restaurant is one of the best things to do in Spearfish, SD, for a wonderful experience.

The Millstone Family Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant that became active in 1981 and has continually served the public amazing meals.

The restaurant offers soup, an extensive list of breakfast, a salad bar, popular homestyle meals, and others.

The Millstone Family Restaurant serves roast beef dinner, barbecued pork ribs, oven-baked swiss steak, fish fry, Indian taco, chicken Philly sandwiches, salmon fillet, and more.

The restaurant is spacious, pretty comfortable with private booths, and the staff helps create a friendly atmosphere for the visitor to relax.

The Millstone Family Restaurant is open on Sunday and Monday from 6am-9pm, and Tuesday to Saturday from 6am-10pm.

The restaurant doesn’t offer alcohol, but their meals are to die for, make sure you stop by.

Address:620 E Jackson Blvd, Spearfish, SD 57783, United States.

17. Devil Bathtub South Dakota

Devil Bathtub South Dakota
Credits: Jason Stitt / Shutterstock
Devil Bathtub South Dakota

A visit to Devil Bathtub South Dakota in Spearfish is highly recommended, especially on a hot sunny day.

When visiting Devil Bathtub South Dakota, get your shoes ready and have it in mind that you’re about to get wet.

Devil Bathtub South Dakota has trails great for hiking, open to kids and adults who want to go hiking; it is all about hiking and getting soaked.

It is open all days of the week from 6am-10pm; make sure you visit and be sure to have an amazing time.

Address:1917 Spearfish Canyon Hwy, Lead, SD 57754, United States

18. Termespheres Gallery

Termesphere Gallery
Credits: Termesphere Gallery /  Facebook
Termesphere Gallery

If you’re a lover of art, Termespheres Gallery is a gallery you will definitely cherish after your first visit.

Termespheres Gallery displays outstanding artworks made by an internationally recognized artist called Dick Thermes.

This gallery was listed as one of the art galleries in the world that showcases the most strange but intriguing artworks.

At Termespheres Gallery, you get to see unique and mind-blowing artworks you probably have never seen before.

Once you walk through the door, you can’t help but be amazed and mesmerized by the incredible paintings and other collections on display.

One of the top things to do in Spearfish, SD is visiting Termespheres Gallery, it quite some outstanding artpiece.

Address:1920 Christensen Dr, Spearfish, SD 57783-8037

19. Killian’s Food and Drink

Killian’s Food and Drink
Credits: Killian’s / Facebook
Killian’s Food and Drink

You are missing out if you haven’t tried out a meal from Killian’s Food and Drink restaurant in Spearfish.

Killian’s Food and Drink is popular amongst tourists and residents in Spearfish; it serves as a meeting place for many individuals who come to enjoy the delicious foods and drinks.

They serve exceptional American cuisine with a twist, using the perfect local organic ingredients to prepare the meals.

Killian’s Food and Drink serves meals perfect for Vegans, vegetarians, as well as gluten options. In this restaurant, there is always something for everyone.

Some of their famous meals are buffalo chicken sandwiches, mushrooms, roasted red pepper hummus, soups, salad, hamburgers, and much more.

Killian’s Food and Drink has a broad drink menu featuring different drinks, including beers, spirits, wines, and cocktails.

The menu is regularly updated, adding something new and unique, so there is always something fresh and worth trying out.

Killian’s Food and Drink is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11am-10pm, and Friday & Saturday from 11am-11pm. Having a meal at Killian’s Food and Drink is one of the best things to do in Spearfish, SD.

Address: 539 W. Jackson Boulevard, Spearfish, SD 57783.

20. Roughlock Falls Nature Area

Roughlock Falls Nature Area
Credits: jaygannett / Flickr
Roughlock Falls Nature Area

Roughlock Falls Nature Area is a place many tourists never fail to visit whenever they visit Spearfish.

This Area is found within Spearfish Canyon State Nature Area; Roughlock Falls gets its water from a little Spearfish Creek in Spearfish Canyon.

Roughlock Falls Nature Area has trails for thinking and walking paths perfect for taking peaceful long walks around the vicinity.

There are excellent areas great for picnics, where you can hang out with your family & friends and have a meal together.

Roughlock Falls Nature Area is perfect for fishing and swimming; you might decide to go wildlife viewing or bird watching and be on the lookout for gray birds, American Dipper, a stocky, and more.

Address:Roughlock Falls Rd, Lead, SD 57754, United States

21. Crow Peak Brewing Company

Credits: DONOT6_STUDIO / Shutterstock

Crow Peak Brewing Company is one of the best breweries in Spearfish, which is a perfect place for you and your friends to have a good time.

The brewery was built in 2007 as a modest 5-barrel brewery that sold its products directly from the production site.

Over the years, the company grew and now supplies more than two thousand(2000) barrels of beer to satisfy their customers in South Dakota and Worldwide.

Crow Peak Brewing Company features a taproom in Spearfish where you can try out some of the best beers produced.

The brewery is open every day from Monday through Thursday from 2am-10pm, Friday from 12pm-12am, Saturday from 11am-12midnight, and Sunday from 11am-9pm.

Address: 125 US 14, Spearfish, SD 57783 United States.

22. The Clubhouse of Spearfish

Credits: My Lit’l Eye / Shutterstock

One of the fun things to do in Spearfish, SD, is golfing at the Clubhouse of Spearfish for a wonderful game experience.

The clubhouse of Spearfish has something for everyone, and it features four excellent golf simulators for a spectacular virtual game on different golf courses in the U.S.

The Clubhouse also features other games for family and friends to enjoy and have a great time, such as outdoor putting simulators, mini-golf, shooting games, Alien & zombie, and many more.

The Clubhouse of Spearfish has an extensive menu that includes basket-style meals and fabulous appetizers with a twist to it.

This clubhouse is a venue for several occasions like birthday parties, dinner dates, team-building parties, corporate meetings, family outings or reunions, and more.

This Clubhouse of Spearfish offers outdoor and indoor seating, whichever you prefer, to have a relaxing and comfortable moment.

It is open from Monday to Thursday from 12pm-10pm, Friday & Saturday from 12pm-12pm, and Sunday from 11am-9pm.

Address: 3540 Colorado Boulevard, Spearfish, SD 57783, United States

23. Black Hills Salt Cave & Spa

Credits: Aleks Gudenko / Shutterstock

If you’re searching for a place to relax with lots of health benefits, Black Hills Salt Cave & Spa is the right place for you.

Black Hills Salt Cave & Spa features two infrared saunas, five treatment rooms, a salt cave, and a relaxation room,

They offer different varieties of spa treatments such as wraps and scrubs, massage therapy, spa packages & parties, infrared sauna with plans to offer skincare and facial services in the future.

Black Hills Salt Cave & Spa’s entire surroundings are very beneficial in terms of mental and brain health improvement, respiratory problems, seasonal affective disorder, and many other health issues.

The staff is well experienced and knowledgeable about the techniques, methods, and processes of offering massages and other services to their guests.

Black Hills Salt Cave & Spa is open Monday to Friday from 9am -6pm, and Saturday from 9am-5pm(closed on Sunday). Stop by for a wonderful spa experience.

Address:738 N 5th St, Spearfish, SD 57783, United States.

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Plan your trip to Spearfish

The city of Spearfish has a lot of everything, fun, adventure, and cool places to visit. There are also lots of shops to buy stuff and places to eat.

You will never be bored in your Spearfish adventure as there are quite some recreational activities and historical places to visit in Spearfish, SD.

If you are into fishing, biking, hiking, swimming, sightseeing, or just want to relax and enjoy your vacation, the city of Spearfish is the perfect place for you.

Plan a trip to Spearfish with your family and friends; you will be thrilled by all the city has to offer, don’t forget to explore this list of things to do in Spearfish, SD. Get ready for an unforgettable experience.