23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Seaside Heights (NJ)

In search of the best and fun things to do in Seaside Heights, NJ?

Seaside Heights is a beautiful borough nestled in Ocean County, New Jersey State, United States.

According to the 2020 census in the United States, Seaside Heights’ population recorded a high reduction from 3,155 in 2000 to 2,887 in 2020.

Seaside Heights can be found on the Barnegat Peninsula, a narrow but long barrier peninsula that demarcates Barnegat Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.

One feature that makes Seaside Heights stand out is the iconic Seaside Heights Boardwalk, its sand beaches, blue glistening waters, restaurants, and more.

There are many attractions to explore in the town, such as Sawmill Café, Van Holten’s Chocolates, Sweet Shop, the Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Amusement Park, Lazy River Rentals, Lake Avenue Playground and Beach, and more.

Are you planning to explore Seaside Heights? Here are the best things to do in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Things to Do in Seaside Heights, NJ

1. The Seaside Heights Boardwalk

Seaside Heights Boardwalk
Credits: Hypnotica Studios Infinite / Flickr
Seaside Heights Boardwalk

The Seaside Heights Boardwalk is a popular place amongst locals and visitors. It attracts people from different parts of the country.

The Seaside Heights Boardwalk consists of a massive boardwalk offering an extensive list of activities.

The Boardwalk rides and arcades are some features that attract children to the region, with several restaurants open to everyone.

Nightlife fans would love the energy and vibes of the area during the night, as the Seaside Heights Boardwalk would blow your mind.

The Seaside Heights Boardwalk houses Breakwater Beach and Casino Pier, another fantastic attraction for children and adults.

Address: Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, NJ, United States

2. The Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Amusement Park

Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Amusement Park
Credits: Jimmypitt1234 / Public Domain
Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Amusement Park

One of the best places to visit in Seaside Heights, NJ, is the fascinating Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Amusement Park.

The Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Amusement Park offers families a fantastic experience as they get to play and have fun.

It is one of the most exciting amusement parks in the borough, offering families a wide variety of exciting activities.

Several rides for kids include roller coasters, an enormous fun house, and the vintage Tilt-a-Whirl.

The Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Amusement Park features the Shore Shot, which pilots visitors up to the sky.

It is home to the most beautiful waterpark in the state, with a go-kart track and numerous prizes to be won.

Address:: 800 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

3. Hemingway’s Café

Hemingway’s Café
Credits: VDB Photos / Shutterstock

Ensure to visit Hemingway’s Café, another exceptional restaurant in the city.

Hemingway’s Café offers customers an extensive menu featuring different meals, including vegetarian and vegan options. They ensure that every meal is made using the freshest locally grown ingredients and unique recipes.

The restaurant offers you delicious appetizers before your main meal is served, depending on how you want it.

Hemingway’s Café offers late night menu and happy hour at night, including draft beer, cocktails, and wines. In addition, there are darts or pools through which you can engage in a friendly competition or large LCD TV to catch every latest game.

They serve Filet Mignon, salad, Cucumber Avocado Rolls, sushi rolls, coconut shrimp, cake, Braised Short Rib, Quesadillas, Philadelphia Rolls, Pan Seared Scallops, Asian Salmon, and more.

Hemingway’s Café features spaces for various events such as cocktail parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, bridal/baby showers, corporate functions, and more.

Address: 612 Boulevard, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

4. Lake Avenue Playground and Beach

Lake Avenue Playground and Beach
Credits: mezzotint / Shutterstock

Lake Avenue Playground and Beach, another fantastic attraction in Seaside Heights, is a favorite place for families with children.

Lake Avenue Playground and Beach, known as a coastal park, is a great place to cool off on hot summer days.

Being a playground and coastal park, Lake Avenue Playground and Beach is located on the town’s east side.

Children can run around and play with their fellow children while adults can explore the beach and take beautiful pictures.

Lake Avenue Playground and Beach features volleyball courts and soccer fields where visitors can have fun and create new memories.

Address: Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

5. Sawmill Café

Sawmill Café
Credits: The Sawmill / Facebook
Sawmill Café

Sawmill Café was established in 1977 and since then has consistently served the public a wide variety of delicious meals and snacks.

Eating fresh and healthy meals made with locally sourced ingredients is always important, and Sawmill Café is the best place for that.

The cafeteria’s name was inspired by the Log Flume ride of Funtown Pier, where it originally began as a hot dog stand at the entrance of the pier.

Sawmill Café grew largely due to the success of their signature Jumbo Slice Pizza. It was then transformed from a stand to a full restaurant.

As a family-friendly restaurant, Sawmill Café is the perfect place to hang out with family and friends as you have a bite of their Jumbo Sawmill Pizza.

They offer a variety of burgers, sandwiches, pasta meals, wraps, salads, and more, including an extensive list of beers and cocktails.

Address: 1807 Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, NJ 08752, United States

6. Van Holten’s Chocolates and Sweet Shop

Van Holten’s Chocolates and Sweet Shop
Credits: Goncharov_Artem / Shutterstock

Whenever you want to enjoy some delicious treats, visiting Van Holten’s Chocolates and Sweet Shop is among the top things to do in Seaside Heights, NJ.

The Van Holten’s Chocolates and Sweet Shop has been serving the people since 1904. It is a haven for lovers of chocolate.

The shop has successfully earned its reputation as one of the most outstanding locations offering delicious chocolates.

The chocolates are made with the highest quality ingredients and lots of skill since they believe that chocolate preparation is a form of art and not just an indulgence.

The Van Holten’s Chocolates and Sweet Shop is dedicated to returning the most precious childhood memories.

They offer items made with the best fruits, jellies, creams, and nuts, including popcorn, fudge, gummies, lollipops, jelly beans, licorice, and more.

Address: 811 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

7. JR’s Ocean Bar and Grill

JR's Ocean Bar and Grill
Credits: Valentyn Volkov / Shutterstock

One of those hectic days when you want to relax and unwind, visit JR’s Ocean Bar and Grill.

JR’s Ocean Bar and Grill is one of the classic locations in the city, which records hundreds of visitors annually.

They offer you an environment where you can gather with your family and friends and chitchat over some cold bottles of drinks.

If you want something fresh and relaxing, make sure you have some of their signature cocktails plus some delicious dishes.

JR’s Ocean Bar and Grill is where you enjoy the vibrancy and spirit of nightlife in Seaside Heights.

They offer Buffalo Chicken, white pie, Clams On The Half Shell, Broccoli Rabe, Fresh Cut French Fries, Onion Rings, Fried Scallops, Buffalo Calamari, Fried Shrimp, Fried Scallops And French Fries, Fried Shrimp And French Fries, and more.

The staff always try to ensure that customers are well attended to and highly satisfied, making sure they leave the place happy.

Address: 601 Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

8. The Dock Outfitters

Dock Outfitters
Credits: Maksym Fesenko / Shutterstock

Remember to add The Dock Outfitters to your itinerary as you search for what to do in Seaside Heights, NJ. Your exploration would not be complete without a visit to the Dock Outfitters. This place guarantees visitors an amazing experience.

The Dock Outfitters is the best place for marine and fishing recreation, providing various kinds of boats and fishing equipment for various travelers.

The shop offers the best Jet Skis and WaveRunners for rentals, allowing visitors to explore the waters.

This establishment has existed for many decades, offering fishing expeditions at the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay.

The Dock Outfitters also sells the highest quality reels, rods, bait, and more. Their experienced staff is available to assist customers in finding the best spots for fishing, whether on a boat, pier, sand, or jetty.

For all your fish needs, make sure you head towards the Dock Outfitters whenever you visit Barnegat Bay.

Address: 5 NJ-35, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

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9. Macc’s

Credits: Macc’s / Facebook

An amazing restaurant, Macc’s is one of the best food chains in Seaside Heights, known for offering the finest services.

Macc’s is a beautifully decorated restaurant with gorgeous designs and decor, including comfortable seats and tables.

They offer a wide variety of food options for visitors, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

The restaurant offers meals like Jesse Pinkman, Jalapeño Hog, Bills Mafia, Bowl-Boa, Egg Scramble, Pancake Works, the Macc Daddy, Shroom, and more.

Macc’s also offers various beverages to complement the meals, including Essentia, Snapple, Soda, and more.

The staff is dedicated to offering the best customer service by preparing delicious meals and politely attending to customers.

Address: 2 Ocean Terrace Kiosk 1, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

10. The Jersey Shore House

Jersey Shore House
Credits: Hypnotica Studios Infinite / Flickr
Jersey Shore House

Have you ever seen the Jersey Shore show? The Jersey Shore House is the original home where the show was filmed.

Visiting the Jersey Shore House offers the exact feeling of being in a reality show, especially when you spend the night.

The house has been made popular due to the politicians, celebrities, and others visiting the site.

The Jersey Shore House is available for rentals featuring six bedrooms and three bathrooms, making it a perfect place to spend time with your loved ones.

The home also comes with catering and Dj services. In addition, it hosts different private parties, including birthday parties and more.

Once you rent the house, you’re offered access to the entire home, from the balcony to the outdoor dining area.

The Jersey Shore House can comfortably accommodate a maximum of eleven guests, being a structure of more than 1,600 square feet.

Address: 1209 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

11. The Hershey’s Shake Shoppe Arcade

Hershey’s Shake Shoppe Arcade
Credits: Iryna Melnyk / Shutterstock

If you’re traveling with little kids, make sure you stop by the Hershey’s Shake Shoppe Arcade, a family fun center in Seaside Heights.

The Hershey’s Shake Shoppe Arcade is where every child and adult would love to spend the day.

The facility has an arcade section on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk’s north point with different games.

When you walk into the center, you will be embraced by many items that help bring back special childhood memories.

The Hershey’s Shake Shoppe Arcade features a concession offering a variety of ice cream and snacks. Visiting this center is one of the fun things to do in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Address: 1020 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

12. Coin Castle Amusements

Coin Castle Amusements
Credits: Coin Castle Amusements / Facebook
Coin Castle Amusements

The fun is just getting started when you visit Coin Castle Amusements, a fascinating fun center in the borough.

If you’re ready to have fun, one of the top things to do in Seaside Heights, NJ, is to visit Coin Castle Amusements with your friends.

Coin Castle Amusements offers various collections of skill, redemption, and video games operated by coins.

This family-owned and operated amusement park, established in 1978, has continuously offered visitors an incredible experience.

The park overlooks the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean, offering picturesque views of the ocean and its shimmering white beaches.

Coin Castle Amusements is open all days of the week throughout the year with a restaurant that offers delicious meals.

Address: 500 Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

13. The Lucky Leo’s Game Center

Lucky Leo's Amusements
Credits: Lucky Leo’s Amusements / Facebook
Lucky Leo’s Amusements

Lucky Leo’s Game Center is an entertainment center that has been in business since 1953.

Lucky Leo’s Game Center was established by Leo “Pete” Whalen, who has managed to grow the company to what it is today.

The Center has become a significant part of the community. It is known for offering numerous kinds of games with unforgettable prizes. Exploring this facility is among the fun things to do in Seaside Heights, NJ.

This amusement Center features bumper cars, including ancient games such as Whack-a-Mole, Giga Cranes, and the Ring Toss.

The Lucky Leo’s Game Center is also a venue for birthday celebrations with a sweet shop that offers delicious snacks.

Address: 2507, 315 Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

14. EJ’s Tavern

EJ’s Tavern
Credits: Libor Fousek / Shutterstock

There is nothing better than spending your evenings with some friends and family in a place where you get to groove and dance away the night.

EJ’s Tavern features five pool tables and a massive stage with a complete sound system, exactly the kind used in concerts.

There is a large flat-screen TV that shows live games happening in the world of sports and other important events.

This iconic bar offers nice music entertainment every Friday and Saturday Night; don’t forget to come along with your dancing shoes.

EJ’s Tavern offers entertainment from talented local live bands and DJs. In addition, visitors are offered sixteen rotating beers on tap to enjoy.

As you party, you get to enjoy “Drink specials” that offer Drinks for pocket-friendly costs, including mixed drinks, cocktails, bud lights, and more.

This Tavern is the best place to solidify your vacation in Seaside Heights, where you spend the night dancing, drinking, and laughing with friends.

Address: 919 Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, Ocean County, NJ 08751, United States

15. Smugglers’ Quay Adventure Golf

Smugglers' Quay Adventure Golf
Credits: Andrey_Kuzmin / Shutterstock

Smugglers’ Quay Adventure Golf is a popular place for numerous golf players in Seaside Heights.

It is a 36-hole golf course that offers unique challenges for players of all skill levels, including adults and children.

The golf course features challenging terrain and offers amazing views of Breakwater beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Smugglers’ Quay Adventure Golf features well-manicured courses designed to offer great excitement for locals and visitors.

As you play and swing your club, you get to discover the cascading waterfalls, mountain caves, and footbridges.

Address: 800 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

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16. Heavy Reel Brewing Co.

Heavy Reel Brewing Co.
Credits: Nitr / Shutterstock

Heavy Reel Brewing Co. is owned by Jeff Greco, the brewmaster who has been extra dedicated to producing drinks to meet demand, which he loves doing.

The facility is nicely decorated as a combination of something like a Jersey Shore Shack and a comfortable hang-out setting.

It features a bar with wooden tables, many stools, and a high counter where visitors can relax and have a drink.

Heavy Reel Brewing Co offers some of the best products in the town, such as Fields of Green, Zoom Schwartz Profigliano, and others.

If you’re a lover of good beers, add a visit to Heavy Reel Brewing Co to your list of best things to do in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Address: 1520 Boulevard, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

17. Klee’s Bar & Grill

Klee's Bar & Grill
Credits: Joshua Resnick / Shutterstock
Pulled Pork Sandwiche

As a visitor, you can’t afford to miss dining at Klee’s Bar & Grill with your friends and family.

Klee’s Bar & Grill is a tavern with lots of history surrounding it; it offers a comfortable and soothing atmosphere for customers to enjoy.

Ursula and Daniel Klee moved to Seaside Heights in 1913 from Philadelphia with Andrew and Dorothy, two out of their four children.

Ursula founded a dry goods store and brewed beer before it was fully converted into what it is now.

Klee’s Bar & Grill has undergone several renovations, with a massive makeover and upstairs space to help accommodate customers.

They offer delicious French Onion Soup, sliced steak, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Potato Skins, flatbread, Broiled Oysters, Roma Chicken with Little Fries 12 99, Bacon Cheeseburger, Pork Chop Murphy, and many more.

Address: 101 Boulevard, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

18. Berkeley Candy Store

Berkeley Candy Store
Credits: Ideas man / Shutterstock

Having been in existence for more than sixty years now, Berkeley Candy Store has become an iconic location in Seaside Heights.

Berkeley Candy store has brought hundreds of visitors and locals from different parts of the world to the city to sample their delicious treats.

This family-owned and operated store specializes in using authentic recipes and old-fashioned methods to offer customers the highest quality and tastes.

Visit the store and hear stories from customers who have been visiting it since they were only kids.

The Berkeley Candy store attracts visitors through its seasonal specials, salt water tasty, and homemade fudge.

Address: 1205 Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

19. Jimmy’s Breakfast

Jimmy's Breakfast
Credits: Thomas Seymour / Flickr
Jimmy’s Breakfast

Wondering what to do in Seaside Heights, NJ, to begin your exploration? Start by having a delicious breakfast at Jimmy’s Breakfast, a well-known restaurant in the city.

Jimmy’s Breakfast is a place that offers visitors a homey and relaxing feeling through the beautiful interior and friendly staff.

The restaurant features indoor and outdoor seating where any customer can choose to sit and relax as they enjoy their meal. 

Everything about the restaurant is incredible, from the atmosphere, customer service, interiors, meals, etc.

Jimmy’s Breakfast serves the public every day of the week, and the meals are always served fresh and hearty.

Make sure you try out their bacon, cheese omelet, and pork rolls, including French toast & bagels with a cup of juice.

They offer the best Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Bacon over Light Eggs, Hash Browns and Rye, Pepperoni Peppers and Onions Omelette, Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Patty, Crab Benedict, and lots more.

Jimmy’s Breakfast motivates the public to adopt a lifestyle of eating healthy by using only fresh and local ingredients in making their meals.

Address: 15 Lincoln Ave, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

20. Sonny’s & Rickey’s Arcade

Credits: Atmosphere1 / Shutterstock

Sonny’s & Rickey’s Arcade, a family-owned and operated Arcade facility in Seaside Heights, is one of the most popular attractions in the region.

If you love playing games or know someone who does, don’t hesitate to check out Sonny’s & Rickey’s Arcade.

Sonny’s & Rickey’s Arcade was founded in 1970 and has become a must-visit for numerous families in or outside the region.

This unique arcade center features several gaming machines offering thrilling games and eye-popping prizes.

Address: 605 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

21. Island Soul Clothing & Gifts

Island Soul Clothing & Gifts
Credits: Maridav / Shutterstock/center>

An exceptional beach store, Island Soul Clothing & Gifts offers you nearly everything you might need and more.

Island Soul Clothing & Gifts is one of the best shopping locations in Seaside Heights, known for offering nothing but the best.

The store offers an extensive collection of women’s and men’s clothing, footwear, and swimming attire.

They also offer a wide variety of gorgeous gifts, beach gear, and accessories, including sunglasses, decor, sand toys, and umbrellas.

Island Soul Clothing & Gifts features strollers, boogie boards, ukuleles, blankets, beach chairs, beach carts, and so much more.

You will find several popular brands like Sand Cloud, Sun Bum, O’Neill, Pura Vida, Kala ukuleles, and more.

 Address: 1309 Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, United States

22. Beach Family Golf

Beach Family Golf
Credits: Fernando Jose V. Soares / Shutterstock

Beach Family Golf is not your regular miniature golf course. As its name implies, it is excellent for the entire family and one of the best places to visit in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Whenever you want to spend quality time with your family, visit Beach Family Golf.

This beautifully designed 18-hole golf course features different highlands and grade alterations to offer players a unique experience.

​Beach Family Golf is characterized by fountains, ponds, streams, and a lovely waterfall. Fortunately, it is handicapped-accessible.

The golf course is open to everyone, irrespective of age or skill level, offering every user a fabulous time.

Aside from the lovely golf course, the Beach Family Golf staff is friendly and receptive; they are highly knowledgeable about how to make everyone feel welcome.

Address: 315 Boulevard, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751-2554 United States

23. Lazy River Rentals

Lazy River Rentals
Credits: Lazy River Rentals / Facebook
Lazy River Rentals

For those who are still searching for accommodation in the city, Lazy River Rentals is the best place for you.

Lazy River Rentals started over twenty-five years ago as a single property after it was founded in 1996. It currently manages about fifty properties that receive hundreds of rentals annually.

The company features different kinds of space for everyone to pick from depending on what they want. Every one of their properties is adequately furnished with every essential amenities needed for a family to have an amazing vacation.

There are uniquely designed homes, cottages & suites available for rentals with a gorgeous environment.

Lazy River Rentals offers cable access, DVD electronics, and pools with outstanding personal visitor services.

Address: 42 Sherman Avenue, Seaside Heights, NJ, United States, United States

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Plan Your Trip to Seaside Heights

When visiting Seaside Heights, you should get ready to explore and have fun, as there are no dull moments in the borough.

Seaside Heights features a wide range of attractions and activities that you would find fascinating. 

Have fun!